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Crossborder Integration of Supply Chains: Problems and Digital Solution Concept

Djamilia F. Skripnuk, Vitaliy I. Cherenkov, Nikolay I. Didenko
The present paper is devoted to show and formalize logistics problems emerging on boarders between different logistics environments while crossing them by supply chain. The said problems consist of increasing logistics risk and transaction costs. It is shown that the solution of these problems constitutes...
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A study on the design of a large unit of teaching and learning for the integration of teaching and assessment with core literacy orientation

Xiaohong Lan, Yufeng Ren
With the development of education informatization and the task of establishing moral education, cultivating students' core literacy has become the primary task of teaching. In recent years, researchers and teachers in various places in China have made certain achievements in the research of cultivating...
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Theoretical Research and Prospects of Higher Preschool Education in China since the Last Decade---Visual analysis based on CNKI journal big data platform

Luo Qin, Hujun Yan
Based on CNKI, this paper uses Citespace and the visualization analysis of China Knowledge Network to visualize and analyze its literature, focusing on the authors, issuing institutions, issuing volume, keyword time zone, clustering and mutation of theoretical research on higher vocational preschool...
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Application Research of Online Transaction History Extraction System Based on Lucene

Hui Zhang
With the rapid growth of the Internet economy, online transaction fraud occurs frequently and the victims are all over the country, which brings great difficulties to the public security organs in investigating and handling cases. This paper analyzes the history files generated by computer in the process...
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Application of Data Mining in Computer-Aided Bilingual Teaching System

Wentao Meng, Jing Zhou, Weiyi Zhang
In order to understand the significance of computer-aided bilingual teaching systems, this article proposes a study that utilizes data mining technology to enhance computer-aided bilingual teaching systems. Firstly, the structure of the computer-aided teaching system was analyzed, and the advantages...
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A Case Study of the ICT-Aided Blended Teaching Model for Consecutive Interpreting Courses in the Digital Age

Weiqi Chen, Ping Gao
Virtual learning empowered by ICT (information and communication technology) burgeoned amid the Covid-19 pandemic and became a powerful weapon for a transition from the traditional teaching model to the blended one in the digital age. This paper presents and evaluates the application of the ICT-aided...
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Design and Analysis of Simulation Experiment of Bidding Game for Power Suppliers in Electricity Market Teaching

Juai Wu, Shiyang Deng, Yuanmeng Zhu, Dongliang Xie, Tengfei Zhang
As the most widely used secondary energy source, market-based trading of electricity energy will further improve the formation mechanism of electricity price, realize the optimal allocation of low-carbon electricity resources, and effectively promote the achievement of the carbon peak and carbon neutral...
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Improved Method of Formation of an Increased Number of Binary Quasi-Orthogonal Code Sequence Systems with the Required Statistical and Correlation Characteristics

Aleksandr P. Zhuk, Dmitrii V. Orel, Igor A. Kalmykov, Andrey V. Studenikin
The article offers the use of a class of special signals for information security in telecommunication systems with code division of channels. By varying the parameters of the random number generator, the type of initial distribution laws and the law of transformation, it is possible to form an unlimited...
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Research on Improving Service Satisfaction of Fitness Club Based on Peak-End Rule

Yinghong Chen
Peak-End Rule reveals the role of the customer experience formed at the critical moment of the service process in the overall customer experience perception. The correct management of the customer experience can improve customer value. Therefore, taking AB-Fitness Club as an example, this paper firstly...
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Automated Transcription for Raga Recognition and Classification in Indian Classical Music Using Machine Learning

B S Gowrishankar, U Bhajantri Nagappa
Raga recognition is only possible by trained musician to understand the notes based on the lead voice but a beginner is unable to decode the notes. This is significant for current scenarios in developing an automated note transcription system in Indian Classical Music (ICM). In the present research,...
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Traffic Public Policy Tracking and Evaluation by the Difference in Differences Method and the Linear Regression Model

Shiyu Han
Energy efficiency and environmental preservation must have substantial support if sustainable growth is to be achieved. Asia has the worst urban air pollution of any region in the world, making air pollution reduction essential. Government policies have an impact on the control of air pollution, as is...
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Research on Evaluation of Employment Quality of Higher Vocational Students Based on Multi-hierarchal Gray Systematic Evaluation Method

Huimin Chen, Rongrong Peng, Qichun Jin, Yun Zhu, Min Xiao
The employment quality of higher vocational students reflects the school’s operation quality. In order to overcome ambiguity and uncertainty in the evaluation of the employment quality of higher vocational students, the multi-hierarchal gray systematic evaluation method is applied for evaluation research....
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Research of innovation in Retail based on CiteSpace Knowledge Spectrum

