Proceedings of the International Conference Digital Age: Traditions, Modernity and Innovations (ICDATMI 2020)

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Attitudess of Pragmatism in the System of Values of Modern Kazakh Youth: On the Results of Data of a Complex Sociological Research

E. Puntus, T. Pupysheva, E. Esengarayev, A. Taubayev, Y. Goryacheva, B. Kadirov
The research group on the basis of studies of attitudes and value orientations of youth compiled a conditional “portrait of a modern young man” with highlighting (emphasizing) his main characteristics in terms of defining his behavior, outlook on life and seeing himself through the prism of the categories...
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Role of Technological Parks in Innovative Development of the Economy of Kazakhstan

Zhanat Zakiyeva
The article is devoted to the problems and prospects of the development of technological parks. The key features of the development of technology parks in Kazakhstan is an actual element of the production and technological unit that forms the innovative structure of the state. The experience of the Autonomous...
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The Contract for the Alienation of a Good With the Condition of Life Maintenance in the Law of the RM and Romania

The theoretical research is the result of a synthesis on the lifetime maintenance contract within the civil contract. Such contracts are of major importance in society and have an impact on the segment of the elderly, sick, disabled, or socially vulnerable, who use this type of contract to live a decent...
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The Concept of Taxation and Its Role in an Economic Society Within the Context of Globalization

Constantin LUPU, Nicu ȘARGU
The paper is a systemic approach to the concept of taxation and its functionality in the context of the contemporary economy. The authors managed to present a new vision on the compatibility of taxation principles and policies in this field. The presentation of the tax system in a new approach is current...
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Approaching Trade Negotiations Under Atypical Conditions Created at Global Pandemic Level

Lilia ȘARGU, Julia VALEEVA, Constantin GÎDILICA
The daily complexity of contemporary socio-economic life, the way in which participation in trade negotiations is carried out in atypical conditions, has become an indispensable international economic requirement of the economic progress of each entity. The intensification of the preoccupations for ensuring...
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Management of the Regional Energy Systems Development Based on the Economic Assessment of Energy Security

Evgeny Lisin, Oksana Konovalova
The paper examines the problem of managing the development of regional energy systems from the standpoint of ensuring energy security. The economic and managerial threats of disruption of reliable power supply to consumers, arisen in the process of introducing market relations in the energy industry,...
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Assessment of Material and Intangible Motivation of Top Management in Regions Using Multipurpose Genetic Algorithm

Sergey Yashin, Egor Koshelev, Sergey Tsymbalov, Nadezhda Yashina, Yaroslav Potashnik
The aim of the research is to create a model of assessment of material and non-material motivations of the top managers of the regional and district management structures. To this end, the effectiveness of inter-cluster cooperation within a federal district are assessed by means of a system of socio-economic...
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International Trade and Customs Operations in Digital Era

Tatyana Vorotyntseva, Elena Levinskaya, Tatyana Skudalova, Tatyana Kudryavitskaya, Alexander Nikulin
The article endorses the need for modern automated environment and substantial automation of Russian customs to meet growing requirements of international trade and transport operations. The authors examined international experience of leading countries in digital customs, in comparison with the timetable...
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Mathematical Modeling as a Method of Solving Socio-Ecological Problems

E.N. Chekanushkina, D.F. Pirova, L.A. Kolyvanova
Time perspective thinking is among professional competence components of future technical specialists with regard to environmental training. The paper substantially focus on learning of the module named “Geographic Information Systems in Environmental Studies and Natural Resources Management” by the...
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Computer Techniques and Indicators in the Policy of Optimization of Legislation and Law Enforcement

Assessment of optimization of legislation and law enforcement includes the use of numerous computer techniques and models designed for big data processing. In this study, indicators for assessing changes in legislation and law enforcement were divided into mathematical and social groups. Some of important...
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Transformation of the World When Exposed to the Digital Economy

Andrey Petrovich Garnov, Olga Nikolayevna Bykova, Victoria Yurievna Garnova, Ekaterina Yurievna Kamchatova, Olga Alexsandrovna Elina, Lyudmila Gennadievna Rudenko
The paper covers the main features of national programs for the development of the digital economy in developed countries and the recommendations of international development institutions to developing countries in this regard. Here the authors also demonstrate fundamental differences between the challenges...
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Patriotic Education as an Important Element in the Value-Semantic Competence Formation of Junior Schoolchildren

