Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Humanities Science and Society Development (ICHSSD 2017)

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Leisure Experience: Based on Liminality Theory Perspective

Senyao Sang
Leisure is an important phenomenon of modern social and a common need of post-modern citizen. Under the leisure state, the individual escapes from life routine and experiences the physically and mentally restored, as well as the identity transition. Within the process, the individual experiences the...
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Marxism Modernization and Sinicization

Wuxun Su
This article is the outline of my book "Marxism Modernization and Sinicization" as the document for consultation and cooperative purpose. In the book three aspects of the Marxism modernization are point out: 1, the development of human society has changed from the spontaneous development into the consciousness...
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Focus on the training characteristics of Excellent Engineers, Building a new teaching mode of Digital Electronic Technology Based on CKDI

Jingjing Yang, Xiaogang Mu, Yanfei Liu
Based on the practice teaching reform as the breach, CKDI as theoretical guidance, IBOARD electronic experimental box and the FPGA development board as the carrier, a new teaching content system of digital electronic technology course is built carefully. It optimizes the integration of teaching content,...
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Research on Semiology of Role Model in China's Paper-Cutting Animation

Meiying Yin
In this paper, China's paper-cutting animation theories are teased out by making use of the study methods related to semiology, by which a new level for studying China's paper-cutting animation theories was achieved. From the view of symbolic features and cultural connotation, this paper studies China's...
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Research on the regional sustainable theory of modern architecture in traditional thinking

Bo Zhang
Architecture should be the synthesis of time and space. It shows the features of technologies, environments and cultures, however, it should have special character of the regional and cultural means. Traditional architecture based on impression, and conveyed the culture and awareness of China. So, regional...
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The "Die Welle" of Groupthink

Lele Dong
Janis's groupthink holds that group can produce the best decision, also can make the worst decision, just like a person. There is a clear and concise narrative adopted in the film " Die Welle " to demonstrate an authoritarian farce vividly .Using the theory of groupthink, this paper analyzes the causes...
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The Importance of Reasonably Allocating Time in Architectural Drafting and CAD Lectures

Zhijia Pan, Haiqing Yuan, Shouzeng Zhu
Four classes from two grades in the same major were given lectures of architectural drafting and CAD successively by the same lecturer in last two years. Grade 2015 were given lectures by the traditional method which favors teaching and practicing apart. Grade 2016 were given lectures by a new method...
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Intelligence Cultivation & Contextual Analysis & Literature Appreciation ——On the Instructing and Applied Value to Chinese Teaching of Linguistic Theories

Jiugen Xiao, Ying Zhou, Guangyu Yu
Basic linguistic theory comes from practice, and in turn it serves practice.It is very important as well as many other subjects, from the intelligence training of language teaching and context analysis to the literature appreciation.None of them can separate from it. Besides, there also exist many practical...
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Research on Temporal-spatial Distribution of Islamic Cultural Heritage in China: Based on Cultural Relics Protection Units

Dong-jun Chen, Hong-bin Xie
The Islamic cultural heritage of China, as the historical mark of the spread of Islam in China, not only holds historical-cultural, scientific, and artistic value but also serves modern functions such as patriotic education and tourism. This research on the temporal-spatial distribution of the Islamic...
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How to carry out project settlement in invalid construction contract

Hao Zhang, Chengbin Liu
Based on the principle of invalid construction contract, this paper mainly discusses how to correct the legal basis of invalid construction contract settlement, and puts forward to the change of design, and some other aspects like subcontracting for invalid construction contract. According to the discussion...
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The Financial Risk Research of E-Commerce Enterprise Base on Harvard Analytical Framework --Taking Alibaba as an Example

Yahong Feng, Feng Cao
In order to explore the e-commerce enterprises currently exist in the main financial risks,this article to Alibaba as an example, using Harvard analysis framework, from the strategic, accounting, financial and prospects of the level of analysis. The research shows, alibaba's main financial risk exists...
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A Study on the Use of Chinese Degree Complement of Foreign Students

Li Cai
In this paper, this author takes the 43 degree complements in modern Chinese as retrieval terms,to retrieve HSK corpus of Beijing Language and Culture University and corpus of Southeast Asian students of Chinese Studies at Jinan University. On the basis of these data,the article investigates the mastery...
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Structural Equation Model Analysis of Urban Public Service Satisfaction

Lulu Li, Xiangdong Cai
In order to improve the efficiency of urban public services and scientifically evaluate the status of urban public service satisfaction we use Structural Equation Modeling and American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) to analyze urban public service satisfaction. According to the characteristics of...
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Yuan Zhi Xi Li Si son of a LAN, but could not speak out -- Interpretation of "Jiu Ge Xiang Qu poems" Mrs.

