Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

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Research on Quick Sizing System

Jinming Lu
Quick sizing system composed by creel mechanism sizing mechanism drying mechanism winding mechanism and temperature-controlling mechanism. the four notes are put forward. Using this quick sizing system for JC20S, the yarns are tested before and after sizing. The results show that: after sizing, breaking...
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Design of the Car Intelligent Horn

Zhu-An Zheng, Xiaobo Chen, Suqing Gu, Hongming Lv
This paper designs a intelligent car horn based on RFID(radio frequency identification and satellite navigation technology) Horn gets automobile accurate geographic position information by satellite navigation chip and realize the communication between the cars by the RF module.When the other car’s whistle...
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A simple time domain collocation method for solving the van der Pol oscillator

Fei Han, Ming Li, Shijie Zhang
In this paper, the time domain collocation method (TDC) is applied to solve the van der Pol equation. The results obtained by the TDC are compared with the results by the traditional harmonic balance method (HB) and high dimensional harmonic balance method (HDHB). For the extended TDC method, appropriately...
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Research on the influence of focusing function based on different texture image

Shuyan Ren, Liu Lu
The main research content of this paper is to take fabric images with different texture features, by three kinds of commonly used and relatively good performance of the clarity evaluation function process the image, such as gray scale gradient function, energy gradient function (Tenengrad function) and...
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Automated Fiber Placement Approach over Open-contoured Sculptured Surface

Shuyun Meng, Xiulan Wen, Hanzhong Liu, Youxiong Xu
By using the characteristic of tows and the core module surface, also including the demand of fiber placement, a family of wraps as fiber placement reference curves are presented based on equidistant calculation. A new algorithm for fiber placement of open contoured sculptured surface is proposed. Combined...
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Physical and Mechanical Properties of Concrete with Circulated Fluidized Bed Combustion Fly Ash, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Coal Fly Ash

Maochieh Chi, Jiang-Jhy Chang, Weichung Yeih
This study explores the physical and mechanical properties of concrete with circulated fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) fly ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) and coal fly ash. Five different blended cements were prepared to cast concrete specimens and the slump, unit weight (density),...
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Study on vibration characteristics of high speed train gear box

Yuqing Yuan, Qiang Li, Guang Yang
A large number of cracks were found in the gear box of high speed train in practical applications. According to the line test, the weak position was got and the reason of cracks was researched. The influence of the different vibration source on the weak part was studied by means of vibration spectrum...
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NFC Tag Reading and Writing Application Based on Unity3D

Chuan-Hong Zhou, Wu-Xia Bai, Zhen-Yang Jiang, Kun Yao
NFC is a short-range communication of non-contact, combining NFC and smart phone in the field of mobile payments has broad application prospects. Unity3D is the most convenient and reliable software to realize cross-platform application transplant in the current field of game development. Unity3D-based...
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Research on Cost Estimation of Auto Parts Based on PLM

Chuanhong Zhou, Zhenyang Jiang, Wuxia Bai, Kun Yao
Faced with the fierce market competition, automotive parts enterprises should make a quick and accurate cost estimation of automotive parts so as to provide basis for decision making. It discusses the importance of quick and accurate cost estimation of automotive parts, and analyses the method of estimation...
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Study on the Intelligent Technology of Power Distribution Network

Feng Wang, Jing Shi, Rui Zhao, Jinhui Liu, Jun Liu, Hao Tian
10kv distribution networks of power energy assigned to users play part in an important role, generally conventional 10kv line one permanent fault will cause the whole route broke down. And we find the fault point is wasted time and energy . Recently, it’s possible that run intelligent high voltage electric...
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The design of the crankshaft and connecting rod mechanism based on P-V diagram

Fanbiao Bao, Baoshan Huang
The design of good performance and long service life, crankshaft affects the engine performance and fuel economy. It can reduce the consumption of materials and manufacturing cost. Thermodynamic calculation of mixed gas cylinder is analysised based on P-V diagram drawing, It compared with theory and...
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Measures to improve system stability of island microgrid

Hua1 Deng, Guanglei Li, Sun Li, Youjie Wang, Hengrui Hu
In order to ensure the security and stability operation of microgrid, this paper construct simulation models of renewable energy generation grid, propose the control strategy of the grid-connected and microgrid operation, and analyze these control strategy based on Power Systems Computer Aided Design....
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Research on grid connection control strategy for island microgrid with renewable energy resources

Hua Deng, Guanglei Li, Hongwei Xing, Qian Wang, Xinlei Shi
The establishment of stable and reliable island microgrid with renewable energy resources is an important measure to guarantee the island economic development. The scheme and strategy is used to achieve information communication and interactive control. The energy storage unit and diesel generator can...
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Synthesis, Characterization and Gas Separation Properties of Polyimides Containing Fluorene Units

