Proceedings of the 2019 3rd International Conference on Education, Economics and Management Research (ICEEMR 2019)

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Teaching Reform and Innovation in Architectural Design Based on the “Internet +”

Fang Wang
With the development of “Internet +”, the traditional construction industry, relying on Internet technology, has achieved the connection between the network and the industry. The development of “Internet +” has brought about a new round of revolution in informatization and visualization, and has also...
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New Mode of Football Teaching in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of the Internet

Wei Xu
With the advent of the Internet era, people’s lives have undergone great changes. Teaching under the background of the Internet has had a strong impact on traditional teaching content, teaching mode and evaluation standard. In a new teaching context, football teaching in colleges and universities presents...
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Computer Basic Teaching Reform in Applied Undergraduate Colleges Based on “MOOC”

Xudong Zhang
With the development of the Internet, the rapid popularization of MOOC, a new thing, has brought new challenges to the computer basic teaching in applied undergraduate colleges. It is a new research topic for teachers to cope with the impact of “MOOC” on classroom teaching, take part in the teaching...
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The Application of “Course Depreciation” in Credit Bank for Credit Accumulation and Exchange

Yang Zhao*
There are some obstacles in the credit bank construction, such as contradictions among registration validity, learning outcomes exchange and educational equality. According to the function of credit bank, the author originally proposes the conception of “course depreciation” for solving the contradictions...
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The Application and Influence of Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Sector and its Countermeasures

Xin Yang*, Xiajun Yi, Chunting Wu
This paper aimed to describe the concept and characteristics of artificial intelligence, as well as the development of artificial intelligence in the financial sector. The paper also analyzed the application of artificial intelligence in the financial industry, and explained how the development of artificial...
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Satisfaction Evaluation of Wudang Mountain’s Smart Tourism Construction

Ran Su, Bingke Zhu*, Yang Zou
With the development of information technology and smart city, smart tourism has become a compulsory option for tourists. This work firstly analyzed the construction of Wudang Mountain’s smart tourism and constructed an evaluation index system of smart tourism satisfaction, including 5 first-level indicators...
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Research on the Construction of Tea Marketing Information Service Platform of Shaanxi Province Under the Background of “Internet +”

Wei Sun*, Mengjia Yao, Mengjing Wang, Fan Yu
The necessity of the construction of Shaanxi tea marketing service platform is analyzed by the SWOT method in the paper. The purpose of the work is to design the overall framework of the “Internet + tea products” marketing service system guarantee platform. Relying on the network platform provided by...
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Studies on the Effect of Fintech on Chinese Economy and Its Development Path

Xin Yang*, Huiyin Zheng, Xiajun Yi
In recent years, with the continuous development of information science and technology in China, the technique of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence have led to the significant development of Fintech in China. Meanwhile, because of the development of the consumption patterns and payment...
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Application and Exploration of Virtual Simulation Experiment Technology in Medical Comprehensive Design Experiment

Liping Yang*, Fengjuan Ye, Mingmin Pan
To summarize the problems of virtual simulation experiments and point out the direction for its development, this paper summarizes the current situation of medical virtual simulation experiment teaching and the necessity of its implementation, establishes the process and method system of virtual simulation...
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Research on Countermeasures for Science and Technology Security Problems in National Defense Science and Technology Industry

Demei Sun, Shan Lu*, Yingying Sun
Enhancing the scientific and technological security level of national defense science and technology industry (NDSTI) is of great significance to the development of the country. This paper proposes corresponding countermeasures for the security of national defense technology industry to achieve the purpose...
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Analysis of Current Situation and Issues of Intelligent Logistics in China

Rong Jia*, Weijia Peng
Driven by new technologies such as the Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence, intelligent logistics has developed rapidly, effectively boosting the competitiveness of enterprises and bringing great convenience to people’s lives. Based on the introduction of related concepts of intelligent...
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Research on Countermeasures and System Optimization of Cargo Distribution and Transportation Management in Ningbo-Zhoushan Port

Chen Su*
The Ningbo-Zhoushan Port has weaknesses in terms of cargo distributing and transportation system. To improve the competitiveness and promote the fast and healthy development of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, management of the cargo distribution and transportation should be optimized while appropriate solving...
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The Design and Implementation of the Examination and Approval System of Executive Professional Rules in Open Education

