Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Vocational Higher Education (ICVHE 2018)

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Service Quality Related to Customer Satisfaction with Umrah Worship Package Preparation at PT. Marco Tour and Travel Jakarta: Spearman’s Correlation Coefficient

Mohammad Ridha, Rana Harris
This study aims to determine the level of service quality (SERVQUAL) for umrah package preparation at PT. Marco Tour and Travel Jakarta. Umrah is a journey of worship for Muslims that requires careful preparation. Customers who engage the umrah service go through various procedures such as administrative...
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Role of Social Media Influencers in Tourism Destination Image: How Does Digital Marketing Affect Purchase Intention?

I Putu Gede Iwan Trisna Jaya, Ida Bagus Teddy Prianthara
This study aimed to measure the influence of social media influencers, destination image, and brand image on the purchase intention of tourists who visited the Bratan Lake, Bedugul, a major tourist attraction. The study population comprised foreign tourists; the sample size was 179. Respondents were...
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Vocational Higher Accounting Education in the Digital Era: Critical Review Opportunities and Challenges

Sandra Aulia
The digital era has changed the world. Some professions will be wiped out or will grow with technology, and the accounting profession is predicted to be one of the professions that will be significantly impacted. Some accounting tasks will be lost. Accounting vocational education should consider the...
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Angkasa Pura II Strategy to Improve Airport Business and Service Level Performance in the Airport Digital Transformation Era

Binta Prabasena, Muhammad Awaluddin
This paper explores organizational ambidexterity implementation in Angkasa Pura II as one of the business transformation strategies. A transformative organization must be able to explore new business as well as exploit existing business portfolios. The exploration is achieved by an existing business...
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Analysis of Website Utilization for Online Motor Vehicle Insurance Purchases

Fia Fridayanti Adam, Yulial Hikmah
Motor vehicle insurance is the best known general insurance business line. Usually, insurance companies receive customers through insurance agents, but there are times when customers are less comfortable when dealing with insurance agents. Hence, insurance companies can take advantage of their official...
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Dynamic Life Insurance Premium-to-GDP Under Inflation Risk: Comparing Indonesia and the Philippines

Debrina Vita Ferezagia
This study analyzes the growth of life insurance premiums in the gross domestic product (GDP) under inflation risk and compares this growth for Indonesia and Philippines using life insurance premiums-to-GDP and inflation data from 1990 to 2015. The sample was assembled through proportional sampling,...
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Digitized Archive as Digital Evidence: Readiness Observation at Dinas Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan Provinsi DKI Jakarta

Wiwiet Mardiati, Niko Grataridarga, Dyah Safitri
Currently, the process of archive digitization, especially from paper archives to digital format, is an option for companies to store their documents more efficiently and effectively. In addition, it can make document retrieval easier. However, although digitization is supported by Regulation No. 8 of...
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Factor Analysis for an Online Effective Training Model: Economic and Social Remittances Utilization of Indonesian Migrant Workers

Deni Danial Kesa
A holistic evaluation of training programs for migrant workers is critical for creating policies to help financial institutions increase awareness of workers’ remittances. This paper proposed research and development using the Five Phase Spiral Design Teaching Model. Indonesian migrant workers’ viewpoints...
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Service Quality Dimensions and Students’ Performance: Case Study in the Vocational Program of Universitas Indonesia

Heri Yuliyanto
Service quality is complex because it is a multi-dimensional construct. Until recently, there has been no consensus among researchers on what the best dimensions and models are that can be used to evaluate the quality of services in college learning institutions. Even though there are more recent models,...
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Applying Principles of Equity and Certainty in Taxing E-Commerce: A Case Study of Indonesia

Erwin Harinurdin
E-commerce transactions can be completed quickly and efficiently anytime and anyplace using the Internet. That characteristic creates problems in applying a transparent and fair tax regulation. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development addresses four types of e-commerce transactions:...
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Transfer Pricing Aggressiveness and Corporate Governance: Indonesia’s Evidence

Dewi Kartika Sari
This study aimed at developing the transfer pricing aggressiveness measurement and empirically testing the effect of the corporate governance (CG) mechanism on the aggressiveness of transfer pricing. The transfer pricing aggressiveness measurement was developed using PMK No. 213/PMK.03/2016 and regulation...
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Contribution of Technology to Insurance in Indonesia

