Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Education Social Sciences and Humanities (ICESSHum 2019)

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Social Contracts: Relationship Balances between Aristocratic and People in South Sulawesi

Najamuddin, M. Rasyid Ridha, Amiruddin
This research aimed to; analyzing patterns of aristocratic relations with the people, and social contracts between nobles and people in South Sulawesi. This type of research was qualitative research with a historical sociological approach to describe patterns of relations and social contracts that occur...
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The Agility Contribution through Dribble (Basketball Ability) for Student of SMPN 4 Siak Hulu – Kampar

Safri Nuryadi, Zulrafli, Debby Indah
Contribution of ability in Dribble is necessary; As the observational and research is being done on the field incompetence dribbling ball gives chance to the rivals take the ball easily. Motivation and enthusiast on basketball become the reason why it need to doing for research. In this thesis, there...
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Developed Students Character at Elementary School through Wordless Picture Book

Nina Nurhasanah, Nadiroh, Maratun Nafiah
This research aim toobtain data on the effectiveness of wordless picture book in developing the character of grade 2 elementary school student. Wordless Picture Book as book of enrichmentwhich can be used by teacher to developed student character.Thisbook contains few part of story whichloadcharactervalue...
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Research Guidance for Students of the Indonesian Language Education in Master Programs (Needs Analysis in the Era of Disruption)

Ida Zulaeha, Fitriyaningsih
Students are customers of a university. Study services, namely research guidance needs to be done in various ways so that Indonesian Language Education Masters students can complete their studies on time in the era of disruption. This research was conducted with the aim of analyzing the need for research...
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Effect of Sales Growth and Asset Structure on Capital Structure in Real Estate and Property Companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Haljeki Aulia, Lara Al Ashry, Halkadri Fitra
This study aims to analyze the effect of (1) sales growth and (2) asset structure on capital structure in real estate and property companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). This research is classified as causative research, using secondary data with a population of all real estate and property...
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Zoning System of Education as a Strategy for Equalizing Education Quality in the Disruptive Era (Legal Aspect Review)

Zoning system of education, as a strategy to improve service and equalization of education quality, practically has received pros and cons response among Indonesia society. It is indicated by emerging problems such as the abuse of Certificate of Inadequacy and the different interpretation of zoning rules...
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The Impact of Think Pair Share (TPS) Learning Models on Stoichiometry Lessons in Paket C Program

Tri Joko Raharjo, Harianingsih
Stoichiometry is one of the lessons given to paket C students. Chemical education, especially stoichiometry, is often considered a difficult and tedious lesson. For this reason, it is necessary to have an innovative learning model that can increase learning motivation and absorption capacity of C paket...
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The Effect of Audio Visual Media on Dance Competence of 5-6 Years Old Children at TKA Plus AN-NIZAM Kindergarten Academic Year 2017/2018

Kamtini Kamtini, Enggan Ratna Saputri
Problem in this research was the lack of dance competency of children. The purpose of this research was to know the effect of using audio visual media on competency of children age 5-6 in TKA Plus An-Nizam Kindergarten. The type of this research was quantitative (experiment) with the Pre- experimental...
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Developing History Teaching Materials Based on Environment, Museum Batik Pekalongan

Wasino, Fitri Amalia Shintasiwi
Museum is very important for teaching material in history subject matter, but in Pekalongan city, there are still many people, especially those who concern to education have not made use of its existence maximally. So far, the empirical reality at school shows that history teachers have not optimized...
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Revitalizing Teaching English as a Foreign Language Course for 21st Century Learning

Ni Nyoman Padmadewi, Luh Putu Artini, Putu Kerti Nitiasih
It is a national issue that English literacy levels of Indonesian students are still low if compared with students from other countries. It is a serious challenge for the lecturers of Education Departments in universities on how to produce teachers who are capable of conducting 21st century learning...
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Integration Model Development of Emotional Intelligence In Mathematical Problem-Based Learning

Ahmad Syawaluddin, Ramlan Mahmud, Naimah Paronda
This research includes research development (Research and Development). The purpose of this study is to obtain an overview of the mathematics learning model in junior high schools at this time and to obtain an emotional intelligence integration model in a valid, practical, and effective problem-based...
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Political Participation of Voters in the Simultaneous Regional Elections at South Sulawesi

Firman Umar, Muhammad Akbal
This research aims to analyze: (1) the level of political participation of voters in the simultaneous regional elections in 2015 in South Sulawesi Province, and (2) the contributions of legal election towards political participation of voters in South Sulawesi Province. This research was normative law-sociological...
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Portrait of The Effectiveness of Authentic Assessment Based on High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in Elementary School of Medan

