Proceedings of the 2022 3rd International Conference on Language, Art and Cultural Exchange(ICLACE 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Cho Joung Hyung, Zhuo Jin, Loo Fung Ying
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The Role of Language and Cultural Commodification in Tourism

Yibu Luo
The last few decades have witnessed the invaluable impact of economic globalization on facilitating exchanges in transnational culture, whereas international tourism is an inevitable product of transcultural communication worldwide. While professional interpreters and tourist guides may alleviate the...
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The Concept of Nationalism in the French Revolution and Its Possible Relationship with the Pillnitz Declaration

Chan Hau Ki, Anrui Li, Tianran Wangchen
The Pillnitz Declaration was a threat to the French Revolution and a threat to the nascent French nation, which inspired the nation to unite against other autocratic monarchies. The victory at the Battle of Valmy was the first victory of the French Revolutionary Army against the alliance of the feudal...
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Evaluation of Qingdao Haiqing Tea Village Cultural Tourism Brand Building Based on Tourist Satisfaction

Tongfei Lin, Han peng, Guie Hua, Minghao Liu
The shaping of the rural cultural tourism brand is an important way for the development of the rural tourism industry, and it is also an important measure for the implementation of rural revitalization. Taking Haiqing Tea in Qingdao Haiqing Town as a case, this paper constructs an evaluation model for...
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Brief Analysis of Chinese Traditional Quadrangle’s Architectural Feature and Cultural Connotation

Yang Yu, Chenxu Li
Quadrangle, with a long-lasting development course in China, contains abundant cultural connotations. As indicated by China’s existing data, early in two thousand years ago, China’s Quadrangle emerged and was used as the residence of the wealthy and the imperial aristocracy. Its interior decorations...
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Discussions about Web Celebrities Frequenting Art Exhibitions

Suwan Song
Currently, the topic of “web celebrities frequenting exhibitions” had been read more than 15 million times on the Chinese social media Xiaohongbook, and other art exhibition topics had also been read more than 100,000 times. It is unusual for the topic of art exhibitions to have such a high level of...
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Postmodern Nihilism, Motion, and the Space of Postmodern Warfare

Luanming Xing
Few studies have established a link between ‘motion’, ‘nihilism’, and the ‘new machine’, although nihilism is a typical psychological feature in postmodern texts and the alienation of the new machine is a factor that cannot be ignored. This essay analyses the nihilistic tendencies of the characters and...
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Exploration on Piano Teaching Reform of Preschool Education Specialty under the Background of Educational Informatization

Lijia Han
Educational modernization undertakes the responsibility and mission of training modern people and meets the new needs of the times for talent training. The establishment of the information age as a whole in today’s society promotes the continuous integration of information technology and teaching activities,...
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Reflect on the Ancients’ Health and Cares in the Dunhuang Murals

Lamei Wang, Ni Wang
Dunhuang murals are artworks painted according to local customs in the process of spreading Buddhist culture, and have a lot of mural content, showing the scientific methods and concepts of ancient ancestors in epidemic prevention, health care and hygiene. The ideas of “Cure a disease before its onset”...
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An Analysis of Communicative Language Teaching Approach Based on the International Researches

Yuyan Zhao
With the development of globalization, the role of English in the construction and development of society has gradually increased. In order to meet the needs of students’ development, teachers need to adjust teaching methods. Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) plays an important role in language teaching....
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The Evaluation, Constraints and Impacts of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games on China’s Socio-Economic Development

Based on Specific Analysis of Financial Situation of Winter Olympics

Haifeng Li
The Winter Olympic Games, held in extensive regions around the world, are the world’s largest comprehensive winter games, held every four years. Since 1994 it has been held in conjunction with the Summer Olympic Games. Since 1924, the first Winter Olympic Games have been held every four years until 2022,...
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The Vitality of Esperanto: To be or Not to be?

