Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering (ICADME 2017)

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Feature-Filtering Data-Mining Algorithm for Urban Waterlogging Path Optimization in Extreme Weather

Wei Zhong, Youdong Zhang
Good personnel hedge scheme which can reduce the negative effects of urban waterlogging disaster is one of the effective ways and scientific means to improve the level of urban municipal management. Strong randomicity is the characteristics of stormwater runoff route under city extreme weather , this...
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A Review of Mechanical Properties and Durability of Nano-concrete

Wei Li, Linkai Xiao, Xiaochu Wang, Yi Ran
The incorporation of nano-materials in concrete, its various aspects of the performance have been improved, but also need to further understand the nano-materials to improve the performance of concrete deficiencies. Due to its excellent mechanical properties and durability, nano-concrete is becoming...
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Numerical simulation of unsteady ship airwakes

Jing Tang
Numerical simulation of unsteady airwakes of a simplified frigate model (SFS) was performed with structured grids, third order MUSCL spatial discretization scheme, second order implicit temporal discretization scheme, and LES turbulence model. The results show that velocity fluctuation of SFS airwakes...
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Research on Data Acquisition Module Based on Rogowski Coil ECT

Yanhong Wang, Wenxia Du
Rogowski coil induction voltage is very small, and sometimes only a little or less. After the back of the circuit and other parts of the signal, the signal will almost decay to close to zero, and become very susceptible to external interference and distortion, which resulting in the back of the measurement...
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Finite Element Simulation of Welding of Large Components Based on Inherent Strain and Thermo Elastic Plasticity

Yuanbin Fang, Xuemei Zong, Can Wang
Based on inherent strain theory, it predicts and optimizes welding deformation of movable arm by means of welding numerical simulation. At the same time, based on thermal elastic-plastic theory, it predicts stress distribution, and finite element model is verified correctly by experiments. The results...
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Quality Inspection of Necked-in Area in Pen Point based on Machine Vision

Liping Tang, Fen Chen, Hengchang Guo
In order to solve the low efficiency and low accuracy of manual inspection in the quality of necked-in area in pen point, a program of pen point quality inspection was developed based on machine vision in Halcon platform. Firstly, use the median filter to remove the image noise and enhance the contrast...
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The Height Measurement of Exposed Ball in Ball Pen Based on Machine Vision

Qingqing Xu, Fen Chen, Hengchang Guo
The height measurement of exposed ball is one of the most important quality test items in the production of ball pens. The automatic detection method based on machine vision has huge superiority, compared with the traditional manual inspection method. In order to realize automatic measurement of exposed...
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Preparation and Properties of Novel AEPs Containing Perfluorocyclobutyl and Triazole Unites

Lianjun Wang, Weiwei Ran, Ronglong Li, Shuanglan Yang
A series of a novel class of linear aromatic ether polymers (AEP) containing perfluorocyclobutyl and triazole unites were synthesized by click chemistry and their structures and properties that were characterized by FT-IR, 1H NMR, GPC, TGA, DSC and WAXD. The results showed that these polymers exhibited...
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Design for Permanent Magnet Linear Servo Controller Based on H Disturbance Compensator

Changyou Cai, Zhitao Wu
In order to meet high precision and high reliability required for the permanent magnet linear motor servo system, a method that combined sliding tracking mode controller and the H disturbance compensator is proposed. The weighted integral gain sliding mode controller effectively solves the problem of...
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The Effects of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation in the Treatment of Stroke

Xueyan Chen, Chunli Mei
Stroke is one of the most important factors in the spectrum of the Chinese population. In the current physical therapy for rehabilitation aftermstroke,neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapy is more important. Stroke is a disease with high disability rate. Rehabilitation of stroke patients with...
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Field Tube to Tube Butt Welding Procedure for Coiled Tubing

Yanming Liu, Mingyue Liu
Coiled tubing with higher strength and larger diameter is widely used in oil and gas engineering. Local damage generated during its working operation will decrease the fatigue life and strength, but replacement will introduce with extra cost. In order to repair the damaged part with lower cost or obtain...
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The Residual Stress FEM Analysis of Pipeline Steel X70W Submerged-arc Welding

