Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering (ICADME 2017)

The International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering series provides a forum for accessing to the most up-to-date and authoritative knowledge from both industrial and academic worlds, sharing best practice in the field of advanced design and manufacturing engineering. The meeting will provide an opportunity to highlight recent developments and to identify emerging and future areas of growth in this exciting field. The first of this conference series (ADME 2011) was held in Guangzhou in September 2011 with the participation of scientists from the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the United States. The second of this conference series (ADME 2012) was held in Taiyuan in August 2012, the third one was held in Anshan (ADME 2013) in July 2013. The fourth one was held in Hangzhou (ADME 2014) in July 2014. The fifth one was held in Zhuhai (ADME 2015) in September 2015. The sixth one was held in Shenzhen in July, 2016. Following the success of the previous conferences, the 7th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering (ADME 2017) has taken place in Shenzhen, From May 10 to 11, 2017. This conference successfully brought together scientists and engineers from industry and academia and provided a forum for exchange of ideas, cooperation and future directions by means of regular presentations and a round-table discussion.

All papers had undergone careful peer-review by expert referees to the professional and scientific standards before being selected for publication in those volumes. The total number of submitted papers is 422 and 90 are accepted. Studies presented in this book cover these topics: Materials Science and Engineering, Products Design and Manufacturing, Electronics, Mechatronics and Automatic Control, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Applied Mechanics and Vibration, Heat and Thermal Transfer, Computer Applications in Industry.

This conference provided a medium for scientists and experts in the field to effectively communicate and share ideas. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all participants for their contributions and stimulating discussions. We are also grateful to keynote speakers, referees, exhibitors, committee members and many others for their patience and efforts.

The Organizing Committee of ADME 2017