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Roboticized Reform for Yuchai YC13-8 Hydraulic Excavator

Yukun Li, Xiaoping Liu, Jihong Guan
This paper points out the meaning of the electronic control transformation of excavator system. Based on the analysis of the YC13-8 hydraulic control system, we put forward the technological scheme of YC13-8 excavator electronic control transformation, and introduce the composition of control system...
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Research on CAD Key Technology for Crystal Lamps with Linear Distribution

Yanxia Liang, Guangguang Dong
With colorful and changing light effect, crystal lamp has become the first choice for the indoor lighting facilities. Crystal lamps have many identical or similar elements in structure, so using CAD technology can assist the designers for the design and modeling of crystal lamps rapidly. In this paper,...
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The Relationship between Active Magnetic Bearing System's Stiffness and Bias Current

Jiong Wang, Hu Cheng, Hourao Luo
The paper established a single-degree-of-freedom model for Active magnetic bearing (AMB) system, on the purpose to analyze the stability range of parameters for AMB close-loop system under the control of PD. Furthermore, it focused on the study of relationship between the AMB system's stiffness and the...
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Study on a new type of beverage bottle recycling device

Mengyuan Zhang, Xiangdong You, Cheng Dai, Yifei Wang, Jiawang Cao
This paper introduces a kind of method of printing photos and recycling used beverage bottles. Users upload photos by WeChat, then download the photo with the bottle-recycling device. After choosing the selection of ‘Throw Bottles For Printing’, the device can count the number of bottles threw in. Achieving...
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Grab Simulation Based on FSM for Astronaut Virtual Training

Hong Hu, Jian Gang Chao, Jian Gang Liu
Virtual hand grabbing operation simulation is one of the hardest interactive simulations in astronaut virtual training. This paper proposed a couple of non-contact grab determining rules and a grab simulation method based on finite state machine (FSM) to simulate the grabbing operation of virtual hand....
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Mathematical model of heat supply of rooms for Automated control systems of energy saving

Sedov Artem, Ainagulova Aliya, Temirgaliyeva Ainur
On the basis of the nonlinear differential equations systems was developed and realized in a Math Lab package the behavior model of thermal processes indoors for automated control system of energy saving.
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An supervised learning method for overlapping cells

Pengfei Shen, Jie Yang
The clustering phenomenon often appears in histopathology image, some cells overlap or touch together to from a big area. It is necessary to design an effective algorithm to separate the clustering cells into single one. We describe a generic method for segmentation microscopy images based on supervised...
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A Cascade Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Controller for Vector Control System of PMSM

Hourao Luo, Hu Cheng, Jiong Wang
Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) has been widely used in industrial fields. The conventional control method for vector control of PMSM is PID, which has some disadvantages such as large overshoot, bad robustness. In this paper, a cascade control strategy with three rst-order linear active disturbance...
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Product Manufacturing Process Similarity Measure Based on Attributed Graph Matching

Yongjian Zhang, Jinshan Liu, Lin Wang
To support implicit knowledge acquisition in manufacturing process design and increase the enterprise’s rapid response capabilities and competitiveness, similarity measure on manufacturing process was studied in this paper. Based on the characteristic description of modular process unit, process representation...
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An Improved K-means Algorithm for Brain MRI Image Segmentation

Jianwei Liu, Lei Guo
For the problem of low accuracy by the traditional K-means clustering algorithm to segment noised brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images. This paper proposed an improved K-means algorithm. The traditional K-means algorithm only considers the brain image gray value itself, ignoring the relationship...
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Data Mining for the Interactive Requirement of Elderly Chaperone Robot

Lifang Yang, Zhuo Li
From the perspective of the user, to summarize the population characteristic of elderly user and acquire interactive requirement model of Elderly Chaperone by former study, and then gather effective sample data and obtain Elderly Chaperone through analysis on the basis, and the key requirement item of...
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Representation of Dynamic Performance of Fixed-tilting Pad Mixture Bearing Used In Heavy-duty Gas Turbine

