Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Far East Con" (ISCFEC 2020)

1231 authors
Kazak, A N
Discrete Event Modeling of the Travel Agency Activities in SimEvents
Kazak, I I
China’s Economic Integration in Central Asia in the Context of the Proclaimed “One Belt, One Road” Initiative
Kazakova, A M
Cross-Country Comparison of the Level and Quality of Life of the Population: Modern Methods and Approaches
Kazakova, N A
Evaluation and Prediction of the Business Continuity Risks
Kazakova, N A
Internal Audit of Estimated Reserves and Liabilities as a Diagnostic Method for Corporate Risks
Kazantsev, K
Analysis of Investment Activity in the Russian Intellectual Property Market
Kazantseva, L
Deterioration in the Health of Russian Citizens
Kazhanova, E Y
Perfection of Evaluation System of the Effective Use of Human Capital in Terms of “New” Economy
Kerimov, A T
Evaluation of the Russian Federation Tax Consulting Market Territorial Concentration Level
Khachatryan, O A
Strategic Directions for the Formation of the Quality of Human Capital of Education Workers Based on the Construction of a Dynamic Rating Model
Khairiree, K
Best Foreign Practices in Modernization of State Regulation for Labor Migration in Russia: The Case Study of Thailand
Khakhanaev, U S-E
Adoption of Management Decision in the Project Financing System
Khakhanaev, U S-E
Theoretical Foundations and Analysis of the Practice of Decision-Making on the Formation of a Project Financing System
Khaletskaya, S A
A Comprehensive Indicator of Customer Loyalty of Organizations Providing Transport Services Under High Competition Conditions
Khaliev, M S-U
Digitalization as a New Stage in the Formation of Economic Relations
Khandarov, F
Foresight Technologies in the Region: From Identifying Problems to Developing Solutions
Khanova, O Y
The Status of the Russian Education System: The Modernization of Human Resource
Kharlanov, A
Model of Investment of Small Enterprise in Industry
Khnyryova, E S
Developing the Expert System for Assessing the Resilience to Crisis of Enterprises with Weak Dynamics
Khokhlov, V V
Conditions and Trends of the Social and Economic Development of Sevastopol
Khokhlova, G I
Credit Institution Liquidity Management as a Financial Stability Factor
Khusainova, A R
Challenges of Activating Customers’ Involvement Into Quality Assessment of Medical Services
Kim, N
Audit Responsibility as a Specific Type of Legal Responsibility
Kipervar, E A
Human Resources Policy of the Enterprise in the Conditions of Digitalization of the Economy: Change of Content and Prospects of Formation
Kireenko, A P
How the Inefficiency of Executive Bodies’ Performance Reflects the Size of Shadow Economy (The Case of the Russian Federation Regions)
Kireeva, O A
Management of Verbal Communications as an Innovative Approach to the Formation of Image Policy of the Organization
Kirillova, E
Main Tendencies of Economic Development of the Cross-Border Regions of Russia and Belarus in the Conditions of Interstate Integration
Kirillova, O Yu
Strategy Basis for the Development of Scientific Potential in the Innovative Economy of the Russian Federation
Kirillova, O Yu
Development of Control Technologies in the Corporate Procurement System
Kirillova, T K
Evaluation of Efficiency of Innovation Development of Russian Corporations
Kirova, I V
Current Tendencies of Improving the Russian Banking System
Kiselev, V M
Communication Codes of Intellectual Support for Management Decisions
Kiselev, V M
Smells as an Infograming Tool
Kiselev, V M
Convergent Approach to Communication Technologies in Political Decision-Making
Kiselev, V M
Kinaesthetic Sensations in the System of Cross-Touch Marketing
Kiseleva, F T
Taste as a Channel of Personal Communication
Kiseleva, I A
Financial Engineering of Structural Products as a Tool for Credit and Tax Risk Management in Order to Ensure the Sustainability of Groups of Industrial Enterprises (Clusters)
Kizil, E V
Actual Aspects of Strategic Planning of Regional Socio-Economic Systems in the Context of a Program-Target Approach
Kizil, E V
Development Potential as an Economic Background for Regulation of Regional Economic and Social Processes
Klescheva, N A
Meta-Subject Approach to Development of Educational Courses for Masters in STEM-Specialties
Klimova, E V
The Image of Childhood in the Folklore of the Indigenous Small-Established Peoples of the Far East
Klochko, I L
The Territory Image Assessment with Reference to Its Tourism Attractiveness
Klotchkov, A V
Role of Translators–Interpreters in the Development of Regional Tourism Cluster
Klyueva, M I
Principles Underpinning the Development of Cross-Cultural Business Communication as Part of Master’s Degree in Pedagogy
Kobazova, Yu V
Psychological and Pedagogical Methods for Development of Assertive Behavior in High School Students
Kochergin, D G
Knowledge-Based Development of Russian Regions and Growing Inequality
Kokodey, T
Foundations of Designing the System of Strategic Management for Digital Education at the Macro Level
Koksharov, V
To Own or Not to Own: Costs for Car Ownership in Sharing Economy
Kolbanova, N N
Pragmalinguistic Aspects of Chinese Advertising Text
Kolesnikov, E V
Legal Guarantees for Local Self-Government in Today’s Russia