Ying Chen, Jia Jin, Zhichao Zhao
This paper retrieves and organizes the literature on the topic of retail innovation in Web of Science from 1994-2023, and analyzes the data with visualization of information such as the number of publications, regions of publication, and keywords. Furthermore, the visual literature analysis software...
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Definition of public interest in land expropriation

Dazhao Ni, Tingjiao Zheng, Jindi Yang
It is realistic and necessary to study the definition of public interest in land expropriation. Through combing the laws and regulations related to the definition of public interest in land expropriation in China, this paper finds that the relevant laws are not clear about the legislation, review and...
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State regulation of logistics processes in accordance with the concept of sustainable development based on digital technologies

Tatiana Tikhonovna Tsenina, Ekaterina Vladimirovna Tsenina, Tun Tsou
The purpose of the research presented in this article is to develop scientific, methodological and applied aspects of improving the state regulation of logistics processes in the framework of Russian-Chinese trade cooperation from the perspective of the concept of sustainable development. As a result...
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SPSS Binary Logistic Regression Was Used to Analyze the Influencing Factors of Contemporary People’s Pension Preference Under Social Support

Shujun Chen, Zizhu Zhao
In the face of the weakening of family pension service function and the increase of socialized pension demand, in order to clarify the influencing factors of contemporary people’s pension preference, this paper takes social support as independent variable, whether to choose home pension, community pension...
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Research on the Integration of Educational Information Technology into the Collaborative Education Path of Rural Basic Education in the Context of Double-Reduction

Jialing Feng, Qianqing Meng, Pengfei He
Education modernization can only be achieved through the implementation of education technology. The rise of digital education has given birth to numerous brand-new topics. This article begins with the collaborative education mechanism of rural home-school communities within the context of Double-Reduction....
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A Review on Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) Readiness Among Industry Players

Nurul Izzati Saleh, Mohamad Taha Ijab, Noramiza Hashim
The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) is a digital revolution that not only focuses on the manufacturing industry, but also involves all sectors including the service industry. The readiness of the industry players and their implementations of these technologies will be able to boost productivity...
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Computer Modeling of Orthogonal in the Amplified Sense Signal

Aleksandr P. Zhuk, Viktor V. Sazonov, Dmitrii V. Orel, Vladimir P. Pashintsev
The article solved the problem of finding analytic dependency showing the influence coefficients of the second diagonal Hermitian matrix by correlation and spectral properties defined by it in the amplified sense of orthogonal signals. The analytical dependences between the coefficients of the second...
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The Factor Drive People Buy Travel Insurance

Yuqing Dai
In the century of the rise of the travel industry, many related industries are also on the rise, and the insurance industry is one of them. The analysis of tourists or customers to predict or determine whether they will buy insurance is the general context of this paper. Predictions can be found everywhere...
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Study on Comprehensive Evaluation of University Students in Computer Basic Course Based on AHP

Jian Liu
In this paper we take Computer Basic Course as example, study the students’ final evaluation. Different from the final exam, by selecting appropriate index and connecting with the AHP method, we construct a hierarchical structure to evaluate students’ learning effects. A more comprehensive method and...
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The Construction of Business English Blended Teaching Mode from the Perspective of Cloud Teaching-Research Community and Production-oriented Approach

Tianzhao Li
The construction of Business English online and offline blended teaching mode is directly related to the cultivation of English teachers' professional knowledge, cloud teaching technology and teaching evaluation ability, which is of great significance to the cultivation of English input and output...
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Method for Reduction the Errors of Likelihood in the Authentication by the Iris

Dmitrii V. Orel, Aleksandr P. Zhuk, Tatyana V. Minkina, Anna G. Vanina
The article describes the influence of lighting on the accuracy of users authentication in access control systems on the iris. The low contrast of the iris image is the reason that increases the number of errors because of different lighting at the stages of registration and authentication of the user....
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An Overview on Deep Learning in Image Super-Resolution for Advanced Machine Vision System

Meet Kumari
Image spatial resolution means the ability of the sensor to measure the smallest pixel size object. It focuses on recovering a less resolution (LR) image to high resolution (HR) image observations. Due to the exceptional research and application realizations of machine learning at home and abroad, the...
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Study on the Relationship Between Host-Guest Conflict Perception and Tourism Development Support Based on Structural Equation Model

Tong Xiang, Heng Yang
The main host-guest conflict is universal and harmful in a tourist destination. Based on the supplement and improvement to the existing measuring scale of the residents' viewpoint. This paper constructs a structural equation model based on the survey data onto the residents of the ancient city of...
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An Empirical Study on the Effect of Information on College English Teaching