Zisen Yang, Quankang Di, Qisong Sun
The pipeline steel X70W submerged-arc welding was simulated by FEM using ANSYS, for the issue that the cracks were frequently found in the base metal when the pipeline steel was expanded holes after welding. And the residual stress was analyzed at three different welding speed through temperature field...
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Influence of Imidazole Carboxylic Acid-Nickel Complex on the Nacre Color in Pearl Oyster

Li-Li Ji, Lu Cai, Jian Guo, Wen-Dong Song
We synthesized an imidazole carboxylic acid-nickel complex, characterized its structure, and transmitted it to P. martensii via dietary algal supplementation. Nacre color was characterized using colorimetry, and its microstructure was observed with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and atomic force...
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Sustainable Design of HVAC in University Campus

Yuqing Zhao, Qingqing Liu
Universities consume a large amount of energy resources during personnel training. Construction of conservation-oriented campus is one of the important tasks faced in the development of universities. Taking NCUT (North China University of Technology) for example, this paper proposes sustainable design...
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Method of Chinese data cleaning based on field matching algorithm and its application to freight quality management systems

Wenyang Tan, Xiushan Jiang, Shiyi Li
Data cleaning, also called data cleansing or scrubbing, deals with detecting and removing errors and inconsistencies from data in order to improve the quality. Currently the problem is that people hold large amounts of data but do not get any useful knowledge, being described as "data rich but information...
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Research on The Relationship Between Bearing Preload and System Natural Frequency

Yanshuang Wang, Shaochuan Li
A special-purpose testing device for bearing preload was developed. The relationship between preload and system natural frequency was researched with the test rig. The test data of bearing preload changing with system natural frequency was fitted. The results show that the preload test rig has reflected...
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Design of a Frequency Counter Based on Input Capture Function of a Single Chip Computer

Yanshuang Wang, Yuelong Liu
By adopting the single chip computer ATmega16 as the control unit, a frequency counter is designed based on the input capture function of the single chip computer assisted with the appropriate software and hardware resources. This frequency counter can realize real time, high-precision frequency measurement....
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Analysis on Dynamic Characteristics of Inter-shaft Bearing

Yanshuang Wang, Paipai Sheng
The method to analyze the dynamic characteristics of the inter-shaft bearing in the dual rotor system is presented. Under different radial loads, the distributions of minimum oil film thicknesses and contact loads between rollers and raceways are obtained. The results show that the rollers' spinning...
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Study on Lapping Position Control of Spiral Bevel Gear Based on NURBS Surface Fitting

Jianjun Yang, Linnan Liu
The lapping quality and meshing performance of spiral bevel gear depend highly on the exact control over the lapping position on tooth surface. In this paper, the non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS) surface is used to fit the real measured tooth surface. Based on the tooth contact analysis (TCA) for...
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Comparative Analysis of Cycloid Bevel Gear in Different Amount of Modification

Jianjun Yang, Penghui Chen
In order to improve the meshing performance of precision forging cycloid bevel gear, the modified method of gear based on the deviation surface is provided in this paper. On the basis of generating method for pinion with tilted cutter the gear tooth surface is derived according to the fully conjugate...
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Research on the Activation Energy of the Crystallization Process for the Amorphous Solids in Blast Furnace Slag

Haifeng Wang, Yang Liu, Yuanhong Qi, Dingliu Yan
The application of BF slag depends on the content of amorphous solids in the slag after treatment. The research on the activation energy of crystallization of amorphous solids in BF slag is the foundation to find out the reasonable cooling speed during dry granulation of molten slag. The BF slag of steel...
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Research on Information Security Risk Evaluation of Cloud Storage System Based on BP-GA

Yanfeng Kong, Lianxing Jia, Jiang Zhang
At present, it is difficult to make a good security evaluation of cloud storage system because of qualitative, quantitative, linear and nonlinear factors, so in this paper, the artificial neural network technology and genetic algorithm(BP-GA) is introduced to evaluate the information risk degree of cloud...
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Research on Bridge structural Health Monitoring System Based on WSN and Mobile Agent

Along Yu, Jinqiao Dai, Weiwei Yang
The technologies of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and mobile agent are applied because of the large and complicated bridge structure, large amounts of sensors and multiple damage forms. The paper takes the actual bridge structure as the research object, adopting CC2530 as the core of wireless sensor...
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Research on exacting oil technique of peanut with low temperature