Mingshu Zhang, Juanli Sun, Lihua Yang
A novel and universal computational method for obtaining the dynamic stiffness and damping coefficients of the fixed-tilting pad mixture bearing used in heavy-duty gas turbine is given, then the effects of bearing parameters such as eccentricity and perturbation frequencies on those dynamic coefficients...
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Research of High Precision Temperature Controller in Volatile Organic Compounds Separation

Hao Lan, Junming Chen, Zhi Cai, Rong Deng
Temperature control is significant in the process of extraction and separation of organics, whose content is an important indicator of water quality. In this paper, a high precision temperature controller is designed. PT100 is applied in temperature detection, REF200, a constant current source, and LTC6800,...
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Method of robot route control with genetic programming

Si Peng, Yuhan Chen
This paper studies the robot path planning method,which is suitable for the complex environment. First of all, to abstract modeling of robot's work environment, set up the hexagonal lattice model of environment, every hexagonal has a cost value; This model meets the requirement of describing the different...
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Method of Intelligent Plan Recognition

Lin Zhang, Huayun Liu, Weiming Cheng
Plan recognition as an important research direction of artificial intelligence, are widely used in many aspects of the intelligent system. This article from the concept, classification, methods, research situation and application field, introduces the research of plan recognition. In this article, provide...
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Influence of Passive OTA Measurement on PCB Antenna

Shuangwen Zhang, Zhuoran Zhang, Smart Li
OTA (Over-the-Air) measurement was carried out on a meander PCB antenna for several typical configuration, the passive test results were analyzed and several influence factors for passive OTA test were summarized.
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Application of Steering Robot in the Test of Vehicle Dynamic Characteristics

Runqing Guo, Zhaojuan Jiang, Lin Yuan
The dynamic behaviour of a road vehicle is a very important aspect of active vehicle safety. Steering Robot is applied in the test of vehicle lateral transient response and on-centre handling. Instead of manual operation, Steering Robot makes complicated steering input conduct accurately and repeatedly,...
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Study on Robotic Differential-drive Actuator with Parallel Velocity Control

Peng Gao, Anye Ren
In this paper we propose a differential-drive actuator with dual-input actuation for robotic manipulation. This work is focused on mechanism design and actuation control. Based on an epicyclic gear train, the actuator uses a floating ring gear to realize two inputs and single output. Based on differential...
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Reliability Analysis on the Injection System by Mapping T-S Fault Trees into Bayesian Networks

Yaxin Liu, Zijian Zhang, Ming Zhong
A novel reliability analysis technique based on Bayesian network and T-S FTA is proposed in this paper. In the proposed technique, the nodes in Bayesian network can be expressed in terms of fuzzy possibilities and the magnitudes of the failure in the system are expressed in term of fuzzy variables. The...
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Mechatronics system design and experiment research for a novel patient transfer apparatus

Hongbo Wang, Liyu Xie, Xiong Zhao, Jianye Niu, Zhengcao Liu, Luige Vladareanu, Razvan-Viorel Mihai
A novel patient transfer apparatus is presented in this paper. First of all, according to the hospital practical requirements, the design demands are analyzed. Secondly, based on the design demands and modular theory, the design idea of the apparatus consisting of four upper sub-modules and four lower...
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Research on the morphology of polished surface based on the new polishing method

X.C. Xu, S.W. Zhang
Because polishing the large die surfaces is very difficult due to its complex machined process, almost all of large die surfaces are manually polished currently, in this paper researched on a new polishing method for polishing curved surface, simulated the structure of new polishing device with three...
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The Dynamic Characteristic Research Method of Cryogenic Pneumatic Valve Based on Principal Component Analysis

Yongtao Qin, Li Guo, Yongbin Li, Liang Li
To conduct quantitative analysis on the dynamic characteristics of cryogenic pneumatic valve to satisfy reliability demand, the time characteristics of cryogenic pneumatic valve were analyzed by means of the operation principle of cryogenic pneumatic valve, and dynamic characteristics model of cryogenic...
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Agile Manufacturing Resource Excavating and Predicating Based on Time Series Model

Linghong Lai, Xiaofang Wang
To meet manufacturing resource selection and scheduling demand in agile manufacturing mode resource management environment, agile manufacturing resource ontology infrastructure was established by means of agile manufacturing resource modulation metadata and ontology. On this basis, agile manufacturing...
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Research of Code Detection Theory Based on Dynamic Taint Analysis