Yang Zhao*
The Executive Professional Rules are the basic documents of managing and carrying out credit recognition for standardized professional teaching process, which are independently selected by learners, formulated by branch campuses and submitted to provincial Open University for review. The branch campuses...
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Comparison of Chinese and American Sign Language Interpretation Majors and Some Enlightenment

Ting Yang
To cultivate better sign language interpreters and improve the Chinese sign language interpretation profession, the paper compares the curriculum design, test system, certification system and employment situation of Chinese and American sign language interpretation majors. The results suggest that more...
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Research on the Collaborative Training Mechanism and Curriculum System Reform of Logistics Management Talents

Wenhui Xia*, Qianyin Xia, Weiming Liu
The paper puts forward the concrete contents of the establishment of cooperative training mechanism and the reform of the curriculum system. Through literature analysis, investigation, research and extraction, this paper further explains the current logistics management talent production and teaching...
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Research on Ecosystem Construction of Cross-Border E-Commerce Talent Cultivation

Liang Zhao, Gaoke Yu*
In order to solve the problems of inadequate implementation of responsibilities and the irrational mechanism of the talent cultivation parties of cross-border e-commerce, the research team investigated the talent cultivation model of Zhengzhou cross-border e-commerce. It was found that the cross-border...
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Business Strategy and Enterprises’ Ability of Sustainable Development: Evidence from China

Xuan Xie, Tianqiao Feng, Yunchen Wang
The present study was designed to investigate whether business strategy affects firms’ ability of sustainable development. Using a sample of A-share non-financial publicly listed firms in China, this paper shows that: (1) on average, there is a negative correlation between the choice of radical strategy...
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The Influence of Supply-Side Reform on the Economic Development of Heilongjiang Province—A Residual Auto-Regressive Model Based on Time Series Analysis

Jingyu Zhang
In 2015, China’s economy entered a new normal. Under the circumstances that stimulating demand was difficult to achieve results and the contradiction between supply and demand appeared intensified, the government turned to reform from the supply side. To explore whether the supply-side reform has reversed...
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Application of Space Decoration Art of Traditional Residential Courtyards in Guanzhong Area of Shaanxi Province in Square Design

Yiqing Li
In the traditional residential courtyards in the Guanzhong area of Shaanxi, the application of decorative patterns plays an important role in the formation of the entire style. Guanzhong traditional residential courtyard space decoration art has a very long history. It is attached to Guanzhong traditional...
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The Training Mode for Translation Talents Majoring in Ceramic Art

Zhebo Zhang
China has a great influence in the field of ceramics for a long time; also, ceramic-related English is the oldest civilized product of human beings, which makes it different from other ESP. However, as one of the main means of cross-cultural communication, translation practice lags behind in the field...
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Exploring the Path on Cultivating Students’ Innovation Ability in Private Normal University

Haixia Wu
The cultivation elements of innovation ability were analyzed, and the importance of practical teaching to the cultivation of students’ innovative ability in private normal university was determined. Based on practical teaching, the “four levels” and “double strengthening” innovation ability training...
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Study on the Development of Qionglai Modern Agricultural Seed Industry Park

Ge He
This paper aims at studying the functional positioning and overall layout of the agricultural seed industry park in Qionglai city. To achieve it, the field survey is adopted and the results show that the function of agricultural seed Industry Park in Qionglai city should be located in scientific research,...
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Supervisor Developmental Feedback and Employee Job Performance: Chain Mediation of Emotional Intelligence and Feedback Seeking

Kun Zhang*, Xin Zhu
Feedback, one of the most common employee behavioral interventions in an organization, has a major impact on managers leading employees to achieve organizational goals and improve performance. But this is not the case. When feedback is used as a negative evaluation, employees intentionally evade or not...
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Cultural Awareness in the Teaching of Shanghainese in Shanghai Kindergartens

Yan-Yan Li
The purpose of this study is to examine Shanghai cultural awareness activities in the teaching of Shanghainese in Shanghai kindergartens in China and to share recommendations for further promoting cultural awareness activities, in efforts to maintain and develop minority languages or Chinese dialects...
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Study on the Construction of the Service System for Intellectual Property in Chinese Universities Under the New Normal of Innovation-Driven

Xin Wen, Min Zhou, Zixiang Wang
Under the new normal of innovation-driven, with continues emergence of new business formats, new technologies and new disciplines, it is of great theoretical and practical significance to analyze the connotation and practice mode of the service system for intellectual property in colleges and universities....
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Research on the Cultivation of Teachers’ Informatization Ability in Higher Vocational Colleges