Jie Chen, Lihua Zhang, Qing Zhang
This research was carried out to investigate the effect of three factors related with cold-pressing technology including pressing temperature, moisture content and shell content on the acid value, moisture and volatile matter content and yield of peanut oil with method of orthogonal experiment of 3 factors...
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The simulation and research of the workflow modeling based on Petri nets

Guangxue Meng, Hong Guo, Jing Wu
t is very important for reasonable analysis of complex workflow model based on Petri nets. Based on the four basic models, the complex workflow model is simplified by equivalent layer. According to the equal servicing time formula of series model, parallel model and selection model, calculate the simplified...
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Simulation Service System with Cloud Manufacturing for Industrial Robot

Junhao Pan, Yong Zhuo, Shenghui Liao, Liang Hou
As digital information technology is continuously developing and the application of Internet is much wider, the function of simulation system for industrial robot is no longer limited to single simulation. With the introduction of emerging technologies, especially Cloud Manufacturing, the integration...
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Recognition Methods Research On Flood damage Of Highway Slope In Mountainous areas

Yanqi Li, Zhidong Guo, Di Wang, Liang Xing
This paper introduces the effect factors of flood damage of highway upper slope in mountainous areas, predicting model and main points of identification technique. Combining with the application example of north mountainous area by Jizhou District ,shows the method's validity and practicability.
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Application of Improved Cohen Bilinear Time-frequency Distribution for Doppler Motion Feature Extraction

Xi Wang, Zhuo Chen, Jiawu He, Gang Zhu
Doppler signals of body movement are measured and collected by using X-band continuous wave radar to extract the human motion characteristics of radar echo. In order to suppress the cross terms more effective and retain the high resolution time frequency resolution, This paper construct a window function...
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Application of Optical Fiber Sensing Technology in Oil Tank Level Measurement

Chongyong Su, Shuren Yang
Fiber optic sensing is a high-tech technology that has been developed since the late 1970s when fiber was successfully used in communications. Once it comes out, to the intrinsically safe explosion-proof, high precision, long-distance transmission, not afraid of corrosion, anti-electromagnetic interference...
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Correlation Between Indicators of the Electronic Testing And the Current Test for Raw Silk

Jiantao Niu, Qi Hu, Jianmei Xu
Five batches of raw silk were tested in the electronic testing for raw silk on the raw silk electronic detector, meanwhile, the current test of raw silk was done in accordance with GB/T 1797-2008 standard for raw silk, and the correlation between indicators of the electronic testing and the current test...
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Precipitates in the Casting Microstructure of Nb-containing Silicon Steel

Yueyao Wang, Jie Li, Yunli Feng, Decheng Wan, Jiangli Ning, Jing Guo
The as-cast microstructure of niobium-containing slab was observed and characterized by metallographic microscope and scanning electron microscopy. The results show that the as-cast microstructure of the niobium-containing silicon steel slab is ferrite and a small amount of pearlite. There is no obvious...
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Lightweight design of a shock tower based on topology and size optimization

Huajie Mao, Wen Fu, Jian Lan, Xinhao Zhao
The shock tower, serving as a critical component of the front car body, plays an important role in the stability and ride comfort of the vehicle. In this study, a lightweight optimal design was obtained based on the original steel structure. Stiffness requirements for optimization process were extracted...
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An Empirical Analysis about the Effect of Technology Transfer on Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Structure in Shaanxi Province

Xiaochuan Zhang, Huining Jin, Jie Duan
This paper constructs the technology transfer index system of Shaanxi Province, and then establishes vector autoregression between the comprehensive index of technology transfer and the index of the equipment manufacturing industrial structure, finally this paper analyzes the results by combining variance...
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Application of Contest Driven Didactics in Major Courses of Package Engineering Specialty

Yingzhe Xiao, Dejian Zhao, Yong Xie
It is difficult to meet the requirement of practical ability training goal in package engineering specialty with only traditional didactics focused on theoretic lectures. Thus, we introduced "contest driven" didactics in practical teaching sections such as projects of packaging system design course and...
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Drying Kinetics of Papaya Slices in Microwave Intermittent Dryer

