Proceedings of the 2012 National Conference on Information Technology and Computer Science

Nowadays many developed countries are in recession and their consumption of natural resources like energy, minerals and other raw materials is lower than usual. At the same time the global prices of those materials stay at a high level because the BRICS countries (short for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have developed their economy to a higher level. Consequently, their consumption of those materials has been reaching a higher level as well. Considering the total population of the BRICS, their need will be increasing and the prices for raw materials are obviously to remain stable or go up in the future. Prices at such high levels remind us of the fact that the available resources of refinery or processing facilities and the natural reserves of those discovered materials on earth hardly cover the increasing demand. Another more serious issue is that the result of the higher consumption has brought global pollution to the highest levels in our recorded history and an apparent threat to human health and living environment, something that concerns every body in the world. However, this should not be an excuse to hinder the people in developing countries to strive for a better life, and the only way out is to improve our techniques, develop our science and find out our new methods in order to pay the least consumption for the most gain.

As the most populated nation among BRICS, we always feel obliged to encourage our people to remain conscious of being devoted to that great mission we mustn't reject. 'China Made jumping to China Create' is a slogan we have launched early 2012 as a title of the forum to promote our scholars, scientists, engineers, professionals, students and other people, exhausting their intelligence, knowledge and profession by research into theories and applications. The conference 'The National Conference on Information Technology and Computer Science (CITCS-12)' is one of the titles in this series of 'China Made jumping to China Create'.

During the last six months we prepared the forum, 612 papers for the conference have been submitted to our committee and 271 papers selected after the peer review as approved quality work. 46 papers on Information Technology have been categorized into the first part of the conference proceedings and 132 papers on Computer Science and grouped as part II, while 47 papers on Electronic Information Technology and its Applications and the same number on other issues which can be classified as an independent part are selected for Part III and IV.

Beside our own team, many other scientific institutions have contributed as well. Five universities volunteered to sponsor the conference CITCS-2012, which is scheduled on November 16-18, 2012. These include Henan University, Yanshan University, Wenzhou University, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology and Xi'an University of Science and Technology.

CITCS-2012 is the first conference with this title since we suggested and started the forum and the selected papers are mainly on the research of computer science, information and electronic information and their applications. As the aim of the forum, we emphasize not only on the research of science and technology but more on the research of their application, looking for a rapid and immediate effect on our daily life in near future. Fifty authors were invited to appear on the conference either as lecturers since their papers are regarded as outstanding work among the selected papers or the results of their research fitting with the aim of the conference, or as audience who have intended to take the chance, listening to and exchange with other authors. We appreciate those who responded to our proposal and submitted their papers, especially those whose papers have been selected for the conference CITCS-2012, the sponsors who have provided their valuable and professional suggestions and instructions and the scholars and professors who have spent their efforts as peer reviewers. We expect the conference to be successful and we hope that our proposal 'China Made jumping to China Create' will result in many more conferences on various other scopes and subjects, nation-wide, encouraging more professionals, scholars and students to contribute their talents to improving our life.

Thank you!

Bingjie Chen
David Kong
Vivion Hu

October 3, 2012