Karin Amelia Safitri
In recent years, Indonesia has begun to develop its information and communications technology. Along with the development and spread of the use of information and communications technology in everyday life, the need for information, business world, and community responsibility has also increased, including...
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A Theoretical Framework to Support Internationalization of SMEs

Thesa Adi Purwanto
Internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has garnered much academic attention in terms of reasons and methods. Most of the studies adopt one of the three commonly used approaches: economic, network, and organizational. Each approach illustrates one’s viewpoint but does not provide...
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Taxation Aspect of E-Commerce Transactions in an Online Marketplace in Indonesia

Fitria Arianty, Hadining Kusumastuti
With its many advantages over conventional commerce, e-commerce as a new form of business is rapidly growing. This study discusses tax aspects of e-commerce transactions on an online marketplace in Indonesia, including corporate income taxation, withholding, and value- added taxation. After reviewing...
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The Effect of Accessibility of Internet Financial Reporting on E-Government of Cities/Regencies in West Java

Arthaingan Helmina Mutiha
This study aimed at analyzing whether there is a significant and positive correlation between the ratio of the regional revenue and the size of the local government and the ratio of regional spending and income per capita of the resident of a local region with the accessibility of Internet financial...
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Taxing Electronic Commerce Cross-Border Transaction: Discussing the Alternative Models for Indonesia

The advancement of technology and e-commerce has created a new problem in taxation policy. Most countries, including Indonesia, face the tendency of tax avoidance practices as e-commerce practices can bypass states’ territorial boundaries. In Indonesia, the government has only constructed a regulation...
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Taxing Peer-to-Peer Rental Services in Indonesia

Hadining Kusumastuti, Titin Fachriah Nur
This descriptive analysis examines the difficulties of taxing income from online peer-to-peer rental services (e.g., Airbnb, Airy Rooms) in Indonesia. We collect and review data from scholarly and professional literature and documents. Our discussion reveals that Indonesia’s self-assessment system whereby...
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Analysis of Cyber Insurance Potential in Indonesia

Yulial Hikmah, Fia Fridayanti Adam
In the digital era, one cannot deny that the virtual world has been vital in all activities. This makes owners of companies vulnerable to cybercriminals in terms of the personal data security of both customers or consumers. This necessitates cyber insurance products designed to protect vulnerable parties....
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Identification of Service and Pricing Factors at a Padang Restaurant

Campus restaurants offer benefits to students who live on campus, live with their parents, or live in boarding houses, and they present opportunities to other businesses in the area. However, running a business as a food-service entrepreneur can be challenging because one needs an understanding of the...
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Determinants of Profitability Level and Level of Corporate Social Information Disclosure: Preliminary Study

Arie Widodo, Thesa Adi Purwanto
This study evaluates the disclosure of corporate social responsibility (CSR) information and its relation to profitability using a qualitative approach with a high level of content analysis. This study collects and analyzes data and information obtained from literature. The results indicate that there...
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The Application of Digital Administration to Minimize Maladministration in Public Services: A Case Study of Jakarta Investment and One Stop Service Department

Mila Viendyasari
E-government is one form of public administration reform in Indonesia that is increasingly related to the pursuance of good governance. Through the implementation of the Jakarta Investment and One Stop Service (PTSP) Digital Administration, the city government continues to minimize maladministration...
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The Digital Role in Environmental Sustainability: Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure Performance and Quality of Earnings

This research explores several studies on the role of digital technology in environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility performance (CSRP), and earnings quality. CSRP is expected to strengthen the quality of earnings in the financial statements of the company. This literature review...
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Bank Strategy when Facing Financial Technology Competition

Dede Suryanto
The evolution in banking financial technology shifts banking services from traditional transaction services to modern banking services. This breakthrough changes the way in which banking transactions are performed. Banks should thereby rethink their business strategy to compete in the era of technological...
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Assessment of an Interactive Digital Book at a Vocational School in Indonesia

