Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

1459 authors
Geng, Y.F.
Experimental Study of Pool Nucleate Boiling Heat Transfer Characteristics of Lithium Bromide Solution with Additives
Gong, Xiuzhong
Calibration Technology and Application of Ultrasonic Sensor for Partial Discharge Detector
Gou, Y.
The deformation mechanism of soft coal roadway under dynamic mining influence and its optimization support design
Gu, Hongcan
A Photo-electricity Target for Testing Photoelectricity Trackers
Gu, J.
Numerical analysis of the influence of sea level rise on sediment deposition in the Yangtze Estuary channels
Gu, Jinan
Research on Discovery and Evaluation of Network Manufacturing Resources
Gu, M.H.
The new means of biomass thermal conversion analysis
Gu, M.W
Study of New Welding Tubular Joint Used For Jacket
Gu, Shuancheng
Application of wall monitoring technique for backfill grouting in inclined concrete shaft
Gu, Suqing
Design of the Car Intelligent Horn
Gu, Xingyong
Effects of cooling mode on properties of black ceramic pigments
Gu, Yuping
Second-order geometric continuous processing of singular points
Guan, Yu
The simplified design method on bearing capacity of Cold-formed Thin-wall Steel Composite Floor
Guo, Dianrong
Research And Application of Control Technology for The Amount of Slag-roughing In Converter Tapping Process
Guo, Gang
Guo, Hua
A Method of Abstract Service Aggregation for Service Composition in Service oriented Manufacturing System
Guo, Huijing
Review of the Cooling Technology for High-power Wind Turbines
Guo, Jin
Polymerization and Characterization Technique of Pavement Reinforcement Geopolymer Cementitious Material
Guo, Jin
The Investigation and Evaluation of Service Performance of Warm Mix Asphalt Modifier
Guo, Peiquan
The Relationship between Milling Surface Morphology and Corrosion Rate of Nickel Base Superalloy
Guo, Qiang
The Design of AGC Circuit Based On the Variable Gain Amplifier AD603
Guo, Wen-Jing
Design of Human Motion Capture System Based on Computer Vision
Guo, Zhongli
Research of foundation engineering mechanics
Han, Fei
A simple time domain collocation method for solving the van der Pol oscillator
Han, Liqun
Study on the Parameter Characteristics of Thermal Water Jet Nozzles
Han, Ronghuan
Process Automation System Development of Lyocell Staple Fiber Plant Based on PlantPAx
Han, Wanlong
The Application and Numerical Study of Highly Loaded Blades in the Industrial Steam Turbine
Han, X.Q
Influence of Embedded depth on mechanical behavior of micro-pile composite structure
Han, Yumin
Experimental study on frost area of peat soil roadbed settle-ment deformation
Hang, Hui
Research on Emotional Design of Ceramic Packaging
Hao, Changzhong
Research on the effects of geometrical parameter of flexspline on harmonic reducer
Hao, Sheke
A Study on Optimized Design Method of the Pre-machined Hole for Flanging of Square Tributary Junction on Cylindrical Steel Tube
Hao, Xiaoru
Numerical Computation of Flow in Porous Media of Non-Newtonian Power Law Fluids
Hao, Xiaoru
Study on Flow of Non-newtonian Power-law Fluids in Porous Media
Hao, Yan-Nan
Reflective properties of Anti-forgery Optically variable films series
Hao, Yannan
The reflection coefficients of multilayer anti-counterfeiting optical films for S-polarized wave
Hao, Yunrong
Design of the Electromagnetic - Piezoelectric Composite Vibration Energy Harvesting System
He, Bo
The propagation and accumulation of dimensional shrinkage in investment casting
He, C.F.
Interface shear strength between slender bamboo rod and ruin soils with high plasticity
He, Chunshan
Design Research on Hydraulic System of Working Device of a Forklift
He, Chunshan
The Failure Rate Experimental Study of Special CNC Machine Tool
He, Fei
The Study of the Application of New Energy in the Development of New Product
He, Jian
The main modes analysis of continuous curved box-girder bridge
He, Jian
The effect of asymmetric reinforcement on curved bridge
He, Li-Ping
Heavy Metal Contents and Accumulation Characteristic of Dominant Plants in Tin Mining Wasteland of Gejiu city,Yunnan,China
He, Liangli
Research on Assembly Process Modelling Method based Assembly Task Collection
He, Meiliang
A Discrete Firefly Algorithm for Routing Optimization of Milk-Run
He, Q
Quality evaluation on long stopped building bridges in highway exten-sion projects
He, Shuiying
Research on Green Packaging Design of Ceramic Online Shopping
He, Wei
Experimental Study on the Performance of Vortex Microbubble Generator
He, Wenhui
Thermal Reliability Analysis of Machining Center Spindle Based on Virtual Prototyping
He, Xinru
Design and Manufacture on Newly Developed Rotary and Building Ridge Combined Work Machine
He, Yani
Research of foundation engineering mechanics
He, Yinxu
Design and Optimization of H.264 Encoder Based on the PNX1700 Platform
He, Zhiyong
Research on the 3D construction of plant morphology
Ho, Ming-Hsiung
Research on Fatigue Fracture Characterization of PC/ABS Blend
Hong, Nian
An electrochemical codeine sensor based on CdS nanparticle label
Hong, Y.J.
