Proceedings of the International Conference on Mental Health and Humanities Education (ICMHHE 2020)

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Analysis on the Fear When Facing Death

Shengxuan Sun
Why death is not as scary as it sounds? This is the question this paper attempted to answer. To do so, the paper discusses the problem from three aspects. First, the two possibilities about what will happen after we die. Second, the wrong image in our mind for the process of dying. Third, fear of losing...
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A Comparative Study on the Difference of HTP Painting Psychology Test Among the New Students of Han and Tibetan Universities

Xu Hua, Liu Qi Yu, De Ji Yu Zhen
The HTP test is mainly used to assess the relationship between the characters and the environment, and can explore personality traits, interpersonal characteristics, self-cognition and their emotional state. This study analyzed the psychological state of han and tibetan freshmen through htp test, aiming...
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An Analysis of the Viewing Demand of Chinese Audience from the Narrative Strategy: Take the Well-Received Television Series in China from 2015 to 2018 as an Example

Kitio Mou
Although with over billions of people China has a huge TV series market, there are only few TV series currently that can leave a good impression on the audience. The scarcity of quality and the mediocrity of quality have become common problems in the moment. In this context, the narrative strategy with...
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On the Organic Relation Between Carrying Out Student Health Education and University Physical Education Reform in Colleges and Universities

Xu Zaifei
with the continuous development and improvement of the field of education in our country, the requirements for physical education teaching in colleges and universities have gradually changed. Nowadays, the teaching of physical education in colleges and universities pays more attention to students’physical...
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Culture Components in the Film Green Book

Yahan Ning
The story of the film Green book happens in the 1960s America between two different races from separate social classes. These conflicts are all woven into the plot and characters of film. This essay demonstrates the culture components in the film Green book through analyzing the plot of the film and...
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The Influence of the Changing of Top Rich People in the 20th Century

Zhirui Fan
Gilded Age is the key stage of the development of the United States. It can be said that it is the time to establish the position of the United States as a powerful country. This paper studies the ideological transformation of the top rich in the early 20th century and its influence. Through investigation,...
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Effects of Relationship with Adult Children on Mental Health of the Elderly in China

Junran Jia
To study how a relationship with the adult and children relate to the mental health of the elderly in China, we draw unique panel data from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS). By using the 2015 wave which consists of 21095 Chinese residents ages 45 and older and 12235 households,...
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Case Study on Improving L2 Writing Skills with the Contest in Higher Vocational Colleges

National English Writing Contest for technical and vocational college students is an authoritative event hosted by Higher Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education for ten years. Its idea and feature of test questions coincide with the orientation and teaching goal of L2 writing in higher...
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Research on the Practical Teaching System Reform of Public Administration Specialties in the Context of New Liberal Arts

Yong-ping ZHENG, Ruo-Nan ZHANG
The ideas and measures of promoting the practical teaching system reform of public administration specialties of Fujian agricultural and Forestry University in the context of novel liberal arts are analyzed in this paper. To fulfill the requests of practice orientation, cross domain learning and integrated...
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Research on the Effect of Teaching Reform Based on Big Data of Achievement

Yang Ni
Examination results are the most intuitive performance to test students’ learning effect, and also an important feedback link of teaching effect. However, at present, many colleges and universities do not pay enough attention to the link of performance analysis, which leads to the disconnection of the...
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Effect of Low Frequency Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment on Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Behaviour and Intention of Depressed Adolescents

Junbo Gao, Xiao Xiao, Ao Li, Nianzhi Chu, Qin luo, Namu Yongjin
Background: Non-suicidal self-injury behaviours have been commonly observed among adolescents. At the same time, recent studies suggested that depression might be an independent risk factor for non-suicidal self-injury behaviours. Objectives: This study aimed to explore the efficacy of a two weeks course...
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A Study on Application of Formative Evaluation in College English Listening Teaching

Hongyan Cai
Teaching evaluation has played an important role in college English teaching. An exhaustive, objective scientific, and precise evaluation system is the basic condition for achieving the teaching goals. This thesis aims at the empirical research on the application of evaluation in college English listening...
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Tracing to the Source and Reconstruction: Physical Humanistic Education from the Perspective of First-Class University Construction