Yutian Li
Esperanto is a relatively ideal artificial language compared to others, for the reason that it fuses the characteristics of languages from different countries, and is easy to learn. It has developed for more than a century. As a result, it has formed a rigorous grammatical and lexical system. However,...
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Research on the Design Strategy of New Elderly Apartments Based on Intelligence

JingDong Liu, YingYing Ge
Many traditional elderly apartments and other elderly service facilities have problems such as backward hardware facilities, incomplete software services and lack of human resources. With the rapid development of Internet of Things and Internet technology, intelligent design is gradually introduced into...
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Textual Research on Madam Huarui in the Late Shu

Xin Yue
In the process of study, the author doubts about whether the experience of Concubine Xu (Fei), the concubine of the Lord in the late Shu, Mengchang, is real or not. Therefore, on the basis of previous studies and combined with historical materials, this paper combs the development process of the legendary...
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History of Russia China Foreign Trade Relations

Jinling Chen, Zhongyi Bao
China Russian trade relations have a long history. China and Russia share a long common border, and the trade volume between China and Russia plays an important role in the trade volume of their respective neighboring countries. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the China Russia comprehensive...
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Cultural Reconstruction from Function to Symbol

A Social History Study on the Changes of Vitasoy Brand Image in Hong Kong (1940-1997)

Yiming Qin
The image of modern food is diversifying, and Vitasoy, a Hong Kong-based brand, is a typical representative of this trend. This paper attempts to start with the advertisements of Vitasoy from 1940 to 1997, to investigate the shaping and changes of the brand image of Vitasoy during this period, as well...
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A Study on the Influence of Age on Learning Effectiveness of English Second Language Learners

Shuhuai Jia
The critical period hypothesis (CPH) proves a limited and specific period of language acquisition. Penfield and Roberts first supported CPH in 1959. Later, Lenneberg also supported it in late 1967 [1]. Based on the necessity of finding out the relationship between language learners’ starting age and...
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On the Translation of The Dumb Waiter from A Perspective of Cross-culture Communication

Xinlan Pan
Since translation is a process of being cross-culture communication, it will be a problem to evaluate whether a translation achieves the purpose of cross-culture communication. Therefore, to answer the question clearly and concretely above, this article will study the translation of The Dumb Waiter (Harold...
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Reflections on Man and Nature in Greek Mythology: From the Name of Natural Creatures

Tianyi Liu
It is well known that Greek mythology has been very influential to western cultures and languages. As for the English language, it enriches its vocabulary to a large extent. And it is having an impact in a lot of different areas, like biology, psychology, geography, etc. Among this, one particular branch...
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Research on Landscape Environment Design of Historical District in Yining City -- The example of ”Liuxing Street”

Wei Wei
This paper takes Yining historic district as an example. First, we briefly analyze and introduce its historical background and current situation. Then on the basis of protecting the status quo, the landscape environment of the block is improved, and the problems encountered in the landscape environment...
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Review of the Incidental Second Language Acquisition of Subtitles in Video Products

Zhiming Zhang
Learning through video-based media with subtitle is generally regarded as an effective way to enhance second language acquisition. Watching video programs, TV or movies provides people with a way to relax. In their spare time, online classes and video learning have gradually become popular learning methods....
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Cartoon Portrait Creation and Evaluation Framework

Jiede Wu
It has always been a complex topic worthy of being discussed for portrait artists to internalize their creative concepts, express the sense of beauty through external forms, and make viewers feel their artworks to form sympathy. The general stereotype of aesthetic experience is that “the ingenuity of...
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Review of the Acquisition of Third Person Singular Form on Chinese EFL Learners

Xinyi Ma
In today’s world, English no longer simply represents a language, but represents a right to participate in global communication, which makes more and more people begin to learn English. As a large country of English learning, China has included English into the scope of the college entrance examination....
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Multi-Dimension Analysis on TCSL Oral Teaching in Application of the OMO Mixed Mode

Ning Ma
Various of teaching modes have emerged in quantity due to the development and combination of multimedia, cloud computing, advanced 5G wireless communication technologies and modern teaching theories. Teaching Chinese as a second language (TCSL) are still proliferating fast in spite of several dynamic...
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Research on Internet Nicknames from the Perspective of Sociolinguistics

Ranran She, Chuqiao Yan, Hongming Yang, Xueyi Zhang
This paper introduces the study of Internet nicknames from the perspective of sociolinguistics. However, few studies on Internet nicknames talk about sociolinguistics and seldom discuss the causes and meanings behind them. Therefore, the paper investigates and classifies Chinese Internet nicknames and...
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Corpus Based Analysis of Literary Works of A Thousand Splendid Suns

Zhijun Wan
In recent years, many scholars at home and abroad have applied corpus research methods to the field of literature and used corpus retrieval software to analyze literary texts. This paper aims to explore the application of corpus retrieval software WordSmith Tool 8.0 and AntConc in literary discourse...
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Acoustic Analysis of Compound Vowels in Ali Tibetan Language

