Proceedings of the 2022 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education (IC-ICAIE 2022)

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Bob Fox, Chuan Zhao, Marcus T. Anthony
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education (ICAIE 2022) during June 24-26, 2022 in Chengdu, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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The Application of Huffman Coding Thinking in the Selection of Vocational Education Skills Competition

Jinghua Si
Vocational education in the new era is gradually entering a stage of high-quality development. The social influence of skill competitions is growing, and it has become a bright brand of national vocational education. The skills competition has a guiding, benchmarking and catalytic effect on vocational...
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Design and Practice of Blended Teaching in Smart Classroom Environment

Ling Feng, Xia Wang, Fang Li, Xiqiang Duan
Online and offline blended teaching is the mainstream teaching mode of current classroom teaching. The emergence and application of smart classroom has injected new vitality into blended teaching, which is more convenient for the implementation of blended learning Teaching and the collection and analysis...
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Application Research of Online and Offline Mixed Teaching Mode Based on Mobile Education Platform in Higher Vocational English Teaching

Li Li
He improvement of scientific information technology promotes the formation of new education and teaching models. It is of great significance to realize online interaction and offline communication in higher vocational English teaching, which can quickly solve practical problems of students’ learning....
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The Application of Mobile Intelligent Terminal in High School Physics Learning

Lihua Zhao
At present, the emergence of mobile smart terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops has broken the constraints of traditional education and teaching in space and information transmission, which can effectively expand the ways for high school students to learn, and can help achieve the teaching...
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Construction of AGIL Model of “Post-00” College Students’ Patriotic Education Discourse Based on Big Data Technology

Xiling Liu, Yiqiao Hu
According to the requirements of the era of patriotic education in colleges and universities in our country, this paper takes the undergraduates majoring in electronic science and technology in our school as the research object to explore the application of electronic information technology means and...
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Chatbot Combined with Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Skin Cancer Detection

Qianfei Hu, Haochong Xia, Tianrui Zhang
For the sake of raising people's serious awareness of skin cancer and providing a convenient way to diagnose skin cancer, this study designs an application to help users figure out the true situation of their skin. In this field, many current studies still cannot achieve high accuracy for skin cancer...
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Research on Virtual Music Teaching Guidance System

Jie Ding
With the rapid development of scientific and technological information, information technology has been widely used in the teaching of various disciplines. The rapid development and popularization of Internet technology has brought great convenience to people's work, life and study, and also brought...
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Application of Triangular Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process in Combination with Normal Function in MOOC Evaluation

Jun Li
In this study, a three-level fuzzy comprehensive MOOC quality evaluation model based on the triangular fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) was constructed, aiming to improve MOOC quality. In this model, AHP was improved by introducing the theory of triangular fuzzy number. Next, the triangular fuzzy...
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Evaluation of the Effect of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model

Xiang Gao, Jie Hu, Chuan Tian
The so-called fuzzy comprehensive evaluation refers to the fundamental method of engineering fuzzy systems, which is widely used. For example, it plays a very important role in quality control, performance evaluation, weather forecast, expert scoring system, medical diagnosis, economic management, psychological...
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Research on the Evaluation System of University Employment Quality Based on Factor Analysis

Lingli Lv, Wei Yu
Because of the complex evaluation data of university employment quality, the accuracy of the calculation results is difficult to be guaranteed. And design based on the factor analysis of university employment quality evaluation system, not only can solve this problem, but also can improve the response...
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Application of Blockchain Technology in Colleges and Universities Financial Sharing Service Platform

Min Zhang
The financial work in colleges and universities involves many aspects, With the development of the information age, Many schools have built their own financial sharing service platforms, But the platform still faces many problems in the specific operation process, Failure to form a strong technical support,...
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Research on the Development Technology of B-learning System Based on Web3.0

Rui Ge
With the continuous promotion of educational informatization, blended learning, which combines the advantages of traditional teaching and learning methods with the advantages of online learning, has become the core issue of education reform in the era of Web3.0. Based on the theory of constructivism...
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An Analysis of College Students' Satisfaction with Online Courses-Data Processing Based on SPSS

Yuying Cheng, Xiaoguang Wang
The development of Internet technology has changed the way college students learn, making more and more college students choose online courses. This research is based on domestic and foreign scholars' research on college students' satisfaction with online courses, with reference to several...
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Application for Breast Cancer Detection Based on Convolutional Neural Network