Patni Ninghardjanti, C. Dyah Sulistyaningrum, Andre N. Rahmanto, Chairul Huda Atma Dirgatama
Due to advancements in information technology, digital books (i.e., books published in digital form) are becoming increasingly used in the field of education, especially in Indonesia. Although previous studies have focused on the advantages of using digital books in educational activities, such as influencing...
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Designing Virtual Learning Media for a Vocational School

Sutaryadi Jumiyanto Widodo, Huda Atma D Chairul, Arif Wahyu Wirawan, Sigit Permansah
Developments in the areas of science and information technology affect the industrial and educational realms in Indonesia. Technological advances require teachers as educators to create innovative virtual learning media that can support students’ understanding either theoretically or practically. Considering...
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The Effect of Convenience and Self-Efficacy Factors on the Consumption Experience, Mediated by Emotion

Darra Pradita Hidayat, Hardika Widi Satria
This research aims to analyze the effect of convenience and self-efficacy on the consumption experience, including the mediating effect of emotion. Data used in this study are primary data obtained by questionnaires of 300 respondents. The sample collection techniques use purposive sampling. Validity...
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Digital Accounting for Small to Medium Enterprises Using Mobile Applications

Andhita Yukihana Rahmayanti, Devie Rahmawati
Small and medium entrepreneurs need mobile accounting applications that can be used to create financial reports to review the financial condition of their businesses. Existing accounting applications are now widely used by small and medium entrepreneurs. In this study, the effectiveness of mobile accounting...
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Agricultural Extension, Plant Breeder, and Plant Researcher Animation Video

Walidatush Sholihah, Sascorio Ade Akbar
An agricultural extension, plant breeder, and plant research animation video was produced to provide information and insights about the agricultural profession to elementary and high school students. Advancing agriculture is the job of the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD)....
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Brief Implementation and Challenges of a Cashless Payment Method to Facilitate Financial Inclusion

Vindaniar Yuristamanda Putri, Wiwiet Mardiati
This study focuses on the implementation of a cashless payment method in a canteen at the University of Indonesia (UI). In cooperation with Bank Negara Indonesia, the university introduced a smartcard (TapCash) that acts as an identification card and a digital payment method on or off-campus. Based on...
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Analysis of Health Insurance Claim Decisions in Indonesia

Asrori, Yulial Hikmah
This research explains the process of filing a claim, as well as one Indonesian health insurance company’s decision-making process regarding medical claims. The research is descriptive and qualitative, and the data was collected using observations, interviews, and relevant company documents. In the claim...
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Revenue Recognition for E-Commerce Retailers

Titin F. Nur, Hadining Kusumastuti
The rapid development of E-commerce has radically changed financial accounting methods and theory. In this paper, we use a descriptive analysis to show that E-commerce revenue may be tallied via gross or net methods, depending on several guidelines. The role of the supplier can also have a significant...
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Educating for Character in Work Readiness Through Vocational Higher Education in the Digital Era

Kusnar Budi
This paper discusses the implementation of a new curriculum in the Financial and Banking Administration Study Program at the Universitas Indonesia’s Vocational Education Program, and more specifically, aspects of educating students in the area of character for work readiness in this digital era. It is...
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Job Satisfaction of Employees and Partners in an Indonesian Government Ministry

Wahyu Nofiantoro, Dasril Guntara
In responding to strategic environmental change, the directorates of government agencies are heavily influenced by their human resources. One factor that affects the achievement of organizational goals is employee satisfaction because it is a precondition for increased productivity, responsibility, quality,...
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Social Media Marketing’s Influence on Customer Loyalty: A Case Study of Siloam Hospital

Radityo Kusumo Santoso, Nur Fadillah Dewi
Rapid technological developments are affecting the intersection of life and the nation’s economy, causing a disruption in the way humans interact and communicate. This change affects the way in which economic activities are conducted place, especially in marketing, where customer retention is the most...
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SLEEKR Information System: Perceived Ease of Use and Usefulness

Sancoko, Thesa Adi Purwanto, Nadhira Aprilia
Information systems are required by some private national companies to help employees work more efficiently and effectively. PT X uses a Sleekr application for all employees. The goal of this study was to determine the perceived ease of use and usefulness of the Sleekr application, for which a descriptive...
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Student Internship Experience on Career Selection Survey: Vocational Education Accounting Program

