Proceedings of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang's 1st International Conference of Mathematics Education (INCOMED 2017)

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Design Development of Determinant Lines Materials and Angles on Math Learning for Junior High School

Azizah Mujahidah Annisa, Didi Suryadi, Rizky Rosjanuardi
This research aims to develop new didactic designs on line and angles materials for junior high school students. The didactic design is designed by considering several things: the result of the analysis of the learning instrument test obstacle, learning trajectory, and the didactical situation theory....
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Analysis of Students' Mathematical Representations in Solving Geometric Problems

Akhsanul In'am, Intan Ayu Sari Dewi
The objective of this present research is to describe students' mathematical representations in solving geometric problems. A qualitative approach was adopted, and the subject was 6 Students Grade IX, MTs Muhammadiyah 1 Malang, Indonesia. The subject consisted of 3 female and 3 male students. The data...
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Development of Materials in Materials Module With Appropriate Resolution Application

Ririn Dwi Agustin, Firda Alfiana Patricia
The purpose of this research is (1) development of matrix module with problem solving approach for vocational students of class X. (2) To know and describe the quality of matrix module with problem solving approach in XK SMK students viewed from the aspect of validity, effectiveness, and practicality....
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The Increasing Interest in Mathematic Learning Through Model Application Experiential Learning

Hastuty Musa, Mr. Amaluddin
This research is a class action (classroom action research), which aims to increase students' interest in learning mathematic through learning model of Experiential Learning.The subjects of the research are the students of IX class at SMP Negeri 13 Parepare of 17 students, it consists of 9 male students...
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Error Analysis of Newman to Solve the Geometry Problem in Terms of Cognitive Style

Kenys Fadhilah Zamzam, Firda Alfiana Patricia
Problem solving plays an important role in mathematics education because it could train students with mathematically minded. Many mistakes are still encountered in solving mathematical problems, especially on the matter of geometry. In this study has a purpose to describe student error in problem solving...
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Analysis of Relevance of Mathematics Curriculum Development

Mr. Moh. Mahfud Effendi
The main purpose of Vocational High School (SMK) is to prepare students to work, but the most unemployment comes from graduates of SMK. This case can occur because the curriculum development does not meet the principle of relevance, both internal and external. Internally, the development of SMK curriculum...
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Comparison of The Effectiveness Of Application Problems Approach With And Without Guidance In Understanding Geometry Learning In Smp Negeri 2 Pangkajene

Ms. Nurhaeda P., Mr. Agus
This research was an experimental research that began with the development of learning tools. Oriented learning tool with problem posing approach for Geometry material that was about Tube and Cone in class IX SMP. This research aimed to (1) describe the effectiveness of learning with problem posing approach...
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Skill Process Explain the Math Candidate Educational Teacher on Micro Teaching Course

Mika Ambarawati
The purpose of this research is to know the process of explaining skill of teacher candidate of mathematics education in micro teaching course. The type of this research is descriptive research with qualitative approach. The subject of this research consists of 25 students of the 2013 Mathematics Education...
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The Mathematical Literacy of The Student Teachers to Solve The PISA'S Problem Based on The Level of The Creativity

Soffil Widadah, Siti Nuriyatin
The purpose of this research was to analyze the mathematical literacy of the student teachers to solve the PISA'S on 4th, 5th, and 6th levels based on the level of the creativity. This research is a descriptive research. The results of research will be described both kuantitatif and qualitative. The...
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Development of Electronic Learning Tools to Improve the Quality of Elementary Linear Algebra Course

Hendra Syarifuddin, Mr. I Made Arnawa
The focus of the research is to develop a constructivist electronic teaching aids for Elementary Linear Algebra. The teaching aid is useful for learning using ACE cycle that consists of three components: activities, classroom discussion, and exercises. Developmental research design is choose for developing...
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Analysis of Creative Thinking Ability of Primary School Department Student on Proposing Mathematics Problem

Nyamik Rahayu Sesanti, Retno Marsitin
Mathematical creative thinking ability is important thing to be considered for prospective educators. Students will develop their Mathematical creative thinking if the teacher having understanding about mathematical creative thinking. Besides teacher should use suitable strategy and approach when they...
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Limit Learning With Apos Theory and Maple to Develop Mathematical Communication And Critical Thinking

Retno Marsitin, Nyamik Rahayu Sesanti
The objective of the research is to develop limit learning module with APOS theory and maple to develop mathematic communication and critical thinking. This research is a development research with Richey & Klein design and Dick & Carey model. The study was conducted at the University of Kanjuruhan Malang...
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Some "Illegal Reasoning" of the First Year Undergraduate Students in Constructing Formal Proof

