Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Computer, Communications and Information Technology

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Aviation Wiring Networks Fault Modeling and Simulation Based on Reflectometry

Xudong Shi, Chengzong Liu, Yulei Xu, Zhangang Yang
This paper presents a method to model and simulate the aviation branched wiring networks. According to the characteristics of the wiring networks faults, establishing a mathematical model of the branched wiring networks faults based on the reflectometry. Simulation reveals the propagation of high-frequency...
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Research on Mobile E-commerce Model Oriented Manufacturing Service

Ping Wu, Feng Xiong, Qianqian Cao
With the arrival of the era of the Internet of Things, as well as the development of intelligent terminals and mobile Internet, manufacturing informationization has new requirements. The emergence of mobile e-commerce fits the requirements well and can enhance the control of manufacturing companies on...
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Aviation Equipment Fault Information Fusion Based on Ontology

Yuan Wang, Qing Li, Yong Sun, Jinliang Chen
The designing institution, manufacturer and end-user jointly participate in aircraft maintenance. Maintenance data from multiple sources results in syntax and semantic conflicts, which have restricted integration and sharing of information on aircraft faults. To solve this problem, a solution based on...
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Research on Emergency Logistics Support Capacity: Evaluation Model and Grey-AHP Method

Yong Liu, Xiaoning Zhu, Liujiang Kang, Xi Chen, Liyuan Feng
Based on the grey analysis hierarchy process, this paper introduces an evaluation method of emergency logistic support capacity. The comprehensive evaluation model is established according to the analytical hierarchy process which gives each key index a weight. To illustrate the effectiveness of the...
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Research and Applications of Cloud Desktop

Xia Liu
With the development of information technology, enterprises are increasingly challenged in internal IT equipment management. A huge number of PC devices made enterprises’ daily management of employees’ personal computer a complex task, and enterprises often need to invest lots of manpower and resources...
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Production Resource Molding of Grid-based Steel-Auto Industry Chain

Zong-hui Xiong, Feng Xiong, Zhen Li, Tao Yu
This paper divides steel-auto industry chain from core business and value-added into steel unit, trade unit, machining unit, auto unit and general service unit in the light of the industry chain characteristics. Then product resource in the steel-auto industry chain is defined. By means of Grid technology...
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Training Backpropagation Neural Network in MapReduce

Binhan Zhou, Wenjun Wang, Xiangfeng Zhang
BP neural network is generally serially trained by one machine. But massive training data makes the process slow, costing too much system resources. For these problems, one effective solution is to use the MapReduce framework to do the distributed training. Some methods have been proposed, but it is...
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Augmented l1 Minimization with Weibull Matrix

Tailong Li, Qihao Zhang
The linearized Bregman iteration was successful used to find the sparse signal from the its noise measurements. It was proved that the iteration algorithm converges to the augmented l1 minimization problem [4]. This paper mainly considers the measurement matrix A which is generated by the Weibull random...
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The Research and Implementation of Mongolian Extension to Swing and Android UI Components

Zhongwei Zhang, Min Lin
Since the traditional display layout of Mongolian has its particularity and the relatively lagging of Mongolian character set included in the international coding standard, current mainstream development platforms have neither a completed set of UI components support Mongolian features, nor any well-developed...
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Research on Passenger Market Competitiveness of China High Speed Railway and Railway Traffic

Shenggang Xu, Xiaoning Zhu, Liujiang Kang, Bing Long, Xiao Liu
High speed railway (HSR) in China will have a rapid growth in the following years. This paper first analyzes the different technological and economic characteristics of HSR, railway, air traffic and highway traffic and finds their unique comparative travelling distances. And then, three representative...
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The Variable Wiener Index of Trees with Given Maximum Degree

Zhen Jia, Ning Lin, Hongjie Gao, Zhilin Chen, Zhiyuan Wang, Fuyi Wei
Wiener index proposed by Harold Wiener in 1947 is a very important topological index which is widely applied in chemical research. Gutman et al. extended the Wiener index to variable Wiener index. M. H. Liu et al. obtained the maximum variable Wiener index of trees with given maximum degree . n/2 In...
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A Three-Phase Hierarchical Algorithm for Detecting Community Structure

Qiong Hu, Gongshen Liu
Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Renren, Sina Weibo, are rising rapidly in the past dozen years and are taking a more and more important role in our daily life. There’s a common feature for social networks: they can be divided into subgroups, within which the network connections are dense,...
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An Efficient Scheduling Algorithm for Cluster in Wireless Sensor Networks MAC Protocol

