Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Current Issues in Education (ICCIE 2018)

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Teacher’s Professional Development

Tan Oon Seng
Globalization, rapid technological developments, and transformation of social environments call for many facets of education to keep pace with changes and play a catalytic role to equip students with global competencies. Innovations in curriculum and pedagogy, changing trend and profile of learners,...
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Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Malaysia: Policy, Program and Evaluation

Siti Eshah Mokshein
In education, sustainable development (SD) targets and indicators have been clearly stated in SDG4. Malaysia’s commitment to promoting SD is evident from the integration of SD indicators in the national policy frameworks, including the National Education Blueprints since the 1970s. This paper discusses...
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Guidance and Counselling in Schools

Salleh Amat
This paper discusses the need for counseling services in schools in a holistic manner in line with the current era of globalization and the industrial revolution. Guidance and counseling services are important aspects of the school system. Counseling services are not just for students who are involved...
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Reflective Learning for Sustainable Development

We experience continuous changes from time to time. This process will result in new challenges and problems which in turn can threaten the sustainability of life. For our life to be sustainable, we must have a critical spirit and the ability to make a decision to undergo changes which are more humane....
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Can We Predict Student Learning Performance from LMS Data? A Classification Approach

Ashish Dutt, Maizatul Akmar Ismail
The Learning Management System (LMS) is a common occurrence in most educational institutions. This system is a software application helping the educator in administration, facilitation, and tracking of course content to the learner. Educators have always been interested in understanding student interaction...
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Adaptation of EPOCH Measure of Adolescent Well-being into Bahasa Indonesia

A. Setyandari
Research on psychological well-being has been done in many countries, including Indonesia. However, the instruments for psychological well-being measurement available in Bahasa Indonesia are limited. This study aimed to adapt the EPOCH Measure of Adolescent Well-being which was developed by Kern
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Analysis of Critical Thinking Skills in Problem Based Learning Model Based on Thematic Learning

Aenullael Mukarromah, E. Kuss Eddy Sartono
The purpose of this research is to know the critical thinking ability of a primary school after getting a treatment by applying problem- based learning model (PBL) based on thematic learning. This research is a descriptive research, with a quantitative method. The research was conducted at SDN 1 Mada....
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The Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning Approach with Student Teams-Achievement Division and Numbered Head Together to Improve Elementary School Students’ Social Skills

Agus Setiawan, Christina Ismaniati
This study aims to describe the impact differences among STAD, NHT and conventional cooperative learning models on students' social skills and the effectiveness of cooperative learning approach with Student Teams-Achievement Divisions (STAD) and Numbered Head Together (NHT) in performing Social Skills....
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The Implementation of Reading-Writing Literacy In Secondary School

Agus Yulianto, Maman Suryaman
This study aims to find out how implementation of the reading-writing literacy, to describe and analyze the supporting factors of the reading-writing literacy implementation, and to analyze and describe the inhibiting factors in the implementation of literacy in secondary schools . This research is a...
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Tourism Potential for Recreational Sports

Ali Miftahul Ash Shiddqy, Suharjana
The purpose of this research is to analyze the development of recreational sports through tourism potential in the district of Gunungkidul which is focused on the tourism object of pindul cave. So far, the potential of tourism in Pindul Cave cave has not been utilized for the aspect of recreational sports,...
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How to Promote Reflective Students of Elementary School?

Ali Mustadi, Maylina Purwatiningtyas, Supyan Hussin
The aims of this study are: (1) to produce a reflective picture storybook media which could improve student’s discipline in elementary school and (2) to reveal the effectiveness of the developed media. This study employed R&D design. The reflective picture story book is an innovative learning media which...
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Synergy Between Character Education and Local Wisdom

Amalia Khairunisa, Rochmat Wahab
This article presents the implementation of the character education reinforcement at State Elementary School Keputran I as the cultural heritage in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to describe and analyze how the process of the implementation of the character education reinforcement...
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Analysis of Writing Mistakes in University Student’s Essay

Andarini Permata Cahyaningtyas, Yulina Ismiyanti, Ali Mustadi
This research aimed to know about writing mistakes involving capital and italic letters in university students’ essay, especially capital and italic letters. The method of this research was qualitative descriptive. The data collected for this research consisted of writing mistakes involving capital and...
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The Enhancement of Multiple Intelligences through English Reading Materials for Students of Secondary Schools: A Need Analysis