Anlin Hu
Based on the empirical data and panel regression model of Yunnan Vocational College of Land and Resources, the relationship between the degree of informatization in teaching and learning and the effect of English teaching was empirically analyzed with the average score of AB grade English test as a surrogate...
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Unsupervised Learning of Digit Recognition Through Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity Based on Memristors

Yu Wang, Yu Yan, Yi Liu, Yanzhong Zhang, Yanji Wang, Hao Zhang, Tong Yi
Neuromorphic computing based on spiking neural networks (SNNs) is a promising alternative in the field of intelligent computing, especially when traditional Von Neumann architectures is facing several choke point. Memristors, as the fourth-generation fundamental circuit element, play a crucial role in...
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Research on the Relationship Between Government Subsidies, Innovation Investment Intensity and Enterprise Value of Military Companies

Wei Wang, Yabo Tao
Based on the panel data of listed companies in the Military-civilian integration board of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges from 2015 to 2019, this paper uses entropy weight method to optimize indicators and constructs a new enterprise value comprehensive evaluation index. From the perspective of...
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The Relationship Between Network Fraud and Network Security Awareness: The Mediation Role of Network Social Self-efficacy

Shaohong Chen, Yanping Yang, Lingling Dai
This To explore how college students’ awareness of network security affects the possibility of network fraud, and the mechanism of network social self-efficacy. A survey was conducted among 387 college students using the College Students’ Network Fraud Scale, the Network Security Awareness Scale and...
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Visualization applications of the bibliometric software SATI and Histcite

Jiaxin Zhuang, Qin Nie, Wang Man, Chenghai You
Compared with the traditional literature review, the use of bibliometric software can carry out scientific and quantitative analysis of a large number of documents, showing the development context and research hotspots in this field. In order to explore the visual analysis effect of the combination of...
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The Simulation Model of the Asynchronous Trans-formation of Self-Similar Traffic in Switching Nodes Using a Queue

Gennadiy I. Linets, Svetlana V. Govorova, Roman A. Voronkin, Valeriy P. Mochalov
The simulation model of the asynchronous transformation of self-similar packets flow in the switching nodes has been developed. The producer-consumer pattern with a limited-sizes queue was used for the model; the asynchronous pro-gramming method was used to transform the self-similar traffic in the switching...
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Collaborative Innovation of Engineering Discipline Based on Digital Education Management in Cloud Environment

Xi Zhang, Fangwei Li, Shuang Guo, Chunlian Quan, Baiying Yang, Alex S. Hwang
Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important in providing services and storing data on Engineering Science in higher education. In such a changing technological world, technology integration in learning and education is inevitable, and technology is an integral part of the Engineering Science learning...
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Data Prediction and Infection factor analysis in COVID-19

Xiaomei Ji
COVID-19 has become a world-wide pandemic since 2019. This paper focuses on data analysis in COVID-19 pandemic, which contains three main parts. First, the research aims to predict the daily death and cases using training data from single and multiple countries using four methods, including KNN, Decision...
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Possible risks of the development of the digital economy

S.A. Livshits, O.V. Novikova, N.A. Yudina, E.K. Nikolaeva, D. B. Katz
We study the problems of the main types of risks that may be faced by the Russian economy in the transition to the digital format, the likely activities that will help to smooth the negative responses of the risks of the digital economy. State was advised accurately to anticipate and react to rapidly...
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Research on “Big Data+” Public Health Service Efficiency of Heilongjiang Provincial and Municipal Governments

Based on DEA Model

Defa Cai, Yurou Guo
In recent years, with the deepening of big data research and application, the medical and health field is also actively exploring. This paper uses the DEA-BCC model and the DEA-Malmquist model to measure the public health service efficiency of 13 prefecture-level municipal governments in Heilongjiang...
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How Digital Technologies are Applied to Fight Against the Covid-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Macao

Xuefei Wang
Macao was shown to perform effectively in combating the Covid-19 pandemic despite being a heavily populated international resort city in China. By using documentary and comparative analysis, this paper aims to identify the key elements that are essential for dealing with the pandemic. It makes the case...
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Analysis of the Effectiveness and Influencing Factors of the Construction of Internship and Practical Training Base Under STC Teaching Mode

Zhibo Zheng, Hongmei Zhang, Jingru Lu, Jiangjie Sun
This paper investigates the 2019–2021 graduates of Baoshan College from internship and practical training base hardware construction, institutional mechanism construction, faculty, practical teaching system, school-enterprise cooperation, social services, social benefits, economic school level, talent...
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Construction of Teaching Performance Evaluation System for College Teachers Based on Data Mining

