Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Far East Con" (ISCFEC 2020)

1231 authors
Glagolev, S N
Research of Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to the System of Lean Manufacturing
Glamazda, S N
Management of Verbal Communications as an Innovative Approach to the Formation of Image Policy of the Organization
Glavina, S
Impact of the Macroeconomic Factors on the Initial Public Offerings in the Gulf Cooperation Countries
Glotova, Zh
The International Experience of Inclusive Education: Resources for Introduction
Gnezdova, J
Foundations of Designing the System of Strategic Management for Digital Education at the Macro Level
Golub, O V
Study of Psychographic Characteristics of Consumers of Credit Products
Golubev, O B
On the Continuity of Engineering Training in the “School-University” System Based on the Creation of a Center of Modern Competencies
Gomilevskaya, G A
Transboundariness as a Driver of Development of International Tourism in the Far East of Russia
Gomilevskaya, G A
Monitoring in Tourism at the Regional Level: Theory and Practice
Goncharov, S V
How to Share Value in Seed Market?
Gorbachevskaya, E Yu
Public-Private Partnership as a Tool of Stimulation of Innovative and Investment Activity
Gorbunova, A B
AI-System of Stock Exchange Trading Robot for Financial Risk Hedging
Gorbunova, Y N
Major Aspects of the Customs and Logistics System Development in the Eurasian Economic Union
Gorbunova, Y N
Professional Stress Management Among Officials at Customs Authorities
Gorian, E
Information Security Ensuring in the Financial Sector as Part of the Implementation of the National Program “Data Economy Russia 2024”
Gorobets, D V
Discrete Event Modeling of the Travel Agency Activities in SimEvents
Goryachikh, M
Development of Investment Cooperation Between Russia and China in the Framework of the “Belt and Road” Initiative
Goryachikh, S P
The Mechanism of Infrastructure Support for Development of Small Youth Entrepreneurship
Goryunova, T I
Ontological-Oriented Technologies in the Management of Digital Production
Goryunova, V V
Ontological-Oriented Technologies in the Management of Digital Production
Grachev, S A
Spatial Specifics of Investment Utilization in a Regional Economy
Granitsa, Yu V
Analysis of the Interrelations of Economic Indicators as a Tool for Predicting Regional Financial Instability
Grentikova, I G
Banking Management in Russia: Its Shortcomings and Stages of Transformations
Gresko, A A
Analysis of the Impact of Strategic Alliances on Relations with Stakeholders
Grib, N N
Development of Critical Thinking of Students by Means of Active and Interactive Methods of Training
Gribina, E N
Dedollarization as an Indicator of the Formation of National-Oriented Public Policy
Grigor, N N
Providing Conditions for Functioning of Small Business of the Republic of Crimea
Grigoreva, N G
Training at the University of the Organizers of Innovation Activities
Grigorova, V A
Retrospective Analysis of Russia’s Cottage Industries as a Solution to Overcome Today’s Entrepreneurial Crisis
Grigoryants, I
Assessment of Production Setup and Upgrade Investment Risks
Grinevich, J A
Wages Level and Labor Productivity Relationship in Different Russian Economy Segments in 2004–2018
Grinko, E
The Mechanism of Infrastructure Mortgage and Evaluation of Its Performance in the System of the Regions Economic Growth Ensuring
Grishaeva, Yu M
The Strategy of Sustainable Development of Urban Transport
Grishin, K E
Organizational Approaches to Forming Regional Ecosystems of Entrepreneurship Education
Gritsko, M A
Social Inequality and Demographic Dynamics: Regions of the Russian Far East
Gryzunova, N V
Financial Engineering of Structural Products as a Tool for Credit and Tax Risk Management in Order to Ensure the Sustainability of Groups of Industrial Enterprises (Clusters)
Gryzunova, N V
Creation of New Forms of Bond Taxonomies, Allowing to Obtain the Required Quality of Guarantees and Profitability
Gubanov, A V
The Scorecard System for Performance Evaluation of Social Network Management at Work with Stakeholders
Gubarev, R
Prospects for the Russian Social Landscape
Gubeladze, D V
Investment in Online Learning in Russia from 2016 Through 2018
Gulyaev, V P
Contents and Outline of the Informational Educational Environment
Gurova, E
Digitalization of Labor Relations
Guseva, L
Program-Targeted Approach to Labor Organization in Industrial Clusters
Gutik, T V
The Role of the Health System in Changing Public Health Behavior Strategies
Guzueva, E R
Digitalization as a New Stage in the Formation of Economic Relations
Halfin, R M
Development of Control Technologies in the Corporate Procurement System
Horian, K
Information Security Ensuring in the Financial Sector as Part of the Implementation of the National Program “Data Economy Russia 2024”
Iashchuk, M A
About Valuation of Receivables of Non-Profit Organizations Managing Housing Stock in the Transition to IFRS
Iatsevich, O
Student’s Individual Educational Route: Problems and Challenges
Igibayeva, Z
The Impact of Internal Public Audit on the Use of Public Resources
Ignatova, E
Professional Standard as an Incentive for the Development of Polytechnic Education