A.N. Shikanova, E.L. Zaitseva, L.A. Metelkova, O.M. Sirotkina, T.Yu. Guryanova, E.N. Grigorieva
The article examines patriotic education as a factor in the formation of value-semantic competence of junior schoolchildren. It is based on the analysis of scientific psychological and pedagogical literature, as well as modern school practice. The authors propose ways to solve the problem of the formation...
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Special Aspects of Transfer to Distance Learning at the Stage of Pre-university Training for Foreign Students

Guzel Fargatovna Makhmutova, Elena Dominikovna Shimkovich, Regina Renatovna Zalyalova
The article deals with special aspects of transfer from full-time (class) to distance learning during pandemic COVID-19 self-isolation period in 2020. Opinions of researchers, material developers and teachers about advantages and disadvantages of distance learning are given in the paper. Social survey...
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Presentation of Digital Duplicates’ Prototypes for Management Processes

Larisa Rodina, Alexander Zubarev
Research on management modeling issues remains relevant for reasons such as: the need to provide information certainty in management decisions; visualization of management processes with the ability to compile and choose the best solutions; acceleration of the verification process of management algorithms....
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The Problem of Unauthorized Transactions of Using Bank Cards as a Payment Instrument

Ksenia Yu. Proskurnova, Alla Yu. Tarasova, Sergey A. Sirotkin, Maria O. Ermolenko, Vitaliy A. Neklyudov, Vadim A. Bykov
The bank card market continues to develop and the capacity of this segment of banking services has not yet been exhausted in Russia. The development of the payment card market is facilitated by several factors, such as a development of technologies used to ensure transactions with cards and a change...
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The Evolution and Innovation in the Regulation of Priority Areas of a Sustainable Development of Pharmaceutical Sector

Vasilisa Panfilova, Elena Safronova, Natalia Strelnikova, Karina Bunyaeva, Svetlana Dergileva, Irina Konareva
The priority direction of the domestic economy is the sphere of public security. In a stable economy, the state is able to provide the population with all the necessary means to preserve life and health. Data allow sequence of events of scientific ideas and legal problems to be established as a result...
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Public-Private Partnership in IT in Russia

Vaslavskaya Irina Yurievna, Abdulmanapov Salikhbek Gabibulaevich, Koshkina Irina Alexandrovna, Khalturin Roman Alexandrovich
The article considers topical issues of implementation of public-private partnership projects in information technologies (IT) sector in the Russian Federation. Public-private partnership in modern socio-economic conditions is a form of interaction between state institutions and business in IT. A significant...
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Digital Economy as a Product of Post Capitalist Formation

Olga Panfilova, Marina Utevskaia, Olga Kornienko
Purpose – Using fundamental theoretical concepts and empirical data, the goal of this paper is to: * study the relationship and economy digitalization impact on the processes of reproduction; * determine the place of scientific knowledge in the material production. Methodology/approach - This paper...
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Digital State Services: Practice and Development Perspectives in Russia and Its Regions

Khalilova Tatiana, Volkova Natalya, Eremeeva Ekaterina, Julia Torkunova, Kurgaeva Zhanna
Digital state services development can be considered basic state-reforming management course. In modern pandemic COVID-19 conditions, it acquires exceptional importance. In connection to that, the Russian experience of specialized web sites of digital state services use is reviewed within the article...
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Information Resources for Investors: Russian Regions Experience

Khabibrakhmanova Rezeda, Garaeva Leila, Eremeeva Ekaterina
The relevance of the topic is caused by the importance of digital resources in the modern world, which are becoming convenient in all spheres of life. This is also true for investors and the investment process itself. Digital technologies have gained particular relevance during the COVID-19 pandemic...
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The Russian Language in the Waves of Emigration During the Post – Revolutionary Period

I.Z. Bulatova, A.A. Bilyalova
This article examines the stages of emigration from Russia in the post-revolutionary period. The main position is taken by the state of affairs of the Russian emigration of the XX century. Prior research presents the most significant features of the waves in post – revolutionary period, specifying three...
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Arab Spring Revolutions and Digital Technologies: Implications for Russia