Andhyka Murti, Margana
This article is a part of research and development under the issue of developing English reading materials oriented to multiple intelligence accommodation (MIA) for junior high school students. It is aimed at generating the English reading materials which accommodate the enhancement of the multiple intelligences...
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Improving Reading Skills by Comic for 2nd Grade Students in an Elementary School

Anjar Sugianto, Kastam Syamsi
This study aims to improve pupils' reading skill by comics in the 2nd grade students of Elementary School Muhammadiyah Sagan Yogyakarta in the academic year 2016/2017. This study is a classroom action research. This study used observation, and questionnaire as data collection techniques. The data collection...
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Student Engagement in Reading Interest to Promote Literacy in Elementary School

Ardita Markhatus Solekhah, Ali Mustadi
Despite of having the world’s fourth largest population, Indonesia was categorized in the low level of Human Development Index (HDI) by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Reading as one of the literacy indicator became one of the causes domain, the result of reading test in PIRLS 2011 at...
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The Effect of PBL and DRTA on Critical Thinking and Reading Comprehension to Students in Elementary School

Arief Cahyo Utomo, Kastam Syamsi
This research aims to know the difference in effectiveness between the PBL and DRTA in terms of critical thinking and reading comprehension in elementary school. This study is a quasi experiment research. The subject of research is the elementary school students. The instruments used were the utilization...
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An Integrative Thematic Book: A Textbook Development Oriented Toward the Criticalthinking Skills of Elementary School Students

Arik Umi Pujiastuti, Hendra Erik Rudyanto, Taufik Hidayat Eko Yunianto
This study aims to (1) develop an integrative thematic textbook for the 1st grade of elementary school oriented to improve critical thinking skills; (2) to know the feasibility level of integrative thematic textbooks (3) to know the level of legibility of integrative thematic textbooks; and (4) to know...
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The Need of Convertible Book Media

Arni Septiani, Ali Mustadi
The use of appropriate learning media is one of the supporting aspects of effective learning activities. However, the availability of instructional media which can support the effectiveness of classroom learning is still inadequate. This study aims to determine the needs of teachers and students to the...
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The Impact of Vocabulary Learning Strategies on Vocabulary Acquisition to Adult Learners

Ayu Indriyani, Sugirin
Vocabulary plays an important role in language acquisition. There is no language without words. This issue gives a new point of view on how to acquire vocabulary, especially for English Second Language (ESL) and English Foreign Language (EFL) learners. This work describes the impact of Vocabulary Learning...
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The Analysis of Students’ Discipline Character in Mathematics Learning

Azmil Hasan Lubis, Muhammad Nur Wangid
Mathematics learning is one of the lessons which demands the students’ discipline because it is a constructed subject. However, teachers often ignore the students’ discipline during Mathematics learning. Thus, the students do not possess the discipline character. This survey research aims to describe...
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Redesigning English Learning Materials for Maritime Vocational Schools

Banun Havifah Cahyo Khosiyono, Pardjono, Joko Priyana
Maritime English learning materials for the Merchant Ship Nautical program in maritime vocational schools must fully meet the seafarers’ needs in the International maritime workplace. Unfortunately, the current Maritime English syllabus does not fulfill the seafarers’ needs. This study aims to analyze...
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The Need of Multimedia for Sambut Sebimbing Sekundang Dance

Bella Aulia Rahmah, Rumiwiharsih
This study aims to determine the need of teachers and students towards the multimedia of Sambut Sebimbing Sekundang dance on Arts and Cultural subjects in SMP Negeri (State Junior High School) 1 OKU. The media that is usually used by the teachers in learning Sambut Sebimbing Sekundang dance is not effective...
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The Antecedent of Job Engagement towards the Job Embeddedness and Performance of Educational Staff in University

Didi Supriadi, Muhyadi
This study aims to determine the antecedent of job engagement towards job embeddedness and the working performance among the educational staffs of Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa University. The research design can be categorized as ex-post facto with a correlational study that examines the relationship between...
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Developing Integrated Thematic Learning Instruments based on Environment

Sufad Faridah
This research aims at: (1) develop an integrated thematic learning instrument based on environment in the sub-theme "Gaya dan Gerak" (force and motion) for the fourth grade students in Sekolah Dasar Negeri (State Elementary School) – SD N Nogopuro, and (2) determine the effectiveness of the integrated...
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The Absence of Student Needs and Multiple Intelligence Profiles in English Speaking Textbooks: What do They Really Need?