Iliukhin, R V
Modern Aspects of Managing the Institutional Environment of Higher Education
Ilova, A A
The Role of Publishing Activity of Polytechnic University Students in the Development of Polytechnic Education
Imangozhina, Z A
Youth Labor Market Analysis and Assessment of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Isachenko, N
Non-Liberal Democracy Societies as the Sources of Resentment
Isaychenkova, V V
Transformation of Technologies to Improve the Efficiency of Business Processes in the Digital Economy
Ismagilova, Yu D
Assessment of Russian Stock Market Attractiveness for Foreign Investors
Ivanenko, M N
Employees’ Competitiveness in Digital Transformation
Ivanenko, M N
Employees’ Competitiveness in IT and Telecom in Vladivostok
Ivanov, D
Management of the Organization of Digital Production Companies
Ivanov, M N
Features of Financial Support of the Educational Process with the Use of E-Learning and Distance Learning Technologies
Ivanova, O
Corporate Investments: Essence and Effectiveness of Capital Use
Ivanova, O V
Integral Assessment of Innovation Activity in the Municipalities of the Region
Ivanova, T N
Marketing Approaches in Solving Medical and Social Problems on the Example of Diabetes Mellitus
Ivanova, Yu O
The Role of System-Forming Committees at Boards of Directors in State-Owned Companies (PJSC) in the Russian Federation
Ivanova, Z
Modern Practices of Teaching Materials Development for Higher Polytechnic Education
Ivashinenko, N N
The Role of NPOs in the Socio-Economic Development in the Russian Region
Izmailova, G R
Task Approach in the Bachelors’ Professional Competence Formation
Jafarova, AE
Equity Capital Maintenance as the Cash Flow Net Assets of an Organisation for a More Accurate Assessment of Its Financial Sustainability
Kabanov, S V
Internal Marketing Strategy for Educational Services
Kadzhametova, T N
Evaluation of the Russian Federation Tax Consulting Market Territorial Concentration Level
Kakaulina, M O
Method of Controlling the Non-Observed Economy Through Redistribution of Fiscal Burden Among Types of Economic Activity
Kalach, E V
The Professional Mobility and Training Management of the Specialists in the Life Safety Area
Kalacheva, E A
A Method of Assessing Cooperation Between Insurance Organizations and Commercial Banks in Insuring Banking Risks
Kalacheva, I V
A Method of Assessing Cooperation Between Insurance Organizations and Commercial Banks in Insuring Banking Risks
Kalkova, N N
Formation and Promotion of the Territory Brand of the Neuromarketing Tools
Kalkova, N N
Neuromarketing Study of Consumers’ Cognitive Perception of Labeling Information on a Product’s Package
Kalmykova, O Y
Professional Stress Management Among Officials at Customs Authorities
Kampeeva, E E
How Intraregional Migration Affects Human Capital in Northern Regions
Kapranov, G A
Use of the Method of the Analysis of Hierarchies in Acceptance of Pedagogical Decisions
Kapranov, G A
The Analysis of Professional Strategies of the Higher and Vocational Education Organizations Graduate Students as the Future Subjects of the Labor Market
Kapsargina, S
Experience of Using LMS Moodle in the Organization of Independent Work of Bachelors in Teaching a Foreign Language
Kapsargina, S
Innovative Methods of Working with the Text in the Process of Teaching a Foreign Language in a Non-Linguistic University
Karavaeva, E V
Integral Assessment of Innovation Activity in the Municipalities of the Region
Karavanova, E K
Energy Dichotomy of the Ideographic Writing of China and Japan on the Example of the Character Sign of “Buddha’s Heart”
Karavanova, E K
The Manifestation of the Creative Human Development and Understanding of Life Predetermination in Literary Modernistic Texts
Karelina, E
Disability Issues in the Context of Urban and Feminist Paradigms
Karelina, E A
Current Tendencies of Improving the Russian Banking System
Karelina, E A
Development of Zoning Method for Solving Economic Problems of Optimal Resource Allocation to Objects of Various Importance in Context of Incomplete Information
Karimova, R M
The Participation of the Tajiks in the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in the Russian Far East
Karmanovskaya, N
Perspective Model of Business Development in the Far North
Karnaukhov, I A
The Religious Situation in the Tyumen Region: Sociological Analysis
Karpuhina, E A
Development of Professional Skills of Students–Philologists (In the Context of “Extensive Reading”)
Kashirina, M
Job Satisfaction as an Indicator of Effective Motivational Climate in the Organization
Kasyanova, E V
Smart Media Education Projects in Polytechnic Education as Resource for Developing Corporate Television at the Russian Flagship University
Katakhova, S S
Confidence as a Key Psycho–Personal Quality for Professional Managers
Katalkina, M Y
Today’s Digital Economy as Russia
Katkova, E N
Ways to Achieve Life Satisfaction in Representations of the Unemployed
Kayak, A B
Digital Technologies Applied to Music Therapy in the Information-Semantic Approach
Kayak, A B
The Analytical Significance of the Information-Semantic Approach to Study of the Communicative Nature of Music in the Framework of Cultural (Social) Anthropology