Proceedings of the 2022 4th International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2022)

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Hrushikesh Mallick, GAIKAR VILAS B., ONG TZE SAN
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 4th International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2022) during October 14-16, 2022 in Chongqing, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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Basketball Game Theory Analyzes the Choice

Boqian Deng
Basketball is mainly the contradictory movement of attack and defense, the game of attack and defense mutual conversion, active and passive coexist and appear alternately, it can be seen that the attack and defense have an inevitable relationship. Through the thorough understanding of this inevitable...
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New Approaches to Supply Chain Resilience under the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yirui Wu
The disruption of supply chain in the context of the pandemic has led to a turbulent business environment and has had a severe impact on global economic development. Companies make plans and react quickly in complex and challenging environments. This paper proposes a framework for supply chain disruption...
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Advanced Technology and Future Directions for Supplier Selection

Chen Chen
As the supply chain system matures, the supply chain organization spends a lot of resources and manpower on supplier selection and management through tendering and negotiation. This paper describes Multi-auction Mechanism and Verizon’s advanced technology VSRT to supplier screening to explore the logic...
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Research on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Profitability of the Luxury Industry

Jingwen Li
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the global economy has become relatively sluggish. Quarantine and lockdown policies hamper the efficiency of the luxury industry. The literature on the impact of COVID-19 on the luxury goods industry is relatively limited. This paper aims to fill in the gaps in this field....
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Research on the Evaluation of Logistics Efficiency and Influencing Factors in Sichuan Province

Weimin Lin, Chenghua Liu, Jia Kong
In order to investigate the development of regional logistics efficiency, a logistics efficiency evaluation index system was constructed from three dimensions: logistics efficiency input, logistics efficiency output and influencing factors, and 10 indicators were selected. The results show that: the...
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Predicting Belarus accession to World Trade Organization by applying a Neorealism approach

Chenni Cai
The suspension of Belarus' World Trade Organization (WTO) implementation and the effects of the Russia-Ukraine war are probably two of the most hotly debated issues. Belarus enlisted in the fight to uphold its long-standing relations with Russia, which had previously been at war with Ukraine. The...
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Research on the Characteristics of Trendy Brand Clothing Consumption Behavior and the Formulation of Marketing Strategies

Jiawei Zhang
With the rapid growth of social media, the young can learn much fashion information worldwide. At the same time, along with the rising consumption level and the re-emergence of street culture, trendy clothing is gradually becoming a hot spot for everyone’s attention and consumption. Some fashion brands...
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Research on Flexible Flow-shop batch scheduling based on improved Genetic Algorithm

Zexing Zhu, Jiahui Chai
In this paper, the batch scheduling problem of multi-stage flexible flow shop in mixed-flow production is studied. Considering the factors of parallel machine scheduling and equipment adjustment time, an integrated equal and variable optimal batch strategy is proposed. On this basis, a batch scheduling...
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Analysis of the Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on Non-Performing Loans of Commercial Banks

Peilin Tian
At present, the total balance of non-performing loans of major commercial banks shows a rising trend, which not only seriously weakens the economic support role of commercial banks, but also seriously affects the net profit income and economic asset quality of commercial banks. The national financial...
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The Wealth Effect on Acquisition’s Amazon of Whole Foods

Shihan Yu
This report examines that the wealth effect of the announcement on Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods by using financial analysis and Event Study methodology on acquirer. From ratio analysis, the acquisition generate operating and financial synergy effect in accord with motivation. In the event study,...
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What Makes a Better Company? ESG and ESG Ratings

Zhuoran Yan
Nowadays, all sectors of society and companies at all levels attach increasing importance to ESG. ESG can bring value to enterprises besides economy and make great contribution to society and environment while helping enterprises to manage their internal affairs well. Therefore, exploring the magic of...
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The Influence of Financial Derivatives Trading on the Stability of China's Financial Market

Zongrui Han
With the development of global economic integration, the financial markets of many countries have developed rapidly, and many financial markets have become more and more mature in the world. At the same time, financial derivatives have also experienced nearly half a century of development and application....
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Influence of Cultural and Creative Industry Development on Economic Growth of the Tertiary Industry