Hendarto Cahyono, Abdur Rahman, Toto Nusantara
This paper describes the difficulties and type of illegal reasoning of novice students in formulating formal proof specially on the associative property of addition operation of rational numbers. Although the problem is not so hard but for beginner students is not the case. The participants are first...
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Character Education in Mathematics Learning Process at Integrated Islamic Junior High School Luqman Al Hakim International Yogyakarta

Ms. Widayati
This study aims to: 1) know the model of learning mathematics; and 2) to know holistic education based on character education integrated with Mathematics learning of Integrated Islamic Junior High School Luqman Al Hakim Internasional Yogyakarta. Respondents included principals, curriculum heads, math...
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Development of Numerical Materials Based on Computer Method in IKIP Budi Utomo Malang

Ririn Dwi Agustin, Mika Ambarawati
The purpose of this reseach is to (1) compose textbooks of computer-based numerical method in IKIP Budi Utomo Malang, (2) the validity and effectiveness of textbook of computer-based numerical method in IKIP Budi Utomo Malang. This research uses Research and Development method of Borg and Gall model...
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The Student's Visual Thinking Profile in Solving Mathematics Problems

Ummu Sholihah, Beni Asyhar
The ability to solve problems is the heart of mathematics. Students of mathematics have few difficulties in understanding the formal definition of integrals and it results in their difficulties also in solving the problems associated with the integral concept. Generally the formal definition is memorized,...
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Analysis of Student Errors in Constructing Holistic Rubric Based on SOLO Taxonomy

Rosita Dwi Ferdiani, Nur Farida
The aim of this research is to analyze student errors in constructing a holistic rubric based on SOLO taxonomy. This research employs qualitative research methodology. The subject of this research is students of mathematics education program. The consideration in selecting the subject is based on the...
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Developing Role Play Game for Mathematics based on Guided Inquiry Approach with ADDIE model

Ahmad Akrom Nuf Fuqoha, Mr. Budiyono, Diari Indiati
This research aims to describe how to develop RPG game as learning media that considered the three quality aspects (validity, practically, and effectiveness). This research conduct Research and Development model (R&D). ADDIE model is adopted as a juncture of developing RPG game that consists of the process...
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The Use of Dakonmatika Media Game As Efforts to Increase Mathematics Learning Results of the Fourth Grade Students at SD Negeri 61 Parepare

Sriyanti Mustafa, Muhammad Siri Dangnga, Fajar Bahari
The problem in this research was the low of mathematics learning result of students. The approach used in this research was quantitative and qualitative approach (mixed method) with the type of Classroom Action Research (CAR) which aims to know the improvement of mathematics learning result of learners...
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The Implementation Project Based Learning Model Assisted with Visual Media in Mathematics Learning

Ms. Sulvianti
The research is based on the importance of Mathematics to master the advance growth of Science and Technology. Therefore, students need to be taught Mathematics which is not just read or memorize its formulas. It will be meaningful if it learnt contextually by involving more students to explore and build...
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Interactive Learning Media Development Using Software AutoPay Media Studio on Materials of Integration Techniques

Umy Zahroh, Mr. Muniri
This research is a developmental research based on the modified model of Plomp, that is: initial phase; design phase; phase of realization; test phase, evaluation, and revision. This development aims to produce interactive learning media that can assist students in understanding the concept of integration...
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Error Analysis in Solving Geometry Problem on Pseudo-Thinking's Students

Yunis Sulistyorini
Errors can't be avoided by learners in learning mathematics, including in problem solving. Educators should provide opportunities for learners to reflect and repair their errors. The wrong answer given by the learner may not necessarily result from the wrong thinking process. This is called pseudo thinking....
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Identification Metacognitive Failure on Mathematics Problem Solving

Mr. Abd. Rozak, Mr. Subanji, Toto Nusantara, Mr. I Made Sulandra
This aims of this study is to describe the identification process of students' metacognitive failure in solving the mathematical problems. A total 24 students of 3rd semester STKIP PGRI Jombang ask to fulfillment test individually, then fill the questionnaire of metacognitive activity based on the problem-solving...
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Differences of Problem Solving Skill of The Fifth Grade Primary School Student: A Gender Analysis

Algiyan Eko Prasetya, Mr. Slamet, Budi Usodo
Ability to solve problem is very beneficial for people in their life. Each student can solve a problem that encountered in its own way, is one of the goals of mathematics teaching in primary schools. This study aimed to describe the difference between the mathematical problem solving ability of students...
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Development of Student's Worksheet to Analyze Student's Algebraic Thinking Based on SOLO Taxonomy

Anis Farida Jamil
The aim of this research and development (R&D) is to develop student's worksheet to analyze student's algebraic thinking based on SOLO taxonomy with quality criteria: valid and practical. This R&D adapted from ADDIE model consisting five stages that are Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation,...
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The Students' Activities and Their Responses in Mathematics Learning By Guided Worksheet