Lin Chen
The development of educational informatization from 1.0 to 2.0 stage has raised higher requirements on the informatization ability of teachers in higher vocational colleges. This work first clarified the composition structure of teachers’ informatization ability, then evaluated the informatization teaching...
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Analysis of Problem of “Green Tax System” in China

Jiahang Huo*
Based on the source of the “green tax system”, according to the relevant concepts and theories of “green tax”, this paper analyzed the development and current situation of China’s “green tax system”, finding the problems of China’s “green tax system”. It is pointed out that China should expand the scope...
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The Effect of Anti-Corruption on the Organizational Climate of Government Departments and the Attitudes of Civil Servants

Jianglin Ke, Xiaocen Yan
The impact of anti-corruption on the organizational climate of government departments and the attitude of civil servants is still unknown. The empirical study investigated 367 civil servants to explore this problem, and the results show that anti-corruption efforts have significant positive effects on...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Performance Evaluation

Wei Wei
Under the background of new poverty situation and targeted poverty alleviation, how to further improve the performance evaluation system of poverty alleviation projects based on the performance evaluation of poverty alleviation projects is an urgent problem to be studied and solved. From the practical...
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Research on the Optimization of DEA Based on the Perspective of Customer Satisfaction—A Case Study of Compulsory Education Service

Suli Hao*, Fenfen Shi, Qinghua Hao
In order to solve the problem of high efficiency and low satisfaction in the service industry, this paper constructed the CS-DEA model from the perspective of input. From the perspective of customer satisfaction, it could adjust the input to achieve high efficiency and high satisfaction based on DEA-BCC...
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On the Development of Chinese Cultural and Creative Industry Through “King of the Forest” and “The Lion King”

Zheqian Liu, Zhiqiang Liu*
Through study of the development and successful experience of commercial animation in the United States and Japan, and comparison of the currently popular domestic animation movies, this paper discusses the ways and methods of domestic animation movies creation, and tries to provide a new idea for the...
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Research on the Integration of Maker Education and Practical Teaching of Automation Major

Guihua Yang*, Huaihui Li
Maker education combined with professional education is an important way to effectively improve college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship ability. In order to stimulate students’ interest in learning and creativity, this paper proposes that the practical teaching of automation major should be...
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Study on the Competitiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine Enterprises Based on the Factor Analysis

Yongyan Wang, Jian Zhang
Chinese Pharmaceutical industry is an emerging strategic industry with great advantages in China. Improving the competitiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Enterprises is an inevitable choice for realizing the modernization of TCM. This article selects seven TCM Enterprises with strong research...
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Integrate Collaborative and Innovation Concepts into Big Data Major’s Construction

Shaolin Li
In order to cultivate big data talents with theoretical and practical ability, the methods of establishing big data major in tourism colleges were discussed in this paper. Guilin Tourism University’s mathematics and computer theory’s teachers are teacher-resources for professional basic courses; the...
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Research on Business Models Innovation Path for Electrical Power Substitution under “Three Types and Two Networks”

Wei Wang, Xin-he Zhang, Gang Sun
The popularization and application of electrical power substitution have produced great economic and social benefits. Whereas in the realistic development process, innovative business models are also required in order to promote the deep development of electrical power substitution. In 2019, the strategy...
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Research on the Construction of University Curriculum Map Supported by Big Data

Fan Yang, Yue Wang
Curriculum map is an important basis for student planning, teacher review courses, and school planning courses. It has been widely adopted in Europe, America and Taiwan, China. With the development of big data technology, the connotation of curriculum maps is constantly enriched. With the support of...
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An Empirical Study on the Public Recognition of “First-Treatment in the Community Hospital” Based on the Hierarchical Diagnosis System in Tianjin

Yueying Liang, Jian Zhang
In recent years, more and more people in Tianjin will not consider the priority of disease and choose to go to large scale polyclinic for medical treatment, so there is a phenomenon that large scale polyclinic are overcrowded while community hospitals are empty. The aim of this study was to solve the...
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Emotional Analysis of E-Commerce Online Comment Data

Lili Jin
Introducing text emotion analysis into e-commerce online comment data can judge the emotional tendency of e-commerce online comments. At the same time, the application of Python Jieba participle and LDA topic model enables more detailed understanding of the emotional changes in online comments of e-commerce....
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Integrating Social Entrepreneurship into Higher Education in the New Era

