Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Computer Science and Service System

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A Scalable Proximity Measure for Link Prediction via Low-rank Matrix Estimation

Liu Ye, Wang Zhisheng, Yin Jian, Pan Yan
Recent years, the link prediction problem in social network and other complex networks become a popular research field. One of the most significant task in link prediction is to design the proximity measure to calculate the similarities of the nodes in the network. The potential structure of the networks...
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Application of AHP in the Bank Stock's Investment Selection

Hua Li, Shi-ting Dou
On the basis of the theory of investment, with the Banks in China for examples, this paper selects the method of Analytic Hierarchy Process to analyze the bank's financial indicators and non-financial indicators, through calculating their profitability, debt paying ability, capacity development and other...
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An Improved Patch based Multi-View Stereo (PMVS) Algorithm

Lichun Wang, Ran Chen, Dehui Kong
Multi-view based reconstruction is always focused in computer graphics and many excellent algorithms have been reported these years. According to Middlebury benchmark, PMVS(Patch based Multi-View Stereo) outperforms all the other submitted algorithms [1]. In this paper, we propose an improved PMVS algorithm...
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Spiral QAM Modulated CO-OFDM System with Increased Tolerance toward Laser Phase Noise

Li Chong, Chen Lin
To mitigate the phase noise, we propose Spiral QAM in CO-OFDM. Simulation results, based on 40-GS/s CO-OFDM systems, show that 16 Spiral QAM can increase the phase noise tolerance, as compared to square 16 QAM.
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A Second-Order Two-Scale FEM Analysis for Time-Fractional Diffusion Equation with Small Periodic Coefficients

Wang Ziqiang, Cao Junying
In this paper, a second-order two-scale method for time-fractional diffusion equation with rough periodic coefficients is presented by means of construction way. Based on the second-order two-scale asymptotic expansion, the homogenization solution and the cell functions are obtained. The second-order...
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The Research and Analysis of Association Rules on the Internet of Things

Yanxin Xie, Yongjiang Wang
Temperature, humidity, and light intensity are the important influence indicators of crop production. In order to achieve good economic and social benefits, we could use of modern network technology (3G network, wireless sensor network, mobile network, and local area network), sensing technology, RFID...
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Research of Global Localization for Humanoid Robot Based on Vision

Qiubo Zhong, Chunya Tong, Yu Wang
Vision perception plays a key role in the research on humanoid robot. A new version of particle filters called coevolution based adaptive particle filters (CEAPF) is proposed for robot localization. Using vision and odometer, a robust perception model extracting from environmental features, which are...
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The Design of PROFIBUS-DP HUB based on FPGA

Ping Jiao, Tong Zhou
This paper analyzes the PROFIBUS-DP and physical layer signals states, DP time series and other characteristics. In the past, PROFIBUS-DP HUB common problems of poor universal apply, shape communication is more time-consuming, required message analysis, Drop frame etc, this paper propose a new design...
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Lead Time Quotation under Time-Varying Demand and Capacity

Nguyen Thanh-Ha, Wright Mike
In this paper, we consider a telecommunication service company with time-varying demand and capacity. The firm applies a uniform lead-time policy, i.e. a lead time which corresponds to the maximum time span a customer has to wait before receiving the required service is uniformly quoted to all customers....
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The acoustic analysis of voice parameters about thevowels and consonants of Lhasa Tibetan

Liu Zeguo, Chen Xiaoying, Ai Jinyong
this paper’s study focuses on the vowels and consonants of Lhasa Tibetan, with the basic voice parameters, it is found that there is high relevance among the fundamental frequency(F0),open quotient (OQ) and speed quotient (SQ)of the 8 monophthongs which are in the V,CV and VC 3 types. Among the 3 types,...
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Fast Incremental SVM Learning Algorithm based on Center Convex Vector

Bai DongYing, Han Jun, Zhang Ci
A fast SVM learning algorithm is proposed according to incremental learning and center convex hull operator. It is established on analyzing the relevance of support vector and convex hull from the angle of calculation geometry. The convex hull of current training samples is solved in the first place....
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An Allocation Method for Resource of IaaS Platform with Energy-saving Consideration in the Data Center

Xia Qingxin, Lan Yuqing, Wang Long, Xiao Limin, Wang Xiang
Reducing energy consumption and maximizing resource efficiency have become two important issues without violating service level agreements(SLAs) on Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) clouds. For the important issues, using the method of resource classification, this study proposes a resource provisioning...
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A CPN-based Verification Method of Web Service described by OWL-S

