Proceedings of the 2012 National Conference on Information Technology and Computer Science

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Application of Ant Colony Algorithm in Fingerprint Identification System Based on Internet of Things

Zhigao Chen
The Internet of things is a network which connected to objects through the Internet, internet was treated as the foundation and the core ,by which the most date transmission is wireless information and intelligent processing information, in this situation for one thing ,the social efficiency can greatly...
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Research on Lash-up Maintenance Technology of Engineering Equipment

Ming Zhang, Zhongfeng Shi, Chunyu Dou, Tao Fan
Abstract The theory frame of lash-up maintenance technology of engineering equipment is brought forward from the point of view of lash-up maintenance theory, which include fault diagnosis and survey technology, damnification evaluation theory, damnification repair technology, lash-up maintenance effect...
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The Research of Future-Market-like Supervision of the Exchange of Cultural Products and Artworks

Chunxu Liu, Wenzheng Shang
As an innovation of the trade of Cultural products, the Exchange of Cultural Products and Artworks makes the market of cultural products more prosperous, but there are also some problems. Through analysing the characters of the Exchange of Cultural Products and Artworks and the trade model of the cultural...
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Applicability Evaluation to Capital Asset Pricing Model

Xinzhu Li
The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), proposed by Professor William. F. Sharpe, a Nobel Prize winner in economics, is considered to be the backbone of pricing theory in modern financial market. The model is simple and practical, and mainly adopted in researches on the relationship between the expected...
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The Innovative Study of Jilin Province's Urban Integration Development

Tieyu Liang, Chunjing Ma
As a big agricultural province, Jilin Province has a large agricultural population and agricultural land. In the process of urban integration, it is of great significance to solve the problems of migrant workers as well as land for promoting the healthy development of urban integration in Jilin Province...
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The research of Online Transaction Risk in Service Provider to Consumer

Yao Yao, Liang Feng, Kailin Xu
Today, as the external environment of the internet tends to mature, the consuming service based on the family life will be the main part of the E-Commerce in China. It affects the development of the industry, and also changes and affects users spending habits. This article investigates the transaction...
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Innovation of Emergency Management Estab-lishment of New Mode for Holographic Com-mand and Collaborative Work

Liangyan Jiang
Holographic command and collaborate work are the breakthrough to traditional emergency management mode. Holographic command, as a kind of all weather, three dimensional and information-shared network interactive command platform, consists of sound, image, data and is featured with comprehensive, information-shared,...
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The Market Competition, Law Enforcement, and Banking System's Efficiency in China

Yu Xia, Xianliang Tian
In economic literature, the benefit of competition is well recognized, for example, it could reduce monopoly rents and cost inefficiencies, and finally improve the welfare of the economy. In the case of banking system, the market competition in banking sector could improve efficiency of the banking system...
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Mutual Authentication Scheme for Muliti-server Environment Without Using Smart Cards

Jiayu Wang, Fangping Deng
To authenticate a remote user over an insecure channel, which widely deployed in e-commerce, e-government, information security, business management and many more, we propose a scheme without using smartcards. Due to the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem, the proposed scheme is safe and efficient....
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Research on Data Acquisition and Signal Processing of Fault Diagnosis System for Electromechanical Equipment

Yan Qin, Ming Gu
Data acquisition and signal processing is the basis of condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system for electromechanical equipment.The paper analysis the general technology of data acquisition and signal processing used in fault diagnosis system,A portable equipment of motor fault diagnosis is designed...
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Spatial Structural Characteristics of Chinese Railway Passenger Network Based on Complex Network Theory

Xuejing Gu, Dewei Li, Lu Qin
The railway network provides transport services for clients, it is very important for railway managers to analyzing the spatial structure of the network. This article analyzes the spatial structure of Chinese railway network with indicators of degree distribution, the clustering coefficient, the average...
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Comparative Study on Knowledge Transfer Among Different Networks: a Social Capital Perspective

Shouxian Liu
This paper examines how social capital dimensions of networks affect the transfer of knowledge between network members. There are different characteristics of social capital among three network types: MNCs, strategic alliances and industrial clusters. Based on comparing dimension of social capital among...
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Banking Efficiency, Law Enforcement and Chinese Provincial Economic Growth