Tianye Fan
Breast cancer starts in breast cells when they grow out of control. It is life-threatening and is common among women. Diagnosis of breast cancer is a challenging task as well as time consuming. In this paper, a new idea for breast cancer diagnosis is discussed. Namely, a convolutional neural network...
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A Bootstrap-Based Analysis of the Relationship between

Father Involvement and the Subjective Well-being of Junior High-School Students

Rui Xia, Yuqing Zhang
The aim of this paper is to explore the relationship between father involvement in parenting and the subjective well-being of junior high-school students, investigating the mediating effects of self-esteem of junior high-school students. A total of 384 junior high-school students from two middle schools...
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An Empirical Research on The Application of Mobile Short Video in Higher Normal Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Taking Tik Tok Platform as an Example

Xueli Li, Xia Xiao
With the rapid development and wide application of mobile short video technology, it has gradually been “favored” by some higher normal undergraduate colleges and universities. A growing number of higher normal undergraduate college and universities have opened mobile short video accounts, which can...
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Allocation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Resources for Architectural Design Majors in Colleges and Universities Based on PSO Algorithm

Wenjun Xu
Given the lack of innovative entrepreneurship education teaching resources configuration research, in order to make innovation in colleges and universities entrepreneurship education resource allocation rationalization, realize the maximization of the benefit evaluation index system of construction of...
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Research Hotspots of Online Education in China in the Past Ten Years

Based on the CiteSpace’ Visual Atlas Analysis

Shuang Yang
This research is based on 3258 Chinese literatures about online education from 2012 to 2021, which were included in the CSSCI source core journals of CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure), and uses the information visualization analysis software Citespace to conduct keyword analysis to reveal...
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Research on the Design of Cross-Cultural Business Communication Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Platform Based on SPSS Data Analysis

Qin Meng, Weiwei Zhao, Yanna Sun, Hanwang Liu
Based on SPSS data analysis, this paper studies the cross-cultural business communication virtual simulation experimental teaching platform, which combined virtual simulation technology with web page effect to guide students to experience the style of world cultural heritage culture, simulate the specific...
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Intelligent Question Answering System Based on Domain Knowledge Graph

Yiming Hao, Ye Wu, Luo Chen, Kaijun Yang
This paper introduces an intelligent question answering system based on the domain knowledge graph of military battle cases. Through the collection and accumulation of military big data, we first build a domain knowledge graph for military battle cases, and then use natural language processing related...
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Research on the Design of Interactive Multimedia Teaching in High School Chinese

Yunxia Yang
With the continuous development of Internet science and technology, various industries have also been challenged by changes and innovations. For multimedia technology, in addition to playing an important role in the field of social life, it also has a certain promotion in school classroom teaching effect....
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Under the Perspective of Technology Empowerment of Construction of Scenarios of Edu-Metaverse

Yi Ding, Ruogu Zhang, Shu Zhang, Suna Chen, Xiaofang Yan, Yangting Bian, Ping Jiang
The metaverse is the integration of multiple new technologies which generates next generation of Internet applications and the state of social, its application in the field of education has the potential to bring the third way for human beings to comprehend the complexity of educational system and the...
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Research on the Promotion Effect of Additive Manufacturing Technology on Mechanical Drawing Course of Vocational Education

Meiqin Liang, Shang Wang, Meiyun Liang, Han Qin, Yajuan Zhang, Haonan Xu, Xinyu Wei
The long-standing problem in the teaching of Mechanical Drawing is the low level of learning motivation. In order to solve this problem, the research group deeply analyzed the examination results of the previous students and put forward a teaching reform method of integrating additive manufacturing technology...
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Generation and Optimization of Ideological and Political Teaching Learning Route Based on Evolutionary Algorithm

Yangguanqi Guo, Jialu Peng, Wenjin Zhu
Ideological and political education is an important knowledge point in China's higher education, which covers the whole process of higher education teaching, and is an important institutional carrier for universities to cultivate socialist successors. At present, great achievements have been made...
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Combining SATI and SPSS analysis to study the status of the cultivation of critical thinking in English teaching in China