Changlin Wu, Jichong Tang
"Madam Xiang" as "companion" Xiangjun, this article from the perspective of Madam Xiang Xiangjun missing write poetry, dark counterpart, complement each other, constitute a harmonious realm. Study on the "Hunan madam" focused on analytical Hunan's image and identity, you can interpret from "structural...
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Ordering of Multi-product Considering Consumer's Anticipated Regret

Fu-ming Chen, Tao-feng Ye, Kang-kang Ge
Based on the consideration of the strategic consumer's anticipated regret, this paper builds a multi-product ordering model, studies the influence of anticipated regret and product diversity on the decision-making, and gives the consumers' decision under different conditions. Results of the studies show...
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Consumption Intention of Online Game based on Motivation Theory

Wan-Lin Lee, Delphine Ya-Chu Chan
In view of the consumption potential of young online game players in China, this study collected 385 valid samples through questionnaire survey to explore the influencing factors of their consumption intention. The results show that the player's achievement experience and immersion experience have a...
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Reflections on the Teaching and Management of Higher Vocational Colleges

Wei Yao
The rapid development of vocational education has had an important impact on the speed of development of higher vocational colleges in China . In order to improve the level of education and teaching in higher vocational colleges and to maintain its good market competitiveness , it is necessary to implement...
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Study on Personality Traits and Interpersonal Communication of Secondary Vocational School Students

Lixin Li
Grasp the characteristics of secondary vocational school students' personality and interpersonal characteristics and causes, is conducive to the development of secondary vocational school students' education and management. This article focuses on the analysis of the students' personality traits and...
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The Financial Pre-warning Research of Real Estate Company Based on Logistic model -- Economic Data of 114 Real Estate listed Companies in China from 2012 to 2014

Wei-wei Liu, Hou-jian Li
The financial early-warning is very important for real estate listed companies to guard against financial risk correctly and to promote sustainable development. The paper uses non-parameter test based on 20financial ratios, in order to find financial ratios which can significantly identify the different...
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Chinese Comparative Higher Education Research Review of 2011-2016

Yuanyuan Li, Xuehong Wan
This article reviews papers on comparative higher education published in CNKI's CSSCI and core journals from 2011 to 2016 and compares them with previous literature from three dimensions: time, topic, and nationality. The aim of this study is to investigate the development and new characteristics of...
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High Vocational Tourism-based Virtual Simulation Training Center Construction Studies and Practices

Guangying Hong, Bin Lai
In line with the new demands put forth for cultivation of professional talents based on the industrial development, virtual simulation training system for tourism specialty is built with the aid of simulation techniques such as the virtual reality so as to solve a series of bottleneck problems caused...
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Construction of Evaluation Index System for Complex Product Engineering Change Scheme

Sheng Han Gao, Xiang Su, Zhi Ying Wang
Evaluation and optimization of complex product engineering change schemes are the key links in the design and manufacturing process. In this link, it is crucial to construct a reasonable index system of engineering change scheme evaluation. This paper constructs a two-layer index system of six levels...
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The reform and practical exploration of Chinese tourism culture curriculum

Lanlan Liu
Culture is the essence of tourism. The course of Chinese tourism culture is the core course of tourism management, In order to improve the teaching quality of tourism culture , This paper discusses the concept and mode of teaching reform of Chinese tourism culture from the five parts of curriculum orientation,...
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Research of Career Planning on the university Students of Network Engineering

Min Xu
At present, the demand for quantity and quality of China's network engineering professionals is increasing, In this case, how to realize students' successful employment and self-worth in the future really worth investigating. This paper explores the basis and satisfaction of college students' choosing...
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Influences of Guanzi Economic Thought on the Construction of Current Management Accounting System

