Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Community Development (AMCA 2018)

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The Role of Headmaster in Revitalization of Vocational Education

Mr Akhyak, Mr Sokip, Mr Soim, Mr Riduwan, Yunis Hidayati
The headmater has a very important role and responsibility for education innovation in school both micro and macro scale. Vocational education in Indonesia as part of the national education system has a very strategic role for the realization of skilled labor. So the success of vocational education at...
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[WITHDRAWN] The Information Framing Effect on Attitude towards Organizational Change

Tulus Winarsunu
This study aims to examine the effect of different information framing strategy on attitudes toward the organization change programs. The sample of this study was 358 middle managers. Furthermore, the instrument applied in this study was change attitude scale developed by Oreg. The information framing...
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The Folklore of “Wali9” (Islam Spreaders) in East Java as Cultural Identity of Multicultural Community

Arif Budi Wurianto
Wali is a word that refers to the person who spreads Islam in the land of Java around the 13th and 14th centuries. The number of wali in the land of Java is nine, so they are well-known as WaliSanga or Wali Sembilan. The word waliis an abbreviation of Waliullah(the trusted one or the saint) chosen by...
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Responses and Efforts to Incorporate Essential Concepts of Food Safety into the Curriculum of Senior High School in East Java Indonesia

Ainur Rofieq
Teachers in Senior High Schools (Public Senior High School/Public Islamic-based Senior High School) in East Java only comprehend 42.5% out of thorough concepts of national food safety pursuant to Government Decree No. 28 Year 2004. Out of seven aspects of food safety, five of which are hard to comprehend,...
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Trading Influence as the Phenomenon of the Corruption in Indonesia (Study of application of UNCAC principles of trading influence in corruption act law in Indonesia)

Mokhammad Najih, Fifik Wiryani, Kenny Desinta Saraswanti
This study intends to describe the model of engaging in the influence of corruption in Indonesia. Although it has not been regulated in anti-corruption laws, some cases of trafficking have been prosecuted by applying the provisions of a bribery offense. Reviewing the application of the principles of...
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Determining of Parking Lot Area Policy Using System Dynamic Simulation Approach

Intan Berlianty, Yuli Dwi Astanti, Irwan Soejanto, Eka Febriani S.
Parking lot is one of the important public facilities for all people because of its function to accommodate the stopping vehicles. However, because of its limited parking area, a lot of vehicle users park their vehicles at side of the road. It resulted in street problems because the road become narrower...
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Influence of Motivation, Communication and Work Culture on the Performance of Agricultural Extension in Parepare

Muhammad Siri Dangnga, Andi Nuddin, Irninthya Nanda Pratami Irwan, Mr Buhaerah
Agricultural counselling as an education for farmers should be used for the foundation of the work philosophy to increase the potential and ability of the farmers without depending on others. The results of this activity are farmers can be independent and be able to develop their agriculture business....
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The Roles of Earthworms in Agroecosystem

Agus Mulyadi Purnawanto
Earthworms are invertebrates that have an important role in agro-ecosystems. Their burrow is the place where plant roots grow and develop and as well as the place where the water is stored. Earthworms are able to transform organic matters into inorganic matters that can be utilized by plants. Moreover,...
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Some Notes on the Contemporary Views of Validity in Psychological and Educational Assessment

Estu Widodo
This paper aims at providing an analysis of views of validity as an important concept in psychological and educational assessment which has undergone transformation for several decades. The revolutionary change took place along with the release of the 1999 Standards followed by the 2014 Standards in...
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The Gender Sensitivity of Political Parties in Indonesia and Asean Women Politicians Network in Realizing Community Development Programs

Vina Darvina Salviana Soedarwo
Women are assumed to have more sensitivity on gender issues than men. It means that women are assumed to have more sensitivity to fight genders for their interests. However, the limited participation of women in politics is becoming a crucial issue since the political parties have not given serious attention...
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The Impact of Low Health Literacy to Social Relationship of the People Living With HIV/AIDS

Rinikso Kartono, Mr Latipun, Abdulkadir Raharjanto
The development of HIV/AIDS is not only caused by virus, but also by the low health literacy. The low health literacy can also lead to various social problems including impeding the people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) social relationship. This study aims to describe 1) The cause of low health literacy...
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From Idealism-Rationalism to Pragmatism-Materialism: Shift in Understanding Religion to Islamic Society in East Java, Indonesia

Mr Ishomuddin
This research is conducted related to the tendency of society in understanding Islam in globalization era. With the many challenges faced in life, there is a change in understanding Islam from idealism-rationalism toward pragmatism-materialism. From the social phenomenon mentioned above, this research...
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Tolerance in Dealing with Different Mazhab (Schools of Islamic Thought) in Makassar City