A Case Study of Shanghai and Jiangsu Province

Bowen Liu
With the inherent properties of knowledge-oriented, high value-added, and combination function, cultural and creative industry has gradually grown into one of the most potential industries in China, playing a forceful and leading role in the development of the tertiary industry. This paper takes Shanghai...
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The Role and Performance of Hog Futures in China

Yifan Li, Xiangyu Shi, Ling Zhang, Mutian Guo, Michael Ka Chun Lai
Pork is the largest meat product in China, but the hog market is deeply affected by the hog cycle. In order to stabilize hog prices and to protect hog breeding enterprises, the Dailian hog futures was launched. We compare the volatility of pork cash prices before and after the release of hog futures,...
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A literature review of the relationship between CSR and CFP in China

Linruyuan Tan, Jing Feng
Academic research on corporate social responsibility (CSR) gradually matures with developments and changes. Studies on the relationship between CSR and corporate financial performance (CFP) have clarified understanding in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. However, a historical...
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The influence and enlightenment of live streaming on sales channel management of beauty brands——Take L’Oreal Group as an example

Shuxin Li
With the rapid development of the Internet, shopping methods have also become diversified. In recent years, new forms of online shopping have emerged, and various video flat shooting have gradually emerged, which has also brought a new term "webcasting". At the same time, there are also some...
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Research on the Influence of brands on consumer purchasing behavior

Zhaojiayi Zhang
With the rapid development of China's market economy, the problem of product homogenization has become increasingly serious, and the competition among enterprises has transformed from product competition to brand competition. There is a strong uncertainty about the effect of brand building, which...
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Analysis and Reflection of IKEA’s Supply Chain Management

Ximeng Han
This paper will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of IKEA’s supply chain management, and discuss the future development direction of IKEA in the context of the home furnishing industry based on related literature. The result shows that, as a furniture retailer, IKEA has become an industry giant due...
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Research Topic: The Impact of COVID-19 on International Trade

Mengxi He, Lu Huang
International trade has been seriously affected by Covid-19 during these years. In this work, we detailedly introduce the basic definition of the international trade process and its relevant domestic and foreign laws. Besides, we mainly talk about some parts of the international trade that can be hugely...
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The Impact of the National Minimum Wage on Employment: A Case Study of the UK

Jiahui Wang
The government uses the minimum wage system as a policy tool to intervene artificially in the labour market, thereby guaranteeing that low-wage workers in the sub-labour market receive a salary that meets a minimum standard of living. The community has widely discussed the impact of the minimum wage...
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Analysis of the Impact of the New Crown Epidemic on FDI in Flows to the Guangdong Region as an Example

Bangjie Li
The epidemic has become a huge obstacle to globalisation in terms of investment and trade flows between countries, the impact on FDI even surpassed the global financial crisis in 2008. This paper would like to study the impact of the New Crown epidemic on FDI inflows through theoretical path analysis...
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Research on the relationship between Cryptocurrency and OTC market based on VAR model

Ruyue Han, Xuecheng Wang
Based on the VAR model, this paper uses weekly data of cryptocurrency indices and weekly closing prices of OTC markets from March 2018 to July 2022 to conduct empirical research. The results show that the weekly closing price increase of the OTC market is the Granger cause of the weekly increase of the...
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Effect of Financial Reporting Quality on the Cost of Capital and Investment in China

Rongfei Diao, Ziyou Wang, Fang Yuan, Qiwen Zhou, Danqi Liu
Financial reporting helps reduce information asymmetry between external personnel and the internal members of the company. A high-quality financial reporting can help people better understand the company's business operations and financial performance and make the best investment decisions. Since...
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The Development Status, Problems and Countermeasures of China's Luxury Goods Market During the COVID-19 Period

Tianyuan Yang
The demand for luxury products among Chinese consumers is rising along with the nation's consumption level's ongoing development and the country's rising annual income. The COVID-19's economic impact, however, has caused significant shifts in the developing Chinese luxury goods sector,...
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The Current Situation and Future Development Prospects of Virtual Currency in China