Guangmei Jin
China's accounting work has entered a period of diversified development, the focus of work has turned to management accounting. As a very famous economic management scientist in Chinese history, Guan Zhong put forward a series of economic ideas with excellent vision. Through this paper, "GuanZi" is a...
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The Basic Theory of Auxiliary Police Standardized Management

Da-yi Gui
At present,the development of China's police practice is also facing new situations and new problems. In the face of the new situation of police practice,the basic theory of public security research, despite the profound theoretical accumulation, should also rely on relevant disciplines such as law,...
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Antecedents of Loyalty in Mobile Social Network Games

Delphine Ya-Chu Chan, Zeng-Liang Xing, Zhi-Hao Zhang
In view of the economic potential and continuous innovation of mobile social network games (mSNGs), this paper uses the questionnaire survey to collect 389 valid samples from the "Honour of kings" game, which is ranked first in global mobile game revenue in 2017, to explore the antecedents of loyalty...
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The Virtue of Bushido in Japanese World War Films

Wei Lu
The Japanese Bushido system conveys the doctrine of "bravery", while it also eulogizes "the virtue of bushido". Both of them seem like the two wings of the Bushido system, flying in the sky of Japanese World War films. The virtue of bushido reflected in these films is mainly distributed in the wartime...
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Space presents and body experience: LouYe film's city imagination

Yunfei Liu
Contrasts to the villages, cities in Chinese movies are not fully expressed. Since the 90 s, the sixth generation has become the main directors for city films. It is different from other groups that they based on urban/reality of cultural psychology and express viewpoint, presented the cities they have...
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The Application and Development of Virtual Space in Modern Book Design

Xue Yang
With the continuous development of our society and the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, reading books has been paid more attention. In this process, the concrete scheme of book design has also been discussed a lot. For the modern book design discussed in this article, this work should...
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Research on the Management of Temporary Employee in Universities' Logistics under the New Situation

Li Yang, Yao Chen
With the continuous deep developing of socialized reform in rear service at colleges and universities, temporary employee is becoming more and more strong. To strengthen the high-efficiency management of this group is relative to improvement of service quality and efficiency in universities' logistics...
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A discussion on the cultivation approach of ecological ethical consciousness of Chinese citizens

Zhuo Ma, Mingmei Zhao
The flourishing industry of mankind has given birth to the ecological deterioration, it's an inevitable by-product. People suffered from the consequences of industrialization without limit constantly take revenge on mankind by nature. Ecological ethics gives the connotation of morality to the relationship...
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Causes and Prevention of Telecommunication Network Fraud

Zuhe Huang
This paper mainly discusses the causes and prevention of telecommunications network fraud, and the international cooperation to jointly fight telecommunications network fraud crime. The formation of telecommunications network fraud crime is caused by the following reasons: the economic value is regarded...
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The Forecasting Study on the Impact of Beijing- Zhangjiakou Intercity Railway on Regional Economic Development

Huimin Wang, Jianhong Wu
This paper mainly analyzes and forecasts the regional economic effects of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou intercity railway. Besides, this paper also analyzes the problems that may be faced by the Beijing-Zhangjiakou intercity railway, and puts forward some policy suggestions to promote the regional economic...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Physical Education Course in Transitional University of Applied Science

Sheng Liu, Leilei Tian, Kang Zhan
Under the influence of the current educational situation, the development speed of applied universities is gradually accelerated, and the overall level of education and teaching has been greatly improved. Under the influence of this background, it is necessary to pay attention to the teaching reform...
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Research on the Relationship between Newcomers' Self-socialization and Role Performance

Chih Huang
This study aims to explore the socialization issues of new-coming professional engineers. The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between information-seeking behaviors and role performance. Meanwhile, this study introduces role breadth self-efficacy to examine the mediating influence...
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Undergraduates Join the Army Mobilization Mechanism Research ——as M university a example

Qian Yang, YuTong Mao
This thesis is aimed at the study of undergraduates to join the army. Through the collection and analysis of the undergraduates to joined the army policy and interviewed the undergraduates whose retired army to study undergraduates joins the army mobilization mechanism. According to the arrangement of...
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The Psychological Problems and Adjustment of The New Generation of Migrant Workers' Urban Integration from The Perspective of Role Theory

