Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Art Studies: Science, Experience, Education (ICASSEE 2017)

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An Artist's Diaries and Personal Notes as a Source of Understanding His Art -- Joan Miro's Catalan Notebook

Ksenia Orlova
An important source of studying art in modern art history are notebooks, personal letters with friends, interviews and talks. But researchers have an important task to keep impartiality and some distance from the object of their research. The article covers this issue using Joan Miro's personal correspondence...
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Architecture of the South of Russia in the National Culture and the National Space

Andrey Bokov
The article analyzes the historical and cultural background of South Russia's special architectural and artistic image formation. Natural and climatic conditions of the southern Russian sub-region are unique and have identified its architecture and place in mind and culture. The South is a treasure,...
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Performative Understanding of Architecture

Marat Nevlyutov
Traditional notions of architecture as something coherent specific and complete collapse. Theory of architecture shifts its focus from an object to an action, from a text to a performance. A performative understanding of architecture allows us to describe the building or environment as a movement, a...
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Music Creation Environment of Music Poetry

Yanshuang Hou, Xinglong Guo
Li Bai lived in the flourishing period of Tang Dynasty in China. The flourishing period of Tang Dynasty was the heyday of the development of Chinese literature and art, with poetry and music as its representatives. At that time, "taking in everything with all flowers blooming" was the guiding ideology...
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The Three Beams of "Moonlight" through the Time and Space. A Discussion about Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", Debussy's "Moonlight" and Chen Peixun's "Moon over the Peaceful Lake in Autumn"

Xia Wu
Moon is the same bright moon, but causes their various imaginations because of different angles of the viewers. Through more than 150 years, Beethoven, Debussy, Chen Peixun, the composers from three different countries in the world talked about three different emotions, different life experiences, different...
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Development of Musical Culture in Hungary in the 20th Century

Josef Csikota
The article presents insights into the Hungarian musical culture of the 20th century through the prism of lifestyle evolution. It focuses on the understanding of historical processes and, in particular, the political system changes, which had multidimensionally affected the development processes in new...
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The Call of Subjectivity: Audience-oriented Musical Drama "Les Miserables"

Sihui Hong
Because of the successful transplantation and adaptation of the great literature and the carrying forward of the universal humanitarian spirit in the mass media era, the musical "Les Miserables" has became the immortal work in the musical history. From the perspective of audience analysis, the producer...
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An Analysis of Franz Image from the Perspective of Artistic Aesthetics

Chunmeng Weng, Yangyu Chen
In ancient Chinese civilization, china is undoubtedly indispensable treasure. In 2001, the Chinese porcelain brand of "Franz" began to display its talent in the international stage. And then, Franz was quickly displayed in the showcases of world's major boutique. In the past century, the international...
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Chu Teh-chun's Abstract Painting and Chinese and Western Modern Art

Feng Liu
This paper summarizes the contribution of Chu Teh-chun's abstract painting to the development of Chinese and western modern art, including the continuation and development of modernism in the tide of fusion of Chinese and western culture of Chinese modern art, the development and breakthrough of European...
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The Church of the Holy Sepulchre during the Time of Constantine the Great: The Question of the Golgotha

Elena Lavrentyeva
The rock of Golgotha is situated inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Church itself hasn't kept the initial design (4th c.) by reason of the earthquakes, fires or invasions. After 614, there was no century without demolishing. There are different assumptions concerning history of its construction....
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The Influence of the Philosophical Concept of Yin and Yang on the Modeling of Folk Patterns

Hong Nie, Sibo Yang
Throughout history, the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang has a long history and is deeply rooted. The philosophy of Yin and Yang includes the idea of Yin-Yang and eight diagrams, the concept of "Yin and Yang interact and generate all things" which centers on the reproduction worship, and the philosophical...
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The Shape Design Research Based on the Visual Perception Dynamics Theory

Kang Hu, Zhe Yang
It is to offer methodological guideline for designers in product form design, to better meet the demands of users. Based on the visual perception dynamics theory, DNA molecular sequencer is selected as a design example to analyze the functional mechanism of visual perception dynamics. It confirms the...
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Research on the Manufacture of Bamboo Lamp Based on Morphologic Concept and Elements