Dwi Nanda Fitria Nuzulina, Margana
This is a part of research and development under the issue of developing English speaking textbooks oriented to Multiple Intelligence Accommodation (MIA) for students of Junior High Schools (JHS). This study is aimed at determining the students’ needs and Multiple Intelligence (MI) profiles to develop...
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Total Quality Management In 3 and 8 Yogyakarta State Senior High Schools

Dyah Ayu Kaniraras, Lantip Diat Prasojo
The objective of this research is to identify the application of total quality management based on the five pillars of total quality management; total involvement, measurement, commitment, customer focus and continuous improvement in 3 and 8 Yogyakarta State Senior High Schools. The type of research...
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Geography Field Study: the 21st Century Learning Innovation

Eka Suci Anja Kusumawati, Mukminan
Education in the 21st Century requires skill and creativity to support student learning. Learning does not only focus on the one that is conducted in classrooms, but it also can be conducted in the outside of the class as an alternative learning. The objective of this study is to investigate the role...
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Sociocultural-Based Reflective Picture Storybook: Urgency in Social Skill Development

Eko Yuli Supriyanta, Ali Mustadi, Muhammad Nur Wangid, Suhardi
This research was aimed at finding out elementary school students’ social skill mastery and analyzing the needs of a sociocultural-based reflective picture storybook for the students’ social skill development. This research used the survey method. The research participants were grade IV elementary school...
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The Use of YouTube as a Geography Learning Source in High Schools

Ellese Sulistianingsih, Mukminan
At present, learning source is available not only in printed books but also on the Internet, such as YouTube. YouTube has made it easy for its users to get the information needed in the form of videos. This is a survey study with exploration purpose. This research uses questionnaires to obtain the data...
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The Impact of The Use of Reflective Picture Storybook Media on Improving Democratic Character among Fifth-Graders

Endah Sri Susilaningrum, Muhammad Nur Wangid
Democratic character is one of the important virtues to be internalized since an early age. Unfortunately, a couple of issues is still facing the efforts to get elementary school students internalized such as character which cannot be developed optimally among students. This research aims to determine...
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Development of Curriculum 2013 as an Effort to Improve the Quality of Education in Indonesia

Erny Widiyah Agustin, Sugiyono
T Curriculum as a tool to achieve educational goals used as teacher guidance in implementing learning. The implementation of the 2013 Curriculum that has been enacted needs to be developed to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. Development of Curriculum 2013 that is relevant to the development...
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The Influence of Authoritative Parenting Style on Adolescent's Autonomy

Errisa Dwi Siswandani, Telly Nancy Silloy, Muhammad Ali
Most Javanese and Sundanese mothers still use the authoritarian parenting style which result in problems of adolescent autonomy. This study aims at evaluate the influence of parenting authoritative style on adolescent’s autonomy. An ex-post facto prospective research is conducted on 381 adolescents of...
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The Scientific Approach-Based Convertible Book as the Media to Improve Nationalism Character

Esti Nofiani, Anwar Senen
In the globalization era, nationalism is one of the important characters to be owned by the next generation. Nationalism character building in education is expected to take the role as the fortress of a country towards various negative globalization impacts. This research aims to develop a needs assessment...
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Implementation of Blended Learning to Improve Fifth Graders’ Learning Participation

Estin Farida, Herman Dwi Surjono
This research aims to improve the learning participation level of Azzahrawi fifth graders’ of Private Elementary School SD Muhammadiyah Sapen Yogyakarta through blended learning. This is classroom action research. The subject of the research consisted of 33 Azzahrawi fifth graders of SD Muhammadiyah...
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Study of Skill Tree from Game for Educational World: Application of Skill Tree in Instructional Media of Scientific Writing for Teachers

Fanani Arief Ghozali, Rustam Asnawi, Iman Hardi Pramudika
Indonesia has rules that require students to study for nine years. These rules are implemented for making a generation of a smart nation that can survive in the modern era. Therefore, the assigned teachers must be professional. Professional teachers are also mentioned in the Law that they should write...
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The Effect of Pelajar Go! as a Boardgame to Improve Student’s Speaking Skill

Fatma Pratiwi, Mukminan
This study was conducted based on the teacher's need for learning media to train students' speaking skills. Based on a survey conducted in a public elementary school in Bantul area, Yogyakarta, speaking skills become the standard of graduation that must be mastered by students and are very important...
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A Character Education Model in Vocational School as the Provision for Entering Work Realm

Fredericus Prijo Santoso, Mulyoto, Djono
Character education is something that schools particularly vocational schools should conduct to prepare students to enter work realm. Although the vocational school graduates’ opportunity to pursue higher education level is widely opened, many students prefer joining the workforce right after graduating...
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Using Storybook-based AR in Learning Mathematics for Elementary School: How is it applied?