Faisal, Elvi Mailani, Stelly Martha Lova, Husna P. Tambunan
This study aims to describe the effectiveness of the implementation of authentic evaluations based on High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in Elementary School of Medan. This research is motivated by the government policy regarding the implementation of the 2013 curriculum which mandates the application...
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The Effect of Instructional Methods and Interests to be Teachers toward Teacher Learning Skills

Faried Wadjdi, Hartati Muchtar, Zulfiati Syahrial, Yuli Sutoto Nugroho
The Background of this study is the competencies that must be possessed by a teacher are pedagogic competence, personality competence, social competence, and professional competence. This research aims to examine the effect of the interaction all methods and the interest in being a teacher towards teacher...
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Motivation Learning of Football : Application Small Sided Games

Gatot Darmawan, Mochamad Ridwan, Yonny Herdyanto
The objectives of research : (1) the effect of small sided games with the motivation of students to take part in football learning. (2) Female student’s motivation in football learning. The sample in this study included an experimental group consisting of 18 female students from class XI IPS 1, and...
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Analysis of the accreditation grade of study programs in Indonesia higher education

Sutopo Sutopo, Sugiyono Sugiyono, Bayu Rahmat Setiadi
This study aims to investigate the accreditation grade of college study program in Indonesia. The study was based on seven standards of accreditation instruments of higher education. It compares the grade of institutional groups, how the grades varies among study programs in Java and Outside Java, and...
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The Effect of Individual Counseling through Rationale Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) approach on the Bullied Students’ Resilience

Zuraida Lubis, Nurul Novia
This study aims to determine the effect of individual counseling with the REBT approach to the resilience of students who are victims of bullying in the Amir Hamzah Medan private middle school of academic year 2018/2019. It was a quantitative study with Quasi Experimental design type One Group Pre-test...
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The Effect of Gender, Ecoliteracy and Environmental Culture to Social Support in Order to Prevent Human Trafficking

Nadiroh, Komarudin Sahid, Shahibah Yuliani, Uswatun Hasanah
Lack of access about information and low education rate of women, has become a part of women’s dependence in economic, which implicate to the susceptibility of women as the victim of human trafficking. The purpose of this research is to examine the construct from latent variable and theoretic model of...
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Ngasuh Anauk Song: A Form of Love Representation between Mother and Children

Evi Dianti Putri, Indrayuda
This article aims to reveal and explain Ngasuh Anauk song in the Hamparan Rawang area of Sungai Penuh city. This song, traditionally cultivated by the Hamparan Rawang community, aims to express the love of a mother to her child. The research method is descriptive, with the intention of describing the...
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An Analysis of Perspective Value in Bamboo Flute Music Transformation: From Bamboo Instruments to Keyboard Instruments

Rodinal Maarif, Indrayuda
This article aims to reveal the transformation of Bamboo Flute music, from bamboo instruments to keyboard instruments. The research method is descriptive, with the intention of describing the issue of the transition of sound composition from a bamboo musical instrument to an electrical musical instrument,...
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Map of Development of Central Java Coastal Dance

Muhammad Jazuli, Suharto
Dance that grows and develops in the northern coastal communities of Central Java is a form of symbolic expression that has a function of ritual, spectacle, and entertainment. Therefore, mapping various types, themes, functions and efforts to develop traditional dance in the northern coastal areas of...
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Fostering the State Ideology at Indonesian Universities: Challenges and Strategies in the Disruptive Era

Dani Muhtada
Pancasila has become the country's ideology for Indonesia for more than seven decades. However, efforts to foster the state ideology remain challenging especially since the country's citizens are now faced with several consequences of the so-called the disruptive era. This paper discusses the challenges...
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The existence of Pancasila Values in the Disrupted Era

Apeles Lexi Lonto, Theodorus Pangalila
The pace of industrial revolution 4.0 has driven disruption in various fields of life, including the life of the nation and state. The disruption era not only shifted old values and replaced them with new technology-based values, but also caused changes in lifestyle. Pancasila as the high value of the...
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Developing Instrument for Evaluating English for Nursing Materials

Ayu Septiwi
Teachers have to develop, adopt or combine teaching materials carefully, especially for the students of English for Special Purpose (ESP) course such as English for nursing, where the course is developed based on the students’ needs. In these activities, evaluating the material is an important procedure...
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Influence of Educational Level and Gender on Students’ Verbal Ability

Rita Eka Izzaty, Farida Agus Setiawati
This study aims to assess whether there is a difference in verbal ability by the educational level and gender of students. The educational level consists of Junior High School (JHS), Senior High School (SHS) and Vocational High School (VHS), as well as Higher Education Institution (HEI); while the gender...
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Post Trauma Counseling for Early Childhood Teachers and Tutors (An Experiment Study in Central Sulawesi)

