Proceedings of the 2016 International Forum on Mechanical, Control and Automation (IFMCA 2016)

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Optimal Design for Matching Network of L-band Low Noise Amplifier

Yisong Zhang, Fumin Lin, Liuxing Zeng
This paper introduces a matching network composed of lumped elements and transmission lines, which is more accurate and compact compared to the traditional one. Meanwhile, the added microstrip lines is used for bonding pads and connection lines on printed circuit board (PCB), and the dimensions of these...
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A Distributed Load-Based Big Data Security Management System

Ming Xie, Zubin Chen
The continuous growth of multi-source heterogeneous large scale data and the continuous improvement of the real time requirement increased the complexity of the data processing brought the new technology challenges to the traditional data security transmission management. This paper proposes a data security...
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Research on Aerodynamic Characteristic for EMU Passing by Windbreak Wall Gap under Crosswind

Dongping Wang, Dongdong Chen, Ming Li, Gaofeng Liu
When the EMU(Electric Multiple Units) is passing by the windbreak wall gap, the crosswind strikes at its surface, causing the aerodynamic performance exceeds the standards and making influence on the train safety and the passenger comfort. Therefore, the study of this problem is particularly important....
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A PSO-based Generic Classifier Design and Weka Implementation Study

Hui Hu, Xiaodong Mao, Qin Xi
Aiming at dataset with different feature attributes and multi nominal decision categories, a new design algorithm using PSO for instance-based learning classifier is put forward which can facilitate to make a better classification decision. On the basis of classes and interfaces in Weka platform, this...
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Design of Battery Management System

Chuanwei Zhang, Linyang Li
Power battery is the core component of the electric vehicle, but its performance is often restricted by equilibrium and temperature conditions. In order to solve those problems, a new type of battery management system was developed. In terms of whole structure, the master slave distributed design scheme...
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A Study on Exhaust Muffler Counteract

Yingli Shao
The exhaust noise, which falls into low-frequency noise, is the dominant noise source of a diesel engines and tractors. The traditional exhaust silencers, which are normally constructed by combination of expansion chamber, and perforated pipe or perforated board, are with high exhaust resistance, but...
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Saliency detection based on global color and space contrast

Yajie Zeng, Heng Li, Xinyu Chai
Saliency detection acts as an important role in many computer vision tasks. We propose a novel bottom-up, object-level saliency detection method based on global color and space contrast. The proposed method not only considers the global color contrast of the image but also takes the space information...
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The Research of Complex Networks and Its Modeling

Wencheng Jiao, Shuai Han, Peizhang Cui, Xiaohui Li
The measurement of complex networks is based on graph theory. Firstly, the basic character of complex networks was analyzed. Then complex networks models such as ER model, small-world model, BA scale-free model were researched. Its construct rule, evolvement process and dynamics characteristic were also...
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Vegetable Information Release Model for Traceability Fingerprint Vegetable

Qiang Zhao, Fenghao Chang, Minjing Peng
The traceability of agricultural products safety is becoming prominent, and consumers do not have a sufficient understanding of vegetable information. This paper summarizes that Vegetable information release system and we have made a milestone record of the growth cycle through the information summary...
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An effective solution to finding global best guides in particle swarm for typical MOPs

Zheng Li
It is of critical importance for convergence and diversity of final solutions that finding out a feasible global best guide for each particle of the current swarm in multi-objective particle swarm optimization (MOPSO). An improved approach for determining the best local guide in MOPSO is proposed, where...
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The Recommendation System Based on Semi-Supervised PSO Clustering Algorithm

Wenmin Zhou, Xiuqin Pan, Ruixiang Li, Yong Lu
Recommendation system has been one of the subject of intense in Computer Science, and it is widely used in Information Science. Various types of e-commerce systems and a large number of Internet applications need to use recommendation system to support their service. Recommendation system is aimed to...
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An improved method of MRI segmentation based on level set

Zuojun Liu, Lihong Li
In traditional method of MRI segmentation based on level set, there is a question that the level set function deeds periodical re-initialization which will cost lots of times. In order to solve this problem, a simple internal energy is introduced in the energy function to eliminate the cost of periodical...
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Quantum Circuit Synthesis for Linear Nearest Neighbor Based on the Vector Transformation

Yu Lu, Zhijin Guan, Xueyun Cheng, Keren Yu
In this paper, a synthesis method is proposed based on vector transformation for linear nearest neighbor quantum circuits. Its aim is to construct a linear nearest neighbor quantum circuit, and to reduce the quantum cost of the linear reversible circuit. The vector representation of the sequence of the...
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Research on key network node identification based on depth - first search algorithm

