Proceedings of the International Seminar on Language, Education, and Culture (ISoLEC 2021)

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The Implementation of Project Based Learning Paper in the Course of Islam Religious Education Learning to Increase 21st Century Skills of University Students

Achmad Sultoni
To be successful in the 21st century, people need certain soft skills: communication, cooperation, creativity, and critical thinking skills. Thus, universities need to educate students to have those skills. One of the teaching models to increase those skills is project-based learning paper (PjBL paper)....
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Self-Conducted Learning Experience for Homecoming Animation Students During Pandemic

Agnisa Maulani Wisesa, Dimas Rifqi Novica, Ima Kusumawati Hidayat
Since early 2020, the pandemic that starts within the eastern region of Asia has spread vastly through every country globally. Learning everywhere has been pushed towards nonphysical interaction. Learning models and activities have been combined between online and offline courses. There are hybrid learning,...
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Local Online Media Framing Concerning Prospective Candidates of Regional Election in Pacitan 2020

Agoes Hendriyanto, Andrik Purwasito, Wakit Abdullah Rais, Sri Hastjaryo
One of the most significant current discussions in moral and prospective social optimism is the regional election as well as the general election. So far, however, there has been little systemic discussion about the issue. The best approach to adopt for this investigation was ‘constructivism’. It views...
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Development of Chinese Digital Teaching Material for 10th-Grade Topic Self-Introduction Based on Flipbook

Aiga Ventivani, Lukluk Ul, Octi Rjeky M., Dyna Mellania
This development research aims to develop Chinese digital teaching material for 10th-grade topic 个人 信息 [gèrén xìnxī] (self-introduction) based on flipbook. The research method in this development is the Research and Development (R & D) method using the DDD-E model. Following the development model...
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The Effectiveness of Advance Organizer Learning Approach in Teaching Reading Narrative Text for First Year High School Students

Awab Abdulloh, Rizman Usman
The purpose of this study is to determine the efficacy of the Advance Organizer Learning Approach in teaching first-year high school students to read narrative text. The study is set up as an experimental study, with the data collected via pretest and posttest while the training material is delivered...
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Adaptation Studies on Barbie and the Three Musketeers (2009): Representation and Ideology

Ayu Ratna Ningtyas
One of the most interesting adaptations of the famous novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas is the animated film Barbie and The Three Musketeers (2009). In this film adaptation, all musketeers are played by women, one of which is Barbie. This research aims to investigate the representation of...
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Reconstructing the Icon of Kota Santri Through Language Used in Public Places: A Linguistic Landscape in Pasuruan City

Badriyah Wulandari, Ilmiyatur Rosidah
The languages’ diversity in Pasuruan city is the cause of ethnical combination such as Javanese, Maduranese, Arabian and Tionghoa ethnics. One of them can be seen from some written expressions in the public places which are shown the characters of pesantren culture, so it makes Pasuruan is famous with...
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The Effectiveness of Using Grammarly in Teaching Writing Among Indonesian Undergraduate EFL Students

Delsa Miranty, Utami Widiati, Bambang Yudi Cahyono, Tengku Intan Suzila Tengku Sharif
In light of the current controversies and concerns surrounding Grammarly, this article discusses one specific way in which Grammarly can be used effectively in teaching L2 writing. This study used a switching replication design under the experimental design and involved eighty first-year students of...
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Virtual Zoo: Learning Media Based on Augmented Reality for Early Childhood

Denik Ristya Rini, Agnisa Maulani W., Retno Tri W.
Early Childhood Education is designed as the first level of education given to children to understand their surroundings. The learning process was carried out through a combination of learning and playing. One of the basic competencies stipulated in the 2013 PAUD curriculum is KD 3.8, consisting of knowledge...
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Learners’ German Speaking Difficulties: A Case Study in Indonesia