Hanqiao Sun
Data mining has become an important means to improve the level of educational management under the background of big data. In this paper, the CART decision tree algorithm of data mining is applied to the performance management of college teachers. On the basis of statistical data, the factors affecting...
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Research on the Influence of Postgraduate’s Big Data Capability on Their Innovation Performance

Yijun Liu, Yu Ding, Jiale Wu
In the era of big data, the capability of data acquisition and analysis has become one of the important factors affecting the output of innovative achievements of university scientific research teams. Based on self-determination theory and social learning theory, this study constructs a research model...
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Comparison of Standard Computation Against Distributed Computation Using Hadoop Cluster

Reet Rahul Ghosh, Abhaya Kirtivasan, Swati Srivastava
Computing the solutions to real life problems has become the need of the hour and has become a matter of utmost importance. In earlier times, it took days/months to compute and use algorithms to make things work, but as time passed on, computers became faster and more efficient, and these computations...
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A Bibliometric Analysis of Conceptual Metaphor Translation Research in China Based on CiteSpace

Qunfang Zhang, Jiabao Wang
With the use of the visual analysis tool CiteSpace software, the paper makes a statistical analysis of the literature related to “conceptual metaphor translation” from the dimensions of the journal volume, high-frequency keywords and emerging theme words. It presents the current situation and trend of...
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Digital Transformation of Spaces for Positioning of Production Enterprises in the Reproduction Cycle

Vladimir Kozlov, Ivan Rudkovsky, Elena Tsaryova
The relevance of the study is determined by the urgent need to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of national production based on the logistics approach as an economical (all other things being equal), resource-saving, integrating approach to organizing and managing the economic activities of...
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Technology Usage for Sustainable Health and Well-being in Ecommerce Throughout the COVID 19 Pandemic

A. A. Norman, A. H. Marzuki, S. Hamid
In the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the world has seen the importance of technology usage where multiple activities were conducted virtually for life sustainability. There is an increase of activities happening in the virtual platform, supporting different types of businesses including retail and services....
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Research on Sustainable Supplier Selection and Evaluation of Q Communications Equipment Company Based on AHP

Jiayi Wei, Ping Xing, Hengwei Xu
Due to the rapid development of 5G networks, telecommunication products, which cater to service diversity, emerge at this historic moment. For telecommunication industries, under the pressure of stricter environmental policy and increasing production demands, green supplier selection is becoming more...
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Information Security Risk Assessment Methodology and Software “Rubikon”

Olga Vybornova, Igor Pidchenko, Iskandar Azhmukhamedov
Risk assessment is an important part of the process of ensuring the required levels of information security of an organization. An urgent task is to develop a methodology for assessing information security risks, allowing not only to assess risks at the asset level, but also to trace their impact on...
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Research on The Impact of Entrepreneurial Patchwork on Firm Strategic Flexibility Based on Stata Regression Analysis: Mediating Effect of Knowledge Absorptive Capacity

Gangquan XU, Bo WU
Strategic flexibility is a key dynamic capability required by enterprises to improve resource efficiency. Based on the resource-based view, entrepreneurial patchwork theory and dynamic learning theory, this study constructs a theoretical model of "entrepreneurial patchwork - knowledge absorption...
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MIP formulations for perishable fresh foods transportation

Ruoyu Hao, Haoran Ma
This paper uses a mixed-integer programming model to solve the distribution problem of perishable food shipments from factories to warehouse and then to destinations. This model focus on adding a limit time which goods can be remained in the warehouse and ignores the transportation cost between factories...
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Maximum Power Point Tracking Control Based on Variable Step Size Perturbation Observation Method

Chao Ma, Shengguo Zhang, Hao Hou, Zihao Wang, Changxun Yu
In the whole life cycle of the evaluation, construction, grid connection, operation and maintenance and sale of power plant projects, the calculation of power generation with artificial intelligence technology as the core is the top priority. Maximum power points tracking techniques are widely utilized...
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Design and Development of Online Teaching System for Career Planning Based on Web Technology

Yu Zhang
With the deepening of teaching information reform in the new era, the traditional teaching method of college students' career planning course can no longer meet the current educational needs, which seriously restricts the effectiveness of the career planning course. In this regard, based on the...
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The Wireless Sensor Monitoring System of Track and Field Training Intensity in Physical Education

Zhihong Yin
In view of the existing monitoring system can only carry out local monitoring of athletes, the detection accuracy is not high, the signal wave frequency change is inconsistent and other problems, this project plans to carry out the research of sports teaching and track and field intensity monitoring...
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The Development and Application of “One-Stop” Cluster Analysis Application System Under the Background of Big Data

