Proceedings of the 5th SEA-DR (South East Asia Development Research) International Conference 2017 (SEADRIC 2017)

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Dayung Context in Fraction

Marhamah Fajriyah, Ratu Ilma I. Putri, Mr Zulkardi
The students face often difficulties in understanding fraction lesson. It is because the students never get learning basic concept of fraction. This research aimed to get learning trajectory that can help students understand the addition and subtraction of fraction by using dayung context in Asian Games....
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The Development of Mathematics Instruction Using Color Chips at Elementary School Based on Lesson Study

Fitrani Dwina, Riry Sriningsih
This research aims to develop the mathematics instruction using color chips at elementary school based on Lesson Study. This research was conducted at fifth grade of State Elementary School 23, Padang Timur. The development is adapted from Plomp's model. There are three phases of the development: preliminary...
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The Development of Teaching Media Based on PREZI Application at Fluid Dynamic Subject

Mustika Wati, Sri Hartini, Dian Novita, Saiyidah Mahtari
The development of science and technology creates a variety of media that can present data. One of them is the Prezi application. The strength of Prezi application is that it can be used online. This research aimed to describe: (1) the validity of teaching media using Prezi, (2) practicality of teaching...
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The Development of Kayuh Baimbai Cooperative Learning Model for Elementary School Students

Akhmad Humaidi, Yudha Adrian
This research was conducted to develop Kayuh Baimbai cooperative learning model based on local wisdom of Banjarese community. This cooperative learning model was applied on Bahasa Indonesia subject in fourth grade students. Kayuh Baimbai cooperative learning model emphasized on togetherness or collaboration...
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The Development of "Chemtective" Game-Based Medium on Chemistry Learning

Atiek Winarti, Febrina R. Tirto, Arini D. Aprilia, Eva Raihana, N. Hidayati
The purpose of this study was to develop "Chemtective" as a game-based learning medium which was valid, practical, and effective in improving students' interest and motivation in learning Chemistry. "Chemtective" is a computer game-based medium designed by collaborating "chemistry subject" and "detective...
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Sprint Contextÿof Asian Games in the Division of Fractions

Abdul Roni, Mr. Zulkardi, Ratu Ilma I. Putri
This study used sprint context on Asian games for Learning Trajectory (LT) that can help students understand the division of fractions in grade 5 of elementary schools. This study was conducted on 30 students in class V-e of MIN 2 Palembang, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. This study used design research...
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The Development of Teaching Media Based on PREZI Zooming Presentation on Heat and Temperature Subjects

Sri Hartini, Ms Misbah, Ida Ariyani
Both teachers and students have become numb to conventional classroom presentations, where they are confronted with slide after slide containing too much information in quick, disjointed succession. Prezi's zooming presentation opens up the classroom to active learning and interactivity, making lessons...
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The Effectiveness of Using i-Spring Learning Medium to Improve the Activity and Students' Learning Outcomes

A. Mushawwir Taiyeb, Irma Suryani, Wahyu Hasanuddin
This study aimed to determine the increased activity of learning and learning outcomes in digestive system materials by the means of I-Spring learning medium. This research is a Classroom Action Research. The subjects were 31 students of class XI SMA Negeri 1 Enrekang South Sulawesi Province onthe second...
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The Implementation of Inquiry Based Learning toward Students' Learning Outcomes and Critical Thinking Skills

Muhammad Zaini, Mr Kaspul, M. Arsyad
This research aimed to (1) test the effect of inquiry based learning toward learning outcome of cognitive product and cognitive process, (2) test the effect of inquiry-based learning toward critical thinking skills. Implementation this model using the quasi-experimental. The independent variable was...
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Multiplication of Fraction With Natural Number by Using Hurdles

Chika Rahayu, Ratu Ilma I. Putri, Mr Zulkardi
Students often have a wrong understanding on multiplication of fractions in which they consider multiplication of numbers, the value definitely will always be higher. It underlies the researchers to design the learning of fractional multiplication operations with natural numbers using hurdles context...
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Blended Learning with Smartchoice iTools

Elvina Arapah
Lembaga Bahasa dan Pendidikan Profesional (LBPP) LIA has made use of a blended learning type. It is a face-to-face training combined with self-paced e-learning from Smart Choice Series equipped with iTools. These materials are already in use for almost four years and are approaching the ending or evaluation...
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The Development of Students Worksheets for Constructing Knowledge of the Fundamental Laws of Chemistry