Hao Sun, Xiaoxia Cai, Zufeng Zhang
The recognition of critical nodes has important application value in the real world. On the one hand, it can improve the survivability of the network by improving their performance, on the other hand, they can also destroy some networks by deliberately attacking them. In this paper, DSF algorithm is...
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Study on the Keywords Indexing System Based on Linked Triple Technology for Chinese Scientific and Technical Literature

Hui Li, Xiaohong Jin, Yanjun Liu, Yunliang Zhang
For Chinese scientific and technical literature, keywords indexing and relevance construction is one of the most important links in literature processing. Based on the ontologies that registered in the ontology management platform and the use of web services techniques, the triples of concepts and relation...
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Research on the Term Relation Identification Based on Fuzzy Comprehension Evaluation Method -- A Case Study on the Natural Disaster Risk Term

Hui Li, Jing Zhang, Xiaohong Jin, Yunliang Zhang
Based on the existing terminology in the Chinese science & technology term system of natural disaster monitoring and defense, in this article, fuzzy identification of term relation is conducted by multi-strategy fuzzy comprehension evaluation. First, calculate similarity through various similarity computing...
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A Graph-based Iterative Algorithm for Inverse Problems with Local and Non-local Regularizations

Ming Chen, Chuan Xie, Yongchao Wang, Zhijie Lin, Lei Zhao
I In this paper, we propose a new form of prior which combines the local total variation regularization with non-local graph-based variation regularization to solve such inverse problems in the field of image processing. The algorithm iteratively updates the image and the weight graph calculated from...
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An Robust Adaptive Beamforming Algortihm based on Subspace Complement

Xiang Zou, Zifa Zhong, Hui Liu
A novel algorithm for robust adaptive beamforming is put forward in this paper. This algorithm use the characteristic of complement of desired signal subspace complement to build constrained model and solve the supremum, then the solution based on convex programming are given in the paper .The two characteristics...
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Knowledge Sharing and Value Creation in Collaborative Production of Virtual Organization

Caifeng Ma
We put forward the relationship framework of knowledge sharing and value creating in the virtual organization, based on the analysis of the driving factors and the synergistic effect of knowledge sharing. According to the organization resources, expected return and the knowledge sharing behavior in the...
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Application and design of virtual reality technology in wellbore oil production process of pumping unit system

Tingting Liu, Jiaheng Wu, Wei Xie, Gang Wu, Xuefeng Jin, Mengshi Yang, Zhixue Xia, Yun Li, Fang Li, Penggang Chang, Lingbing Zeng, Tingli Zhu
This paper describes the virtual simulation system based on digital computation aided design (CAE) and visual simulation technology. The pumping unit wellbore 3d visualization platform developed by this system can display the three-dimensional wellbore track, simulate the three-dimensional wellbore work...
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An Improved Median Filtering Method and its Applications in Features Extraction of GRIN Lens EndImage

Song-Lin Wu, Bo Zhang, Min Zhang
In this paper, animproved median filtering method for particular local grey level is presented andused to the image processing experiments of gradient-index (GRIN) lens end face. The principle and methodology of image processing for features extraction of defects in GRIN lens end are introduced, on the...
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Facial Recognition Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and Component Analysis Support Vector Machine

Jiangxiong Zhu, Chang Feng
In order to realize facial recognition with different characters such as illumination, posture and noise and improve the recognition precision, a facial recognition method based on discrete wavelet transform and least squares support vector machine is proposed. the discrete wavelet transform is used...
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Research and Design of Campus Video Surveillance System

Jingnan Ma, Nanfeng Xv, Yingjuan Zhao, Shaojuan Li, Jia Li
According to the engineering design principle and the transmission scheme of video surveillance system, the structure, composition, equipment and model of the system are discussed. The video surveillance system of university campus is mainly designed. It includes three parts, which are the design of...
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A Wrist-type Multi-physiological Signal Acquisition Device

Xinwei Zhou, Xiaoyong Ji, Xinyu Chai
Affective Computing is computing that relates to, arises from, or deliberately influences emotion or other affective phenomena. Emotion recognition based on affective computing is an important part of affective computing. Electrodermal activity signal and heart rate signal are important parameters of...
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Design of Modbus Wireless Communication System Based on Remote Data Transmission

Yingjuan Zhao, Jingnan Ma, Shaojuan Li, Jia Li
Industrial temperature flow and other sensor signals can be transmitted to the computer in the main control room by the RS485 bus, Modbus RTU communication protocol . Sometimes the data must be transmitted wirelessly ,due to the difficulties of construction site wiring. In this paper, 433MHz wireless...
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Efficient detection of eye blinking and yawn based on facial video utilizing IPPG technique

Bing Wei, Xue Lu, Chao Zhang, Xiaopei Wu
For purpose of efficient detection of eye blinking and yawn of human beings, a facial expressions detection method based upon Imaging Photoplethysmography (IPPG) technique was proposed. In the proposed method, facial videos were transformed into R/G/B signals through spatial pixels averaging on related...
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Research on After-sales Quality Problem Management of Electrical Connectors under Aerospace Product R&D System

