Proceedings of the 2022 5th International Conference on Humanities Education and Social Sciences (ICHESS 2022)

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Research on Interactive Relationship of Global Climate Governance and a Community of Shared Future for Mankind

Wenyu Wang
Global climate change is threatening the sustainable development of natural ecosystems and human society, including terrestrial ecosystems and aquatic ecosystems. Global climate governance has become a serious problem and subject for human development in the 21st century. In the current process of global...
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Quality Input as a Key Factor in Second Language Acquisition

Evidence from Chinese English Learners Aged Under 12

Wandi Wang
In linguistics, a hotly debated question is that why some second language learners are better than others. One practical and applicable theory accounting for the difference in L2 acquisition is “The Input Hypothesis” presented by Krashen. This theory has been evidenced by many experiments carried out...
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The Exploration of Online Learning Based on the Blended Teaching Model of Intercultural Communication

Ling Hao
In times of information explosion and Internet technology, cultivating the students’ ability to think, learn and apply creatively is the core of teaching. The blended teaching model, supported by information technology, has transformed traditional classroom teaching into flexible “3A” learning. This...
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The Effect of Mindfulness Training on Mobile Phone Addiction in College Students

Peiqi Fang
The relationship between modern science and technology and human civilisation has always been one of the topics of general concern in society. Mobile phone addiction is now very common in universities, and it has serious impacts on the physical and mental health of university students. There is currently...
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The Attitude of Chinese College Students Towards Suicide Survivors: An Exploration of the Influencing Factors of Stigma Attitude

Yiran He
In today’s society with a high suicide rate, suicide survivors have become a group that cannot be ignored. In addition to feeling sad, they are often stigmatized by others. The purpose of this survey is to explore the factors that affect the public stigma of Chinese college students on suicide survivors....
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The Impact of Schooling Resources on Students’ Self-Expectations

Yun Wang
The distribution of educational resources in schools, as a manifestation of educational equity, is having a significant impact on the development of individual students. This study examined the impact of three dimensions of schooling resources on students’ self-expectations from the aspects of electronic...
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From “Decentralized Governance” to “Integrated Governance”: A Logical Shift in Social Governance

Jiahao Li
With the accentuation of high complexity and uncertainty in post-industrial society, the traditional governance model characterized by a single subject can no longer meet the requirements of this trend. This means that it is necessary to break through the constraints of the original governance model...
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Coexistence of Divinity and Custom: The Song Dynasty Shanxi Gaoping Kaihua Temple Murals Secularization Reason Analysis

Yue Wu, Zhekai Wu, Tianyi Zhou, Shan Guo, Zheng Ding
Mural is the early form of Chinese painting, and its rich image information has important historical value for the study of connotation. During the Song Dynasty, the production of Shanxi murals reached its peak, especially with a large number of Buddhist themes in temple murals. These mural images have...
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An Analysis of Stereotypes in Television Advertising——Take “Household Appliances” and “Women” as Examples

Jie Gu
Stereotypes refer to fixed impressions of a certain type of person, which associate with characteristics and behaviors, while gender stereotypes indicate social qualities that people have different expectations for males and females, including how they deal with matters, their personality characteristics,...
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Are Women and Men Generating Different Views of an Unintended Pregnancy in Casual or Serious Relationships Before They Get Married?

Yuesi Lin
Since ancient times, for a long time, men and women have been treated unfairly in society. With the development and progress of the times, this phenomenon has been improved. However, there are still many assessments of gender inequality in modern society, especially when men and women are doing the same...
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Thoughts and Suggestions on “Technology+” Psychological Training for College Students

Hao Wen, Zhiyong Zhang, CongCong Lv, Lijun Zhang, Xin Li
At present, science and technology are promoting the reform and innovation of psychological training, our country’s psychological training are also constantly absorbing science and technology, further development, psychological training as one of the entrance education of college students, has a long...
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China’s Non-professional Far-Reaching Mobilization of High School Students’ Knee Injury Status