Study on radiation power density effects on flight performance
Hou, H.J
Quality evaluation on long stopped building bridges in highway exten-sion projects
Hou, J.P.
Effect on Marine Life by Noise of Offshore Wind Farm
Hou, Longlong
Resistance Spot Welding between Steel and Aluminum Alloy
Hou, Longlong
Microstructure and mechanical property of resistance spot welded joint between pure titanium and stainless steel with interlayer of Nb
Hou, Longlong
Friction Welding of magnesium alloys
Hou, Longlong
The mechanical properties of 1060 aluminum joint by continuous drive friction welding
Hou, Zongqin
Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Multi-Heat Source Stirling En-gine Combustion Chamber
Hu, Bing
The Failure Rate Experimental Study of Special CNC Machine Tool
Hu, Chao
Analysis and optimization of CVC backup roll contour of a 1800mm continuous hot rolling mill
Hu, Dehua
Comparative Experimental Study Of Blasting Vibration Signal With Different Single Section Dosage In Metro Tunnel Based On HHT Method
Hu, Hengrui
Measures to improve system stability of island microgrid
Hu, Junhong
Discussion on the Development of Modern Trams in China
Hu, Kai
Study on Progressive Collapse Mechanism of RC Structures
Hu, Shanhu
Enrichment of Se in Soil-Crop Systems in the Selenium-rich Region and their Effects for the Enrichment of Heavy Metals
Hu, Tianxiang
Double UAV cooperative localization and remote location error analysis
Hu, Xia
Structure-switching hairpin probe based electrochemical aptasensor for highly sensitive detection of protein
Hu, Xia
Highly sensitive fluorescent aptasensor for adenosine detection based on gold nanoparticle tagged molecular beacon
Hu, Xiaoguang
Mechanical Properties and Fracture Toughness of Epoxy Resin Improved by Low-viscosity Hyperbranched Epoxy
Hu, Xiaoyin
Large Deformation Analysis for Flexure Hinged Displacement Amplifier based on Minimum Potential Energy
Hu, Xingxing
Catalytic Properties of Cu Complexes in Oxidative Carbonylation of Methanol
Hu, Xuemin
Application of Dyeing Method in Preparation of Collagen Modified Cotton
Hu, Yanhui
Improvement on accuracy of coiling temperature at tail of strip during U-type cooling process
Hu, Yanjuan
Analysis of New Type Elevating Mechanism for Hybrid Forklift Based on ANSYS
Hu, Yanjuan
Ball Screw Pair Design of Elevating Mechanism for Hybrid Forklift
Hu, Yanjuan
Research on manufacturability evaluation system based on features for automobile gears
Hu, Zhaoyue
The Application of Modern Optimization Algorithm in Time Series Prediction
Hu, Zhengxi
Study of Polyacrylic Acid Dispersing Pb-Sn-CNTs Composite Plating Solution
Hu, Zhi-Yuan
Study of the Particulate Purification Efficiency of Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter
Hu, Zhi-Yuan
Study on NOx emissions from a national V heavy-duty diesel engine
Hu, Zhiyuan
The life cycle assessment of automotive biological butanol
Hu, Zhizhi
Synthesis, Characterization and Gas Separation Properties of Polyimides Containing Fluorene Units
Hu, Zhizhi
Synthesis and Gas Separation Properties of Intrinsic Microporosity Polymer PIM-1
Huang, Baoshan
The design of the crankshaft and connecting rod mechanism based on P-V diagram
Huang, Fei
Design of the Electromagnetic - Piezoelectric Composite Vibration Energy Harvesting System
Huang, Hailin
The experimental study on shear behavior of concrete I-shaped beam with web openings
Huang, J.H.
Investigation on thermodynamics characteristics of biomass thermal decomposition using TG/DSC method
Huang, Jihui
Construction Simulation and Analysis on the Prestress of Suspend-dome structures
Huang, Junbin
A Photo-electricity Target for Testing Photoelectricity Trackers
Huang, Leichang
Study on the eco-control model of sustainable landscape design
Huang, Lili
The Establishment and Verification of 90° Elbow Pipe with Circular Cross Section Internal Pressure Distribution Model
Huang, Ling
Analysis of medium earthquake design for super high-rise buildings
Huang, S.T.
Extracting tin from simulated leaching solution of anode slime with cyclone electrowinning method