Ruslan Shangaraev, Olga Timakova
Ensuring information security in modern Russia is a complex process directly affected by most internal and external factors. The political conditions in which this process takes place determine its specificity. The negative impact of digital technologies such as social networks is confirmed by the catastrophic...
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Case Study of Language Preferences in Social Media of Tunisia

Anna Kashina
The study aims to determine language preferences of Tunisians based on chat rooms of open Facebook groups, with the prospect of extrapolating this result to the trends of language practices in Tunisia. On defining, by means of statistical analysis, the percentage of language formations in communication...
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Problems of Digitalization of Education in the Context of the COVID‑19 Pandemic

N.V. Morgunova, R.V. Morgunova, Ayham Naser KHWAJA
The article is devoted for the analyze of problems of digitalization of education in the context of the COVID‑19 pandemic Information base was taken from the results of surveys of university teachers and students of several universities and monitoring data, foreign university experiences and personal...
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Research Work of Students as a Factor in the Innovative Development of the University

Aimagambetov Erkara, Nakipova Gulmira, Khanov Talgat, Bashirov Aleksandr
The relevance of the research is due to the current trend of decreasing students ‘ interest in research work. Therefore, this article attempts to identify factors that affect the activation of student science. The main method of research used a questionnaire, coupled with a comparative analysis of the...
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Unification of Computer Support for Academic Disciplines to Increase the Prestige of the University and to Reduce the Effects of Mass Self-Isolation

Ivan Kharitonov, Ilya Stepanchenko, Oleg Privalov, Elena Krushel, Alexandr Panfilov, Tatyana Ogar
The advisability of a unified computer support system for academic disciplines with high scientific content, included in the study program for specialists in ordinary universities of a technical profile, is discussed. The reasons for the lack of prestige of ordinary universities are analyzed and areas...
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A Methodology for Determination of the Risk-Benefit Ratio of an Investment Project Based on the Volatility Rate and Integrated Indicator of the Environment Dynamics

Margarita Doroshenko
Investors have an urgent need for risk-based project management methods. This determines the relevance of developing the methodology described in the paper. The method proposed for determining the risk-benefit ratio of an investment project based on the volatility rate and integrated indicator of the...
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Studies on the Importance of Internal Audit in Detection of Risks

Gabriela IGNAT, Lilia ȘARGU, Teodor BIVOL, Anelisse BIVOL-NIGEL, Nicu ȘARGU
In economic environment there are continuous changes, the main objective of companies being in fact to increase the performance of activities. For this reason, the internal audit missions have a strong impact in all the company departments as they are advising managers on identifying potential risks...
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Studies on the Role of Financial Communication in Presenting the Financial Sustainability of a Company

Gabriela IGNAT, Lilia ȘARGU, Teodor BIVOL, Anelisse BIVOL-NIGEL
In a world where digitalization and globalization are two very strong phenomena, the modernization of a common language used in the preparation, presentation and especially in the communication of the information provided by the annual financial statements acquires a primary role. The acute need for...
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Research on the Essential Features of the Legal Relationships That Arise in the Realization of the Fundamental Right to Education

Rodica Nichita
The fundamental right to education in the Republic of Moldova has a high importance in the context of reforming the economic and political system, modernization of all spheres of social life. In order to meet the challenges facing our country, there is a need of new approaches regarding the content of...
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Is Connectivism A Better Approach To Digital Age?

Alina Sîrghea
We are facing an era in which children - through their new skills accumulated very early - dictate the way of learning, in which the digital world has become a natural learning space. This new universe is, however, barely touched by the concerns of the education system. The interaction with the new technology...
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Upbringing Potential of Educational Technologies in Online Learning

Irina I Burlakova, Olga S Efimova, Elizaveta S Burlakova, Olga V Gribkova, Larisa V Gubanova, Darya V Shcheglova
Upbringing is a priority area of modern education. The teacher educates in the learning process. And the necessary element of educational activity is the upbringing, which is the formation process of such personal qualities that determine worldview, culture, attitude to people and study, social behavior,...
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Methodology of Diagnosing Financial Crises by Using a System of Signaling Economic Indicators and Digital Analytical Tools