Fang Yue, Hamidah Mohd Ismail, Huichun Ning, Wenxuan Ren, Jingjing Shi
With the liberalization of information release and the accelerated speed of dissemination, information overload and its inauthenticity have become a problem that plagues people’s effective use of information. Critical thinking can support the development of information literacy. By using critical thinking,...
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A Corpus-Based Study on Liu Yukun’s Translation Style as Reflected in Folding Beijing

Yuting Chen, Wei Gong
Folding Beijing, written by Hao Jingfang and later translated by the famed science fiction writer Liu Yukun (also known as Ken Liu), has been a hit overseas, promoting the spread of Chinese culture and winning the Hugo Award for Best Novelette in 2016. This paper will take Liu Yukun’s translation as...
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Informatization Construction of Chinese International Education under the Internet Background

Jiling Cai
The combination of Internet + education can enhance the innovation and creative of the education industry, and form a new form of Internet + education development. Using information and network platforms to integrate the Internet with international Chinese language education, and using the advantages...
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Predicting Invasive Ductal Carcinoma by Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Shuaipeng Dong
Due to the nature of Breast Cancer, it is challenging to make correct diagnosis based on histopathology images. And it is crucial to make early diagnosis for a complete cure. In this paper, a Neural Network algorithm was proposed to train on sets of breast histopathology images. Based on Convolutional...
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DenseNet Convolutional Neural Network for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Xinkai Yuan, Lanrui Zhang, Shuming Zhao
Breast cancer is a fatal disease, among which, its sub-type invasive (or infiltrating) ductal carcinomas (IDC) dominate the death cases of it. Detecting the features of such disease in an X-ray image by human eyes can be challenged, especially in cancer’s early stage. Thus, this study is aimed at developing...
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SWOT Analysis of National Cultural Resources based on Data Analysis

Weilian Lin, Bin Wen, Guimei Yang
The rapid development of network and media technology has led to cultural exchange more frequently. To achieve the in-depth excavation of the connotation of national cultural resources, the rational development and utilization of resources and the cultivation of awareness of resource protection. There...
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Design and Analysis of Simulation Experiment of Bidding Game for Power Suppliers in Electricity Market Teaching

Juai Wu, Shiyang Deng, Yuanmeng Zhu, Dongliang Xie, Tengfei Zhang
As the most widely used secondary energy source, market-based trading of electricity energy will further improve the formation mechanism of electricity price, realize the optimal allocation of low-carbon electricity resources, and effectively promote the achievement of the carbon peak and carbon neutral...
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The Construction of Business English Blended Teaching Mode from the Perspective of Cloud Teaching-Research Community and Production-oriented Approach

Tianzhao Li
The construction of Business English online and offline blended teaching mode is directly related to the cultivation of English teachers' professional knowledge, cloud teaching technology and teaching evaluation ability, which is of great significance to the cultivation of English input and output...
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Construction of Teaching Performance Evaluation System for College Teachers Based on Data Mining

Hanqiao Sun
Data mining has become an important means to improve the level of educational management under the background of big data. In this paper, the CART decision tree algorithm of data mining is applied to the performance management of college teachers. On the basis of statistical data, the factors affecting...
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Maximum Power Point Tracking Control Based on Variable Step Size Perturbation Observation Method

Chao Ma, Shengguo Zhang, Hao Hou, Zihao Wang, Changxun Yu
In the whole life cycle of the evaluation, construction, grid connection, operation and maintenance and sale of power plant projects, the calculation of power generation with artificial intelligence technology as the core is the top priority. Maximum power points tracking techniques are widely utilized...
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Current Situation and Development Trend of Intercultural Education:

A Scientometric Analysis with CiteSpace

Jiajia Xia
By using the visual analysis software CiteSpace 5.8.R3 and the bibliometric method, this paper presents a statistical analysis of the relevant papers on the application of Chinese intercultural education in CNKI from 2001 to 2021. It reviews papers’ publication date, published journals, published institutions,...
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Discussion on the Exploration and Practice of Quality Supervision Mode of Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information in Hunan Province Under the Background of Big Data Information Technology

Mengshi Liu, Zuoqian Cai
In order to improve the quality of surveying and mapping geographic information products, this paper aims to study and explore the working mode and method of surveying and mapping geographic information quality supervision under the background of big data information technology. In this paper, hunan...
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Artificial Intelligence 2D Image Deformation Technology for Digital Art