Jian-Wu Dai, Wen Qin, Zhi-Jun Wu, Yong-Liang Bian, Li-Hua Zhang
This paper studies the effect of different microwave power levels, heating time, intermittent time and slice thickness on the drying kinetics of papaya slices. The influence towards the color appearance, the papaya microwave intermittent drying characteristics and the tendency of water loss were obtained....
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Drying Characteristics and Quality of Yam Slices of Different Thickness during Microwave Intermittent Drying

Jian-Wu Dai, Wen Qin, Zhi-Jun Wu, Pai Zhang, Li-Hua Zhang
Homemade batch microwave drying test apparatus using different parameters on fresh-cut alpine yam slices during microwave intermittent drying experiments, the drying characteristics of fresh-cut alpine yam slices, the dynamic model and the drying quality was studied in the paper. The results showed that...
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Research on the Impact of University-Industry Collaboration on Xi'an Construction of Innovation City

Jie Duan, Hailin Bai, Huining Jin
At present, the innovation capacity of Xi'an is still insufficient compared with first-tier cities, and the innovation ability of a city is closely related to University-industry collaboration. Based on this, this paper uses the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation...
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The Nozzle Structure Design and Analysis for Continuous Carbon Fiber Composite 3D Printing

Fan Zhang, Guofeng Ma, Yuegang Tan
The 3D printing technology for continuous carbon fiber composite can combine the advantages of high mechanical properties and unlimited model structure complexity to complete the rapid prototyping. Because of the continuity characters of the carbon fiber composite, if the nozzle temperature is too high,...
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Design of Titanium Alloy Disc Based on Deformation Theory

Aiqin Lin
Through theoretical analysis and finite element analysis the effect of the blunt force on the surface deformation is applied to the surface deformation of the fixture and the type surface. It obtains the most suitable for the titanium alloy plate clamping way.
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Bacterial image segmentation algorithm based on improved level set

Xianqi Cao, Jiaqing Miao
The ever - worsening water pollution has prompted the emergence of a large number of sewage treatment plants; meanwhile, the activated sludge process has been developed rapidly. The species, quantity and the stage of growth of the microorganisms in the sewage treatment by activated sludge process is...
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Underdetermined Blind Source Separation of FSK Signal Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Jianghua Xia, Li Yang
It's likely undetermined case that the observed signal is less than the number of source number, while the FSK signal of track circuit is mixed with a variety of interference signal. The traditional independent component analysis (ICA) cannot separate source signals. The article separate source signals...
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Importance of Control of Cycle Duration and Empty Bed Retention Time on Phosphorus Bio-accumulation in Continuous Alternating Anaerobic/Aerobic Biofilters

Yang Yang, Qing Tian, Xing Liang
Simultaneous removal and recovery of phosphorus (P) from municipal wastewater has been promoted as a global resource strategy. To improve the removal and recovery rate of phosphorus, the integrated role of anaerobic/aerobic cycle duration (TCD) and the empty bed retention time (TEBRT) on phosphorus removal...
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Organic Light Emitting Devices with Nano-ZnO Thin Films as Cathode Buffer Layer

Yinglian Wang, Junyao Ye
Organic light emitting devices (OLED) with the structure of ITO / TPD / Alq3 / ZnO / Al were prepared by vacuum thermal evaporation method. By establishing multi-layer structure model, we discussed the influence of Alq3 deposition thickness and ZnO buffer layer on the photoelectric performance of the...
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Research on target detection methods in remote sensing image

Zhuo Chen, Xiangxu Meng, Xi Wang
This paper mainly discusses the imaging features of remote sensing images, as well as the core target detection technology of image application, and uses several traditional image detection algorithms to experiment. The experiment results show, for unspecific targets, the edge detection algorithm based...
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Research Progress of Concrete Healing Materials and Technologies in Marine Engineering

Yanxuan Ma, Xin Lei, Yingrui Zhang, Jinhua Wang
Because of the different environment and existing conditions, the damages of structural concrete are different. The typical problems of ocean engineering concrete corrosion, crack, and durability are discussed. The healing materials used in marine engineering, the current development situation of relative...
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The research on Intelligent Monitoring System