Hui Zhang, Meiqing Wang
In order to improve the processing efficiency of after-sales quality problem for aerospace electrical connector, the approach of after-sales quality problem management is studied. The requirements of after-sales quality problem management under the information environment are analyzed. The process model...
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Drug Side-effect Prediction based on Comprehensive Drug Similarity

Chengcheng Sun, Yi Zheng, Yan Jia, Liang Gan
Drug side-effects have gained attention from the whole society because of significant morbidities and mortalities they caused. Therefore, the early detection of side-effects, before reaching the clinical stages, is important yet challenging. In this paper, we proposed a comprehensive similarity framework...
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Metric of global texture direction Based on wavelet modulus maxima threshold selection and Power Spectrum

Ye Chen, Peng Jin, Xiaoping Yuan
The present study proposes a metric algorithm for image texture orientation to establish the corresponding mathematical model. First, the image power spectrum is obtained through wavelet maximum edge detection and edge expansion of the texture image. Then threshold image power is set to acquire multiple...
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Analysis of the Mechanical Characteristics of the Switch through the Current Waveform of Coil

Qiang Gao, Guangming Zhang, Qi Liu, Lin Shi, Fang Yuan, Jianshe Yang, Jianchun Yao, Maojun Wang, Dantian Zhong
As to diagnose the circuit-breaker defect , we used to take the exit operation method, lacking of effective method for detecting the circuit-breaker operating state. Through the study of the two loop closing current, we found the corresponding relationship between two current and mechanical failure.When...
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Risk assessment method of coal and gas outburst based on T-S fuzzy neural network

Yu Zhang, Wen Yang, Xinzhi Yu, Mingxuan Zhou, Chengpu Liu
Based on coal and gas outburst factors, combined with single gas risk index and comprehensive evaluation method to select evaluation index, in order to evaluate coal and gas outburst, evaluation of coal and gas outburst is established t-s fuzzy neural network model. Combined fuzzy logic and neural network,...
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Blind Identification of Multichannels with Kalman Filter

Wanchun Qu, Tiemin Mei, Yulan Hu, Alfred Mertins
A novel approach for blind multichannel identification is proposed on the basis of Kalman filter theory. Taking advantage of the cross relations between any pair of the multichannel outputs, the process and measurement equations are established in state space. The standard Kalman filter algorithm is...
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Research and Design of Context-Aware English Knowledge Push APP Based on LBS

Changpin Chen, Siwen Guo, Chuwen Liu, Xiande Zhou
LBS make it possible that the computer system can be context-aware for learners and push the relevant knowledge of English to them. As long as the relationship between these situations and the information of the specific location is built, through the database and query of POI which is supported by LBS,...
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A Study on Load Balancing Techniques for Task Allocation in Big Data Processing

Xiaohong Jin, Hui Li, Yanjun Liu, Yanfang Fan
This paper introduces the task allocation techniques with clustering and load balancing in the field of Internet to the field of image processing job allocation of alternative big data. It designs and realizes a load balancing cluster architecture for the alternative big data, and an improved load balancing...
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Optimization of Task Scheduling Algorithms in Heterogeneous Environment

Hailan Pan
Workflow system is the best choice for projects with complex business logic, and cloud workflow technology has emerged because many applications need to join large data processing. This paper first introduces the workflow and MapReduce technology briefly, and then proposes to use agent mode to solve...
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Agent-based Modeling and Simulation for Target-centric Warfare

Xiong Li, Wei Pu, Zhanning Han
Target-centric warfare is a new warfare mode and means with various intelligent entities that form an adaptive loop. Based on analysis on the process of target-centric warfare, agent and multi-agent system technology is used and agent-based target-centric warfare models including interaction protocol...
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Social Attributes Analysis based on Real Trajectory of Vehicles

Peng Zhou, Xiaoqiang Xiao, Weixun Ning
Social attributes are helpful to improve the performance of network including all kinds of wireless networks. How to discover the social attributes of vehicles trajectory becomes a challenge problem for VANET. Trying to find out the social relationship from the real trajectory becomes an attractive idea....
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A FEC Decoding Iterative Algorithm for DVB-S2 in Variable Coding and Modulation System

Han Hao, Jinshu Chen, Ying Zhou
A decoding iterative algorithm for second generation digital video broadcasting (DVB-S2) standard forward error correction (FEC) and variable coding and modulation (VCM) is proposed in this paper. This method makes full use of the link budget information provided by the VCM system. It predicts the number...
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Research on Multi-Attribute Information Fusion for the Dynamic State of Inland River Vessels