Yujia Liang
This paper makes study on the production process and method of bamboo lamps based on different morphological concepts and elements. According to the morphological concept of dot, line, facet and stereo, the paper analyzes the specific morphological characteristics of existing bamboo lamps and lanterns,...
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Study on the Role of the Artists. World War I Prisoners in the Cultural Life of Siberia (in the City of Krasnoyarsk)

Liliya Stroy
The article considers the role of the war prisoner artists in the cultural life of Siberian cities during the World War I, the city of Krasnoyarsk taken as an example. The work of artists jailed into specialized regional camps is understudied and still needs to be thoroughly researched. The war prisoner...
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Valery Gavrilin and Heinrich Heine: Evolution of the Style of Composition

Ksenia Suponitskaya
The article analyses vocal works by Valery Gavrilin based on the poetry by Heinrich Heine. Since the composer's individual vision of Heine poetic intonation is closely connected with the search for his own style, we analyse its evolution through the works of different periods: early period (Lovely Fisher-Maiden;...
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Antinomy of the Artistic and Commercial Value of Art

Maria Matyushova
The article deals with the relationship between the artistic and the commercial value of art. The author shows the evolution of aesthetic consciousness, arguing that the artistic value of a work of art was directly connected with the work of a genius until the end of the 19th century. The commercial...
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The Dialectics of Technology and Art

Shuqing He
In the digital age, the discussion about art works and artistic images is endless. Before a multi-angle discussion, first of all it is necessary to examine changes of the artistic image itself during pre-digital era to digital era from the perspective of ontology, and then can be discussed the rest based...
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Rachmaninoff's "Mustard Seed". A Meaning of Triadic Strikes, in the End of "tudes-Tableaux Op. 39"

Sadakatsu Tsuchida
A well-known work by Rachmaninoff "tudes-Tableaux", Op. 39, is rather difficult for both performing, understanding and interpreting. The tonal plan is of special interest here: eight etudes, picture pieces, are composed in minor, and the last one is the only to be composed in major. The clue to understanding...
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Aesthetic Differences and Cultural Interpretation of Chinese and Western Music Forms

Guozhi Chen
Due to the differences in the geographical environment and cultural tradition, the Chinese and Western peoples have different musical aesthetic psychology characteristics. On the appearance of the external form, there are sharp differences in the aspects of texture, mode, rhythm, structure, etc. between...
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Pavel Lamm - Boris Asafyev Edition of the Opera "Khovanshchina" by Modest Mussorgsky. Bringing Forward a Scholarly Problem on the Basis of Archival Materials

Vasilisa Aleksandrova
The article describes the collaborative work of two outstanding musicologists of the 20th century, P. A. Lamm and B. V. Asafyev, on the scholarly edition of M. P. Mussorgsky's opera Khovanshchina (the full score was completed in 1931 but did not appear in print). The present article's task is to determine...
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Arche. Revival of the Notion of "the Fine" for Comprehension of the Dialogue between Artistic Image and Intellectual Idea in a Modern Architectural Form

Yuri Volchok
The revival of the notion of the "fine" has become a new task in the framework of matching historical and theoretical issues related to architectural criticism at the present stage of architectonic thinking and its integration into the framework of a non-linear world perception. The return to one of...
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Movie Titles' E-C Translation from the Perspective of Domestication and Foreignization

Dongxu Mai
Today, Hollywood movies have been very popular in the Chinese movie market. Therefore, the translation of English movies has become crucial. Especially, the translation of movie titles is the first impression of a movie to the audience. Only in a good grasp on the meaning of English and Chinese semantics,...
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A Polyphony of Purposes. Archive Materials Regarding the PremiŠre of Stravinsky's "The Rake's Progress"

Elena Petrushanskaya
The object of this study is the reconstruction of the prehistory of the premiŠre of Stravinsky's opera "The Rake's Progress" on the basis of previously-unknown archive materials. Furthermore, some elements of the plot, as well as some key motifs of the libretto will be compared with Alexander Pushkin's...
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The Origin and Evolution of Confucius Ceremony Musical Dance in China and South Korea

Lu Bai
Confucius Ceremony Musical Dance is one of the important rituals for Confucius Ceremony, which is called the "image" of Confucian ritual and music culture. Confucius Ceremony Musical Dance originated in China, inherited to South Korea. For more than two thousand years, Confucius Ceremony Musical Dance...
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The Church of Saint Clement, the Pope: Sources and the Symbolism of the Image in Russian Folklore