Caiyun Xie, Ruxia Hong
Nowadays, dynamic taint analysis is a hot field of information security. There is important implications for improving world's information safety to study dynamic taint analysis techniques penetrate deeply. This paper introduces the concept of dynamic taint analysis techniques, principles and realizing...
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Design and Manufacture of Football Gates of Round Frame and Suspension

Guanghui Yang
Exercising installations are playing important role in assisting the modern teaching and training of football, but so far few exercising installations have been developed. In this paper, novel football gates were designed and manufactured to improve the teaching and training of football, and the basic...
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Fault diagnosis of Wind Turbine Pitch Systems based on Kohonen network

Xinli Li, Wanye Yao, Qingjie Zhou, Jianming Wang
The wind turbines has a lot of operational failure parameters and some isolated sample;what’s more , so direct use of neural networks for fault diagnosis easily lead to performance decreased .For this situation, we propose use of similarity function combined with Kohonen neural network for fault diagnosis:first...
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The basic business platform construction of national sea area dynamic monitoring management system for service

Derui Song, Jianhua Zhao, Yun Zhang, Dan Li, Ke Cao
This paper focuses on the construction of national sea area dynamic monitoring management system platform. Firstly, according to the analysis of two main tasks between sea area usage management and dynamic monitoring, a constructive idea utilizing shared service is proposed. Secondly, we elaborate on...
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Parallel Multi-source Video Processing Based on Software Pipeline

Yang Yang, Xiaocheng Yao, Yong Gao, Weini Zeng
A technology of parallel multi-source video processing based on software pipeline is presented, which has the features of reducing the design difficulty of the video processing applications, optimizing computing resource utilization rate and improving the real-time performance of the multi-source video...
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Scenario Buildings’ Simulation in the Complex Security Tasks

Volkov Andrey, Chelyshkov Pavel, Sedov Artem
This article was performed within the Russian State tasks MSUCE project "Methodology of ideas, design and verification of energy-efficient engineering systems conventionally abstract objects (on formal models of buildings)". In this article the method of use of scenario modeling techniques in the evaluation...
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The Scenario-Based Verification Method of the Buildings’ Energy Balance: The Analyzed Parameters and Implementation Algorithm

Volkov Andrey, Chelyshkov Pavel, Sedov Artem
This article was performed within the Russian State tasks MSUCE project "Methodology of ideas, design and verification of energy-efficient engineering systems conventionally abstract objects (on formal models of buildings)". The article describes the algorithm verification scenario of the energy balance...
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Study of Data Mining Algorithm in Social Network Analysis

Chang Zhang, Yanfeng Jin, Wei Jin, Yu Liu
Some mining methods and algorithms will be introduced to describe the social network. Method based on similarity measurement and inductive logic programming are useful here to analyze social networks, moreover, some specific datasets are used to analyze the characters of social networks by Ucinet which...
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Influence of Strength Match on WELDOX960 Steel Weld Microstructure

Xiao Ding, Zhi-Ling Wang
WELDOX960, as low-alloy high-strength steel in new generation, is widely used in construction machinery and other heavy-duty field. In the paper, mixed gas shielded arc welding is adopted for multi-pass welding on low alloy high strength steel WELDOX960. Different intensity match methods are adopted...
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Lightweight optimization design of automotive aluminum alloy front bumper anti-collision beam

Deng-Feng Wang, Chuan-Qing Wang
The design of aluminum alloy front bumper beam is based on steel bumper. The process is divided into two stages. The first stage is topology optimization, and the second stage is size optimization. Two thin-walled, hollow aluminum bumpers with reinforced ribs is obtained after topology optimization....
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Locating approach and building layout design for "sandwich class housing" in Wuhan City

Hong Xu
"Sandwich class housing" is an emergent social problem in most cities of China. Where to locate the public housing for sandwich class and what kinds of building layout fit into the needs of sandwich class are two basic questions to local governments. This paper proposed a locating approach of sandwich...
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Overview Of Context-aware Recommender System Research