Yu Xia, Xianliang Tian
The body of literature about institutes efficiency is mainly fallen into the field of microeconomics, even though in theory, the efficiency could be related to economic growth. This paper tries to fill this gap by examining empirically the relationship between banking sectors efficiency and provincial...
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Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Or-ganizational Culture and Organizational Performance

Zhipeng Zhang, Xiancheng Zhu
This article uses empirical research to analyze four types of organizational culture on organizational performance, the results show that: adhocracy culture and market culture have a positive impact on financial performance and market performance, clan culture and hierarchy culture have a negative impact...
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On the Impact Factors for Mining Enterprise Choos-ing Investment Position Abroad

Maoping Zhou, Mingzhen Xu
Mining enterprise investment is characteristic of long period, big size and fixed area. Resource, polity, law, economy environment and social culture of the host country should be taken into account when choosing place for offshore fund.
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Analyze on GEO Satellites Output Power Variation

Jun Zheng, Hong Chen
Solar arrays are the main source of energy used at present onboard satellites. Their energy resources largely determines the time of active life of on-orbit satellites. This paper sets up the output power variation model of solar arrays from the telemetry of three-axis stabilized GEO satellites made...
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Data Acquisition and Processing of Electronic Compass for Mobile Robot Autonomous Navigation

Jingwei Qin, Yimu Guo, Miaolei Zhou
Electronic compass is a kind of absolute sensor that can measure the azimuth by use of the earth's magnetic field. Electronic compass is widely applied in mobile robot autonomous navigation. An electronic compass applied to a certain kind of out-door mobile robot is introduced in this paper. Data format...
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The Application of Grey Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method in Distribution Center Planning Scheme Optimization

Jingjing Jiang, Xiaoyu Wang, Tingbin Chen, Xiangwei Mu
At present, the planning of distribution center is a very important step before the construction. Therefore, how to choose the optimal plan in the process of the planning of distribution center has already become an important research topic in logistical system. In this paper, Grey Fuzzy Comprehensive...
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WBS-based Risk Identification for the Whole Process of Real Estate Project and Countermeasures

Lei Su
The real estate industry is high-risk typically. Real estate project itself has the characteristics of large investment, long cycle, complicated construction technology and susceptible to environmental interference etc. Therefore it is a critical process to identify types and causes of risks, strengthen...
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The Study of Development Pattern of Micro-Blog Combined with E-commerce

Lei Liu
In this paper, the author discussed the development pattern of Micro-blog combined with E-commerce. The feasibility of combination between both was analyzed. This paper pointed out e-commerce providing innovative profit model and development power to Micro-blog, and E-commerce enterprises can apply the...
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Bayesian Methods with Application in Risk Analysis

Dongyang Ding, Xiyang Liu
In risk analysis, Bayesian methods are more adaptability and flexibility than traditional methods when be used to construct decision framework, estimate risk distribution and parameterize model, but has shortcomings at the same time. Robust methods make up some limitations of Bayesian methods, the analysis...
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Credit Risk Transfer and Financial Stability: A Survey

Lili Zhou, Qing Chen
The relationship between credit risk transfer and financial stability were reviewed from two perspectives of the individual banks and financial system in this paper, in which focusing on the instruments of credit risk transfer and the incentive to monitor loan, as well as the differences of measurement...
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Analysis for the Free E-Commerce Pattern

Anbao Wang, Haoran Xing
Nowadays, when free trial has become a powerful marketing measure, it is possible that we may experience a free lunch. This paper analyzes the free economic pattern, free economic pattern has made an attempt in early 20th century, and free has gradually impelled a consumption revolution. It is the direction...
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Design and Integration in E-Commerce Website Based on Framework Technology

Anbao Wang, Jie Xu
With the rapid development of network technology, the Web applications are used more widely, and the higher requirements on the Web system has been pursued by many people. The web applications should become more simple and convenient; also it requires some new internal adjustments in the Enterprise....
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Management System of Teaching Resource Based on SSH Framework