Yunhua Lu, Mingyue Fei, Xin Jin, Guoyong Xiao, Zhizhi Hu, Tonghua Wang
The six kinds of polyimides(PIs) containing fluorene units were prepared from 9,9 -bis(4-aminophenyl)fluorene(BAF) with various dianhydrides including 2,2 -bis-(3,4-dicarboxyphenyl)hexafluoropropane dianhydride(6FDA), 3,3',4,4'-biphenyltetracarboxylic dianhydride(BPDA), 4,4'-oxydiphthalic anhydride(ODPA),...
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Effect of Exogenous 24-Epibrassinolide on Salt Resistance of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus L.) under Salinity Stress

Weishun Cheng, Yibing Huang, Congfang Meng, Na Zhang, Hongxia Zeng, Jian Ren, Yuhua Li, Yuhong Sun
The present study investigates the role of 24-epibrassinolide (EBL) in inducing plant tolerance to salinity. Seedlings of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus L.) were grown in the presence of 70 mM NaCl and were sprayed with 10-6 M EBL at 7 days after transplantation and were sampled at 28 day. The plants...
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Double UAV cooperative localization and remote location error analysis

Tianxiang Hu
In this paper, through the placement phase positioning equipment short-range observation station, the measured data of the geometric relationship of low precision ranging applications into the rear observation station, the current post observation station and the distance between the rear observation...
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A Photo-electricity Target for Testing Photoelectricity Trackers

Rizhong Li, Jionghui Rao, Xuanhua Lei, Junbin Huang, Hongcan Gu
The performance of Photoelectricity Trackers is usually required to be tested in the process of developing or repairing. A simple revolving photo-electricity target is realized based on a collimator, and it can be used to test the Photoelectricity Trackers’ performance. The photo-electricity target is...
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Application of shape memory alloy in Civil Engineering

Di Cui, Bo Gan
Shape memory alloy is a new type of metal functional materials developed in recent decades. Because of its unique shape memory effect and super elasticity, etc., in many areas have a good application. In this paper, the basic properties of shape memory alloy and the application of shape memory alloy...
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New development of building energy efficiency---Precast concrete structure PCS

Li-Xin Li, Pei-Shi Li
Sustainable development puts forward new requirements on building technology, improve the level of housing industrialization and modernization is the important way to realize the green building, green construction. This article from the assembled structure of production assembly to the assembled structure...
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Synthesis and Gas Separation Properties of Intrinsic Microporosity Polymer PIM-1

Yunhua Lu, Wei Wang, Xin Jin, Guoyong Xiao, Zhizhi Hu, Tonghua Wang
Polymers of intrinsic microporosity (PIMs) possess rigid and highly non-linear molecular structures. The contortion site of PIM-1 is provided by the monomer 5,5 ,6,6 -tetrahydroxy-3,3,3 ,3 -tetramethyl-1,1 -spirobisindane (TTSBI). The paper described the effect of synthetic conditions including catalyst...
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Y2O3-doped Al2O3 transparent ceramics prepared by low temperature microwave sintering

Junming Luo, Jiling Xu
Y2O3- doped Al2O3 transparent ceramics have been successfully fabricated by microwave sintering at the lowest temperature. Compared to vacuum sintering processing, the microwave sintering needs a lower sintering temperature and shorter dwelling time to get highly dense Y2O3- doped Al2O3 transparent ceramics...
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Design and Optimization of Large-section Profile Die for AZ80 Alloy

Minglong Ma, Haizhen Wang, Kui Zhang, Jiawei Yuan, Ting Li
This paper regards a kind of AZ80 magnesium alloy extrusion die as the research object to design its shape and make the systematic optimization. The results show that after optimization, the simulated extruding warpage reduced with stable dimension. By comparing the loads of dummy blocks under different...
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Effect of Pre-stretching Process on Quenching Residual Stress of EW75 Magnesium Alloy

Xinggang Li, Hongbin Liao, Minglong Ma, Jiawei Yuan, Ting Li, Dongjie Chen, Kui Zhang
This paper studies the effect of pre-stretching process on the residual stress and mechanical properties of EW75 magnesium alloy by OM and mechanical tests, etc. The results show that the bend deformation caused by the release of quench residual stress increases after machining into the pre-stretching...
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Structure-switching hairpin probe based electrochemical aptasensor for highly sensitive detection of protein

Xia Hu, Song-Bai Zhang, Ji-Lin Lu, Li-Ying Zheng, Hong-En Geng, Yan-Qing Qiu, Yan-Yan Huang, Li-Ping Qiu, Yuan-Dao Chen
Using platelet derived growth factor B chain (PDGF-BB) as the model analyte, a structure-switching hairpin probe based electrochemical biosensing strategy for highly sensitive detection of protein is proposed in this work. Aptamer probe hybridized with the immobilized hairpin structured signal probe...
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Design and Realization of the Automatic Gear Machining System

