Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Sports, Arts, Education and Management Engineering (SAEME 2018)

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The Pacifism in Hayao Miyazaki's Animation Art

Sancong Zhang
With the release of Hayao Miyazaki's new animation "the wind" and Hayao Miyazaki's opposition to the publication of the Andouble government's revisions to the peace constitution, the peace doctrine of the Japanese animation giant has aroused wide attention again, looking at Hayao Miyazaki's "the valley...
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Research on Chongqing Higher Education Financial Expenditure Performance

Honglei Zhang, Fengyu Wang, Zhenbo Zang
This paper has studied and analyzed the performance of fiscal expenditure on higher education in Chongqing Municipality. The relevant data in 2009~2016 are selected to analyze the operation performance of higher education in Chongqing Municipality from the human capital input and fiscal investment, using...
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Design of China Power Market Information Disclosure Mechanism Based on the Power System Reform

Tao Li, Yanzhang Sun, Yanping Wang, Xuefei Deng
Since the new round of power system reform in China, there have been many achievements in the development of the power market. However, the relevant information on the current power market disclosure system is not yet perfect. The establishment of a complete information disclosure framework is an important...
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Research on the Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training System in Financial and Economic Colleges

Hui Shang
This article begins with the current situation of innovation and entrepreneurship education in China for more than a decade, analyzes the existing problems and deficiencies, compares the practical experience of other universities in China, explores ideas for the innovation and entrepreneurship education...
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On Paths of Professional Skills Contests to Improve Integration of Education with Industries

Chunyan Liu
With the aim of contest boosting teaching and vocational education development, this essay made an analysis of the skillful talents need in equipment manufacturing in Hunan through investigation and research. Through the skill contests, we can improve the quality, broaden the way and enhance the promotional...
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The Relationship between Structural Transformation of Manufacturing Industry and Economic Growth in Liaoning Province

Tianshuai Xu, Shuomin Zhao, Shuai Zhu, Wanhong Li
The main purpose of this paper is to study the relationship between the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and economic growth in the process of economic development. In modern economy, the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry is an important factor affecting economic...
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Analysis on Curriculum Connection of Design Art in Universities against the Background of Intelligent Era

Hong Zhang
Curriculum cohesion in education field is a relatively neglected area. Because of this, the research of this problem has more practical significance. In the art of design field, the problem is more serious. On the one hand, the art of design has not to form a mature curriculum system, because Time of...
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Research on the Influence of SMEs’ Enterprise Incentive System on Employees’ Performance--A Case Study on HBhaoLinJu Trading Co., Ltd

Yuxi Zhang
With the further intensification of market economy, the competition in various enterprises is accordingly increased. For them, the core of competition is how to win the talents in essence. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have now become the new growth point which is most dynamic in Chinese socialist...
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The Study on Job Searching Model of College Graduates from the Perspective of Segmented Labor Markets Theory

Chunyan Wang
The labor market is one of the most important production factor markets. Based on the existence of the household registration system, the nature of the enterprise, applicability of policy and so on, China's labor market presents the significant section or duality. This is reflected in the market of college...
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Adaptability Efficiency in the Context of Management and Economics: Origin and Development

Manli Cheng, Bo Chen
The thesis analyzes the origin and development of the concept “adaptability efficiency” in the research field of management and economics. It finds out that, the research has changed from a static to dynamic way, a unique to complex view. The most favored method to study organization should combine the...
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The Governance Mechanism of the Transformation of Green Science and Technology Achievements: A Perspective of Architectural Project

Pingping Zhang, Weiyi He
Green scientific and technological achievements are an important pillar for economic and social development. However, when green scientific and technological achievements enter the downstream market, it is difficult to eliminate the intermediary obstacles caused by the interface innovation ability of...
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Research on Countermeasures for Internet Financial Risk Management

Binjie Xu
In the paper, the risks of Internet finance including credit, regulation, liquidity, operations, market, technology, network security, and information asymmetry are teased out by reviewing the connotations and types of Internet finance. The corresponding risk management strategies are thereby proposed...
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Design of Intelligent Power Service Business Model for Industrial Parks