Zhe Zhang, Zheng Wang
The new generation of migrant workers has become the subject of migrant workers, the new generation of migrant workers in the city into the psychological problems in the process can't be ignored. The new generation of migrant workers in the process of city integration, identity confusion, self-affirmation,...
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Analysis of Kodaly's Ideals of Music Education

Jinshan Han
Kodaly Zoltan was a famous composer, a national musician and a music educator in Hungary. Kodaly's ideals of music education were one of the most influential ideals of the music education in the world and spread in many countries. The view of mass music education, the view of national music education,...
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Mechanisms and Patterns of Grammatical Replication Caused by Kanbun Kundoku

Hongyan Liu, Yujie Zhao
This paper is about the grammatical evolution caused by language contact and its mechanisms. From the discussion, we concluded that the grammatical replication is an interactive effect both from outside influence and inside changes. The grammatical evolution in East Asian languages caused by Kanbun Kundoku...
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On the Cultivation of the Core Socialist Values in Higher Vocational Colleges

Jiqiang Liu, Zhiqing Cai
The concept that the core socialist values must be vigorously cultivated and practiced has been formed. Higher vocational college students are an important reserve force in the national construction and service, and their growth and values will affect the future construction and development of the country....
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Research and Design to the Training Model of High-tech Arms Talents

Qing Sun, Dongyan Sun, Yanhong Lin
Focusing on the requirement of talent training in military troops, and combining with the present situation of the talent cultivation in military academy and the growth reality of the high-tech Arms, the paper points out the training goal to the talent knowing both technology and command, and constructs...
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The Loss of Dream, Love and Words of Women: A Brief Analysis of Three Female Characters in Winesburg, Ohio

Ningshuang Xiao, Hongbin Dai
Winesburg, Ohio: A Group of Tales of Ohio Small-Town Life is a short story cycle by the American writer Sherwood Anderson. Through the eyes of the protagonist George Willard, the work presents a series of various characters living in the small town in the late 19th, each of which is of unique life experience...
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An Empirical Study on Promoting Phonetic Teaching Through Smart phone-Based Mobile Learning

Jing Xiao, Yong Luo
Mobile learning, as a new digital learning model, improves teaching efficiency; and promotes the construction of informationized teaching platform. Taking phonetic teaching as an example, this paper investigates the promoting effect of smart phone-based mobile learning system on English pronunciation...
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The application and practice of the coach technique in university innovation and entrepreneurship education

Qiang Yu, Lili Huang, Lin Guo, Pengbo Shang
For many years, innovation and entrepreneurship education work in China's college students training education has been unclear. Some education managers have misconceptions about innovation and entrepreneurship education works.Therefore, the education work for college students lacks the uniform standard...
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The Research on Strategic Human Resource Management and the HR Scorecard

Peng Cui
This paper explains how to design and develop an HR system that supports the company's strategic goals. It explains the strategic management process, how to develop a strategic plan, and the HR manager's role in the process in strategy execution and formulation. It discusses how to create a strategy...
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A Multidimensional Perspective Study of the English Language

Hui Zhang
English not only is the most widely circulated language, but also the global language in the world. Therefore, the study of the English language is enduring. However, most of the past studies focused on the language itself, such as the language's pronunciation, vocabulary, syntax, semantics and so on....
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The method of city venue betterment and integration based on plaza design of Xiao Nan cathedral

Xiaofan Zhao
This paper is to take Shenyang Xiao Nan cathedral plaza design as an example to discuss the betterment and integration method in functional area of a city. It comprises of the value, the methods, the processing and the efficiency of public space releasing. The result of the research is expected to provide...
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Research on the Gratitude Education of Contemporary College Students from the Perspective of Positive Psychology

Yue Wu, YuXiang Zhai
Nowadays, the lack of gratitude education has become one of the most common phenomena in colleges and universities, which often leads to the fact that college students are not willing to and able to show gratitude to others. Ignorance of gratitude behavior will not only bring adverse effects on their...
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Research on Analysis Model of E-learning in Environment of Big Data