Liqing Li, Feng Yuan
This paper studied the necessity and the way of integrating social entrepreneurship into higher education in the New Era using the method of progressive layer by layer. Higher education in China in the new era needs to cultivate college students with social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship can...
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Cross-border Marketing Mode for Commercial Banks in Mobile Internet Era

Xuehong Zhao
The mobile Internet era breaks the original closed business model and changes people’s way of life and consumption. Cross-border marketing can open up new living space for enterprises or brands, and also can make brands glow with new vitality due to superimposed synergies. Taking commercial banks as...
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Motivational Molding Spirit with Contemporary Core Values—“5331” National Defense Education in Vocational Colleges and Fostering the Spirit of the Project for Founding Souls

Wence Liu
Actively participating in national defense education and practicing socialist core values is an obligation of contemporary college students. As builders of socialist, college students should pay attention to national construction and national defense security. By establishing the core values firmly,...
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Practice and Exploration of the “3231” Education System for the Second Classroom of Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology

Yuchi Xie
3231 Education Cultivation Project (abbreviated as “3231’’) is a talent training engineering system that is suitable for the development of the second class of Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology. There are obvious achievements in ideological and political education work, the work of the Youth League,...
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Exploration and Practice of Ideological and Political Education in Mechanical Design Course

Wangyuan Zong, Hong Zhai, Hong Chen, Haibing Pan
In order to make full use of the main channel of classroom teaching and enhance the affinity and pertinence of ideological and political education, each course should keep a section of the canal and plant a good responsibility field. Form a synergistic effect; shoulder the important mission of instructors...
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Farmers’ Willingness and Influencing Factors to Purchase Forest insurance—A Case Study on Six Counties (Flag) of Western China

Ling Zhi, Quan Liu, Guo-xiang Xue
In order to explore farmers’ responses to the government’s guidance to develop policy forest insurance, 544 samples from six counties in western China are used to analyze the farmers’ participation willingness of forest insurance of non-commercial forest based on the method of logistic regression. The...
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Dock with International Standards & Develop Sino-Foreign Cooperation—Reform and Exploration of Accounting CIMA Program

Zheng Li, Nianci Huang
In order to meet the urgent needs of China’s economic transformation, the Ministry of Finance has devoted a lot of energy in the transformation of the accounting industry and the active cultivation of management accounting talents in recent years. It is worth pondering how the universities, especially...
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Exploration of Programming Thinking Teaching Based on Game Development—Taking “Scratch” as an Example

Huan-Song Yang, Nan Zhang*, Zhuo-quan Wang
In the current environment, in order to improve students’ information discipline literacy, this paper starts with the programming thinking of cultivating information discipline, and explores the main methods and strategies of programming based on game development from theoretical research and practical...
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Prospects for the Development of Shared Tourism Accommodation in China: From Space Sharing to Culture Sharing—Taking Airbnb Beijing as an Example

Weiwei Qiu*, Yiming Zhong, Wei Wei
The year 2018 is of great importance to China’s sharing economy. After several years’ rapid development, China’s sharing economy market is being adjusted and differentiated. The tourism industry represented by shared accommodation has been leaping forward, gaining increasingly rising market share and...
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The Marketing Plan for Louis Vuitton’s Entry into the Market of Cambodia

Xiaofang Guo, Li Zhang*
Even if Western economies have not ever been recovered from the financial crisis since 2008, the luxury sector of high-end is keeping growing. The expansion in this sector has reached more than 10% in emerging countries. Moreover, luxury products with prestige brands like Louis Vuitton have always continued...
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Effects of Imitation Writing on Writing Quality of English Majors with Different Proficiency

Chen Chen*
This study was undertaken to investigate whether imitation writing had any effects on writing quality of English majors with different proficiency in terms of content, organization and language. Two research designs were made, an experiment and a questionnaire. All the data were collected by their writing...
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A New Experiment Teaching Mode for Network Security & Law Enforcement Major to Meet the Need of New Engineering Talent Training

Zhijun Liu*, Ning Wang
The “New Engineering” is the direction of the engineering education reform based on the national strategic development and the new requirements for the cultivation of innovative talents. Experiment teaching is an important part of cultivating outstanding engineering and scientific talents with innovative...
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Research on the Correlation Between College Student’s Living Habits and Physical Health—Taking Dalian Neusoft University of Information as an example