Bohan Li
In China, with the increasing demand for selecting more great teenage athletes for the professional sports association and helping more teenagers to have healthier bodies, education bureaus and sports bureaus publish several policies to increase the importance of sports for students. However, in China,...
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The Negative Transfer of Chinese Syntax in English Writing: Evidence from Chinese ESL Learners’ Written Materials

Yuchen Pan, Shuiqingqing Hu, Chenxi Wang
Numerous studies have shown that language transfer is central to second language acquisition, and syntactic transfer is an important part of language transfer. At present, the research on syntactic transfer mainly focuses on theoretical errors or marked language analysis. However, it is not practical,...
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The History and Future of Liberalism

Jiashu Chen
Liberalism, originating from seventeenth century enlightenment philosophers, emphasizes the ideas of natural rights, liberties, law and contract. Many political and economical institutions and applications, like constitution and free market economy were derived from it. Liberal theorists also provided...
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The Construction of Network Marketing and Live Broadcast E-commerce Major Based on E-commerce Majors Group

Pingping Pan
Based on the strong demand of e-commerce industry for technical and skilled talents, and taking the construction of high-level e-commerce majors group as the logical starting point, this paper analyzes the main problems faced by the current construction of E-marketing and live E-commerce Major in higher...
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Blueprint for Integration of University Archive Resources Based on City Memory

Wenli Jia
The specifications of archive resource construction in one university are usually different from others, and university archive resources are mostly scatted outside of city memory. The origin, necessity and basis of university archive resource integration are analyzed in this article, and it is proposed...
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The Internal and External Obstacles of the Creativity in Education in Hong Kong

Qingya Zhao
In the era of a knowledge-based economy, cultivating students’ creativity has received increasing policy and research attention worldwide. Although Hong Kong has launched educational reforms aiming at fostering creativity in daily class, the implementation of creativity in education still encounters...
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A Preliminary Study on the Effect of Chinese Instrument Guzheng Music on Heart Rate and Mood

Tailai Li
This paper mainly studies the apparent effects of the music played by Chinese traditional instrument Guzheng on biological functions, especially on heart rate and mood. Today, many scholars are seeking other active interventions, such as psychology, to reduce the psychological factors caused by the disease....
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The Role of Perfectionism in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Lingyun Lu
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a chronic and serious disorder, that results in functional impairments and negative life outcomes. Investigating the etiological model of OCD is a vital task to provide treatment implications. Empirical evidence suggests that perfectionism plays a key role in the...
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Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Hot Words in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Wenyue Liu, Dan Xu, Fu Xinjun
As the language that carries Internet culture, Internet hot words are gradually becoming mature with the development of the times. With their increasing influence in social life, in recent years, scholars have aroused the research of Internet hot words, and achieved good results. certain results. Hot...
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An Analysis of the Negative L1 Transfer in the Learning Process of German Modal Verbs by Native Chinese Speakers

Yihan Li
With the increasingly stronger bonds between Germany and China, German is now one of the most preferred minority languages for Chinese learners. The problem of negative L1 transfer of native Chinese speakers in the process of learning German is also gaining more focus. However, as an important grammatical...
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Impact of the E-sports Industry on Chinese Social Economy

Ruiqi Sun
Chinas’ E-sports industry have the largest population of game players in the worldwide, Currently, over 600 million people, play games on phones, computers or game consoles. The impact of E-sports Industry has comprehensive influence on Chinese Social Economy since 2013. With the support of local industrial...
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Four Risk Factors Associated with Adolescent Depression: Discrimination, Academic Stress, Migrant Status and Family Bullying

Yutong Liu, Jiachen Shi, Linlin Song, Shu Shi
Mental disorders have now played an increasingly crucial part in triggering disability, among which depression is especially worth attention. Its prevalence has been very high worldwide, especially in undeveloped and unwealthy countries and areas. This mental disorder can be found in a wide range of...
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A Review of Special Education for Autistic Children

Jianhan Liu
The educational development of children with autism is an important social issue today. Many children with autism often have many unexpected situations when they receive the same education as ordinary children, and many parents and teachers fail to identify the educational deficiencies and needs of children...
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Diet Problem Focusing on Environmental Consumption