Fucheng Wan, Yaru Cao
The study gave general framework of e-learning analysis model in big data environment based on analyzing relevant factor and driving force of e-learning. Secondly, according to general framework of analysis model to construct e-learning in big data environment from left to right, from up to down, it...
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Cultivation of Applied Talents Based on the Three-in-one Platform of Industry-university-research

Zhijin Xu, Yankui Song
With the economic globalization and social informatization, it has received more and more widespread attention to cultivate applied talents based on the cooperation of industry, university and research. In order to better cultivate applied talents and realize the people's all-round development, this...
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Research on Beautiful Rural Construction Based on SWOT Analysis—A Case Study of Dayu Village in Yongchun County

Hou Lin, Wanlu Lv
Beautiful rural areas are important parts of beautiful China. Under "new normal", the beautiful rural construction creates an upsurge throughout the nation. Based on SWOT analysis, the thesis takes Dayu Village in Wulijie Town, Yongchun County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province as an example to make a comprehensive...
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A Study of College Students' Reading Behavior and Reading Promotion Strategies in Omnimedia Environment

Jingwu Han
In this paper, a study of College Students' reading behavior and reading promotion strategies in omnimedia environment as the theme, this paper analyzes this issue from four aspects. First of all, the article analyzes the characteristics of the media environment of College Students under the composite...
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A Preliminary Study on Teaching Reform of "Embedded System" Based on CDIO Engineering Education Mode

Yong Luo
In view of the problems existing in the embedded system education in colleges and universities, this paper analyzes the characteristics of the "embedded system" curriculum based on the CDIO engineering education mode in order to cultivate the compound embedded development talents which accord with the...
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Research on the whole plan of cultivating double creative undergraduates of tutorial system

Lili Zhou, Mingming Xing
According to the shortcoming of talents training pattern of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education (IAEE) in undergraduate instructional system, and considering the limitations of IAEE with tutorial system, the whole plan and research method of IAEE for undergraduate training are proposed in the tutorial...
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Research on Consumer 's Purchase Behavior of Green Product

Delphine Ya-Chu Chan, Cheng-Hui Wei, Zhu-Qing Xu
In view of the economic potential of green consumption, this study collected 555 valid samples through questionnaires to explore the influencing factors of consumers' green purchase behavior. The results show that consumer's perception of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and attitude toward green...
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Study on the strategy and its application in the interactive teaching of college English

Ge Liu
Interactive teaching, which can help students master the skills of language communication, increase the accumulation of language knowledge, and improve their ability to use language to express themselves has been extensively used in college English teaching. The low efficiency of traditional interactive...
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Application of Design Formula in Design of Daily - use Ceramics

Qi Peng, Fei Li
China is the world's large countries of ceramic production , the types of ceramics is also varied , the ceramics for daily use , sanitary ceramics have been an important export products for China's economic development and make a great contribution to the development . In the design of ceramics for daily...
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An Empirical Study on the Impact of Rural E-commerce Development on Rural Residents' Consumption in China

Nannan Zhang
This article points out that the promotion and popularization of "Internet +" and mobile terminals make rural e-commerce a new way of agricultural development in China. At the same time, the state is constantly introducing new policies from the reform level and financial level to give rural e-commerce...
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Behavioral Analysis of Judges in Subjective Evaluation Based on Statistics

Xuesheng Pei, Xiwen Zheng
In this paper, a comprehensive evaluation method of judges' subjective judgment is presented. Problems in evaluating art work were analyzed by statistical tools which were also used to analyze the scores achieved by the subjective evaluation of judges while also evaluating the fairness, level, and criterion...
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Study on Urban Agglomeration and Land Use Efficiency in China

Tianyu Liu, Tianshan Liu
With the urban statistical data from 2000 to 2016, this paper witch focus on the relationship between geography and urban land use efficiency, proves that the current land policy has a great negative impact on urban land use efficiency. The greater the distance from a city to a large port (Hong Kong,...
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The Key Points on Deepening Poverty Alleviation and Elimination from Supply-side Structural Reform