M. Solehuddin, Nandang Budiman
Natural disasters occurring in Central Sulawesi in 2018 has caused psychological trauma on people affected, including early childhood (EC) teachers and tutors. Related to this grief, the current study aims at examining the effectiveness of post trauma counseling in developing capability of EC teachers...
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Analysis of Agreement and Disagreement Expressions in Japanese (On Kaiwa Text Books I- IV at Japanese Language Education Program Universitas Negeri Jakarta)

Yuniarsih, Iin Yulianti
In Japanese there are various forms of disclosure agree (Sansei) and disagree (Hantai) against an opinion, ideas and concepts. It is intended in order to keep the feelings for each other, not occurred misunderstanding and communication can run smoothly. This research is a qualitative descriptive study....
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Exploration of Students' Career Maturity in Faculty of Ushuluddin at UIN (Universitas Islam Negeri) Imam Bonjol Padang

Murisal Murisal, Neviyarni Neviyarni, A. Muri Yusuf, Mudjiran
Career maturity plays an important role in planning work for students. Study of career maturity exploration in students is still rarely found. This study is aimed to analyze the picture of students' career maturity at Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Imam Bonjol Padang in Counseling Guidance Department....
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The Effectiveness of Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) Strategy on upgrading the Reading comprehension skill of student in Primary School

Rahmiatul Fitri
This research is motivated by the problem of the low reading comprehension skills of students in elementary schools. This is due to the lack of conformity in the method of reading learning activities so that students feel bored when learning to read. Students are less able to guess the contents of the...
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The Effect of Reciprocal Learning Methods Assisted Feedback Visual on Learning Students Learning Outcomes in Junior High School and High School

I Ketut Yoda, I Ketut Budaya Astra
The objectives this study were: to find out the effect of reciprocal learning methods assisted visual feedback on improving physical education outcomes in seventh grade students of junior high school and in ninth grade students of high school. The population in this study wes seventh grade students of...
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Financial literacy and capital market literacy among students

Hamidah, Danny Gustiawan, Agung Dharmawan Buchdadi
This study aims to analyze the level of financial literacy and capital market literacy among the student in Jakarta, Indonesia. The respondents are 394 bachelor degree student in which already learnt about introduction to financial management. The findings found that the knowledge level of financial...
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The Election Smart House Management as a Society Political Education Facility

Al Rafni, Suryanef Suryanef, Azwar Ananda
The presence of the Election Smart House (RPP) as one of the national priority programs which launched by the General Election Commission (KPU) since 2016. It has become an important political education, especially how people learn democracy and electoral materials about democracy. Until end of 2018,...
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Students’ Perspectives: ICT Usage in Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Susanti, Luqman Hakim, Irin Widayati, Vivi Pratiwi
This study aims to determine the students’ perspective regarding the Information, Communication, and Techologies (ICT) usage in learning activity at Vocational Education and Training (VET). This research is quantitative descriptive research using survey techniques and group interviews. The population...
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Gender and Physical Self-Concept Differences among College Students

Wulandari Putri, Kuston Sultoni, Lilis Rianita, Adang Suherman
The individual Physical Self-Concept has a significant impact on individual involvement in physical activities. Gender, as one of individual identity, becomes one of key moderators between physical activity and physical self-concept. Therefore, this study was aimed at investigating gender differences...
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The Rule of Law Internalization Model in a State of Law based on Pancasila

Pancasila for the Indonesian people was the basic norm (Grundnorm) and Staatsfundamentalnorm (fundamental norms of the state). As the most fundamental legal norm, Pancasila was the highest, fundamental principle, and becomes the core of every legal and state order. Therefore, every applicable legal regulation...
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Development of Balance in Diffable Children Ages 7 to 12 Years

Andhega Wijaya, Gatot Darmawan, Nanik Indahwati
This study discusses the development of the balance of children with disabilities aged seven to twelve years in the city of Surabaya. This research is basic, which will be made a roadmap to be able to find out the advantages and disadvantages in terms of children with disabilities in the city of Surabaya,...
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The Effect of Socio-scientific Issues Assisted of Virtual Learning to Improve Digital Literacy of Student

S.N. Hidayati, A.N.M. Fauziah, H. Subekti
This research aims to describe and explain vi-learning-assisted socio-scientific issues implemented. That is to improve digital literacy capabilities. The participants of this study were 17 students of the Science Education Department who programmed the Household Chemistry course class of 2016 in the...
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Gender Analysis of Health Related Fitness Profile in College Students