Keying Lin, Binwen Xu, Zhiqi Yao
Human bodies need various types of nutrients each day to make the body function normally, and the ratio and amount of consumption of each nutrient are significant, especially for teenagers. Today, as the earth's resources continue to decline and environmental pollution continues to increase, people...
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Construction and Empirical Research on the Coupling Coordination Model of Tourism Industry-Regional Economy-Information Industry System

Qin Yang, Junyi Wei, Tingting Ni, Pan Zhao
The article analyzes the comprehensive level and coordination level of the tourism industry-regional economy-information industry system in Chongqing from 2010 to 2020. The study found that: the comprehensive index of the tourism industry, regional economy, and information industry system has steadily...
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Long Trend of PM2.5 Mass Concentration Variations and Its Related Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases in Ten Countries

Shunuan Xie
Numerous epidemiology studies indicated that exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) could cause chronic human health effects. However, long-term trends in PM2.5-related health effects across countries remain unclear. Hence, we aimed to explore the differences in long trend variations for PM2.5 mass...
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Analysis and Comparison of the Business Models of Yesoul and Peloton, the Leading Fitness Companies in China and the United States

Haozhi Tian
As the quality of life improves and people pay more attention to health, the fitness industry is growing rapidly. There is one leading company in China and the United States, Yesoul and Peloton. In this work, the two companies’ business models are analyzed in detail, and the advantages and disadvantages...
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Redefining Womanhood in Generation Z: An Analysis of Gender Representation and Awareness in K-pop Culture

Yuxi Zhang, Liuhan Chen, Jiayang Chen, Xinmeng Mi, Shuyu Zhu
This study aims to explore gender awareness and representation in current K-pop industry through analyzing music videos, lyrics, and social media of three K-pop girl groups Red Velvet, LOONA, (G)I-DLE against gender discrimination in K-pop industry and patriarchal society in South Korea. The study adopts...
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Plagiarism in Second Language Academic Writing: Causes and Solutions

Ge Xu
This paper first reviews research into the role of culture and authorial identity as causes of plagiarism in L2 writings. Then, the paper surveys solutions for L2 writing plagiarism, including pedagogical assistance and transitional writing methods (i.e., patchwriting and paraphrasing). This research...
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Sexual Double Standards: People’s Perception of Unintended Pregnancies in Different Commitments to Relationships

Chengze Li
This research proposal aims to investigate people’s endorsement of sexual double standards (SDS) when they perceive unintended pregnancies in different commitments to relationships. 400 male and female heterosexual students (age: 18–22) from Nanjing Vocational University of Industry Technology in China...
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Research on the Quality Improvement Path of “Youth Horse Project” in Universities under the Pattern of “Big Thinking and Politics”-Take Zhejiang Ocean University as an Example

Kai Duan, Yuping Xu, Xinhao Sun, Nian Ning, Haiqiang Yan, Jialing Cao, Yeyi Si, Xinke Pan
This paper analyzes the dilemma faced by Zhejiang Ocean University in the process of carrying out the “Youth Horse Project” against the background of “Big Thinking and Politics”, and explores the path to improve the quality of its “Youth Horse Project” through the phenomenon, hoping that it can serve...
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Assessing University Library Efficiency Using Stochastic Frontier Analysis and Analysis of the Influencing Factors on University Library

Lihong Li
University libraries provide forceful support for teaching and scientific research in universities, therefore the efficiency and its influencing factors of university libraries should be evaluated and analyzed, which is good for university libraries to play an important role in scientific communities....
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On Construction of Cultivation Mechanism of Military-Civilian Integrated Talents in National defense Science, Technology and Industry

He Gui, Xiang Zhang
The national defense science and technology industry talents training takes the road of military-civilian integration, which is an experience summary of the national defense science and technology industry talents training mechanism, and is a requirement of economic and social development for the development...
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Multidimensional Thinking on Educational Equity of National College Entrance Examination in China