Jialin Ning, Tao Zhang
This paper explores the effectiveness of poverty alleviation and elimination from external management and endogenous development as the main line of supply-side structural reform, addresses the continuous new problems of poverty alleviation and elimination in new era including low quality poverty alleviation...
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Innovative Development of Multimedia Technology and Visual Communication Design

Limin Fang
In the field of visual communication design , innovation is always an inexhaustible motive force for its ' long-term and stable development , and it is also in line with the mainstream trend of contemporary times and industrial development . In the face of the rapid development of multimedia technology,...
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Figuring out Zhangyong's Leadership Style by His Way of Handling the Crisis in Haidilao Jinsong and Sun Palace Stores

Jing Wu
From Haidilao management's handling the kitchen's hygiene events in Beijing Jinsong and Sun Palace stores, this article discussed Zhang Yong's transformational leadership style, and how his transformational leadership style positively influenced Haidilao's employees, environment and culture. At the same...
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Stress Psychology and Self - adjustment of Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges

Li Wu
In recent years, higher vocational education has shown an unprecedented momentum of development. The number of students in vocational colleges has continued to grow. The scale of higher vocational education has accounted for half of the ordinary higher education. Facing the rapid development and great...
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Governance by Non-interference and Creating the first-class University ---from examples of Taiwan

Weidong Sun
Governance by non-interference is a significant management feature of Taiwan universities, which has such advantages as inspiring innovation, creating core competence, cultivating sustainable development ability, and so on. However, governance by non-interference doesn't mean simply that managers do...
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Port Management and Operations: Emerging Research on Hotspots and Their Progress

Mingqi Zhang
With the development of the national strategy "the Belt and Road Initiatives ", that have brought new opportunities and challenges to China's port management and operation. Based on the research results of port management and operation at home and abroad, this paper firstly analyzes the shortcomings...
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Application of Mind Map in Principles of Computer Organization

Lei Wei, Qiuyun Zhao
According to characteristics of Principles of Computer Organization which contents is complicated and knowledge is difficult to remember and understand, as well as the problem that the current teaching mode can not mobilize students' active learning awareness and lacks creative thinking training, we...
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Design and Application of Experimental Teaching Assistant Platform for Principle of Computer Composition

Lei Wei, Qiuyun Zhao
This paper discusses problems existing in the experimental teaching of Principle of Computer Composition. In order to strengthen the teaching objective of the course and improve students' practical ability and innovative thinking, an experimental teaching assistant platform is designed and developed...
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OBE Curriculum Scheme Design of Application Software Development Based on Java in CDIO Mode

Qiuyun Zhao, Lei Wei
In view of poor teaching effect of Application Software Development Based on Java, taking CDIO engineering education as an opportunity, the curriculum teaching scheme based on OBE is designed around the engineering education accreditation standards closely. The scheme is built taking the graduation standard...
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Inter-regional Input-output Analysis of the Three Provinces in Northeast China Based on the MRIO Model

Hai Xie, Fu Guo, Ping Mei
The present paper analyzes the industrial correlation between the three provinces in Northeast China based on the MRIO model. The analysis result shows that industries in the three provinces in Northeast China increasingly tend to be identical; the traditional manufacturing industry is still the sector...
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Research on the Application of Traditional Decorative Elements in Contemporary Architectural Design

Jun Yan, Xiaoxian Shan
With the rapid development of building decoration technology, more and more new materials are used in architectural design, in order to meet people's function use, to meet people's spiritual needs in the process, the decoration technology plays a key role. But at the same time, people began to focus...
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Research and Practical Thinking of Residential Interior Design Based on Earthquake Disaster Prevention

Min Zhang, Hua Huang
Earthquake disaster is ruthless, in the process of defense of the earthquake disaster, in addition to the housing structure of the defense measures, the residential room should also be the corresponding design. In particular, with the rapid development of the construction industry, the continuous improvement...
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Display space color design

Xu Gong
in the design of exhibition space, color is a very important design elements. The color is the most direct, most likely to affect the design elements, the first impression to visitors enter the exhibition space, mainly through the building. For a color display space, color design is reasonable or not,...
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Problems and Suggestions on Bicycle Sharing from the Perspective of Law