Hui Qian, Nanyan Shen, Ran Ju, Liang Tong
Being widely used in modern machinery and equipment, gears drive functions in transmitting motion and power at a specified gear ratio. Based on the general application of NC machining technology, it is increasingly important to realize the automatic production from the gear blanks to the finished gears...
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Application of Shield in Subway construction

Lixin Li, Huaizhong Jiang
In 21st century, with the urban population increasing, conurbation is getting more and more crowed,traffic jam happens everywhere. In this case, utilization of the underground space has become an effective way to undertake this set of problems. Subway, a kind of urban underground transport, it is convenient,...
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Study on the establishment of construction project quality evaluation system and mechanism

Xinli Li, Xu Zhuang
In recent years, the construction project quality evaluation system is becoming more and more important . Therefore, to establish a complete and comprehensive quality evaluation system can guarantee the quality of construction projects, it can also promote the development of our country's construction...
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Study on Photodynamic Therapy Instrument Based on Photonic Crystals

Ping Li, Lanlan Zhang, Mengli Xu, Ting Fan, Gaofeng Liang
The forefront of photonic crystal theory is applied in this paper to solve such technical difficulties as low color purity, unsatisfactory effect of deep treatment that are commonly seen in photodynamic therapy instruments. By using the transfer matrix method, band gap property of photonic crystals is...
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Assembly Path Planning based on Virtools

Yonggang Bai, Fayuan Wei
On the basis of an established product assembly sequence, Assembly path planning is used to find a track for the part moving from the storage position to the assembly location. On one hand , Path planning can meet the needs of operation and avoid the obstacles, at the same time regarding security as...
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Research on Assembly Process Modelling Method based Assembly Task Collection

Yunbin Yang, Hongqiang Liao, Liangli He
Assembly process model illuminating product assembly is the base of assembly simulation and assembly assessment, and assembly process model based ordinal assembly task link can not describe hierarchical structure and parallelism of assembly task. The development actuality of assembly process modelling...
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Thermal Reliability Analysis of Machining Center Spindle Based on Virtual Prototyping

Tingting Lou, Wenhui He, Ken Lin, Zhe Tao Chen
Due to the complexity of structure and control on machining center, its reliability is usually difficult to ensure. In this paper, taking NBP1100 machining center spindle for example, the reliability virtual prototype model was built and the effects of thermal characteristics on reliability were analyzed....
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RA-GSMC Design for a SISO Servo-system with Nonlinear Uncertainty

Xiu Juan Sun, Chuan Jiang Wang
Considering the parameter uncertainties, model inaccuracies and external disturbances in the servo-system, it is difficult to achieve an ideal performance of the conventional sliding mode controller (SMC), so we designed a robust adaptive global sliding mode controller (RA-GSMC) by constructing a global...
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Development Type Selection of 3D Printing Base: Model Analysis and Empirical Study

Yuran Jin, Jiangnan Yu, Xin Li, Qiaoying Liu
In recent years, with the rapid development of 3D printing industry, some 3D printing bases (including parks, centers, etc.) have emerged quickly. In order to assist various subjects to choose reasonable 3D printing base type for construction and development, this paper designed a development selection...
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Dynamic Contact Analysis for RV Reducer

Rui Mu, Zhong Hao Chang, Kai F
We make a dynamic contact analysis for a pair of gears in the first stage device of the RV reducer by the 3 d modeling software Pro/E and the finite element analysis software Abaqus. The simulation results are the dynamic changes of the stress distribution on the tooth and the results are compared with...
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Analysis on Influence Factors of Longitudinal Deformation of Metro Shield Tunnel

Lixin Li, Fang Zhao
It will seriously affect the safety of tunnel structure if tunnel occurs longitudinal deformation. This paper is based on the shield-driven tunnel, discusses the factors may cause longitudinal deformation of metro tunnel and carries on the concrete analysis during construction period to operation period...
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Reliability Research of ZnO Based Nano Functional Devices Embedded in the Human Body

Shentong Mo, Boyu Chen, Qiang Zou
This paper researches the stability problem of structures of embedded ZnO nanodevices and properties under the environment of human serum albumin. The study simulaties human environment by putting the ZnO nanodevices into human serum albumin, imitates the human body environment of 37 , and researches...
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Robotic Plugging Bolt Holes of Automobile Hub before the Spraying Process

Liang Tong, Jing Li, Xiaolu Wang, Hui Qian
To realize the automation of plugging bolt holes for automobile hub before the spraying process, this paper builds an automatic plugging bolt holes system, which is based on industrial robot and integrates the visual positioning technology and linear tracking technology. And then the overall system solution...
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Guiding Disassembly Sequence Planning Based on Improved Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm

Jue Qu, Wei Wang, Kemeng Bai, Dongdong Jin
How to improve the efficiency of guiding disassembly sequence is the main research contents of augmented reality maintenance. To furnish the disassembly sequence to the system efficiently, assembly disassembly hybrid hierarchical graph model is established based on interference matrix between the assembly...
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Study on Relation between and Design

Li Li, Maoyan Yu, Li Deng, Yi Jiang
Theories of Human Engineering (HE) are closely linked with design. It is also the guidance and evaluation of the process of design practice. Based on the characteristics of HE, this article aims to explore how to combine human engineering with design practice so as to stimulate students’ interests within...
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Optimized Analysis on Process Capability of Fuzzy Control Chart Based on Beta Distribution

Ying Bai
This paper focused on the question of optimizing process capability under the Beta distribution. First of all, analyze process capability index under Beta distribution, and analyzing the features of process capability index. Then, to decide the effect of process capability, Methodologically, this paper...
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Design of the straw collecting box of the corn harvester

Xiaorong Lü, Xiaolian Lü
This paper designs the straw collecting box of the corn harvester, which is used to recover the corn straw. In the process of harvesting the corn harvester, the device can be able to complete the task of straw collection, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity of the straw recycling, improve...
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Research on Green Packaging Design of Ceramic Online Shopping

Cui Dong, Shuiying He
With the rapid development of information technology, the popular online shopping came into being, which have lead to a huge number of online shopping packaging waste, and become an important source of environmental pollution in the world. In this paper, the present situation and main problems of online...
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Research on the effects of geometrical parameter of flexspline on harmonic reducer

Kai Fu, Changzhong Hao, Rui Mu
The paper obtains the equivalent stress of the two kinds of flexsplines after inserted into the wave generator according to the principle of harmonic gear reducer and using finite element method got different flexspline models with different length and length of the gear tooth to study how these factors...
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Dynamical characteristics of asphalt binder containing Polyphosphoric acid modifiers

Qunshan Ye
The rheological properties of Polyphosphoric acid (PPA) modified asphalt binder were investigated by the dynamic shear test, and the composition change of modified asphalt was use to analyze the improvement mechanism of rheological characteristics. Test results indicated that the complex shear modulus...
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Catalytic Properties of Cu Complexes in Oxidative Carbonylation of Methanol

Xingxing Hu, Wuqiang Wen, Hanmin Lei, Zhiping Du
The thermostability of Cu(II)-1,10-phenanthroline complexes was studied by the thermogravimetric analysis, and their catalytic properties were evaluated in oxidative carbonylation of methanol to dimethyl carbonate. It was found that the copper coordination environments and the thermostability of the...
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Intrinsic Fluorescence Spectra of Tryptophan, Tyrosine and Phenyloalanine

Hui Yang, Xue Xiao, Xuesong Zhao, Yan Wu
This paper presents the intrinsic fluorescence spectra characteristics of tryptophan, tyrosine and phenyloalanine measured with 3D fluorescence spectrophotometer. Two strong fluorescence peaks of tryptophan locate at ex/ em=230/348nm and 280/348nm, three strong fluorescence peaks of tyrosine locate at...
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Evolution-based uncertainty design for artificial systems

Boqiang Shi, Yanhua Shen
The effect of uncertainty and its evolution with time on the system reliability design are investigated in this paper. The system design variables are modeled in Geometric Brownian Motions which using the drift rate and diffusion rate to describe the evolution-based uncertainty of variables. Based on...
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Information management platform of large-scale custom-built ambry material technology archives

Xianqing Xiong, Zhihui Wu, Xiaoren Pang
This paper defined the material archives information management by analyzing the bill of the large-scale custom-built ambry material. This paper built the information management platform of large-scale custom-built ambry material technology archives preliminarily, including product mix, material sorting,...
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Analysis of New Type Elevating Mechanism for Hybrid Forklift Based on ANSYS

Yao Wang, Dingxuan Zhao, Lei Wang, Lili Wang, Yanjuan Hu
A new kind of elevating mechanism for hybrid forklift has been designed. The 3D modeling for the upright mounting is using CATIA 3D software. And then, the elevating mechanism for hybrid forklift was simulated by the finite element analysis software ANSYS. Under different working conditions, such as...
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Simulation and Comparison Research of Lagrange and Kane Dynamics Modeling for The 4-DOF Modular Industrial Robot

Xiao Li, Hanxu Sun, Linjing Liao, Jingzhou Song
Based on joint parameter and robot configuration, the Lagrange and Kane dynamics modeling are established for the 4-DOF modular industrial robot in this paper. The planning mission was performed in the Lagrange dynamics modeling and Kane dynamics modeling by simulation software. The simulation results...
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Numerical Simulation Study on Flow Characteristics of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide in a New Cleaning Chamber