Dewi Kartika Ardiyani, Rofi’ah
Speaking is a productive language skill that requires learners to produce words or sentences with a correct language structure and a good pronunciation in a relatively short time compared to other productive skills. Thus, learners often encounter problems in speaking. This study aims to determine learners’...
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The Representation of Symbolic Violence Endured by the Female Characters in Korean Drama Strong Woman Do Bong

Dewi Pusposari
Symbolic violence operates in several ways, family relationships and romantic relationships are no exception, as seen in the Korean drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Symbolic violence is not recognized by objects that can indicate verbal violence, psychological violence, and physical violence. This research...
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Teachers’ Perception in Developing Wetlands-Based Materials for English for Young Learners Classrooms

Dini Noor Arini, Raisa Fadilla
In Indonesia, English becomes a compulsory subject to be taught in junior and senior high school; whereas, it is regulated by the government that English is positioned as local content in primary schools. However, several primary schools in Indonesia, particularly in South Kalimantan, still hold English...
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Merti Kali: River Conservation Based on Local Wisdom

Dony D Hadiputro, Yuli Handayani, Joesron Ali Syahbana
Merti Kali is an activity to clean and maintain rivers in the Yogyakarta Special Region that aims to preserve the watershed. This research aims to examine how much Merti Kali’s activities affect the river pollution index and public health. A descriptive qualitative design was utilized, and the data were...
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Power Hegemony in Pasarean Mount Kawi over Ngalab Berkah Myth

Dwi Sulistyorini
Ngalab berkah is one of rites held by people on Mount Kawi (Mount Kawi). This rite can be done every day, but there are some days when many people visit the Mount, on Jumat Legi (eve) and in the month of Sura. This research was conducted to find out how the hegemony of the ruler in Pasarean Mount Kawi...
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Delphi: Exploring Online Teaching Key Essential Skills for 21st Century Teachers

Ellydza Yutima, Erwin Sulaeman, Muchlas Suseno, Agus Dudung
The rapid digital development has transformed education resulting in new teaching methods and styles to adapt to this change. Online teaching has been continuously emerging in this 21st-century era. There have been several studies explaining the skills required for a teacher to be successful in online...
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Students’ Perception on the Utilization of for Self-Study Materials

Elly Rosalina Susanti, Nunung Suryati, Utari Praba Astuti
Learning and teaching process in online learning setting needs to be more flexible especially in connecting the students with the learning sources resources in order to keep up their independent and self-regulated learning. is a free online learning platform for teachers to create numerous...
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Cross-Cultural Narratives in Literature for Children: A Cyber Semiotics Analysis

Encik Savira Isnah, Suyatno, Heny Subandiyah, Suhartono, Udjang Pairin, Darni
Literature for children in cyberspace like YouTube is easily accessible by anyone around the world. Unknowingly, it has led to cultural exchange. As a result, there is an exchange from different localities, so that it can enrich the culture of the watchers or listeners. This study aims to look at cross-cultural...
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WISE (Wondering-Investigating-Synthesizing-Expressing)

Oriented Instructional Design to Promote Students’ Reading Literacy and Numeracy

Endah Tri Priyatni, Abdur Rahman As’ari, Suharyadi, Ahmad
In order for students to improve literacy and numeracy, practicing answering questions may not be sufficient. The regular learning process of all subjects at school should be integrated with reading literacy and numeracy. A WISE (Wondering-Investigating-Synthesizing-Expressing) oriented instructional...
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Disaster Mitigation Curriculum in Pesantren in Industry 4.0

(An Ethnopedagogical Analysis)

Faisal M. Jasin, Rihlah Nur Aulia
This research aimed to examine the design of disaster mitigation curriculum in pesantren in Industry 4.0, using an ethnopedagogical analysis, referring specifically to the initial theory of Disaster Mitigation and also the Curriculum theory. A qualitative research,tThe primary data were derived from...
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“Bilang Pilang Marajae” The Mortality Tradition of Buginese

Faizal Bachrong, Hamsiati, Abd. Karim
In South Sulawesi, only a few who carry out mortality rituals. They are implementing rituals based on religion. It draws on Buginese in Barru. This article aims to explain the mortality tradition held by Buginese in Barru. It’s unique that the mortality tradition uses tasbih as the means for praying....
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Barriers to Emergency Remote Teaching and Learning During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Pre-Service Teachers’ View