Heting Sun
As a new way of "Internet + Transportation", the bicycle sharing has occupied an important place in people's daily lives by the convenience of their leasing and return, the simplicity of payment and the characteristics of green lifestyle. However, due to road traffic conditions, urban environment, government...
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Development Prospect and Dilemma of Social Work under the Big Data

Heting Sun
The development of Internet technology has gradually shaped the brand new form of life, and the big data technology as its most by-product has provided the growth of social work with the new opportunities by collecting the massive information rapidly before analyzing and feeding back in an efficient...
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Legal Status of religious place and Legalization Trend in China

Yan Li
At present, the place of religious activities in China does not have independent legal status, and must have four legal elements to become a legitimate social organization. The development of democracy and rule of law in China has promoted the demand of religious activities, and requires legal personality...
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Exploration of Ornamental Mould and Implication of Chinese Folk Gourd Art

Xuefang He, Bing Liu
Gourd art is the ancient Chinese life memory and living cultural gene, it has a unique style and exquisite artistic connotation, from the point of view of inheritance, on the basis of carding the development of the gourd art; this paper makes a deep study of its creation thought, aesthetic characteristics,...
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Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities in the New Media Era ——Innovation research based on sociological perspective

Jiaxu Wu
The new wave of science and technology revolution, which emerged in the second half of the 20th century, pushes mankind to a new era - new media era. The new media era is a brand-new information age. The new features of the times appeared in the new media era has a profound influence on ideological and...
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A Probe into the Socio-economic Benefits of Bicycle Sharing

Xiaohai Xia, Jianhong Wu
With the rapid development of the Internet and the rapid spread of mobile Internet, an emerging concept, sharing economy, is increasingly being used in people's daily lives. In this context, bicycle sharing comes into being, and becomes one of the new highlights of the development of sharing economy....
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Building of an Internet based Industry Platform to Leverage the Aging Industry Development

Dan Liu
The aging trend has brought major changes in the structure of population and social supply &demand. With the rocket of the elderly population, the aging industry is expected to become a new growth for economic development. However, the development of China's aging industry is facing the dilemma of weak...
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Effects of Quality Nursing on Pulmonary Function and Quality of Life in Elderly Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Shujing Zhang, Dandan Yang
Aim: To investigate the clinical effect and value of quality nursing on lung function and quality of life in elderly COPD patients. Methods: A total of 80 elderly COPD patients admitted to our hospital from March 2015 to March 2017 were randomly selected and divided into two groups (n = 40). The control...
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The interrelation between industrial culture core values and traditional Chinese culture

Lele Dong
China has a long history of industrial culture. There is a similarity between industrial culture core values and traditional Chinese culture. Firstly, this paper analyzed the source and concept of the industrial culture , then introduced the Chinese industrial culture core values and expounded the fit...
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Building on Management Model of Modern Green University

Jun Tu, Mei-ling Hu
Environmental education and green university construction not only has practical significance to the construction of world class universities, but also has far-reaching educational significance to the construction of construction of ecological civilization. First of all, the domestic and foreign literature...
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The Impact of Minimum Wage on Urban Residents' Employment

Dongfang Zhang
Minimum wage system is a government choice which intends to guarantee low income worker's income and protect their rights and interests. Its impact on employment has led to extensive controversy. Targeted at the urban informal employment, this paper collects panel data of 30 provinces from 2000 to 2010...
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Investor attention and stock returns ——An empirical study based on WeChat index

Jiajian Liu, Qirong He, Zongru Yang
This paper is based on WeChat index, at first, 5 industries which are closely related to the daily life of Wechat users in stock markets are selected randomly, they are retail, securities, media, clothing, home textiles, food processing and manufacturing. After that, we select 30 stocks from 5 different...
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Construction of Ecological Chain of Urban Sustainable Education under the Background of Informatization —Taking "Knowledge• Practice• Parks" volunteer service team as an example

Kewei Wang, Zhiheng Zhang, Yongli Wang, Xintong Yu
In the age of information, the sustainable development of education is confronted by the incomplete education objects, the weak organization, the out of life contents and other difficulties. Based on the practical experience of "Knowledge• Practice• Parks" volunteer service team in Wuhan, this thesis...
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Verification of Promoting Regional Economic Development to the National Sports Base Based on Double Difference Method