Birawani Dwi Anggraeni
This study aims to assess the experience during the apprenticeship of student career selection. The research design uses a questionnaire and a sample of the students of the class of 2015 who have completed a 3-month to 4-month apprenticeship with either KAP or another company in one of three concentrations:...
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Forecasting Corporate Bankruptcy Based on Managerial Overconfidence Using the Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System

Yulius Eka Agung Seputra
This purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between managerial overconfidence and the prediction of bankruptcy and likelihood of the auditor’s hesitation of the company’s going concern over the financially distressed companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange during 2014–2016. Managerial...
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The Role of Information Technology in Supporting Accountant Profession in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Titis Wahyuni
The purpose of this study is to identify the role of information technology in supporting the accountant profession in the era of Industry 4.0. The method used in this study is a descriptive analysis. The results of this study indicate that information technology through the application of digital data...
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Historical Analysis of Research and Development Institutions in Indonesia

Ihsana El Khuluqo, Kuncoro Haryo Pribadi
A well-educated workforce is crucial for Indonesia as it engages with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Economic Community because the country must foster the ability to compete in an increasingly fluid and competitive regional landscape. However, Indonesia’s international standard research...
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Upgrading Skills of Health Workers in the Digital Era: The Experience of Universitas Terbuka-Indonesia

Mutimanda Dwisatyadini, Heny Kurniawati, Dina Mustafa, Sri Utami, Fawzi Rahmadiyan Zuhairi, Deddy Ahmad Suhardi, Ariyanti Hartari
This article describes the experience of the Open University in developing a distance education program for a diploma (D-III) in Medical Records and Health Information Management (MRHIM = Rekam Medik dan Informasi Kesehatan = RMIK) A new rule in Indonesia stated that health personnel must be upgraded...
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Sick Building Syndrome in Indonesia and Singapore: A Comparative Study

Nia Murniati
Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) occurs due to poor design of buildings. The environment of the building, which is in operation, and the sustenance of the human body are closely related to one another. A building that is designed without focusing on temperature, humidity, airflow, and lighting can lead to...
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Management Process of Health Promoting Hospital in a Private Hospital, Lamongan, East Java

Badra Al Aufa
Background: Health promoting hospitals (HPH) need to be well-managed to generate good quality program activities. This study was conducted to explore this in depth, and a comprehensive description of the process and problems found in the management of HPH at a private hospital in Lamongan, East Java....
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Service Time of JKN Outpatients in Selected Hospitals of Jakarta

One of the dimensions of patient satisfaction is patient waiting time, which is influenced by several factors, including patient registration service time. The reliability of the registration officer and the computer device used influence the timing of patient registration services. The reliability of...
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Effect of Nursing Satisfaction Level on Service Quality at Inpatient Installation in X Hospital

Nur Fadilah Dewi, Radityo Kusumo Santoso
A hospital’s success is determined not only by its profitability but also by patient and provider satisfaction. Provider satisfaction affects the quality of patient services. In a hospital setting, nurses have the most hours of contact with the patient as nurses are on call 24 hours a day. For this reason,...
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Effectiveness Manual Therapy & Kinesio Tape, Versus Dry Needling & Exercise Stabilization, on Patient Low Back Pain Due to Hernia Nucleus Pulposus

Safrin Arifin
Herniated nucleus pulposus (HNP) is a situation where the annulus fibrosus along the nucleus pulposus is protruding into the spinal canal. HNP patients often complain of back pain radiating to the lower limbs, especially when bending activity. Rehabilitation programs do help reduce pain. The aim of this...
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Information System of Clinical Authority Medical Staff: Patient Safety Referral Services

Elsa Roselina, Mia Fithriyah
The transfer of information between health professionals through safe referral services in hospitals is an important requirement for hospital accreditation. The Clinical Authority Information System is an information system used in RS X to provide safe referral services for patients. This study aims...
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Influence of Indonesia Series 6 Diabetes Gymnastics on Glucose Tolerance Test Results

Aditya Denny Pratama, Riza Pahlawi
A sedentary lifestyle or lack of physical activity can cause various diseases and metabolic disorders, such as diabetes. The primary problem faced by diabetics is increased glucose concentrations in the blood. Diabetes can be prevented by exercising regularly or by increasing daily physical activity....
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The Importance of Measuring Fine Motor Skill in Early Children’s Education