Nadezhda Yashina, Nataliya Pronchatova-Rubtsova, Victor Kuznetsov, Oksana Kashina, Sergey Yashin
The global financial crisis, caused by the pandemic, has taken on a scale unparalleled in previous crisis periods. Our assessment of the impact of this crisis on the economy is associated with high uncertainty of economic consequences. The most vulnerable to this crisis were countries with a high level...
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Assessment of Innovative Development Indicators of the Region

Yuri Lapygin, Natalia Andryashina, Elena Romanovskaya, Ekaterina Garina, Elena Kozlova, Svetlana Kuznetsova
In accordance with the legislation in the development of a strategic plan for the region’s development, special indicators should be developed, which we can use to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of reaching the strategically significant goals. This article describes how to build a system of indicators...
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Research on the Functional Status of Teachers and Students Through Educational Dialogue

Liudmila Kutepova, Ilyas Salakhov, Nuraniya Harisova, Margarita Ignatyeva, Ilsiya Timerbulatova, Nikolay Grechko
The article deals with the evaluation of the functional status of teachers and students through an educational dialogue, using e-learning and distance learning technologies. A comprehensive methodology for assessing the neuro-emotional state of teachers and students was developed, that was based on computer...
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Political and Administrative Resources of Public Management of Agglomeration Development in the Context of the Evolution of the Agglomeration Processes

Maria Tereshina, Alexey Kolba
The object of the research is agglomeration as a management structure formed on the basis of voluntary integration of neighboring administrative units to increase the efficiency of joint socio-economic development. The identification of specific subjects and resources as well as their actual benefits...
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Formation of an Online Support System for University Graduates as a Factor of Implementing the Lifelong Education Concept

Oxana Konovalova, Dmitry Nikolaev, Elaine Caruana, Marina Fedotova, Valentin Grishin
The subject of the article is the lifelong education system in Russian universities. The formation and continuous improvement of lifelong learning skills have become an urgent need for modern people. The urgency and focus of this issue are due to the fact that the flow of information and its rate of...
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Model Analysis of the Russian Electric Power Industry in the Context of Digitalization

Ivan D. Grachev, Sergey N. Larin, Nina M. Baranova
Reforms in the Russian electricity power sector are entering the final stages. However, there are also unsatisfactory results of their implementation along with the positive ones such as the use of the mechanisms of the so-called “ merit order pricing” (MOP) and “capacity adhesion contract” (CAC). These...
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Assessment of the Competitiveness of Iplementation of Ilamic Financial Technologies

Sofia G. Glavina, Irina A. Aidrus, Anna A. Trusova
Islamic finance technology is dynamically evolving not only as a tool that can improve financial performance, but also as a way to increase sustainability and efficiency. Technology offers new ways of integration for those excluded from the financial services industry, while ensuring that they have access...
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Developing Students’ Commutinicative Effectiveness Through Correct Choice of EFL Textbooks

N. Maklakova, E. Besedina
The paper is dedicated to a topical issue of modern methodology of teaching English. It deals with selecting correct instructional media to use in developing students’ effective communication skills, one of the foundations of which is the written component. Despite the needs of the society for professionals...
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Phrasal Verbs as a Means of Students’ Language Competence Development

A.R. Zabolotskaya, A.A. Kirpichnikova
Phrasal verbs have a high communicative value and provide unlimited possibilities for expressing almost any concept. The fluency in the use of these linguistic units shows a high level of language proficiency. That is why phrasal verbs are an essential component of the English language learning process...
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English Language Skills for Effective Professional Communication and Academic Mobility

Nailya F. Plotnikova, Irina G. Kondrateva, Natalia G. Sigal
We discuss some features of the English vocabulary whose identification is essential throughout the process of learning the language at the higher-education level as a means for achieving special purposes in communicative and competence approaches. The motivational approach is the basis for learning...
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Terms and Quasi-Terms Within Terminological Field of Closed-Loop Economy Based on materials