Guangwei DANG
First-class universities must have first-class humanistic education. This paper traces the humanistic attribute of school physical education from the perspective of first-class university construction and reconstructs the ways of humanistic education of physical education. According to the research,...
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Education Research on Students’ Career Planning Under the Background of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”

Bi Tingyan, Zhai Xiaolei, Wan Guangwei
with the increasingly detailed division of social and professional work, most of the jobs require more and more comprehensive quality of the employees, including professional quality. The problems of employment difficulty and low quality of employment are not only the practical difficulties faced by...
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Using Systemizing-Empathizing Theory to Explore Individual Differences in Resilience by Brain Types

Nao Yu
As a key competence to bounce back from adversity, resilience is crucial for maintaining positive physical and mental health. However, not everyone is able to overcome stressful situations and individuals demonstrate various levels of resilience. In the present study, 120 undergraduates from China completed...
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Analysis on the Characteristics of Digital Media Art Design and Its Influence on Traditional Art Design

Sihui Yu
This paper starts with the analysis of the characteristics of contemporary digital media art design, and then makes a thorough analysis of the advantages of digital media such as high efficiency and comprehensiveness, including a detailed discussion of contemporary network communication technology, computer...
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Influential Factors of Presentation Self-Efficacy in Chinese High School Students

Lin Yi Jun
Most of Chinese students in international high school face the task of presenting an oral presentation in Chinese and English. Their presentation performances have implications on their academic achievements, especially for those who plan to study abroad in the future. In order to enhance the ability...
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The Training of Foreign Language Talents with Intercultural Communicative Competence Under the Belt and Road Initiative

Dandan Liu
The training of foreign language talents in cross-cultural communication in the context of the “Belt and Road” needs to change teaching concepts, cultivate a sense of two-way cultural exchange, provide relevant cross-cultural communication courses, carry out cross-cultural communication practices, integrate...
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Analysis of the Current Situation and Improvement Strategies of College English Informatization Teaching Based on MOOC Platform

Zhao Mei
The advent of the information age has brought new changes to all walks of life, and also established a new platform for autonomous learning for the majority of learners. In the context of the information age, college English teaching is also undergoing reforms in response to changes, and is constantly...
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Construction of Practical Teaching System for Internet of Things Specialty Based on New Business Orientation

Liu Ling, Liu TongHai, Hao ZhiBin, Huang WeiWei
The rapid development of Internet technology, the new business format promoted by Internet + industry technology, puts forward new requirements for talent specifications and capabilities, and corresponding reforms should be made in the talent training plan and training model. The practical teaching system...
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On the “Online and Offline” Hybrid Teaching Mode of College English

Maohua SUN
hybrid teaching is a kind of teaching that combines online teaching with traditional teaching, which is defined as “online and offline”. Through the organic combination of these two teaching forms, students’ learning can be from shallow to deep. The purpose of College English is to make the present college...
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On the Construction and Innovation of “Smart Classroom”

Maohua SUN
College English Teaching in the era of Internet plus will inevitably break the tradition to meet the diverse and individualized learning needs of students. The College English hybrid teaching mode based on “smart classroom” can meet this demand. It makes full use of modern mobile Internet and other technical...
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Exploration and Practice of Carrying Out Humanistic Quality Education in College English Teaching

Xue Li
To realize the goal of sustainable development, higher education must grasp the relationship between science education and humanistic quality-oriented education, and vigorously promote the integration of humanistic education and scientific education. Humanistic quality education is an important part...
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The Importance of Chinese Cultural Infiltration in College English Teaching and Its Implementation

Xue Li
With the in-depth development of economic globalization, economic and cultural exchanges between countries have become more and more frequent. In our country, the status of culture and education in college English teaching has been paid more and more attention. However, college English teaching has been...
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Education of Chinese Traditional Operas in Colleges from the Perspective of Cultural Identity–A Case Study of Lv Opera