Lingzhen Li, Yonghong Li
By using the method of acoustic experiment, this paper analyzes the acoustic characteristics of Ali Tibetan compound vowels, such as duration, tone and formant. It is concluded that there are 15 kinds of compound vowels in Ali Tibetan language, which are divided into oral compound vowels and nasal compound...
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Cultural Memory Construction Strategy of ‘Inheriting China’

Shuyi Li
Peking Operaculture promoted by Beijing Satellite TV program ‘Inheriting China’ is the quintessence of Chinese traditional culture, and an important part of its cultural inheritance comes from the historical retrospection of collective memory. The program uses the resources in the media space to construct...
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Feminism Discourse in Different Gender-Temperament Social Media

A Case Study of the Social Figure of Yang Li in Weibo, RED, Bilibili

Rui Huang
With the development of social media platforms, digital feminism has grown up in cyberspace. Many research pays attention to one case or one platform in the digital feminism study, while few studies focus on the comparison of feminism in the social media of the different features. This study can fill...
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An Analysis of Postmodern Narrative Film Technique in Annie Hall

Siqi Lin, Xinwen Zhang
The narrative techniques of postmodern cinema are characterized by playfulness and fragmentation. Woody Allen lends a special quality to Annie Hall through the subtle settings of the film’s narrative techniques. Building on the explanation of montage in Pudovkin’s Film Directors and Film Materials and...
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Research on the Classification and Artistic Value of the Guan Ge Style Tablets in Hancheng Museum

Jiaming Peng, Jingwen Wang, Qunjiaming Zhang
Guan Ge Style represents a broad and complicated concept which originated from the Imperial Examination System in the feudal times and peaked at Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1912). This paper analyzes the characteristics of Guan Ge Style writing on Chinese curved name tablets and look into its artistic...
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The Transformation of Women’s Art to Feminist Art in the 20 Century

Zichang Qiu
In the twentieth century, great changes have taken place in both the political and economic patterns of the world. World art has also undergone a lot of changes. The modern art center has gradually shifted from Europe to the United States, and people’s views and thinking about art have also undergone...
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Women Should Write Themselves

A Study on Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy” and “Ariel”

Yuefei Chen, Xiwen Chi
In the poems “Daddy” and “Ariel”, Sylvia Plath breaks with the tradition of male writing rules in terms of both language and writing perspective, contrasting the images of ‘father’ and ‘mother’ under a patriarchal society. Hélène Cixous in her work The Laugh of the Medusa emphasizes that women writers...
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Review of Phonological Adaptation of English-based Loanwords in Mandarin Chinese

Qinxin Wang
Many English-based loanwords undergo the phonotactic nativization in mandarin phonology. This paper reviews phonological deletion and phonological preservation as two common patterns of achieving phonological adaptation in mandarin Chinese. Notably, the discussion mainly focuses on English-based loanwords...
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Embrace Death: A Review of Recalling Symbolic Order in White Noise

Tianyang Cui
In our times of the Covid-19 pandemic, death seems to slip away from the funeral and cemetery into our living space, dissolved in the air we breathe. In White Noise, Jack’s deathly fear of the economic order forces him to find an alternative solution in which noise plays the role of prophet, guiding...
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Analysis on Pedigree Sorting, Activation and Utilization of Buddhist Cultural Heritage of Three Hills and Five Gardens Buddhist

Jian Li, Hong Yu
The “Three Hills and Five Gardens” not only have the landscape culture system, garden culture system, architecture culture system, but also have an important part of culture, which is the royal religious culture. The royal religious culture is externally reflected in religious architectures, among which...
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The Effects of Two Usages and Animacy on the Acquisition of Ergative Verbs by Chinese University Learners of English

Yuxuan Chen
Given that there are ergative verbs in both Chinese (L1) and English (L2), Chinese learners of English (CLE) can easily master both transitive and intransitive usages of English ergative verbs as long as the L1 positive transfer occurs. This research aims to explore what and how factors influenced the...
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Analysis of the Path of Deep Integration of AI and College Aesthetic Education in the Era of “Artificial Intelligence+”

Li Yang, Yongwen Chen
Aesthetic education in colleges and universities, as an important means of education, is an important part of China’s efforts to actively promote students’ comprehensive literacy. The coming of “AI+” era brings new opportunities to the practice of this work, providing a rich and colorful resource base...
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A Study on the Influence of Negative Transfer of Chinese on Chinese College English Writing

