Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities and Arts (SSHA 2022)

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Research on Design Principle and Practice of Workshop of South China Education History HIBL Base (Pingshi)

Ying Shi, Nuo Shi, Ying Pan
Based on South China Education History (Pingshi) Hands-on Inquiry Based Learning (HIBL) base, through the research of south China education history, combing the wartime Pingshi area university planning and design method of comprehensive analysis of the town of Pingshi historical cultural background and...
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Sustainable Design Strategy of Expo 2020 DuBai

Lin Mo, Chen Lin, Hao Hu
Sustainable development is the common goal of mankind. The World Expo brings together the world’s most cutting-edge science and technology and ideas. This article aims to introduce the ongoing sustainable development design strategy of the Dubai Expo site and pavilions for the current architectural design...
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Research on the Development of Community Elderly Care Centers with Government Support in the Context of Internet Big Data

Liyang Chen, Jun Liu, Xiaoning Zhu
The aging problem facing China is increasing, and with it comes the serious problem of elderly care. As an important way to solve the urban aging problem, community elderly care centers have become a model of elderly care vigorously implemented in many cities, and the government plays a crucial role...
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The Policy Implementation Process of Medical Resource Decentralization

Jiani Jin, Liyang Chen, Xiaoning Zhu
In order to alleviate the imbalance between the supply and demand structure of primary care and to achieve equalization of basic public services. District Y promotes the sinking of high-quality medical resources through the reform of county medical institution integration. According to the Smith’s policy...
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How Does Covid-19 Impact the Future Plans of Graduated College Students in China?

Jiacheng Yuan, Moyan Zhang
The Covid-19 has dramatically influenced society world widely. This work explored its influence on the future plans of graduated college students in China. This work extracted data of different employment plans of graduated college students from 20 universities in China, using statistical techniques...
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Analysis of Monet’s “Water Lilies” Based on E.H.Gombrich’s Theory of Iconology

YuLin Wang
E.H.Gombrich is an important successor and critic of iconology theory. He not only affirmed Wolfgang K.H.Panofsky’s iconology theory, but also creatively proposed his own theory. The article is based on E.H.Gombrich’s iconology theory. It analyzes the impressionist painter Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies”...
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Research on Management Model of Private Colleges and Universities from the Multiple of Stakeholders

Lina Xuan, Maobing He, Tao Xu, Allam Maalla
In recent years, private colleges and universities have continuously expanded the scale and improved the quality of running schools and have become an important force supporting higher education. Private colleges and universities are composed of multiple stakeholders such as the government, organizers,...
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Transgenerational Memory and piRNAs

Zijing Liang
Previous studies suggest that memory inheritance is observed on some mice progenies with parents who have experienced fearful memory. Further investigation also shows that there are increments of piwi-RNA, which shows to have effects in enhancing the progenies’ ability to avoid harmful bacteria, in both...
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How Psychological Factors Impact Chinese Youth Tik Tok Addiction

Yiyun Zhang
Tik Tok is very popular all over the world, especially in China. In some cases, the excessive use of Tik Tok can lead to addiction among Chinese youth. This report is based on the Mesomeric effect to study the factors affecting short video app addiction. A total of 349 valid questionnaires were collected...
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The Historical Development and the Teaching Reform of Improvisational Piano Accompaniment in China’s Higher Education

Kuo-Ying Lee
The subject of improvisational piano accompaniment aims to develop a student’s capability in accompanying a vocalist, an instrumentalist, or a chorus spontaneously and harmoniously without following a music score. Improvisational piano accompaniment transformed from a secondary subject to a highly demanding...
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Similarities and Differences between Chinese and Western Ancient Education

Jiahui Zhao
The development of Chinese and Western educational thought has taken two completely different paths. Both Chinese and Western educational thoughts have their deep historical and cultural backgrounds. Education is an indispensable part of the cultural field. This paper takes the characteristics of the...
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Immersion, Integration and Exploration -- The Realistic Path of Content Production Enabled by Virtual Reality Technology

Zhao Wenxuan, Wang Desheng
The application of digital technology has caused shock and repercussions in the media industry. The media production paradigm with emerging technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data and 5g as the core reprogrammes the media: the communication media are loaded digitally,...
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The Status Quo and Challenges of Ideological and Political Teaching in Military Academy Courses