Ying Shang, Jin-Bo Zhang
Aiming at the problem of inaccuracy of Face Recognition and No Object Tracking Ability with the current monitoring system, an intelligent monitoring system design scheme based on ZigBee technology is proposed, and the hardware and software module design of the system is implemented including data acquisition...
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Research on Scheduling Algorithm Based on Elevator Group Control System

Xuexia Zhang, An Ying Fu, Jinbo Zhang
This paper is based on the elevator group control system scheduling algorithm research, For the current elevator running in the process of a long time ladder phenomenon analyzes the structural characteristics of the group controlled elevator system, puts forward the structural scheme of the overall design...
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A synchronous motor rotor initial position detection methods

Zhengshi Chen, Xiaowen Liao, Mei Liu
Sources of error are took into account while applying high frequency rotation voltage injection method to interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM). A new method using the phase difference of two new tracking differentiator (NTD) output signals for solving the initial position of the rotor...
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A double-motor structure energy-saving Ac speed regulating system

Juan Liu, Laizhuan Jin, Yaxun Lan
This paper introduces the structure of the double AC motors speed-regulating experimental system and control methods of the system, and describes the application of the STM32 microcontroller hardware module design and programming . With the SVPWM technology, software flow chart based on STM32 MCU are...
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Linear Model of the Jet-type Hydraulic Amplifier Based on Hydraulic Resistance Network

Yuesong Li
As the core element of jet-type servovalve, the linear model of jet-type hydraulic amplifier (JTHA) is important for analyzing and controlling the jet-type servovalve. Based on the function between flow area and the jet nozzle's displacement, the linear model of JTHA is derived from hydraulic bridge's...
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The Design of Integrated Wind Turbine Pitch Controller

Xi Chen, Xiaowei Qiu, Peng Li, Jun Zhang, Xing Zhang
In traditional structure, wind turbine pitch control system generally consists of two modules, the logic control unit responsible for the control logic and the servo drive unit responsible for the motor driven. In order to adapt to the integration of the system architecture and simplify complex layout...
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Design of WSN Based Intelligent Trash Bin Monitoring System

Qingmei Lv
With the development of the society and the improvement of the living standard, people are to pursue more clean, healthy and harmonious living environment. And the trash management is one of the important factors. The aim of this paper is to design an intelligent trash bin monitoring system to improve...

RETRACTION: Improvement of B-Trees

Jie Li, Pengfei Cao
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...
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A Tridiagonal Parsimonious Higher Order Multivariate Markov Chain Model with New Convergence Condition

Liu Kou, Chuan-Sheng Yang, Chao Wang
In this paper, we present a tri-diagonal parsimonious higher-order multivariate Markov chain model with new convergence condition. (TPHOMMCM-NCC). Moreover, the estimation method of the parameters in TP-HOMMCM is given. Numerical experiments illustrate the effectiveness of TPHOMMCM-NCC.
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Test of anti theft alarm system for oil well

Limei Song, Shuangjin Liu, Hexiang Li, Dongwen Ge, Huimei Song
In recent years, the oil stolen event has occurred, to the safe production of oil wells has brought hidden danger. In the pumping oil wells wellhead anti-theft take in at the middle part of the installation of three detectors, on the Christmas tree install one-way flow meter and other security measures,...
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Nonlinear stress–strain behavior of corrosion-damaged reinforcing bars including inelastic buckling

Mingqiang Lin, Fengjuan Dai, Jiatao Li
Corrosion of reinforcement is the most common type of deterioration of reinforced concrete structures and bridges. Serious degradation of the mechanical properties of reinforcing bars is because of corrosion. Pitting corrosion is the main form of corrosion. The nonlinear stress–strain behavior of corroded...
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Research on Solids Conveying Capacity of Gas Solids Pneumatic Conveying Fly Ash in Up-extraction Fluidized Bin System

Guangbin Duan, Wenzhi Wang, Feng Liu, Jinkai Li, Zongming Liu
This paper reported the characteristics of solids conveying capacity of gas solids pneumatic conveying fly ash in up-extraction fluidized bin system. Up-extraction pneumatic conveying experiment bench was formed based on industrial case. Meanwhile automatic control experimental system which included...
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The Nitrogen Content Prediction Model of Cold Region Rice Canopy at the Tillering Stage Based on Hyperspectral Imaging