Mr Abudarin
It is a crucial issue that the result of TIMSSÿin 2011 placed Indonesia in the 38th rank of the 42 countries for mathematics and in 40th rank of the 42 countries for science.ÿThese facts indicate that the students' skills in reasoning is still poor since the understanding of math and science is a reflection...
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Developing Student Worksheet for Learning Matrix

Chairil Faif Pasani, Ms Kamaliyah
One of the teaching materials that can improve students' competence in analyzing and solving any problems independently is student worksheet. The use of student worksheet can also help students to comprehend the mathematical concept. This study aimed to develop student worksheet about the properties...
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Learning Fractions through Swimming Context for Elementary School Students

Meta Silvia Gunawan, Ratu Ilma I. Putri, Mr. Zulkardi
This research aimed to produce learning trajectory by using the swimming context in helping students to understand the concept of fractions and addition of fractions. The approach used was Realistic Mathematics Education, Indonesian version (PMRI). The study involved 6 fourth grade students with heterogeneous...
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Identification of Emotional Intelligences Level through Brainstorming Method and Its Impact on Students' Academic Achievement

Mr Almubarak
This study aimed to identify the level of emotional intelligences through brainstorming method and its impact on students' academic achievement. This study used quantitative descriptive research. The samples were determined by using purposive sampling technique from the students of Chemistry Education,...
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The Development of Interactive Computer-Based Media for Learning Probability Subject in Mathematics Class

Yenita Roza, Ms Kartini, Arisman Adnan, Mr Habiburrahman
The probability subject is found as an interesting topic for the students but the limitation of the learning media becomes an obstacle in understanding this subject. This research aimed to develop computer-based media for learning probability subject in mathematics class at grade XI of senior high schools....
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The Combination of Peer and Self-directed Feedback on Writing Achievement of Low Proficiency EFL Students

Rizky Amelia, Asmi Rusmanayanti
Teacher feedback is a common way of giving feedback to students. However, there are gaps found particularly whether English proficiency level influences feedback effectiveness and whether feedback gives benefits students on all writing aspects. Therefore, this study examined three-fold foci whether low...
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Digital Literacy Learning Model in Digital Era

Dyah Lyesmaya
The use and abuse of digital technology in teaching and learning become a necessity in digital era. The digital era challenges future teacher to use information technology in teaching and learning at school with creative and innovative ways. PGSD (Elementary School Teacher of Education) students should...
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The Effect of Problem Posing and Problem Solving Model on Chemistry Learning Outcome

Rilia Iriani, Nor Hidayah
This study was aimed to determine differences in learning achievements and to find out the most effective learning model among the problem posing, problem solving, and problem posing-solving models in grade X SMAN 6 Banjarmasin. This research used a quasi-experimental methods with a pretest-posttest...
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Design Research in Fraction for Prospective Teachers

Ekasatya Aldila Afriansyah, Jarnawi Afgani Dahlan
Many recent studies found that students tended to have difficulty in grasping the concept of fraction. In order to overcome all the difficulties, this study presents a sequence of classroom activities aimed at constructing the understanding of fraction. This study enables prospective teachers as students...
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Maximizing Students' Scientific Process Skill within Creative Product Design: Creative Responsibility Based Learning

Mr Suyidno, Dewi Dewantara, Mohamad Nur, Leny Yuanita
Physics learning has greatly contributed to the development of technology products. Why do most students face difficultly to design a product creatively? This paper describes the effectiveness of Creative Responsibility Based Learning (CRBL) to maximize the scientific process skill within creative product...
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The Effect of Outdoor Study on the Geography Scientific Paper Writing Ability to Construct Student Character in Senior High School

Andri Estining Sejati, La Ode Amaluddin, Desi N. Hidayati, Sitti Kasmiati
Education and character are two important things related to each other. National curriculum includes the characters that need to be understood and implemented the Indonesian students. Teachers can build the students' character by using method that includes structured character activities. Scientific...
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The Development of A Handout on Eubacteria Concept for High School

Aulia Ajizah, Khairunnida Rahma
In regard to Eubacteria, basic competencies in Biology for tenth grade students include the ability to provide data on characters and roles of bacteria in life. Amongst the disadvantages of bacteria as exemplified by Escherichia coli is as the agent of human diseases. One way to overcome bacterial infection...
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The Effect of Handep Cooperative Learning Model on Social Skill and Motivation to Learn Mathematics