Fang Hua, Liu Wenjuan, Hu Jie, Liu Hui
Sorting out clearly the current situation and challenges of ideological and political teaching in military academies is a realistic basis for better development of ideological and political courses in military academies. The paper proposes that the current military academy curriculum ideological and...
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Image, Impressionism and Imagism

Dialogue between Chinese and Western Poetics on Image

Zhengfa Wan
Image is the intermediary between language and emotion. Image is a very important poetic category in both Chinese and Western literary theories. The categories of “aspirations and emotion”, “imagery” and “artistic conception” in Chinese literary theory and the Impressionism and Imagism in Western literary...
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Evolution and Analysis of Hand-held Flowers in Ancient China

Lin Shi, Yanping Fan
Traditional Chinese flower arrangement, as a part of China’s intangible cultural heritage, features unique Chinese cultural characteristics and styles of forms. A small number of studies on hand-held flower were scattered in the history of flower arrangement. This paper aims to briefly chronologize the...
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The Legendary Alexander: Behind All the Success

Xinrui Li
one of the legendary figures in ancient Greek and Roman history is Alexander. In this paper, the researcher analyzes his life, myths, define the factors of his success.
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The Life of Saint Boniface: Legitimizing “Political Monks” in Carolingian Europe

Lundy Zheng
Benedictine monks have played a crucial role in not only the shaping of Christianity, but also the political landscape of Carolingian Europe. One such monk, named Willibald, produced a valuable hagiographical text about Saint Boniface, who was archbishop of Mainz and a leading figure in the Anglo-Saxon...
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An Analysis of the Success of “New Blind Date Conference” from the Perspective of Communication Psychology

Li Tianzhi
Under the current Internet economic model, the entertainment industry has shown a strong development trend. TV variety shows are the product of the development of the entertainment industry to a certain level. Among them, the emotional variety show on the topic of marriage and love, as a special variety...
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Discuss the Crime of Advocating Terrorism and Extremism from Case Analysis

Renyi Xu
In order to enable the government to intervene as early as possible before the harmful results are occurred, the amendment of the Criminal Law (IX) substantially modifies and adds provisions related to terrorism to control the risk of related crimes prepositionally and systematically. With a view to...
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Exosome Related Neural Communication and Memory Inheritance

Yunqin Zhang
Transgenerational memory is a newly discovered phenomenon and observed in several different species. Evidence suggests olfactory bulbs and ncRNAs are typically involved. However, it is unknown that the carrier that brings the memory to the gametes. Exosomes, an overlooked substance, is now reconsidered...
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Study of Creatively Popular Short Videos for Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage

Zixuan Cao
Short video has become one of the most dominant trends in Chinese social media. Nowadays, new media platforms such as TikTok provided new potential for the protection, dissemination, and activation of intangible cultural heritage. It provides a new stage for the Chinese intangible cultural heritage and...
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College Student Union Reform under the Construction of the Secondary College Student Union

YanJie Guo
The college-level student union is a student organization under the leadership of the school Party committee and under the guidance of the school Youth League Committee. It is mainly composed of students and serves students. Under the guidance of the general branch of the college, students conduct self-service,...
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An Analysis of the Impact of the Development of Hong Kong Society on Local Romance Films between 1990-2000

Xulin Tang
Hong Kong, has its own historical and political background, has therefore developed a unique film culture. This paper will take Hong Kong romance films created in the 1990s and 2000s as its research subject, and provide an analysis of the development of the genre during this period of change in Hong...
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Ecological Aesthetics in Olmsted’s Landscape Art

Ran Tan
As the most famous planner, landscape architect and founder of landscape architecture in the second half of the 19th century in the United States, Olmsted advocated adapting measures to local conditions and natural landscape rules, and the ecology proposed by biologists. The concept overlap not only...
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Facing Problems Exploration Strategies of Ideological and Political Education Practice of Course on Database System Principles