Yifan Zhao, Liyong Bao, Shaowen Yao
As one of the most important techniques in the 21st century, Wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs) receive a universal attention to the research on its key techniques. A solution is urgently expected to meet the higher-quality service requirements of new applications on the limited bandwidth of wireless networks....
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Simulation and Implementation of 2-order Chebyshev Chaotic Sequence Based on FPGA

Tao Wang, Liyong Bao
The spread spectrum communication, as one of the most important techniques in the 21st century, receives a universal attention to the research on its key techniques. To study the performances of the chebyshev chaotic sequence in digital communication, mathematical analysis is made on the autocorrelation...
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Privacy Security Issues under Mobile Cloud Computing Mode

Yan Yan, Xiaohong Hao
The paper introduced the basic concept and background of Mobile Cloud Computing, analysed the inevitability and necessity to provide mobile internet services based on cloud computing technology, proposed the service framework for mobile cloud computing, analysed potential security issues and relevant...
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The Current Situation and Reconsideration of Information Technology Education Goals in China’s Rural Primary and Middle Schools

Yan Sun
Information technology education goals are the core element of Information technology education. the appropriateness of the target determines the aptness of goal-directed function and evaluation function. This article is based on the significant differences of dualistic urban and rural areas in social...
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Research on the Technology of Compressing Images in Developing Android Mobile Application

Shaowu Zou, Guibin Su
In the Android mobile applications, transferring pictures is the main reason that users consume their network data flow. Although efficient image compression method is an effective way to solve the problem, the image compression method does not be extensively studied on the Android platform. In order...
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An Adaptive Model of Energy Consumption Predictor for Big Data Centers

Xuexia Xu, Gang Lin, Jianzong Wang
It is well-known that with the explosive growth of data, the age of big data has arrived. However, the power consumption of the big data center is huge and will be a major obstacle to its wider extension. How to save the power towards green computing is a potential tendency by utilizing the elastic computing...
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A Comprehensive System Design for Website Secure Protection

Xiaoming Zhang, Cuixia Feng, Junlong Xiao
The secure monitoring of website is very important for the website information distribution. A kind of comprehensive system is proposed to assure the website operating reliably. It is based on technologies of watermarking and network measuring. The group 5-bit hiding scheme is designed to embed typical...
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The Deployment of Resource Pool Based on Hyper-V Virtualization in Cloud Computing

Shuqian Liu, Pengdong Gao, Kaihui Mu, Yongquan Lu
To build a high-efficient cloud platform for virtual resources, we deployed a virtual resource pool based on Hyper-V Virtualization to meet people’s requirements. In this way, users can get a free VM from the pool in less time compared with creating a new one. A VM usually includes an operating system,...
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Live P2P Streaming System with High Playback Continuity

Xianfu Meng, Wei Wu
P2P streaming system effectively fixed the overload and weak scalability shortcomings of C/S structures. It’s working principle is divided into tree multicast and mesh multicast. Compared to tree multicast method, mesh multicast method based on Gossip protocol has the characteristics of high fault tolerance...
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Research on the Search Scheme for Rare Items in Unstructured P2P Networks

Xianfu Meng, Hao Wang
Search method is the key technique in unstructured P2P systems. The existing search methods are efficient for locating popular items, but not so for locating rare items. Therefore increasing the search efficiency for rare items would improve the network availability and user experience. In this paper,...
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Course Reform for Developing Computational Thinking Ability of Tip-top Talents

Chunming Wu, Yuanrui Zuo, Yun Du, Xianchun Zou
Computational thinking (CT) ability is the basic quality of tip-top talents and an important index for evaluating the educational level of universities. With a deep analysis of content of CT ability, the computer course system is established, which is for developing the students’ CT ability. By combining...
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Image De-noising Based on Mixed-domain Algorithm

Ting Yan, Liejun Wang, Jiaxing Wang
Aiming at images contain a large number of gaussian noise, edge blur etc, the paper proposes an improved fuzzy-shrink de-noising algorithm, which is in a mixed-domain. The results show that the algorithm not only have optimal de-noising effect, and also the processed image is closer to the original image...
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QoE-Based Resource Allocation Algorithm for Multi-Applications in Downlink LTE Systems

Peiwen Tang, Ping Wang, Ning Wang, Van Nguyen Ngoc
This paper proposes a novel approach of cross layer resource allocation based on Quality of Experience (QoE) for multiple applications in downlink Long Term Evolution (LTE) systems. To maximize the level of system QoE while guaranteeing the fairness for users, we introduce a Particle Swarm Optimization...
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Construction of ZCZ Sequence Pair Set with Flexible Parameters Based on Interleaving Technique