Ms Demitra, Mr Sarjoko
The aim of this research was to evaluate the effect of Handep cooperative learning model to the student's social skill and motivation in mathematics learning. It was conducted through the posttest only control group design. The sample were 68 students of sixteen to seventeenth years old, selected from...
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Students' Peer Assessment and Perception on ICT-based Instructional Media

Rusma Noortyani
Instructional media play an important role in supporting teaching and learning process, especially in the era of ICT nowadays. The use of the media needs a careful preparation, planning as well as effective implementation in order that the media would optimally enhance the teaching and learning process....
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The Difference between Students Critical Thinking Skill Using Problem Based Learning and Think Pairs Share on Coordination System Material

Mr Abidinsyah, Siti Ramdiah
Global development requires education to always empower higher order thinking skills (HOTs). These skills are a sign that somebody has learned and thought to compete globally. Therefore, education has a pertinent role in preparing qualified human resources. In line with this, the teaching of biology...
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Poster Exhibition Based Learning on Human Reproduction Concept

Mr Kaspul
Students' understanding on human reproduction concept at Pharmacy Major of ISFI Vocational Middle School Banjarmasin was low because of too many words and scientific terms in Greek. In addition, the process was too complicated and abstract. Based on this condition, it was necessary to implement an appealing...
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The Effect of Problem Based Learning Instruction on Students Science Process Skills in Physics

Pratiwi Sri Wardani
This research was aimed to examine how problem based learning model of instruction related to junior high students' science process skills in physics. The data were taken from eight students of the eight grade selected randomly. To control other variables and to ensure that the problem based learning...
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Students' Creative Thinking Ability Profile in Problem Solving of Animals Ecology

Akhmad Naparin, Agus Setiawan Riyadi, Mr Dharmono
In the era of a global economy based on knowledge and technology, lead free competition occurs with the trend of open systems. Therefore, Indonesian nation must improve the quality of human resources. The quality of human resources is marked by rapid development patterns of thinking in the form of creative...
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Application of Assessment as Learning in Mathematics Instruction

Benidiktus Tanujaya
This research was conducted to determine the best approach to implement the assessment as learning in mathematics instruction. Assessment as learning is a classroom-based assessment that applies the principles of self-assessment by students on each of the instruction process. The main principle in the...
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Viva Video Development Using Local Wisdom for Improving The Quality of English Learning

Ms Normalasarie, Ms Noormaliah
Media development based on local wisdom to use application of viva video aimed to produce viable instructional media used in learning that is active, innovative, creative, effective and fun. This study used an ASSURE models through six stages, namely analyzing learning, stating objectives, selecting...
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The Development of Teaching Materials for Scientific Report Writing Based on Scientific Learning

Andiopenta Purba
This study aimed to describe; (1) the product feasibility of scientific report writing instructional materials science, (2) the quality of the layout and appearance of the scientific report writing teaching materials, and (3) the effectiveness of the teaching materials. The applied model of research...
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Misconceptions of the Students with High Mathematical Creative Thinking Level in Solving the Geometric Shapes Problems

Hajjah Rafiah, Aminah Ekawati
Students are frequently wrong in understanding a certain concept or material in learning mathematics or termed as misconceptions. Misconceptions do not occur only at students with low mathematics skills or low levels of mathematical creative thinking, but also for students with high mathematical creative...
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Teachers' Concern about Implementation of Realistic Mathematics Education

Rahmah Johar, Cut Morina Zubainur, M. Ikhsan
Innovation is required in mathematics teaching in order to improve students' mathematics literacy. This means that students learn mathematics with the emphasis of common sense and application of knowledge in their daily life. Innovation can be conducted by employing the Mathematics Education (RME) approach....
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Building Up Pre-Service Mathematics Education Students' Geometry Competency Based On Visual

Mohamad Rif'at
The researcher presents data from teaching and learning series by a group of pre-service Mathematics education students from 2012 to 2014. The question addressed is: How do students of geometry come to think visually? The researcher gave students a written test to ascertain their visual levels and acquisition...
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The Development of Chemical Bonding Module Based on Science Generic Skill

I Nyoman Sudyana, Deklin Frantius
General chemistry is needed as a foundation for further understanding. One of the general chemistry concepts is the chemical bonding. Subtopics of chemical bonding selected in this study were: (1) electronegativity, (2) the Lewis' structure, (3) formal charge, (4) resonance concept, (5) octet rule, (6)...
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Evaluation on Training Program of Integrating Character Education in Civics Education for the Teachers Learning Community