Hongbo Li, Jinbo Bai
For a long time to come, ideological and political education will be transformed from a single ideological and political course to a full curriculum ideological and political course. Aiming at the problems existing in the current course education practice and research, such as lacking of curriculum ideological...
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Students Assessment in Kindergarten

Xiaojuan Ye
Assessment system is an important part of kindergarten education. Over the past decade, the development of kindergarten education has led to its assessment system reform. Children academic performance, as a central issue concerned by parents and kindergartens in nowadays society, has widen current students...
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Examining Impacts of Gender Bias in Chinese Education Systems

Becky Wen Pei Zhong
This paper aims to examine the impacts of gender bias within Chinese education systems. An experiment is proposed along with a list of its methods in order to explore the given research question. Through the experiment, results were predicted and future directions were detailed.
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Who Won the Korean War? The Conflict Between China and the United State

Qingyang Zeng
Nowadays, the tension between China and the United States has been growing radically. Many scholars are conceiving of a possible limited war between these two superpowers. Looking back to the past, there is one “forgotten war” that is between China and the United States--The Korean War. The importance...
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School-based Bullying Prevention Program in Australia: Safe Schools Program

A Critical Review of Program Outcomes, Stakeholders, and Further Recommendations

Shiyang Zhu, Haorui Zhang
Bullying among students at school has already become a rampant phenomenon and a wicked issue that haunts worldwide educational leaders. This article thoroughly analyzes the development of a bullying prevention program and its stakeholders involved in Australian education system. This program, initiated...
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Essential Lessons from China’s Development

Ziyi Li
China is unquestionably among the main beneficiaries of globalization. Since the reform and opening up in 1978, China’s series of economic, political and ideological changes have achieved remarkable results, with China’s economy growing at an average rate of nearly 8% per annum, greatly improving the...
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A Study on Differences and Related Factors of Long-term Care Demand Between Urban and Rural Areas

Xu Dianhui
In recent years, the number of disabled elderly have increased rapidly. If not resolved in time, it may cause further social problems and affect the development of a harmonious society. Therefore, it is crucial to measure long-term care needs and analyze relevant social factors. We use CLHLS2014 data...
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Community Inheritance and Promotion of Traditional Crafts-Taking Shanghai Fenglin Street as an Example

Qian Jiang
A good community culture is the cultural foundation of a city. As an important part of the cultural heritage, traditional craftsmanship reflects cultural characteristics, and the cultural strength behind it can deepen cohesion. Taking Fenglin Road Street in Shanghai as an example, this paper analyzes...
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Analysis of China’s A-shares Based on Industry Rotation Strategy

ZhanTuo Xing
Industry rotation is a common phenomenon in the stock market. Through the idea of momentum and reversal trading, this paper uses the CSI 300 industry index to empirically test the industry rotation phenomenon of China’s A-share market. The results of the trading test reflect that the industry momentum...
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Metrolingual Linguistic Repertoire and Business Sovereignty: Geosemiotic Analysis of Linguistic Landscapes in Sydney Chinatown

Jiayang Hu
Previous studies have focused on global Chinatowns in the U.K. and the U.S. regarding the visual language use, but few studies have investigated Sydney Chinatown that has held abundant linguistic resources and history. Dixon Street, the centre of Sydney inner-city Chinatown is marked by the community...
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Existential Interpretation of The Great Gatsby

Shuhua Hou
The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald is a representative masterpiece of 1920s American “Jazz Age”. Since its publication in 1925, critics home and abroad commented this novel from various perspectives, such as new criticism, traditional historical and cultural criticism, biographical criticism, psychoanalysis,...
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Visual Aesthetics and Color Analysis in Vapor wave Art

XinMin Ma, Yajie Liu
Vapor wave is an emerging art that combines Internet technology and retro electronic culture to convey information in a vague, abstract way. In recent years, the color and expression form of this style has appeared in a large number of clothing, commercial advertisement and other fields, especially in...
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A Study on the Factors Influencing Retired Middle-aged and Older Women’s Willingness to Learn from a Learning Society Perspective

An Empirical Analysis Based on CGSS2017 Data

Xiaotong Tan
Building a learning society is an inevitable requirement for the development of modern society, during which the participation of every member of society is indispensable. In this study, a group of retired middle-aged and older women were selected as the research participants, and the CGSS2017 was used...
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The Incompatibility between Art and Morality