Ming Zeng, Mingzhu Li, Yingxin Liu, Yuqing Wang, Chenjun Sun
The core of intelligent power service for industrial parks is to provide users with better power conditions without increasing usage costs of users. Intelligent value-added service is not only an extension of power services, but also a historical opportunity for the transformation of power services into...
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Measurement of the Distribution and Effect of Urban Infrastructure in Liaoning

Ying Sun
Through effective measurement and evaluation of the distribution and effect of urban infrastructure, the key tasks of urban work in our province can be effectively implemented, weak links are improved, urban functions are optimized and urban comprehensive carrying capacity and radiation ability can be...
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How Do Online Education Companies Acquire Heterogeneous Innovative Elements? An Open Innovation Theory Perspective

Xun Huang
Competition is the eternal theme of the commercial market. A large number of online education companies have been established. Acquiring heterogeneous innovative elements is the foundation for the firms to gain competitive advantages in business. The purpose of the study is to improve the management...
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Improvement and Optimization of Workshop Workflow

Huimin Duan
This paper uses the causal analysis method to analyze the causes of the low efficiency of the three-phase four-wire meter, and uses the fish bone map to visually display the various influencing factors and find out the key factors. Through analysis and improvement, the assembly time has been shortened,...
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The Factors That Influence the Integration of Chinese Cross-Border M&A

Pan Yu
In this paper, we study the factors that influence the integration of Chinese cross-border M&A from three perspectives: Resource-Based View, Industry-Based View & Institution-Based View. We use logistic regression to carry out hypothesis testing, the main conclusions are as follows: High-tech Industries...
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Analysis on Characteristics, Motivations and Opportunities of Multinational Mergers and Acquisitions of Chinese Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Xiaorui He
As a national strategic support industry, multinational mergers and acquisitions (MAs) activities of equipment manufacturing industry deserve a special academic research. This paper uses 211 samples to analyze the characteristics, motivations and opportunities of multinational M&As by Chinese equipment...
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A Corpus-based Approach to the Quantifiers of Emotion Metaphors in Chinese: A Case Study of Happiness

Wenhui Zhao, Qin Tang
The major goal of this study is investigate the quantifiers of emotion metaphor “happiness” in Chinese and its English translation, by utilizing a corpus-based analysis. Emotion metaphors are very abstract by nature, there are no quantifiers in English emotion metaphors, but Chinese express their feelings...
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Research on the Profit Model of Multi-Energy Interconnected Operation under New Power System Reform

Ming Zeng, Yiqun Liu, Jiawen Ye, Ting Pan, Xianxu Huo, Baoguo Zhao
With the large-scale development and utilization of clean energy, the advancement of new electric power system reform and the improvement of the energy marketization, multi-energy interconnected operation has become the main direction of energy development in the future, with the features that clean...
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The Application and Research of Big Data Fusion in Inter-City Transportation Integration in Zhujiang-Xijiang Economic Belt

Wei He, Ping He, Haiyong Jing
The opening and development of the Zhujiang-Xijiang Economic Belt still faces many difficulties and challenges. Among them, the imperfections in the connectivity of major infrastructure such as transportation are a major issue that restricts development. Therefore, it is imperative to develop inter-city...
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Personal-Organization Matching Literature Review

Ying Wang, Xin Zhu
Personal-organization matching refers to the compatibility of individual characteristics and organizational characteristics, which has a positive impact on individual work attitude and work behavior. On the basis of literature research, this paper sorts out the domestic and foreign personal-organization...
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Scientific Research on Bronze Ware from Western Zhou Dynasty to Spring and Autumn Period Unearthed in Jilin Da'an Hou-taomuga Site

Han Liu, Yanxiang Li, Lixin Wang
This paper utilizes microscopic observation, optical microscopic, SEM-EDS to analyze 9 bronze artifacts which were excavated from the tomb of Hou-taomuga Site, a Baijinbao culture in Dagan, Jilin Province. Combined with their unearthed information, it can be sure that the people had started to use bronze...
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Research on Inequality in Education of Girls in Poverty-stricken Areas

Tianyue Wu
The problem of educational inequality is one of the major issues that restrict the development of education, and it is also a social issue. Education inequality among girls in impoverished areas is one of the main manifestations of education inequality. Gils dropping out of school in remote and impoverished...
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Strategy Research on the Green Development Standard System for Intellectual Property Services