Xinyang Li
Virtual currency is very common in people's daily life. Virtual currency is mainly divided into two categories. One is virtual currency that can be used for transactions in the market, such as bitcoin; The other is a virtual currency that can be used to buy goods and services, such as Q currency,...
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Response to Covid-19: Perspectives of EU policies and domestic policies

Xuechen Feng
The outbreak of Covid-19 was the black swan event of the 21st century, disrupting and reshaping to some extent the mature system of international cooperation that had developed over the past decade. For countries within the EU that have adopted a uniform policy, this can mean that each country is in...
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The Strategy Research of Pharmaceutical Enterprises-Taking Pfizer as an Example

Siyuan Yang
The entire pharmaceutical industry has experienced high-speed growth in the past 30 years using different strategies. This paper will evaluate different kinds of strategies run by pharmaceutical enterprises, taking Pfizer as an example, and see how effective they are. The issues and obstacles of the...
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Marketing Comparison between Luxury Brands and Everyday Brands

Xinyi Chen
By carrying out accurate market development and determining the correct brand positioning, the brand can occupy a place in the fierce market competition. Brands in the market can be roughly divided into luxury and everyday brands. Hopefully, the market analysis in this paper will enable readers to understand...
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Analysis of Apple Inc's Business Model Based on the SWOT Model and Financial Ratios

Hongyue Qiu
Apple Inc is one of the most famous and valuable companies in the world. Its tremendous development speed, marketing strategies, and innovation mechanism have brought considerable returns to shareholders and created significant market influence. The topic of this essay is to explore Apple Inc's...
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The Online Marketing Model of Dewu APP to Attract Young Users to Buy Products

Jiahui Liang
With the development of online consumption, contemporary young fashion lovers have become accustomed to online shopping. Dewu APP stands out among many e-commerce platforms and has become the largest and most popular e-commerce platform among young consumers in the trend circle in China. Through observation...
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Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Food and Beverage Companies

Comparing International Companies and Domestic Companies in China

Qianyi Luo
AS COVID-19 was spreading out at the end of 2019, the economies in the different countries have been impacted to varying degrees, and most industries are shocked. This paper, through the method of literature review, aims to describe domestic food and beverage companies in China and international food...
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Analysis of the Path of Financial Support of Shaanxi Rural Economic Development under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Tian Jin
The proposal of the rural revitalization strategy has become the core concept of China's rural economic construction and development in the new era, and in this process, the dependence on financial support is becoming more and more obvious. As one of the important parts of modern finance, rural...
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An Overview of the Inequality around the Global World and Possible Pathways to Address

Xinwei Du
The issue of inequality around the globe has been a major problem that impacts the well-being of human, especially for those who live in the disadvantaged economies. With the rapid progression in productivity and global collaboration in the past two centuries, today’s world is still highly fragmented,...
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The Influence of RMB "Entering the Basket" on RMB Value and Exchange Rate Fluctuation

Guangdong Gu, Hui Li, Lu Wang
Based on the research background of RMB joining SDR currency basket, this paper adopts synthetic control method and GARCH model to study the impact of RMB joining SDR currency basket on RMB value and exchange rate fluctuation. The findings are as follows: Compared with not to join the SDR, the renminbi...
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E-commerce Platform in the Global South – Concepts, Trends, and Cases

Weiyi Tian
The e-commerce industry is expanding quickly worldwide, with the fastest growth seen in Global South countries. This paper reviews recent development of e-commerce platforms in emerging markets: the paper first defines e-commerce platforms broadly and summarizes its various characteristics; then, it...
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The application of machine learning in the classification and classification of securities and futures customers

Daniel Lu
How to identify high-value customers among the massive customer base and achieve precise marketing and service is the current challenge facing securities and futures companies. The traditional method of dividing customer groups according to the amount of assets is more based on experience and not accurate...
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Performance and Prospect of China’s Real Estate Sector: A Comparison under the COVID-19 and SARS Pandemics

Shijie Zhu
The real estate sector in China plays a particularly important role in the Chinese market. With great significance attached to the sector by the government and companies, it keeps being influenced by the overall circumstances economically, politically, and socially. So, under special conditions like...
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An Overview of Illusion of Validity