Zhengju Song, Jun Li
In the era of big data, the application level of data analysis and processing algorithm determines the presentation of data value. As one of the widely used exploratory analyses, clustering analysis has many ways to realize it, but users still face many difficulties in the actual application process....
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Fixed Effects Model-Analysis of the Influence of Population Aging on Different Levels of Education Under the Digital Background

Xinzhu Zeng, Shiming Zhao
Based on the background of the aggravation of population aging in China, and the development of education as an important measure to deal with population aging, this paper selects the panel data from 2007 to 2019, digitizes the educational information, uses Python software for data visualization analysis,...
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Quality Attributes for an LMS Cognitive Model for User Experience Design and Evaluation of Learning Management Systems

Emmanuel O.C. Mkpojiogu, Obianuju E. Okeke-Uzodike, Emelda I. Emmanuel
This paper used literature mapping and review protocol to examine associated literature sources with possible relationships that offers hints for the conceptualization of a UX cognitive model for the design and evaluation of learning management system (LMS) products. The mapping review revealed that...
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Research Hotspots and Frontier Evolution of Foreign Big Data Management—A Visual Analysis Based on Web of Science Database

Yan Zhang, Hui Xu
With the advent of the era of big data, how to manage and utilize data better has become a hot topic at present. Based on the resources in the Web of Science database, this paper sorts out and integrates relevant research literature on big data management, so as to analyze the research status and hot...
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Global Supply Chains Development on the Basis of Russia and Kazakhstan Economies Digitalization

Sergey Barykin, Elena Smirnova, Petr Sharapaev
The market economy of Eastern Europe and Asia is gradually approaching the level and quality charac-teristics of the OECD countries. Global economy's transition to a qualitatively new stage of globalization after the global crisis of 2008 – 2009, is characterized by a number of changed qualitative and...
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Research on the Investment Value of Stocks in SSE Star Market Based on Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis

Sini Yang
This paper mainly focuses on the investment value of stocks in the SSE Star Market using factor analysis and cluster analysis with Python language. The SSE Star Market is an important platform in Shanghai and even China since it gathers resources and capitals of innovation and technology to help and...
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Models and Methods for Solving Face Recognition Problem by Photos

Farit Gabdiev, Nafisa Yusupova, Olga Smetanina, Ekaterina Sazonova
Automatic detection and detection technologies are widely used in different areas. This article contains analysis of a face recognition problem, description of the problem, mathematical formulation of the problem, analysis of methods for solving it, proposed approach, and the results of the experiment....
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Current Situation and Development Trend of Intercultural Education:

A Scientometric Analysis with CiteSpace

Jiajia Xia
By using the visual analysis software CiteSpace 5.8.R3 and the bibliometric method, this paper presents a statistical analysis of the relevant papers on the application of Chinese intercultural education in CNKI from 2001 to 2021. It reviews papers’ publication date, published journals, published institutions,...
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Research on Epidemic Predictive Modeling, Data Fusion and Effective Prevention and Control Strategies by China’s Digital Government

Take Guangzhou as an Example

Aikeda Adilii, Anqi Xu, Jihaeng Lee
In recent years, China has actively advocated the construction of digital government. With the continuous progress of the times, China’s digital government has the characteristics of wide coverage and strong integrity. At the same time, digital government has played a great role in the prevention and...
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Statistical Analysis of Farmland Big Data Based on Kuznets Curve——Take Hebei Province as An Example

Da Gao, Yadi Liang
After the 14th Five-Year Plan, improving agricultural quality, efficiency and competitiveness has become the focus of current agricultural work. As a major agricultural province, Hebei Province has also issued various relevant policies and schemes to improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural...
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A Model for Analyzing the Behavior of Classroom Teacher-Student Interaction Based on Deep Learning

Mingyue Zhou, Wei Pan, Zelin Zhang
In the context of combining education and artificial intelligence, it is important to identify and analyze interactive behaviors in intelligent classroom behaviors. The main contribution of the article is the design and implementation of an intelligent analysis model of classroom teacher-student interaction...
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A Study on the Application of the PBL Teaching Method in English Majors’ Reading Teaching

Yanmei Wei, Jun Wei
The purpose of this paper is to study the feasibility and effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) method in English majors’ reading teaching. In this paper, data collection and analysis are carried out by questionnaire, test and combined with teaching experiment to explore how to apply PBL teaching...
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Research on the Correlation Mechanism Between Hotel Service Scene Experience and Customer Behavior Based on a Structural Equation Model

Ziwen Geng, Wei Le, Benhai Guo, Hongjuan Yin
In the service environment, establishing a good service space is a key link of enhancing competitiveness. This paper used the Stimulus-Organism-Response model as the research framework to construct a structural equation model of service scene perception, brand attachment, comfort feeling and behavior...
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The Impact of Digital Technologies on Procurement Infrastructure and Functions at Industrial Enterprises