Xu Wang, Xinhui Song
Traditional operas account for an important part of Chinese intangible cultural heritages and are embodiments of a nation’s soft power. Lv opera, a national intangible cultural heritage, drives from Dongying in Shandong province, China. The opera is simple, unadulterated, fluent and easy to learn, and...
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On the Application of Image Scheme Theory to the English Vocabulary Teaching

Guiyun Guan
Vocabulary is the core of language learning, so English vocabulary is of paramount importance. Researchers have been studying for many years to find out effective methods of remembering words, therefore, image schema theory emerges as the time requires. Image schema theory is helpful for students to...
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The Teaching Reform of Ideological and Political Courses from the Perspective of Core Literacy

Yang jianyun
In order to better implement the spirit of Xi Jinping’s “3.18” speech, and in view of the current unsatisfactory situation of ideological and political course teaching in colleges and universities, the teaching reform of ideological and political theory course in colleges and universities should focus...
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Research on the Evaluation System of Ideological and Political Course Teachers in Application-Oriented University

Wu Weiwei
Ideological and political course teachers play a leading role in guiding the cultivation of applied talents in application-oriented university. Ideological and political teachers are the leaders of ideology, so the accurate evaluation of Ideological and political teachers play an important role in carrying...
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Research on the Guarantee System of “First-Class Specialty” in Independent Colleges

Zhao Lihong
There are obvious deficiencies and gaps between independent colleges and public and private colleges in school-running quality.Based on the national “double first-class” policy background, this paper explores the construction of a first-class specialty guarantee system for independent colleges, in order...
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Discussion on the Reform of Accounting Teaching in Colleges and Universities Under the Student-Oriented Concept

Zhang Li
Student-oriented is one of the key concepts in accounting teaching in colleges and universities. It requires teachers to take students as the center of the classroom to ensure that all activities are carried out based on their actual learning ability. However, as far as the implementation of the text...
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Under the Background of the New Era, the Research of Improvement Path on Young Teachers’ Class Teaching Level of Colleges

Junhu WANG
Young people have become the main force of teachers in colleges. In order to help them pass the barrier in teaching, the paper indicates the advantages, disadvantages and common problems of young teachers in classroom teaching, based on the practice of teaching supervision and management. Some suggestions...
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The Reform Practice of Bridge Structure Analysis Software Course Under the Background of Engineering Talents Training

Jing-xian SHI
This paper expounds the position and nature of the software course of bridge structure analysis. According to the employment situation of students in the direction of civil engineering road and bridge, also the demand for the application of engineering structure analysis software, the paper establishes...
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On the Causes and Countermeasures of the Psychological Problems of “Good Children” from Their Own Perspective

Hu Yan
Through the discussion of the individual self-reasons for the psychological problems of “good children”, it is helpful for “good children” to better understand themselves, know themselves and accept themselves, so as to promote “good children” self-education in real life, consciously Change Self, truly...
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CT Characteristics and Pathological Comparison of Pulmonary Fungal Infection and Its Health Effects

Dongxu Wang, Qiuting Wen, Yuguang Wang, Fengxia Du, Tianyu Zhang, Dingguo Xu
In recent years, the incidence of pulmonary cryptococcosis has increased year by year, seriously affect the physical and mental health of our people, and the CT manifestations of nodular pulmonary cryptococcosis are similar to lung cancer, which has caused great concern among doctors. However, there...
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Reflection on the College English Teaching Reform from the Perspective of Combination of Courses with Ideological and Political Education

Bing He
College English is a basic language course with a long history. The importance and necessity of ideological and political education in College English class should be excavated. In teaching, we should not only pay attention to imparting knowledge, but also take Xi Jinping’s new era socialism with Chinese...
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WeChat-Based Intelligent Exhibition Service Function Module Design

Xianping Xie, Wanci Huang, Jiankang Zhang
WeChat is favored in intelligent exhibition design because of its broad user base. WeChat is used as the carrier to carry out intelligent exhibition service module, providing one-stop exhibition service function, and assisting exhibition enterprises to upgrade data+ service wisdom. WeChat-based intelligent...
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The Guiding of Marxism Popularization to the Ideological Guidance Work of Youth