Qinye Zhao
The main topic of this article is the “illusion of validity” and through two experiments: Decision-predition in chess game and NBA game prediction to discuss this theory in real life.Compared to other behavioral economics theories with a large data base, the illusion of validity is still far from real...
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Study of the Impact of Chinese Policies and Regulations on Bitcoin

Zihan Wu, Dan Wang
Bitcoin is an emerging digital virtual currency with both decentralization, high degree of freedom and high bookkeeping efficiency, and the transaction scale of its market has developed rapidly in recent years. This paper selects the closing price of Bitcoin from May 2015 to August 2022, divides the...
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The Short and Long-term Consequences of Belt and Road Initiative for China

Siyue Cheng
Since the publication of the strategy of One Belt and One Road, China has developed rapidly in terms of trade, which has not only promoted the cooperation among countries, but also improved the economic level of underdeveloped domestic areas. The problem of overcapacity is also slowly improving. What...
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Investment in Nepal's electricity market and cooperation strategy of China-Nepal Power Project

Qi He
The article sorts out the relevant studies on the power market in South Asia, especially the power market in Nepal, and discusses the future development of the power market and the cooperation in the power market. This article analyzes the natural situation of Nepal's hydropower resources, the current...
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UK GDP Research

Yiji Pei, Yiming Zheng, Tianyu Huang, Ruizhe Li, Fenghui Zhu
The paper analyzes the UK GDP trend and the relationship between the GDP growth and the investment or the consumption. In order to process and analyze the data, we compared the UK fiscal data from 1995 to 2021, which is from IMF. The HP filter is used when we need to find the overall trend of the data....
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Research on high-quality development countermeasures of modern metropolitan area

Take the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan metropolitan area as an example

Yuyan Yang
By February 2022, the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan (Chang-Zhu-Tan) urban circle has become the fourth national urban circle approved to be established in the central region of China. However, the development has been slow, the allocation of resources among the cities is unbalanced, the economic aggregate...
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The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on the Financial Industry

Xinyu Xu
It can be seen that artificial intelligence has brought a lot of positive impacts to the financial industry but has also brought a lot of risks. Therefore, this paper focuses on analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of AI for the financial industry and puts forward measures to reduce the negative...
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Research on The Development Mode of Fresh Food E-commerce in China in The Post-epidemic Era

The Example Of FRESHIPPO

Puqiao Yang
As the leading fresh food e-commerce company in China, FRESHIPPO has been developing rapidly during the epidemic. However, after the epidemic, people's lives gradually return to normal. In the post-epidemic era, fresh food e-commerce enterprises will face a series of upgrading challenges. In this...
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Research on the Impact of Private Equity Investment on the Growth of Innovative SMES

Based on NEEQ Innovation Layer Data

Yichun Chen
This paper selects 711 listed enterprises in the innovation layer of NEEQ from 2016 to 2020 as research samples to study the impact of PE participation in investment with its participation degree and investment background on enterprise business performance and innovation ability. Through multiple regression...
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The Effect of Top Technology Enterprises’ Investment to Small Tech Businesses on Government funding in America

Yuzhuo Chen
Do top tech companies affect the government funding to small businesses? This study collects and reorganizes the data corresponding to wealthy elites from 2015 to 2020 in the United States of top 50 technology industries and applies panel data model to examine whether the grants from top technology companies...
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Externalization of the Sharing Economy: Case Studies of Companies in the U.S., China, and Canada

Zehao Jing, Xiaomin Jiang, Xuanming Chen, Haoze Li
This paper focuses on the application of different industries in the sharing economy, the harm and contribution of these industries to the economy, the characteristics of supply chain and environmental modernization from different perspectives, and how to argue with data models. The impact of the sharing...
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The development of two EMU member countries Germany and Ireland

What are the similarities and differences between both states' positive development

Yichen Sun
After the European Monetary Union (EMU) was established, every member state participating in the union was influenced positively or negatively including two founding members Ireland and Germany. Among all the members, Ireland and Germany both experienced an upward development but their reasons of development...
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Huawei's Competitiveness in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Weichen Zhao, Yuanhao Zhu, Jiayi Chen
In this paper, it manifests the issue and confliction exist on Huawei company’s development. During the company's first several years, its business model revolved around reselling private branch exchange switches while reverse-engineering imported switches and researching its technologies. Its first...
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Research on Incentives of the Company to the Management