Guangya Jin, Ya Wang, Jiapeng Wang, Songyang Zhu
Large amounts of organic solvents and pure water have been consumed in conventional semiconductor cleaning technology. And low dielectric constant (Low-K) material may be destroyed easily during the cleaning process, which will also cause structural collapse of the material. All these shortcomings can...
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Research on Design Method of Structure Parameters of Parallel Robot Driven by Double Sliders Linear Motor

Qingge Kang, Ziqiang Zhang, Rundian Li, Yongjie Zhao
The research actuality and development of parallel manipulators are talked over in this paper. A parallel robot driven by double sliders linear motor has been presented. The kinematics and singularities of the 2 degrees of freedom (DoFs) parallel mechanism of the robot are analyzed. On the basis of that,...
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Research on Emotional Design of Ceramic Packaging

Hui Hang, Junjian Liu, Jianchun Shao
It analyzes research on emotional design of ceramic packaging. It is based on Donalod Norman's emotional design , to analyze the positioning of ceramic packaging design. Through the analysis of the consumers’ motive of self-consume, duty and selfish motives, it associated analyses three ceramic packaging...
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Modal Analysis of Bleed Air System based on NASTRAN

Juan Liu
Based on the analysis of structure composition, material properties, operating conditions of bleed air system, a finite element model is developed and the natural frequencies and vibration modes are obtained by NASTRAN. The results show that the first ten natural frequencies comparatively dense, each...
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Investigative determination of rod matrix in pulsating high gradient magnetic separation of ultrafine hematite tailings

Huifen Zhang, Zhihua Qian
A mass of ultrafine weakly magnetic iron minerals are produced during the processing of iron ores such as hematite and limonite, and in the most cases these fine minerals are recovered at a very low efficiency, especially for the magnetic particles below 20 m. Pulsating high gradient magnetic separation...
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The Study of the Application of New Energy in the Development of New Product

Fei He
Now human beings are facing three major issues: resources, environment and population. Environmental problems are closely related to resources and issues of resources are the main reason of environmental problems. With the deterioration of environmental problem, people attach more importance to the study...
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Highly sensitive fluorescent aptasensor for adenosine detection based on gold nanoparticle tagged molecular beacon

Liying Zheng, Songbai Zhang, Jinlin Lu, Xia Hu, Guangyu Shen, Xuewen Liu, Yuandao Chen, Liping Qiu, Shibiao Zhou
In this contribution, a sensitive fluorescent aptasensing strategy for the detection of adenosine is proposed based on structure switching of gold nanoparticle modified molecular beacon. Hairpin structured molecular beacon exhibits low background fluorescence since the fluorophore and nanoparticle quencher...
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Comparative study of SPWM and SVPWM modulation algorithm based on dual Fourier integral theory for high performance current source converter

Jing Bai, Jian Liu, Chaochao Li, Yang Li, Huade Li
SPWM and SVPWM modulation methods are established based on the dual Fourier integral theory and the SPWM and THD modulation algorithms are compared. The results show that the SVPWM modulation algorithm can make the current frequency converter have more excellent output characteristics, which provides...
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Application of Dyeing Method in Preparation of Collagen Modified Cotton

Xuemin Hu
By selectively oxidating the cotton, part of the alcoholic hydroxyl group is oxidized to an aldehyde group, then use cross-linking agents or glutaraldehyde to make it react with the amino on collagen protein to produce imide, thereby allow the collagen firmly bind with cotton fabirc to obtain cotton...
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Preparation of Modified Acetate Fiber with Sodium Hydroxide

Haiyan Zhang
Acetate fiber has many advantages, such as soft silk feel, after dyed bright color, beautiful, weather resistant, good drapability etc. In recent years, acetate fiber has become one of the man-made fiber industry developed rapidly. The deeply researches on the preparation of modified acetate fiber and...
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Study on the Strength of the LIPEV Frame Based on ANSYS

Meishi Zhou, Tiezhu Zhang, Huaixianzhang Yin
Aiming at the frame strength of the load isolated pure electric vehicle (LIPEV) which is modified by a micro truck, the three-dimensional model of the frame was established based on UG. The finite element analysis model of the frame was established based on ANSYS. The load before modified and the load...
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The Application of Modern Optimization Algorithm in Time Series Prediction

Zhaoyue Hu, Yanping Bai
This paper applies the SC model and SVJD model to artificially generated data, and we put forward a forecast model that hybridizes genetic algorithm, principal component analysis and artificial neural network methods. This article utilizing genetic algorithm to search for the initial weights of the BP...
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A Novel Shape Generation Method Applied in Product Design

Yan Zhou, Chenxiao Fan
In the traditional product design method, the design method simply based on the knowledge and experience has hindered the efficiency of the product design, and it brings inconvenience to predict the tendency of the product shape. To solve this problem, a shape generation method is proposed, based on...
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A Nonlinear System Control Strategy Based on Single Chip Computer