Ying Huang
The popularization of marxism is in common with the ideological guidance of youth. On the basis of the logic relation between sorting out, find the current main problems of youth ideological and leading the work, and then analysis the popularization of marxism youth ideological and lead the work in a...
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“Passive” and “Active”: Discussing Two Modes of Traditional Art Education Based on Chinese Art Concept

Liangliang Wei
The two concepts of “passive” and “active” of Chinese traditional art breed two modes of “passive” and “active” of art education, which contains the theoretical basis of constructing two modes of traditional art education: cultural consciousness. Based on the consciousness of art, traditional Chinese...
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Research on the Ways to Improve the System and Mechanism of the Construction of Postgraduate Study Style Based on Study Style Construction of Capital University of Economics and Business

Chen Gao
Graduate education is an important part of higher education, and the construction of postgraduate style of study is a major problem related to the development of the University and the success of students. This paper, through field study, makes an objective analysis of the current situation of postgraduate...
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The Explicit and Implicit Analysis of the Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Chunming Xu, Can Wang, Nan Yang
The new era has put forward new requirements for the ideological and political education in colleges and universities. However, nowadays colleges and universities lay particular stress on the role of implicit ideological and political education, and emphasize to influence students. This results in a...
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On the Present Situation and Future Development Trend of Liberal Mathematics General Education in University Under Post-Modernism Curriculum View

Shu-e Sun
Under the concept of general education, guided by humanism education thought and culture ontology thought, it emphasizes the educational function of mathematics culture, pays attention to people’s self-cultivation, self-development, self-growth autonomy and consciousness, and exerts the cultural value...
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Research on “Mediated” Vicarious Traumatization in Major Epidemics

Qiaozhi Shen
In the beginning of 2020, a new type of coronavirus pneumonia broke out in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. What deserves our attention is that there is an increasing tendency of vicarious traumatization caused by Social Media During the Pneumonia. The emphasis of this study lies in the research of...
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Research on the Integration and Development of College Physical Education and College Students’ Core Quality

Xiang jinxing
In order to exerting to the role of physical education, this paper introduces the core quality education to breaking the traditional concept of physical education. Through the analysis of the current situation of physical education in the colleges makes the deficiencies of the physical education teaching...
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A Study on the Specific Approaches to the Integration of Red Cultural Resources into College Students’ Cultural Confidence

Li Xiujuan
How to inherit and promote the red cultural resources of Dongying City and play its important role in the cultivation of college students’ cultural self-confidence is the main content of this article. This article takes college students as research objects, analyzes in depth the relationship between...
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The New Path of Ideological and Political Education of Higher Vocational Students from the Perspective of New Media

Wang Jing, Wang Liying
With the rapid development of the internet, new media has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life. This paper analyses the characteristics of new media in detail, and expounds what difficulties the ideological and political education of higher vocational students is facing in the perspective...
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Research on the Participation of College Physical Education in Social Sports Service to Promote the Development of Social Sports Humanistic Environment from the Perspective of Sports Humanity

Kai Wang
With the advancement of the reform of social economy and management system, the construction of social sports humanistic environment is getting better and better. The construction of social sports humanistic environment depends on social sports service, which is the product of social system reform and...
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Reflection on Promoting Northeast Asian Culture Blending English Teaching in the Context of “One Belt and One Road”

Bing He
The high degree of integration of regional culture and the continuous support of talents are prerequisites for achieving regional common prosperity. The proposal of “one belt and one road” initiative has provided unprecedented opportunities for scientific research cooperation, talent exchange and regional...
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A Study on Influencing Factors of College Students’ Compliance to Strangers’ Requests

Zonghe Zhang, Dan Kuai, Lu Zhang
In our daily life, we often encounter requests from strangers. What are the factors that affect our decisions to obey or refuse? Taking college students as the research object, using the Big Five Personality Questionnaire, Compliance Behavior Scale (GCS) and the self-compiled college students’ compliance...
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Exploration on “School to Work” Career Planning of Vocational College Students from the Perspective of “Work-Integrated Learning”

Zhang Qingyue, Liu Yan
With socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era, China’s education has been developing vigorously. The development of modern vocational education is a realistic need to improve the quality of human resources, stabilize and expand employment, and an important measure to promote high-quality...
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Research on College English Teaching Model of Online Live Classes