Yizhe Wang
The separation of ownership and management rights of the company requires the owner of the company to hire a manager with professional ability to manage the company. The managers of the company pursue the maximization of their own interests, while the owners of the company pursue the maximization of...
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The Euro Crisis Reexamined: The Manifestation and Influence of European Integration

Anthia Weiting Wang
A decade ago, the Euro crisis created a massive shock to the Eurozone countries and posed a significant threat to the status of the Euro currency. With the joint efforts of all Eurozone member states and EU institutions, a set of rescue measures were taken, and the effects and results of the rescue plan...
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Application of Game Theory in Selecting Covid-19 Immunity Methods

Jiale Li
This paper aims to do a comprehensive analysis through research on the relationship between shield immunity and the city of herd immunity. And then the paper makes some evaluations and suggestions for the policy formulation in Shanghai by using game theory. To come up with the conclusion on the topic,...
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The Influence of the Belt and Road on the Development of Green Economy

Yutong Li
In 2013, China put forward the Belt and Road Initiative, which aimed at cooperating with countries along the route in many ways to promote common development. Beside the development of infrastructure playing a critical role in development, the Belt and Road Initiative is comprehensive in nature also...
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Cultural Identity and Consumption Behavior of Female Oriented IP Community

a case study of Miracle Nikki gamers

Huan Fang, Min Mai, Yanting Zhang
In the past few years, the extensiveness and activity of IP communities in mobile games have attracted the attention of merchants and the participation of players continuously. Among the numerous mobile game IP communities, female users have gradually shown formidable consumption power due to their growing...
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The Impact of International Commodity Price Changes on RMB Exchange Rate

Wen Zhou
In recent years, the international situation has changed and the Black Swan incident has taken place frequently. The international commodity prices fluctuate obviously. As an important importer of international commodities, China's exchange rate is also affected by commodity prices. This paper will...
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A study of factors influencing the purchase intention of coffee products on UGC social platforms based on the SOR model:

A study of the Xiaohongshu youth coffee community.

Zhu Chen
China's coffee market has developed at a significant rate and coffee marketing has become an issue frequently spoken about in society, but few scholars have studied the marketing of youth communities with an interest in coffee on UGC platforms. Based on the SOR model, the author studied various...
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Predicting the Price of SP500 Index Based on Machine Learning Methods

Xing Wei
This paper mainly introduces the machine learning algorithm to predict the rise and fall of SP500 stock return prediction. Data of stock trading in the past 12 years (opening price, highest price, lowest price, and closing price) were adopted and preprocessed as sample data. Finally, nine technical parameters...
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Reviewing on China Development on Stock Market Volatility Model for The Last 20 Years

Yue Wei
Studying for volatility is important for risk management, since extreme shock can have terrible impact on the economy as well as on people’s lives. Therefore, this article would like to review on the development of stock market volatility model in China for the last 20 years, hoping to find out how the...
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Countermeasures against CBDC Financial Crimes

Tao Zhang, Yitong Li
The traditional currency cross-border circulation model has many problems in terms of efficiency, cost, and security. The private digital currencies represented by Bitcoin and Ethereum are flourishing and occupying an increasingly important position in cross-border payments. However, digital currencies...
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Research on the Optimization of New Media Marketing Strategies

Yixuan Sun, Mingrui Gao, Yaqi Li, Yue Liu, Wei Chen, Zihui Zhang, Xianming Chen, Minghao Qiu
The emergence of new communication channels like microblogs, WeChat, brief videos, and live streaming has increased people's access to a wider variety of media thanks to the Internet's ongoing technological innovation. The growth of new media has prompted new demands for business marketing...
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The Research on the Writing Mechanism of Infinite Flow Novels in China's E-book Market