Chunmei Li
A nonlinear model of a liquid level process is obtained on the analysis of its nonlinear characteristics, finding the basis of its nonlinear process parameter correction and a nonlinear system control strategy based on single chip computer is presented. By measuring the liquid level and flow rate, two...
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Research on the test of fatigue crack of Q420qE

Qiming Yu, Feng Zhou, Zhi Zhang
This paper study the process and characteristics of the bridge structure steelQ420qE fatigue crack prefabricated. The results provide an experimental base and computing foundations for the bridge This paper studies the Crack tip opening displacement fatigue precracking experiment on steel Q420qE. The...
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Research on motion characteristics and application of multi degree of freedom mechanism based on R-W method

Xiao-Guang Wu, Xia Liang, Li Zhu, Chi Zhang
This paper has proposed a basic modeling in studying the driving system of the shoe-cover machine, built the multi rigid-body dynamical model and motion equations of this system, and proved the effectiveness and feasibility of R-W method to the special machine. Through ADAMS software, the dynamic simulation...
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The Rebar Strains Performance Test and Research of All-lightweight Aggregate Concrete Beam-column node under the earthquake action

Yanmin Yang, Runtao Zhang, Bo Qu
Under the different axial compression ratios,testing the two intermediate nodes low cycle loading of the all-lightweight aggregate concrete frame beam-column node.Research the aseismatic performance of all-lightweight aggregate concrete frame beam-column node.Analyse the rebar strains of beam-end and...
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The Bionic Research on Avian Visual Structure in Multi-Target Monitoring

Bingxin Wang, Binquan Zhang, Sun'an Wang, Dehong Yu
The key techniques of visual monitoring contain searching and measuring multiple targets in large region. However, many intelligent monitoring systems today cannot satisfy these requirements simultaneously. By analyzing the features of creatural vision in predator-prey relation, the relationships among...
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Large Deformation Analysis for Flexure Hinged Displacement Amplifier based on Minimum Potential Energy

Zhangyi Kang, Yong Cheng, Yueling Yu, Xiaoyin Hu
This paper presents a method for large deformation analysis for flexure hinged displacement amplifier by minimum potential energy. The flexure hinged displacement amplifier is widely used in micro electromechanical system, micro manipulation, gyroscopes. Different from conventional hinge, monolithic...
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Study on optical measurement technology for automotive covering parts

Xinhe Liang
Aim to demand for automobile covering parts of measurement, this paper puts forward a new kind of optical inspection method, which combines photography with dense point scanning measurement. In order to meet the requirement of measuring the covering parts of automobiles, this paper proposes a new kind...
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A genetic algorithm to determine a production schedule under time-vary unit cost and shortages

Chang Ouyang Bing, Bo Hsiao Liang
Considering a linear or exponential trend in unit production cost under a foreseeable time horizon, this study discusses the economic production quantity (EPQ) with shortages problem for a production system. A genetic algorithm (GA) with the chromosome of real number type to solve this problem is presented....
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Preparation of Red-emitting Europium( ) doped SrAl2B2O7 Phosphors and Investigation of Luminescent Properties

Linyan Jia, Liping Zhang
Red-emitting Europium( ) doped SrAl2B2O7 phosphors have been prepared by precipitation method, and its luminescent properties under UV excitation have been investigated. The phosphors are characterized by x–ray diffraction (XRD) and photoluminescence spectra. The SrAl2B2O7:Eu3+ phosphors can be obtained...
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Battery matching of load isolated electric vehicle based on operating mode energy consumption

Cuiping Song, Hongxin Zhang, Huaixian Yin, Tiezhu Zhang
This paper introduces the load isolation type pure electric driving (LIPED) system, and according to the performance requirements of the vehicle. Based on the NEDC cycle, the energy consumption and the maximum demand of a light truck are calculated, and the parameters matching of power battery is carried...
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Thin HfSiN Films prepared by Magnetron Sputtering

Zaiyu Zhang, Yilong Liang, Xianbang Jiang
HfSiN thin films were prepared by the solid solution of HfN and SiN precursor films through magnetron sputtering. The obtained films were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). X-ray diffraction(XRD) measurements show that the films have amorphous structure...
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Effect of element composition on microstructure pattern of Mg-RE alloys

Yongjun Li, Xinggang Li, Minglong Ma, Guoliang Shi
The microstructure of as cast Mg-RE (Mg-Gd, Mg-Y, Mg-Gd-Y and Mg-Gd-Y-Nd) alloys and that after heat treatment were investigated. The results show that the primary solidified precipitated phases of both Mg-Gd and Mg-Y binary alloy were coarse aberration eutectic microstructure pattern. For Mg-Gd-Y ternary...
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Prediction for Mechanical Performance of Cold Rolled Ribbed Steel Bars Based on BP Neural Network with Dividing Variable Space According to Original Materials’ Tensile Strength