Nur Indri Rahayu, Adang Suherman, Kuston Sultoni
Every student must have good fitness in order to be able to conduct an academic activities and their daily life. Good fitness can support student activities which ultimately improve their performance. The purpose of this research is to examine the differences of health related fitness of college student...
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Teachers Practices on Speaking Assessment of English as a Foreign Language A Descriptive Study at Junior High Schools in Sintuk Toboh Gadang Subdistrict

Susi Karmila, Rozimela Jufrizal, Yenni
This research aims to find out the types of speaking assessment used by the teachers in their practices, the ways in applying those assessment tasks, and the way the teacher give the feedback based on the result of assessment. The method used in this research is descriptive. The population of the research...
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Implementation of Awig-Awig Towards Protected Forest Management Based on Local Wisdom in Selat Pandan Banten Village, Buleleng Regency

Ratna Artha Windari
The purpose of this study was to know the implementation of Awig-awig as a rule of law towards protected forest management based on local wisdom in Selat Pandan Banten Village, Buleleng Regency. The method applied in this study was descriptive qualitative method, using data from villagers who live around...
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The Analysis of Early Children Education Services Quality in Increasing the Satisfaction of Students Parent in At-Taqwa Kindergarten Surabaya

Gunarti Dwi Lestari, Wiwin Yulianingsih, Widya Nusantara
The purpose of this study is to describe the quality of early childhood education services at At-Taqwa Kindergarten in Surabaya. This research was conducted with qualitative approach with case study design of data is interview, observation and documentation techniques. After the data is collected, the...
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Is Audio Visual Media Effective for Learning?

Novi Marlena, Renny Dwijayanti, Irin Widayati
One of classroom learning success parameter is the use of appropriate learning media, which include audio visual media. Interactive and varied audio visual media can be used to stimulate student to think critically and actively. This paper aims to find out the learning result, critical thinking skills...
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Teachers in Art Education: What Elementary School Needs to Do More with Art Appreciation

The purpose of this library research is to explain the need to teaching art appreciation since art teachers in Indonesia, especially at elementary schools, have not paid much attention to this activity by establishing a relationship between the urgency of art appreciation and the current pedagogical...
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The Effect of Physical Activity Levels on Health-Related Physical Fitness of University Students

Kuston Sultoni, Adang Suherman, Mustika Fitri
The purpose of the study was to clarify the effects of physical activity on physical fitness. The study was conducted undercomparative study design. The participants of the study were 322 sophomore students (92 male students, 230 female students, 23.5 years old). Physical fitness was measured by Fitnessgram...
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Promoting Character Education: Speech Acts of Requests in Javanese Language Used by Tanjung Community

Surana, Yohan Susilo, Lutfi ‘Ami Rosidah
A directive speech acts covers an expression of requests, which is mostly used by people in communication. This study aims to reveal speech acts of requests conveyed by people in Tanjung Village, Trenggalek, Indonesia. This study used ethnography research design with an approach of Levinson’s theory....
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Developing Guidelines for Technical Implementation of Group Guidance Services to Improve the Performance of Counselors

Dasril, Neviyarni, Prayitno, Daharnis
This article is based on a problem that shows the low performance of the counselor in carrying out group guidance services at schools. This study aims to develop a technical guidance model for implementing group guidance to improve the performance of counselors in implementing group guidance. The research...
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Multicultural Leadership of Student Activists to Creating Democratic Campus

Totok Suyanto, Made Pramono, Dhita Ayu Permata Sari
The main objective of this research was to describe student leadership style in students’ organization at Universitas Negeri Surabaya (Unesa) in applying multiculturalism attitudes and values. The university student was one of the components of the nation in which known as Z-generation. Thus, students...
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Performing Arts Appreciation Literacy In Millennium Era

Trisakti, Eva Rahmawati, Anik Juwariyah
Performing arts that thrives and grows in millennium era is one which endures the test of time and therefore has the cultural values which must be preserved. One example of the latter is done through promoting performing arts appreciation literacy to young generations. Further, this study aims to describe...
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Strategy for Improving Sport Services through Bachelor of Sports Development Support Drivers to West Java Health in 2020

Yudha M Saputra, Kuston Sultoni
The development of sports in West Java is an asset for improving the quality of life of people who are physically, spiritually and social healthy. They can also develop a dynamic, sporty and competitive attitude. To realize the above, strategic efforts are needed based on the needs of the demands and...
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The Effect of Collaborative Writing and Reading Habit toward Students’ Writing

Khairat Risman, Jufrizal, Yenni Rozimela
This research was aimed to test the effect of collaborative writing and reading habit toward students’ writing and it was kind of quasi-experimental research with 2x2 factorial designs. The population of this research was the second grade of SMAN 12 Padang. The writing test and questionnaire of reading...
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The Effect of Flipped Classroom Strategy on Listening Comprehension of Undergraduate Students at English Department in IAIN Batusangkar