Lyudmila Fadeyeva
This article is based on some variants of the Russian spiritual verse Golubinaya Kniga [Pigeon book] and on a few Russian charms from the handwritten collections (from the 17th and 19th centuries). In all these texts an image of the Church of Saint Clement, the Pope, is mentioned as a sacred place. In...
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Discussion on Western Region Music in Northern Zhou Dynasty

Xing Tang
The Northern Zhou Dynasty (including Western Wei Dynasty), as a dynasty that serve as a link between past and future, should have its place in the cultural history. In the Northern Zhou Dynasty, various cultures in Western Regions were closely interwoven. As one of the important representatives, the...
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Instrumental Ensemble in Russian Music - Timbre Innovations

Nailya Samoylova
The article analyzes the genre portrait of ensembles with piano based on the genre of piano quartet in national music. New tendencies appearing in the culture of ensemble playing and characterizing the nature of genre are mentioned. The organic inclusion of chamber in the music of the 21st century, which...
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Architecture at Its Boundary. Artistic Potential of an Interval

Mikhail Dutsev
The topic of boundaries and boundary phenomena in the new architecture is multidimensional and extremely ambiguous: architecture on the border with an artistic action or stretching the understanding of "artistic" in architecture. The second perspective is perhaps the most relevant resource of mutual...
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Armenian Medieval Architecture along Boundary Akhurian River. French Researches in Turkey and Armenia

Philippe Dangles
The Shirak district, part of the province of Ayrarat, since the 8th century is the domain of the Bagratides, a noble family of Armenia, which rose to power after the Arab domination over the region. The first 'Golden Age' of Ani is interrupted when the armies of the Byzantine emperor Constantine IX capture...
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Mental and Psychological Structure of Personality in the Context of the Figurative Language of Art

Tatiana Leshkevich, Anna Motozhanets
The article justifies the method of comprehending the mental and psychological structure of personality through the analysis of a concept-sphere reflected in the language of art. Special focus is placed on the hypothesis according to which fictional plots (Orpheus, Prometheus, Odysseus, Faust) are viewed...
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Specificity of the Spatial Representations in the Road Concept. Russian-Chinese Association Experiment

Elena Mikitchenko
This article presents the findings of the experiment to identify the spatial representations pertaining to the image of 'road', conducted among Russian and Chinese students.
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Architectural and Planning Art in the Cultivation of the Living Environment

Igor Bondarenko
The article analyzes primary meanings of architectural activity as the art of natural territories organization and reveals the philosophical and religious foundations of a building culture. It then discusses evolutionary and revolutionary historical processes of the development and degradation of the...
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Contemporary State of Research, Goals and Preliminary Conclusions Regarding the Architecture of Medieval Crimea

Armen Kazaryan
This paper looks into the present-day stage of studies on Crimean Medieval architecture, focusing on their specific features and defining the objects for future work, which is expected to place them within a broader context, in close connection with other historical research dedicated to Mediterranean,...
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Orchestration of the National Anthem of the USSR. Recent Discoveries in Russian Archives

Elena Artamonova
A commission to orchestrate the National Anthem of the USSR in 1943 has been neither widely publicised nor researched. The aim of this paper is to re-establish the sequence of events from the moment when Aleksandrov's song was proclaimed the Anthem and to re-evaluate the role of the Russian composer...
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Preliminary Study on Urban Street Landscape Design under Regional Cultural Background. Based on Yuanlin Road, Jingzhou City

Jianian Liang, Yi Zhou
Modern urban construction is in a rapid speed, traditional regional culture fades away gradually, cities have lost features and charms that they should have. Based on the long historic culture of Jingzhou, sources and development of its regional culture as well as observation and analysis of street landscapes...
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The Problem Awareness, Critical Spirit and Activism Style of Social Theme Documentary in Taiwan

Hu Zhou
The video recording activities that insisted on realism returned to the stage of documentary after the martial law was abolished in Taiwan in 1980s. The social theme documentary reopened the window for the Taiwanese to understand social reality. These works present strong problem awareness and humane...
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The Arts and Crafts Linguistic Properties within the Communicative Context of the Conviviality Culture