Mr. Baiduri
This paper aimed at analyzing the use of guided worksheet in mathematics learning at Madrasyah Aliyah Muhammadiyah 1 Malang, especially in the students' activities and responses. This study was conducted by means of descriptive design with qualitative approach. The data were obtained through classroom...
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Development of Interactive Learning Media with Construct 2 Software to X Graders Student on The Trigonometry Material

Ida Siti Mahsunah, Nur Hadi Waryanto
This research is a developmet research that aims to describe the steps of development, to know the quality, and to know the students` responses of an interactive learning media on the trigonometric material in the form of android application. The results of the research are: (1) the development of the...
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The Role of Problem Solving Approach in Building Students' Self Confidence on Learning Mathematics

Kunny Kunhertanti, Rusgianto Heri Santosa
Mathematics learning succes is influenced by many factors. One of the factors is students' self-confidence. High self-confidence influences students to learn mathematics better. This is because the aspects contained in the students' self-confidence are beliefs in self-ability to mathematics, optimistic...
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Analysis of Learning Mathematics in Kindergarten

Reni Dwi Susanti
This study focused on the analysis of Mathematics learning at the grade B Students Kindergarten. The main purposes are: (a) to describe the suitability of Mathematics lesson plan that has designed by the teacher based on the government standard, (b) to describe the appropriate implementation of Mathematics...
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Critical Thinking of Extrovert Girls in Problem Solving

Marlinda Indah Eka Budiarti, Mr. Ruslan
the purpose of this research is to know the ability of critical thinking of students in problem solving based on gender, personality and critical thinking in solving the problem. This research used qualitative descriptive that conducted at SMP Muhammadiyah 8 in Batu, and the students of VII grade as...
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Major Difficulty in Solid Geometry Learning for University Students: Developing Visual Spatial Skills

Mega Eriska Rosaria Purnomo, Isnaeni Umi Machromah
This research aims were to describe major difficulty for university students in solid geometry learning process and to know the causes of the problem. This research used qualitative method. The data was collected by testing and interviewing respondents. Respondents were 39 mathematics education students...
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Students' Creativity in Matlab Programming as Media in Learning Mathematics

Octavina Rizky Utami Putri
The purpose of this research is to describe the process and product of student creativity in programming Matlab as the base of making of learning media of mathematics based on Information and Technology (IT). This research is a qualitative descriptive research. The data collection technique employed...
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SEAMEO Basic Education (SEA-BES): Common Core Regional Learning Standards (CCRLS) in Mathematics: A Tool for Enhancing STEM Education

Pedro Montecillo, Jr., Teh Kim Hong, Prof. Masami Isoda
Most countries in South East Asia came out among the last third in TIMSS 2011 and PISA 2012 in both mathematics, science and reading except Singapore who tops among all nations. The same performance standing appeared in 2015. Presently, there is no agreement on the scope, breadth, width and content of...
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Mathematical Reasoning Ability Through Interpretation-construction Design Model

Rafiq Zulkarnaen
the aim of this research is to examine the impact of students' ability on mathematical reasoning after they received learning treatment of Interpretation-construction design model (IC). Quasi-experimental methods were used in this study with non-equivalent pretest-posttest control group design. The population...
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An Analysis of The Need for The Necessity of Mathemathics Learning Model Based on Scientific Approach at Elementary School

Rahmat Fajar Prakoso, Mr. Slamet, Budi Usodo
This study aim to describe the existence of mathematics learning and analyze the need for the necessity of mathematics learning model based on scientific approach for the 5th grade students of elementary school in Surakarta. Method applied in this study was descriptive qualitative and quantitative research...
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The Analysis of Students' Difficulties in Solving Problems of Probability for 8th Grade

Seftika Anggraini, Endah Kusrini
Probability is one part of mathematics material that is learned in school. In Indonesia, probability is learned from Junior High School level and is continued in Senior High School level. Hence, understanding of probability's concept in Junior High School level is very important. The aim of this research...
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Learning Design of Combinatory Using Indonesian Realistic Mathematics Education

Mr. Somakim, Mr. Darmawijoyo, Ning Eliyati
This study aims to find out how the use of Indonesian realistic mathematics education approach (PMRI) can support students' understanding in learning the concept of combinatory. The research method used is Design research. Design research consists of three stages: preliminary, teaching experiment and...
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The Effect of Teacher's Mathematical Knowledge on Self-efficacy for Teaching Mathematics

Mr. Sugilar
The purpose of this research was to explore the effect of teachers' mathematical knowledge on self-efficacy for teaching mathematics. The framework of teacher's mathematical knowledge broadened in scope from teachers' common mathematical knowledge, specialized mathematical knowledge, to horizon mathematical...
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Revitalization of Mathematical Education Through Applying Productive Pedagogies Framework