Qiaodan Nie
Education equity has always been an important issue in the field of education that global education has always paid attention to. Education equity covers many aspects of education and is a core driving force for the improvement and development of education itself. This paper discusses the hot issues...
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Parental Factors Influencing Expenditure in Preschool Education: Evidence from 2018 China Family Panel Studies (CFPS)

Ruimiao Li, Tao Liu, Xuanwen Liu
The disparities in parental investments might affect preschool children’s early learning experiences and quality, and result in inequality in children’s future development. Based on 282 three-to-five-year-old children and their families from the China Family Panel Studies in 2018, this paper adopted...
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Determine The Correlation between Majors and Wages of College Students

Sirong Guo
Currently in China, more and more college students are not anticipated to choose jobs related to their majors as their future careers after graduation, while they choose jobs with good salaries and welfare. Nowadays, most people's jobs don't match their majors well. This research evaluates...
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Exploration on the Reform of Professional Courses in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of "Curriculum Ideology and Politics" -- Taking "Short Video Script Creation" as an Example

Zifei Kong
"Curriculum Ideology and politics" is a new teaching concept, which has multiple functions of knowledge transmission, ability training and ideological and political education. It is also an important task to cultivate students' world outlook, outlook on life and values. As an important...
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Re-cognition of Librarians' Positive Emotions

Jian Xu
Based on literature survey and questionnaire survey, this paper analyzes the cognition of librarians' emotional state in the process of service, and proposes to cultivate librarians' positive emotions The concrete path of emotional service value: arouse librarians' emotional consciousness;...
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Literature Review of ESG Investment

Ruiying Li
ESG is considered as an increasingly significant factor under the aggravation of global issues. It comprises four main bodies (ESG facilitators, ESG evaluators, ESG investors, and ESG practitioners). This paper systematically reviewed the current development of ESG investment from the perspectives of...
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Research on the construction of intelligent accounting personnel training system under digital economy

Yuan li Cui
With the innovative development of digital economy, it drives the deep transformation of traditional economy and gives birth to many new forms and models of business. The content and process of enterprise accounting work are also undergoing subversive changes. The traditional accounting accounting talents...
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The Effect of Family Income on Parents' Motivation to Support Children’s English Learning at Primary Level

Muchen Yan
English has been highly valued as one of the major subjects in Chinese College Entrance Examinations. And with globalization, acquiring skills to use English has become a common goal for most families. Existing studies have revealed the effects of family income on students' academic performance...
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The Progressive Conformity Compulsion to a Synchronized Group Among Adolescents in the United States

Liyan Xu
As our technological world continues to evolve, people are encountering different forms of pressure incrementally, both physical and mental. The world for teenagers has completely reshaped itself into another form compared to the childhood their parents had experienced. The importance of education had...
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The Representation of Female College Students in Chinese Internet Media

Hanwen Ye, Mengjie Liu, Shuo Li, Xinran Qu
To investigate how female college students are represented in media portrayals, the authors explore the rhetoric and reality surrounding female college students in China through a content analysis of Internet media. The study explains the potential ideologies behind the media's portrayal from 359...
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Practical Teaching Design of Programming Course for Automation Major of New Engineering Education

Qinghua Yu, Bin Liu, Xiaohong Xu, Zongtan Zhou
Under the background of new engineering education, automation major education faces new requirements of engineering practice reform. As the basic tool course of automation major, the programming course needs to further optimize the teaching content and strengthen practical teaching. This work designs...
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Research on Telework Changes Employees’ Stress Levels during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Specific Potential Stressors are Influencing the General Well-being of Employees

Yicheng Jiang
Due to the expansion of COVID-19, a growing number of employees are forced to use telework as a new strategy to cope with the problem of continuing work during this sudden and serious pandemic. Though the research was to investigate the influences of telework on people’s well-being in general, the question...
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Values Education through Curriculum: A Bibliometric Analysis of Researches in China