Yaotian Fan, Xianzhang Xu, Chi Wang
The perception and discrimination of the traffic environment and the state of the ship are greatly hindered and restricted during the ship operation under complex weather conditions, especially in the inland river, port and other restricted waters. Aiming at the multi-source, multi-dimensional and heterogeneous...
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Multi-focus Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Multilevel Morphological Component Analysis

Lingling Wang, Xiongfei Li
This study proposed a novel image fusion algorithm based on weighed multilevel morphological component analysis (FWMMCA). First, morphological component analysis is improved into a new multi-scale decomposition algorithm–multilevel morphological component analysis (MMCA). Then, feature vectors are extracted...
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Self-adaptive Improvement of Firefly Algorithm for Solving Multimodal Function

Xiaojie Liu
According to the problem that firefly algorithm converges slowly, easily falls into local optimum value and cannot acquire solutions exactly for solving the multimodal function, a self-adaptive firefly algorithm was proposed through analysis and research. In this new algorithm, parameter g and parameter...
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Research on orderly Interaction between Electric Vehicle Charge/Discharge and Power Grid

Zhiming Qing, Wang Fu, Junyi Hu, Hongyan Zhang, Shiwei Zhou, Fei Zhou
The development of electric vehicles can effectively solve the three problems of greenhouse gas emission, energy consumption and exhaust emission in the transport sector. The introduction of electric vehicles will bring a series of troubles about stability, safety and economic operation to the power...
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An Approach for Extracting UML Diagram from Object-Oriented Program Based on J2X

Haoqing Zhang
Reverse engineering software system to extract UML model can help developer understand the structure and behavior of system. An approach for reverse extracting UML class diagram and sequence diagram from Object-Oriented program was proposed in this paper. Different from other extracting methods, our...
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Novel Hybrid Optimization Algorithm for Parameter Estimation of Chaotic System

Haotian Chang, Jing Feng, Lei Jiang
This paper proposes a novel hybrid optimization algorithm of Adaptive Cuckoo Search and Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for parameter estimation of chaotic system. In order to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of ACS, the strategy of exploitation velocity adjustment via acceleration by distance...
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A New Efficient Leakage-Free Certificateless Signature

Zhuo Gao, Liang Hu, Hongtu Li
Digital signature, a cryptographic algorithm, provides integrity, authentication and non repudiation messages.In the literature, several certificateless signature schemes have been designed. However, most of them are vulnerable to the ephemeral secret leakage (ESL) attack.We propose a new secure certificateless...
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A more efficient secure event signature protocol for massively multiplayer online games based on P2P

Dapeng Li, Liang Hu, Jianfeng Chu
In recent years, Massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) have been increasingly popular. Considering the limits of the traditional architectures, MMOGs based on the peer-to-peer networks have many advantages: scalability, computation cost, reliability and concurrency. Researchers have made improvements...
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A new modulation scheme for OFDM multitone MFSK over FastTime Varying Channels

Yuelei Xie, Yongqiang Li, Kewei Han, Shan Ouyang
OFDM-MFSK is a robust multicarrier scheme for transmission over fast fading multipath channels. The disadvantage of OFDM-MFSK is a lower spectrum ef ciency. In this paper,we investigate the spectrum efficiency of OFDM-MFSK system and proposes a OFDM multitone FSK modulation scheme. The spectrum efficiency...
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Study on protection of coal mine underground anti leapfrog tripping method

Xiucai Guo, Liwei Zhang
The power supply situation of the coal mine is complex, there exists problems such as short route, unable to guarantee the overcurrent set value, it is easy to cause a short circuit, electric leakage, and then electric power system leapfrog to the ground, causing blackouts underground area, production...
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Research on Secure Payment Model Based on Improved AKA Protocol

Ying Wang
Mobile payment is the core application of mobile terminals such as smart mobile phone, PDAs or notebook computers via SMS, WAP or RFID for shopping, paying bills, bank transfer and other business activities. Research of security issue is very important for the development of mobile payment system. In...
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Research on Decision Support System of Vehicle Maintenance Support

Songbai He, Kai Kang, Jingxin Li
Vehicle maintenance support decision is critical in emergency actions. Based on the analysis of vehicle maintenance support elements and processes, this paper builds the architecture of vehicle maintenance support decision support system, and establishes a function module which can accurately describe...
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Implementation and Usage Evaluation for Self Health Management with App-based Framework

Chen-Shie Ho, Yu-Mei Chang
This study implements an Android-based self-healthcare App program that integrates the outpatient recommendation system with hospital registration system that allows users to find the information on possible illnesses and corresponding department of treatment for registering. In addition, the value-added...
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A Novel HRBW-based approach to Mean shift algorithm for Target Tracking