Yang Zhang
College students are the hope of the nation and the pillar of the country, and their physical level is directly related to the social development and national stability. College students are the middle force in the future socialist construction in China. The talents in colleges are related to future...
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Exploration of Curriculum Reform of Digital Media Art Specialty Under Interdisciplinary Background

Zifei Kong
The study is aimed to explore whether the curriculum of digital media art major is reasonable and share practical experience for it. Under the background of digital media era, there is a dilemma of the aging curriculum in the training of digital media art talents. Digital media art covers many disciplines...
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Promoting of Development with the Assistance of Financial Technology

Li Zhang, Nan Lin*
The financial service system has always served for urban families and companies. The kinds of financial products and services for the rural areas are very poor. Therefore, it is meaningful to promote the development of rural inclusive finance to improve the urban-rural dual structure. The convenience...
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Piano Teaching Mode in Normal University Guided by Employment Demand — Taking Sichuan Minzu College as a Case Study

Ying Jiang
With the diversified development of social needs, the employment of music majors in normal universities is no longer limited to primary and secondary school teachers, but shows diversified development. Through questionnaire survey and field interview survey, this work investigated the employment flow...
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Research on the Role of Algorithm Transparency in Algorithm Accountability

Weimin Ouyang
Algorithm transparency as an algorithm accountability method has been widely praised by the community. Algorithm transparency is considered to be an effective way to crack the algorithm black box. The algorithm transparency refers to the disclosure of the source code of the algorithm system and the data...
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Application of Simulation Negotiation Teaching Method in the Course of “Business Negotiation” for Cadets

Yuanli Zhao, Yunpeng Xiao, Xi Chen, Jiansong Li
The application of the simulation negotiation method in business negotiation teaching can not only enable the cadets to easily grasp the corresponding theoretical knowledge, but also improves the comprehensive negotiation skills effectively. Based on the analysis of the necessity and significance of...
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Analysis on the Improvement of Job Satisfaction of Employees in Small and Medium-Sized Science and Technology Enterprises

Mou-sheng Liu
Innovation is the first driving force for the development of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises. How to improve the satisfaction of the employees in small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises in order to stimulate innovation becomes more and more important. However,...
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Research on the Effectiveness of Outcome-Based Education in the Workplace Communication Curriculum of Undergraduates

Guangya Zhang, Lingli Fan
Outcome-Based Education (OBE) is a corrective educational move that has influenced many countries in recent years. Despite the global acceptance of OBE, there is little evidence about its impact on Workplace Communication skills. Thus, the present study aimed to evaluate the effect of OBE on workplace...
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Several Misconceptions About Online Education

Lei Yu, Yutong Qi, Zhenguo Qi*
With the development of information technology, the term “online education” has become a household word, but the understanding of online education is not very clear. As a mode of education, online education has been widely concerned by educators and society. There have always been two main schools. One...
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Research on the Construction of Professional Manager in State-Owned Enterprises

Xingyuan Huang, Yangyang Si*
Actively promoting the professional manager system is an important driving force for the reform and development of state-owned enterprises. However, the status quo of professional managers in China is not optimistic. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the problems existing in the current construction...
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Research on China–US Economic and Trade Relations

Pengchong Li, Yongping Niu
First, the research on China-US economic and trade relations is to compare the economic development between China and the United States and conduct an in-depth analysis, so as to predict the future development trend of China and the United States and offer corresponding reference value to China’s foreign...
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Extracurricular Fragile Time-Driven Computer Programming Courses Teaching Designing Based on Mobile Internet and Big Data

Gang Wang, Hui Xiao*, Shiting Wen, Huanjie Hong
With the development of big data and artificial intelligence technology, computer technology and soft engineering play an important role in the current social economy development. Currently, the current teaching mode of the computer education focuses on the classroom teaching effect. However, they ignore...
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The Integration of Ideological and Political Work into the Spirit of Craftsman in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Politics and Governance

Fei Sun, Pan Zhao
This paper analyzes the way of integrating the ideological and political work of Higher Vocational Colleges into the spirit of the craftsman by introducing the meaning and relationship of the political way, and the rule way and the spirit of craftsman. From the perspective of the subject and object of...
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Discussion on the Discourse Right Construction of Ideology in Universities in the New Media Time