Usni Suci Astri, Hermawati Syarif, Kurnia Ningsih
This paper describes the effect of flipped classroom strategy toward students’ listening comprehension in IAIN Batusangkar. The design of this study was quasi experimental in which there are two classes that become experimental class and control class.The population of the research was the first semester...
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Qualitative Meta-Analysis of Academic Culture in Higher Education

Muhammad Azis, Amirullah Abduh
This articles examines previous concept of academic cultures. Informing by earlier work on academic cultures, this qualitative study uses meta-analysis approach. The meta-analysis examines resources of academic cultures from published books and peer-reviewed researched articles indexed by Scopus. The...
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Engineering Design of Traditional Gorontalo Motif for Learning Karawo Embroidery

Hasdiana, Ulin Naini, Isnawati Mohamad, Nining Malanua
This research is conducted based on present less of different motif which contains characteristics of Gorontalo locality. This research aim to investigate the process of engineering and learning the application of traditional Gorontalo motif designs. The study uses a qualitative method. Research finding...
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Competence Oriented Approach to Teaching Factory in Vocational School, Program of Fashion Design

Ratna Suhartini, Luthfiyah Nurlela, Muchlas Samani, Munoto, Meda Wahini
The learning approach that is oriented towards action in the industry is the implementation of the revitalization of vocational school. The competency-oriented approach to the teaching factory enables the development of effective competencies in learning in the industry. The purpose of this study was...
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The Effectiveness of Moodle as E-Learning in Accounting Education Program

Rochmawati, Susanti, Moh. Danang Bahtiar, Suci Rohayati
The development of the industrial revolution 4.0 had an impact in all fields including the world of education. Changes in learning models from conventional-based to technology-based (E-Learning) are demands that must be fulfilled to prepare future generations who are able to keep up with the times. Therefore,...
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Heart Rate and Energy System Analysis: Study on Men's Doubles Badminton

Nur Ahmad Arief, Hari Setijono, Nurhasa
The more accurate athletes’ physiological data, the easier it takes to maximize the performance. It is crucial to acknowledge the standard heart rate (HR) and energy system as the prerequisite of men's doubles badminton. This study aims to quantitatively analyze the standard HR during the game, while...
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Improving Classroom Climate of the Course of Educational Administration and Supervision

Hadiyanto, Hade Afriansyah
This classroom action research aims to improve the classroom climate as preferred by students in the course of Administration and Supervision of Education. The research was conducted in one class consisting of 52 students from various study programs at Universitas Negeri Padang. Data was collected using...
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Education Program of Pre-Service Professional Teacher: What Do Students and Lecturers Feel About the Program?

Suryanti, Wahono Widodo, Dhita Ayu Permata Sari
The Education Program of Pre-service Professional Teacher (PPG) is a critical effort in preparing professional teachers, so feedback on this program is very important. This study aims to identify the positive aspects and problems that arise in the implementation of the program. Therefore, alternative...
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Strengthening Pre-service Teachers' Character: The application of ALLR Learning Model in Basic Science Subject

Wahono Widodo, Dhita Ayu Permata Sari, Martini, Totok Suyanto
Lots of social conflicts related to intolerance cases emerge every year which worries Indonesia's diversity and unity. Thus, the role of higher education institution in realizing a mental revolution is crucial. The purpose of this study is to describe the integration of character education through science...
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The Model of Formation of Pancasila Character through Clinical Legal Education of Legal Education in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution

The development of Indonesian legal higher education must be based on clinical legal education (CLE), as an intelligent response to the application in the era of industrial revolution. This means that CLE is a futuristic and constructive alternative to responding to the 4.0 industrial revolution. The...
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Preparing Competitive Graduates of Vocational School through Revitalization Program

Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Setya Chendra Wibawa, Sri Handajani, Meda Wahini, Mauren Gita Miranti, Ita Fatkhur Romadhoni
The aim of vocational education is to prepare future generations who have high capability and competitiveness in facing the challenges of global labor competition in the 21st century and the 4.0 industrial revolution. This study aimed to find out: 1) profile of SMK Negeri 1 Buduran, 2) coverage of revitalization...
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Promoting Learner Autonomy in Teaching English to Young Adolescents through Higher Order Thinking Skills: An Innovation to Create 4.0 Learning Trends

Sri Setyarini
Currently, 4.0 learning trends have been issued among English as Foreign Language (EFL) teachers through selecting innovative learning strategies to fulfil 21st century goals, preparing students to be creative, collaborative, critical, and communicative as demanded in industrial revolution. One of the...
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Preparing BIPA Teachers Based on Needs Analysis of the Target Country