Sheng Chai
English writing reflects the English level of Chinese college students and a process of comprehensively applying English knowledge. At the same time, English writing is also a communicative behavior across Chinese and English languages and cultures for Chinese college students. However, the influence...
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Nationalism and Disintegration in the Birth of Modern Countries

A Comparative Study on the Issue of Modern Japanese Nationalism with the Case Illustration of Czechoslovak Disintegration

Ren Haohong, Zhang Yixing
The appearance of nationalism in Japan can ascend to the Taisho period, after the sharp rise in the past decade of years, it finally shows a dramatically downcast in modern times. Nationalism has caused a great change in both Japan’s economic and political aspects, as time passes by, nationalism has...
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Analysis of Public Opinion Based on Douyin Data

Taking the Example of the Account Entitled “Liu Genghong” Going Viral Across the Internet in China

Tianxue Han
Online public opinion refers to the opinion of the general public on social issues on the Internet, which is a form of social opinion. It is an Internet phenomenon that has been highly influential and tendentious in forming opinions about certain hot topics and issues. This paper will study the process...
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Social Media Platform and Subculture of Chinese Adolescent Hip-Hop Lovers: A Case Study on Social Interactions of Net Ease Cloud Music Users

Haoxing Huang
This paper gives a vision of the general history and influence of hip-hop music. It focuses on its impact on Chinese adolescent hip-hop lovers. Since there is little research that investigates the interactions of teenage hip-hop lovers online, let alone research about Chinese young hip-hop fans, this...
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Ideological and Political Education in Chinese Medicine Schools in Special Periods

Ping Li, Ni Wang
During the period of the coronavirus epidemic, major colleges and universities in my country implemented the policy of “suspending classes without leaving school, leaving school without leaving teaching”, and successively launched online education platforms. As a treasure of Traditional Chinese culture,...
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A Study of Effectiveness of Vocabulary Software Use of Chinese College Students on Receptive Input Competence

Bisen Guo
The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of smartphone applications in the development of English vocabulary knowledge, to explore initially whether there is a link between receptive vocabulary knowledge and receptive language skills, and the influence of affective factors in the development...
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Avant-Garde Poetry in Postmodernism Literature

Xiaozhe Liu
The paper basically discusses the development of avant-garde poetry in postmodernism literature, which mainly talks about the effect of rhythm and the advantage & disadvantages of avant-garde poetry compared with traditional poetry. Besides, it also introduced the ideal function of rhythm working...
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The Social Context and Influence of Yamada Yoji’s Films

Qin Wang
Director Yoji Yamada began to direct films in the 1960s. He filmed the series “It’s Tough Being a Man” – starring Kiyoshi Atsumi as “Tora-san”, a kind-hearted vagabond who is always unlucky in love. The series itself is often referred to as “Tora-san” by its fans. Spanning 48 installments released between...
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The Evolution of Chinese Women’s Image Before and After the Reform and Opening up

Changes in Clothing

Jiayi Liu, Lang Ming, Zhanyan Wang
Reform and opening-up is a great events in Chinese history. As an important turning point, women’s clothing has undergone obvious changes. In the 70 s and 80 s in China, based on the women’s clothing as the research object, this paper studies the female clothing style of specific changes, the social...
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Oppressed Women’s Voices and Female Writing in Sylvia Plath’s “Tulips” and “Daddy”

Shiyun Tang, Wanqi Zhang, Zehui Zhang
Twentieth-century American poet Sylvia Plath combined her social, physical and spiritual condition with a display of femininity to express her opposition to patriarchy. Her poems contain an abundance of imagery related to death. In general, many analyses of death imagery have focused more on Plath’s...
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A Comparative Study about Anxiety in English Listening of Chinese College Language and Non-language Majors

Zhuoying Huang, Ziyuan Jia, Yijun Liu
Foreign Language Listening Anxiety is a specific kind of anxiety that influences students’ learning performances. Through descriptive and factor analysis, paired t-test and independent t-test, our findings indicated that most college students experience a moderate level of English listening anxiety....
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Heritage and Transmutation: A Study on the Changes of Wa Moba Culture in Ximeng since the Reform and Opening-up

Jialin Teng
Moba culture is the core part of the traditional religious culture of the Wa people in Ximeng, China, it is a religious, cultural and social system that exists in the central region of Wa culture and has the characteristics of Wa culture. This paper uses classical research methods such as literature...
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With Reference to a Specific Developing Country, Explain Why is it so Difficult to Prevent Crimes of Sexual Violence Against Women?