Yitong Liu, Yuzhu Song, Shuwen Wang, Yu Zhao
In order to detect the nitrogen content of the rice canopy fast and nondestructively in the cold region, the hyperspectral technique was used to capture the rice canopy spectrum information at the tillering stage. After vegetation index was constructed by the characteristic waveband of high correlation,...
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A Distributed K - means Clustering Algorithm

Guo-Song Jiang, Xiao-Ling He
This paper presents a distributed clustering algorithm for large data sets. The algorithm is based on the traditional K-means algorithm to make reasonable improvements, make it more suitable for distributed environment, and analysis algorithm from complexity to compare the algorithm with the traditional...
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Application and development of the servo controller based on PXI

Xinghong Li, Qian Xiang
O-E theodolite is consisted of the subsystems. At present, each subsystem is emplaced separately and connected by cables, which leads to a comparably enormous volume. Therefore, the application of PXI bus technology is optimum that allows inserting every subsystem in a PXI chassis thus largely reduce...
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Research on Key Technology of Distributed Data Storage in Cloud Computing Environment

Guo-Song Jiang, Xiao-Ling He
In view of the large scale and scale of data, cloud computing system faces many problems in scalability and high availability. Aiming at the distributed data storage in the cloud computing environment, a recursive positive N-shaped network model is constructed. Based on the data center network structure,...
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Dynamic analysis of the box girder bridge for biaxial rubber-tired Light Rail Transit

Jia-Jian Zhao
According to train-bridge system spatial vibration equation and Newmark- stepwise integration method, the dynamic response of the box girder bridge for biaxial rubber-tired Light Rail Transit (LRT) was calculated and analyzed. The dynamic analysis results show that the box girder bridge has a large vertical...
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Research on Optimization of Big data Storage Structure in Distributed System

Zheng-Wu Lu
In a distributed system, the storage structure of the data directly affects the storage efficiency and processing performance of big data. In the row storage structure, the data from the local read, loading speed, but the compression efficiency is low and there is data redundancy; in the column storage...
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NoSQL Distributed Big Data Storage Technology and Application Based on Cloud Platform

Zheng-Wu Lu
With the rapid development of mobile Internet cloud computing and big data, the data storage requirements, such as pictures, videos, etc., increase dramatically. At present, the existing storage methods can not meet the needs of system storage, and NoSQL distributed big data storage technology because...
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Analysis of Mobile Terminal Monitoring System in Greenhouse Based on Internet of Things Technology

Lingling Zheng, Wen Li
In view of the development of greenhouse and greenhouse monitoring system at home and abroad, the traditional manual control mode has been unable to meet the production demand. Now the Internet of Things technology and greenhouse system combined, proposed based on the Android operating system, intelligent...
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Design and implementation of enterprise information management system and dynamic cost management

Linhua Gao, Min Lin
With the rapid development of small and medium enterprises, cost management has become an important part of enterprise management. As the manufacturing enterprises are always faced with the volatility and uncertainty of the market, thus it puts forward new requirements for the timeliness of the product...
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Effect, Problems and Countermeasures of "Internet+" in Animal Husbandry in China

Fu-Cheng Zhang, Chun Yang, Zhi-Xing Meng
"Internet+" provides new ideas for the development of traditional industry will bring profound influence on industrial production and operation. The "Internet+ animal husbandry" is to integrate new internet technologies in each production links of animal husbandry and finally realize "intelligent" animal...
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Research on Fine Management of Construction Cost Based on BIM

Dongbing Huang, Yin Wang, Jiangmin Zhong
BIM is used in the cost of fine management, which is significant to improve the construction cost management.Firstly, the main problems in fine management of construction cost are analyzed deeply. Secondly, the application of the BIM model, in the life cycle of cost management, is explored. Finally,...
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Stochastic Resonance Phenomenon of Bistable System Driven by Binary Phase Shift Keying Signal under the Alpha Stable Noise