Haohan Liu, Hongli Zhang, Kanghua Hui, Huaiqing He
The traditional recommendation system usually ignored the contextual information. However, there are usually various factors influencing user’s decision. Therefore, the incorporation of contextual information in the recommendation process has attracted major interest. In this paper, firstly, the classical...
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A view of image denoising method based on Metropolis light transport

Huaiqing He, Jiaqian Yang, Haohan Liu
Metropolis light transport was an unbiased and robust Monte Carlo method, which could efficiently reduce noise during rendering the realistic graphics to resolve the global illumination problem. First, described basic Metropolis method, and then focused on its own characteristics to outline typical research...
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Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Magnesium Alloy Prepared by Solid -state Recycling From Two Kinds of Chips

Shuyan Wu, Zesheng Ji, Jun Wang, Hongbo Li, Shidan Yuan, Ming Hu
The chips of AZ31B and AZ91D magnesium alloy were simultaneously recycled by solid -state process. For comparison, AZ91D and AZ31B magnesium alloy were produced by the same solid- state recycling from single AZ91 and AZ31 chip, respectively. Mechanical properties and microstructure of three recycled...
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Research on Security Evaluation System of Construction Machines and Tools of Transmission and Transformation Project based on AHP

Fei Peng, Ming Jiang, Kai Liu, Guangrui Tang
Aiming at the categories of machines and tools of transmission and transformation project, the article established the security evaluation system of construction machines and tools of transmission and transformation project based on analytic hierarchy process from three categories, which respectively...
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Spinning and heat-treatment effects on performance and microstructure of maraging steel

Zhengfei Hu
The effect of spinning and subsequent heat-treatment on mechanical performance and microstructure evolution has been investigated extensively. Thin-wall tube of 18Ni Co-free Maraging steel (T250) prepared by forward spinning process emerges obvious radial shrinkage behavior after heat-treatment and the...
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Building multi-objective optimization function of NC cutting parameter for Chemical Tower

Qingguo Chen, Juncai Zhang
By VB secondary development in UG(Unigraphics environment, it develops CAM(computer aided manufacturing)  on Bill of Materials (BOM) for chemical tower to improve data management. Numerical control(NC) machining is the critical component of CAM. Cutting speed v, feed f, and back engagement of the cutting...
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Optimal Performance Analysis of Feynman’s Microscopic Heat Engine

Yuling Xiao, Jizhou He, Haitao Cheng
The model of a Feynman’s microscope heat engine in a one-dimensional lattice is established in this paper. Based on stochastic master equation, the expressions of the current, efficiency and power output of the heat engine are derived analytically. The performance characteristic curves of the power output...
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Analysis and optimal design of film profile for power-function-shaped slider bearings lubricated with couple stress fluids

Runchang Chen, Zhuxin Tian, Jian Li, Yu Huang, Shengda Yan
The effects of film profile on steady-state performance of power-function-shaped slider bearings with couple stress fluids have been investigated in this report. Taking account for the couple stress caused by additives blended into Newtonian fluid, the modified one dimensional non-Newtonian Reynolds-type...
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Tectonic Subsidence Calculation Based on Seismic Data [1]

Xiaorong Cong, Xiaoping Mao, Ming Su, Nengyou Wu, Xinghe Yu, Rui Yang
The reconstruction of subsidence history of is very important in basin modeling and basin analyses. Tectonic subsidence can reflect the tectonic activity, which was calculated based on burial history. Through quantitative basin modeling research of tectonic subsidence history of deep water area in Pearl...
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The Application of Unconventional Design Strategy in Mechanical Creative Design

Hong Yang
The article is about the application of unconventional design strategy in mechanical creative design. For one thing, the basic contents of routine design and creative design are introduced. And, the unconventional design strategy is classified as two basic types after unconventional design strategy,...
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The calculation and analysis of the thermal efficiency equivalent heat drop for 600MW super-critical unit

Bing Zhang
A comprehensive exposition on the calculation process of the principle equivalent heat drop thermodynamic system . Articles with equivalent heat drop method to calculate the thermal efficiency N600-24.2 / 566/566 type 600 MW super-critical units, energy management group for this type of machine provides...
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The Study of Half-tooth Master Gear Structure Optimization