Viktor Dubolazov, Zoya Simakova, Iuliia Iusma
This Paper studies the impact of digital technologies on logistics business processes, organizational structure and functions of procurement management and its connection with other management functions at the industrial enterprises. The current trends are to centralize procurement management and to...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Air Side Industry of Logistics Core Hub Based on AHP Method

——Taking Hubei International Logistics Core Hub as an Example

Shanshan Li
The core hub of international logistics is an important part of the economic cycle, and its development is directly related to the success or failure of the economic double cycle. Taking Hubei International Logistics core hub as the research object, this paper adopts AHP method and entropy weight fuzzy...
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Research on the Social Network to Bootleg Innovation—Based on the Bootstrap Method

Ping Cao, Siyi Xue
Based on the social cognitive theory, this study analyzes the relationship between social network and bootleg innovation. Using SPSS 22.0 and AMOS 23.0 and the Bootstrap method to analyze the survey data of 234 enterprise employees, the results show that: social network has a positive impact on bootleg...
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Discussion on the Exploration and Practice of Quality Supervision Mode of Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information in Hunan Province Under the Background of Big Data Information Technology

Mengshi Liu, Zuoqian Cai
In order to improve the quality of surveying and mapping geographic information products, this paper aims to study and explore the working mode and method of surveying and mapping geographic information quality supervision under the background of big data information technology. In this paper, hunan...
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Efficient Algorithms for the Numerical Solution of the Coupled Sediment and Suspended Matter Transport Problems in Coastal Systems

Valentina Sidoryakina
This work is devoted to the development and numerical study of coupled models of sediment transport and suspended matter, taking into account coastal currents and stress near the bottom caused by wind waves, turbulent spatially 3D movement of the aquatic environment, the complex shape of the coastline,...
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Quality Characteristics of an LMS UX Psychomotor Model for the Design and Evaluation of Learning Management Systems

Emmanuel O.C. Mkpojiogu, Obianuju E. Okeke-Uzodike, Emelda I. Emmanuel
In this study an investigation was conducted to ascertain the possibility of conceptualizing and developing a native user experience psychomotor model for the design and evaluation of the experiences of learning management systems (LMSs) users. The paper found that no previous model of this kind is in...
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Objectivity and Subjectivity Classification with BERT for Bahasa Melayu

Wing Kin Chong, Hu Ng, Timothy Tzen Vun Yap, Wooi King Soo, Vik Tor Goh, Dong Theng Cher
This research present the notion of subjectivity and objectivity in Bahasa Melayu language. Word2Vec and BERT word embedding models are created for the purpose of subjectivity classification and sentiment classification. Two types of embeddings are developed (Word2Vec and BERT) with Wikipedia data as...
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Research on Metadata in the Era of Big Data Based on Bibliometric Analysis by CiteSpace

Shimin Yan
Metadata is an indispensable element for the development of big data. In order to explore the construction of metadata in the context of big data and to provide reference for future metadata research, this paper uses 989 papers under this topic included in the Web of Science core database between 2001...
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Application of BIM Technology to Project Management Objectives

Meijie Wang
Under the new situation, it is the general trend to carry out practical innovation and theoretical reform of engineering project management. We must break through the traditional thinking and re-establish the new thinking of project management with the three basic objectives of quality control, progress...
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Exploring the Impact of China’s Labor Force Changes on Economic Growth: A Quantitative Study

Xiaochen Han
Trends in labour force changes can have a powerful impact on macroeconomic growth. The persistently low population growth rate in China has become a matter of immediate concern for policymakers and academics. Based on the data of the communiqué of the seventh population census of China and the National...
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Methodological Approaches to Accounting Uncertainty When Planning Lgistic Business Processes

Vladimir G. Anisimov, Evgeny G. Anisimov, Tatyana N. Saurenko, Anastasia I. Levina, Elizaveta A. Zotova
The practice of managing logistic business processes in companies has many examples when negative scenarios are realized in the course of events that are unforeseen at the planning stage, and ultimately lead to significant damage. These circumstances define the necessity to develop methods to reduce...
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The Impact of Transportation on Common Prosperity

Qipo Wang
The experience of many countries shows that infrastructure construction can promote economic development, and transportation is a key part. However, there are few studies on the relationship and mechanism between transportation and common prosperity. Therefore, this paper uses the fixed effect model...
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Data-Driven Environment, Society and Governance: Exploring How Green Finance Sparks Sustainability Based on Scientometric Analysis