Gaohui Liu, Te Li
Many problems in communication and Radar signal processing involve the detection of low signal to noise ratio (SNR) signal in non-Gaussian noise environment. The stochastic resonance of the nonlinear bistable systems driven by binary phase shift keying signal under the alpha stable distributed noise...
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Research on the efficiency evaluation of communication network system via fuzzy analytic hierarchy process

Yi-Qiong Xu, Zhi-Yong Feng, Bo Wang, Lei Shi, Yang Xue, Jia-Hua Wei
In this paper, the communication network system had been studied based on the schemes of efficiency evaluation. The relative assessment system and evaluation system had been designed via fuzzy analytic hierarchy process in terms of the timeliness, stability and security. Furthermore, the efficiency evaluation...
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Probabilistic Teleportation of an Arbitrary Two-Qubit State via Two Partially Entangled States

Yi-Qiong Xu, Zhi-Yong Feng, Bo Wang, Lei Shi, Rong-Di Liang, Jia-Hua Wei
We propose a novel scheme to probabilistically transmit an arbitraryunknown two-qubit quantum state with the help of two partially entangled states. In this scheme, theteleportation with one sender and two receives can be realized when theinformation of non-maximally entangled states is only available...
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Kinematical Analysis on the two-handed backhand stroke skills of excellent Tennis Player Ramos

Xiaozhen Zhang, Jihe Zhou
This paper carried out kinematical analysis for the two-handed backhandmovement of the 2016 ATP Chengdu Tennis Open final men's players Ramos byusing three-dimensional camera analysis, to explore the characteristics of tennis two-handed backhand, hoping to provide the majority of tennis Coaches, athletes...
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Design for a Image Processing Virtual Simulation Platform

Dan Tian, Shu-Xin Shi, Yong-Shuai Li
A image processing virtual simulation platform is designed based on MATLAB GUI. This platform has good interactivity and expansibility, which integrates multiple functional modules including basic function module, noise adding module, image denoising module, feature extraction module, and image mosaic...
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Design and application of marine boiler control system based on PLC and touch screen

Baocheng Lu, Jing Li
PLC technology and touch screen technology is combined together in order to design a marine boiler control system which realizes the remote visual control.Using PLC and EM235 module realizes analog signal control in order and make the control process stable and feasible. The automatic control module...
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An analysis of Interactive experience based on the gesture recognition VR system

Xueqiao Fan, Lei Zhu, Hong Zhang
With the development of the headset VR equipment of consumer-level and the interactive technology of the headset VR, especially the non-contacting gestural recognition technology in machine vision. The headset VR equipment of gestural recognition became the potential research area in the close interaction....
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Free space quantum key distribution based on turbulence bubble model

Yang Xue, Li-Hua Ma, Lei Shi, Jia-Hua Wei, Qiu-Li Zhu, Yu Zhu
Aiming at the transmission of polarization encoded single photons in turbulent atmosphere, the random turbulence is modeled as atmospheric bubbles with various refractive indexes so as to conceive the propagation process of single photon using geometric optics. The fluctuation of photon transmission...
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Dynamic Load-balance Scheduling Approach in Linux Based on Real-time Modifying LVS Weight

Yihua Liao, Min Lin
Linux Virtual Server (LVS) cluster technology is widely applied at high-performance web service. In LVS, Weighted Least-Connection (WLC) scheduling algorithm is usually adopted due to its good effect. However, WLC scheduling algorithm can't always make real server (RS) run efficiently. In order to improve...
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Personalized Movie Recommendation Based on Social Tagging Systems

Lin Wang
In the Internet era, the movie website has become a mainstream platform for movies introduction and comment on the movie resources, annotation also has become a mainstream form of movie resources under the network environment of the new organization based on social tagging.. From the system point of...
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Tool trajectory optimization of spraying robot for outer or inner-horn surface with two patches based on varied dip-angle spraying

Yakun Zhang, Yong Zeng, Dongming Liu
To solve the problems of paint waste, poor coating thickness uniformity and low spraying efficiency for outer or inner-horn surface with two patches in the vertical spraying technology, a continuous varied dip-angle spray trajectory planning method is developed. Several problems on the off-line programming...
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Optimization of poly(vinyl chloride) concentration in aqueous solution and properties of dried film