Oscar Wilde’s Aestheticism in The Picture of Dorian Gray

Zhiwei Ai
“All art is quite useless” is one of Oscar Wilde’s epigrams prefaces his only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. He argued that art did not hold any purpose, nor did it take any responsibility in influencing society’s morality, religion, or education. Its sole purpose should be to find beauty, attain...
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The Application of Magnetic Nanoparticles as a Targeted Therapy in Cancer Treatment

Yifei Bai
Due to the defects of traditional cancer therapies, nanotechnology has been widely applied to treat tumors. Much achievement has been achieved. Since the magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) has been invented, many researchers have developed many MNPs. In addition, targeted drug delivery and magnetic hyperthermia...
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A Basic Analysis of the Deconstruction of Space and the Metamorphosis of Character Ideology in Kafka’s Novels

Fusun Zhang, Zhanjun Fan
Austrian novelist Franz Kafka, as a representative writer of European novels in the twentieth century, has been titled by many critics as a nihilist, a realist writer, and the founder of the absurd for the absurd background often constructed in his works and his non-mainstream thoughts. The deconstruction...
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Analysis of Trends in Education for Canada

Zhihuan Shao
The quality of education dramatically determines the quality of children’s lives and opportunities. Schools aim to provide students with skills, knowledge, and interpersonal capability, which are necessary to develop and benefit the economy and society. In a country like Canada, its education system...
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Research on the Various Types of “Three Governance Integration” Models in China’s Rural Areas

Gong Yu
“Three governance integration” is a unique governance model in China’s rural social governance. It is composed of three governance mechanisms: autonomy, rule of law, and rule of morality. It is known as the “Fengqiao Experience” in the new era. During the development of “Three governance integration”,...
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The Reliance on Social Media and Its Correlation to People’s Space-time Mappings

He Jiang, Xiangyu Wang, Xinyan Li
The temporal proception and conception, including space-time mapping, may vary across different contexts, related to different cultural attitudes with time and the individual’s temporal focus. Some research further reveals that the experience of pregnancy may influence women’s space-time mappings. The...
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How Does Light Shape the Environment and Affect Human Perception in the Virtual Environment

Lin Wang
This paper introduces the virtual reality technology and its created environment, which immerses the experiencers, and uses the lighting effect to affect the experiencers’ perception, so that although the experiencers were informed to be in the virtual environment, they are still almost completely attracted...
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Research on the Development and Optimization of the Training Mode of Full-time Master of Education

Gao yu
The professional degree education of full-time Master of education in China started late, and there are inevitably different degrees of problems among the elements of the training mode. It is imperative to optimize and reform the training mode of full-time Master of education. In order to improve the...
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Exploring the Willingness of Video Apps Users Participating in Ads Monitoring

Ruining Hu
In China, companies that provide ads monitoring services often hire professionals to verify the actual effect of ads. However, hiring professionals can be costly, so ad verification companies develop ideas that engage video app users to help with the ad verification process. Addressing on a survey taken...
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Multigenerational Effect of piRNA on Neuronal Structure Change of Mice Induced by Odor-fear Conditioning

Yi Zong
This paper focuses on the biological relationship between piRNA and transgenerational memory in mice, and in it describes an experiment that can determine the existence of such relationship or not. piRNA is a type of non-coding RNA that is recently found and has potential importance in the field of epigenetics,...
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The Enlightenment of “Educational Ramblings” to the Family Education of the Only Child in China

Locke was a famous Philosopher and thinker in England in the 17th century. His educational work, “A Rambler on Education”, was aimed at educating the children of the rich in the upper class, which reflected a kind of educational view representing the emerging bourgeoisie in the Renaissance period of...
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Large-Scale Graph Processing Project Using Pregel

Jingmin Yu
How to compute large-scale data is an important topic. The graph is an important type of data. Pregel is a system that is suitable for processing large-scale graphs. Pregel which sets two states of vertexes determines the program according to the states of vertexes. Because of the partitions of vertexes...
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Research on Music Influence Based on PPMCC