Analysis of Sexual Violence in India

Leilong Ma
In today’s Indian society, the status of women has been significantly improved compared with that before independence, which can not be separated from the exposure of women’s issues in the world and the awakening of women’s independence consciousness, but the inequality between men and women is still...
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The Application of Narrative Research in International Relations

He Gang
If mainstream international relations theory is a history of the gradual release of the actor’s agency and the progressive development of the “human”, then the narrative studies in international relations is a fundamental return to the concern for the actor’s self and agency. This paper summarizes the...
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A Theoretical and Practical Research Based on the Teaching of Russian Translation Majors

Shuang Zhang
At present, the teaching reform of Russian translation in colleges and universities has attracted widespread attention. At the same time, the theory and practice of Russian translation teaching are also developing rapidly. Based on the significance of strengthening the theoretical and practical development...
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Explore the Communication Theory under the Network Film Review

Lulu Zhang
With the development of the network process, the network film criticism is also developing, which has a profound influence on the film communication. In the Internet era, Weibo and WeChat public accounts are the main battlefields of online film criticism, which are characterized by popularization of...
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Reconciliation of Depression, Emotional Transmission in Digital Musical and Social Media: A Case Study of Chinese Social Application Net Ease Cloud Music

Yunhan Wang, Yazhen Xiao
In China, the observation of the trend of social activities proves that contemporary young people are becoming easier to express and even produce depression. Such emotion has led to two different mentality trends in the medium of music media, which are the positive response to depression and the quasi-negative...
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I Am What I Am: Construction and Expression of Chinese “Romance” in Animated Movies

Peixi Zhu
From NEZHA: Birth of the Demon Child to Monkey King: Hero is Back, from White Snake to the current hit I Am What I Am, all animated movies are talking about Chinese romance, which is full of Chinese traditional culture and national spirit, filled with Chinese mythological universe and ordinary world....
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Functional Equivalence in the Process of English Translation Chinese Idioms from a Social Semiotic Translation Approach

Xinyue Pan
Idioms contain rich meanings. Translating the idioms of a language into a target language accurately is a complex problem. Adopting the functional equivalence theory under the framework of social semiotics, this research discusses potential translation methods and strategies and the significance of functional...
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A Brief Discussion of the Characteristics and Cultural Content of the Ming Group of Jade Pendant Types

Yuran Luo
The jade pendant is not a mere form of decoration, but has an important function of expressing identity, emotion, manners and communication, and is even inextricably linked to the socio-political, cultural and educational aspects of our society, as well as to the lifestyles, values and ethical and moral...
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Social and Aesthetic Values of the Novels in the Ming and Qing Dynasties

Yuxin Liu
The Ming and Qing dynasties were the cradle of novels. Literati from all walks of life reacted to reality and expressed their opinions through literary works. The novels of the Ming and Qing dynasties are valuable and have research value in the literary history of China and even the world. However, many...
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Image Symbol Interpretation of Tibetan Film “Balloon”

Xia Tong, Gao Fengyan
From the perspective of semiotics, the images in the movie text all have certain referential significance. Individual symbols and the arrangement and combination between symbols together constitute a complete movie text. Applying semiotics theory to analyze the movie text is helpful to interpret the...
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A Study on Translation of Culture-loaded Words in the Goldblatts’ Three Sisters from the Perspective of Skopos Theory

Wenyao Li, Dan Wang
Culture-loaded words reflect precious spiritual wealth that a nation has accumulated in a long history. Therefore, the translation of culture-loaded words, to a large extent, can affect the success of literary translation. Yumi, created by Bi Feiyu, consists of abundant culture-loaded words with Chinese...
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Analysis of Plant Configuration and Landscaping in Campus Landscape Design

Take a University as an Example

Ning Xian, Yeyun Du
Plant configuration and landscaping are important components of college garden design and landscape construction, and are the combination of scientific configuration and artistic culture. Plants on campus are closely related to the daily life of teachers and students. This paper mainly investigates the...
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Patriarchy and a Disciplined Woman