Xiwen Hao
With the development of the times, people pay more attention to the field of entertainment, including but not limited to games, novels, music. At the same time, people became dissatisfied with the existing environment and continue to create more pastimes and entertainment categories. Among them, infinite...
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The influence of Saudi Arabia's domestic politics on its role and trade in the WTO

Leimo Huang
This article discusses two key theories that are prevalent in the current world: new liberalism and realism, both well-known theories that are being used for references of many countries, offering both theoretical and practical reasons. This article's main body was divided into two parts, each of...
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Investigation on Water Resource Risk of Shale Gas Exploration and Development

Li Liu, Xiaozhong Yu, Jinhe Li, Chongjun Huang, Jin Xiong
For the Sichuan basin of China, water resources are scattered in various regions, limiting the development of shale gas. Exploitation of shale gas has undoubtedly aggravated the contradiction between supply and demand of water resources. For this problem, from the enterprise level, use technological...
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Research on the Green Transformation Mechanism of the Chinese Manufacturing Industry under the Double

Carbon Target---based on the ISM-MICMAC model

Meng Sun, Guiqing Li, Xin Miao
China proposed the double-carbon goal of “3060”, which outline the path for the greening manufacturing business. To meet this requirement, China's manufacturing sector urgently requires green transformation to boost competitiveness. Several case studies on the Chinese manufacturing industry were...
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Comparative Analysis of Chinese Cities' Innovation Capability Based on Spectral Clustering

Yike Li, Qingguo Tang
Starting from three aspects of city innovation environment, innovation input and innovation output, this paper constructs an evaluation index system of city innovation capability with 3 first class index and 12 second class index, and uses spectral clustering algorithm to evaluate the innovation capability...
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Brief Discussion on Construction Cost Control of Engineering Projects

Zeshaung Liu, Xiaomeng Li
For construction companies, the control of construction costs during the construction of engineering projects determines whether most companies can well achieve their established profit goals. The lack of a complete cost control system and a sound cost control system is the root cause of the poor construction...
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The development of European integration in the light of the Greek economic crisis

Zexi Liu
This article uses the Greek debt crisis in the context of European integration, elaborating the process of its outbreak, analyzing the domestic and international contributing factors of the crisis, and researching the role of various countries as a member of EU in the process of its resolution, in an...
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The Usage of Emotional Marketing in the Online Music Industry – A Case Analysis of NetEase Cloud Music

Kaijie Liu
Emotional marketing has gradually become a new development direction in the personalized service market, especially in the market of online music platforms. Based on the current highly competitive online music market, the article explores the market structure of online music platforms in China to provide...
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Construction of ESG evaluation system for new energy enterprises: Taking CATL and BYD as examples

Yifan Song
With the introduction of sustainable development, ESG related information disclosure has gradually become an important part of investors' attention, and domestic research on ESG information disclosure and evaluation systems has developed rapidly. With reference to three different sections, this...
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The mechanism of green finance on the greenwashing behavior of companies in high carbon industries: A heterogeneous environmental regulation perspective

Xin Miao, Guiqing Li, Jingyu Fu, Meng Sun, Yaqing Zhang
From the perspective of the development level of green finance, this paper measures the greenwashing behavior of listed high-carbon enterprises based on their data from 2015–2018, and explores the impact of green finance on the greenwashing behavior of enterprises through the mediating effect model....
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Marketing Strategies for Chinese and Foreign Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: Enterprise Innovation

Yixuan Sun
Since China entered the World Trade Organization (WTO), it has been embarking on attending global economic development and competition. In the global market, many Chinese enterprises are accelerating the pace of development, manufacturing, food, and other competitive industries are also in a prominent...
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The Analysis of Nintendo’s Marketing on Ring Fit Adventure

Yuqian Zhao
During the pandemic in 2020, the cumulative sales of Ring Fit Adventure developed by Nintendo broke through 4,000,000 units, and even once ran out of stock in many places worldwide. Despite such a huge success, many problems that emerged during the sales process also reveal that there is much to be improved...
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Research on early warning method of major financial risk based on abnormal detection