Zhang Guanghao, Lan Yuqing
Web services are an important part of the Semantic Web. User and software agent should be able to discover, invoke, compose, and monitor web services with a high degree of automation. OWL-S is an ontology of services that makes these functionalities possible. However, OWL-S doesn’t provide verification...
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Thin Cloud-fog Cover Removed from Remote Sensing Imagery Based on Stationary Wavelet Transformation

He Hui, Chen Hai
A new method based on stationary wavelet transformation and nonlinear gray-scale transformation was proposed to weaken the thin cloud-fog cover of remote sensing imagery in this paper, which can not only to weak the cover of thin cloud-fog effectively with enhanced image resolution but also to preserve...
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A Concept of Applying Social Network Analysis in Medical Diagnosis

Sodsee Sunantha, Komkhao Maytiyanin
This paper aims to apply a social network analysis (SNA) to a medical diagnosis issue, which is the Caesarean sections due to Cephalopelvic disproportion (CPD). Firstly, the pregnant women, here is called “Patients”, are connected with each other by a medical examination consideration. The patients are...
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Study of Cadre Online Inquiry Learning System

Qian Dongming, Qiu Huixian, Qu Yu
With the diversified development of online learning technology and cadres being familiar with the new IT technology, traditional mode of cadre online learning already can't satisfy the students, which is a unidirectional teaching mainly on three-screen courseware. In China, through integrating cadres’...
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An Improved LQI- based Link Quality Estimation Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks

Chen Wei, Luo Jian
An accurate and efficient link quality estimation method is crucial for the performance of the upper layer routing protocol, flow distribution and topology control algorithms in WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks). Based on the analysis of the cause for packet loss and bit error, an improved LQI (Link Quality...
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Gaussian process regression prediction-based dynamic risk negotiation strategy

Hu Jun, Zou Li
In this paper, we use Gaussian process regression to predict the opponent concessions, and introduce the dynamic risk mechanism in Agent negotiation. We can change the risk factor by the utility of opponents and set a threshold in this dynamic risk mechanism. Dynamic risk strategies associated with opponent...
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The Influence of Railway Bridge Vehicle Vibration on Sand Liquefaction in a Dam Foundation

Ma Donghe, Guo Xuezhong, Li Yanping, Xu Xiaowu, Huang Ruhui, Zhang Fengde
Saturated sandy soil liquefaction of a dam foundation caused by vehicle vibration was studied by using the QUAKE/W finite element software combined with a concrete project example. Two high-speed trains were used to simulate vibration under driving conditions. The results showed that foundation soil...
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Author-Topic-Sentiment Mixture(ATSM) model for Author's Sentiment Analysis

Yang KeHua, Yang Xiang
In this paper,we propose a probabilistic modeling framework,called Author-Topic-Sentiment Mixture(ATSM) model,which based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) to include authorship information and sentiments information.The proposed model can reveal the sentiment-topic and author’s sentiment.Each author...
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Responsibilities of Manager and Leader in Relation to the Reduction of Workplace Stress

Qian Li
Pressure is part and parcel of all work and helps to keep us motivated. But excessive pressure can lead to workplace stress which undermines performance, is costly to employers and can make people ill. To reduce the stress the leaders and managers should undertake different responsibilities in their...
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An Analysis of Characters and Structures of Web Pages Based on Regular Expressions

Xu Lei
This paper introduces a method to analyze characters and structures of web pages via regular expressions. From encoding to HMTL elements, characters in Web pages are counted one by one. The effectiveness of this tool is proven in experiments with more than one hundred real-world web pages. All work can...
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Efficient Spectral-Galerkin Method for eigenvalue problems

Jun Zhang, Xinyue Fan
we provide a priori error estimates for linear elliptic eigenvalue problems based on the spectral-Galerkin method, and also provide an efficient Galerkin method is proposed for solving this problems,with this scheme ,the solution of an eigenvalue problem on a big spectral space is reduced to the solution...
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Design and Implementation of Cluster Evolution based Mobility Model

Wang Dong, Wang Zhouli, Li Xiaohong, Xiao Zhu
The movement of nodes has a great influence on the performance of protocols in mobile ad hoc networks. Mobility model is used to describe the movement of nodes, react the mobile characteristics really. In real circumstances, mobile devices are usually attached to humans ,so the movement of such devices...
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Image Reconstruction Using WTA-ICA Model in Contourlet Transform Domain