Wu Huilan
The rapid development of information technology has provided more method choices for the reform of college English teaching. At the same time, due to the impact of the Novel Coronavirus in the spring semester of 2020, nationwide online live teaching has greatly promoted the form of “Internet + education”....
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Psychoanalysis: The Influence of Freud’s Theory in Personality Psychology

Songyang Zhang
Psychoanalysis theory is Sigmund Freud’s theory of personality that attributes thoughts and actions to unconscious motives and conflicts.The purpose of this paper is to examine the influence of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis theory on other personality psychologists. It illustrates the relationship of...
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Effects of Different Exercise Intensity on Mental Health and Self-Efficacy of Obese College Students

Lei Tang, Sha Zhang
In recent years, due to the lack of compulsory constraints in physical education, many college students have reduced physical exercise,therefor, the obesity symptoms of college students have became increasingly prominent. In addition,the lack of physical exercise causes other healthy issues of college...
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The Quest for Feasibility of Second Classroom Construction in College Students’ Dormitory Area

Haojun Dong
Though problems exist in current construction of extracurricular activities in college students’ living quarters, such as backward ideas, inadequate teaching hardware facilities, lacking relevant policy guarantee measurements and less support from the school education system, to develop the second classroom...
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Opportunities, Challenges, and Countermeasures of Ideological and Political in Colleges and Universities in the Era of We-Media

Chunming Xu, Can Wang, Nan Yang
The rapid development of we-media information technology has brought great opportunities for the development of ideological and political education in colleges and universities, which has updated the teaching resources of ideological and political education, enriched the teaching mode of ideological...
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Research on the Feasibility of Implementing PPP in the Chinese Secondary School EFL Context

Si Li
As a form-based approach, whether Presentation-Practice-Production (PPP) is suitable for implementation in EFL classrooms has always been a debate. This paper aims to investigate whether it is feasible to implement PPP in the Chinese EFL context with a special focus on the secondary school. PPP theory...
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College English Teaching Reform from the Perspective of Implementation of Course Teaching with Ideological & Political Education Under the Belt and Road Initiative

Bing He
College students are the future of our country and shoulder the heavy responsibility of history. Under the background of the extensive policy of “one belt and one road”, the state needs colleges and universities to cultivate compound talents that are suitable for the national development strategy. At...
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Exploration on the Education Mode of College Student Associations Under the Support of Professional projects

Li Yue
The community of colleges and universities is a non-profit organization association for the self-initiation, self-management and self-education of the university students. It can enrich the life of students by organizing the internal activities and the activities of the community, and help the students...
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The Study on Group Work Involved in Practical Death Education for Students in Yunnan Agricultural University

Ji Chen, Ke Xu, Yuexin Dou
Death education enables individuals to set up a correct and positive attitude towards death on the basis of correctly viewing the natural phenomenon of death and death-related activities, which can solve psychological problems such as death anxiety and death avoidance caused by death. Based on the current...
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Research on user requirements of ergonomic innovation experiment platform based on Kano Model

Yang Lifang, Wang Jiaqi
Harbin Institute of Technology offers the innovation experiment course of ergonomics at undergraduate stage. This course enables students to understand and master the basic concept, basic principle and basic method of ergonomics, at the same time, master the method of how to use the experimental equipment...
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Research on the Effectiveness of Chinese Graduate Funding Policy Based on Degree Type

Cui Shiyu
Based on the policy texts and survey data, this paper analyzed the issue of graduate funding in different types of graduates from different levels. The study found that the current state-level graduate funding policy grants different funding treatments to graduates of different degrees. In university-level,...
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Research on the Integrational Route of Ideological and Political Education and Mental Health Education in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Synergy Theory

Li Jingmin
The development stage of college students is an important period of self-development and personality improvement, and a critical stage of establishing world outlook, outlook on life and values. But with the rapid development of economy and the popularization of information network, the ideological and...
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Exploration on the Cultivation of Prefabricated Interior Decoration Technical Talents Based on Mode of Integration of Industry and Education