Yulia Muhamedovna Zakirova, Lia Gayazovna Yusupova, Marina Igorevna Guseva
The global issue of transition from a linear economy to a circular economy dictates the need for the development and structuring of the terminological system within the terminological field of the circular economy. The purpose of the current study is to analyze the formation of the conceptual apparatus...
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Psychological Aspects of Pedagogical Activity in Distance Learning: Problems and Prospects

L.V. Ershova, A.A. Koreneva, J.A. Kukushkina, M.P. Chernovol, I.V. Chirich
This paper presents an analysis of problems associated with using distance technologies in the higher education system. It deals with the necessity of taking into account the psychological component of pedagogical activity in organizing effective distance learning. Building a digital educational process...
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Development of Students’ Foreign Language Communication in the Context of an Inductively Conscious Approach

Agzam A. Valeev, Irina G. Kondrateva, Maria V. Asmolovskaya, Lucia M. Ibatulina
Today the content of higher education should be aimed at the use of all educational resources, including various methodological approaches that ensure the qualitative development of students’ speech activity. In this regard the article investigated the following issues of the development of students’...
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Express Audit of Logistics Processes for Data Integration Into Digital Ecosystem of the Enterprise

Olga Sergeevna Kraynova
The article presents methodology for conducting logistics processes using digital tools based on marketing-logistics technologies. Organizational and management mechanism allows pre-project examination of logistics processes as part of enterprise strategy development and/or adjustment, as well as logistics...
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Ways to Improve Efficiency of Customs Payments Administration

Liliya D. Kiyanova, Olga A. Mironova, Eugenia M. Sokolova
In conditions of geopolitical tension and instability of the world economy, the objective of national governments is implementing policies aimed for maintaining and increasing budget revenues. The purpose of this study is detecting possibilities to increase the Public Budget revenues by means of improving...
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General Notions Regarding the Customs Regime System of the Republic of Moldova

Rodica Burbulea, Viorel Melnic, Viorel Sîrghii
In any state, the basic content and essence of the customs activity is the customs procedure, a precondition for the movement and passage of goods and vehicles across the customs border. By paying customs duties, the main objectives of the customs activity are achieved - ensuring tariff application and...
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Dynamics of Agricultural Areas Availability in the Republic of Moldova for the Development of the Agricultural Sector

Andrian Ulinici
In order to identify the most probable and timely development options, the economic and social forecasts become pertinent remedies for determining the development objectives either of the branch or of the society. Therefore, the forecasts become decisive factor in the activities of scientific formulation...
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Digital Society and Transformation of Requirements for the System of Higher Qualification Specialists Training (Economic Sciences) on the Example of Russia and Belarus

Nadezhda Kosmacheva, Galina Cherkasskaya
The purpose of the article (research) is to determine the change (transformation) of requirements to the system of economic professional education at the level of training of specialists of higher qualification in conditions of digitalization of economy and society. The scientific novelty of the research...
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Higher Education as a Soft Power Tool of State’s Foreign Policy

Yana Ostashova
Despite some restrictions caused by the ongoing crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it still seems relevant to say that globalization processes have given rise to a great number of shifts in almost every spheres of life and education does not stand aside. In today’s globalized world higher education...
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Technology for Forming Effective Team of Teachers for Orphaned Children

Veronika Pisarenko, Elena Chekalenko
This paper describes the results of the theoretical development and experimental research of the technology of forming a teaching staff of an organization for orphaned children. An effective teaching staff is a prerequisite for successful socialization and formation of children’s personality in the conditions...
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Digitalization of Labor as a Key Factor in the Development of Logistic Activities in the Conditions of COVID-19

Irina F. Zhuckovskaya, Ilya V. Panshin, Maria M. Markhaichuk
Efficiency, optimization, speed and timeliness have always played a decisive role in logistics and supply chain management. Covid-19 has triggered supply chain disruptions, increased logistics costs and decreased productivity. The purpose of the article is to show the role of new digital solutions and...
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Studies of Adolescents’ Cognitive Abilities at School

Azat Gaifutdinov, Rezida Khusnutdinova, Azat Rafikov, Ilshat Sabirov, Rustam Malikov
Theoretical thinking is determined by the content operations included – content analysis, planning, and reflection. Our study is aimed at analyzing the relation between individual characteristics of theoretical thinking development in early adolescent period. We introduce the idea of the relation between...
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Dicteme and Its Conceptualizing Function in Imaginative Literature