Zongzhen Jin, Zongling Wang, Lili Cao
With development of intellectual property (IP) industry, the standard system is needed to build to solve the nonstandard behavior of intermediary service organization, especially for the development of green economy. Through construct the structural diagram for chains and functions of IP services, the...
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Research and Implementation of the Tolling Audit Analysis Platform in Yunnan Smart Highway Project

Xiuzhen Sun
Based on the status quo and actual requirement of Yunnan highway operation and management, this paper focuses on the solution of the comprehensive governance of the highway toll evasion and operation decision support service by means of the development of the toll audit analysis Platform in first phase...
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Reflection and Exploration of Traditional Culture Value in Artistic Design

Xiaoguang Wang
This article mainly discusses the lack of traditional culture and idea in modern Chinese artistic design, analyzes the reasons for the problem, and then analyzes the importance of traditional Chinese culture to artistic design. This paper expounds how to coordinate the traditional and modern design,...
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Research on Service Quality of High-Speed Railway Passenger Station Based on Customer Experience

Yihao Zhang, Yu Zhao
This article reviews the research results at home and abroad, analyzes the influencing factors of high-speed railway passenger station service quality, and establishes a service quality evaluation model for high-speed railway passenger stations based on customer experience. And an empirical analysis...
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Discussion on the Development Mode of Medical Health Management against the “Internet +” Background

Haibin Wu, Xiaorong Song, Bomin Chen, Jiwei Lin, Jingwei Li, Maoqing Tan, Bohan Li, Dongcai Wang
Internet+ health management can achieve real-time data acquisition, intelligent monitoring and other functions through applying intelligent mobile phone, smart wearable, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technology comprehensively, which will become a new medical service...
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Views on the Cultural Invasion

Yuanyuan Zhang
Cultural invasion is not an unfamiliar word to us now. So, you will find your life full of the foreign culture, and the cultural invasion is around you constantly, therefore, it is reasonable for us to think over the cultural invasion in our country. Under the threat of being substituted by the foreign...
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Empirical Research on Total Factor Productivity of Agglomeration of Producer Services Industry

Li Wang
Based on panel data related to the producer services industry in 27 provincial capital cities in China from 2004 to 2014, this paper first uses location entropy index method and DEA-Malmquist index method to measure the level of producer service industry agglomeration and total factor productivity. The...
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An Overview of the Development of Chinese Embroidered Clothing in the Past Dynasties

Xianrong Yu
Dress is a special language to express Chinese traditional culture and human aesthetic concept, and also an important carrier for inheriting Chinese traditional culture and humanistic connotation. It is not only the crystallization of human wisdom for many years, but also a bright pearl in the treasure...
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Public Cloud Cost Analysis Based on Game Theory

Rong Chen
In a hybrid cloud computing environment, how to divide workload reasonably is a problem that every rational user needs to consider. The game model of hybrid cloud computing is constructed. The cost is also taken into consideration when the user usually considers the response time. The function which...
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Analysis of Quality Management Practice Elements Based on Performance Excellence Model

Yaxuan Sun, Wei Zhu
The paper summarizes domestic and foreign scholars' research on quality management practice factors by literature analysis. Based on the framework of the excellent performance model and invited quality management experts and senior leaders in company to obtain leadership support, strategic planning,...
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Research on the Interactive Relationship Between Theme Park and Regional Economy----Taking the Economic Interaction Between Lehua City Resort and Xixian New District as an Example

Xi Lei
The theme park is a new tourism attraction bred by modern tourism in the development of tourism resources. It is a leisure vacation and tourism activity space that combines the marginal resources of natural resources and human resources, information resources and business activities of tourism companies....
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Research on the Training Model of the Reserved Talent of Registered Accountants in the Cooperation Education of Production, Teaching, Research and Research of Independent Accounting College

Lei Han
With the growing demand for certified public accountants in China, various schools are also actively exploring ways to train applied certified public accountants. At present, China's schools have made remarkable achievements in the training of CPA professional personnel, but problems still exist. The...
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The Empirical Research on Shanxi Province of the Poverty Level Change of Urban Residents

Qingqing Bai
Since the 1990s, with the acceleration of urbanization, the problem of urban poverty has increasingly become a prominent issue in Shaanxi's social and economic system. Resolving urban poverty in a reasonable manner is a matter of economic development, and it is also a social issue. Fair and just demands....
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Modern Higher Education Viewed from the Educational Characteristics of Ancient Chinese Academy of Classical Learning