Yiyang Zhang
In today's digital age, art design has long since gotten rid of the limitations of traditional media. Visual programming, as a technology with great potential with rapid development, provides a new creative vision for artistic creation in the digital age, bringing unprecedented changes. The main...
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Research on the Construction of Theory and Practice Integrated Course Materials from the Perspective of Artificial Intelligence

Xurong Liang, Le Qi, Bingmin Shang
This paper conducts a study on the transformation of vocational education course materials. The framework of course materials is built with the support missions as its motivation. Long short-term memory network is used to establish the correlation between practical tasks and equipment theory, so as to...
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Analysis of Factors Related to Academic Delays Affecting Master's Students ——an Empirical Study Based on SPSS Statistical Analysis

Ximei Yang, Yan Ma, Lan Hong, Renju Tang
In order to explore the mechanism of self-efficacy of master's students on academic delays tendency under the influence of stress perception, a questionnaire survey was conducted on 281 master's students using the Master's Academic Delays Tendency Scale, Self-Efficacy Scale, and Stress...
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Teaching Reform Design of Applied Advanced Undergraduate Course Based on Fogg Model

Cheng Yang, Xin Dai
Aiming at the analysis of the teaching status of the core professional courses in applied undergraduate, taking the advanced course "Distributed System Application Practice" as an example, a Fogg model-based teaching design scheme for application-oriented undergraduate software engineering...
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Skin Cancer Detection Based on Hybrid Model by Means of Inception V3 and ResNet 50

Yuyu Zeng, Xingsheng Zhu
Due to the rapid growth of skin cancer patients, being diagnosed and treated at an early stage has become more and more necessary. However, only mature, and experienced doctors are capable for the precise detection of skin cancer by carrying out some expensive examination. To solve this issue, several...
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Design and Application of MOOC Teaching Platform for College English Based on MOODLE System

Amugulang Amugulang
In order to promote the informatization reform of college English education in China, and solve the problems existing in current English teaching, such as single teaching form, limited communication between teachers and students, and insufficient environmental conditions for practicing listening and...
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Based on the Origin Analysis of the Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent Training Mode of Artificial Intelligence Majors in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Lanhua Wang, Qi Liu, Minmin Pang, Aili Li, Wensheng Du
Relied on artificial intelligence major, the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship education in applied undergraduate colleges were analyzed. The problems and reform measures of the innovation and entrepreneurship talent training model for artificial intelligence majors in applied undergraduate...
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The Application and Research of Artificial Intelligence in The Field of Music Education

Zhaoying Zhang
AI technology will be used in music teaching, bringing the easiest way to music teaching. This work aims to study the application of artificial intelligence in music teaching. On the basis of full investigation and research on intelligent piano music teaching, combined with the advantages of intelligent...
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Application Research of Blockchain Technology in Art Trading Platform System under Cloud Computing Environment

Yuan Zhou
The distributed database established by blockchain technology ensures that the transaction information of all high-value artworks can be correctly reflected on the Internet and can never be changed, thereby gradually accumulating real artwork transaction data. The main purpose of this paper is to study...
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Study on the Application of 020 Teaching Model in Ideological and Political Course in Colleges and Universities

Jing Dai, Peng Shao, Yu Fang
020 teaching model has been gradually applied to ideological and political classes in colleges and universities, and its advantages of process evaluation are very prominent. The diversity of evaluation content, flexibility of evaluation form and complexity of evaluation environment can play a role in...
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Study on the Effect of Depth on Convolutional Neural Networks for Brain Tumor Detection

Yuxuan Li
Brain tumors are one of the invasive diseases in children and adults. Due to the complexity involved in brain tumors and their characteristics, manual examination may be error prone. The use of automatic classification technology using machine learning (ML) has always shown higher accuracy than manual...
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Analysis of SEM Model for Student Employment Choice in the Era of Big Data

Xiao Yang, Yuting Ye, Syamsul Nor Azlan Mohamad, Fang Yue, Wenxuan Ren
At present, Zhoushan's natural population growth rate is the lowest in Zhejiang, and the ageing in the province is the most serious. From a macro point of view, Zhoushan has to occupy the advantage in the problem of "graduates stay in Zhoushan" to relieve the pressure and sense of urgency...
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Analysis of the New Model of Academic Education Management of College Students in the New Era Based on Data Mining Analysis