Habib Nur Rahman, Muhammad Nur Wangid
Augmented Reality, technology that merges the real and virtual world became popular among educational researchers for many advantages. This technology can be combined with storybooks so that storybooks appear dynamic and interactive. The purpose of this study is to describe the stages of learning media...
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The Students Process Skills in Integrative Thematic Learning with Scientific Approach

Hanafita Hajar Utami, Ali Mustadi
This study aims to determine the influence of scientific approach to students’ skills in the integrative thematic learning process of the Fifth Grade in Elementary School Level. There were 3 state elementary schools in UPT Saptosari becoming the subject of research taken through clustering random sampling...
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The Needs of Intercultural Reading Materials for Accounting Students in Higher Education

Helti Maisyarah, Suwarsih Madya
The research is aimed at analyzing accounting students’ needs in learning English by incorporating intercultural aspects. This is descriptive quantitative research. The research was conducted in Accounting Study Program, Faculty of Business and Economic, the University of Bengkulu. The respondents were...
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The Preliminary Analysis in Developing Creativity of Story Writing

Hendita Rifki Alfiansyah, Muhammad Nur Wangid
The research aimed to identify the students’ needs as the basic data to create learning media to assist the development of creativity of story writing. The research used descriptive qualitative method. The data of the research was gathered through observation, interview, and questionnaire. The subjects...
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Do Elementary School Students Like Mathematics?

Hendra Erik Rudyanto, Jatmiko, Anik Ghufron, Hartono
This study is aimed at describing the attitude of elementary school students toward mathematics. The research method used was survey. Respondents were 135 elementary school students consisting of fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade students. All respondents had recieved permission from their parents to participate...
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How Do Elementary School Students Use SRL?

Henry Aditia Rigianti, Farida Agus Setiawati
One of the elementary school graduate competencies is the metacognitive skill. Meta cognitive skills have something to do with the extent to which one can identify his/her own strengths and weaknesses, which are associated with the so called self-regulated learning (SRL). This research aims to determine...
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The Dinamic of Psychological Well-Being and Gratitude in Adolescence

Ida Ike Rahayu, Farida Agus Setiawati
The research aims to investigate the adolescents’ psychological well-being and gratitude. The research type is a quantitative study with a survey method. The research subjects are adolescents aged 17-21 years old comprising 13 males and 41 females. The psychological wellbeing and gratitude are measured...
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Social Capital of Yogyakarta’s Poor Family in Parenting Education

Iin Sawitri, Entoh Tohani
This study aims to reveal: (1) parenting education in Yogyakarta’s poor family, and (2) the use of social capital in parenting. This research is a qualitative research with the case study type. Setting of this research is the activity of poor society in Yogyakarta. Informants in this study are 16 poor...
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Effectiveness of Garis Bilangan Pandawa Media for Improving The Learning Motivation and Skills on Counting Integers Operations on Integrative Thematic Learning of Grade IV Students

Ika Susilawati, Sumarno
Student learning outcomes are highly influenced by motivation and learning materials. The problem in the field indicated that the student's motivation is low and integer operations is one of the difficult learning materials Learning media become one of the ways that can be used to improving learning...
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Improving Learning Outcomes and Student Teamwork Through Reciprocal Teaching Lessons in 5th Grade of Primary School

Irawan, Anwar Senen, Kus Eddy Sartono
Appropriate learning methods will foster student activeness in cooperation with each other and also will improve student learning outcomes. However, in reality, students tend to be selfish, unable to socialize and have low learning outcomes.The purpose of this study is to improve the teamwork and learning...
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Relationship between Student Activity Unit Involvement and Cumulative Achievement Index of Students at the Departement of Mechanical Engineering Education, State University of Medan

Islami Fatwa, Zainur Rofiq
Students of the Faculty of Engineering are an integral part of Indonesian students, as engineering science principles can be used as an educational social control of development, contribute to the government to build the nation state, and provide solutions to problems in the country. Movement of organizational...
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Quality Analysis of Test for Diagrams and Mathematical Representation Ability of High School Student in Physics Using Partial Credit Model