Ms Fatimah
The main objective of this research is to analyze the levels of reaction, teaching and learning, behavior, and results of the participants of character education training program from Teachers' Learning Community of Civics Education in Tapin Disctrict. This research used a qualitative approach based...
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How to Develop Students' Experience on Mathematical Proof in Group Theory Course by Conditioning-Reinforcement-Scaffolding

Mokhammad Ridwan Yudhanegara, Karunia Eka Lestari
Some mathematicians and mathematics educators attested that students found difficulties in mathematical proving. The difficulties faced by students in conducting mathematical proofs, including: (1) problems in reading and understanding mathematical proofs; (2) presents a mathematical proof; (3) to prove...
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Application of Quantum Teaching Model on Environmental Pollution Contents to Train Junior High School Students Creative Thinking Ability

Mella Mutika Sari
This research aims to determine the influence of learning model of Quantum Teaching on environmental pollution material to train students' creative thinking ability of SMP. This research was conducted using pretest-posttest design. Learning devices are tested on 30 junior high school students. Data were...
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The Effectiveness of Quartet Card Utilization as Learning Media to Improve Speaking Skills in German for Students

Laelah Azizah, Mr. Burhanuddin, Mr. Zulfikar
The purpose of this study was to obtain data and information on the effectiveness of quartet card utilization as a learning medium in speaking skills on German language. This study was a quasi-experiment. The population was all students of class XI at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 1 Makassar. By using random...
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Developing a Connected Model of Integrated Science Material to Improve Students' Science Process Skill

Rifda Mardian Arif, Rahidatul Laila Agustina
The research and development was proposed to produce a connected model integrated science teaching material with proven effectiveness. The teaching material was packaged in the printed form and based on student characteristics. The teaching material was developed to improve science process skills of...
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The Development of Handout on Palm Tree Population Structure at Rampah Manjangan Waterfall

Mr Dharmono, Noor Syahdi, Mr Muchyar
Development of teaching material is very necessary because it will make valid, practical, and effective teaching material. The purpose of this research was to develop the teaching material in the form of valid field research based handout on palm tree population structure in Rampah Manjangan waterfall,...
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Developing Learning Materials with Search-Solve-Create-Share Strategy to Enchance Pre-Service Teachers' Basic Skills of Teaching Mathematics

Diar Veni Rahayu, Yaya S. Kusumah, Mr Darhim
One of skills which must be achieved by mathematics pre-service teachers is the basic skills of teaching mathematics. By having these skills, the pre-service teachers are expected to be able to become qualified teachers of the field they are going to have. However, there are still many mathematics pre-service...
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Validity of Poster on the Characteristics of Candida sp. in the Water of Campus Toilet

Aminuddin Prahatama Putra, Hidayati Rahimah
One of Microbiology fields studies about the characteristics of fungi and water microbiology, but in learning process any local resource is not used. Water contains many inorganic and organic substances as the place for microorganisms live. Candida sp. can be freely found in soil, animal's feces and...
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The Development of Blended Learning Model Using Wordpress

Muhammad Hifzi Adini, Harja Santana Purba, R. Ati Sukmawati
In general, the learning process is implemented using face-to-face model, meaning that students and teachers are in one place and at one time. With this model, common communication between students and teachers can be easily implemented. However, there are some obstacles that may be faced such as the...
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A Study on Character Building Based on Habituation to Form Students'Character

Ali Rachman
The aim of this study was to describe character building based on habituation to form character of junior high school students. The formation of character on students is important with the expectation that students have a glorious personality as well as adequate preparation to live with the times which...
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Students' Science Generic Skills Using KNoS-KGS Model in Biology Learning

Rezky Nefianthi, Almira Ulimaz
Science learning through science generic skill can provide generic science skills for students as the development of higher level thinking skills. Each individual basically and intuitively tends to do scientific activities (problem solving). The skills can be trained through learning at the school using...
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Implementation Of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) to Improve The Geography Learning Outcomes

Deasy Arisanty, Nevy Farista Aristin, M. Nasrullah
The students in class X of SMAN 10 Banjarmasin has the low of learning outcome for geography study due to the low motivation of students. CTL approach uses to increase the motivation and to increase the learning outcomes of students. The objective of study is to improve the students learning outcomes...
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The Improvement Effort in Evaluation Study Using Problem Based Learning on Hydrology Subject