Wei-Keng Zhou, Yi-Lin Yu, Yu-Mei Peng, Meng-Ting Liu, Ning-Chang Guo, Ye-Cheng Xu, Yi-Wen Tang, Lin-Sheng Huang
The core concept of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era is to promote high-quality social development and build a sustainable ecological civilization. In recent years, China and even the rest of the world have begun to focus on the development of green finance, which is also one of the...
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Research on Integrated Training and Hybrid Teaching of Industrial Robot Technology Based on Virtual Simulation

Gaohua Liao, Xingling Peng
In response to the current problems in the comprehensive training and teaching of industrial robot technology, virtual simulation technology is used to integrate the concept of hybrid teaching, explore a new teaching mode that combines virtual and real, and achieve the combination of classroom teaching...
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Artificial Intelligence 2D Image Deformation Technology for Digital Art

Yiyang Zhang
In today's digital age, art design has long since gotten rid of the limitations of traditional media. Visual programming, as a technology with great potential with rapid development, provides a new creative vision for artistic creation in the digital age, bringing unprecedented changes. The main...
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The Construction and Application of Experimental Course Resources Based on Pan Ya Platform

Taking Computer Operating System Course as an Example

Yan Chao, Shuying Liu, Tao Zeng
Aiming at the problems existing in the experimental teaching of Computer operating system in our school, such as less class hours, students' low learning enthusiasm and low efficiency of pre-class preview, this paper studies and applies the construction of online course resources. Relying on the...
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Intelligent Data Processing Technologies for Resource Management in Manufacturing Scheduling

Murat Guzairov, Nafissa Yussupova, Dmitry Rizvanov
The paper deals with the problem of resource management in manufacturing scheduling. The authors consider the problem definition of resource management using ill-formalized constraints of non-numerical nature (“semantic domain constraints”). It is suggested to use intelligent data processing technologies...
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A Bi-Level Decision Model with the Hybrid Strategy for Vendor-Managed Inventory in Supply Chain Network

Congli Su, Xinqiu Li
In inventory optimization and supply chain coordination, one challenge for vendors and retailers is how to keep the inventory level as low as possible to cut cost. Vendor-managed inventory (VMI), as an efficient coordinated system, has aroused great concern in both research and commercial communities....
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Human Capital as a Key Factor of Enterprise Efficiency

Vladimir I. Malyuk, Elizaveta A. Zotova, Manfred Esser
Organizational development strategies are implemented with the involvement of significant resources for an enterprise. Taking into account the limitations of all types of resources available to an organization, the task of their rational use is very relevant and is solved continuously. Management decisions...
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Study on Security Improvement with Transmission of Aggregated Data Through Hamilton Clustering Protocol

M. Bobby, D. Usha
WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) is a network of devices that can perform data transmission from an analyzed field via wireless links. Thus, secure data transfer is needed to ensure correct data transmission from source nodes to the destination node as data passes via numerous intermediate nodes. It is...
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Research on Operation Training of Large Vehicle Based on Augmented Reality Technology

Ming Wu, Gang An, Wenxuan Sun, Wei Li, Luoguo Wang
With the continuous development of new technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, its application in the field of large vehicle operation training is becoming more and more extensive. Based on the practice of smoking vehicle operation and training, this paper designs an...
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Bibliometric Analysis of Algorithmic Power in China Based on CiteSpace

Wendan Lv
Recently, more and more attention has been paid to the research of algorithmic power. This study used CiteSpace software to visualize and analyze 1084 literatures. The results show that: (1) Research on algorithmic power first appeared in the early 21st century, showing long-term stability and short-term...
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Covering an Arbitrary Shaped Domain by Identical Circles

Alexandr Pankratov, Tatyana Romanova, Oleksiy Antoshkin, Yuliia Pankratova, Sergiy Shekhovtsov, Vadim Kartak
The problem of covering a bounded disconnected arbitrary shaped area (domain) by identical circles is considered. To describe analytically the coverage conditions we use special continuous and everywhere defined functions for modelling relations between circles and the border of the area. A new function...
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Big Data Based Transfer Learning for Sentiment Classification with Multiple Source Domains

Qing Li, Gang Wang, Guowu Yang
Sentiment classification, served as a curial technology in natural language processing and computational linguistics, has drawn a lot of attentions from researchers. However, due to the high cost of manual labeling in the era of big data, conventional methods of sentiment classification are unqualified...
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Research on the Construction of Theory and Practice Integrated Course Materials from the Perspective of Artificial Intelligence

Xurong Liang, Le Qi, Bingmin Shang
This paper conducts a study on the transformation of vocational education course materials. The framework of course materials is built with the support missions as its motivation. Long short-term memory network is used to establish the correlation between practical tasks and equipment theory, so as to...
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Predictive Modelling of Student Performance in MMU Based on Machine Learning Approach