Muammar Muhammad Bakry
This paper discusses the development of tolerant character in dealing with the differences ofmazhabfiqh(school of thought within Islamic jurisprudence) through the development of four aspects, namely spiritual and emotional, intellectual, physical and kinesthetic, as well as affective and creativity....
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Regulations of Recognition and Protection on Ulayat Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Indonesia

Fifik Wiryani, Mokhammad Najih
The Ulayat Right of Indigenous People is a constitutional right and is an Indigenous People's Human Rights. The current problem is that there is an inconsistency of constitutional rights regarding Ulayat rights implementation. The inconsistency is in the form of recognition of the Ultimate MHA's Ultimate...
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The Influence of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence of Educator towards Learning Quality Improvement

Abdul Halik, Ms Suredah, Mr Ahdar
Learningis crucial and contributes tothe quality of education. The quality of learning process implicates the quality of education. The quality of teaching process in schools is played by a teacher. Excellent teachersare the ones having the emotional and spiritual intelligencewhen teaching in class....
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The Duality Conception on Ngaju Dayak Thoughts in Central Kalimantan

Imam Qalyubi
This paper attempts to reveal the duality conception in NgajuDayak culture in Central Kalimantan. The duality or in another discipline such as linguistics refers to binary opposition. The emergence of the duality terms initially refers to cosmological system, thatis the universe has a dichotomous dimension....
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Marketing Strategy Development Model of Increasing Sales Volume of Dangke Cracker: Enrekang Regency Food Specialty

Muhammad Siri Dangnga, Mr Arman, Mr Buhaerah, St. Maryam
The Dangke product is a milk product like cheese, processed by people of Enrekang Regency. The producthas started since 2009 and developed the Dangke products of crackers which are crunchy and tasty. The marketing area of Dangke’s cracker is still limited to local consumption and to a number of exports,...
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The Effect of Using English Videos on Vocabulary Achievement at the Fifth Grade of Elementary School 10 Poasia

Ni Nyoman Ayu Novayanti, Meilan Nirmala Shinta, Mr Mursalim, Amir Jaya
Vocabulary is often regarded as the foundation of four main skills of English; listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It is important to look for the ways how teaching vocabulary can be effective and integrated into those skills. This study aims at finding out the effect of using English videos on...
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The Admission Policy Test and Effectiveness of Islamic Education in a Secular State

Nhelbourne K Mohammad, Muhammad Siri Dangnga, St Nurhayati, Mr Mahsyar
Verily, the purpose of Islamic education is to produce a perfect human being to develop their potentials, mental, emotional physical, spiritual, and harmonizing connection to the Almighty God. For deeply understanding, the significance of Islamic education is needed in order to clarify understanding...
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Rabbani Character as a Medium to Establish Spiritual Intelligence in the Learning Process

Sitti Amrah, Umar Sulaiman
The Rabbani Character is essentially an activity emphasizing divine attributes in the learning process through spiritual values; honesty, sincerity, affection, tolerance, discipline, hardworking, creativity, independent, democratic, and communicative. It mainly focuses on the affective aspect (heart)....
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The Effectiveness of Pamanpintermu E-reading Program on EFL Learners’ Reading Performances

Yudhi Arifani
This study investigated the effectiveness of using Pamanpintermu e-reading program on English Foreign Language Learners’ (EFLL) reading performances. The participants were 64 first-year senior high school students who belonged to intermediate level of English that one exemplary public senior high school...
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The Character Education of Early Childhood: Brain-Based Teaching Approach

Siti Wardah Hanafie Das
The character education of early childhood through brain-based teaching approach is extremely important to stimulate neocortex and neuron. The study is aimed to formulate the early childhood character based on brain-based teaching approach started from the kindergarten with local wisdom study, analysis...
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The Use of Gurindam Dua Belas as a Learning Resource in Islamic Education

Ms Zaitun, Kama Abdul Hakam, Yadi Ruyadi
The research aims at describing how Gurindam Dua Belas (G12) is used as a learning resource in Islamic Education. G12 is a documenttype literary work derived from the local wisdom of Riau Islands’ Malay. In Islamic Education classrooms, the use of G12 benefits the students because of its great rhythms,...
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Malay Oral Literature on Billah Riverside and Flood Prevention

Wan Syaifuddin
This research reveals values in Malay oral Literature among people residing on Billah riverside, North Sumatera, Indonesia. This area is dangerous due tothe potential of flood, whereas its existence is also the cause of the flood. One of the causes is people’s lack of awareness in maintaining mutual...
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Language Behavior of Malay Society in Barus