Shang Li, Sun Zhanli
A new image reconstruction method using the WTA-ICA model in contourlet transform domain is discussed in this paper. WTA-ICA is in fact an sparse ICA algorithm, and is simpler and faster under high dimensional computational requirements. Contourlet transform can offer a flexible multi-resolution and...
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Web Service Matching for RESTful Web Services Based on Parameter Semantic Network

Zhongbo Wu, Zhumei Dou, Chaonan Song
With the increasing demands of matching REST-ful web services in data sharing systems, a novel service match-ing method based on the parameter semantic network model is proposed. Compared with traditional matching methods of web services, the proposed method aims at classifying various web services into...
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Design of Demand Response Analysis Control Architecture Based on Multi-Agent Technology

Lei Ting, Xie Yingxin, Wang Fengyu, Liu Yin, Dong Gang, Fang Chen
Demand response (DR) is one of the best applications to practice the idea of coordinated interaction between smart grid and the electrical loads. In order to support the development of DR in the smart grid, this paper presents and designs a DR analysis control architecture based on Multi-Agent (MA) technology...
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A similarity algorithm of trees with complicated labels

Jihua Wang, Yiliang Liu
A tree with complicated labels can widely represent objects in the real world. In this paper, the sum of matched pair similarity is used only to measure the similarity of such trees, while omitting inserted nodes and deleted nodes in the maximum mapping conditions of edit operations. The principle of...
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A New Sparse Representation Algorithm for Speech Denoising

Zhou Yan
This paper proposes a new speech denoising method that uses K-SVD sparse representation algorithm. This approach is based on sparse and redundant representation over dictionary. Here, spectrogram patches are used as training samples for the initial redundant dictionary. However, since the K-SVD algorithm...
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Frequency Domain Acquisition Method for Dual-System GNSS

Zhang Zhan, Xiong Zhang, Zhang Xiaolin, Su Linlin
In Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), acquisition process adjusts the code phases of the incoming signal and the local pseudo-random sequence of the corresponding satellite to less than a code chip offset, and generate the correct local carrier frequency. In BD2/GPS Dual-System GNSS, the code...
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A Large-capacity Information Hiding Method for HEVC Video

Jiaji Wang, Rangding Wang, Wei Li, Dawen Xu, Meiling Huang
A large-capacity information hiding algorithm for HEVC is proposed. We modify the intra prediction modes in 4x4 luminance blocks to embed secret information. According to the probability distribution of the statistical optimal prediction mode and suboptimal prediction mode, we are establishing a mapping...
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Oil production prediction with neural network method

Liu Haohan, Zhang Songlin, Li Wei
Many kinds of method can be used to predict oil production, and the neural network method is one of the most basic methods to predict oil production. In this study a modified neural network method is proposed to predict oil production in oil field. A fuzzy cluster analysis is introduced to determine...
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Oil production predicting with modified BP neural network method

Liu Haohan, Li Wei, Zhang Songlin
Feasibility of oil production predicting results influence the annual planning and long-term field development plan of oil field, so the selection of predicting models plays a core role. In this paper, a common and useful model is introduced, it is,the neural network model. By using this model to predict...
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Efficient multimodal fusion for person authentication combining three biometric modalities

Wang Fenghua, Zheng Qiumei, Meng Wenjie
Fusion of multiple biometric modalities for person authentication can compensate for the limitations in performance of each individual biometric system. This paper proposed an efficient person authentication method based on multimodal biometric fusion at the matching score level. For score level fusion,...
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Research on Video Object Extraction Technology

Rencai Gao, Li Zhang
As the application of intelligent video surveillance system is more and more widely, the scale is also expanding with it. People is also more and more getting attention of the video object extraction which is the key technology in the intelligent video surveillance and attracted plenty of experts and...
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A New Hybrid Model for Video Shot Saliency Extraction

Tao Fang
Video screen shots of images are special, and they are motive compare to other images. To extract saliency maps from video images quickly and accurately is a hard task. This paper is inspired by some excellent works, employing the combination of several ideas to propose a hybrid model for extracting...
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A Novel Improved TFIDF Algorithm

Yang KeHua, Ye Dan
Feature weighting algorithm has a great effect on the accuracy of text categorization. The classical Term Frequency and Inverse Documentation Frequency algorithm (TFIDF) ignores the semantic relationships between terms in the document set, thus to influence the accuracy of term weight calculation. To...
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A case of area- and energy-efficient heterogeneous mesh network-on-chip