Tri Indri Hardini, Sri Setyarini, Sri Harto
Since the current decade, the teaching of Indonesian language for foreign learners has been running for a relatively long time from elementary to university level in various countries in the world. However, outputs of the program have not optimally reached the targeted goals. As a result, it impacts...
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The Importance of Learning Model Combination Implementation of Student Accounting Learning Outcomes in Industrial Era 4.0

Joni Susilowibowo, Susanti, Han Tantri Hardini
The Industrial Age 4.0 emphasizes constructivist based learning with the student center approach. The implementation of emphasis on learning is felt to be lacking if it excludes behavioristic based learning models especially in accounting learning because the characteristics in accounting learning are...
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Coherence and Unity of Students’ Writing on Background of the Study of Research Proposal

Dasril, M. Zaim, Kurnia Ningsih
This study aims to find out the coherence and unity of students’ writing on background of the study of research proposals, the problems faced and the causes of difficulties encountered. The type of this research was descriptive research. The source of data was the background of the study and the instruments...
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Entrepreneurship Lecture and Entrepreneurial Behavior of Students of Sociology Education Study Program of Social Science Faculty UNNES 2018

Moh Solehatul Mustofa
There are various universities in Indonesia which conduct entrepreneurship lecture. The implementations of this lecture are expected to develop students’ entrepreneurial behavior and to produce more entrepreneurs among students. Starting from that understanding, this research intends to discuss the role...
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Saving and preparing the Indigenous Communities to Face the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era through Local Wisdom and English Language Mastery

The development of science, technology, and arts, especially information technology occurs dramatically and brings communities to modernity. Everything is changing; life is changing and very transformative because of it. Both positive and negative impacts of modernity appear and exist side by side and...
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Strengthening Social Skills of Social Studies Teacher in the Era of Disruption

Hidayat Hidayat, Lukitaningsih Lukitaningsih
This study aims to (1) describe social skills of social studies teachers in the era of desruption (2) explore design and learning approaches the social skills needed in the era of desruption (3) analyze social studies learning methods relevant to growing social skills needed in the era of disruption....
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Development of Video Tutorial Learning Media in Gastronomic Subject

Elida, Wiwik Gusnita, Dikki Zulfikar
This study uses the development method. The development model used is the Instructional Development Institute (IDI) model. According to (Gustafson & Brach, 1997) determine the validity media instructional videos for gastronomy to students majoring in family welfare education, knowing the effectiveness...
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Physical literacy of elementary school students in Gorontalo 2018

Hariadi Said
This study aims to examine the physical literacy of elementary school students in Gorontalo city. The study involved 338 participants consisting of 207 males and 131 females. The location was conducted at Stadium Merdeka 23 Januari. This is descriptive research with an evaluative method. The research...
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Tourism Promotional Materials: Translation Problems and Implications on the Text's Effectiveness for Tourism Promotion

Novriyanto Napu
Translation of tourism information has played an important role in the regional tourism industry promotion in Indonesia. One of the approaches in promoting the Indonesian tourism industry has been by producing promotional materials that contain tourism information in Indonesian with an English translation....
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Project-Based Learning Paper: Learning Model To Develop 4cs: (Critical and Creative Thinking, Collaboration and Communication Skills)

Endah Tri Priyatni, Abdur Rahman As’ari
Critical, creative, collaboration and communication skills (4Cs) are four essential skills needed to survive and thrive in the 21st century. The 2013 curriculum has included 4Cs as a paradigm in curriculum development. Unfortunately, its implementation in classrooms is still limited to discourse. This...
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Biomechanical Analysis of Ball Trajectory Direction in Free Throw

Dwi Cahyo Kartiko, Abdul Rachman Syam Tuasikal, Muchamad Arif Al Ardha, Chung Bing Yang
Basketball game is decided by the most point counted from successful shooting. Moreover, free throw is one of many shooting techniques which is frequently used in basketball game. So, the aims of this research are reviewing the ball trajectory direction to find the formula to increase possibility of...
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The Contribution among Physical Activity, Type of Transportation, Distance of Residence, and BMI in Adolescents : Cross-Sectional study in College Student

Mesa Rahmi Stephani, Adang Suherman, Kuston Sultoni
Body weight in adolescents, especially among college students, has generally increased. It is feared to increase the risk of obesity. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between Physical Activity, Type of Transportation, and Distance of Residence of the students and their Body...
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Physical Self Concept And Physical Activity Among University Students

Adang Suherman, Kuston Sultoni, Jajat, Risma, Kristi Agust
Physical self-concept plays a central role in adolescence. In this phase, individuals experience significant physical, mental, and emotional changes that are connected to their physical activities. The purpose of the study was to examine differences of all physical self-concept components of university...
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The Development Learning Module of Gorontalo Local Content for Junior High School