Liangtao Yang
According to the brief introduction of the three frameworks----Spring, Struts and Hibernate, the paper constructs a teaching resource management system by using SSH framework based on J2EE. Such a system architecture reduces the coupling system code and improves system maintainability and extensibility.
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Research on Measurement of Mass, Centroid and Eccentricity of Large-scall Axisymmetric Body

Gang Lu, Aijun Zhang, Changming Wang
Pointed at low-precision of measurement of mass and centroid of large-scall axisymmetric body, measurement method is researched. After comparing, three-point method is adopted to design this system, and error is analyzed and compensated. According to experiments, measurement system has high-precision,...
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Research on the Knowledge Management Based on GIS

Minghai Luo
Knowledge management is to collect, organize, process and transmit the information and provide effective means to make use of the information fully. The development and application of GIS and internet technology will import the bran-new concept for the knowledge management, promote the knowledge management...
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The Main Method of Digital Mine Map

Lingling Han
mining map digitizing of various types of coal mining map digitizing processing new technology, is to establish a modern mine enterprise's essential condition and basic construction. Around the mine map digitization concept, put forward five kinds of digital mine map method and its application conditions,...
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A Brief Analysis on Building and Enhancing the Property Management Enterprises Core Competitive Power

Yang Liu
Building and enhancing core competitive power is the necessary way for property management enterprise to achieve sustainable development. In this paper, author understand and grasp deeply about the concepts and features of property management enterprise's core competitiveness, think that the way building...
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Pricing Benchmark of Empirical Research for Commercial Real Estate Development Project

Kun Yan
Rent of shops is inversely proportional to the distance from the central business district, and is proportional to the quality of the shop itself. This article take a shopping mall project case which is developed by the estate company in Xing Ping District, Xian Yang City as the example, described the...
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Design and Implementation of Graphical User Interface of Digital STB

Rong Fang, Meng-shu Hou
regards the development of a digital Set-Top-Box(STB) as the background, through an understanding of developing environment of graphical user interface 'GUI', To have a general design of STB GUI system'and To realize the STB GUI, and give a realized example of building an GUI under this system.
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Target Characteristic Fusion Recognition Based on D-Sevidence Theory

Xinjun Tai, Jianrong Lu, Dongsheng Zhang
D-S evidence theory is an important target fusion recognition in the characteristic fusion level. With a strong theoretical basis, this method can deal with not only the uncertainty caused by random but also the ambiguity caused by uncertainty. In this article, after the RCS (radar cross section) and...
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An Extended Algorithm based on PlayFair Cipher

Yanhong Shang, Lilei Lu
This article proposed an improved solution to Playfair cipher algorithm. The algorithm extended former encrypting form from digram to integrated three letters. In this article the authors presented the improved encryption algorithm and finished its program in C programming language. At the end of the...
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Analysis of Software Capability Maturity Model'CMM'

Luhua Zhao
CMM software process management and control systems approach, which provides software process improvement guidelines for software process assessment provides a basis. In this paper, the CMM concept and the overall framework in detail, the last of the CMM the problems outlined.
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Consideration on Strengthening the Career Planning Education of College Students in China

Hongmin Liu
In the present situation of growing employment pressure for Chinese college students, to strengthen the career planning education has a great significance on enhancing the employment competition ability of college students. Based on analyzing the practical significance of career planning, this paper...
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CRM Pricing Research of China's Inter-bank

Guiyun You, Siying Han, Zheng Liu
Credit risk mitigation (CRM) is an effective mean for bank's credit risk transformation. Buying CRM can reduce bank's capital requirement, and meet Basel regulatory agreement effectively. China's implementation of CRM will help improve the credit risk-sharing mechanisms, solve the "paradox of credibility"...
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Using PCA to Evaluate Computer Network Security

Yunlong Zhang, Yong Hua
The principal components analysis (PCA) is a multivariate statistical tool which brings the multi-dimensional factor into the identical system to carry on the qualitative and quantitative research. The theory is relatively complete. This paper applies the PCA method into the synthesis evaluation of network...
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Application of ID3 Algorithm in Information Asset Identification