Xueke Song
With the continuous advancement of the digitization of the supply chain in the financial field, the integration of manufacturing and retail has become one of the development trends of financial digitization, and data resources have gradually become a bridge between production and sales. The Customer-to-Manufactory...
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Effect of Government Recycling Fund Policy and Design of Optimal Tax- Subsidy Standard in a Manufacturing- Recycling System

Yujie Jiang, Bangyi Li
In this paper, the Stackelberg game method is used to construct a decision-making model composed of government, a single producer and a single recycler. Considering the WEEE recycling fund policy of the government, the influence of the joint mechanism of tax-subsidy on the production and recycling decisions...
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Risk Management Analysis and Reset Strategy of High-risk Financial Derivatives - A Case Study of Tsingshan Nickel Incident

Yulin Liu, Yuzhe Sun, Jiacheng Wang, Songping Li, Yihang Yao
In this event, Tsingshan's 200000 short orders suffered huge losses due to the sudden sharp rise of nickel price. Therefore, this paper analyzes the current situation of this event and uses the futures fundamental risk analysis method to study the relevant risks of the nickel futures that Tsingshan...
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Research on the Development Strategy of New Rural E-commerce Economy in the Digital and Sharing Economy Era

Jiayi An
With the implementation of China's 14th Five-Year Plan and the promotion of the rural revitalization strategy, rural revitalization has become a national strategy, In the future, rural areas will become the center of China's economic development, thus there is great potential for conducting...
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The Research of the Influence of North American Hip-hop Culture on Chinese High School Students

Tiancheng Xiao
In recent years, a new cultural category, hip-hop culture, is gradually popular in the world. Hip-hop is not only a musical term, including “Rap, DJ, graffiti and hip-hop” in a narrow sense. Broadly speaking, street culture, such as “stunt cycling, parkour, street, beat-box, scooter, street basket”....
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The Impact of Environmental Entrepreneurship on Green Growth

Qing Feng
Although economy grew violently and extensively and the life standard raised, there are still concerns that the industrial age has had a great negative impact on the natural environment, which have caused damages of the economy’s vitality. In order to find potential candidates to reduce the rate of environmental...
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The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Consumer Behaviours in the Entertainment Industries

Jiaying Wang
The COVID-19 has led to an economic downturn around the globe and affected all facets of our lives, including consumers’ preferences and their consumption behaviours. This literature review examined how the pandemic affected consumer behaviour in different segments of the entertainment industry worldwide....
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Analysis of Influencing Factors in The New Energy Automobile Industry Based on Linear Regression Models

Peiyao Tong
In today's world, environmental protection is being valued by more and more people. Under this circumstance, the new energy vehicle market is booming. This passage examines the impact of three influencing factors on the share prices of NIO and Tesla, two new energy vehicle companies from China and...
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Research on the value of investments in the property development sector

Poly Development as an example

Haotian Jing
As an important part of China's economy, the real estate industry plays an irreplaceable role in the national economy and has been involved in the booming development of China's economy since the beginning of the 20th century. Among the many listed companies in the real estate development industry,...
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The Impact of New Media Communication on Different Groups of People-Take TikTok as an Example

Xinyue Liao
With the development of the Internet, it is an inevitable result that TikTok has become more and more famous. And it has an inevitable connection with business. As a short video platform, TikTok has countless e-commerce opportunities and consumers. Starting from the impact of TikTok on merchants and...
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French offshore trust anti-tax avoidance system and its enlightenment to China

Jinqiu Wang
In China, where wealth is unevenly distributed, high net worth individuals transfer their assets to offshore trusts. It will lead to widening the social gap between the rich and the poor, destroy the normal tax order. At present, China's offshore trust tax system is incomplete, and the tax supervision...
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Costco's Current Development in Chinese Retail Market

Weisheng Liang
China is a booming market in this century, and the largest worldwide warehouse club, Costco has only two benches in China. This paper mainly applies research and data analysis to analyze consumer habits, the status of Costco in the minds of Americans and Chinese, the demographic structure of China and...
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The effect of celebrity effect on consumers’ purchase intention in live streaming

Xinyi Zhao
This study constructs a theoretical framework for the influence of celebrity effect in live streaming on consumers’ purchase intention in a fully quantitative way. The data analysis of the questionnaire results was carried out by means of a questionnaire survey with the help of SPSS software, and the...
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The Content Construction and Future Development Options of All-round, Whole-process, and Whole-coverage Budget Performance Management