Mingyang Li, Weidong Peng, Peng Bai, Qianzhe Wang
Sequences with some desired correlation properties are useful in communication and radar systems for applications in identification, synchronization, ranging and interference mitigation. This paper put forwards a construction of zero correlation zone (ZCZ) sequence sets with flexible ZCZ based on interleaving...
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Information Security Awareness: An Application of Psychological Factors – A Study in Malaysia

LeanPing Ong, ChienFatt Chong
Current technology advancement promotes borderless environment among individuals, organisations, global industries or public per se. It is akin to having a home but a physical house that is not visible. Looking at the present cybercrime trends, it cannot be disputed that information security is a key...
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Design of a Cloud-based Print Manufacturing Management System

Yongbin Zhang, Yanping Du, Ronghua Liang, Shulin Yang
With the fierce competition and increasing cost of labor, printers face the problem that how to increase their production and efficiency. Information technology is one of the most used ways to achieve that object. Different applications, such as spreadsheet and Enterprise Resource Planning system are...
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Adaptive Relief Feature Evaluation and Selection based on Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrix

Han Wang, Zhousheng Ma, Wenbing Fan
In image recognition, how to select informative features from the feature space is a very significant task. Relief algorithm is considered as one of the most successful methods for evaluating the quality of features. In this paper, it firstly provides a valid proof which demonstrates a blind selection...
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Plant Three-dimensional Information Detection Based on Single Moving Camera

Dongbo Zhang, Xi Deng, Xiaojing Liu, Bin Zhang
Using non-contact sensing techniques and facilities to gain plant three-dimensional (3D) information can satisfy different kinds of needs in digital and intelligent agricultural production. 3D information could be used for vegetative modeling and monitoring or plant production management and operation....
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A Novel Parallel Approach of Cuckoo Search using MapReduce

Xingjian Xu, Zhaohua Ji, Fangfang Yuan, Xiaoqin Liu
Optimization is a very common problem both in theoretical and practical scenes. However, at the same time, it is also been classified as a NP-hard problem in most cases, complex and hardware resource consuming. In order to evaluate the optimal value in a limited time and with a limited computing resource,...
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A Novel Approach for Predicting the Probability of Inconsistent Changes to Code Clones Based LDA

Lili Yin, Liping Zhang, Min Hou, Dongsheng Liu
Inconsistent changes to code clones can create faults and, hence, lead to incorrect program behavior. Consequently, these clones increase the change effort when software is maintained. In order to improve software quality and to help programmers pre attention the hidden trouble of clone inconsistent...
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SNR-based Adaptive Threshold Decision PN Code Acquisition Algorithm

Yaobo Shang, Ying Guo, Yuanhang Xu, Lifeng Han, Ruilian Tan
This paper proposes an algorithm based on noise power and SNR (signal to noise ratio) for adaptive threshold proposed PN code acquisition problem. First, this algorithm adjusts the threshold based on SNR through setting parameters, then smoothes the threshold waveform by median filters. It reduces error...
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Parallel Particle Filter Algorithm and Its FPGA Implementation

Xiaofeng Lu, Shuhui Wang, Zhiying Du, Dongbin Pei, Dingyuan Zheng, Tongchun Zuo
Visual target tracking is the key problem in intelligent video processing. Particle Filter is classic and effective in visual target tracking algorithms, but it needs to analyze a large amount of probability statistic, leading to high algorithm complexity and low calculation efficiency. FPGA provides...
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Design of a Simple 3D Surface Measurement System Based on Laser Sensor

Haitao Zhang, Congling Zhou, Zengpu Xu, Yongqiang Wang
Based on the principle of laser triangulation method, a surface measurement system aiming at the surface characteristics of small handicraft is constructed. The system controls rotation motion and vertical motion of laser displacement sensor to scan the object. Depending on the collected information...
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A Two Hop Relay Receiving Method using LTE Transmission Technology

Ziqiang Chen, Yunxiao Zu, Weihai Li, Bin Hou
Aiming at the two hop relay’s MIMO(Multiple Input Multiple Output) transmission, this paper studied the two hops relay MIMO receiving model which is applicable to these situations: different data stream on the different antenna in the transmitter, different noise power in the transmit channel and SSD(Soft...
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Real Time Multi-tasking Applying to AC800M Controller

Guan Wang, Xing Feng
In this paper I describe the demand and definition of multi-tasking. Introduce the specific methods and key technologies used in AC800M which applies digital multi-tasking controller. Practice has proved that these methods of priority, scheduling mechanis and so on can meet the requirements of real time...
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Multimodal Algorithm Based on Particle Filter for Indoor Localization with Smartphones