Moh. Karmin Baruadi, Sunarty Eraku
The purpose of this study is to develop Gorontalo local content learning module that is used in local content subjects such as language, craft, cultural arts, physics education and health as well as technology. The module was developed using a 4-D model which included define, design, develop and disseminate...
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Student Inspirational Character Development with Group counseling based on Javanese Philosophy

Suharso, Heru Mugiarso, Awalya, Dije Zaraska Kristy
Inspiration is an important character for students' self-development, especially for counselors and educators. The phenomenon is students cannot be role models for others. The purpose of this study was to prove whether Group Counseling based on Java philosophy affect Students inspirational character....
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Analysis of the Effect of Transformational Leadership and Work Involvement on the Performance of Environmental Officials in the West Pasaman Regency

Abror Lisman, Asnil, Erianjoni
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect transformational leadership on the performance and influence of work involvement on performance and the influence of transformational leadership and work involvement on employee performance the West Pasaman Regency Environmental Office. The type of...
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Developing Project Based Learning (PBL) as a teaching Strategy in Physical Education for Preservice Physical Education Teacher

Nanik Indahwati, Abdul Rachman Syam Tuasikal, Muchamad Arif Al Ardha
An appropriate teaching strategy can improve the teaching quality. The aim of this study is developing Project Based Learning (PBL) as a teaching Strategy in Physical Education for Preservice Physical Education Teacher. The development and innovation were executed through innovation course that provide...
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Lecturers’ And Students’ Code Switching In EFL Classroom

Nurul Syafri, Jufrizal, Zul Amri
This research aims to find out the use of code switching in English as Foreign Language (EFL) classroom between lecturer and students. The purposes of this research are to find out the types of code switching used by 3rd semester lecturers and students in English department Bung hatta University. The...
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Civic Education through E-Learning in Higher Education

Muhammad Japar, Dini Nur Fadhillah, Syifa Syarifa
This article describes the learning process of Civic Education in Higher Education through e-learning. College students today are Millennial’s Generation (Y Generation) who are very familiar with internet and use in technology. The development of technology provides a challenge for the education system....
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Character Education on Students in Social Science Faculty at Manado State University

Paulus Robert Tuerah, Yoseph Daniel Ari Santie, Apeles Lexi Lonto, Theodorus Pangalila
In the era of industrial revolution 4.0, character education was one of the serious challenges to be implemented. Character education would help the students to develop into more complete human beings. But in reality, education in Indonesia, especially in higher education, prioritized graduating students...
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Student Value Orientations on the Physical Education Course at University Level

Jajat, Adang Suherman, Yusuf Hidayat, Mulyana, Kuston Sultoni
The purpose of this study was to investigate the student value orientations in the Physical Education Course at University Level. The method of the study was descriptive study to find out the depiction of student value orientations on the physical education course. The participants of the study were...
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Self Compassion and Subjective well-being in Adolescents: A Comparative Study of Gender and Tribal in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Asniar Khumas, Andi Lukman, Andi
There was a growing evidence that self-compassion plays an important predictor of well-being. The current study aims to examine the link between self-compassion and subjective well-being (SWB) with culture as a moderator variable. The respondents of this study were students (N = 1161, 354 male and 807...
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Combination of PBL and I CARE Learning Models in Increasing Student Learning Activities

M. Ridwan Tikollah, Sitti Hajerah Hasyim, Selerina Tangke
Learning activities were important in achieving learning objectives, therefore, it must be carried out effectively. Learning activities in 2013 Curriculum were designed with a student-centered learning approach, that could be observed through student learning activities. To achieve this, a scientific...
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Post-Trauma Counselling through Group Play Therapy: Traditional Games as a Basis for Model Development

N. Rusmana
This research is intended to develop a model of post-trauma counselling through group games that are based on traditional games as an alternative to help children with traumatic experiences. This research adopted research and development approaches. In the pilot study, literary research and needs assessment...
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Can Teaching by Invitation Technique Improve the Students' Basic Motion Ability?