Yuanhang Li
With the deepening of the reform of China's fiscal and taxation system and the advancement of the establishment of a modern fiscal pillar, China's budget performance management has become a problem worthy of study. Only good budget management can provide a basic guarantee for the realization...
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Emergy Analysis of Sustainable Development of Rural Tourism from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization

Jing Zhou
In 2020, China’s historic elimination of absolute poverty, China’s “Three rural work focus from poverty alleviation to the full realization of rural revitalization, the effective link and organic combination of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization are the important strategic support for China...
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Promoting Competition in Collegiate Sport: Why NCAA Should Allow Payment

Qianran Sun
This study investigates the legal status of student athletes under National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) member schools’ policies for the restriction on payment. It further draws attention to the role of Sherman Act in examining the case. Publications from professors interested in related sociological...
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Future Outlook for the Brokerage Wealth Management Track after the New Capital Management Regulations: Take CICC Wealth Management as an Example

Linwei Zhou
Since the development of China's capital market, it has followed the path of many developed countries for a couple of centuries in just a few decades, and while it has achieved fruitful results, problems have also gradually emerged. Taking asset management as an example, a series of problems such...
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The Interaction between RMB Internationalization in Offshore Market and RMB Settlement in Cross-border Trade——Research Based on Trade Type

Shanwei Cao
Based on the background of the " The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan " and the premise that the internationalization of RMB is different from other currencies, with the characteristic of internationalization is the construction of the offshore market as well as the reality that China is the world's...
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The Impact of Enterprise Digital Transformation on the Foreign Investment Strategy of Enterprises

Puchen Wang
The development potential of the digital economy is huge, which has triggered new thinking on the understanding of the digital economy in various industries. More and more enterprises have carried out digital transformation and achieved certain results. There are many factors that affect the foreign...
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Research on the Tesla's Business Model Analysis

Junhao Liu
In the context of carbon neutrality, electric vehicles have received more attention and recognition. As the world's electric vehicle giant, Tesla cars are an inescapable study subject. This article will study Tesla's business model in entrepreneurship aspect and in sales model aspect. This...
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The Nature, Scope and Role of Managerial Economics in Business

Shixiang Gao
Managerial economics plays a significant role in the management of business enterprises because it helps managers develop a wide range of leadership traits that streamline business decisions for the long term. The model allows managers to make informed decisions that ensure an organization make sustainable...
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Ireland’s Participation in European Integration: A Lesson for Peripheral Candidate Countries

Jiawen Li
For most candidate countries of the European Union, the prosperity of Ireland is always an inspiring example for similar developing countries. However, Ireland was once the poorest and least developed member of EU and has undergone twists and turns as a peripheral country decades before its economic...
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Rethinking Trait Theory Analysis of the Impacts of Trait Level on Leadership

Yang Zhang
Trait Theory, one of the earliest theories of leadership, suggests that the strength of leadership depends on the existence or not of certain personality traits. However, in fact, the degree of strength of traits also affect the leadership. This paper, by studying Chang, the founder of Forever 21, found...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Business Investment and Countermeasures of the Enterprises in China

Zihan Shao
Under the current situation where COVID-19 cannot be completely eliminated, many industries have been seriously affected, such as the catering industry and the tourism industry. At the same time, under the impact of the epidemic, many emerging enterprises have also been set up. The theme of this paper...
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Personal Characteristics of Female Executives and Corporate Solvency Based on CatBoost Analysis

Chenya Huang
Executive characteristics were once a hot topic in corporate management research. However, related studies lacked more detailed analysis, for example, using gender as a control variable to study the impact of female executive characteristics in corporate management. This paper uses the CatBoost algorithm...
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Empirical Analysis of Regions, Fund Allocation and Profits for Startups

Zhongjian Wang
This paper focuses on four indicators for different startups: R&D spending, marketing spending, administration spending, and profit. First, in the multiple linear regression of the original variables on profit, the presence of Collinearity between R&D and market spending only led to a single...