Yong Hua, Yunlong Zhang
In the issue of information security risk evaluation, the asset, the threat and the vulnerability are the three most important elements. Information asset identification is a primary link of information security risk evaluation process. In this paper, the decision tree algorithm was applied into the...
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Problems and Countermeasures of The Migrant Workers Becoming A Member of The City

Wenhua Kong
Migrant workers becoming a member of the city is a typical three rural issue, it is related to China's social transformation and changes in social structure as well as the construction of socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics
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Curriculum Development and Practice Research of the Course The Project of Object Oriented Programming

Wenrong Jiang, Min Liu, Jihong Yan
Teaching is an essential part to determine personnel training, teaching quality and teaching level of the university. Curriculum development is an important part of teaching infrastructure. For features and status of The Project of Object Oriented Programming and experience of curriculum development,...
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Analysis of coal production automation system

Lingling Han
The coal industrial transformation degree of relationship to the national level of development of productive forces, the automated construction of the coal industry is becoming a trend, the use of automated innovative technologies, energy-efficient equipment, computer-aided technology enables the construction...
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Study on Evaluation of Logistics Enterprise Informationization Performance Based on the Theory of Fuzzy AHP

Li-bo Zhang, Xiao-bo Wang
This paper constructed an evaluation model for the logistics enterprise informationization of their own, based on the study of status and evaluation of logistics enterprise informationization performance. Comprehensively evaluated the model by AHP and Fuzzy and then proved the model's availability with...
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Optimal Decision of M/M/C(m) Queuing System

Xiaomin Zhao, Junjun Gao, Yihua Wei
To study the M/M/C(n) queuing system in which a sever can service multiple customers at the same time, the stability equations is constructed, by which the stability probability is solved, and then some system operation indexes are obtained. Furthermore, based on those operation indexes, the number of...
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The Framework of Remote Sensing Image Map Service on Hadoop

Junfeng Kang, Zhenhong Du, Xiaosheng Liu
Through completely discussing the data storage strategy on Hadoop, and analyzing the characteristics of remote sensing image map service , we designed a framework of remote sensing image map service on hadoop.
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Design of Purchase-Sales-Inventory Business Software Based on Excel

Shunjin Wang
Purchase-sales-inventory software is a common tool of small business enterprise information and can be designed by using Excel. This paper focuses on the idea of fool business software design with Excel sequence, record pointer and ActiveX control, and introduces the skills in invoking development tool,...
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Utilizing Service Science to Construct Green Printing Industry

Hejie Chen, Xiaozhang Huang
The Green printing has the followed three characteristics: the lower environment impact, the less pollution, saving resources and energy of the printing. Many printing produces are deserted in china every year. With the development of IT technology and communication technology, digital printing appeared....
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Evaluation Research of Telecommunications Industry Knowledge Transfer Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Gongyi Zhang, Zhuoyi Wang, Lihong Sun
To develop appropriate knowledge transfer strategy for China's telecommunications industry, the paper evaluates the status of the telecommunications industry knowledge transfer and establishes evaluation index system. Based on the AHP, the paper summarizes and analyzes the Telecommunications Industry...
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A New Method of Self-Adapted Learning Mechanism Based on Neural Network

Hua Hu
This paper describes a new method to neural network model based self-adapted learning mechanism for deriving a complex system. This Learning scheme is organized based on a multi-agent-based self-adapted learning method as well as a multi-agent-based self-adapted method, while an Neural Network Decision...
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Using Sensor Network to implement Mental Factor Analysis and Evaluation

Wen yan Wang
Effective and rapid mental disorder evaluation under emergency is the basis to carry out Mental Disorder Intervention (MDI). In this paper, based on existing research, a index system to evaluate the state of Mental disorder is established and the index system is simplified by the model integrated factor...
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Using Network Concept Method and Data Mining Techniques to Implement Self-realization and Happiness Factor analysis

Wen yan Wang
This paper is achieved by means of the method of Information content Inclusion Relation-IIR and Data mining techniques. We present what an IIR is, and how IIR can be identified from both a concept and a database, and then reasoning about them. Data mining techniques and tools are developed for finding...