Roma Ayuni A. Loebis
This research analyses and discusses “refusal strategies”as the reflection of language behavior and socio-culture of language society in Barus which has multi-languages such as Minangkabau, Batak and Aceh, also coastal ethnic languages as Malay root language.”Refusal strategies” is not only a part of...
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Aesthetic Energies Portrayed in Indonesian Novels in the 2000s

Ms Sugiarti
This study aims at revealing (1) aesthetic codes in Indonesian novels in the 2000s and (2) aesthetic forms in Indonesian novels in the 2000s. Those two problems are considered necessary to study further as aesthetic conception is formed by making uses of cohesive language codes. This current study employed...
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The Influence of Javanese Cultural Internalization on the Happiness of the Elderly

Diah Karmiyati, Sofa Amalia
Happiness of elderly could be influenced by cultural values that have been applied for generations. A cultural value strongly held by most Indonesian people, particularly the elderly, is the value of Javanese culture. The Javanese cultural values attached up to now is the principle of harmony, respect...
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Indonesian National Power to Achieve the Global Maritime Fulcrum

Hendra Maujana Saragih, Ramlan Siregar, El Amry Bermawi Putera
The aim of this paper is to describe national power of Indonesia which has great potential to be the global maritime fulcrum. That is very reasonable considering Indonesia geographical position in the equator line, between two continents (Asia and Australia) and the two oceans (Pacific and Indian). This...
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Palm Oil Sustainable Management Using MDS Model from Social Dimension

Lili Dahliani, Maya Dewi Dyah Maharani
Palm oil is a primary commodity that produces a variety of prospective and derivative industries. Data states that Indonesia'scontribution to the world crudepalmoil production is 47% of the world’ sproduction. It is said that Indonesia is the world' slargest exporter of palmoil. The contribution of oil...
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The Development of Teaching and Learning Methods in Hadits in the Islamic Education Program at Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri Al-Islamiah Singapore

Rohana Binte Ithnin, Ulil Amri Syafri, Irfan Syauqi Beik
The development of teaching and learning methods is currently an important phenomenon in the education field. This phenomenon is more likely to be influenced by technological advancement in teaching and learning methods that have been commonly used in the education field. The development of teaching...
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Financial Analysis for the Weak Economic Society to Increase the Member Economy at-BMT El-Munawar Medan Johor Unit (North Sumatra-Indonesia Province)

Selamat Pohan
The objective in establishment of BMT is to actualize the society welfare, both in terms of business application and comprehension of sharia economy. Financing is often the main problem faced by the community, particularlythe weak economic community. The existence of BMT El-Munawar is significant to...
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The Integration of Fiqh Psychology in Curriculum: Muslim Community Healthcare in Singapore

Nek Mah Binte Batri
The integration of Fiqh Psychology in curriculum is a response to the contradiction between the health trends of Malay/Muslim community and what their professed faith preaches. The religious mandate on the importance of personal healthcare has not permeated through. It begs the question of what more...
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An Analysis of Women Empowerment on Micro Business with Social Entrepreneurship Concept

Nurul Asfiah, Muslich Anshori, Imron Mawardi
This study aims to explore the phenomenon that arises in various socio-economic problems. The phenomenon raised from women entrepreneurs, with the category of Micro Enterprises. The subjects of the study were women entrepreneur program members of BUEKA (Economic Development of the ’Aisyiyah Family)....
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A Typology of Fungicide Application in Malang Raya

Moch. Agus Krisno Budiyanto
The research aims at analyzing the usage typology of synthetic and organic fungicides in Malang Raya area. The research design is descriptive qualitative, a method in which the research tries to describe fact using certain theory. There were 15 farmers acted as informants within Malang Raya area. Sampling...
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Payment of Tax Dues and Workers' Wages in Bankruptcy in Indonesia

Rahayu Hartini
This Bankruptcy Research focuses on: how the payment between tax debt and wages of workers which by law both are entitled to take precedence. In practice there is debatable-fighting over each other, resulting in legal uncertainty. Until then there is a Judicial Review to the Constitutional Court in 2013....
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Resiliency in Adolescents Who Live in Disaster Area: Phenomenology Study

Ayu Widiawati, Wiwien Dinar Pratisti
Indonesia is an archipelago country and located in the Pasific Ring Of Fire which is at risk of experiencing various kinds of natural disaster, such as floods, landslides and mountains erupted. Natural disaster certainly bring harm and suffering to the victims, especially in adolescent and not all of...
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The Application of Mind Mapping Method in Learning of Mathematics

Reni Dwi Susanti
The purpose of this research is to analyze the activity of learners during a learning with the application of mind mappingmethods and analyzing the results of the study after implementing the of mind mappingmethods. Type of this research is descriptive research with qualitative approach. Data retrieval...
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Analysis of the Implementation of the Basic Training Tiered Kindergarten Educators in Sidoarjo