Methakarn Jarnthong, Lusheng Liao, Fuquan Zhang, Yueqiong Wang, Puwang Li, Zheng Peng
Rheological properties of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) at various concentrations in aqueous medium were studied. The optimal concentration of PVA to obtain high solid content with low viscosity was determined. Films with different concentrations of PVA in aqueous solution have also been prepared. The influence...
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Simulation analysis on structural stability of low wind pressure conductor passing through the pulley

Kuang-Jun Zhu, Zhao-Lin Wang, Li-Xian Zhou, Zhen Liu, Chao Zhou
This paper introduces the structure stability of ACSR JL/G1A-630/45-45/7 and low pressure wire DFY- 630/45(90°)-R3.2 passing through the pulley under the condition of 25%RTS and envelope angle of 30 °.The diameter of the pulley is 20 times the diameter of the wire. Simulation analysis was carried out...
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Logistics Production Lines Optimization Analysis Based on Flexsim

Hai Dong, Zishuo Wang
According to the characteristics of the logistics, production lines and function of flexsim simulation software, the two important logistics production lines simulation optimization problems was raised, clarifying the optimization methods that is used flexsim simulation software to analyses the logistics...
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The influence of the opening angle of conductor surface on the drag coefficient

Zhen Liu, Zhao-Lin Wang, Kuang-Jun Zhu, Li-Xian Zhou
In this paper, the wind resistance coefficient of low-pressure steel core aluminum wire with different opening angle is measured by wind tunnel test under different wind speed conditions. The results show that when the wind speed is below 35m / s, the wind resistance coefficient of the wires with different...
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Comparison theorems between the preconditioned Gauss-Seidel method and the AOR method for M-matrices

Shi-Guang Zhang, Ting Zhou
In this paper, we study a preconditioned Gauss-Seidel iterative method with the preconditioner which proposed in [1] for solving a linear system whose coefficient matrix is a M-matrix. Some corresponding comparison results between the preconditioned Gauss-Seidel iterative method and the basic AOR iterative...
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Design of Lower Limbs Rehabilitative Robot

Xinqi Lu, Mianhao Zhang, Liulin Wu
This paper designs a lower limbs rehabilitative robot with compact, functional and widely applied features for patients with lower limbs disorder. This robot is consisting of hip transverse adjustment mechanism, hip and knee joint compound movement mechanism, bed angle adjustment mechanism and pedals....
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Ultrasonic Synthesis of Pd/SBA-15 Catalyst for Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling

Jia-Zhe Li, Xue-Feng Bai
Palladium nanoparticles (Pd NPs) supported on the surface of SBA-15 nanocomposites were synthesized by a one-step, facile ultrasonic method. The Pd/SBA-15 nanocomposites were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), N2 adsorption-desorption. The Pd NPs had an...
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Finite Element Simulation on Process Chain in Welding and Bending

Yuanbin Fang, Can Wang, Liping Zhang
It simulates boom process chain in bending and welding. It obtains deformation of the plate after bending, and predicts welding deformation of the boom considering bending. At the same time, using Metra SCAN, finite element model is verified correctly by experiments. The results show that it occurs 4.3mm...
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Researches on Intelligent Parking Method of Parking Lot Based on Forecast and Multi-attribute Decision-making

Tianrui Zhang, Ruilin Wang, Yimeng Tang, Jin Xiang, Wei Xie, Shanshan Xu
For solving supply and demand balance between the parking space of parking lots and the car of the drivers, on the basis of analyzing time series forecasting techniques, the forecasting method using BP neural network algorithm was presented to forecast the parking lots free parking spaces, which was...
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Study on the Influence of Environment Temperature on Welding Deformation and Stress of Box Structure

Yuanbin Fang, Yong Wang, Can Wang, Guizhi Zhang
Numerical simulation welding process of box structure at different environment temperature, it obtains and tests deformation and stress distribution of ironing plate. The results show that deformation trend is convex on the bottom of U-shaped plate, and deformation is concave in the center of connecting...
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Research on the Detection of Financial Fraud Using Data Mining Techniques

Yanling Li, Nan Li, Mingpei Yang
Financial information plays a crucial role for future investors to make important decisions, and how to provide true, reliable and accurate financial information becomes a top mission for enterprises. To effectively identify financial fraud information, we first select the relative indicators by reviewing...