Hermito Gidion
This study attempted to explain the level of fine motor abilities of preschool children. Researchers used a visual motor skill measurement instrument by Morrison F. Gadner, which is commonly used in psychology and mengadopi some of today’s developed methods. This test does not justify a child’s motor...
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Designing a Smartphone Application to Document Patient Safety in Indonesia’s Primary Healthcare Facilities

Herqutanto, Boy Subirosa Sabarguna, Levina Chandra Khoe, Ajeng Pramastuty
To achieve high-quality healthcare, patient safety must be regularly monitored and improved. Moreover, accreditation of healthcare facilities has been increasingly requested in recent years. In Indonesia, mobile applications can be a tool for community healthcare centers (Puskesmas) to assess their accreditation...
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Future Economic Involvement of Indonesian Women in Postgraduate Education

Dinda Lisna Amilia
Indonesian women’s enrollment in education is showing progress. According to the 2015 national census, 7.92% of the total female population chose to enter university. However, the question remains: what are the plans of Indonesian women with postgraduate education in terms of their involvement in the...
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The Power of a Mayor’s Social Media Posts to Create a Support Base of Young Local Citizens: A Case Study

Pijar Suciati, Mareta Maulidiyanti
With an active and engaged citizenry, the picturesque city of Bandung, the capital of West Java province, has become a major city in Indonesia. Keeping with the times, Bandung’s erstwhile mayor and the current governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, has maintained an active social media presence and continues...
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The Readiness of Radio Stations to Deal with Disruptive Digital 2020

Endang Setiowati
As the digitalization of broadcasting allows for the efficient use of the limited number of frequency channels, many players are able to join the broadcast industry. While many countries have had digital broadcasting for many years, Indonesia will only implement it in 2020. Broadcast migration from analog...
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The Dynamics of Traditional and Contemporary Angklung Development as a Tourist Attraction Based on Social Creativity in Saung Angklung Udjo

Budiman Mahmud Musthofa
Social creativity is one of the main keys to the continuity and sustainability of creative tourist attraction developments. The sustainability of social creativity occurs when the community is directly involved as active participants in the creative activities and also economically benefits. This study...
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Strategy for the Preservation of the Puppet Art Tradition in the Modern Era: A Case Study of Wayang Museum in Jakarta

A decreasing interest in traditional art forms is one of the influences of globalization in Indonesia. The traditional art of wayang was recognized by United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2003 as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity and...
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Popular Destinations in Tourism: Case Study of TripAdvisor

Annisa Pratiwi
In the modern era, it has become very popular to share travel experiences on the Internet. This study focuses on a common trend among tourists: the travel experience toward positive and negative travel experience’s review shared on TripAdvisor. The study analyzed a sample of the top five most visited...
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Social Media Strategy for Mass Rapid Transit Jakarta as a New Public Transport Project

Mareta Maulidiyanti, Pijar Suciati
Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Jakarta, a new mode of transportation in the city currently in its construction phase, will be operational by 2019. To open this new transportation mode for public use, its construction phase requires massive public communication to gain support and build public interest. One...
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Description Methods for Image Records Using Access to Memory (Atom) System for Better Records Retrieval

Muhammad Usman Noor
The ease of producing digital photos creates more and more photo archives. Not all digital photos become archive photos, only photos that have historical value. Digital photo archives that naturally include one electronic archive require special management. The management of a good photo archive will...
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Students’ View of the Management Information and Document Study Program of the Class of 2015 University of Indonesia Vocational Education Program to Librarian Profession in a Digital Age

Dyah Safitri
Vocational education in librarianship faces digital era challenges. There are some barriers that librarians will need to overcome to compete amidst these challenges. On this note, this research seeks to evaluate students’ responses to the Management Information and Document (MID) Program of the Class...
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The Needs of Policy for Photographic Archives’ Digitization in Department of Library and Archives of DKI Jakarta Province

Niko Grataridarga, Wiwiet Mardiati
This study discusses the needs of photograph archives’ digitization at the Department of Library and Archives of DKI Jakarta Province or, in Bahasa, called Dinas Perpustakaan dan Arsip Daerah Jakarta. This is includes understanding what photo archives are, their value, and the need to digitize them....
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How Digital Capabilities Can Influence the Co-Creation of the Yacht-Tourism Experience: A Case Study of Indonesia’s Marine Tourism Destinations

Diaz Pranita
This paper intends to examine the effects of digital capabilities on the co-creation of the experience of Indonesia’s marine tourism destinations from the perspective of international visitors sailing into Indonesia on yachts. Data were collected from questionnaires administered to tourists as they were...
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How do Indonesian Children View Humorous Advertising on YouTube?