Mr. Suhendra, Ela Nurlaela
Mathematics is often perceived as a difficult subject with many students failing to understand why they need to learn the subject. The teaching and learning of mathematics mostly has relied on the transfer of information from the teachers to their students. Therefore, teaching and learning of mathematics...
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The Effectiveness of Using Worksheet Characterized by Realistic Mathematics Education to Develop Student Mathematical Reasoning Abilities

Arif Hidayatul Khusna
The aim of this research is to describe the effectiveness of using worksheet characterized by RME to develop students' mathematical reasoning abilities. This research with quantitative approach. Quantitative data obtained from the results of the test scores of students who described qualitatively. The...
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Creative Thinking Processes of Vocational Students With High Learning Motivation In Mathematic Problem Posing

Maya Kristina Ningsih, Imam Sujadi, Sri Subanti
In this study described the process of creative thinking vocational students with high learning motivation in mathematic problem posing. This research is qualitative research. The subjects were 2 students class XI AP-4 SMK Negeri 2 Madiun in the 2016/2017 academic year, who have high learning motivation....
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Mathematical Reasoning in Complex Function Textbook Exercises

Senja Putri Merona, Erika Eka Santi
The aim of this paper is to study some strategies that are possible to use in solving the exercises in undergraduate complex function textbooks. Furthermore, it will be studied the indicators of mathematical reasoning ability that appear in the exercises. The results of this study indicate the type of...
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Learn to Discover Pythagoras Theorem with Interactive Multimedia

Indra Adhitama, Imam Sujadi, Ikrar Pramudya
The difficulty of using discovery learning model in learning mathematics is the presence of abstract elements that have not been able to be understood by junior high school students. One solution of the problem is to use interactive multimedia. The purpose of this article is to find out the effectiveness...
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Classroom Assessment: Student Achievement in Mathematics through Formative Assessment

Nur Afni Fitriana, Isnandar Slamet, Imam Sujadi
The challenge of teachers in learning activities is how students can achieve learning goals. This article discusses formative assessment applied by teachers in learning mathematics. The subjects in this study are the senior high school mathematics teachers Class X selected randomly in Magetan. In this...
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Analyzing Students' Difficulty Based on Revised Bloom's Taxonomy

Rosana Dian Edy Prismana, Tri Atmojo Kusmayadi, Ikrar Pramudya
This research aims to analyze the layout of students' difficulty based on Bloom's Taxonomy revised in terms of low self-efficacy. Revised Bloom's Taxonomy changes the stage knowledge into its own dimension. Owing to the fact that each category on the Taxonomy needs the knowledge as what the students...
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Reflective Thinking Skill of Vocational High School Students

Dyah Ayu Sulistyarini, Imam Sujadi, Sri Subanti
The aims of this research was to describe the characteristics of reflective thinking process of the students in Grade X of Vocational High School of SMK Citra Medika Sukoharjo who have the high abilities in solving linear program problems. This research used qualitative case study approach. The data...
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Practicality of APOS-Mathematics Worksheet to Improve Student's Mathematical Communication Ability of Seventh Grade Students in Junior High School

Mr. Yerizon, Edwin Musdi
Abstract—Mathematical communication ability of students allows them to be able to communicate ideas or mathematical ideas with symbols, table, diagrams, or other media to clarify the situation or problems and discuss them with others. But, based on the observation students have difficulty in communicating...
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The Profile of Peer-Assessment Applied Students in Learning Mathematics Based on Self-Confidence

Putra Aji Almujtahid, Pratiwi Hasih, Ms. Mardiyana
Peer-assessment is one of assessment for learning that able to enhance understanding in learning mathematics by take and give feedback within the process of learning. Peer-assessment will occur when students are active to give ideas, suggestions and critics as feedback. Self-confidence is important factor...
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The Perceptions of Students and Teachers About The Use of Edutainment Instructional Media in Mathematics Learning

Riska Ayu Ardani, Nilza Humaira Salsabila, Rhomiy Handican, Wahyu Setyaningrum
The purpose of this study was to describe the perception of students and teachers about the use of edutainment instructional media in mathematics learning. This study employed 223 students of junior high schools and 34 mathematics teachers. The data for this study were collected using a survey comprising...
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Describing Relational Thinking Process of Junior High School Students with High Capability

Niyan Fajar Kusuma, Sri Subanti, Budi Usodo
Learning mathematics in Junior High School is transition from arithmetic to algebra. In algebra, students must develop a relational view of the symbol if they are to make any sense of more complicated equations with operations on both sides of the equal sign. The term relational thinking is used here...