Jili Yan, Guoming Lai, Xiaola Lin
In this paper, based on observation on performance analysis of mesh network, we proposed a case of area- and energy-efficient heterogeneous mesh network by redistributing and reconfiguring scarce network resources, buffers, links and ports, to enhance network performance. Experimental results show that...
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Research on the knowledge-based comprehensive decision support system for human resource management in SaaS mode

Dai Liangtie, Zhou Qiongyu
This research puts forward the structure model of knowledge-based decision support system (DSS), which includes knowledge base, reasoning machine, model base, method base and database. With the six-layer structure of data management process, the knowledge-based DSS adopts distributed resource organization...
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An efficient mixed scheduling algorithm for the hybrid task set on heterogeneous multiprocessor

Wang Hui, Xu Cheng, Zeng Lining
In this paper we study the schedulability conditions of multiple types of real-time tasks (periodic real-time tasks, sporadic real-time tasks and aperiodic soft real-time tasks) in a heterogeneous multiprocessing environment. With the practical application of complicated environment, we propose a mixed...
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Data Mining as a Tool for Information Retrieval in Digital Institutional Repositories

Tonon Leticia, Fusco Elvis
Currently there is a large volume of data stored in informational bases of digital repositories and the problem of finding useful data in information retrieval systems has intensified, making the processes of recovery increasingly sophisticated. This study aims to make use of data mining techniques to...
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An Efficient Method for Custom Instruction Mapping Under the Safety Assurance of Code Generation

Luo Yongping, Ma Yuchun, Wu Qiang
In the work flow of embedded systems, processor design is the critical technology to directly affect the performance of whole system. In this process, instruction mapping is responsible for identifying the portions of target application program which match with custom instruction (CI) and implementing...
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The factors affecting restaurant customers' return intention after online group buying promotion

Chen Yao, Chen Yiwen, Li Xin
With the expansion of online group buying, this new promotion model is used by more and more restaurants. However, it is difficult for restaurant owners to make profit from one time online group buying promotion; they are expecting that customers brought by online group buying could return and become...
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An approach to ensure the trustworthiness of cloud platform using the trusted chain

Wang Guan, Gao Lubaihui
IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provides users with "pay" calculation mode in cloud platform. Users can obtain computing or storage resources he needed from suppliers to load related applications and just rent that part of the resources to pay for at the same time. However, users start to lose their...
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Design of Frequency Response Masking Based Reconfigurable Filter Banks for Software Radio Channelization Using Semidefinite Programming

Wu Chen, Xu Xinzhou, Zhao Li, Zou Cairong
A new reconfigurable filter bank architecture based on frequency response masking (FRM) was recently proposed for software defined radio (SDR) channelization. However, in previous works all the subfilters were designed separately, which makes the solutions suboptimal. In this paper, we propose an improved...
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A Time Reservation Dynamic Algorithm Based on the Variable Frequency Interval DVFS Technology

Jun Xiao, Cheng Xu, Lining Zeng
embedded systems have been used in various areas of people's lives. However, the contradictions between performance and power consumption of embedded products have become increasingly prominent. DVFS technologies provide the possibility for solving the contradiction between performance and power consumption...
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Learning Objects Automatic Generation System for Multiple Data Formats

Li Yushun, Li Meng
This paper focuses on object processing digital resources to enhance their reusability and adaptability. Deep into content level of digital resources belonging to different formats, to achieve fine-grained knowledge-based learning objects automated generation, this paper presents a MPLOG framework that...
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Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Emotional Labor Strategy: the Mediating Effects of General Self-Efficacy and Organizational Identification

Zeng Yan, Chen Xi, Chen Yiwen
The present study conducted questionnaire method by taking 240 samples from service industry employees to probe into the relations between EI, GSE, OI and ELS. The result shows that: 1) a significant positive correlation between EI and all dimensions of ELS; 2) significant mediating effect by GSE between...
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Sequence Dataset Similarity Measure by Aggregated Shared Emerging Sequences

Chen Xiangtao, Wang Jing, Ding Pingjian
Emerging sequences (ESs) represent some strong distinguishing knowledge and are very useful for building powerful classifiers. The shared emerging sequences (SESs) are some emerging sequences shared by two or more datasets, which show great values in dataset similarity measure. As for the application...
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The analysis on the duration and pitch of Lhasa Tibetan prosodic unit

Ai Jinyong, Chen Xiaoying, Guo Xiaodan
Based on the small speech database of Tibetan single sentences, we get three layers of prosodic structure units by prosodic marking, syllables, prosodic words and prosodic phrases, to study the internal and boundary syllable duration and fundamental frequency data in different prosodic units. The statistical...