Natalia Mostitskaya
The article studies the communicative function of fine arts basing methodologically on the theory of the cultural ideal modeling within the individual's memory structure. The object of this research is the poetics of an art piece embedded into the festive rituals as a specific message aimed at creating...
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The Development of Chinese Buddhist Music and Its Interaction with Folk Music

Li Yan
Buddhist music, as foreign religious music for China, is deeply influenced by the regional and spontaneous characteristics of Chinese folk music in the process of localization, forming different schools with local music characteristics. At the same time, Buddhist music and Chinese folk music continue...
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The Early Stage of the Anti-Japanese War and the Short Prosperity of the Han Drama of Saving the Nation

Yifeng Wei
During the year and a half from the outbreak of full-scale anti-Japanese war to the fall of Wuhan, Wuhan became the national center of drama. The main theme of drama performance in this time is saving the nation. It was integrated into a variety of activities such as the Anti-Japanese Propaganda Week...
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Analysis of the Visual Aesthetic Mode of Zhu Ming's Art Museum from Its Spatial Layout

Yuanyuan Hu
The article aims to explore how artistic work can be presented in the context of museums under the visual arts. How does the recipient touch the work of art, and get close to the mystery of art? Recipients can "sightsee", "stare", and "appreciate" the art works through the space created by the museum...
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Analysis on the Image of Female College Students Represented by the Network Media from the Perspective of Communication

Yang Xie, Jing Wu
The media image of female college students is the reconstruction of objective reality through media coverage, which is a "mock reality" presenting in the public mind. With the commercialization of online media and the fragmented reading habits of the target people, the reports on female college students...
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Research on Innovation and Application of Styling Elements of Tiger Head Shoes

Hui Chen
As a very unique needlecraft, tiger head shoes are made by the elders to bless the children with good health, disease-free and disaster-free. The culture of tiger head shoes has a long history and has a high research value. This paper analyzes the styling characteristics of tiger head shoes and the aesthetic...
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The Aesthetic Features of the TV Version of "The First Circle". TV Adaptation by A. I. Solzhenitsyn, Director - Gleb Panfilov, 2006

Ekaterina Salnikova
The following article addresses the Russian TV version of "The First Circle". The author analyzes the style of Gleb Panfilov's directing and the principle images and motifs of the series. The study demonstrates that the screen reality maintains the correlation of the Solzhenitsyn novel's aesthetics with...
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Creative Analysis of "Zootopia" under the "User Experience" Theory

Meng Wang
"Zootopia" is the 55thanimated feature film produced by Disney Animation Studios. It gains success both in artistry and commerce, considered as a masterpiece. Artistic work is the integration of the creations realized by artistic skills. The thesis intends to analyze the creativity of "Zootopia" under...
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Research on the Artistic Characteristics and Cultural Connotation of Women's Headgear and Hairdo of She Nationality in Fujian Province

Xu Chen, Jiangang Wang, Yonggui Li
In this paper, the author takes women's headgear and hairdo of She nationality in modern times as the objects of study. With the historical materials and the literature, this paper investigates the characteristics of women's headgear and hairdo of She nationality in Fujian province, and analyzes the...
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Research on the Organic Renewal of Urban Color Based on New Contextual-ism

Wenjuan Bian
Urban color is an important part of the characteristic styles in cities. Our country has already entered a new round urban renewal peak, then,focus on the organic renovation of urban color. This paper is devoted to a study on the succession and transmutation of urban color, from urban cultural contextual-ism...
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Inheritance and Innovation of Chinese Folk Art Elements in Modern Illustration Design

Yue Hu
The modern illustration design in China presents a trend of rapid development, and Chinese begin to explore the Chinese folk art elements, while introducing the western concept of modern art design and achieving the convergence with the international art trend. The folk customs, cultural psychology and...
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Preliminary Analysis on the Basic Construction Methods and Characteristics of the Raw Bamboo Building Node

Weiwei Chu
The structure of the raw bamboo node is the focus of the raw bamboo building development. By analyzing, generalizing and summarizing the ways of existing construction the raw bamboo building nodes at home and abroad, this paper abstracts the characteristics of the construction of raw bamboo building...
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Study on the Influence of Cultural Conference and Exhibition Architectural Surface on the Architectural Design Style of Chinese Pavilion and Its Development