Jenny Resty Harjanti, Supahar, Warsono, Jumadi
The quality of learning activities can be determined by the result of assessment. The measuring tool used in the assessment activity is in the form of a test. This study aims to determine the quality of a test for diagrams and mathematical representation ability of High School students in Physics. This...
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Characteristics of Assessment Instrument for Diagram and Verbal Representation Ability of High School PhysicsStudents in Physics with Partial Credit Model

Johan Pamungkas, Supahar, Warsono, Jumadi
The characteristics of assessment instrument are important to obtain representative information about students' knowledge and abilities in education. The representation ability is fundamental ability to solve problems in learning Physics. This study aims to determine the characteristics of assessment...
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The Improvement of Mathematic Learning Achievement through Process Skill Using Measurement Media in Muhammadiyah Sapen Elementary School

Kardiyo, Ali Mahmudi
This research was carried out because there are various problems in learning Mathematics in the class. As a solution of the problems, researchers conducted a classroom action research. The purpose of this research is to (1) develop the learning of elementary mathematics and (2) to describe the improvement...
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The Effect of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) with the Use of Internet in English Language Learning and Teaching Process in STIE Madani Balikpapan

Kartini Rahmatillah
This research focuses on whether the Communicative Learning Teaching (CLT) has an effect on the English Learning and Teaching process in STIE Madani Balikpapan by applying CLT in the classroom activities. Students still find English to be a difficult subject to learn, and it seems that there is no encouragement...
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Effective Professional Learning Community Model for Improving Elementary School Teachers’ Performance

Lalu Hamdian Affandi, Ida Ermiana, Muhammad Makki
The aim of this research is to develop a model of effective professional learning community for elementary school teachers. The research design is survey and correlational type. Data were collected by questionnaire from randomly selected 241 elementary school teachers. To identify components of professional...
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Comics to Learn Characters of Care and Responsibility in Children

Lea Christina, Christina Ismaniati
This research was aim to know whether comics can be a media to facilitate children to learn characters. The respondents of this research were 76 children at age 9-12 in Condongcatur Primary School Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Results of the research showed that 98% of children had read comic and 94% liked...
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Analyzing the Needs of Students, Teachers, and Stakeholders in Developing Blended Culture-Oriented English Textbook at Culture-Based Senior High Schools in Yogyakarta

Lina Aris Ficayuma, Pangesti Wiedarti
This article is part of research and development under the issue of developing English writing textbooks oriented to Blended Culture for the XI grade of science program at Culture-Based Senior High School (henceforth, CB-SHS) in Yogyakarta. This relies on the evidence of how the majority of English textbooks...
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Students’ Politeness Language Use in Elementary Schools in Mataram City

Muammar Muammar, Suhardi, Ali Mustadi
This research elaborated students’ politeness in language use and the role of teachers in imprinting students’ language modesty in elementary schools in Mataram City. The type of this research was qualitative research. The attendance of the researcher was the main or key instrument. This research was...
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The Prospective Flight Attendants’ English Language Needs

Muhammad Fauzan Supriadi, Widyastuti Purbani
This study concentrates on having frame of reference from the academicians, stakeholders, practitioners, and students of flight attendant school, as an attempt to understand their needs of specific language skills. The data were acquired through questionnaires for the 103 trainees and interviews for...
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Improving Speaking Confidence by Using Think Pair Share (TPS) Teaching Strategy to High School Students

Mulya Sari Bunaya, Basikin
The objective of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of Think Pair Share (TPS) strategy in improving students’ speaking confidence. The subjects of this research were 30 Grade XII students of that consisted of grade XII IPA C students of SMAN 6 Kota Bengkulu. This research was a classroom...
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Do We Need to Apply Problem Based Learning Model to Improve Students' Communication Skills?