Shan Wu
With the combination of the Internet and the education field, online learning has become the preferred choice for learners, and also provides the convenience for learners to watch anytime and anywhere, as well as to watch recorded lectures, without being restricted by location and time. Since the entire...
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Construction of College Martial Arts Online Education Application Platform Based on JSP Technology

Xingrong Zhang
In the Java language environment, JSP technology combined with SSM framework is used to complete the construction of online education application platform of college martial arts. With the help of the application advantages of network information technology, aiming at the difficulties faced by the current...
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Research on Distance Education of French as A Foreign Language in Colleges Based on SPSS Data Analysis Software

Zhengyan Deng
Taking the course of French as a second foreign language in Wuhan Business University as an example, this paper elaborates on the distance education design of French as a second foreign language, including pre-class preparation, in-class design and after-class homework design. In addition, this paper...
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Visualization Analysis of Chinese Learning Space Evaluation Research Base on Citespace

Yilong Xu, Hongbo Yu, Fujing Zhao
At present, domestic research on learning space is in a period of vigorous development. This research uses the visualization software CiteSpace and the Python programming tool are used to collect the literature data on the topic of learning space through CNKI database. Based on these, the research conducts...
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Research on the Construction of Classroom Teaching Evaluation System Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Xiao Chen
With the diversified and digital development of educational models, teaching quality needs more scientific evaluation. Teaching quality is not only related to the learning quality of students, but also related to the training of national talents. Objective and fair evaluation of classroom teaching quality...
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Design of Mobile Micro Learning System for English Words Based on Computer Technology

Wei Wang, Sha Gong
With the development of computer technology and multimedia technology in recent years, distance education is made possible. Distance education, as a means of education, will gradually play a huge role with the development of society. Distance education takes the network as a teaching carrier, which can...
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Research on The Innovation of Children’s Picture Books with The Empowerment of Augmented Reality Technology

Bing Yu, Zichen Zhang
Augmented Reality (AR), also known as mixed reality, technology is born out of Virtual Reality (VR) technology, the empowerment by which provides technical support for the seamless integration of traditional paper books and virtual environment. It has brought tremendous changes to the content production,...
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Research on the Curriculum Reform of Military Academy Management Based on the Analysis of Survey Data

Boyu Feng, Zhihao Zhang, Nan Zhang, Lei Zhang
Based on the data analysis of the questionnaire, this paper finds the main problems of management teaching in military academy. We established Kano model to design the questionnaire, and analyzed the questionnaire results. The study found that there are some main problems in teaching, such as the lack...
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Research on the Teaching Method of Programming Course by Using Computational Thinking

Lei Chen, Xuebo Zhang
The programming course is an important public course for undergraduate, which mainly cultivates students’ ability to solve and analysis professional problems by using computational thinking. Taking C language programming course as example, this paper proposes the teaching method of programming course...
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An English Test Paper Grouping Method Based on Improved Gray Wolf Algorithm

Yue Wu
Aiming at the problems of slow speed, low success rate and uncontrollable quality of traditional English test paper formation method, an automatic test paper formation method based on improved Gray Wolf algorithm was proposed. Firstly, the mathematical model of automatic test paper formation is analyzed....
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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Willingness of Students in Vocational Colleges to Attend MOOC Micro-Specialty in the Context of Education Digitalization

Jing Zhang, Lijuan Xu, Xuanyu Li
The rapid development of education digitalization has brought opportunities for online courses, amid which micro-specialty has been promoted. “Micro-specialty” is an employment-oriented and customized professional systematic training program. It is a new stage of the development of online education in...
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Distance Education System Design Based on VR Live Broadcasting

Mingzhu Liu
Since colleges and universities carried out the work of modern distance education, online education has become the latest in the field of higher education, but its development is the fastest. The promotion of online education is the education method of many colleges and universities for students'...
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Graduation Thesis Topic Recommendation Based on Neural Network

Xuemei Li, Maryli F. Rosas
Undergraduate graduation design thesis is not only the goal of higher education, but also an important link. It plays an important role in training college students to carry out scientific research, basic training, and improve their ability and comprehensive quality. This paper takes the engineering...
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Reflections on Entrepreneurship Education in The Context of Information Technology: How Entrepreneurship Tutors Affect the Identification of Entrepreneurship Opportunities for College Students