Liang Zhou
Ancient Chinese academies have had more than a thousand years of history from the Tang and the Five Dynasties to the end of the Qing Dynasty. Although they have risen and declined several times, they have profound significance in the history of ancient Chinese education and have had a significant impact...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of City Center Migrant Population Social Integration Social Survey Based on Nanjing Xiangpuying Community

Jie Yin, Daxi Kang
A lot of migrant population engaged in tertiary industry has entered city center area with expansion and upgrading of city center industrial structure, it is regarded as the starting point in the study. Binary Logistic regression analysis method is adopted based on survey data of Nanjing Central Urban...
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Research on the Efficiency of Science and Technology Input and Output in Provinces along the Belt and Road Based on DEA Model

Wenwen Chen
Since 2013, president Xi Jinping proposed the strategic concept of "One Belt and One Road". The implementation of this strategy needs to be implemented with a scientific concept of development so as to deepen the lead role of science and technology input in the economic and social development in all...
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Research on Customer Perception Value of Delivery O2O Platform Based on PCA-FUZZY

Jiali Zhao
In order to scientifically measure the customer perceived value (CPV) of the Online to Offline (O2O) platform, the CPV indicator system of the delivery O2O platform is constructed from three dimensions which are functional value, service value, and experience value. The various dimensions and indicators...
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Study on Joint Inventory Management in Supply Chain

Yujing Wang, Keming Zhang
Nowadays, the competition between enterprises has gradually transformed into the competition among supply chains, and the cost of inventory occupies a large proportion in the whole supply chain management. The traditional inventory control method is that enterprises should act as their own means and...
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The Effect of Long-distance Jump Training on the Athletes’ Performance in the Late Course of Sprint in Track and Field

Leipo Chen
The track and field sprint, which is an anaerobic energy supply project, is a typical project of speed competition. Its primary energy material ATP - CP which will run out in 4 to 5 seconds, can only maintain the energy of the athletes for 30-40 meters. How to improve the late course performance of the...
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Research on Military and Civilian Integration Development Strategies of General Aviation Industry in the New Era

Liang Zhang, Yantao Wang
As a national strategic emerging industry, the general aviation industry plays an important strategic role in promoting sustainable development of economy and society and promoting modernization construction in the new era. This thesis analyzes the theory of military and civilian integration development...
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Evaluation of General Airport Site Selection Based on Synthetic Weighting Method and Grey Fuzzy Theory

Liang Qiao, Liang Zhang
With the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure in China, the role of general aviation industry in national economy is more and more important. As an early stage of airport construction, the site selection become more critical when the number of general airports increased rapidly. In order...
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Discussion on the Revision Direction of China's Civil Aviation Carrier Liability System

Xianhua Tian
The current Civil Aviation of the People's Republic of China has existed for 20 years so far since it was issued, in which the legal provisions on the personal damage compensation for civil aviation passengers do not adapt to the social development. Therefore, it is expected to be improved. In this paper,...
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Selection of Ship Traffic Accidents Forecasting Models in Downstream Waterway of Yangtze River

Shukui Zhang, Keyin Miao, Jing Li
In order to explore the key factors causing vessel traffic accidents, historical accident data and vessel traffic data at 9 waterways of Yangtze River in Jiangsu are employed, and the accidents are verified to follow lognormal distribution. Five Poisson-lognormal accident forecasting models are established...
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Research on the Status and Mode of Agricultural Logistics Development in China

Xiaolan Hu, Hui Ye, Mei Xie
Agricultural production is inseparable from circulation. With the development of rural economy and the advancement of urbanization, the demand for agricultural logistics is getting higher and higher. Although in recent years there has been a significant increase in agricultural logistics, the integrity,...
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Analysis of Huawei's Global Supply Chain

Yongjun Ni
With the pace of economic and trade globalization, more and more companies have carried out business around the world, and continuously innovate their own supply chain to maximize their benefits. "Huawei", as a leader, has taken the lead in the world in the process of building a global supply chain....
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Economic Analysis of Hydraulic Supports in China and Abroad

Songlin Li
Based on the economic analysis theory of equipment life cycle,7 indicators were used as indicators to evaluate the economical efficiency of hydraulic support,34 sets of domestic hydraulic support and 20 sets of foreign hydraulic support were used as samples to compare the economic performance of hydraulic...
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Enterprise Strategy Analysis Based on SWOT Analysis