Fika Megawati, Nur Mukminatien, Niamika El Khoiri, Mirjam Anugerahwati
Although several studies have examined the challenges of teachers during Covid-19 pandemic, the area of student teacher context seems to be under-explored. Thus, the goal of this study is to explore Indonesian EFL student teachers’ perceptions regarding the barriers faced during teaching practice. Bringing...
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Design Elements on Wedding Planner Platforms as the Fundamental of User Interface Design

Gabrielle Princessa Wulaningratri, Mitra Istiar Wardhana, Yon Ade Lose Hermanto
As technology constantly evolves, the urgency of creating a good interface design also rises. With the number of free design tools on the internet, almost everyone can be a designer. However, creating a user interface design is more than just placing texts and shapes. Designers must work efficiently...
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Digital Technology and the Resurrection of Modern Literature in Javanese: Redefining Indonesia’s Mono-Lingual Literary Nationalism?

George Quinn
With at least eighty million speakers, Javanese is a major world language. Its heritage of written literature stretches back more than a thousand years. Since Indonesia’s independence, Javanese has been relegated to the status of a provincial vernacular without official standing or functions. Its modern...
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Development of Interactive Learning Media “Lectora Inspire” for Balaghah Learning

Hanik Mahliatussikah
The world of education must follow the development of technology because learners live in the era of technology. “Lectora inspire” is a software designed as a medium of presentation, website creation, interactive e-learning, and making learning media programs. This research aims to develop learning media...
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Theoretical Reconstruction for Students’ Critical Writing Competences Based on Ki Hadjar Dewantara’s (KHD) Among System

Heri Suwignyo
The critical writing competence is necessary to have for Indonesian Language and literature students as one of the competencies of the 21st century. As ways to equip them with the competences, this study aims at providing the empirical validation of the Ki Hadjar Dewantara’s (KHD) Among system. The system...
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Independent Learning Method Based on Virtual Reality to Improve Foreign Language Skills

Herri Akhmad Bukhori, Sunarti, Tiksno Widyatmoko
Understanding the meaning of a word needs imagination from students, especially the meaning of the word in the right situation and right place. This research creates media from Virtual Reality (VR) to give enough imagination of the meaning of a word or sentence in a foreign language. The purpose of this...
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Gordon Dryden’s Learning Revolution Theory on Arts Learning in the Covid-19 Era

Iis Hannani, Robby Hidajat
The world of education has experienced complex phases of change, one of which is the learning revolution caused by various variables. The purpose of writing this article is to find out how art learning with Gordon Dryden’s learning revolution theory approach is the answer to the challenges of learning...
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Digital Literacy Based on Multiple Intelligences Integrated with 4C (Critical, Creative, Collaborative and Communication) to Improve Students Learning Outcome

Ira Maria Fran Lumbanbatu, Dian Mayasari
The Revolution of industry 4.0 forces the faster change towards education by implementing digital literacy that can create students with 4C soft skills. One of the technology products is e-learning. It supports the virtual learning activity. It also has been the needed part of students and lecturers....
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Teachers’ Perception of Video-Mediated Extensive Listening Tasks

Iswahyuni, Nur Mukminatien
The purpose of this study is to examine the perceptions of teachers toward video as the media as in extensive listening practices. It covers the effectiveness of video, the integration of video into listening classes, and the suitability of video as resources for extensive listening and viewing. Three...
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Experienced Emotions of Indonesian Students During the PASCH-Jugendkurs

Iwa Sobara
Particularly successful and committed students in the subject of German language from PASCH schools around the world are invited to the PASCH-Jugendkurs (youth course). The course takes place annually for three weeks in Germany. Within three weeks the participants can get to know about Germany. They...
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Lecturers’ Perspectives Through E-learning by Using Moodle for Post-Graduate Students at STKIP PGRI Sidoarjo