Xuan Zhang, Shan Nong
With the rapid development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, the way in which higher education and entrepreneurship education are carried out has changed. As an indispensable part of entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial mentors face an important task how to continuously...
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Prediction of Optimal Experimental Conditions for The Preparation of C4 Alkenes by Ethanol Coupling Based on Machine Learning Algorithm

Zihao Deng, Qiuliang Lin, Junjie Chen, Shixian Zhang
The paper aims to combine computers with chemical experiments, using known experimental data to predict the optimal experimental conditions for the preparation of C4 alkenes by ethanol coupling. In this paper, the known data are predicted by using four machine learning algorithms of random forest, XGBoost,...
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A Study of Learning Engagement and Its Influencing Factors Under E-Learning Platform: Based on Behavioral Event Analysis Model

Xiaowen Chen, Ting Wang
During the COVID-19, the analysis of data on the use of e-learning platforms revealed that e-learning gradually became the main learning method for students. On the one hand, e-learning can solve the crisis of students’ suspension from classes and schools. But on the other hand, the phenomenon of decreasing...
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Mobile-Based VR Technology and Its Application in English Learning

Yuling Zhou
In recent years, with the development and progress of the times, mobile technology has gradually developed, and the development momentum of mobile terminals including smart phones is also very rapid. And the application of mobile technology to education in mobile learning has become an inevitable trend...
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Design and Construction of Business English "Double-qualified" Smart Classroom Learning Platform Based on Web Technology

Xuelian Su
With the development of social economy, more and more foreign enterprises have entered the domestic market, and the demand for "applied" business English talents is increasing. In order to meet this demand, colleges and universities have set up business English majors. Due to the particularity...
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Video Description Method based on Semantic Information Filtering and Sentence Length Modulation

Xiangqing Wang, Xiaodong Cai, Meixin Zhou, Qingnan Huang
In the current video description task, the spatial redundancy information in the video features is usually not effectively eliminated, and the commonly used loss function is composed of the logarithm of the probability of the correct word of the target, and the long sentences formed often bring great...
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An Empirical Study of PIAE Blended Learning in Cloud Classroom of College English Reading Course

Jingjing Lu
PIAE is an innovative teaching model that integrates PBL teaching model and Teaching Interaction Theory into college English reading course. This study conducted an empirical study to test the effectiveness of PIAE blended teaching based on mobile learning platform Xue Xi Tong in English reading course,...
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Design and Implementation of College English Task-driven Network Teaching Platform Based on web Technology

Lihua Zhu
English is a tool language with high versatility, so colleges and universities have set college English as a basic public required course. However, at present, there are many problems in English teaching in colleges and universities, which not only hinder the development of English teaching, but also...
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Digital technologies in mental health services for adolescents Under the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lechun Xiao, Ting Wang
In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the international community has adopted a series of policies to encourage social distancing, which has increased their risk of developing psychological problems. The traditional psychological counseling model is difficult to play its due role under the quarantine...
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The Effect of College Students' Self-Efficacy on Post-Traumatic Growth Based on SPSS Data Analysis: The Mediating Role of Social Support

Lu Tian, Ting Wang
1185 college students were surveyed using the Self-Efficacy Scale, the Social Support Scale, and the Post-Traumatic Growth Scale. The results show that there is a significant positive correlation between self-efficacy, social support and post-traumatic growth, and the mediating effect of social support...
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A Multi-task Approach for Machine Reading Comprehension Form Named Entity Recognition Tasks

Yu Zhang, Jian Deng, Ying Ma, Jianmin Li
Named Entity Recognition (NER) is a basic NLP task that aims to provide class labels for words in free text, such as people, locations. The traditional NER task is treated as a label-sequence task, but the trend of recent jobs is to convert the NER task into a Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC) task...
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Research on Evidence-based Differentiated Instruction of NCOs

Guqing Liu, Deqiang Ding, Jinzhi Ran, Qingsong Xie, Tao Wang
There is a problem in NCOs instruction that the teaching effect is poor due to the diversity of students’ background, so differentiated instruction is introduced. It is well known that the key to successful differentiated instruction lies in sound decision making, such as reasonable grouping and appropriate...
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The Application of Online and Offline Hybrid Teaching Mode Based on Fanya Platfrom in English Translation Teaching