Xiuyun Li
Prefabricated interior decoration technical talents are in short supply with the trend of construction industrialization and there is an urgent need to improve the overall technical level. The local vocational colleges are based on professional construction, based on the mode of Industry-Education integration...
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Exploration and Research on Talent Training Mode of Industry-Education Integration: Based on Intelligent Manufacturing Productive Training Base in the University

Yajuan Chen, Yunxia Qi
The production training base of intelligent manufacturing is built by the university as the carrier of deepening the industry-education integration. It combines the education supply and industrial demand of Intelligent manufacturing talents in China, constructs the personnel training and practice method...
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Swearing and Its Impact on Physical and Mental Health of Clinical Nurses

Sale Zhang, Yan Sun, Ying Li, Yu Zhang, Huaifen Ma, Yingtao Li
The paper analyzes the definition and causes of swearing, and its impact on the physical and mental health of clinical nurses, discuss the coping strategies to encourage a deeper understanding of workplace violence in hospitals and pay more attention to the physical and mental health of nurses and provide...
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Study on Application of ARCS Motivational Model on Cross-Border E-Commerce Course Design

Xueqing Zhou, Yu He
The robust development of Cross-border E-commerce (hereinafter as CBEC) has greatly boosted the global economy, accompanied by researches on cultivation of talents needed in CBEC. The cultivation largely depends on the school course designs. The authors conduct a case study of a college in China combined...
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Teaching Reform and Exploration of Architectural Design Course Under the Trainings of Innovative Talents

Yu Qin, Tingting Wang
With the rapid development of social economy, talent demand is constantly updated. Under the new situation, the cultivation of innovative talents has become an important subject in the transformation and development of college education. This paper objectively analyzes the teaching maladies that have...
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Research on the Majorization of the Internal Factor of the Incentive Mechanism of the Scientific Research and Training for Undergraduates

Yuan Tiebiao
In view of the current situation and existing problems of the incentive mechanism of the scientific research and training for undergraduates, through a questionnaire survey of 800 students in RA college, and taking this as a sample for empirical analysis, this paper systematically studies the internal...
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A Study on the Challenges and Countermeasures of WeChat Business to College Students’ Ideological and Political Education

Liuhua Xie
With online shopping becoming a part of People’s Daily life, WeChat business is also booming. More and more college students enter and come into contact with WeChat business to start their own business, and then there are problems such as distorted values, affected learning and psychological barriers,...
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Research on Construction of Education Fund in Application-Oriented Universities

Bi Tingyan, Zhai Xiaolei, Han Jinling
Education fund is one of the important sources of funds to run universities. With the rapid increasing of donations from all walks of life especially the alumni to universities, the running conditions of universities have been improved rapidly. Compared with foreign famous universities and domestic “double...
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Preliminary Exploration on the Practice of Science and Technology Innovation Project Model in Engineering Class Teaching and Curriculum Design

Li Bao, Haipeng Li, Bo Wang, Xiaoping You, Yan Yang, Ming Li, Youjie Cai
Combined with the teaching practice of engineering core courses for engineering students, this paper explores the teaching concepts and methods of integrating science projects and creative projects into classroom teaching and curriculum design, and proposes a flexible and personalized teaching training...
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The Present Situations, Causes, and Clinical Therapy of Depression in College Students

Yitong Wang
The incidence of depression in college students is increasing in recent years, which could lead to physical and mental diseases and negative academic outcomes. The causes of depression are related to both genetic and environmental factors. The main clinical therapy approaches of depression are medication...
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A Study on Marriage Views of Chinese and Japanese Youths from Perspectives of Blind Dates and Konkatsu

Youqianyan Zhuo
With rapid social development and economic progress, a myriad of social issues have occurred in China and Japan in recent years, including never-married employees above the average age, late marriage, and late childbirth. The young people’s marital status has attracted widespread concern. It thus created...
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Enlightenment of International Comparative Study of Teacher Educators from the International Perspective

PI Xue-di
This paper conducts research on the inspiration of international comparison of teacher educators from the perspective of internationalization. Based on the background of the era of internationalization, it analyzes the differences of teacher educators in various aspects in various countries, mainly including...