Jun Sun, Minlou Liu, Hengqiang Hu
Values Education through Curriculum (VEC), which was first introduced in China in 2014, referred to a comprehensive educational concept in which all types of professional curriculums advance alongside ideological and political theory courses, in the form of building an all-person, all-process, and all-curriculum...
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Analyze the Full Life of Frederick II

Xuzi Wu
The text, Constitutions of Melfi has shown that the Constitutions has many innovations compared to its predecessors, and furtherly made up the basis of further development of Sicilian absolutism; it also reflected some historical backgrounds in the period when it is issued, such as foreign control of...
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The Transformation of Teaching Strategy and Teacher Competency Cultivation in Public Primary Schools Under the Double Reduction of Education (“shuang jian”)——Based on Interview

Ziyi Liu
Since the promulgation of the Double Reduction, new requirements have been placed on both schools and teachers. The improvement of schools and the degree of teachers' adaptation vary from region to region. This paper is based on interviews with nine elementary school teachers, one educational department...
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The Influence of College Students' Acquisition of Sexual Knowledge on New Media Platforms on Their Willingness to Voluntarily Take Contraceptive Measures When They Have Sex - Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior

Rumeng Hou
This study used a questionnaire survey to collect 510 questionnaires from different universities, different regions and different genders, of which 457 were valid. The questionnaire was based on the Theory of Planned Behavior, with questions and three hypotheses on attitudes, subjective norms, perceived...
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Research on Children's Language Acquisition in the Context of Embodied Cognition Theory

Ying Wang
The rise of embodied cognition provides a new cognitive perspective and a new pathway for students' language learning. At the same time, children's language development is both embodied and contextual, and children acquire language through bodily and perceptual involvement, mental simulation,...
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The Causes of Depression and Its Social Factor

Jiupeng Xiang
Higher rates of depression in college students are more frequent now, probably caused by studying, stress, living away from their family, inefficiency in higher education or various discrimination, etc. Among all these factors, it is crucial to get a complete comprehension of depression and different...
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Research on the Cultivation of College Students’ “Four Histories” Learning and Educational Identity

Shili Zhao
With the new changes of world conditions, national conditions and party conditions in the new era, the cultivation of college students faces many challenges and problems. Focusing on the question of "who to train, how to train people, and for whom", colleges and universities must deeply understand...
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Premarital Sexuality, Gender Relations and Unplanned Pregnancies in Sexual Double Standards

Jiayi Guo
Boys and men are believed to be praised and positively attributed by others for illegitimate sexual encounters, while girls and women are seen to be demeaning and stigmatized for similar behavior. In other words, men are rewarded for sexual activity, and women are devalued for the same activity. Sexual...
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Primary Source Analysis: The Constitution of Narbonne 1260

Guanjie Ding
After some reading and talking to people, I did have an answer that I’m satisfied with; clothing is something that people would commonly use to identify the state of mind and personality of an individual, also best reflects the spirit of a person. In Franciscan Order’s case my understanding is that,...
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Research on the Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture and Moral Education Elements into the Teaching Measures of Medical International Students

Yamei Lin, Yingbo Li
The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) culture contains the moral education elements of "benevolence and sincerity". This paper takes the international students of Chinese medicine as the research object, and mainly studies how to integrate the moral education elements of TCM culture into the...
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Urban Planning Project about HI-Tech Waterfront City

Chenwei Liu, Haonan Yan
The master plan is a dynamic long-term program that provides a conceptual layout to guide the city's future development from diverse aspects. Each urban designer plans out the general content of the corresponding area. The main aim of this article is to examine some of the urban planning theories...
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Research on Data-Driven Precise Transformation Mechanism of Scientific and Technological Achievements in Colleges and Universities

Yinbo Ma
From a data-driven perspective, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities means the cross-link integration, dynamic adaptation, precise matching, and organization between the supply of scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities...
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Go Back to Personal Experience: on the Self and the Other in the Dream of the Unified Field