Xiaowei Wang, Yahui Han, Antong Gao
To resolve the problem of localization errors in object tracking, which caused by the background pixels in an object model, a novel target tracking algorithm named Histogram Ration Background Weighted-based mean shift (HRBWBMS)is presented. In the proposed HRBWMS, unlike the standard mean shift, the...
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An Analysis of Self-mockery in Conversational Implicature

Minlin Wen, Yali Chen
Self-mockery, as an indispensable communicative device, has been playing an important role in our life. It can adjust intense atmosphere in communication, alleviate mental pressure and amend participants' relationship Self-mockery, mocks oneself apparently, but in fact it is not. Because, it is on the...
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Temperature Sum Based Hierarchical Optimization for Greenhouse Environmental Factors

Daizong Chen, Lihong Xu, Yuanping Su
In greenhouse production, more than 35% of the energy consumption was spent on greenhouse heating. Most greenhouse environmental control strategy is still static working point, and usually it can not adapt to outdoor weather changes so that the energy consumption in cold climate is enormous. In this...
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Research of Robot Teleoperation System Based on Unity3D

Di Wang, Mouyu Liu, Fengyang Liang
Teleoperation technology is a very promising direction in the field of robot.Using virtual reality technology to provide feedback to the operator in teleoperation robot system,which help the operator to know the information of work site and improve the work efficiency.we took the Unity3D as virtual reality...
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An Automated Fish Counting Algorithm in Aquaculture Based on Image Processing

Jiuyi Le, Lihong Xu
A new algorithm based on endpoints of skeleton is presented to efficiently get the number of fish in this paper. Considering the complexity of underwater environment like lack of light, this paper presents an improved adaptive thresholding method to segment the fish image better. In addition, the object...
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The Analysis of Crane Drum Brake's Frictional Behavior Based on ADAMS

Haixiang Xu, Fengqi Wu
Through analysis of basic working principle of crane drum brake, change of friction factor under the influence of relative sliding speed, load and other factors is analyzed. Combined with the static and dynamic braking torque experimental results, the Rigid body and rigid flexible coupling model of drum...
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Design of 4-DOF adjusting device for Air Duct Rotary bending fatigue testing machine Tailstock

Lingyun Zhang, Xiaodong Piao
In order to improve the accuracy of the air duct rotating bending fatigue life test, basing on the related standards of aviation ministry and other types of rotary bending fatigue machines tailstock home and abroad, a 4-DOF adjusting device, which can move along X and Y axis in the horizontal plane and...
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The program design of video capture based on SYSBIOS embedded system

Longhu Chen, Xiaorong Xia, Bo Zhao
The traditional video collection program should complete all the design work from the hardware layer to the driver layer and the application layer, which is a large work. It develops a video capture program based on driver model defined in DDK kit with API of general input and output module (GIO), and...
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Development of T - joints Automatic Welding Equipment for Jacket Based on Saddle - shaped Space Trajectory

Mingzhu Liu, Kekuan Wang, Bin Long, Tianli Zhang
Through the saddle intersection curve analysis, the mathematic model of the saddle-shaped space trajectory was established by matrix equation and interpolation method. For the special saddle-shaped welds of T-joints the automatic welding device is designed for automatic welding of jacketed T-joints,...
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Engineering Curriculum Reform and Research on The Construction of "Power System Analysis"

Xin Yao, Dejun Liu
The analysis of reform and practice of excellent course of the power system, follow the outstanding project, strengthen the practice of the principle of teaching in ideology, system, teaching contents and methods and improve the quality of teachers made a number of reform and practice, has gained valuable...
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A Kind of Distributed Laser Position Location System Based on TDOF Technology

Wenjiang Li, Jian Fu
In the era of intelligent robots and VR technology, High-precision position technology of indoor space is increasingly important, a variety of ways of high-precision position technology to solve different practical scene problems. Based on the laser TDOF principle, this paper presents a new positioning...
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An accurate comparison of type-reduction algorithms for interval type-2 fuzzy sets using simulated data

Haihua Xing, Hongyan Lin, Chunhui Song
In order to find the best type-reduction algorithm of interval type-2 fuzzy sets with different characteristics, this paper makes a comparative analysis of KM, EKM, IASC and EIASC. Experiments are carried out on three type-2 fuzzy sets to compare the four algorithms.The results show that the four algorithms...
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AC Supply Design of Metal Particle Detection Sensor

Wenjun Zhao, Haiying Jiang, Zhigang Si
This design introduces an adjustable frequency AC Supply which is used as the excitation source of the metal particle detection sensor. According to different sine table, STC15W4K16S4 microcontroller outputs corresponding frequency SPWM control signals. These signals are amplified by the MOSFET drivers....
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Research on Web Security Management in University Computer Laboratory

Zhongmei Qiu, Shoujun Yin
With the rapid development of information technology and the Internet, online learning in university computer laboratory has become more and more popular, which spurs close connection between diverse teaching activities and computer. However, the web system in university computer laboratory tends to...
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Research on Dynamic Change of Reservoir Porosity Based on Coupled Pore Fluid Flow and Stress Analysis