Yuhong Ma*, Bin Sun, Hongliang Wei
University has always been the focus of the ideological work of the Party and country, which shoulders the lofty mission of strengthening moral education and cultivating people, and cultivating qualified builders and reliable successors[1]. In face of the significant change of the ideological work pattern...
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An Integrated Teaching Mode Incorporating Contest, Teaching, and Learning—Taking the 3DDS Contest as an Example

Ruhe Zhao*, Xian Liu, Cong Li, Sanyan Li
In order to solve current problems existing in mechanical drawing courses, such as abstraction, difficulty in learning, low enthusiasm and strong sense of frustration in the process of learning, the integrated teaching mode incorporating contest, teaching and learning has been adopted. It determined...
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The Evaluation and Enlightenment of Student Loan Policy for Higher Education in Australia

Yi Chen, Kexin Han
In order to further improve the policy of student loan and accelerate the healthy development of higher education in China, this work proposes some feasible suggestions to perfect the policy of student loan for higher education in China. A thorough comprehension of Australian student loan policy for...
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The Influence of Entrepreneurship Education on Employment Quality and Its Optimization Strategy in Colleges and Universities

Tianwen Liu, Yunsong Huang, Mingche Cong, Shuang Li
Entrepreneurship education, as a relatively new approach to improving students’ entrepreneurial quality, has been becoming an organic part of quality education for college students. Nowadays, how to give full play to the role of entrepreneurship education, thus better cultivating the entrepreneurial...
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Research on Practice Teaching Strategy of Accounting Information System Based on Competency Model

Suli Hao*, Tian Gao, Qinghua Hao
Practical ability is the key to the student integration into their work. Practical teaching is one of the extremely important processes in undergraduate teaching and an integral part of the whole teaching content and curriculum system. This paper comprehensively uses the iceberg model and competency...
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Research on Path of Improvement for Chinese Administration Service Efficiency from the Perspective of Standardization

Hui Liu
The research purpose of the paper is to discuss the significance and function mechanism of standardization in improvement of administration services efficiency and make suggestions to promote standardization of administration services. Firstly, the connotation and features of administration services...
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Practical Research on Graduates’ Employment Quality Monitoring in Vocational Colleges—Taking the Demand of Expanding Employment Information Monitoring in Hunan Judicial Police Vocational College as an Example

Hui Tang
In the new era, vocational colleges have become the “cradle” of craftsmen in big countries. The graduates’ employment quality monitoring has become an important fulcrum to move vocational education towards the “new normal of education”. This work benchmarked six indicators of “employment quality” in...
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Study on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Utilization of Rural Tourism—Taking Yangliuqing Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin as an Example

Zhida Wang, Hongmei Gao*, Jingjing Bing
The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that without a high degree of cultural self-confidence and without the prosperity of culture, there would be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The tourism utilization of intangible cultural heritage has exerted...
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Code-Switching for Bilingual Students

Yu Sun
Code-switching has been an important research topic in many disciplines: sociology, psychology, linguistics. This paper selected 20 postgraduate students from Hong Kong, China and Singapore, randomly selected from a group of four, to create a free talk environment for them, give them a specific topic...
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On the Teaching of Axiomatic Probability for Students of Science and Engineering

Kunping Zhu
Axiomatic method is an important characteristic of Mathematics. The teaching of axiomatic method can cultivate students’ rigorous logical deduction ability, and also enhance students’ cognition of relevant mathematical knowledge. For most students majoring in science and engineering, the axiomatic method...
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India’s Protectionism in Its Services Exports—Evidence from the Changing Services Export Promotion Indicator During 1980–2018

Yu Hong, Kexuan Yu, Yumeng Yang, Aijing Hu*
The perspective of this research is to explore how much India’s protectionism in the services exports has been. This study used the annual data from UNTCAD and United Nations Statistics Division for the period of 1980-2018 and presented a new method to measure the degree of a country’s export policy...
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Weather Impacts on Chinese Stock Return—Evidence from 7 Cities in China

Yun Sun, Haomin Zhang, Pu Wu, Shaosong Wang
Behavioral economics believes that weather could influence the investor’s sentiment, which in turn interferes with the investor’s investment behavior and trigger the volatility of the stock market. This paper takes this as the research direction and combines China’s weather variables with the stock market...
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The Application of “LBL+CBL+PBL+RBL” Four-Track Model in Modern Chinese Teaching