Perspective from Sula and Foucault’s Disciplinary Power

Yuxi Liao, Xiaowen Liu, Wentao Wang, Yuting Zhu
A considerable quantity of feminist investigations of Toni Morrison’s Sula has appeared in previous studies, most of which focus on the image of Sula’s rebellion against patriarchal society, which in most cases is perceived as a triumph. However, Sula’s fate turns out to be tragic, suggesting that her...
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Louis Vuitton’s Marking Strategies and Branding Analysis in China and the United States

Anwen Dong
In 2018, LV became the most valuable fashion brand in the world, with China and the United States ranking first and second in terms of consumer nations. This paper uses Hofstede, Schwartz, The Five Ocean Traits, and Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism model to investigate the variations of customer behaviour...
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Review of Chinese Tones Acquisiton by Non-tonal Language Speakers Taking English as an Example

Jiwen Song
When English speakers learn Chinese, we will find that a very important reason for their non-standard Chinese is that they cannot pronounce the correct Chinese tones. Learning tonal languages can be a challenge for native speakers of tonal languages. This paper mainly summarizes the research on the learning...
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Policy, Family and Audience Experience: A Research on the Root Causes of the Unequal Status of Japanese Female Actors on the Kabuki Stage

Zhuo Cao, Xuanlei Du, Yicheng Li, Zhonglin Zeng
Since World War II, with the development of the economy, more and more Japanese women have entered different work fields and played an important role. However, kabuki performance, the earliest form of performance founded by Japanese women, is mainly performed by male actors, and female actors are rarely...
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Review of Social Interaction of Barrage Language

Jiayi Li
Traditional studies on barrage language mainly focus on semantics and pragmatics, including the characteristics and sources. It has begun to integrate with other disciplines to study its cultural characteristics in recent years. This study reviews academic works of the past six years and summarises the...
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Rethinking on Wang Anshi’s Reform from Economics Perspective

Yuchen Song
The economic reform initiated by Wang Anshi in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) was a well-known reform movement in Chinese history, and it had a significant influence on the succeeding government. As Wang Anshi’s economic reform involved many fields and penetrated into the fabric of society, there...
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An Analysis on Sustainable Development of Interior Design

Lin Yan
Interior design is based on using natural materials of the building and the corresponding environmental standards. They use material and technical skills and architectural aesthetic principles to create an appropriate function and a comfortable indoor environment to meet the needs of people’s material...
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A Practical Study on English-Speaking Learning Strategies of Junior College English Majors

Mingshen Guo
Oral English is an important aspect of language output in the process of second language acquisition (SLA). For many English learners, time-consuming and ineffective oral English learning is a major issue. Aside from the language environment, one of the primary causes of this difficulty is a lack of...
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An Innovative Practice of Storytelling with Kamishibai: A Preschool Teacher’s Educational Journey around Taiwan

Chin-Ching Chen, Hung-Cheng Chen
Kamishibai is a street performance art that originated in Japan in the 1930s. It is a visual, auditory, and highly participatory storytelling performance medium. With the prevalence of modern multimedia and virtual reality technologies, Kamishibai has gradually attracted the attention of storytelling...
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Research and Practice of ‘Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ Education and Training of Digital Art Majors under the Background of ‘Craftsman Spirit’

Taking Qingdao Huanghai University as an Example

Chaoyu Li, Lili Shi, Yu Jian, Wan Lei
Innovation drives innovation and innovation drives entrepreneurship. New era, new opportunity, accelerating industrial transformation and strengthening the innovation and construction of various industries to promote national employment are the main development points of China’s overall development at...
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Study on Planning Design for the Driven Development of Cultural Gene Attributes of Exhibition Halls in Village Museums

Yao Zhang, Zhuo Jin
Under the current background of rural revitalization, it is crucial to revitalize rural culture. Due to the inner attributes of museums, it conforms to the requirements of this era to construct village museums. However, some problems have occurred during the development of village museums. For example,...
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The Effect of Pragmatic Competence on the Communicative Competence of Second Language Learners

Yujie Yan
Pragmatics is conveying the meaning through communication. This paper reviews the related research in the field of pragmatic competence and communicative competence. How to improve the communicative competence of second language learners has been a concern of scholars, and pragmatics is directly related...
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Smart Wellness Wearable Devices

Ding Wei, Chen Lin
Purpose: With the implementation of the “Healthy China” strategy, it is widely acknowledged that the cognitive thinking about the health of people has been influenced by many complex factors of the complex system, and gradually shifted to the disease recovery index as the measurement standard. Starting...
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On the Spoken English Instruction from the Perspective of Intercultural Communication