Niko Tamtama, Sugito
This paper reviews the application of problem based learning (PBL) model to improve the communication skills of students in elementary classrooms. Nowadays, elementary school students need to be equipped not only with academic knowledge but also the 21st century skills. Communication skills is the 21st...
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The Role of Group Counseling Service Using Brainstorming Technique in Improving Students’ Learning Independence

Norma Ida Royana, Asrowi, Mulyoto
This research aimed to improve learning independence through group counseling service using brainstorming technique in the 8thC graders of SMP N 2 Gondangrejo. The methods of collecting data used were observation, interview, and documentation. The subjects of research were the 8thC graders of SMP N 2...
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Children at An Early Age: Motor Development of Breastfed and Formula-fed Children Aged 2-6 Years

Nur Fatma Oktaviana, Suparno
This study aims to see the difference in terms of motor skills of breastfed and formula-fed children at 2-6 years of age. There are thirty children consuming breast milk and the same number of formula-fed children aged 2-6 years; the research shows a significant result between the two groups. The findings...
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Improving Self-Confidence Through an Active Knowledge Sharing Model in Primary Schools

Nurdin Kamil, Jailani
This study aimed to describe the effect of the Active Knowledge Sharing model and scientific approach on the self-confidence of fourth-grade students in primary schools. It was quasi-experimental research with a nonequivalent control group pretest-posttest design. This study used two experiment groups...
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The Identification of Students’ Problems in Junior High School Using AUM Umum (General Problem-Revealing Instrument)

Nurhasanah Nurhasanah, Muh Farozin
The success of counseling and guidance services is mainly dependent on teachers' guidance and counseling skills in facilitating and helping students to solve their problems. They are very important in the counseling process, where the provision of guidance and counseling services should be appropriate...
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Loneliness and Self Esteem as Predictor of Internet Addiction In Adolescents

Nurulsani S. Abd. Latief, Endah Retnowati
Internet addiction in adolescents is influenced by various factors, both of them are loneliness and self-esteem. Therefore, this study aims to examine the loneliness and price to internet addiction in adolescents. The subjects in this study were 35 adolescents (23 female students and 12 male students)...
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The Professionalism and Work Ethic Improvement through Teacher Working Group

Ogi Suphar Gandi, Udik Budi Wibowo
This study aims to describe the improvement of the quality of human resources in education through TWG (Teacher Working Group), especially in the field of teachers’ pedagogic competencies and work ethic. It is done to produce qualified educators to build smart, comprehensive, and highly competitive Indonesian...
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The Implementation of Character Education Responsibilities in Kindergarten

Panca Ariyani Muslimah, Rukiyati
The purpose of conducting this research is to provide information about the implementation of character education responsibilities in Kartini Karanggayam Kindergarten of Yogyakarta starting from the planning of responsibility characters, the implementation of character education responsibility and the...
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Teaching English in Primary Schools: Benefits and Challenges

Primadina Cahyati, Suwarsih Madya
Teaching English in primary schools relates to the readiness of the schools and the students’ proficiency levels. If the schools have the sufficiency of English teachers, media, and textbooks, they will be ready to teach English. It is because primary schools deal with young learners aged 6-12 years...
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AR Module: Is It Necessary to Improve Students’ Environmental Care Character?

Purwatmaja Listiadhi Karana, Ali Mustadi, Muhammad Nur Wangid
Character building has become one of the main focuses in realizing Golden Indonesia Generation of 2045 and it is done through the education process in school. Teachers need the media to facilitate the goal by combining learning and technology. The technology that can be used is Augmented Reality (AR)....
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Model of Information Literacy-Based Collaboration of Teacher and Librarian in Integrative Thematic Learning for Primary School

Rachmawati, Ali Mustadi
This research article aims to improve students’ writing skills through information literacy based-collaboration between teacher and librarian. Teachers and librarians have the same responsibility to enhance the information literacy of the students. As a matter of fact, those two parties rarely work together....
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Research-Based Learning (RBL): How to Improve Problem Solving Skills?

Tri Saptuti Susiani, Ratna Hidayah, Suhartono, Moh Salimi
Problem solving skills are part of the 21st century competencies that need to be drilled to prospective teachers. Research-based learning (RBL) is an alternative model of learning that can improve problem solving skill. This research was carried out to describe how the application of the implementation...
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A Case Study of E-Learning Readiness in Referral School State Senior High School 1 Paringin

Regina Ratih Fadhila, Edi Istiyono
E-learning is a collaborated learning method between learning activity and technology. It provides an interactive learning activity, and various learning resources because it can be held in an online system. The Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia has held the referral school program, and,...
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Augmented Reality Module to Improve Mathematical Communication: Is it Necessary for Elementary Students?