Jiyong Han, Dudu Ma, Yafeng Ju, Kai Zhao, Yonghua Xu, Shihui Gao
Due to the challenge of complex problems in petroleum engineering field, the coupled pore fluid flow and stress analysis of reservoir has become a focus of study. Based on the rock mechanics and seepage mechanics theory, the governing equations of the coupled pore fluid flow and stress were given for...
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The Study of Intelligent Metal Filling Strategy on Welding Robot Thick Plate Welding

Wei Fu, Li Liu, Xiaolan Wang
This paper has established the robot model of three-arm and five-degree freedom increasing large scope of traversing welding and given decoupling method of model in "large scope of traversing", "triangle movement of two arms" and "spherical movement of one arm". This has completed the image of using...
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Multi-swarm hybrid optimization algorithm with prediction strategy for dynamic optimization problems

Wenbo Nie, Lihong Xu
It is known that optimization in a changing environment is a challenging task, for which the basic goal is not only to obtain the optimal solution, but also strongly adapting to the environmental changes and tracking the optimal solution as closely as possible. In this paper, a novel multi-swarm optimization...
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Design of tank car's explosion-proof valve driven-detection device

Qing Li, Hai-Jian Zhong, Ye-Qing Sun, Xin-Hua Xia, Ge Shi, Mu-Da Jin, Ren-Yuan Tong, Zhi-Peng Zhao
Tank car accidents happened in china frequently, it is harmful to the ecological environment and the economic development. Tank testing is an effective guarantee for safe transportation of tank car. At present, the most efficient way is entering into the tank to inspect it, so, the harmful gas must be...
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Study on the meshing force of misaligned gear coupling

Yunbo Hu, Huibin Wang, Yuanqiang Tan, Likuan Jiang, Shengqiang Jiang
Gear couplings are used to transmit torque, and theoretically all teethes transmitted the same amount of torque and there is no difference in meshing force for each tooth. In practice, due to manufacturing and mounting errors, not all teeth transmit the same amount of torque, and then resulting in an...
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Research on effectiveness of closed area method of cross-level hierarchical control structure in power grid

Chuang Tian, Kaifeng Zhang, Kun Yuan, Chunyu Chen
Due to cross-level hierarchical control is usually adopted in China Power Grid, the regulating of direct-dispatching generators would have impacts on the calculation of ACE of the province, in which direct-dispatching generators locate. Closed area method that direct-dispatching generators are excluded...
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Research of on-line prediction method of plate temperature during hot rolling

Chunyu He, Zhijie Jiao, Fuxiang Zhao, Shaojie Wang
Aiming at the demand of on-line calculation of temperature in the process of hot rolling production, the method of on-line forecasting of plate temperature based on PLC is studied. The rolling micro-tracing queue is established, and one-dimensional differential temperature iterative calculation formula...
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Constraint Condition Study of Automobile Front Side Glass Vibration

Yinzhi He, Yue Lv, Zihao Shi, Zhigang Yang
In order to study the vibration response of automobile front side window glass at high speed, its constraint condition must be determined at first. However, it is difficult to establish the boundary constraint model of the window system due to the complicated mechanical properties and the irregular shape...
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Performance Evaluation Index Establishent and Application of a Novel Hybrid Mechanism for Automobile Electro-coating Conveying

Lei Feng, Guoqin Gao
For a novel hybrid mechanism for automobile electro-coating conveying, a local transmission index is proposed to be used for the optimal design the geometric parameters of the conveying mechanism. By defining the transmission angle of the mechanism, the local transmission index of the mechanism is defined...
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Automatic segmentation of plant point cloud from Multi-view stereo

Jingwei Guo, Dawei Li, Lihong Xu
In this paper, a method for automatic segmentation of plant point cloud is proposed. We get the quasi-dense point cloud of plant from Multi-view stereo reconstruction based on surface expansion. The Adaptive Normalized Cross-Correlation algorithm is used as matching cost to match points of interest in...
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Analysis of Contributions of Car Body Sealing System to Vehicle Interior Aerodynamic Noise

Yinzhi He, Chunyang Lu
A full scale aero-acoustic wind tunnel test on a 4-door middle class sedan has been applied to determine contributions of major seal components to interior leak noise with "buildup" scheme. Results using psychoacoustic metrics loudness and articulation index (AI) were also compared. The results show...
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A Frequency Control Method for Islanded Microgrid Based on Feedforward and Feedback