Chengchieh Su
The current heightening of globalization has enhanced the development of intercultural communication, prompted the link between intercultural and international education, and led to the development of intercultural-related educational policies in countries around the world, thus highlighting the importance...
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Analysis of Female Images in Remedios Varo’s Works based on Jung’s Theory

Yue Wu
Surrealism is an important art school after the first World War. It is famous for its absurdity and rebellion against the real society. As surrealism is greatly influenced by Freud’s psychoanalysis and Jung’s neo-psychoanalysis in psychology, this paper analyzes the paintings of surrealist painter Remedios...
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Research on Forest Health Care and Service Design

Mingru Wang, Xufeng Cheng
In the context of a Healthy China and Rural Rejuvenation, the forest health care industry is actively supported by national policies, but the growth of current forest health care bases is still in its early stages, and many problems exist. On the one hand, service products have ambiguous characteristics...
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A Study of Foreign Language Vocabulary Test Anxiety in the Context of Concrete/Abstract Word Test

Wei Chen
Anxiety as an important emotion of individual differences will affect the language performance. There are many researches on learning and test anxiety involving in language skills, while the detailed foreign language vocabulary test remains relatively less. On the basis of anxiety measurement and word...
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Representation of Women, Representation of Nation: Qipao, Liberation and Identity

Tianyi Ma, Yueling Zou
As one of the most important types of garments in the Republic of China from the 1920s to the 1940s, the wearer of the qipao was undoubtedly woman whereas the construction of qipao’s meaning was often derived from men. Although it is impossible to completely be isolated from the male gaze, this paper...
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Sexual Subversion

An Analysis of Female Subjectivity and Growth Narrative in Toni Morrison’s Sula

Anqi He, Jiaqi Lu, Xingnuo Ye, Yuhan Zhang
Most current studies of Sula draw on female relations or black feminism, while the construction of female subjectivity is rarely addressed. In this context, this essay, therefore, focuses on Sula’s upbringing as she is influenced by her maternal elders, develops her sexuality, and eventually practices...
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Research on Creative Thinking Expansion and Exploration in Jewelry form Aesthetic Design

Hongliang Xing, Shiqi Qiao
Objective Exploring the meaning of formal aesthetic design of jewelry and the expansion form of creative thinking to promote the rapid development of the jewelry industry. Method By elaborating the expansion ways of formal beauty value, application and creative thinking. Conclusion It is proposed that...
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French Romance in Late Medieval Poetry

From Chansons de Geste to the French Revolution

Yuxin Liu
The formation of a new political system and the establishment of a new regime in a country cannot be separated from the joint efforts of the masses of different classes. For example, the French Revolution in 1788 is a typical example. As an important milestone in the history of the French revolution,...
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Socrates’ Piety

Through A Study of Plato’s Euthyphro

Kaihong Yang
Whether Socrates as a model of philosophers is pious is an issue about whether philosophy itself is pious. For this reason, a study on the essence of Socrates’ piety should be introductory in the study of political philosophy. The so-called “introductory” also means the author, through the process of...
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A Comparative Study of Kassel Documenta and the National Art Exhibition in an Interwoven Context

Wenxuan Lin
Comparing the National Art Exhibition in China with the Kassel Documenta in Germany can reflect the similarities and differences in the development of Chinese and Western art due to various factors. By compiling the similarities, differences and value presentation of the two exhibitions, combining the...
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Study on Students’ Willingness to Participate in Voluntary Service of Emergency Language

Zexia Zheng
The COVID-19 epidemic continues up to now. In the process of fighting the epidemic, the voluntary groups of emergency language in colleges has played an important and significant role. This investigation discusses students’ willingness to participate in voluntary service of emergency language, so as...
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A Contrastive Study on the English Translation and Communication of Zhongyong from the Diachronic and Synchronic Perspective

Lei Yang, Jingjing Yang
Under the context of the spread of traditional Chinese culture, the English translation of ancient Chinese classics is in full swing. Analyzing the English translation of Zhongyong through diachronic analysis and synchronic comparison, the paper takes three translation versions written by Legge, Pound...
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A Case Study of the Formation and Influence of Civilianization of Jinshi in Song Dynasty