Liwei Fu
In order to improve the teaching effect in modern Chinese course, this work adopted “LBL+CBL+PBL+RBL” four-track mode. The teaching process is based on teaching materials, guided by problems, assisted by cases and supported by resources. Students’ interest in learning is obviously improved and their...
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Research on Business Model Innovation of Short Video Enterprises from the Perspective of Community Economy—Taking “Douyin” as an Example

Saijun Xu, Yiqun Li, Binyue Sun, Xia Xiao, Sitian Li
To provide business model for short video company management innovation to provide enlightenment, this paper respectively from the internal and external environment, community analysis, value proposition, business systems, profit model, to analyze the short video enterprise business model transformation,...
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Flipped Classroom Teaching Based on Massive Open Online Course: A New Criminology Teaching Method

Aijiao Liu, Ting Zhao*
Criminology is an important discipline that explains crimes from the perspective of society and is used to solve crime problems fundamentally. However, at present criminology course is facing a plight in which teachers are not willing to teach and students are reluctant to learn. There are several reasons...
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Investigation and Thoughts on Cultivating College Students’ Leadership under the Mode of “ShuangWei” Practice Quality Education

Yingmei Peng, Xingyu Ding, Zhibin Zhong*, Yunfeng Liu
In this study, 202 students from Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine were selected as subjects. The subjects were divided into two groups: the Shuangwei group and the non-Shuangwei group. A one-year follow-up survey was conducted on their leadership level. The results showed that: (1)...
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The Industrial Convergence, Integration, or Syncretic Between China and the Countries along the B&R: Conceptual and Empirical Clarification

William Sheng Liu, Bei-Bei Wu
This paper attempts to make conceptual and empirical clarifications between industrial convergence, integration and syncretic which are often used interchangeably in the current literature and few studies have clarified. Conceptually, this paper clarifies the concepts and defines that industrial integration...
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Research and Teaching Practice on Experiment Course of STM32-Embedded Microcontroller

Jialin Song, Hui Meng*
The experiment course of STM32 embedded microcontroller is very comprehensive and practical. The traditional teaching method can no longer meet the requirements of the course, and it is not conducive to cultivating application-oriented and innovative talents. According to the features of STM32 embedded...
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Online and Offline Hybrid Teaching Practice Based on “PAD” Class

Huiwei Chen*, Yuliang Zhang, Fei Feng, Na Liu
Under the background of new engineering, there exists some problems in the traditional circuit course teaching, for the purpose of cultivating talents of electrical majors, the research group, advocating independent exploration and cooperative learning, explored online and offline mixed teaching method...
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The Experience and Enlightenment of the Reform and Development of Higher Engineering Education in Taiwan

Meng Zhang, Jie Li*, Haixin Sun
The manufacturing and engineering technologies in Taiwan have certain strengths in Asia and the world. This is inseparable from the long-term emphasis on engineering and technology education in higher education. The quality of higher education and the internationalization of higher education are still...
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Building Three-Dimensional Platform for Internationalized Teaching Model—Taking the Course of Globalization and World Politics as an Example

Shurong Zhao, Menghan Tan, Xue Tian, Wenxue Fan
In order to conduct the cultivation of prospective talents with the Chinese featured socialist political ideology in teaching and learning for UESTC students, this teaching reform on the course of Globalization and World Politics incorporates the innovative philosophy of “cultivating prospective talents...
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Is Intergenerational Inheritance of Family Business Promoting Innovation or Hindering Innovation? —Debate and Integration

Jintao Yan*, Kaiyan He
Clarifying the causes and factors that influenced the dispute between family business and innovation in family business, which can help us better explain the academic debate on the intergenerational inheritance and innovation of family business, and at the same time help to develop the intergenerational...
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A Literature Review on the Inheritance Model of Family Business

Kaiyan He*, Jintao Yan
As a universal form of business organization, family business plays an important role in social and economic development. In the 40 years of reform and opening up, with the changes of the times and the age of the founders of a generation of family business, it is urgent to find a suitable successor for...
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Research on Postgraduate Cultivation Quality in China: A Bibliometirc Analysis

Pengbin Gao*, Yiduo Song
Cultivation quality has become an attracting topic in postgraduate education in the past few decades. Although many scholars have carried out a wide range of research, the researches did not provide a chronological picture of the themes. To give a comprehensive picture of China’s postgraduate cultivation...
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Research on the Tripartite Collaborative Education Model of “School-Enterprise-Research Base” —Taking the Environmental Design Profession as an Example