Yazhou Xie, Zhiliang Qian
Aimed at the half-tooth master gear which is used for single and double–flank gear roll testing synchronously. By gear structure analysis it was discovered that the half-tooth groove depth is the main factor to determine gear tooth stiffness. On the basis, through the finite element analysis of gear...
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The Application of Robust Statistics to Stock Portfolio Problem

Xiongying Li, Jiahao Hong, Binhui Wang
Portfolio theory is used to measure the expected return and risk on the basis of the history data of security return ratio,but in fact there is always excessively high or low return ratio caused by some short-term fundamental good or bad news in the history data of return ratio.We introduce the robust...
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Experimental Study on the Effect of Damping Ditch on Reduction of Blasting Vibration in Urban Area Short-hole Controlled-blasting

Li-Hua He, Si Guan, Xin-Yao Wang, Xiang-Long Li
Blasting vibration effect is one of the main harms in engineering Blasting, and damping ditch is a most important technique measures in reducing the influence of blasting vibration. Supported by a project, this thesis collected field data of blasting vibration in the excavation, and then uses the acquired...
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Research and Development on Series of LNG Plate-fin Heat Exchanger

Zhouwei Zhang, Yahong Wang, Yue Li, Jiaxing Xue
The research and development situations of LNG plate-fin heat exchanger (LPFHE) were discussed in view of heat exchange in LNG field in petrol-chemical industry. The basic designing methods and the multi-stream heat exchange processes were illustrated by the cryogenic and high pressure cross heat exchange...
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The Study on Flexural Capacity of Bolt Connection of Steel Sheet Pile of H + Hat Combination in Experiment

Nannan Cheng, Xiao Yu, Shun Qiang Li
Steel sheet pile of H + Hat combination is welded by domestic H-type pile and wide Hat-type pile imported from Japan,that is simple structure,excellent flexural stiffness and economically repetitious usage.Because of these advantages,it has extensive application prospect.But in the traditional fillet...
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Application Research of Asphalt concrete composite structure in the bridge deck pavement

Hui Wei, Li Wei Li
Asphalt concrete composite structure has important influence on the performance of bridge deck pavement road. In order to optimize the design the surfacing layer composite structure, using the thick type rut test, direct shear test and low temperature bending test to verifies the performance of asphalt...
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Study on the Environmental Materials with the Disposal Measures of the Benzene Leakage Accidents

Yuanyuan Wang, Bingqiang Wang
In recent years, the higher frequency occurrence of benzene leakage accident brings great harm to the country and people's life and property. This paper analyses the types, hazards and accidents measures to dispose of dangerous chemical accident.
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Based on Human Factors Engineering Combined Type Multi-functional Baby Bed Design

Lili Liu, Cheng Ge, Qian Wang
Based on the market at present the development status of the crib, with people because of the engineering research as the breakthrough point of the design, the existing defects and problems of the crib as a starting point,and designed a combined multifunctional crib. It can not only the conversion of...
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The Research of Human-computer Interactive Terminal Design for the Nurse Information System

Yihong Wang, Lili Liu
This paper mainly analyzes the nurse information system stream and hardware configuration accordingly. In the light of the behavior and need of nurses and patients, this design sets human-computer interaction for the nurses’ information, proposes the concept of its information terminal, and does some...
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The Research on the Design of the Patient Information System Terminal

Yuchen Yang, Lili Liu
this paper mainly analyzes the patient information system flow and its interface design by the behavior and demand of patients, and puts forward the design concept of the information terminal product. We had a preliminary design of the product form and we divided the system into different level in terms...
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A summary of the current development of developing technology in the field of integrated circuit manufacturing

Xue-Ping Liu, Qiang Xu, Feng Ning, Han Wang
Developing technology is critical for the lithography technology in the field of integrated circuit (IC). The developing nozzle and process are the "hard” and "soft" technology, respectively. It is the continuous improvement and innovation of developing nozzle and process that drive the rapid development...
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A Study of Semi-orthogonal Symmetric Multiple Vector-valued Wavelets with poly-scale and Applications

Deyou Yuan
Material science is an interdisciplinary field applying the properties of matter to various areas of science and engineering. In this work, we introduce orthogonal vector-valued wavelets with poly-scale, which are wavelets for vector fields, based on the notion of full rank subdivision oper -ators. It...
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Design of NHR1100 single loop digital display parameter indicator based on Labview