Bangsheng Xing, Le Xu
This paper proposes a predictable method for mechanical performance of cold rolled ribbed steel bars based on BP network with dividing variable space according to original materials’ tensile strength. It builds a sample variable space partitioning model according to the original materials’ tensile strength....
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Effect of Be on Aging Behavior of an Al11Si3Cu Cast Alloy

Guiqing Wang, Long Wang
Effect of Be addition on age hardening and precipitation behaviors of Al11Si3Cu alloy was investigated by hardness measurement and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analysis. The age hardening results show that 0.25% Be addition increases the peak hardness of Al11Si3Cu alloy about 20HV. DSC results...
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Mold-filling and Solidification Simulation of Grey Iron in Lost-Foam Casting

Mingguo Xie, Changan Zhu, Jianxin Zhou
According to characteristic of Lost Foam Casting (LFC) processes and considering the metal flow pattern decomposition gas pressure impediment, interface elapse model is established base on gap pressure as boundary of front of melt flow. Corresponding numerical solution method is applied to simulate filling...
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Research on Application of heat quenching and tempering after connecting rod of 40Cr diesel engine

Yong-Jie Ma
40Cr steel diesel engine connecting rod were quenching and tempering by waste hate after forging and its mechanical properties were studied. The results showed that comparing with traditional technology, the forging-remnant-heat quenching and tempering technology route for 40Cr connecting rod of diesel...
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Design and implementation of VVOIP telephone based on Android

Xiangdong You
This paper proposes a design of VVOIP (Video and Voice over IP) on smart devices, with ARM Cortex A8 CPU structure in hardware, Android OS and JAVA language in software and C in Native layer. In the VVOIP, SIP is adopted as session protocol, and RTP packages carry H264 video streamer and GSM audio streamer.
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Study on Photoelectric Sensor to Detect the Concentration of SO42-

Ni Feng, Ni Ruodan
We’ve designed a photoelectric sensor to detect the concentration of SO42- solution with a vertical capsule which was immersed into sample solution derectly. The system contains a pair of light-emitting diode (LED) and photosensitive diode (PIN) packaged with cover of semi-sphere shape. Theoretical analysis...
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Research on integration method for digital watershed simulation model based on component technology

Haiyan Liu, Xiaomin Liu, Yanyan Liu, Baohui Shi
In order to improve the low reuse rate of code and the low development efficiency, the paper takes use of the Common Component Architecture standards, builds a architecture admitting the clients access. The paper analyzes the importance of component technologies, introduces the composition structure...
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Analysis of Flow Field Dynamic Characteristics of Friction Pair Fluid-Film for Heat Pump Mechanical Seal

Mutellip Ahmat, Ning Li
The gap of the friction pair interface is tiny for the heat pump mechanical seal, the dynamic characteristics of the fluid-film couldn’t be come true easily when using the traditional experimental test. In this paper, the 3D FEM model of the fluid-film is set up, and then the dynamic characteristics...
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Probe the asethetic art from the parttern of Chinese embroidery footwear design

Cuiqiang Lu, Fangling Wei
focuse on the background of traditinal chinese culture, judging footwear on the basis of generally explorethe two embroidered pattern footwear decorated with aesthetic art functions and features from which to explore of chinese traditional aesthetic and psychological thought.We based on the local culture...
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Discussion on Environmental Worthiness Technology System of CNC System

Hongsheng Zhouyang, Min Yuan
Environmental worthiness is one of the most important and basic performance of CNC system. This paper analyzes the environmental worthiness technology system of CNC system firstly. Following, an improved scheme on environmental worthiness technology system of CNC system is put forward. It is significance...
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Investigation on Thermal Aging of HVDC XLPE

Weiwei Li, Qiang Shi, Wei Xiao
HVDC XLPE cables were widely used in the transmission line for the excellent characteristics. The thermal aging properties of HVDC XLPE insulation were investigated in this work, based on different assessment techniques, such as IR Prestige-21 Infrared Spectrometer, Thermo-Gravimetric Analyzer, and X-Ray...
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Analysis and Forecasting of Geomagnetic Field Signal in Active Period

Dingxin Chen, Daizhi Liu, Liang Meng, Yihong Li, Chao Niu
Geomagnetic variation is divided into quiet period and active period, while active period is non-periodic and random. This paper utilizes analyze the magnetic variation field signals in active period in time-frequency domain, then models and forecasts the signals by using Artificial Neural Networks....
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The Hardware Design of Power Quality Online Monitoring Device Based on MCU