Yu Xiao
Through the analysis of the design style of the exhibition hall surface and the humanistic philosophy, material structure, functional properties, texture structure and other characteristics it contains, the paper illustrates the important component of World Expo - pavilion, and the importance of the...
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Research on Folk Dance Creation Art of New Generation

Jiangcuo Zhaxi
The study on dance art of new generation is an exciting topic in the field of dance. "New generation", a distinct generation in China, is a very special population grown up during the stage of reform and opening up after the Cultural Revolution. In the period of new generation, the field of dance art...
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The Application of Bel Canto in National Vocal Music

Shuyue Ding
National vocal music is the treasure of Chinese traditional culture. It is an important bridge of our various ethnic groups. It mostly achieves the purpose of reflecting diverse singing styles by folk spread. Our national vocal music art has experienced long-term inheritance and development. It has absorbed...
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Henry James's Grandly Vague and Abstract Periodic Style and Its Partial Reversal in The Ambassadors

Ling Wang
Henry James partially reverses his grandly vague and abstract periodic style with fewer periodic sentences, abstract subjects, and non-transitive verbs late in The Ambassadors to imply that the protagonist Strether has changed his vague vision. He adopts elegant variation to delay the specification of...
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Research on Innovative Practical Teaching Mode of Clothing and Fashion Design Specialty

Xiaofang Ma
Taking market as core, employment-oriented, capability-based and practice-based innovative practical teaching mode is an effective way to improve teaching quality and teaching achievement of costume and fashion design specialty in higher education. From the perspective of the market supply and demand,...
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Modernity: The Ultimate Problem of Contemporary Science Fiction Movies. Taking the Movie "Blade Runner: 2049" as an Example

Han Li
As a type of film, science fiction movies are full of philosophical thoughts for the future. By its nature, modern science fiction movies explore the modernity and future of people in modernity. The film "Blade Runner: 2049" breaks the hard shell of science fiction movies with its literary attitude and...
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Study on the Strategy of Villages Reconstruction Based on Regional Features. Taking Wanxiu Village of Liangzi Lake District in Ezhou as an Example

Yifei Li, Yihan Sun
Through the participation in field project, the information collation of present situation of living environment and regional characteristics in the countryside, as well as the analysis of local architecture and courtyard function of southern Hubei and its application advantages, this paper elaborates...
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An Analysis of the Modeling Art of Modern Woman's Clothing

Daoling Chen, Pengpeng Cheng
In order to understand the characteristics of modern woman's modeling art, observation and disposal the measured data of617 pieces of modern woman's wear which collected in Jiangnan University Folk Clothing Museum and Donghua University clothing museum and combine with the literature's research methods,...
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Research of Oroqen Dance Culture

Rui Zhang
The thesis intends to analyze the development and heritage of the dance of Oroqen, a nation living in Heilongjiang River Basin based on the research on its origin, name, population distribution and dance styles so as to push the development of the Oroqen dance culture.
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Characteristics of Melodies in Bellini's Art Songs

Qinwen Yang
Bellini's art songs are beautiful, lyric, romantic and cantabile. They are regarded as the classic teaching materials for vocal music. While adhering to the writing tradition of Italy bel canto singing, Bellini's artistic songs played a great role in promoting the voice development and singing skills...
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Intertextuality and Dialogue and Evolution of the Discourse. The Type Ontology and Aesthetic Symptom of Chinese Film in the New Century

Xiaoyan Yuan
In the face of the unprecedented new landscape, new phenomena and new types of Chinese cinema in the new century, it is no longer possible to use the traditional cinematic type paradigm to make perfect use of it. This paper quotes the points of phenomenology, returns to the ontology of cinema art and...
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Hybridization as Global Cultural Production Strategy: A Case Study in Disney Animation

Jianling Wang
By tracing back the hybridization tradition in the early and classic Disney animation production, this study examines the new hybridization characteristics of Disney animation under the globalization context. It also attempts to illustrate that hybridization has become the ongoing integral trend in cultural...
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Discussion on Auto Logo Design Evolution from the Auto Brand Development