Resti Susanti, Muhammad Nur Wangid
Mathematical communication is one of the basic math skills. It can be developed on a math lesson with all the learning resources that students and teachers have. Module based Augmented Reality (AR) is one alternative learning resources that can help students and teacher during the learning process. The...
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The Influence of Wordless Picture Book to Improve the Ability of Storytelling among Preschool Students

Revina Rizqiyani, Nur Azizah
This research aims at revealing the effect of the wordless picture book to improve the ability to storytelling in children aged 5-6 years. This research uses quantitative research approach with the pre-experimental design with One Group Pretest-Posttest Design approach. The subject in this study was...
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The Implementation of Traditional Games for Early Childhood Education

Reza Edwin Sulistyaningtyas, Puji Yanti Fauziah
It was very important to provide stimulation for early childhood development that can be done by parents and teachers. Early children were in the golden age which has high sensitivity to receive the given knowledge. The process of providing stimulation for early childhood was through playing games. One...
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Empathy as a Predictor of Prosocial Behavior of Nurses in the Special Region of Yogyakarta

Ridha Wahyuni, Dimyati
Nursing services give a huge influence in determining the quality of health services in hospitals since the nurses are those who mostly interact with patients. Within this occurring interaction, a reciprocal relationship between individuals can cause prosocial behavior. This prosocial behavior is needed...
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The Effects of Social Media Use on Adolescents’ Social Anxiety

Rona Avissena, Yulia Ayriza
This research aims to describe the influence of the intensity of social media communication on the social anxiety of adolescents. This is ex-post facto research with the quantitative descriptive approach in which the data were taken from 52 respondents that were chosen by using simple random sampling...
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The Effect of Treffinger Learning Model on Critical Thinking Ability of Students in SMK 3 Yogyakarta

Ridwan Ridwan, Ridwan, Edy Supriyadi, Mutiara Nurmanita
This research aims to determine the effect of treffinger learning model toward the critical thinking ability of students in SMK 3 Yogyakarta. This research is a quasi-experimental research design with post-test only non-equivalent group design. The sampling is in the form of purposive sampling technique...
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Needs Assessment in Developing Virtual Electrical Machine Laboratory

Rohjai Badarudin, Istanto Wahyu Djatmiko
The aim of this study was to investigate suitable multimedia design for the practical course of electric machine. The analysis was carried out by the method of needs analysis and front-end analysis. The analysis was applied in the practical course of electric machine at Department of Electrical Engineering...
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The Effect of the Success Perception, Leaders’ Traits, and the Use of Power on the Vocational High School Leaders’ Behavior in Kebumen Regency

Rokhmaniyah Rokhmaniyah, Rokhmaniyah
This article describes the results of causal research that aims to obtain information related to the influence of successful perceptions, the leader’ traits, and the use of power on the behavior of Vocational High School (VHS) leaders. This study uses a quantitative approach. The sample of the study...
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I Learn What I Need: An Analysis of Students’ Needs in Learning English

Satwika Al Hummaira, Sugirin
Learning English in Vocational High Schools (VHSs) is different from that in Senior High Schools. The orientation of VHSs is to train students to be qualified enough for the world of work in the future. In other words, VHSs focus on the students’ readiness to do certain job expertise. In order to achieve...
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Comparative Learning Model of Student Teams Achievement Division (STAD) with Numbered Head Together (NHT) Toward Student Mathematics Learning Outcomes at University

Septiana Mar Atisnaini, Ali Mustadi
This study aims to compare the learning model of Student Teams Achievement Division (STAD) with Numbered Head Together (NHT) toward the students' mathematics learning outcomes. In this study, the type of research is experimental research with randomized post test only comparison group design. Each group...
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Legal Language Symbolic Meaning: Study of Learning Media Based on Forensic Linguistic Perspective in Kindergarten

Sri Waljinah, Khudzaifah Dimyati, Harun Joko Prayitno, Chryshnanda Dwilaksana
The inclusion of Bahasa Indonesia for legal field in kindergarten is an integral part of language learning, which is suitable for early childhood development. This study is aimed at determining the utilization of Bahasa Indonesia for legal field as learning media to promote the legal awareness of students....
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“Padepokan Karakter” As a New Locus for Character Reinforcement among Young Citizens

Sutiyono Sutiyono, Sutiyono, Suharno, Joko Setiawan
Character deviation is one of the crucial problems in Indonesia. It is characterized by several phenomena that show the decline of nation characters such as violence, oppression, and drug abuse. In this context, character education becomes one of the solutions to the problem. Padepokan Karakter is one...
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Improving Students’ Speaking Skill and Self Confident Using Retelling of Fifth Grade Students