Siti Fatimah Soenaryo, Beti Istanti Suwandayani, Reni Dwi Susanti
This research aims to analyze the implementation of the basic training program of tiered, factor endowments, and the basic training program of an inhibitor factor kindergarten educators in Sidoarjo, East Java. This research uses qualitative descriptive approach. Data collection techniques are used in...
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An Analysis of Local Wisdom Message through Inheritance Media in the East Java Society

M. Muslimin
One of efforts in comprehending the phenomenon of inheritance media that have formed and evolved inside a society that is by comprehending the function of inheritance media based on sociocultural interaction. In order to comprehending the phenomenon of local wisdom message in the East Java people, Indonesia,...
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Development of Child Education Tourism through Creative Dance in West Java-based Traditional Games

Rosalina Giyartini
Todays, activities in Indonesia are surge massively in accordance with the changing times. Due to the urgent demand of the society, nature tourism, culture, history, religion, culinary, shopping, as well as education has thriving. A feasible solutionto deal with such issue is by developing a child education...
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Cultural Properties as a Source for Learning History: A Case Study in Cilacap Regency, Indonesia

Ms Suswandari, Laely Armiyati
This research aims to identify the potential of cultural property in Cilacap Regency as a source for learning history. The research is conducted using qualitative approach through three stages, namely identifying cultural property that can be used as a source for learning history and educational tourism,...
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Strengthening School Committee as an Effort to Increase Community Participation

Mr Asmoni, Mr Fathurrahman
This study examines the efforts to increase community participation as an effort to strengthen school committees considering so that the existence of healthy school committees has a significant influence on the presence of superior school services. The approach taken in this study using qualitative methods...
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Elements of Design in Batik Tiga Negeri, Lasem

Nanang Rizali
One of the cultural heritages of the archipelago that has been inherited from the ancestors is batik. Based on its history, batik cloth has a philosophical value, symbolic meaning, and an event of identity and social strata and spirituality and the journey of civilization. Batik is a cultural art relic...
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Integrating The Thematic Instruction for The First Grade of Elementary Students by Using "The Mouse Deer and Snail" Big Book Literate Story

Ratna Trieka Agustina, Harti Kartini
Based on the Indonesian elementary school curriculum 2013, the focus of the instructional is based on thematic which should integrate many subjects. The aim of the research is to create the fable literature story big book. The title is “Mouse Deer and Snail". This book is created and developed based...
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An Analysis on Creative Thinking Skill on Algebra Materials of Students in Regular, Acceleration, and Olympiad Classes

Dwi Priyo Utomo
This current study aimed at analyzing creative thinking skill in solving mathematical problems of students in regular, acceleration, and Olympiad classes. Qualitative research design was employed, by means of descriptive-explorative approach. The subjects of this study were students in regular, acceleration,...
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The General Principles of Establishment of Regulations as a Testing Tool of Harmonization Policy of Local Regulation Product in Indonesia

Abdul Aziz Nasihuddin, Tedi Sudrajat, Sri Wahyu Handayani
The varied matters in Local Governments of Indonesia create authorityimplication in the establishment of localregulation products. The unclear standards and criteria in the establishment of local regulation, in this caseareLocal Regulations and Local Head Regulations, have led to problems regarding the...
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Building Students Characters By Habituation of Practicing Hadith Using Star Calendar Media

Rizka Harfiani
The objective of this research is to build students characters at Ar-Rasyid Islamic Primary School located at Sukamaju Village, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatera. The research used Class Action Research with the qualitative approach and type of case study. The research subjects were 20 students grade...
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Improvement of Quality of Learning of Islamic Education at National Senior High School of Parepare

Ms Sureda
The quality of learning of Islamic education is a problem that is always a concern for the school educators. The learning quality of Islamic education is dynamic and complex so the detailed and in-depth study is needed. Islamic education as one of the core subjects in high school because it is the basic...
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The Integrated Critical Thinking Learning Model of Islamic Values

Muhammad Nasir, Mr Buhaerah, Ms Nurhaedah
The aimed of the study is to develop and designed to produce educational products in the form of critical thinking learning model that integrating the Islamic values. The purpose of this model it might be one of the guidelines for teachers or teaching staff to teach the learners by critical thinking...
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Promotion Policy of Civil Servant Based on Meritrocracy Principle In Local Government of Indonesia

Tedi Sudrajat, Siti Kunarti, Sri Hartini
One of main issues in government promotion policy is by placing civil servants based on merit system which considering the promotion on how the qualification, competence, and performance are suitable with the position. Therefore, the first problem is the model of civil servant’s promotion policy implemented...