Fujun Li
Using MODBUS communication protocol and Labview software platform, through the RS485 communication interface, the display method of NHR1100 single loop digital display function parameters are described in detail according to the serial communication parameter setting device, then realizing the centralized...
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Research on Characteristics of KTiOPO4 Crystal Applied in Red Laser

Yan Sun, Dan Yu, Weitong Hu
In this paper, the range of frequency doubling wavelengths is analyzed through KTiOPO4 (KTP) dispersion research.The best phase-matching angle of KTP crystal for frequency doubling at 1319nm is calculated as well as the effective nonlinear coefficient.Thus the KTP cutting method is determined.In the...
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The Design of Quadcopter Frame Based On Finite Element Analysis

Pan Wei, Zijian Yang, Quanzi Wang
The frame is an important basis for aircraft structural the design improvements and innovation as a whole frame bearing member. Early in the design stage, a large number of samples are used in the collision and reliability test, which not only causes a waste of resources, but also puts a lot of manpower...
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Research on Laser Ranging Method based on CMOS Image Sensor

Quanzi Wang, Zijian Yang, Pan Wei
A new regional squared centroid method is proposed to design a ranging System adopted MCU, CMOS image sensor and direct laser triangulation method, after analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the laser triangulation method. And the principle, hardware settings and data processing of this system...
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The Binary Minimum-energy Parseval Frames and Pseudo-frames and Applications in Economics and Management

Jian-Guo Shen
Material science is an interdisciplinary field applying the properties of matter to various areas of science and engineering. Frames have become the focus of active research field, both in the -ory and in applications. In the article, the binary minimum-energy wavelet frames and frame multi -resolution...
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The Research into a Two-directional matrix-valued Quarternary Wave Wraps with multi-scale and Applications

Shiheng Wang, Chunyi Jiao
In this paper, we introduce a class of vector-valued four-dimensional wavelet packets according to a dilation matrix, which are generalizations of univariate wavelet packets. The defini -tion of biorthogonal vector four-dimensional wavelet packets is provided and their biorthogonality quality is researched...
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Product Evaluation System Design of User Interaction Experience Based on the Concept of MDS

Xiaoyan Wang, Aoge Hu, Yantao Zhong
Based on the concept of MDS, the interactive evaluation system is established to help the process of product development among products, dialogue between product and user, understanding, building a hierarchy, the level of cognition. Through the setting of cognitive standard, single dimension, basic dimension,...
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Study on the clutch hysteresis response in accordance with the change in clutch oil line characteristic

Sik Kim Hyun, Woo Kim Hyang
This thesis conducted a comparison analysis via an experiment on clutch pedal effort hysteresis response characteristic in accordance with oil line characteristic which makes up the drive system in automobile clutch. Clutch drive system experiment Jig was composed and used in comparison analysis of response...
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Research of MCU ultrasonic range finder

Shuqing Ma, Qingzhu Yan, Chuanjun Wang
ultrasonic ranging system USES AT89C51 as the main controller, the dynamic scanning method is used to implement LED digital tube digital display, complete the ultrasonic driving signal with single-chip microcomputer timer. Ultrasonic directivity is strong, energy consumption slow, in the medium transmission...
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Development and Property Evaluation of FJ-2 Crude Oil Pour Point Depressant

Mengxiang Gao, Gang Xie, Dengfeng Ju, Shuangyan Zhang, Hongkui Li, Aijun Wei, Yanjun Wang, Wei Zhang, Lili Wei, Zhi Ma
The crude oil in Hainan Fushan Oilfield has the characteristics of high pour point(PP) and bad low temperature flow properties. Based on the analysis of Fushan crude oil physical property and test results, the pour point depressant(PPD) FJ-2 was synthesized by the graft copolymerization of vinyl acetate...
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The Pump Condition Analysis in Variable Frequency Constant Pressure Water Supply System

Xiao Sun, Shang Wu, Weilin Hu, Yulong Wu
In view of the variable frequency constant pressure water supply system, according to the change of water consumption by users, analyzed the requests of pump number increase or decrease shall meeted,in guarantee of the premise of basic constant water pressure in pipe network,to make water pressure stable...
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Software Reliability Qualitative Evaluation Based on Modified Delphi Hierarchy Process