Tianxing Ma, Xiaobin Zhou, Bowen Li, Peirong Wei, Renzong Li, Shuyao Fang
Music is an important part of human society. Artists will be affected in many ways when creating music, such as the influence between artists, politics, culture, and technology. This article uses network science to model and analyze the influence of music, focusing on analyzing the influence between...
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Instruments to Improve International Legal and Institutional Systems to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic

Zhibo Yu, Yuanxuan Wang
Covid-19 ravages the entire world. Countries have taken different measures to combat this unpredictable virus, leading to a more complex pattern of international relations. This paper addresses the chain reaction of global shortage on medicine goods and personal protective equipment, and explains the...
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The Female Images in “The Crossing” and “Lady Bird”

Similarities and Differences of Feminist Construction in Chinese and Western Growth Films

Peixian Mo
With the continuous development of feminism, the female images in films have changed accordingly in recent years. In order to explore the development status of female consciousness in China and the West, this research selects the Chinese film “The Crossing” and the American film “Lady Bird” as the objects,...
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A Study on the Causes and Measurement Indicators for Income Inequality in China

Ziyuan Fang
China declared the total eradication of absolute poverty in the country in 2021. In this context, the situation of income inequality within China has come under renewed scrutiny and discussion. This article discusses the history of income inequality in China and the sources of the system. At the same...
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Study on Copyright Licensing Agreement CC0 in Network Age

Yan Chi
Copyright is also called copyright in China. As a product of the printing era, copyright protects the priority rights enjoyed by the author in the process of work transmission, and also protects the interests of disseminators such as publishing houses and printing houses. In today’s Internet age, information...
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The Relationship between Intelligence Quotient and the Success of Psychopathic Individuals

Yilin Liu, Yao Lu, Xiaorui Zhang, Yidan Xie, Yaoqing Lu
Previous research has come to some findings on the attributes and characteristics of people who have psychopathic traits. There is a vacuum in these investigations, however, because no studies have looked at the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of people who exhibit psychopathic features. Based on past research,...
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Research on the Development Trend of Green Design in the Post-epidemic Era

Cengjuan WU
In recent years, the concept of green design research has become mature and developed steadily. However, due to the arrival of the post-epidemic era, medical waste has grown exponentially, and a large amount of garbage has flowed into the natural ecological environment. These medical wastes have caused...
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Strategies Behind Tik Tok’s Global Rise

Zhenliang Li
This study aims at explaining the increased use of the mobile application Tiktok. With the significant development of short video industries, the timing of Tiktok was perfect, which enabled it to spread quickly. This study will evaluate the reasons behind the significant development and popular use of...
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Study on the Practical Approach of Comprehensive Governance Construction of Network Society in The New Era

Mengsheng Cai
In the new era, the comprehensive governance of China’s Internet society is faced with risks and challenges, such as the low awareness of Internet security among netizens, the weak collaborative governance capacity of the Internet society, the insufficient ability of Internet enterprises to deal with...
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Research on Portfolio Disposal Effect Based on Reversal Strategy

Xijin Zhou
By analyzing the data of China’s stock return from 2001 to 2021, this paper uses the five factor model to study the impact of disposal effect on the excess return of portfolio based on reversal strategy, so as to judge whether the disposal effect is one of the driving factors of reversal effect in China’s...
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Comparison of the Examination Policy and the Lottery Policy in Entering Schools

Mingzhu Yang
To produce a comparison study between the examination policy and the lottery policy, this paper used the admittance policy in the city of Shanghai as the primary example and Xi’an as the reference. By contrasting these policies, it can be demonstrated that fundamental changes have occurred in society...
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Research on Fresh Produce Sales Optimization Based on New Retail Context

Tongpu Wei
In the context of the rapid development of the Internet, the development and application of technologies such as big data and cloud computing have driven the continuous innovation of retail enterprises and brought new sales models. In recent years, the development of e-commerce has given rise to a variety...
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Research on the Willingness of Guangzhou Residents to Sign Up for Family Doctors and Its Influencing Factors Based on TAM