Xiaoling Cao
The emergence and development of information technology with the new scientific and technological revolution has changed people’s work, life and learning at an astonishing rate in the process of human civilization. Under the background of information age, big data plays an increasingly important role...
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The Architecture and Realization of PE Teaching System under Digital Informatization

Suqin Cao, Hui Wang
In recent years, data technology, multimedia technology and information technology have been widely applied in the field of education, and the field of modern education has gradually begun to develop towards flipped classroom, smart campus and other directions. Sports have also suffered in part. In this...
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Research on the Information Construction Technology and Model of Smart City in China

Haiyun Cui, Yajiao Liu
City information construction is the core of smart city. With the development of the fourth generation of information technology, the process of smart city construction is emerging. City development and city information construction have always been worth in-depth discussion and attention. Based on this...
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Research on the Application of Numerical Simulation Technology in Mechanics of Materials Teaching

Feng Wang, Yalong Jiang, Yurong Ma, Yaqiong Jiang, Tao Wu, Jie Zhang
This paper discusses the current situation of mechanics of materialsteaching, proposes to introduce the finite element numerical simulation technology into mechanics of materials teaching, so as to closely combine the ANSYS software with mechanics of materials teaching, and shows its application through...
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Design and Application Research of Education Management System Based on Block Chain

Jinjin He, Limin Qiao
With the development of computer technology and the improvement of economic level, data archives management system has been widely used in archives management. Archives record the development history and social activities of countries, organizations and individuals, and are an important wealth for the...
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An Empirical Statistical Research on Chinese College Students’ Academic Reading Behavior Based on a Marxist view of Practice

Ruilan Liu, Xiaohan Yu
The academic reading situation of Chinese college students does not give grounds for optimism. Improving their academic reading motivation and reading ability has become a top priority. Analysis was performed by SPSS software and supplemented with open-ended questions. This paper explores the relationship...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Auditing Course based on Four-Dimensional Integration

Zufei Zhang, Qianlin Shen, Yanqing Xue, Mengrui Shen
To strengthen audit learning professional course reform and practicability, this paper strives to cultivate applied audit talents. According to the analysis of current accounting auditing courses teaching and educational reform necessity, we focus on the optimization of curriculum content, teaching method...
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Intelligent Tutor of Helicopter Flight Simulator

Guo-jun Lai, Yi Liang, Xiao-wei Wang
At present, helicopter flight training through helicopter flight simulator has become a necessary means, but most helicopter flight simulator does not have any automatic evaluation and tutoring facilities, which makes the students' learning efficiency low. In this paper, a general-purpose intelligent...
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A Smart Online and Offline Synchronization Teaching Mode Based on the Rain Classroom Software

Taking College English Courses as an Example

Man Guo
Smart teaching environment is constructed by many intelligent teaching platforms. From the perspective of technical architecture, these platforms can be divided into user layer, terminal layer, application layer, platform layer and network layer. After constructing the basic environment of intelligent...
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Breast Cancer Detection Based on Image Denoising in Multiple Modes

Zheng Yin, Shijie Pang, Yi Yang
Breast cancer is cancer that develops from breast tissue, and it is the leading type of cancer in women. Convolutional neural network (CNN) is a very effective auxiliary method for medical image detection and classification as well as denoising, which is very important for diagnosis and analysis of medical...
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Construction of Archive Management System Model of Ideological and Political Practice in Colleges and Universities

Zirui Tian, Hailin Zou, Wenjin Zhu
The rapid development of Internet technology has profoundly changed human social practice and the formation mechanism of social records, produced new archival management objects and subjects, derived new management modes and concepts, but also brought security, ethics and other related problems, thus...
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Computer Aided Instruction Software Design under the Influence of Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Xiaolong Guo
In recent years, with the development and popularization of software and hardware technology and network technology, multi-channel and multi-content teaching forms have laid a deep social foundation for computer-aided instruction (CAI) to play an increasingly important role, making CAI gradually become...
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VR Course Design Based on New Media Education Technology

Shuhua Bai
Nowadays, new media technology and virtual reality technology have become important educational methods in colleges and universities. Courses based on new media technology and virtual reality technology can fully understand students' learning needs, and provide students with targeted teaching according...
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Knowledge Graph Analysis of Mobile Learning Based on CiteSpace