Zheng Jiang, Longguang Kong, Yang Liu, Yong Zhou
In recent years, the power grid and its load structure has undergone great changes. Especially the interference of a large number of non-linear and impact loads have caused voltage waveform distortion, voltage fluctuations, and a series of power quality problems. Therefore, extensive attention has been...
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Application and study of Shield Mule

Wei-Cheng Wu, Fang Su, Chen-Sheng Wang
Through the research of the main parameters, performance and advantages of shield mule,and the application process of working face equipment moving process of the ultra thick seam with full thick low caving coal mining technology in Tongxin mine,solved that has been existed since as the retreat time...
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Numerical Simulation of centrifugal compressor impeller flow flied based on ANSYS Workbench

Jiao Sun, Jin Ding, Songying Chen, Jianfeng Li
Based on the finite element analysis software ANSYS Workbench, studied the fluid-solid coupling numerical simulation of the pipeline centrifugal compressor impeller with the unstructured grid finite volume method and finite element method. The equivalent stress distribution of the impeller, which caused...
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Research on Discovery and Evaluation of Network Manufacturing Resources

Libin Zheng, Jinan Gu
For the disadvantages of discovery mechanism of current networked manufacturing resources based on Semantic Web Service, a joint discovery mechanism based on UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) and WSIL (Web Services Inspection Language) was put forward. Basic process features are...
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Kinematics Research of Rotating-Sleeve Distributing-Flow System for Reciprocating Plunger Pump

Wei Xu, Hongxin Zhang, Pei Shu, Lei Gao
The traditional valve orifice system had some shortages like: loose structure, more throttling loss, low efficiency and affected highly by operating frequency, then proposed and adopted a new type of rotating-sleeve distributing-flow system for reciprocating plunger pump. Established the kinematic characteristic...
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Space Hierarchical Design of Mobile User Interface Based on Eye Movement Experiment

Jing Jin, Huaqing Shen
In this paper, the idea of UI space hierarchy of mobile terminal was put forward and the UI space was divided into four levels. Taking iPhone5 as an example, RGB, angle, opacity, size and other regional shadow parameter values were set first of all and then representative sample combination was selected...
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Principle and Application of Ball Transmission Mechanism

Yuqin Jiao, Cuiping Song, Wei Xu, Hongxin Zhang
Ball transmission mechanism is a new type power delivery structure. Based on the merits and demerits analysis of belt, chain, gear and fluid drive, the ball transmission mechanism is put forward. The structure and working process of same or reverse direction ball transmission mechanism were described,...
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Simulation Method of Hydraulic Confined Piston Engine

Yuqin Jiao, Hongxin Zhang, Wei Xu
Hydraulic Confined Piston Engine (HCPE) is a new type power device especially suitable for hydrostatic driving vehicle. Its working process is influenced by complex coupling of liquid, solid and gas. Its working process simulation is the basis of later performance evaluation and design optimization....
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Study on Lubricant Liquid Film Performances for Groove-pores Coupled Mechanical Seals

Penggao Zhang, Long Wei
The performances of lubricant liquid film of groove-pores coupled mechanical seal are numerical simulated by Fluent, and the effects of depth of groove and pore on liquid film performances are analyzed. The results indicate that dynamic pressure generated by groove-pores coupled mechanical seal is higher...
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Second-order geometric continuous processing of singular points

Biao Meng, Hao Liu, Yuehong Tang, Yuping Gu
This paper presents a shape adjustable C-C subdivision algorithm by introducing adjusting parameter . Based on this algorithm, this paper proposes a shape adjustable surface modeling method with explicit solutions of Bézier control points by taking 2-ring singular points as the control grid and using...
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Study of fiber laser welding for DP980 high strength steel

Yuqin Jiao, Hongxin Zhang, Wei Xu
Welding experiments of DP980 high strength steel plate with fiber laser have been processed. The influence of welding parameters on welding quality has been investigated. As well as microstructure and mechanical character of welding seam has been analyzed. It is showed that the joint appearance of DP980...
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Effect of trace magnesium addition on the characteristics of mechanical properties in high strength low alloy steel

Ming Lv, Xiaobing Li, Yi Min, Chengjun Liu, Maofa Jiang, Bo Wang, Xiaopu Wang
In order to reveal the function of Mg on the characteristics of mechanical properties in high strength low alloy steel, the steels containing with different Mg contents were refined with vacuum induction furnace and rolled with double-stick reversible rolling mill. The characteristics of mechanical properties...
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A Study on the Controlling Method of the Statically Indeterminate Bridge’s Additional Internal Force Caused by the Temperature Action

Bing Xing, Jun Xiao, Shi-Zhong Qiang, Lin Xiao, Xin Jin, De-Yi Zhang
The secondary internal force caused by temperature in statically indeterminate bridges are usually huge, sometime is the control factor in bridge design. Since the temperature investigation of bridge construction site is difficult to predict, there deviation between design joining temperature and actual...