Sisi Zhang, Lijuan Xiong, Yueru Zhuo
The auto logo design symbolizes an auto brand image and historical culture, it contains the development process and characteristics of the time that a brand has, and it is a tool for the auto brand to disseminate brand culture and spirit. However, the logo design of an auto brand is not fixed, and instead,...
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Analysis on the Sustainability of Home Supplies Design

Quanheng Li
Sustainability is very important for the globe, a country and a trade, and designers should bear the social load and responsibilities for sustainable design. In order to well control three backbones namely society, environment and economy, we should make them support and promote each other and jointly...
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Chinese Characteristics and Hybrid Fusion. The Type Characteristic and Aesthetic Pursuit of Chinese Movies in the New Century

Chenmei Zhao
Genre movie originated in Hollywood and it is the product of movie commercialization and the aesthetic needs of the general public. Since the beginning of the new century, the typification of Chinese movie has become more and more obvious. With the deepening of globalization, face the foreign competition...
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Study on the Contact Space in Traditional Villages under the Influence of Behavior Characteristics. Taking Xiangyang Village, Xiaowu Township, Xiaochang County as an Example

Wenxia Weng, Chaomei An
The contact space in traditional villages is closely related to the life of villagers. Under the influence of people's activities, the contact space shows different types and morphological characteristics. Through the study of the current situation and types of the contact space in traditional villages,...
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Experience and Immersion: Experimental Design of the University Reading Space in Digital Context

Yingxi Huang
The place of reading and learning is an important window of spiritual civilization and it is the main platform for contemporary college students to acquire spiritual wealth. With the development of global information, the tide of digitized, networked and mobile informatization technology has broadened...
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Research on the Interaction of Public Art in Campus Culture

Chao Gao, Yan Wang
The setting of campus public art plays an important role in shaping the humanity and art atmosphere and establishing the acceptance on teacher and student culture and also manifests the special school culture. Because the public art is an emerging artistic concept and we lack the deepen understanding...
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Discussion on "Artisan Spirit" in Coffee Product Design from Design Education

Jie Yuan
With the transformation demands of ceramic business, the original design with artisan spirit become the problem that required the most attention. This article analyzes the ubiquitous problems of design education today, sums up the disadvantages of design, and puts forward the focus and attitude of "artisan...
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Hong Kong Films in the Social Evolution after 1997

Jing Yi, Guannan E
Over the past 20 years from 1997 to 2007, based on the choice of history and the development of mutually beneficial mutual needs, the mainland and Hong Kong film cooperation has experienced a complicated change of process, on the base of this echo the mainland film of Reform and Opening-up policy. Hong...
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Study of Cultural Value of Jingdezhen Rose Porcelain Art in International Exchange from the Perspective of Globalization

Weifang Ke, Xiaosong Zou
With the literature method, survey method and correlation method, the paper has researched the cultural value of Jingdezhen rose porcelain art under the background of globalization. Now the western culture occupies a dominant position. The paper has analyzed the possibility, necessity and urgency to...
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Unscrambling Naoto Fukasawa's Design Concept "Without Thought" by the View of the Unconscious Psychology

Ying Deng, Jun Zhou
Objective: It attempts to have a better understanding of Naoto Fukasawa's the concept "Without Thought" from the view of psychology. Method It finds the similarities and differences by comparing "Without Thought" and "unconscious" in psychology, and then discusses the psychological basis, core thought...
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Study on the Digital Animation Creation under the Perspective of the Reproduction of National Dance Culture. Take Tibetan folk dance as an example

Zhengqing Jiang, Qiuxia Jiang
As a constituent part of the China's intangible culture, Tibetan folk dance contains unique national culture. Because Tibetan folk dance keep up its cultural inheritance mainly by depending on its body language, which is inconvenient to its propagation an development, however, as a new carrier, the digital...
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Research on the Ecological Packaging Design Pattern of the Local Agricultural Products in Eastern Hubei Based on E-commerce Platform

Dan Wang
With the rapid development of the internet, the problems of high pollution and high consumables in the packaging of the eastern Hubei local agricultural products under the e-commerce mode is becoming more and more serious, which greatly influences the further development of the brand. Based on the principle...
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The Cognitive Construction of Multimodal Metaphor. A Case Study of Movie Posters in Blood Diamond