Jiaxing Weng, Tingze Liu
With the rapid development of the economy and the continuous deepening of social reforms, enterprises have unprecedented opportunities for development. However, due to the increasing frequency of international exchanges, the competitiveness of the current social market economy is becoming increasingly...
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A Study on Measurement and Emission Reduction of Carbon Emissions in Automobile Supply Chain

Yu Chen, Zhigao Liao, Yanling Wu
This paper has calculation of carbon emissions from the perspective of supply chain to analyze the corresponding ways to reduce emissions. Through the statistics of the energy consumption data of automobile supply chain, this paper selects the carbon emission accounting method that is suitable for automobile...
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Research on the Influence of Logistics Outsourcing on Logistics Efficiency

Yuehua Yuan, Pengliang Qiao
In recent years, the logistics industry has developed rapidly with the advent of the supply chain era, and has also led the logistics outsourcing market, making it more and more mature. More and more companies have entrusted their own logistics business to professional third-party logistics companies....
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Discussion on the Inheritance and Transcendence of Kant's Rationalism to Hume

Xue Bai
Kant's critical philosophy, created the classical philosophy of German as a new period of development, and promoted the arbitrary end of rationalism and empiricism philosophy. It is the philosophy of Hume's skepticism that played an important role in the intermediary and the connection between the old...
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A Study on Management Model of Human Resources in Multinational Companies Based on Cultural Differences -- Taking Walmart as an Example

Xiaonan Song
With the globalization of the economy, enterprises of various countries inevitably move towards the road of globalization and form transnational corporations gradually. In the process of operation, transnational corporations would face the employees who are with different backgrounds. Cultural differences...
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International Performance Evaluation - Taking ZTE Corporation as an Example

Jie Peng, Qingqing Wu
With the rapid development of communications technology and the continuous acceleration of the flow of international commodities, capital, technology and talents, multinational companies have emerged and international competition has become increasingly fierce. In this paper, combining the specificity...
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Study on the Intercultural Communication Abilities of Business English in Higher Vocational Colleges under One Belt One Road (OBOR) Environment -- A Case Study of Zhejiang Province

Aimei Yang
The exchanges between China and other countries along the routes are on the rise by initiating the "One Belt One Road". It also puts forward higher requirements for the intercultural communication abilities of English majors in higher vocational colleges. This paper focuses on the current situation of...
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The Influence of Pecking Order Theory to the Dividend Policy of Han’s Laser

Mengyao Fu
Through consulting the company annual reports, computation statistics finance data and so on, the analysis research obtains the finance policy and dividend policy of Han’s Laser in recent years: (1) Han’s Laser increased its internal financing in the recent five years and the financing policy tends to...
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The Religious Fanaticism and “Odd Coincidences” of Gothic Architectural Art

Liang Yan, Zhenzhen Sun
While satisfying the human survival concept, architecture also needs to give us the comfort of inner spirit and the appeal of sensual aesthetics.As "coagulating music", architecture is the material carrier of our spiritual world, and it also reflects its aesthetic significance.In the thousands of years...
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A Supervision Model for Senior Managers of Public State-Owned Enterprises

Yuqiao Li, Yiwen Yin, Yanan Wang
Under the modern enterprise system, the owner and the manager of a company are different people, which leads to the problems such as inconsistent goals and asymmetric information between the two, further resulting in principal-agent issues. In state-owned enterprises, in particular, the principal-agent...
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Research on the Influence of Summer Social Practice on Enhancement of Students' Comprehensive Qualities

Lu Li
The period of studying in the college is very important for students. During this period, college students should accomplish the accumulation of much general and professional knowledge, and at the same time, they are expected to achieve great improvement in mental level, ability, thinking and cognition....
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Research on the Present Situation and Problems of the Allocation of Basic Education Resources in Guizhou Province under the New Population Situation

Hongqiong Zhu, Xiaoqing Li, Yayuan Wang, Jie Shi
With the acceleration of urbanization and the implementation of the "comprehensive two-child" policy, the population size and structure of Guizhou Province have undergone great changes. This change will have a great impact on basic education in Guizhou province. This paper analyzes the allocation of...
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Discussion on the Comparison in Costumes between China's Traditional Meticulous Painting of the Figures of Ladies and Ukiyoe Beauty Painting