J. Priyanto Widodo, Joko Slamet
Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle) is an open-source Learning Management System (LMS) gaining more popularity in colleges and universities such as STKIP PGRI Sidoarjo. However, successfully implementing Moodle at STKIP PGRI Sidoarjo for post-graduate students among their courses...
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Perceptions of EFL Teachers, EFL Students, and Parents About Extensive Listening Materials for Online Learning

Khotim Maslikah, Utami Widiati, Anik Nunuk Wulyani
Promoting Extensive Listening (EL) activities among EFL learners has been crucial nowadays, especially during the era of online learning. This study outlines EFL teachers’ perceptions, EFL learners, and parents about using EL materials using digital platforms by fostering autonomous learning. This study...
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Online Learning Readiness in English for Medical Purposes Setting: An Assessment on Department of Nutrition Science Students

Laely Hidayati
The practice of online learning has been widely known for its benefits and effectiveness in an ideal setting. However, the case of the COVID-19 pandemic causes some pushed changes in language classrooms, including the sudden implementation of online learning. “Student readiness” for online learning in...
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Development of Digital Animation Media for Learning Chinese Consonants Pronunciation

Lukluk Ul M., Aiga Ventivani, Octi Rjeky M., Karina Fefi L.S, Trikora Mahardhika
The world of education is currently changing in a massive transformation due to the covid 19 pandemic. This leads to education management which is connected to the internet access. The changes on ITC can be a challenge for educational institutions like the Department of Chinese Education, State University...
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Development of Learning Media for Chinese Language Based on Interactive Animation Videos on Directional Complement

Lukluk Ul M., Octi Rjeky M., Aiga Ventivani, Nuruddin Aniq Z. R.A., Trikora Mahardika
An era of very rapid technological development, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 encourages continuous innovations in teaching methods, materials, and media, which will have a significant impact on the educational process. The same applies to the opening of the PSPBM at the State University of Malang (UM)...
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How to Lemmatize German Words with NLP-Spacy Lemmatizer?

M. Kharis, Kisyani, Suhartono, Udjang Pairin, Darni
Simple algorithms for the lemmatization process have been developed to recognize changes in a word as a result of grammatical processes and changes. Lemmatizer tools can analyze the types of word changes in the German language. Thus, this paper aims at investigating how the lemmatization of German words...
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“Sungkeman” During a Pandemic, What Do We Miss? An Autoethnography

M.I. Rahmanto, W.T.G. Putra
Sungkeman or silaturahmi, a tradition at sacred family events or on religious holidays in Indonesia, cannot be completely transformed into cyberculture, even if it can be mediated through various technology platforms available today. Physical contact such as handshaking, hugging, and kissing our parents’...
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Learning Design for Children and Youth in Makerspaces: Methodical-Didactical Variations of Maker Education Activities Concerning Learner’s Interest, Learning with Others and Task Description

Martin Ebner, Sandra Schön, Kristin Narr, Maria Grandl, Elaine Khoo
For some years now, “maker education” has been conquering the world, and with extensive literature describing projects and activities as well as their characteristics and effects. Many authors have described principles of maker education such as working on a product and do-it-yourself activities. However,...
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BICOS: The Development of Character Building in CCU Course

Mirjam Anugerahwati, Azza Nabila
This paper presented ideas and insights about core values for character building in the cross-cultural understanding (CCU) course. Core values refer to any values held by the society covering spiritual, moral, and socio-cultural values. Ideas and knowledge about character building in this course will...
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The Pocket Dictionary of Arabic Function Words: Design and Development

Muhammad Lukman Arifianto, Luthfi Maulida Rochmah, Luthfi Farihatun Nisa
This paper aims to explain the design and development process of a pocket dictionary of Arabic function words equipped with conceptual equivalents in English and Indonesian. Based on the initial observation, many Arabic language students have difficulty understanding Arabic function words, also known...
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Learning Materials of Indonesian for Foreign Speakers for Academic Purposes: What Do Students Need?