I. Nur, A. Hafina, N. Rusmana, A.A. Malik
This study aimed to determine the use of technical approaches usingmotivational techniques in learningand its influence on the students' basic mobility in elementary schools. This study was an experimental research with a non-equivalent pre-test and post-test control group design. Forty-two elementary...
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The Role of Pragmatics in Developing Humanistic Character of French Language Students

Sri Rejeki Urip, Novi Kurniawati, Khotibul Umam
Globalization has entered an era called the Industrial Revolution 4.0 that has produced changes in humans, including ways of thinking, ways of communicating. It cannot be separated from information communication technology devices. The courtesy that is usually maintained in face-to-face communication...
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The Effect of Teachers’ Corrective Feedback on Students’ English Presentation Skill at STIE Sakti Alam Kerinci, Sungai Penuh City

Nurfitri, Yenni Rozimela, Refnaldi
Nowadays, English learning is not only focused on communicative skills but also emphasized on real work situation, one of which is presentation skill. As the lecturer needs to know a suitable strategy that can be used not only to motivate the students to communicate in English but also to minimize their...
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Learning communities for prospective teachers through peer-tutoring programs

Setiyo Hartoto, Suroto, Fifukha Dwi Khory, Muchamad Arif Al Ardha, Bayu Budi Prakoso
Learning community program is an ideal place for teachers to develop their competence. This awareness should be introduced earlier to preservice teacher. So they get a habit of learning and sharing in the learning community program. This paper presents the research of learning community program through...
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Relationship of Self Concepts with Social Interaction of Students in High Schools

Noviana Diswantika
This study aims to determine the relationship between self-concept and interaction of high school students in Lampung city. The method used in this study uses a correlational study with a sample of 100 student respondents. The results of this study indicate that there is a positive relationship between...
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Teachers’ Autonomy – The Missing Link in the Teacher Education and Professional Development in Indonesia

Despite many teacher professional development (PD) programs conducted by the government, teachers in Indonesia have long been critised for being low quality and under performance. Questions, therefore, arise regarding the effectiveness of PD programs designed and implemented by the government. In addition,...
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Profile of Student Self-Identity and Its Implications for Counseling Services to Prepare Students for the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Ardimen, Neviyarni S., Firman
This study aims to reveal the profile of students' identity and its implications for counseling services to prepare students to face the era of industrial 4.0. This study uses a quantitative exploratory method involving 256 samples or 25% of population from Madrasah Aliyah students in Tanah Datar District....
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Impact of Handicraft Skills Training for Household Assistants

Wiwin Yulianingsih, Sjafiatul Mardliyah, Heryanto Susilo
The purpose of this study is to describe how the impact of handicraft skills training for Household Assistants. With using a qualitative research approach which is type of case study. The data collection with 3 methods, namely in-depth interviews, documentation and observation. While data analysis by...
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Assessing Students with Reading Problem in Elementary School: A Case Study in 7 elementary Schools

Mohammad Arif Taboer, Sunaryo Kartadinata, Endang Rochyadi, Sunardi
The aim of this study was to identify the problems faced by students with reading problem. 31 students form 7 elementary schools located in east Jakarta was assessed. The schoolswere selected on purpose and All students who have reading problem in those schoolsare being respondent. Test was being instruments...
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Readiness of Literacy Program Implementation in the Early Grades of Elementary School

Wahyu Sukartiningsih, Maasengut Sukidi, Endang Darmawati
The research aim is "to describe readiness of Literacy Program implementation in the early grades of elementary school" with the specific objective being (1) describe the teacher's understanding of the Literacy Program in the early grades of elementary school; (2) describe the readiness of the condition...
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Karume Tradition in Toraja Tribe, South Sulawesi

Arifin Manggau, Karta Jayadi
Karume, so the Toraja tribe said it. Karumeis one of the traditional games from Toraja in the form of oral literature that is played by two or more people by asking questions.Karumeconsists of questions made with figurative meanings.Playing Karume is called SiKarume by the Toraja people.The purpose of...
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The Impact of Sports Activities on the Androgynous Behavior in Sport Science Faculty’s Students

Anung Priambodo, Muhammad Rifki Sodaqta, Muchamad Arif Al Ardha
Androgyny is defined as the opposite characteristics between the gender and appearance. This study aims to determine the impact of sports activity on the tendency of androgynous behavior in female students of Sport Science Faculty. This is a descriptive qualitative study. There were 20 research subjects...
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Developing of Knockdown Gawangan Batik Design

Irma Russanti, Yulistiana, Priyo Heru Adi Wibowo
Batik is one of the traditional fabrics from Indonesia, produced by involving various equipment such as gawangan. Unfortunately, previous research depicted that the design of gawangan was too large to be moved so that the design needs further development. The present study aimed to develop a new design...
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Analysis of an Increase of Population Pressure toward Agricultural Areas in Galesong Sub-District, Takalar Regency

Sukri Nyompa, Amal Arfan, Ismail, Uca Sideng, Muh. Rais Abidin
Overpopulation is still a big deal for every developing countries because it can lead to massive competition among societies in order to access education, occupation and health. Indonesia, one of the biggest population countries, 4th world population, are facing many challenges related to massive population....