Qiang Zhang, Xiang-rong Dong
sports industry, as one of the most promising sunrise industries in China, has become a new growth point of national economic growth. The establishment of national sports industrial base has contributed to the development of sports industry, but it has yet to be proved whether it has promoted the development...
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Potential Opportunities in the Development of China's Belt and Road Initiative in Terms of Policies of the US to the Islamic World

Shijie Zhou
Since the 1979 Islamic revolution, the American attitude toward Iran's Shiite political Islam is trying to kill, exaggerate the so-called "Islamic threat" constantly, and caused the Islamic world general anti-western miscalculation. Meanwhile, the Sunni political Islam of Afghanistan is being cultivated...
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An Exploration and Practice on Stage Teaching Method in Pediatrics

Shougang Wang, Tao Cui
With the gradual deepening of national health care reform, the need for pediatrician keeps increasing. However, there are many problems in pediatrics teaching in medical college, such as mainly using spoon-feeding teaching method which provides few opportunities for actual clinical practice with children...
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A Study on the Impact of International Labor Standards on China 's Textile and Apparel Export

Chunxiao Hou
As the traditional labor-intensive industry in our country, the textile industry plays a supportive role in the economy of our country. Recently, the RMB exchange rate has retreated. The textile and garment industry is expected to usher in an inflection point. Its quota has drawn wide attention. At the...
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Exploration of CIS middle school class moral education pattern based on the perspective of youth development planning.

Yan He
This paper based on Medium and long term plan of youth development (2016-2025 years) , aiming at the new requirements and measures of young people's ideological and education , probes into a new method of moral education in middle schools . We Start from the class work , drawing on the experience of...
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Critical Thinking of Ongoing Arguments about "the younger, the better" Hypothesis in Second Language Acquisition

Huaifei Huang
With some clear review of the previous studies on "the younger, the better" hypothesis, the article here attempts to summarize possible factors responsible for the ongoing arguments about this topic, and puts forward some items necessary for a more rational paradigm in further study.
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Eradicate School Bullying and Build Harmonious Campus ——Analysis and prevention of school bullying based on the sociological perspective

Jiaxu Wu
Recently, school bullying incidents in primary and secondary school occur frequently and related news reports emerge in endlessly, which may be quite lamenting. Frequent incidents of bullying are no longer just small scale of chippings in the campus, which can be a precursor of social violence in the...
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Research on Cultural Construction Strategy of University Motto

Sufen Xu
University motto is the concentrated reflection of university educational philosophy. To carry out the cultural construction of university motto should pay attention to the following three aspects: the form of the university motto should be consistent with the unification of refinement and diversification;...
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The Main Factors Change of Economic Growth Regional Economic Disparities in China and Economic Transformation of China

Yaling Li
This paper, based on regional panel data from 2003 to 2015 in China, uses mixed estimate dynamic growth model to empirically test the relationship between the main factors change of economic growth and regional economic disparity and economic transformation in China. The empirical results show that the...
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China's Green Food Market Analysis and Product Promotion

Kong Lin
Green food has won universal popularity from all levels of government, enterprises and consumers with its scientific standard system, characteristic institutional arrangement, and safe and high-quality brand image. The development of China's green food market is directly related to the economic growth,...
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Suppression of character in English story-reading: The case of Chinese students

Na Zhao
The study, from the perspective of Structure Building Framework by Gensbacher, provides the basis interpretation of story-reading comprehension processing for L2 learners. The findings of two experiments, conducted with the aid of E-Prime Programming, revealed that (1) learners activate suppression mechanism...
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Problems and Countermeasures in the Training of International Trade Professionals in Higher Vocational Colleges

Peng Li
On November 20th, 2001, China has accessed to the "WTO ", nearly 17 years. During this period, China's economy has continued to develop at medium and high speed, and "China's speed" has made the world wonder. In 2010, China's economy size is larger than Japan, leapt to the world's second largest economy,...
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The Boundary and Protection of Internet Expression Right

Qian Meng
Nowadays, the development of the Internet has provided a new, more convenient and free platform for people to express their opinions on the internet. This makes people pay more attention to Internet Expression Right and the broader scope of Internet Expression Right.The first part of this article is...