Xiaosha Wang
The creation of women's images is called as the "painting of the figures of ladies" in Chinese paintings, and it is called as "beautiful paintings" in Japanese paintings. Japanese Kayoed beauty painting originates from painting of the figures of ladies in China's Tang Dynasty, and is constantly developing...
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Motivation of the Structural Transformation of Manufacturing Industry in Northeast China

Shuomin Zhao, Tianshuai Xu, Shuai Zhu, Wanhong Li
This paper mainly analyzes a large number of relevant theories of domestic industry transformation motives in China, and combines the basic conditions of the northeast region, using qualitative analysis methods to identify the current motives that affect the industrial restructuring of Northeast manufacturing...
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Practice and Exploration of Global View of History in College History Teaching

Xianrong Yu
The concept of history refers to people's views on history, and the global view of history is one of the most important fields of research in the world. It not only requires us to study the trajectory of the world from a global perspective, but also emphasizes that it should not be limited to a narrow...
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Entrepreneurship Education Based on Experiential Teaching Reform

JiaNan Wang, Liansheng Yang
Entrepreneurship education is not only the education of enterprises to create skills, but also a new concept and model of education. It is a quality education aiming at cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents. It includes education of entrepreneurship and quality, education of entrepreneurship...
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A Comparative Study on Implementation of Vocational Education Policies in Beijing and Manila

Xinqin Zhang
The focus of the study is to determine Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) policies in Beijing and the Manila and their implementation of TVET programs and to seek and recommend solutions to existing problems. The researcher surveyed 283 respondents in the two places. Descriptive research...
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Study on Impact of Hardness of Sole on Force on Feet during Active Falling

Sicheng Ke, Hong Xie, Guangwu Sun, Jiecong Li
The purpose is to study effect of sole on force on feet as an additional factor when human body actively falls at different heights. Methods: 12 male subjects respectively wore three pairs of shoes with different cushioning performances and fell actively at the heights 20cm, 40cm and 60cm. Ground reaction...
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The Research on the Changes of International Energy Structure and China's Coping Strategies against the Background of Global Energy Interconnection

Ming Zeng, Weicheng Chen, Xiaoxuan Wang, Pengcheng Zhou, Chenjun Sun
With the rise of the emerging countries and the changes in the international economic pattern, the development of new energy resources and the progress of energy saving technology, all countries of the world have begun to develop renewable clean energy, and the global energy interconnection came into...
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Analysis of the Development and Demonstration of Moral Education in the Music Teaching of Vocational Colleges

Tian Qian
The increasing development of society has made higher and higher requirements with talents’ comprehensive development and quality education, while quality education needs long-term development and to be performed from the kindergarten. Thus, someone put forward that moral education can be penetrated...
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Research on Pre-School Education Industry Policy and Development

Jiao Zeng
In China's basic education, pre-school education is particularly important for children's physical and mental health growth. Reasonable development of preschool education industry is conducive to the healthy growth of China's youth. This can cultivate talents for the construction of our country and promote...
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An overview of the development of Chinese embroidery patterns in the past dynasties

Xianrong Yu
Embroidery patterns is a special language to express Chinese traditional culture and human aesthetic concept, and also an important carrier for inheriting Chinese traditional culture and humanistic connotation. It is not only the crystallization of human wisdom for many years, but also a bright pearl...
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Analysis of the Status Quo and Thinking of Teachers' Information-based Teaching in Higher Medical education

Jianmei Ma, Bibo Liu, Fei Li, Qian Yao, Jing Ni
Changes have taken place in many fields with the development of computer information technology. In higher medical education, its application is conducive to improving teaching effectiveness and promoting the development of teaching.
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Study on the Cultivation Path of Sports Population of College Students

Bin Han, Yi Jiang
the main content of this paper is the cultivation path of college students' sports population. We discussed the present situation of college students' sports population. This paper clarifies the factors that cause less sports population and puts forward some measures to improve it. These measures can...
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Study on the Change in Social Value of Mass Sports in China

Jun Hu
Since the establishment of new China, the mass sports cause of our country has been in a relatively good state of development. With China's comprehensive national strength increased, the development of mass sports of our country's social value presents a relatively good trend. And its function is also...
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Research on the Evaluation Index System of Power Market Operation under the Plan-and-Market Dual System