Hanruo Wang
A renowned contemporary American poetess and Pulitzer Prize winner, Jorie Graham has received great attention and much research in contemporary times for her creative talent. This thesis will select the poem The Dream of the Unified Field, which has the same title as her Pulitzer Prize-winning poem collection...
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Three Factors Leading to the Poor English Oral Performance of Chinese Teenage English Learners

Zeyu Li, Ziyi Zhao
Around the world, people use English as the general purpose language. In China, most students will learn English through primary school, junior high, and high school. The standard of mastering a language is how the learners can precisely and accurately use it. Daily communication (speaking), on the other...
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The Link Between Abuse and Depression

Ziyu Yang
Depression is a ubiquitous basic; in the world, the incidence of depression is very high. More and more scholars are interested in the research of depression. So, studying the causes of depression is very important for life and research. There have been many detailed studies on the diagnosis of depression....
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Viewing the Enlightenment of Civilization through Cannibalism in Early Eighteenth-Century British Literature

Yiyao Sun
Cannibalism is a taboo for humans in both cultural and medicinal history of Western civilizations. The rapidly growing British Empire developed various strategies to deal with the stigma of cannibalism and moral guilt within. In the early eighteenth century, cannibalistic events were present in the works...
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The Negative Transfer Confronted by Chinese English Learners: from the Perspective of Linguistics and Culture

Xinyi Liu, Runfei Yan
In previous studies, much literature has demonstrated from different perspectives that the first language (L1) has certain effects on the second language (L2). Such effects are called negative transfer in second language acquisition (SLA). This study focuses on two types of negative transfer that could...
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Marketing Strategies of Short Beauty Videos on Douyin

Qi Bao, Xiaoke Ran
Since the development of the short video industry, many vertical domains have been formed, and short beauty videos are one of the most important fields. Relying on their professional knowledge and approachable expression, many self-media bloggers focusing on creating short beauty videos have achieved...
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Research on Virtual Brand Community from the Perspective of Relationship

Take Magic Awakening Mobile Game as an Example

Yuxin Du, Xiaodi Yang
With the development of the Internet, more and more brand merchants use the online virtual brand community model for marketing. Consumers have transformed from a single passive object to an aggregated community group, releasing huge energy. There are many mediating factors in the transition from community...
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On the Criminal Regulation of DNS Hijacking

Jin Liu, Ran Wu, Aolin Zhang, Jingwen Zhang
In judicial practice, the conviction of DNS hijacking has been highly controversial. The relevant crimes of this act mainly include the crime of illegally controlling computer information systems, the crime of destroying computer information systems, the crime of theft, etc. However, the distinction...
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In People with BN (bulimia nervosa), the Reward Mechanism for People with Food Addiction

Yiming Cheng
Firstly, an exhibition on eating disorders and body shaming is on display in Shanghai. The exhibition is designed by people who are patients with eating disorders. The exhibition is an introduction to the subject of eating disorders, and bulimia in particular. In addition, the exhibition highlights the...
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VR Technology in International Education of Chinese Language

Mengmeng Zhang, Yingbo Li
The integration of VR technology and international education of Chinese language is the trend and trend of future education development. VR technology will inevitably provide new ideas for the reform of education and teaching mode. This paper focuses on the combination of virtual reality technology and...
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The Importance of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Policy — The Improvement and Experience from Past Policies

Qifan Zhao
Poverty is an issue faced by most if not all the countries in the world and it proposes a great challenge to all governments and their people. It is one of the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. Since the last century, the UN has recognized that about 11.6% of the world population...
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Examining the Effect of Immersion Education on Article Acquisition for Chinese Learners of English

Chenghao Yu, Xueyuan Xiong, Zihe Liu
This article is trying to study about article acquisition, for bilingual students under the circumstances of immersive education. The purpose of the study is to find out if the immersive environment of language education will either cause a positive impact on language acquisition. In this study, a public...
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A Review of Family Education and Personalities

Mingxuan Chia
With the popularization of education and the development of society, great attention has been paid to pedagogy and individual differences. The connection between the two has been clearly demonstrated in schooling. However, the relationship between family education (focuses on oral education, behavior...