Ruixue Yang, Meng Liu, Ruihuai Yang
Under the background of the rapid development of mobile technology and its applications, what kind of picture does the domestic mobile learning research shows, and which research topics and hotspots to focus on are issues worthy further exploration. Using CiteSpace analysis software, with the Chinese...
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The Design of English Independent Learning Platform Based on Computer Technology

Yuan Liu
With the rapid development of information technology, online learning has become another way for learners to acquire knowledge. The network can provide learners with learning anytime and anywhere, which is conducive to stimulate learners' interest in learning and improve their learning effect. It...
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Research on the Factors Influencing the Performance of the Art College Entrance Examination Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

Mengying Ma
The application of artificial intelligence technologies has influenced many aspects of education, including the learning style of students, the teaching of education faculty, and the administration of colleges. However, the research focusing on the art college entrance examination in China is limited,...
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Blended Learning of Consecutive Interpreting Course in Chinese Context under the Framework of Daniel Gile’s Effort Model

This research targets blended learning of consecutive interpreting course in Chinese context and is to testify the effectiveness and efficiency of this teaching and learning model. Daniel Gile’s Effort Model providing the theoretical foundation, the 3-year practice of blended learning in consecutive...
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Research Hotspot and Trends of International Students' Education in China

---A Bibliometric Analysis Based on SATI and SPSS

Huichun Ning, Norazah Binti Abdul Aziz, Fang Yue, Wenxuan Ren
This article used SATI3.2 software to process 488 documents related to international students' education from China Knowledge Network Database (CNKI). The collected data was from 163 core Chinese journals, published from 2009 to 2022. By using the visualized data quantitatively, it presented the...
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Structure Recognition of Marriage and Childbirth Concept of University Students Based on Attachment Model—Case of Jilin Province, China

Zixu Hao, Siyu Guo, Rui Tang, Fang Xia
Objective The issue of marriage and childbirth is a hot topic in Chinese society at present. This paper based on attachment theory model, to explore the internal paths of the marriage and childbirth view of university students in Jilin Province, and to provide a reference for the future...
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Research on the Application of Virtual Simulation Teaching Based on “Artificial Intelligence” Big Data

Shu Tang, Le Chen, Xubo Dai
This paper aims to explore the application effect of the virtual simulation teaching mode based on the background of “Artificial Intelligence” big data in medicine experiment class. Students from Class 1–14 of clinical medicine major in 2018 were the subjects of the survey. The 208 students with odd...
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Bidirectional Transformer for Android Based Image Icon Text Generation

Chuyi Yu, Ying Ma, Jianmin Li
The image caption task is an important manifestation of the fusion of computer vision and natural language processing development in deep learning. The Image Caption task, which is an advanced kind of image comprehension, can effectively grasp image information and produce accurate and concise natural...
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Integrating Information Technology into the Teaching of Environmental Design Majors

Meng Weng
With the advent of the information age, environmental design education in colleges and universities should also meet the objective needs of social development, and constantly seek teaching models and talent training methods that adapt to market development, so that environmental design education in my...
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Development of Archives Management System for University Ideological and Political Practice Activities Based on Computer System

Peng Shao, Junjie Guo
University ideological and political education needs to be based on practical activities. Students are able to translate theoretical knowledge into practical actions in practical activities. In order to be able to supervise and record students' ideological and political activities, this research...
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Research on the Psychological Behaviors of Undergraduates During the Covid-19 Pandemic Through Data Analysis

Yun Liu
Data analysis refers to analyzing the collected mass data through proper statistical analysis methods, meanwhile summarizing, comprehending and digesting it to exploit its functions to the largest extent, so as to give play to its effect. Data analysis is a process in which data is researched and summarized...
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Face Recognition Technology Risks and Regulatory Issues

Yuying Bao, Zhenyuan Du
Face recognition technology has the characteristics of convenient attributes, no compulsion, no contact, etc.. Due to the defects of face recognition Algorithms, the similarity of face features, and the risks of unauthorized access and circumvention of authentication caused by face synthesis, which brings...
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Link Prediction Model for Anchor Chain Connection Method

Shou-meng Huang
In order to improve the accuracy of the location-based social network (LBSN) multi-source heterogeneous data link prediction, a model named anchor link-predict (AL-P), based on the anchor link method is proposed. Firstly, the network representation learning method is used to obtain the user relationship...