Guihao Zhuang, Ziyao Wang
The implementation of the “Healthy China” strategy calls for strengthening the community-level medical and health service system and building the ranks of general practitioners. After provincial (municipal and district) governments actively responded to the national call to establish relevant pilot programs,...
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World War II, an Underestimated Time for the Growth of British Female Economical Rights

Langrui Cao
The Second World War had a profound and lasting impact on the life and survival mode of British women. In Britain before World War II, gender was the boundary between the roles of combatants and noncombatants and between family and work. However, in the Second World War, the threat of air raid and invasion...
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Analysis of the Premium of American Option Based on both Mathematical Method and Python

Bodan Yang, Chenxi Xia, Shangbin Ye, Jiajin Chen
This paper mainly analyzes the influence of different factors on the price of American call option and put option and European call option and put option. This paper mainly considers the option premium from four aspects: strike price, up factor, down factor, and interest rate. First, this paper discusses...
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Analyzing the Influence of Linguistic and Cultural Background on Chinese-English Bilingual Personality

Shiqi Huang, Yunfei Deng, Rong Jin, Xinyue Ouyang, Sirui She
As we all know, linguistics is interesting, and it always affects people in many ways. This work wonders what other factors will affect people’s personality besides language itself. The first idea that comes to our mind is culture. In this experiment, 200 members from different cultural backgrounds will...
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The Application of Inclusive Education in China

Jingyi Yan
Inclusive education is a new educational concept proposed in a declaration at the ‘World Conference on Special Needs Education’ held in Salamanca, Spain on June 10, 1994. It means that every child has the basic right to education, unique sexual characteristics, interests, abilities, and learning needs....
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Vulnerable Socially Smart Kid: Theory of Mind and Sensitivity to Teacher Criticism

Jiangyue Li
Objectives: Previous studies have found that children with advanced social understanding are more sensitive to teachers’ criticisms. However, these studies were restricted to Western countries and relied heavily on false belief tasks to represent theory of mind development. This research studied how...
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Research on the Construction and Operation Mechanism of Intelligent Elderly Care System in Tianjin

Yuxin Yang, Xinran Yu
The development of smart elderly care industry is not only an important innovation to deal with the aging of population, but also brings far-reaching value to the development of economic society. This paper focuses on Tianjin smart pension system, analyzes the current situation of Tianjin smart pension...
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Research on Risk Factors and Help-seeking for Intimate Partner Violence among Women in China’s Rural and Urban Area

Jingwei Yang
Intimate partner violence (IPV) affects 30% of females around China and it has brought increasing public attention in the past several years. A growing amount of research about IPV prevalence and its risk factors has been done in different regions of China such as Hongkong, Hunan, Henan, and Anhui. However,...
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Experiment Report: Peripheral and Central Persuasion Name

Yue Zhou
Attitudes play a significant role in the lives of human beings. These are defined as important characteristics that enable human beings to form certain choices, as well as, determine what is likely to leave an impact on them and what would be the extent of that impact. Persuasion is the process that...
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How Does Labor Union Affects Domestic Education?

Yifan Hu, Chuhao Jin, Lingwei Si
This work discusses about the effect of labor unions in education. In this work, the correlation between the labor unions and education quality is demonstrated by examining union density and PISA grades of European Union members through the linear regression model. A turning point changed the correlation...
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Tourists’ Risk Perception of Smart Tourism Impact on Tourism Experience

Song Yang, Liu Yumeng, Yu Ziqi
The following study aims at identifying all the aspects associated with smart tourism and its impact in enhancing tourists’ experience. Smart tourism can be evaluated as the utilisation of innovative tools and technologies in tourism activities with a view to provide effective services to the tourists....
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Reform and Practice of the Course Examination Method in Application Universities

Taking Nanning University as an Example

Wu Yunyue
Course Examination is an important way to test the teaching effect of teachers and the learning effect of students.Starting from the connotation of application-oriented talents, this paper discuss the problems existing in the course examination of application universities and colleges, and advances some...
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The Relationship between Academic Procrastination and Self-Efficacy in Online Educational Model

Shipei Wang
This study reports a large literature review to examine the relationship between self-efficacy and academic procrastination in an online classroom environment. It finds that increased self-efficacy in online courses can effectively reduce and solve students’ academic procrastination, accordingly, improving...
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Symbolism and Characterization in Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter

Li Peiyun
The scarlet letter as A representative of the hawthorne’s first long literary works, assembled hawthorne all classic thoughts and consciousness, and give full play to the hawthorne in characters and the application of symbolism talent, to keep the story characters between the spiritual and moral see-saw,...
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UGC Mode on Social Media

Jinye WU, Zhixuan YU, Tianhui JIN
This paper dives into the user-generated content and its influences on human life. UGC mode on social media is beneficial to interpersonal communication and information communication. It serves people to access each other and become more informative, satisfying people’s needs on communication. However,...
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Current International Sea Disputes Based on International Law Framework

Junyi Zhao, Zhi Nan-James Deng, Keyi Wang
The development of navigation and sailing technology had grunted humans the ability to sail freely through the great seas. However, the sea is increasingly viewed by nations as a natural resource. This naturally brings many disputes between countries. To deal with this, the international society created...
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Conquest, Compliance, and Conformity in the College Classroom: Gender, Power, and Social Identity in Higher Education

Yutian Zhang
Classroom dynamics are complex and fluid, representing the emergence, negotiation, and navigation of a range of social roles and identities. Gender and power are important faces of these ever-evolving, highly contextual, and continuously (re)negotiated social roles within the classroom environment. This...
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Comparison of Pension Financial Systems between China and Japan

Yu Zhou
This article aims to analyse the differences between Chinese and Japan’s pension systems and the social reasons for the divergence. Although attitude and cognition of residents in both Japan and China towards the Pension system are similar, two nations each face unique and characteristic challenges in...
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The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on E-commerce

Jin Gao, Xindi Yu, Yuou Wang
This work explains and evaluates the impact of Covid19 pandemic on e-commerce industry using event analysis approach. This work mainly categorizes the impact into three aspects: study and working, shopping, and socialization. In each aspect, one representative firm is selected to analyze the impact....
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The Relationship Between the Extent of Depression and Social Connection

Yuqing Jin
This paper examines the relationship between social connections and the extent of depression. The review has referenced the previous research among multiple countries between the groups of teenagers, elders, and other ages groups. In this work, it has shown that there would be a negative relationship...
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How to Increase the Success Rate of Chinese Poverty Alleviation in Areas Whose Conditions are Similar to Yunnan Province?

Qichang Liu
China, as a country at the right edge of Island 2, is trying its best to transit to Island 3. To achieve this ultimate goal, getting rich is a pivotal target. China is a populous country with 1,410,000,000 people and by the end of 2020, absolute poverty had been eliminated. Although extreme poverty no...
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Chinese Infrastructure in Africa

Haixuan Yu, Hui Yuan, Yi Wang
In the data analysis part, we first divide the data into transportation project variables, such as transportation services and space transportation, and post and telecommunications project variables, such as computers, communications, and other services. When conducting principal component analysis on...
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The Response to European Integration Crisis from the Perspective of Neoliberalism

Tongjie Lu
After the World War II, international organizations and international alliances began to develop vigorously as institutional designs for maintaining peace and promoting development. Among them, European integration is the most successful model of regional inter-governmental cooperation, which covers...
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Urban Greenway Landscape Design Research

Zhenghong Gu
With the rapid development of modern society and economy, many environmental problems have emerged.In recent years, the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality has resulted in the concept of green, ecological and environmental protection gradually deeply rooted in popular hearts. Citizens not only...
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Research on Challenges and Transformation Strategies of Chinese news TV Program Hosts

Yue Lian
With the rise of new media, great changes have taken place in China’s media environment, especially for TV stations, which were regarded as strong media in the traditional media, are facing great pressure of transformation. In this context, the transformation of Chinese TV news program hosts has become...
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Research on Project-Driven Flipped Classroom Practice Teaching Mode Based on Third-Party Platform

Jinbo Bai, Hongbo Li
With the progress of society and the development of technology, the world education in the 21st century turns to focus on the cultivation of 21st century skills. Under the new education development environment, in order to meet the contemporary college students’ new needs of 21st century skills training,...
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Design of Immersive Sci-Fi Space based on Industrial Ruins