Sri Rahayu, Naldo, Hardika Widi Satria
This article explores Indonesian children’s views about humorous advertising on YouTube in the light of advertising effectiveness. The participants were 840 children aged 7 to 12 years, who were students at both public and private elementary schools. The study was carried out in a natural setting. The...
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Type of Humor and Advertising Effectiveness: Study on Indonesian Children Aged 7–12

Hardika Widi Satria, Sri Rahayu, Naldo
This paper examines the relationship between the type of humor and effectiveness of advertisements for dairy products on Indonesian children. A quantitative approach was used to analyze the type of humor found in dairy product advertising. A total of 840 students at both public and private schools, aged...
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Theme of Humor and Advertising Effectiveness on Indonesian Children’s Screens

Naldo, Sri Rahayu, Hardika Widi Satria
Humor is of value as a means of communication in a broad sense. Although humor often appears in advertisements, researchers tend to treat humor for advertising effectiveness to explore the use of humor-based advertising appeal in advertisements aimed at Indonesian children. The author conducted a systematic...
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The Consumer Behavior of Children Toward Digital Audiovisual Advertising

Arius Krypton
This study examined the consumer behavior displayed by children toward digital advertising. Children’s marketing is a very competitive domain. In the current era of digitalization, sometimes digital audiovisual advertising is the only medium through which marketers can communicate with children. Hence,...
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Cultural Heritage Tourism Preservation: Kota Tua Jakarta Indonesia Versus Old Town Central Hong Kong

Rahmi Setiawati
The purpose of this study was to compare the cultural heritage tourism preservation in two heritage sites: Kota Tua Jakarta in Indonesia and Old Town Central in Hong Kong. This was done to produce cross-national comparisons in similarities, differences, and how the sites are preserved. The study focused...
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An Ethnography of Shipping as a Communication Practice Within the Fujoshi Community in Indonesia

Devie Rahmawati, Wiratri Anindhita, Decintya, Amelita Lusia, Ngurah Rangga Wisesa
This essay is an ethnographic study of communication practices within the fujoshi community in Indonesia that analyses three main issues: how a women becomes a fujoshi, the practice of shipping as a communication phenomenon, and social stratification within the fujoshi community. Our analysis applies...
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Strategy for Improving the Performance of Language Education Institutions Using SWOT Analysis: Case Study of Arabic Language Education at Ma’had ABC

Dean Yulindra Affandi, Dasril Guntara
At Ma’had ABC, a religious education institution, the Arabic language program plays an important role, especially in Islamic da’wah and diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Since 9/11, however, the development of the Arabic language program has stalled due to the decline of aid from...
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Jember Fashion Carnaval: Tourism Catalyst of East Java

Jajang Gunawijaya
Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC) is a cultural event created by a prominent fashion designer in Jember City. The existence of these events has transformed the City of Jember, which was just a little-known small town, into a city that is widely known nationally and internationally. Events on stage and the...
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Becoming a Journalist in the World of Masculine Media: A Study of Gender Distinctions in Journalistic Work

Amelita Lusia, Devie Rahmawati, Geger Riyanto, Deddy Mulyana, Adhita Yukihana
The working world is a field that is separated according to gender. In the imagination of some societies, for example, domestic work cannot be separated from women’s gender while work in the public domain, remains the domain of men. In the context of such segregation, the work of media journalists whose...
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Using Digital Devices in the Implementation of Flipped Learning Method in Indonesian Language Classroom in Tertiary Level in South Korea

Koh Young Hun
Teachers are required to develop interesting methods for teaching their students, and most of them are young people. They are no longer interested in the traditional way of learning a foreign language, i.e., preparing themselves for learning, listening to their teacher in class, and doing their homework...