Jun Yang Chan, Hu Ng, Timothy Tzen Vun Yap, Vik Tor Goh
This research work is to identify and forecast student performance in Multimedia University (MMU) based on machine learning approach. Surveys had been carried out to collect students’ cumulative grade point average, background, history grades, opinion towards MMU environment, and lifestyle. In this study,...
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Big Data Analysis of Chinese Postgraduate Scholarship Evaluation Policy Based on SPSS Software Statistics

Weina Zhang, Fang Sun, Boyue Su
Based on the CIPP model, this paper constructs an analysis model of Chinese postgraduate scholarship evaluation policy from four dimensions of Context evaluation, Input evaluation, Process evaluation and Produce evaluation. In policy background, we use questionnaires and SPSS to survey three representative...
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Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in English Translation Skills Training

Zhiping Li
In the era of big data, artificial intelligence has been widely used in higher education, providing technical support for college teaching. In modern education, teachers are no longer just providers of knowledge, but become mentors and promoters of learning. Students need to process, analyze and use...
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A Deep Learning Approach to Detect COVID-19

C Shrada, Balakrishna Gudla, K Chaithra, T S Hassini
Covid-19 is a viral disease that has been spreading rapidly infects both human beings and animals. The lifestyle of people, their physical and mental well-being and the economic condition of a country are distressingly disturbed due to the viral disease. Recently, vaccines have been prepared for COVID-...
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Carbon emission reduction strategy of road freight firm under carbon cap and trade

Fuyou Huang, Chao Ma
In order to implement the carbon emission reduction strategy of road freight transportation, this paper considers the scheme of using electric vehicles to replace fuel vehicles under the carbon cap and trade mechanism. We establish three types of models, including fuel vehicles, electric vehicles without...
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Innovation and Tax Burden of Manufacturing SMEs

Statistical Analysis of the Data Based on the Annual Reports of Companies Listed on the New OTC Market

Xiaoya Kong, Yan Zhao, Jing Yang
The innovation ability of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises is of great significance to the development of the real economy with the rapid development of the digital economy. This paper analyzes the data of the 2020 annual report of manufacturing enterprises listed on the New OTC Market,...
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Digital transmission of cultural heritage. Digital Representation and Reproduction of Pat Chest Dance in Southern Fujian

Jun Zhu, Hua Shao
Faced with the challenges of the digital age, the digital transmission of cultural heritage has become an important issue. This paper takes Pat Chest Dance in Southern Fujian, a Chinese intangible cultural heritage, The objective is to investigate its digital transmission and reproduction, aiming to...
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Research on the Impact of Financial Resource Mismatch on the Technological Innovation of Manufacturing Enterprises Based on Model Construction

Xiaonan Fan, Chutong Yu, Xiaona Bao
"Made in China 2025" puts forward the policy of "three steps" to complete the overall positioning of the road to manufacturing power, and enhancing the technological innovation ability of enterprises is the key to achieve this strategic goal. This paper selects the data of Chinese...
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Education in the digital economy: students’ view

Larisa Bakeeva, Elena Pastukhova, Yulia Romanova
The implementation of the government program «Digital Economy of the Russian Federation» requires the transformation and change of many areas of society, including education, starting from school. The development of science and technology led to the accumulation of huge amounts of information in various...
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Dynamic Fuzzy Cognitive Models as a Means of Visual Analytics and Cognitive Graphics

Aleksei Massel, Daria A. Gaskova
The article discusses the concepts of visual analytics and cognitive graphics. The employment of cognitive models means and especially dynamic cognitive models is justified as a means of visualizing computational experiments in studies of the development directions of the energy sector from the standpoint...
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Analysis of Factors Related to Academic Delays Affecting Master's Students ——an Empirical Study Based on SPSS Statistical Analysis

Ximei Yang, Yan Ma, Lan Hong, Renju Tang
In order to explore the mechanism of self-efficacy of master's students on academic delays tendency under the influence of stress perception, a questionnaire survey was conducted on 281 master's students using the Master's Academic Delays Tendency Scale, Self-Efficacy Scale, and Stress...
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Empirical Research on Mixed Teaching Effect Based on Multipled Linear Regression Analysis in the Informatization Age

Taking “The Application of Excel in Finance” as an Example

Zhou Li, Di Fan
With the support of information technology, teaching means and methods are more diverse, and “Online + offline” hybrid courses based on various platforms have also emerged. What is the effect of hybrid teaching? How to make rational use of the platform, create a hybrid teaching design with the deep integration...