Peng Cao, Ziqiang Luo
An approach for software reliability qualitative evaluation by using a modified Delphi hierarchy process based on cloud model was proposed. When the weights of the factors affecting software reliability are determined, we can obtain software reliability qualitative rules using standard weighted association...
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The design of Vehicle Low-speed intelligent braking system

Fanbiao Bao, Baoshan Huang
This document explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript for Trans Tech Publications. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. The text area for your manuscript must be 17 cm wide and 25 cm high (6.7 and 9.8 inches, resp.). Do not place any...
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PSCAD simulation study on the distribution network voltage transformer failure

Huadong Wang, Xu Cai, Lili Liu
In the distribution network, the single phase grounding fault of potential transformer (PT) caused by burning phenomena occur. PT transient characteristics of the primary side current, On the basis of single-phase grounding fault and the equivalent model simulate PT transient characteristics of the primary...
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T- filters based dual-control dimmable electronic ballast

Huadong Wang, Xu Cai, Lili Liu
This paper describes a method for the analysis and design of dual control dimming UHF electronic ballasts. It includes a PFC converter circuit and a T-type inverter circuit, the ballast operating at the highest point above the acoustic resonance frequency can effectively avoid the high-intensity discharge...
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The Reynolds Equation Method for Crankshaft’s oil Film Stiffness

Lei Gao, Hongxin Zhang, Wei Xu, Pei Shu
The paper give a method according to the formation mechanism of the crankshaft’s oil film lubrication, positioning Newtonian fluid lubrication, determine the boundary conditions of the Reynolds equation. Then calculate the oil film thickness equations according to its mechanical principle, simplify out...
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Algorithm of wireless sensor network node based on the vehicle localization

Heng Fan
This article is presented based on the wireless sensor node design and algorithm of vehicle tracking localization of research, the use of wireless sensor network with low cost, low power consumption, multi-function, the characteristics of the sensor nodes deployed in monitoring area, through the vehicle's...
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Image recognition based on single chip microcomputer processing system research and design

Yuping Ma, Chuanjun Wang
This system using the sunplus SPCA561A CMOS image sensor collect the image information, using SPCA563A as image processing chip, image obtained by analyzing and processing the data, and draw the corresponding information, so as to realize the image color, shape recognition, and other functions. To distinguish...
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On Matrix Fourier Multipliers for Semi-orthonormal Binary Framelets and Perturbation of Gabor Frames and Applications

Qingjiang Chen, Bingzhe Wei, Yanbo Zhang
Mechanical engineering is the profession in which knowledge of the mathe -matical and natural sciences. The concept for matrix Fourier multipliers concerning bivariate tight multi-wavelet frames is introduced in this paper. Based on matrix theory, a sufficient and necessary condition for a matrix–valued...
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Depth Data Stream Algorithm for Large Scale Service Computing

Yun Meng, Lizhao Liu, Qi Li, Jiangshui Hong, Lili Liu, Genshun Dong
The large scale service computing issue is concerned with appease the demand of a assemblage of subscribers with a magnanimity of capacitated service data at minimum deplete, but a subscriber can be severed by more than one service data. Described the physical model of mingle assimilate (or mingle acquittal)’s...
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The Mixed Cloud Interoperability Model Design for Secure communication

Huayi Yin, Lizhao Liu, Genshun Dong, Jiangshui Hong, Lili Liu
To solve the problem of establishment for Secure communication trust engender and the problem of mixed cloud secure communications need to relay on the IAAS to transmit the trust, it presents a new trust root function drive by a trust root-alternate array and image root divisions function made of multiple...
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The Modeling of Cloud Serves Computing Search Algorithm for Big Data

Ning Tang, Shunzhi Zhu, Lizhao Liu, Jiangshui Hong, Lili Liu
To solve the problem of reckoning the Cloud Serves Computing Search in cloud serve arithmetic linear analysis, the paper has proposed a search method and ameliorated arithmetic based on foliation related iterative intimates speck (IRICP) of the maximum deviation. The cloud data and its coefficient matrix...