Mark Blokh, Zoya Asratyan, Norair Asratyan
The article applies the theory of dicteme to the analysis of literary imaginative texts. Its aim is to show the conceptualizing function of the dicteme. The relevance of this study is determined by the necessity to understand the mechanism of meaning formation. This process is schematically represented...
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The Role of the Socio-Pedagogical Environment in the Formation of the Teacher’s Personality

Azat Mukhametshin, Alfiya Vazieva, Tatyana Garnysheva
Management and leadership both in small and large groups of people within any social environment and under all psychological conditions are associated with the phenomena of authority and respectability. The main objectives of this study are to investigate the relationship between the teacher’s authority...
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Natural Science Teaching at Elementary School

Azat Mukhametshin, Norair Asratyan, Raya Zaripova, Camille Murzakaeva
The article is devoted to developing group work skills in elementary school children by means of creating specific pedagogical conditions. It presents techniques and criteria employed for diagnosing the level of these skills. The objectives of the study are to give grounds for group work in class, to...
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Analysis of English and Tatar Proverbs With a Gender Component

Rezeda Mukhtarova, Evgenia Tsyganova, Svetlana Radionova
The article is devoted to the gender approach to the analysis of folklore in different linguistic cultures. Folklore in linguistic cultures is represented in different spectra of the language, but the most vivid is the level of proverbs, sayings and aphorisms. For this reason proverbs and sayings have...
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Conceptual Information in G. Orwell’s Novel “1984”

Zoya Asratyan, Irina Kornilova, Ying Qi, Sergey Dyrin
The article deals with the definition of concept and conceptual information of artistic prose. It exams the ambiguity of the term “concept” in Russian and European linguistics. Conceptual information is looked upon as twofold: containing both ideological and aesthetic aspects. The aim of the article...
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Pedagogical Design of E-courses as a Means of Motivating Students to Cognitive Activity

Alfinur Galiakberova, Elmira Galyamova, Zulfiya Filatova
At present, especially in the light of ongoing pandemic, the problem of using remote forms of activity has become noticeably actual. This article presents experience of developing guidelines for the pedagogical design of electronic courses based on the Moodle distance learning system. Methodological...
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Heart Rate Variability and Mental Status of Teachers as Parameters of Occupational Health

Alfinur Galiakberova, Alfiya Vazieva, Oksana Kolomytseva
Stressful situations, especially of a psychological nature with reduced motor activity, create conditions for the tension of the regulatory systems of the human body. Teachers belong to a group of professions prone to disruptions in adaptation and the appearance of pathological deviations and the occurrence...
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Inferential Statement in the German Language

Rezeda Shakirova
This article deals with the inferential statements as linguistic means of indicating and specifying the evidentiality in the German language. Evidentiality implies implicit or explicit ways of marking the mechanisms of obtaining the knowledge necessary for constructing a statement. Being one of the components...
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What Makes a Headline go Viral on

A.A. Bogatyrev, N.V. Smirnova
The article presents a descriptive linguistic investigation of communicative features and communication foci, as well as ‘theme and rheme progression’ analysis of rhetoric structures of video headlines on video hosting, distinguished with over 15,000 and more ‘likes’ or viewings.
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Organization and Planning of Implementation of Managerial Innovations in the Management System of Retail

Julya Sergeevna Valeeva, Elvira Arslanovna Gatina, Lyudmila Borisovna Tarenko, Olga Valentinovna Fedorova, Lilia Șargu
In modern conditions of development of Russian retail chains, it is important to apply in practice the tools of intensive management development that bring a rational effect in optimizing business processes in the retail chain. The goal is to consider the practical application of the quality management...
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Information Technologies and University Education in Digital Economy Context

Nina Kazakova, Lyudmila Slavnetskova, Petr Volosevich
Knowledge-based innovations have emerged as a major driver of economic growth in the 21st century. Universities have been one of the leading drivers of new knowledge for many centuries. The study aims to analyze the transformation of universities into innovation actors in digital economy building and...