Yujuan Feng
With movie posters from Blood Diamond as a case study, this thesis probes into the mechanism on how movie posters create multimodal metaphors to convey connotations of culture and value through a combination of image and text, which aims at providing the cognitive motivation for movie posters in constructing...
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A Comparison between Literature and Film Text of Raise the Red LanternA Comparison between Literature and Film Text of Raise the Red Lantern

Guannan E, Jing Yi
Wives and Concubines, a novel written by Su Tong, expresses the tragedy of a woman, the corruption of a system, and the struggle for some desires. According to the adaptation principles of creativity and allegorization, Zhang Yimou dissociated the narrative time and space from the background of social...
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Rational Elegance: Aesthetic Analysis of the Shape of the Traditional Plum Vase

Weifang Ke, Xiaosong Zou
Plum vase's elegant style is a representative of Chinese traditional fine culture, embodying the masterpiece of the ancient Chinese porcelain craftsman's wisdom. From the perspective of aesthetics, mathematics, man-machine engineering, applied statistics, data analysis and chart compares methods; this...
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Research on Innovation Driving of New Pattern Roof Greening in Guangzhou

Ying Liu
Under the background of innovation-driven strategy, this paper study by means of interdisciplinary theory, researching on coupling of the productive landscape, city building roof greening, roof rainwater collection of sponge city, urban modern agriculture, Internet plus, new energy technology innovation,...
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Relevant Conceptions on the Inheritance and Protection of Manchu Music in Liaoning Province

Yan Zhou
Manchu culture has a long history and rich and colorful ethnic cultures. The Manchu population is second only to Zhuang ethnic minorities, while the Manchu population in Liaoning Province accounts for more than half of Manchu's population. Therefore, promoting Manchu music culture and further developing...
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First Conservatoire in the Urals: From the History of Russian Musical Education

Marina Gorodilova, Alla Korobova, Elena Polotskaya, Lyudmila Shabalina
This article is devoted to the development of the first higher education musical institution in the Ural-Siberian region, the Ural State Conservatoire, named after Modest P. Mussorgsky. Within the framework of that institution's history, the main steps of its establishment are described, as well as the...
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The System of Formation of Compensatory Factors in Blind Musicians in the Solfeggio Lessons

Galima Lukina
The article describes the characteristics of teaching methods of solfeggio, aimed at the development of compensatory factors in blind children. In this article there is the solution of specific problems of the teaching solfeggio for the blind and visually impaired children at the children's music school;...
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Study on the Three-stage System of Continuous Music Education in the Old Russian Singing Art

Oksana Sheludyakova, Elena Polotskaya
The article is devoted to the description of the Old Russian period of the history of professional music education. It highlights the philosophical foundations of church and chanting pedagogy, examines specifics, organizational forms, principles and methods of the system of singers' and chanters' three-level...
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Educational System of G. Ginsburg as Means of Professional Musician Artistic Training

Rimma Ulyanova
The article describes the scientific problem in the sphere of piano performance and pedagogy. Specific features of the traditional system of organization of teaching process at universities have been revealed. The state of modern piano pedagogy has been described. Typical features of Grigory Romanovich...
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Research on Online Higher Art Education in the Internet Era

Zhiyong Chen, Yu Wu
Art education is a platform for overall art development and a cradle of artists. Art education in colleges is a backbone to guide art education development in the country. To well master the development situation of colleges in the country will play a deep role in the art education development in the...
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Applications of Multimedia in Solfeggio Teaching

Bin Li
Traditionally the solfeggio teaching is single, yet modern multimedia technique audio hardware support and VSTi and DXi software may expand traditional teaching means. Based on the interaction, integration and real time of multimedia technique, this article discusses the solfeggio training mode, showing...
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The Appreciation Education of Western Arts

Yan Wang
The ability of art works appreciation has become an important course in quality education due to the needs of talents development in the new era. This paper starts from the appreciation education of arts in comprehensive colleges and focuses on art appreciation education of non-art major students, especially...
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Preliminary Study on the Teaching Reform of Economics and Management Courses Setting for Art Major

Xuemei Zhou
Non-art institutions have set up economics and management courses for the students of arts for many years. However, the courses are neglected and the teaching effect is not good. From the standpoint of distinguishing features and attention to practical application, this paper, based on the teaching practice...
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Research on the Application of Filling-in Interactive Teaching Method in Music Education Domain