Kolesnikova, O S
Evaluation of the Regional Budgetary Effect of Reducing the Level of Non-Observed Economy (An Example, Subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District)
Koliada, M G
Use of the Method of the Analysis of Hierarchies in Acceptance of Pedagogical Decisions
Kolmakov, A E
Success and Failures of the Russian Pension Reform
Kolmakov, A E
The Threat to Higher Education: Diplomas Trading
Kolozhvari, Yu B
An Analysis of the Forms of Commercialization of Intellectual Property Objects of Higher Education Institutions: Russian and International Experience
Komarova, V V
Management Decisions in the Area of Russian Universities Competitive Growth
Komarova, V V
Principles and Methods of Project Management in Organization
Kondaurova, I A
Integrated Assessment of Human Capital on the Macroeconomic Level
Kondratyeva, O L
Organizational Models of Network Integration in General Education
Konina, E N
Actual Issues of the Fight Against Violations of Antitrust Legislation, Committed by Using of Digital Intelligence
Kononov, A Y
Transboundariness as a Driver of Development of International Tourism in the Far East of Russia
Kononov, A Y
Organizational and Economic Aspects of Military Heritage Tourism in Primorsky Krai
Konovalova, Y A
Regional Disproportions in the System of US Foreign Trade
Kopycheva, T S
Strategy Basis for the Development of Scientific Potential in the Innovative Economy of the Russian Federation
Kopytova, O N
Particularities of the Reproductive Behavior of Student Youth from Large and Small Families
Koretskiy, V P
Cost Efficiency Indicators of Lean Production Instruments
Koretskiy, V P
Measurement of the Intensity of the Creative Works while RnD Projects are Carrying Out, on the Fuzzy Expert Model
Korneeva, A V
Leadership Style via Managerial Communicative and Organizational Skills
Korobeynikov, T S
Consumer Online Dispute Resolution
Koroleva, A M
Brain Capital as a Factor in the Efficient Digitization of the Economy
Koroleva, L A
Anthropological Design of Inclusive Clothing as a Factor in Improving the Quality of Human Capital
Korolyov, O
Trust Technologies as a Basis for the Formation of Intersubjective Interaction in a Virtual Economic Environment
Korolyov, O L
Meso-Level as the Essential Agent in the Formation of Inter-Subjective Relations in the Economy*
Koropets, O
The Impact of Toxic Management on Staff Burnout
Korotkova, G K
The Role of the Digital Economy in Developing the Market Model of Russian Society
Korshunova, O N
The Role of MOOC Courses in the Development of Polytechnic Education
Koryagina, I A
Taste as a Channel of Personal Communication
Koryagina, I A
Smells as an Infograming Tool
Koryagina, I A
Kinaesthetic Sensations in the System of Cross-Touch Marketing
Koshkin, A P
Convergent Approach to Communication Technologies in Political Decision-Making
Kostrova, Yu S
Biomathematical Culture and Peculiarities of Its Formation of Students of Biological Specialties
Kotlyachkov, O V
Qualimetry Analysis as a Tool Lean for the Workplaces Design
Kotlyachkova, N V
Qualimetry Analysis as a Tool Lean for the Workplaces Design
Kotlyachkova, N V
Cluster Analysis as a Tool for the Distribution of the Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation According to the Level of Economic Security
Kotov, R M
Banking Management in Russia: Its Shortcomings and Stages of Transformations
Koval, S V
An Analysis of the Forms of Commercialization of Intellectual Property Objects of Higher Education Institutions: Russian and International Experience
Kovaleva, A E
The Use of Marketing Instrumentarium to Ensure a Balanced Healthy Diet of Young Students
Kovarda, V V
Advancement of Instrumentation of Balanced Social and Economic Development Through Systemization of Combined State Support and Regional Funds
Kovrov, G S
Evaluation of the Effect of Primary Indicators of Technological Innovations on the Outcomes of Innovative Activity in Federal Subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District
Kovtunenko, L V
The Professional Mobility and Training Management of the Specialists in the Life Safety Area
Kovyneva, L
Challenges of Training Personnel for the Tourism Industry in Russia’s Far East
Kozlova, I V
Prospects for Polytechnic Education in the Implementation of Applied Educational Programs
Kozlova, O
Human Capital Development in the Context of Economy Digitalization
Kozlova, O N
A Method of Assessing Cooperation Between Insurance Organizations and Commercial Banks in Insuring Banking Risks
Kramskoy, M V
Pemex in the New Environment—Will the Company be able to Rise Again?
Krasnokutskiy, P A
Cross-Country Comparison of the Level and Quality of Life of the Population: Modern Methods and Approaches
Krasota, T
Fundamental Principles of the Institutionalization of a Digital Economy in the Contemporary Russian Society
Krasota, T G
Digital Technologies as a Factor for Growth of Continuous Well-Being of Sovereign Consumers in the Modern Society
Krasovskaya, N V
Management of Investment Attractiveness of Economic Agents as a Factor of Innovative Development of the Region (On the Example of the Tyumen Region)
Krasovskiy, I N
Mechanism of the Innovation Development in the University