Rui Tao, Haiyong Luo, Fang Zhao, Yongzhong Li
Location-based service is one of the most important demand in ubiquitous computing scenarios. While build-in sensors on smartphones can be used to provide location information for terminals. This paper presents a particle filter, dead reckoning, WIFI based multimodal algorithm for indoor localization...
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Implementation of “Virtual Studio Online” Desktop

Ruoyun Zhou, Chu Qiu, Quan Qi, Bo Wang, Yongquan Lu
This paper describes the implementation of “Virtual Studio Online” (VSO) desktop, a virtual desktop system integrating virtualization with high performance computing. Through the plugin mechanism, the hybrid virtualization framework of VSO desktop solves the problem of mixed virtualized environment management...
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A Study of Topologically Society and Culture space on Taiwanese Settlement

ChiHua Li
Most of the traditional settlement studies are based on text description of the social or cultural perspectives or drawing records of the spatial form of the settlements. It may be difficult to further compare the social and cultural space of a number of settlements, or to discuss the spatial structure...
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A Virtual Backbone Construction Algorithm Based on Connected Dominating Set in Wireless Sensor Networks

Tingjun Shi, Xu Shi, Xuming Fang
For the lack of the backbone network in wireless sensor networks,this paper proposes a virtual backbone construction algorithm based on connected dominating set in wireless sensor networks(IPCDS).The algorithm gives priority to more energy and closer nodes in the choice of backbone nodes,which makes...
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A Discussion on Automatic Reassembling of Shredded Paper via Similarity Measurement Models

Fanyu Meng, Wen Qian
Reassembling of shredded paper from a collection of randomly mixed fragments is a common application of computer vision technique. It plays an irreplaceable role in several applied disciplines, such as classical forensics, archaeology, and military intelligence. In this paper we address the reassembly...
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A Security Protocol in UWB and WiFi Networks

Huayi Wu, Baohua Bai
In this paper, we studied a hybrid wireless network including UWB devices and WiFi devices together and analyze the characteristics of selfish behavior and the methods how to expose it. In order to improve the self-giving cooperation between the nodes in hybrid wireless networks and increase the fairness...
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Research on Computer Language Behaviors from the Perspective of Logical Pragmatics

Xing Zhang
To analyze the computer behavior by the point view of the pragmatic logic, the computer behavior refers to the computer operation of the program execution. Because the computer program is a collection of pragmatic statements, so the computer behavior is a typical pragmatic behavior.
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Improved Manifold Learning Algorithm for Data Dimension Reduction Based on KNN

Liming Liang, Falu Weng, Zhaoyang Chen, Zhen Zhong
In this paper, a new multi-manifold learning algorithm based on KNN algorithm is proposed in order to provide manifold learning model automatic parameters selection strategy. Basic ideas for such a algorithm is constructing a weighted norm as the variable of the intrinsic low dimensions expression function,...
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Analysis of Software Release Problems Based on Fault Detection and Correction Processes

Haiyan Sun1, Jia He, Bingfeng Xie, Ji Wu
In this paper, the modeling of fault-correction process from the viewpoint of correction time is first discussed. By proposing a new cost model, further analysis on the optimal release time determination is presented, which is also based on the model incorporating both fault detection and correction...
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Detecting Hot Topics in Sina Weibo Based on Opinion Leaders

Donghui Li, Yuqing Zhang, Xin Chen, Long Cao, Chuanfeng Zhou
Sina Weibo, as one of the most popular and fast growing social network, has gradually become the field where hot topics appear, propagate, and outbreak. In order to discriminate and find out hot topics in micro-blog information, we conduct a series of studies on Sina Weibo, and one of our key findings...
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Design Channel Nonpersistent CSMA MAC Protocol Model for Complex Wireless Systems Based on SoC Methodology

Ibrahim A. Aref, Tarek A. El-Mihoub, Khadiga A. Ben Musa
This paper presents Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) communication model based on SoC design methodology. Such model can be used to support the modelling of the complex wireless communication systems; therefore the use of such communication model is an important technique in the construction of high...
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A Solution for Beam Splitter Attack on BB84 Protocol

Huiyao An, Dunwei Liu, Tao Yu
In the practical Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems, the Fused Biconical Taper (FTP) technology beam splitter (BS) has wavelength dependent property. So Eve will get almost all of the secret information without being discovered in the beam splitter attack. This paper proposes a solution to solve...
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Detection of Internet Water Army in Social Network

Kun Wang, Yang Xiao, Zhen Xiao
As related works had a few research on Internet Water Army in social network, specifically on the Internet Water Army who trends to lead people’s opinions, obscure the real voices and change public opinions in social network. To better understand what difference lie between Internet Water Army and legitimate...