Novi Eka Susilowati, Ariva Luciandika, Octi Rjeky Mardasari
Indonesian learning for foreign speakers has developed significantly from time to time. It has caused many countries to allow their students to learn Indonesian, especially in Indonesia. Learning Indonesian for foreign speakers is called BIPA (Indonesian for foreign speakers). BIPA learning is based...
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Conversational Implicature Based on Maxim Variation in EFL Teaching During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Novia Anjani Dewi
Misunderstandings between teachers and learners often occurred in online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the unclear information conveyed. To minimize these misunderstandings, knowledge of the conversational implicature is needed. This study aims to identify which forms of maxim violations...
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Transformation of Santri (Pious Individuals) Perception about Learning via Online Media

Nur Faizin, Abdul Basid, Ahmad Munjin Nasih
The revolution of digital technology leads some people to denounce the phenomenon of Islamic teaching via online media. The term of “ustadz Google” then appears as a criticism to people who learn Islam via the Internet including social media. The research was a survey on the transformation of santri...
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Fostering Students’ Positive Attitude Towards Reading Comprehension Through ReadWorks

Nur Lailatul Fithriyah
The pandemic of Covid-19 has resulted in school closure and changed the education activity into distance learning dramatically. English teachers are eventually demanded to call their students from online classroom. ReadWorks offers students to ignite their motivation in both reading practice and immediate...
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Digital Resources and Their Use in Arabic Language Classroom: A Mini-narrative Review

Nurul Murtadho
Digital resources, or specifically ICT, have a long history in language education. While the literature describes its extensive roles and functions, its availability and usage in Arabic classes are still restricted in their existence. This mini-narrative analysis was designed to introduce the subject...
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The Efficacy of Memrise as a Supplementary Study Material in Understanding French as a Foreign Language

Nyi Raden Hasbya Putri Paradhina, Myrna Laksman-Huntley
Different obstacles in learning may cause setbacks. In order to help learners achieve a better understanding, some studies have found that with the aid of current technology, learners will gain knowledge easier, faster, and more efficiently. Thus, mobile learning has been found to be effective in improving...
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Applying Augmented Reality in Foreign Language Learning Materials: Research and Development

Octi Rjeky Mardasari, Novi Eka Susilowati, Ariva Luciandika, Primasa Minerva Nagari, Zhao Yanhua
Indonesian Language Learning for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) for Chinese learners program runs well. However, the program implementation is not optimal yet due to the absence of readiness to use learning materials. The learning material becomes one of the components that determines the success of learning....
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Reflecting on EFL Digital Learning in Indonesia: Seeking for E-Learning Pedagogy

Peggy Magdalena Jonathans, Yakob Metboki
At this time, the entire world, including Indonesia, is influenced by digital technology, specifically the internet and the world wide web. Online applications for learning is now more innovative and accessible yet teaching methodology through digital platforms is still in its infancy. At this stage,...
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Meaning of Symbolical Space of Zapin Dance to Malay People

Robby Hidajat, Suyono, Joko Sayono, Muhammad ‘Afaf Hasyimy, Desy Ratna Syahputri, Syed Ahmad Iskandar, Iziq Eafifi Bin Ismail, Norliza Bt. Mohd Isa
The objective of this research is to identify the meaning of symbolical space of Zapin Dance to Malay people. Research question includes: (1) What is the symbolization of Zapin Dance to Malay people? and (2) What is the meaning of Zapin Dance to Malay people? Zapin Dance originated from Arab culture...
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The Development of E-Poetry as Indonesian Poetry Paraphrasing Media

Rusma Noortyani, Fatchul Mu’in, Nuruddin Wiranda
The COVID-19 pandemic requires a more creative learning process in using digital learning media. Developing interesting, innovative, and fun e-poetry could accommodate creative needs in the teaching and learning process during the pandemic. This e-poetry is aimed at helping students to understand the...
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Minangkabau’s Philosophy in Media Construction: Polemics of Minangkabau Language Gospel Application