Hongtao Fan
The concept of filling-in interactive teaching method is proposed by the author for the first time, but the practice of this teaching method has been applied in some literature and history classes for a long time. This paper explains this teaching method mainly from the perspectives of concept expression...
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Innovation and Practice of Art Design Professionals Cultivation in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Great Country Craftsman

Xiaoxi Hu
The talent cultivation path of "base (skill) and project (teaching) and studio (specializing)" is proposed in combination with the demand of cultural and creative industry development for design professionals in higher vocational colleges and around the new cultivation objective of cultivating the higher...
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The Analysis of Color Teaching for Chinese Painting Major in Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University

Runqing Cao
Modern Chinese painting teaching system is affected by the western ones, which leads to the necessity of Chinese painting teaching to absorb the advantages of other disciplines on the basis of traditional methods in order to be practical and effective, and then more talents could be trained to inherit...
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Analysis on Exploration of Teaching Model of Art Design Studio under E-commercialization Operation. Example of Major of Visual Communication Design

Rong Nie, Lei Shu
Along with present E-commerce operation background, design market and network platform media have made great changes, as art design derives more new forms, especially visual communication design field takes the most outstanding lead, numerous network platforms are urgently in need of providing tens of...
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Discussion on the Cultivation Pattern of Applied Costume Designers

Zhihui Wang
Nowadays, most of researches on costume designer cultivation patterns reform in high educational institutes are conducted in priority universities, yet there are few researches on applied costume designer cultivation patterns reform. In China, undergraduate educational institutes are in an absolute majority...
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Humanized Interior Design and Teaching Reform under the Background of Aging Society

Lingyu Li
With the increase of the aging population, China has entered the aging society, and it is of great importance to care for and pay attention to the humanized design of the interior space of the elderly. The paper aimed to explore the context of humanized interior design under the aging society, and then...
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Study on the Importance of Ground Training in Dance Basic Skills

Nuowa Wu
In the process of professional training for dancers, ground training helps dancers to achieve a beautiful body shape, elegant temperament, improve their professional ability and body shape. Relatively speaking, the Chinese classical dance requires relatively higher basic skills, the body flexibility...
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M. I. Glinka’s Opera A Life for the Tzar: a Historical- Archaeological Perspective of Research

Yevgeniy Levashev, Nadezhda Teterina, Yelena Shcheboleva
The scientific matter, which is associated with the name of a real historical person, but somewhat mythologized folk hero, the peasant Ivan Susanin, has been discussed in many dozens of books and hundreds of articles in various fields of domestic Humanities. Among them, a significant part of this research...
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Representation of the Ethnic World View in Architecture. Evidence from Armenian Architecture of the Lower Don

Olga Baeva
The article dwells upon the study of the representation of the ethnic world view in architecture. Their correlation is observed in architecture and the worldview of the Armenians of the Lower Don. The author comes to the conclusion that besides the architecture of the Don Armenians in addition to their...
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The Culture of Japan: Pushing the Limits of Duality

Nina Konovalova
The article expresses the hypothesis that the dual scheme is not applicable for describing a particular area of Japanese culture. The author proposes to introduce a third (central) link to the structure of dual representation. The resulting triad describes the specificities of the Japanese worldview...
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Study on the Cultural and Creative Industry for Sino-Russian Cooperation Development

Lili Qi
Creative economy is originated from the Britain at the end of twentieth century. Today, the creative economy is playing a more and more important role in national economy of various countries in the world, which has become one of the most potential industries. The creative industrial economy with Sino-Russian...
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Narrative Approach to Henry V (Branagh, 1989)

Min Jiao
This paper approaches the film Henry V (Branagh, 1989) from a narrative perspective. By comparing the literary text of Shakespeare with Branagh's film representation in terms of narrative order and descriptive difference, it argues that Branagh's twisting of narrative order together with the inherently...
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Space Governance of Identity in The Aunt's Postmodern Life

Dongshan Sun, Hong Zhu
"The Aunt's postmodern life" tells the story of the lack of identity of "aunt", it analyzes the living space and identity of floating population exist the blur of geographical space, the compression of living space and the hovering of historical space these three problems. Constructs the space governance...