Qiang Zhang, Kaifeng Zhang, Chunyu Chen, Kun Yuan, Xiang Xiao
In this paper, a new frequency control strategy is proposed for islanded microgrid. Due to characteristics of islanded microgrid, the load variation and the new energy disturbance can be predicted by the ultra-short-term prediction. By using feedforward control method, the load disturbance can be roughly...
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Finite element modal analysis and experiment of the compression device of the all-in-one machine of combine harvester and baler

Yaoming Li, Leihua Zhu, Zhong Tang, Lizhang Xu
In order to reduce resonance of all-in-one machine of combine harvester and baler in normal operation, using 3D software of the compression device for parametric modeling, finite element simulation of compression device by ANSYS-Workbench software, calculating the first fourth order modal frequency and...
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Black Silicon Solar Cells Modeling and Model Parameters Estimation

Yongtao Li, Heng Kang, Luojun Huang, Yupeng Jin, Xiaomeng Sun, Yang Xia
For the purpose of predict the electrical characteristics of black silicon solar cells, a simple lumped-parameter equivalent circuit model is proposed. This model is in the form of electrical equivalent circuit which contains one diode, one current source and two resistances. The model contains linear...
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Correlation Analysis of Car Exterior and Interior Noise Tests under Different Yaw Angles with Beamforming

Wenyu Jia, Tao Zhang, Guoxu Dong, Bin Wang, Yinzhi He
To identify vehicle wind noise sources in aeroacoustic wind tunnel, Beamforming technique is widely used today. In this study, a production car Roewe 350 was set on the turntable at 1:1 aeroacoustic wind tunnel of Shanghai Automotive Wind Tunnel Center (SAWTC), a planar spiral microphone array with 120...
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On Winter Wheat Irrigation Scheme Optimization in the Wohushan Basin

Ke Kong, Kun Wang, Yuan Xiu
In order to reduce the water consumption of agriculture to relieve the contradiction between supply and demand in the Wohushan basin, this paper get the effective rainfall in typical years by analyzing the series of rainfall of many years in this basin, and then calculated the water requirement for growth...
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Water flow simulation and emergent treatment procedure of water supply channel without control gate

Ke Kong, Kun Wang, Zhenghe Xu
It is difficult for reservoirs to guarantee their main water supply aims when the water demands are tremendous and the control gats in its water supply channel are inavailable. In this papper three monitor points are set in the start, the middle and the end of the channel of the Jinxiuchuan reservoir....
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Study on Atmospheric Corrosion Behavior of Q235 Galvanized steel in Substation

Yong Li, Yongliang Ji, Gaolin Wu, Wenjing Yang, Qihui Wang, Xueming Li
In this paper, the natural exposure corrosion behavior of Q235 galvanized steel in four different substation environment including urban population centers (A), rural settlements (B), industrial park (C) and chemical industrial park (D) are studied by potentiodynamic polarization and electrochemical...
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Hydropower unit model identification using the field data

Jiafu Wei, Xingran Guo, Changli Wu, Yuanchu Cheng, Liangliang Qiao, Guili Zou
A model identification method of hydropower unit (HU) based on Auto-Regressive and Moving Average (ARMA) has been proposed. The ARMA model coefficients were obtained by least square method. Using the proposed method, the parameters ey, e, and eqh of hydro turbine can be calculated. Experiment results...
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A Logical Risk Assessment Schema for Industrial Control Systems

Yufei Wang, Qian Ye
Information and cyber security has gained considerable importance as safety of the Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Both safety and security deal with risks. Risk assessment is an essential component of safety and security assurance infrastructure mechanisms. Considering the negative or uncertain influence...
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Corrosive Behavior Study of Q235 Steel Coated with Epoxy Composites in Substation Environment

Yong Li, Jin Fu, Wei Chen, Wenjing Yang, Xueming Li, Yanjun Yin, Qihui Wang
In this work, the epoxy composite coating composited by zinc rich epoxy primer and silver epoxy enamel, was sprayed on the surface of Q235 steel. The anticorrosion of as-prepared samples in substation environment with atmospheric exposure for 18 months, and in 5% NaCl aqueous solution for 250 days were...
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The Design and Development of Flexsim/JMP based Quality Simulation System for Mass Customization

Si-Yu Chen, Shu-Hai Fan, Jia-Wei Xiong, Wen-Qian Zhang
As the latest quality control application, JMP has more advantages than Minitab, which is commonly used recent years, for it has better capability of dealing with and mining data, as well as its good automation ability. Therefore, it can be well used to analysis on large batch of data. At the other hand,...
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Effect of rare earth for solute distribution of Cr-Mn-N stainless steel by directional solidification

Liping Zhao, Kaikai Xiao, Huimin Zhang, Jianxin He
We prepared Cr-Mn-N stainless steel sample by directional solidification technique, analyzing solid-liquid interface solute distribution of different composition and the pull-speed quantitatively with Energy Disperse Spectroscopy. The experimental results indicate that Cr element equilibrium distribution...
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The Experimental Research and Analysis of Sugar Mud by Filter Pressing

