Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Far East Con" (ISCFEC 2020)

1231 authors
Zaorski, G B
Financial Capital and Its Role in Today’s Economy
Zaslavskiy, S
Formation of Models for Funding of Political Parties in Europe
Zaytseva, T A
Anthropological Design of Inclusive Clothing as a Factor in Improving the Quality of Human Capital
Zeldner, A
The Paradigm of Law (In Honor of Thomas Kuhn)
Zeldner, A
Institutionalization of Power: A Legal-Sociological Approach to the Creation, Development and Dissolution of the State
Zeldner, A
Cooperation in the System of Spatial Development Management
Zerchaninova, T E
International Activities of Organizations to Support Young Compatriots Abroad
Zharikov, M V
Approaches to Institutionalise the Virtual Market of the BRICS
Zharikov, M V
A Contractual State (or Republic) of the BRICS
Zharov, V S
The Impact of Human Capital on the Efficiency of Technological Innovation Application
Zhdanova, T
The Anthropological Aspect in the Comprehension of Machinery
Zhernov, E E
Knowledge-Based Development of Russian Regions and Growing Inequality
Zhevora, S
Cooperation in the System of Spatial Development Management
Zhilkina, M V
Computer Modeling of Demographic Processes in the Region
Zhitlukhin, O G
Equity Capital Maintenance as the Cash Flow Net Assets of an Organisation for a More Accurate Assessment of Its Financial Sustainability
Zhitlukhina, O G
About Valuation of Receivables of Non-Profit Organizations Managing Housing Stock in the Transition to IFRS
Zhulina, E G
The Role of Information Systems in Maintaining Interrelation between Marketing Activity and Quality Assurance Activity within the Company
Zhumatayeva, B
The Essence of the Development of Public Audit in Modern Conditions
Zimovets, N V
Social Aspects of Foreign Borrowings in Modern Russian
Zinina, O
Evaluation Methods of Enterprise Competitiveness of Mobile Phone Retailers
Zlobina, O G
Management Decisions in the Area of Russian Universities Competitive Growth
Zlobina, O G
Principles and Methods of Project Management in Organization
Zmiyak, S S
Cross-Country Comparison of the Level and Quality of Life of the Population: Modern Methods and Approaches
Zotov, V V
The Scorecard System for Performance Evaluation of Social Network Management at Work with Stakeholders
Zubarev, A E
Digital Technologies as a Factor for Growth of Continuous Well-Being of Sovereign Consumers in the Modern Society
Zubareva, N E
Taste as a Channel of Personal Communication
Zubareva (Bezdenezhnykh), A A
How Genres and Age Restrictions Affect Global Box Office
Zubova, E A
Brain Capital as a Factor in the Efficient Digitization of the Economy
Zueva, A S
Influence of Economic Factors on Domestic and Outbound Tourism’s Main Priorities
Zulfakarova, L
Digital Technologies and Saving Behavior
Zverev, R
Evaluation Methods of Tax Burden on a Company as a Mean of Financial Optimization Problems Solving