Ming Zeng, Shiyu Meng, Pengcheng Zhou, Yan Yang, Lei Wang, Peiyu Xi, Chenjun Sun
With the increasing proportion of the electricity in the market, more and more new market participants are involved in the market competition and the new trading variety also comes into being, which has put forward new demand for the statistical analysis of power transaction operation. Considering the...
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A Study on Pricing and Emission Reduction Decision of Steel Supply Chain under Free Carbon Quota Policy

Yanling Wu, Zhigao Liao, Yu Chen
Considering that the retailer bears part of the manufacturer's emission reduction cost, this paper analyzes the optimal pricing and optimal emission reduction decisions for the two-level steel supply chain under the carbon-free policy, historical method and benchmark method. The numerical example shows...
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The Structural Transformation of Manufacturing Industry in Northeast China and the Solution to Its Economic Growth

Shuai Zhu, Shuomin Zhao, Tianshuai Xu, Wanhong Li
The Party Central Committee and the State Council set out from the strategic goal of building a well-to-do society in an all-round way and take the inevitable requirements of a new path of industrialization and put forward the strategic policy of rejuvenating the old industrial base in the northeast....
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International Comparative Analysis of Higher Education Expenditure Performance Evaluation

Honglei Zhang, Fengyu Wang, Zhenbo Zang
At present, our higher education and economic growth are suffering from a profound structural contradiction, or rather, the talents cultivated in colleges/universities are always hard to satisfy the needs of industry development, regardless of a huge government investment in the higher education. Under...
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Effect of Health Qigong New Skills on Serum SOD and MDA of Quinquagenarian

Chuikun Li, Yeting Zhang
Objective: To observe the health Qigong new skills on the change of radical superoxide dismutase (SOD) and malondialdehyde (MDA) of quinquagenarian. Methods: In this paper, quinquagenarian who were basically healthy but don't toe part in physical exercise in Chengdu, Sichuan Province object. The people...
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A Study on the Grey Evaluation Method of Ship Safety Risk

Moyang Zhao
The ship safety risk evaluation index system is established according to the man-machine-environment theory, the specific ship safety risk assessment model is designed by Analytic Hierarchy Process and grey cluster method. The feasibility and feasibility of this method are verified by example.
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The construction of TRIZ teaching curriculum system based on the cultivation of College Students' innovative ability??"??"A case study on the innovation teaching of Automobile Specialty

Jia Cui
TRIZ theory provides scientific and systematic analysis and problem solving methods and theories. Mastering TRIZ theory can break the mindset and improve the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship. The TRIZ theory is applied to the practice of College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship education...
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Analysis and Research on the Teaching Principle of Automotive Engine Based on CDIO Concept

Huali Guo, Jia Cui, Guofu Wang, Hongwang Zhao
The CDIO Engineering Education Philosophy pay more attention to the integration of traditional knowledge, focuses on competence development, allows students to learn engineering theory and practice in a proactive manner. Based on the CDIO concept, this article analyzes and studies the teaching reform...
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Alexander’s Grammar Teaching Method in New Concept English

Xinghua Zhao
This paper explores L.G. ALexander’s English grammar teaching method in NewConcept English (NCE), for the two reasons as follows: (a) NCE’s popularity in China and (b) my personal appreciation for the grammar teaching method applied in NCE. The paper specifically focuses on the analysis of Alexander’s...
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Research on the Legalization of College Student Management from the Perspective of Managing Schools by Law

Haiqiang Zhang
Current colleges and universities are faced with the challenge of cultivating innovative talents with the concept of "rule of law". The management of student work in colleges and universities can be based on the characteristics of running a university, and can be used to refine management guidelines;...
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The Integration and Development of Online New Media Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Zhian Zhu, Gongqian Liang
With the rapid development of new technologies, the spread of online new media, production methods and the spread of the communication environment have also brought about greater changes in the dissemination of subjects compared to the past. The development of new media has led to the formation of new...
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Research on Foreign Trade English Correspondence Communication Effectiveness of Foreign Trade Enterprises in Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone

Suping Jiang
With the construction and rapid development of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, a large number of transnational corporations are making trade contacts in Guangxi, which intensifies the diversification trend of enterprise culture background, and the cross-cultural communication and exchange have become...
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Research of O2O User Behavior Based on Stimulus-Organism-Response Model

Qi Sun
With the development of Internet technology, nowadays more and more people choose online shopping. Based on Stimulus-Organism-Response model, according to user pleasure and arouse, this paper builds a concept model that influence customers’ shopping indication. In the theory research phase, this paper...
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Research on E-commerce Enterprise Management Based on Big Data

Yuanjian Qin, Yuming Zhao
Along with the popularization of the Internet and the arrival of big data era, every field in daily life has been strongly impacted and influenced. The application of big data based on Internet technology has greatly changed people's production and consumption, the influence is very far-reaching. The...
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Family governance structure: how does social capital influence the innovation strategy framework?

Min Zhao, Xin Yao
Based on the perspective of organizational governance, this paper analyzes how social capital influences the innovation strategy framework and further studies its impact path and degree of influence. The results show that the influence of family social capital on the innovation strategy framework from...
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The Incentive Treaty of the Logistics Outsourcing for the E-commerce Enterprise

Boshuai Zhao
E-commerce enterprise always outsources logistics business. How to formulate a reasonable treaty to ensure the quality of logistics services is difficult. The e-commerce enterprise hopes that the logistics company can provide the service of high quality and ask for less payment, while logistics provider...
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Ambidextrous Oriented Organizational Attributes, Knowledge Acquisition Modes and Enterprises' Radical Innovation

Huimin Li, Qingpu Zhang
In this paper, the function mechanism of the ambidextrous oriented (control-oriented and flexibility-oriented) organizational attributes-centralization, formalization, risk taking and organizational redundancy on the enterprises’ radical innovation was discussed. The two knowledge acquisition modes,...
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Teaching Quality Monitoring of Higher Education Based on Data Mining

Xiaobing Jiang
In order to improve the teaching quality of higher education and improve the quality assurance system of higher education, based on the Internet + and under the background of big data, data mining technology is applied and a method for monitoring the teaching quality of higher vocational education is...
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Study on Employees’ Job Burnout in Lutong Driving School

Shufen Li, Zhichao Xu, Hongying Li
The paper investigates the status of employees’ job burnout in driving school through the method of questionnaire survey based on the subject investigated of employees in Lutong driving school, thus putting forward the corresponding solutions to the causes of job burnout through the data analysis, with...
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College English Teaching Innovation and Challenge in MOOC Environment

Rong Li
With the development of modern information technology, the large-scale open online courses (MOOC) as a new online course development model has become the focus of attention of the global colleges and universities in recent years. In the era of MOOC, global free sharing of high-quality curriculum resources...
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Research on Advertising Planning Innovation against the Background of Media Integration

Songjiang Liu
The transformation of digital technology has brought about the transformation of the advertising industry and the integration of the advertising market. With the rapid development of microfilms, microfilm advertisements are also highly sought after, and a large number of highly acclaimed masterpieces...
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Research on Human Resources Localization in Overseas Engineering Projects--Take the Algerian Project as an Example

Yu Wang, Sijia Jiang
With the fierce competition of overseas project market, human resources localization has become the only way to sustain the development of overseas engineering projects. Thus, in this paper, the significance of human resources localization is analyzed in terms of the need of the “going global” strategy,...
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Luxury and European History

Qin Zhang
Luxury has never faded out ever since it came into being in Europe centuries ago. Even today it is still playing a dominant role in the international markets as well as in the social life. How did it survive and thrive in Europe? What did luxury as a cultural code signify at different phases of the European...
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The Dislocation of Signifying Practice: from Ireland to China--as Exemplified in “The Charwoman’s Daughter”

Yang Wang
For a long time, domestic academia has not paid enough attention to James Stephens’s The Charwoman’s Daughter. It is because of the dislocation of signifying practice that researchers misplace the understanding of the novel in the realistic literary framework. By restoring the context of Irish national...
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The Power of Manager and Executive Compensation--Evidence from China Real Estate Industry

Hu Liu, Fangfang Zhao
Executive compensation has always been the focus of social and academic research. In order to study the astronomical remuneration phenomenon appears in Chinese listed companies, this paper chooses the data of A-share real estate listed companies from Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Market from 2014-2016...