Titin Hastari, Hartono
This study aims to apply the retelling technique to improve the speaking skill and self confident of fifth grade students. This was a classroom action research study. The research subjects were 37 grade 5 students. The data were collected through observations, tests, documentation, and unstructured interviews....
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Improving the Civic Education Learning Participation and Outcomes of First Grade Students through Make-a-Match Type of Cooperative Learning Model

Tri Rohmani, Wuri Wuryandani
Most students in the 1st grade of elementary school have not participated in the Civic Education learning process actively and their learning outcomes may be still low. This research aims to improve the students’ participation and learning outcomes through make-a-match type of cooperative learning model....
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Developing English Speaking Materials for Nursing Students

Unun Fadliah, Sugirin
Good quality students’ learning outcomes are dependent on good teaching materials. Good teaching materials are those developed based on an appropriate needs analysis. In this era of globalization, nurses must be skillful not only in nursing, but also in communicating in English with non-Indonesian patients....
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The Effect of Inquiry Method on Geography Learning Result

Upang Septa Putra, Muhsinatun Siasah Masruri
This study aims to find out information related to learning methods in Geography class X Senior High School 1 Plakat Tinggi. The research method used in this study is an experimental method with a correct experimental design consisting of groups and control groups. Meanwhile, the data list technique...
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The Development Task of Students In Islamic Boarding School

Utami Niki Kusaini, Muh Farozin
Guidance and counseling service based on need assessment is very useful for students in Islamic Boarding School. This researchaims to describe the results of Inventori Tugas Perkembangan or Development Task Inventory (ITP) to help students find developmental tasks that have not been achieved, hereinafter...
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Teacher Leadership in Building Student Character: Educational Challenges in the 21st Century

Vonda Haria Ningsih, Wiwik Wijayanti
Education is a medium in improving one's self-quality. On the other hand, along with the times and various advances in technology and information, education is faced with big issues related to the character of students who currently have a very worrisome morality. It cannot be denied that the developments...
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Error Pattern of Whole Number Subtraction in the 3rd Graders of Elementary School

Wahyudi Wahyudi, Wahyudi, Muh Chamdani, Kartika Chrysti Suryandari
The objective of research was to find error pattern and cause in Whole Number counting operation in the 3rd graders of Elementary School. To reveal the pattern and cause of error in Whole Number subtraction operation in the 3rd graders of Elementary school, the author employed qualitative approach with...
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Self-Actualization in 21st Century Through Lift-the-Flap Story Book Based on Child Friendly

Winda Oktavia, Ali Mustadi, Kus Eddy Sartono
Learning in 21st century is very important. The needs of teacher and student can be known by interviewe and observation. The content of the book in elementary school is good but some material is not child friendly and makes misconception for the student. The content of the book was giving effect for...
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Problem Based Learning as an Alternative Method to Instill Cooperation: a Research Study

Wirawan Suryanata, Wuri Wuryandani
Implementation of learning process ideally does not only cover the cognitive but affective aspects also need to be considered. The attitude or character of the student needs to be applied in learning process. Among the characters that need to be applied is the cooperation character. Problem Based Leaning...
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Existence of Teacher as Educator Who has a Character of Education

Yani Muriyan Sari, Udik Budi Wibowo
Education is a means to develop the potential of learners to be more effective in accordance with the times. Meanwhile, the world is faced with the conditions of the digital era that demands innovation in learning. The position of teachers as educators are a source of information in education began to...
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SMK Partnership with Industry to Improve Graduate Quality in Facing ASEAN Economic Community

The cooperation between vocational high school (Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan/SMK) and the industry is the realization of the implementation of dual system education in Indonesia. SMK cooperating with the industry will provide enormous benefits for students, schools, industry, and parents/guardians of learners....
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The Effect of the Use of Learning Media in the Entrepreneurship Subject on the Student’s Activeness and Entrepreneurial Interest (A Study of Grade XII Student’s of the Marketing Department of SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Yogyakarta

Yusron Ardi Darmawan, Endang Mulyani
This study is purposed to understand the effect of the use of learning media in entrepreneurship subject, 1) on student’s activeness, and 2) on student entrepreneurial interest of Grade XII of the Marketing Department of SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Bantul in the academic year of 2015/2016. This study is a causal...