Lin-Feng Zhang, Yan-Hui Chen, Guo-Jin Xie, Xin-Jie Zhang
The experimental research has been carried out about the constant and variable pressure of sugar mud by filter pressing in this paper in order to meet the needs of production,and analyze the changed relationship between the filtrated volume and time under the constant pressure,Under the consideration...
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Towards Enhanced Electrochemical Capacitance with Preparation of La-doped MnO2 Nanoparticles

Naying Zhao, Zhenzhong Hou, Qinghao Yang, Xuejian Yang
La-doped MnO2 nanoparticles were synthesized by a facile sol-gel method. Using XRD and SEM to analyze the structure and morphology of the obtained nano-MnO2, the results show that it exhibit -MnO2 crystal form with some amorphous structure and irregular granular morphology with size of 150-300 nm. Through...
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An adaptive quantization algorithm in distributed video coding

Liang Cai, Dengyin Zhang
Quantizaion is the first step in converting the analog signal into digital signal. In the distributed video coding, a 4x4 quantization matrix is used to quantize each coefficient. However, such a scheme is a fixed quantization matrix and can not be adaptively adjusted according to the characteristics...
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An Image Dehazing Method Based on Atmospheric Veil

Shifeng Li, Dengyin Zhang, Mingye Ju
At present, most of the image dehazing treatments have residual haze at depth of field and obvious over-enhancement phenomenon in bright area. To solve these problems, we propose a new method of fast image dehazing based on the atmospheric veil. Firstly, we use the total variation model to estimate the...
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A Judging Method of Residual Stress Based on Improved HHT and Correlation Analysis

Xiao-Long Zhou, Wei-Na Liu, Zhen-Hai Jiang, Feng-Lei Ma
It is well known that the engineering properties of materials and structural components can be considerably influenced by residual stress. In this paper, a new judging method of residual stress based on improved Hilbert-Huang transform (HHT) is proposed. Two types of high strength aluminum alloy plate...
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A Review of the Relationship between Technological Innovation and Enterprise Value

Miao Tian, Mu Zhang
In order to carry out further research on the relationship between technological innovation and enterprise value, this paper sorts out the main theoretical and empirical literature on the relationship between technological innovation and enterprise value.Mainly introduces the role of technological innovation,...
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Research on U type gantry crane structure parametric finite element analysis system based on C# and APDL

Gening Xu, Yanfei Tao, Wenju Liu
Aiming at the modeling of finite element software is applied to product design in the analysis of complex, heavy workload, time-consuming problem, proposed programming language using C# language and ANSYS provides two APDL development tools for the overall structure parameters of type U gantry crane...
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Research Progress on Femtosecond Laser Drilling of Cooling Holes in Aeroengines

Xueqin Hou, Zheng Zhang, Xinling Liu, Yong Yang
Femtosecond laser can be used in fine processing of any material, especially for micro-nano precision machining. Cooling holes is the important technology used to improve performance of the aeroengines hot-end components such as turbine vanes and blades and is widely used in advanced aeroengines. With...
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Research into the influence of isocyanate resin compatibilizer on ABS/PET alloys' mechanical properties

Bo-Fen Huang, Xiang Liang, Xiao Li, Dan Li
The ABS/PET and ITTR/ABS/PET alloys were prepared by melt blending method using hard-shell structure of isocyanate terminated silicone resin as compatibilizer. Moleculestructure of ITTR, PET and the alloys had been characterized by FTIR and mechanical properties such as impact strength, bending strength...
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Study on the Lifting Force of Control Valve in the Process of Opening

Xiaozeng Xie, Yun Zhang, Shushuai Feng, Xin Liu
The control valve is widely used in the steam turbine, rely mainly on the motion of the valve stem changes the relative position of other t-rims, to achieve the purpose of regulating the steam quantity. Currently the control valve in service often occur the fault as a result of the valve is difficult...
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Numerical analysis of non-isothermal infiltration process for fabricating magnesium matrix composite

Lizheng Su, Yunfei Bai, Bo Li, Yapeng Zhou, Kejun Wang
For the control and adjustment of the infiltration quality of the magnesium alloy liquid in porous perform, the coupling effect of temperature and pressure should be considered simultaneously. The thermodynamic characteristics of the local region can be adjusted by changing the boundary temperature of...
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Modeling and Optimization of SUV Based on EuroNCAP Pedestrian Head Protection

Yanyun Xing, Xueliang Bian, Xuelong Liu, Senren Huang, Bo Yu
In this paper, the pedestrian head impact protection performance of SUV is evaluated base on European New Car Assessment Program (EuroNCAP) pedestrian protection five star criterion of 2013 edition. The front body of CAE model was built according to EuroNCAP , the model was correlated very well with...