Wei Sun*
The study is aimed to solve the problem that the talents trained by the environmental design specialty do not match the needs of the industry. Due to the demand deviation of both sides, the effect of traditional school-enterprise cooperation in training talents is not good. The college research base...
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Measuring College Students’ Motivation: Validity Evidence for the MUSIC Model of Academic Motivation Inventory

Ming Li
The purpose of this study is to examine the psychometric properties of the college–level MUSIC model of motivation inventory. Three approaches were used to test the inventory, the internal consistency reliability, the fit index and factor loadings, and the correlation between the five scales in the MUSIC...
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Stock Price Jump-diffusion Process Model Based on Fractional Brownian Motion Theory

Hui Ma, Yang Li
In order to deal with the sudden change of stock price and simplify the empirical research, the jump-diffusion process factor of the fractional Brownian motion jump-diffusion process model is modified. The jump diffusion process item is approximated by the polynomial, and the numerical algorithm simulates...
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Thoughts on Accelerating the Development of FCEV Industry in Sichuan Province

Yun Cai, Mengnan Guo, Zongling Huang, Shengming Han, Xue Luo
FCEV was an important development direction of new energy vehicles in the future. This paper aimed to explore the development strategy of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry in Sichuan Province. Based on the systematic analysis of the basic connotation of the hydrogen fuel cell automobile industry,...
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Development Proposal of FECV Based on Life Cycle Cost

Yun Cai, Yiqiang Peng, Mengnan Guo, Zongling Huang, Shengming Han, Xue Luo
FECV was one of the important technical routes of China’s new energy vehicle industry. Combining with the whole life cycle cost, the paper offers the development measures and suggestions of Sichuan FECV industry. Based on the component factors of the whole life cycle cost, the advantages and disadvantages...
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Investigation and Analysis on Academic Behavior of Postgraduate Students in Ten Universities in Sichuan Province

Yuan He, Hong Xu
In recent years, there are a variety of academic anomie problems in postgraduate students. Among all these academic anomie behaviors, some of them were conducted on purpose, and some were caused by postgraduates’ negligence of academic norms. Therefore, it is very important to investigate and analyze...
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The Theoretical Thinking on Education Intermediary Evaluation for Professional Degree Graduate in China

Zhaojuan Fan
Professional degree is an academic type relative to academic degree, which develops relatively late in China. In recent years, the scale of professional degree graduate students has developed rapidly, but the quality is worrying. Scientific evaluation mechanism is an important guarantee for the quality...
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The Application of Music Resources in the Process of Ideological and Political Education under the View of Humanism Education

Meifan Zhu, Wenjing Ai*
The ideological and political education work is fundamentally the work of being a man. We must focus on the students, take care of them and serve them. Music resource itself contains the value of moral education, aesthetic education and emotional reinforcement. In order to improve the rigidity and rigidity...
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Application of Project Progress Management Based on Building Information Modeling

Jixue Zou*, Haoqiang Wang, Yu Lei
Project schedule management is a significant link in the process of project construction. Because of the low efficiency of traditional project schedule management, it brings great loss to the national economy and social investment. Therefore, it is imperative to find a more effective project schedule...
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Teaching Design and Application of Electromechanical Comprehensive Experimental Course

Yanying Wang
Practice teaching is an important part of electromechanical courses. Many electromechanical courses including practical links can’t do without the support of the laboratory. Due to the limitation of time and space, only some students can improve their practical ability. For improving this situation,...
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Research on the Reform of ID Course under the Background of 3E—A Case Study of ID in Sichuan Normal University

Tianhai Zhang, Yaqin Qu, Yanhua Wen, Chen Wang, Yimin Guo, Xiaorui Zhang
At present, the advantage of industrial design based on mechanical engineering in China is not obvious. Based on the mechanical knowledge, this paper aims to explore the teaching reform of ID major in engineering college, as well as construct the ID education which meets the company demand. By study...
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The Research on Coupling Synergy and Influencing Factors of Technological Innovation and Standardization

Huan Chen*, Yi-bing Tang
In order to give full play to the important role of standardization in innovation-driven development, and promote the high-quality development of China’s national technical standard innovation base, it is of great significance to further clarify the coupling synergy between technological innovation and...
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Analyses of the Way to Fostering the Integrity Awareness of College Students to Highlight the Political Elements

Xi Chen
To foster integrity awareness is an important part of the ideology and political work in colleges and universities. This requires colleges and universities to carry out this work under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, using practical ideology and political theory courses, making good use...