Jiu Zi, Zhigang Wang, Tongge Yao
Industrial sites have important historical value, cultural value, social value. How to make industrial sites coruscate new vitality and life in today’s society is a very important proposition. This work aims to explore an immersive exhibition space design idea that combines industrial sites and science...
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Clinical Effects of White Noise on Improving Sleep Quality: A Literature Review

Huizi Cao
White noise is a non-pharmacological way to speed up falling asleep and improve sleep quality which has high operability and simplicity. The prevailing view is that the scientific basis for this approach is “providing a relatively safe and comfortable environment” and “masking ambient noise”. This review...
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Processing of Null-subject Sentences in Chinese-English Sight Translation

Yao Peng
Sight translation is an extremely complicated bilingual activity. Particularly, syntactic processing is integral to satisfactory translation quality. In recent years, quite a few scholars have investigated the syntactic processing, transfer and reformulation from the perspective of cognitive psychology....
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How COVID-19 Has Changed Chinese Young Adults’ Mental Health Status

Xinhan Zhou
Recently, a new coronavirus, officially called SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19), had brought the entire world into disorders. COVID-19 had caused overall 450 million infections in the entire world, whereas it caused more than 150 thousand in China. It has been doubted whether the COVID-19 can affect people’s mood...
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An Analysis of the Integration of Red Stories and Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Universities

Zi Wang, Mengqi Zhang, Wenjuan Liu, Ting Wei
During the thirty-first collective study session of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Xi Jinping emphasized that red resources are the testimony of our party’s hard and brilliant struggle and the most precious spiritual wealth. The red bloodline is a concentrated expression of the political...
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Analysis of Urbanization Trends in the New Internet Economy

Linxi Gong
Since the 1990s, the development of information technology has brought many influences and challenges to human civilization. Today in the 21st century, informatization and networking have gradually become key factors that promote the overall development of regional economy and society. As the carrier...
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Psychological Analysis on the Consumers’ Online Shopping Behavior

Siyuan Yin
Internet development is gradually spreading to the production and living areas. The integration of traditional industries and services with the Internet is also becoming closer, which changes the consumption behavior of the population. Internet consumers are a new consumer group with very different characteristics...
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Comparing the Understanding of Self between American Beat Generation and the Chinese in the 1980s from the Example of On the Road and Eighteen Years Old and Away

Yiying Rong
After the Second World War, totalitarianism began to flourish in the United States at this time, while bringing about rapid economic development. However, the lack of response to political demands led to the emergence of rebellious voices, and the beat generation emerged as a branch of American literature....
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The Development Status and Thinking of Infant Care for Children Aged 0-3 Years in China under the Background of “Three-child Policy”

Wei PENG, Mizhi YAN
Against the background of declining fertility rate, China has proposed the “three-child policy” to encourage childbirth. Based on the existing literature and combined with the investigation results, this paper analyzes the development process, current situation and characteristics of infant care in China....
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How to Rehearse a Youth Orchestra

Shiran Du
This study is focused on an effective method of performing a youth orchestra. It has been highlighted that it can provide various kinds of benefits to involved stakeholders in terms of focus, cooperation, discipline, and practice. The rehearsals should be conducted following a well-defined schedule and...
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Investigation and Analysis on the System and Path of Revitalization of Rural Talents

Zhou Shuhan
The report of the 19th CPC National Congress pointed out that agriculture and rural issues are fundamental to the country’s economy and people’s livelihood. We must always make solving problems related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers the top priority of the Party’s work and implement the rural...
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Constructive Logic of Comprehensive Management of Network Culture

Wenying Ning, Xingbin Dong
The comprehensive governance of network culture refers to a dynamic and open governance system based on the mutual construction of traditional and modern information technology and characterized by equal consultation and pluralistic co governance, which is committed to governance and development. In...
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A Corpus-based Contrastive Analysis of English-Chinese Main Negatives

Taking TED English Chinese Parallel Corpus of Speech as an Example

Rulan Wu
The use and development of negative words are related to the historical development of various languages and different nations’ thinking characteristics. This paper has made a contrastive analysis of the negative words of English and Chinese based on “TED English Chinese parallel corpus of speech” to...