Saiyidinal Firdaus
The research problem focuses on the emergence of the Minangkabau language Gospel application, which is considered not in line with the identity and culture of the Minangkabau people. In this case, Irwan Prayitno views that the Minangkabau language Gospel is not part of the concept of Minangkabau society...
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Virtual Teams’ Dynamics in an Online Learning Environment During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Sarah Aisha
During the Covid-19 pandemic, students need to adapt to the new way of learning, including collaborating in virtual teams. Thus, this paper aims to capture the students’ experience in collaborating virtually and describe the teams’ dynamics. The data were collected through individual feedback forms,...
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The Effect of Direct Corrective Feedback on Students’ Writing Performance

Siti Mafulah
This paper aims to investigate whether there is an effect of direct corrective feedback on students’ writing performance. The writing performance in this research was focused on the grammatical error made by the students. Quasi-experiment was implied in this research. There were two classes involved...
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Best Practice in Building Houses of Worship Based on Local Wisdom: A Study in the Indonesian Christian Church the Congregation of Bongo IV

Sitti Arafah, Basman Basman, Khaerun Nisa, Nensia, Sitti Aflahah
The religious harmony in Indonesia has been carried out well by the community. Yet, it can be interrupted by the emergence of cases in the construction of the house of worship at any time. Even currently, people still find this case in several regions in Indonesia concerning the rejection that leads...
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Code Switching in Speaking Classroom Conversation: A Focus on Lecturer-Student Interaction at University of Muhammadiyah Malang

Sri Wahyuni Ningsih
In learning English, one of the language skills that we need to learn is speaking. Yet, speaking in English is not easy since we have a lack of vocabulary and using English as our daily language is not our habit. These problems can cause miscommunication among the speaker and the listener. In order to...
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An Experimental Approach in Implementation of Virtual Reality for Improving Psychomotor Skill in Listening Course

Sunarti, Tiksno Widyatmoko, Herri Akhmad Bukhori
Learning language needs the theory and practice. However, during the COVID 19, going to the laboratory to practice language has been unavailable. Meanwhile, students need to practice their skills in the real world to improve psychomotor-based curriculum goals in schools. The research aims to implement...
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Segata Buhaga Sasimbatan: An Oral Poetry of Lampungnese Youth in Tanjungan Village Tanggamus Regency

Sutarno Sutarno, Pera Diana
Lampung is a province in Indonesia which is rich in literature, particularly oral literature. This article aims to describe the functions, structures, and preservation of segata buhaga sasimbatan (Lampungnese oral poetry) in Tanjungan village Tanggamus regency. A qualitative method was used in this study....
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Women Right and Gender Equality in Islam: A Survey of Students Perception on Feministic Discourse

Titis Thoriquttyas, Ahmad Munjin Nasih, Achmad Sultoni
This study seeks to explore the student perceptions of Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) who are scattered in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Social Sciences regarding their understanding on the concept of gender equality and women’s rights in Islam....
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Application of Activity Oriented Design (AOD) in the Development of E-Learning Tari Daerah Malang

Wida Rahayuningtyas, Tri Wahyuningtyas, Hartono
Tari Daerah Malang is a compulsory course in the Dance and Music Arts Education Study Program of the Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang. The description of the course is to instil knowledge about the concept, structure of Malang traditional dance movement; training of the structure of Malang...
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Creative Process in Creating Letters Design

Yon Ade Lose Hermanto
Creating a letter requires a particular technique so that the final design has consistency, both in shape and size. Therefore, we need a method that guides the designer in creating letters. A designer must be sensitive to visual studies to create alternative letter designs with a sense and meaning that...
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Environmental Themes in BIPA Textbook: Ecolinguistics Perspective

Yuni Pratiwi, Kusubakti Andayani, Roekhan, Bambang Prastio
At the first glance, ecology and language are separate and unrelated topics, but they are closely related when viewed using ecolinguistics theory. Indonesia has many textbooks that integrate environmental education to increase students’ awareness of global issues on the environment, one of which is the...