Xiaomeng Chen, Zihan Xu
Imperial examination in song Dynasty became the mainstream form for scholars to enter officialdom. Interestingly, compared with the Sui and Tang dynasties, the number of jinshi in the Song Dynasty not only increased, but also compared with the tang dynasty, most of the jinshi in the Song Dynasty were...
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Diversity Change Design of Storage Support for Single Door Refrigerator Under 100L

Yanhui Li, Yingdao Jiang
This paper investigates and analyzes the attention of small-sized refrigerator market and the design of storing space through searching literature and other methods. Then, it researches and classifies users’ characteristics and items stored by users in a small-sized refrigerator to conclude that the...
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Preservation and Conservation of Campus Heritage Landscape of South China University of Technology Shipai Campus, China

Xubo He, Nor Atiah Ismail, Sumarni Ismail, Noor Fazamimah Mohd. Ariffin, Shaofeng Chen
The Shipai Campus of South China University of Technology (SCUT) is the main component of the noted National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) campus, which inherited NSYSU’s campus heritage and has outstanding historic and cultural significance. Howbeit, presently its campus heritage landscape (CHL) is...
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Review on Cross-Cultural Communication and Acceptance of Harry Potter

Jingyi Wu
Harry Potter is a cultural IP with world influence. It originated from the series of novels by Jacqueline, and was later made into a film and entertainment theme park. The cross-cultural communication and influence of cultural brands is a classic topic in cultural research. Based on the master’s thesis...
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How Asian International Students are Treated in America and Following Considerations

Hanwei Fang, Zihan Guo, Moran Yu
Asian international students suffer from intense discrimination as they go to the universities or stay in the United States. Many factors together incur this phenomenon. First, English proficiency occupies an important position since the students have experienced “text-based” language education and are...
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The Effect of Automated Corrective Feedback On L2 Writing in POS Categories

Yingxue Wang
Automated corrective feedback is the processing of the Computer-Assisted Language Learning used in L2 English writing assessment that is ubiquitous in current L2 practice and research (e.g., Chen, 2016; Chukharev & Saricaoglu,2016; Gao et al, 2020). This research examined the effect of automated...
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Implicit Media Anomie of News Entertainment Oriented: A Social Media Content Study on Jiang Ge Case

Xiaonan Cheng, Yilin Yang, Yitong Zhao
Media code of conduct media credibility. However, with the development of the market economy and the changing media environment, a small number of media blind pursuit of the “eyeballs” effect, the value of economic benefits to abandoning the norms. As we are living in the age of the internet, the trends...
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The Image of Modern Women in Shanghai According to The Young Companion (1926-1945)

Wang Dong
With the rapid development of the economy and society, Shanghai has changed into a modest port city in China with the introduction of western material and spiritual civilization and has become the largest metropolis in the far east since the 1920s. The pictorial magazine, The Young Companion(1926-1945),...
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An Analysis of Pastiche of Old Styles in Star Wars (1977)

Yijie Wang
Star Wars (1977) is a fantastic post-modernist film that offers audiences an unparalleled space adventure while conveying director George Lucas’s vision of society. Remarkably, as a science fiction film, Star Wars constitutes a variety of artistic styles from a bygone era, which this study argues were...
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A Study of English Learning Anxiety of Non-English Major on Secondary Vocational School Students

Xuan Song
Foreign language learning anxiety is a factor that has a significant influence on students’ performance and grades. Secondary vocational school students usually have less interest in learning English and their foundation is relatively poorer than senior high school. This study aims to investigate the...
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Analysis on the Success of Music Shows-- A Case Study of “The Flash Band”

Hanxiang Yu
Recently, China’s first musical social contact variety show-- “The Flash Band” has attracted a large number of audience’s attention. It surpassed the other variety shows in terms of views right after it had released. The show positions itself as a musician’s journey to seek bosom friends. It goes back...
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A History of Japan’s Unit 731 and Implications for Modern Biological Warfare

Jiashuo Liang
To prevent another biological warfare like the atrocious experiments conducted by Japan’s Unit 731 during WWII, the research aims to discuss the history of Unit 731 and its experiments, as well as the post-war investigation led by the United States. Evidence of these inhumane experiments are listed and...
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The Effects of Affective State and Valence of Words on L2 Vocabulary Memory Retrieval

Yuqing Yang
The effects of affective state on the cognitive process have enjoyed substantial empirical attention. The research aims to investigate the effects of mood conditions and valence of words on L2 vocabulary memory retrieval. Twenty undergraduates participated in the experiment and completed memory retrieval...