Nurhayati Aritonang, Ninik Wahju Hidajati
The subject of hydrology at the faculty of civil engineering department water resources is a basic subject that must be fully understood and acknowledged by both students of the faculty of authenticable civil engineering department and faculty of educational civil engineering department. Fundamental...
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The Effectiveness of Jigsaw II Model in Improving Students' Understanding of Citizenship Education

Mr Suroto
Growing learners' motivation to study through the use of learning model is relevant to the challenges for professional educators. Jigsaw II cooperative learning model was the result of developing Jigsaw cooperative learning pioneered by Aronson. Learning model was a model whose one of the goals is to...
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David Kolb Learning Styles Influence on the Achievement of Students at Midwifery Care in Pregnancy

Dwi Sogi Sri Redjeki, Anggrita Sari, Fajar Kumaladewi S.
Students who got the same treatment in the same environment do not always have the same understanding, thinking, and view of the lecture. Kolb divides learning styles into four combinations namely diverger as a combination of feeling and watching, assimilator as a combination of thinking and watching,...
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The Differences of Students Learning Outcomes and Metacognitive Skills by Using PBL and Metacognitive-PBL

Mr Syahmani, Dini C.F. Uji Borneo
This study aims to determine the differences of cognitive learning outcome and metacognitive skills between class taught by using PBL and metacognitive-PBL model in salt hydrolysis material. This quasi-experimental research employed the nonequivalent control group design and was conducted at class XI-MIA...
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Profile of Students' Thinking with High Achievement in Solving Mathematical Problem Based on Reasoning in Gender

Fahriza Noor, Aminah Ekawati
Curriculum 2013 appointed by the government since 2015 uses a scientific approach to the mathematics learning in the classroom. The scientific approach is used to introduce students to the variety of mathematical problem to be solved. It makes students to be familiar in reasoning to solve mathematical...
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Senior High School Physics Teachers' Ability to Apply the Learning Models of 2013 Curriculum

Rizky Febriani Putri, Ellyna Hafizah, Syubhan Annur, Mr. Jumadi
This research aims to describe the ability of Physics Teachers of Senior High Schools in Sleman in planning and applying lesson and material by using the models that have been provided in 2013 curriculum. This research was survey design and it was conducted by using descriptive quantitative approach....
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Bridging Students' Learning Achievement

Maman Suryaman
This paper discussed the ways teachers create an atmosphere of teaching and learning so that they are able to develop the utmost of their potential. The theoretical approach was used to provide an analysis on the process and the learning outcomes as well as the factors that influence it. Learning outcomes...
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Integrated Reading Strategy

Akhmad HB, Mr Kuzairi
Based on preliminary reflection, it was found that integrated reading learning strategy which was implemented in school was not optimal especially in conference model development. Therefore, it requires a strategy that is able to optimize learning reading by using conference model to achieve learning...
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Correlation between Logical Thinking and Understanding of Science Concept

Fany Sumirat
The cognitive development of students of elementary teacher education consists of their acquisition of knowledge and formation. Meaningful science encompasses scientific concept and cognitive skills. Having logical thinking abilities can be helpful for understanding the concept in science. Based on data...
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Students' Difficulties on Science Learning with Prototype Problem-Solving Based Teaching and Learning Material: A Study Evaluation of Development Research

Ikhwan Khairu Sadiqin, Uripto Trisno Santoso, Arif Sholahuddin
This research intended to develop a prototype of teaching and learning materials on natural science topic of junior high school. The development of learning materials was conducted by using Dick and Carey's Research & Development model. Teaching and learning materials are included syllabus, lesson plan,...
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Anisotropic Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator In Lissajous Curve 3D Using Spreadsheet Excell

Rosliana Eso, M. Yuris, La Harudu, Yonif Sofian
It is proposed a new approach of three dimensional optical instrument using spreadsheet excell by which ray trajectories or anisotropic mechanical harmonic oscillator form Lissajous curves. An important property of this curve is that a three-dimensional region of space can be portrayed stigmatically...
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Moral Development of Junior High School Students about Environmental Issue of Riverbank by Problem Solving

Aminuddin Prahatama Putra, Fitria Dina Zakia
Nowadays, human's life cannot be separated from value, morality, and norm. Where there is human's life, there are value, morality, and norm included. Environmental issue in the riverbank is appointed as dilemmatic morality case and it can be used to find the characteristic of student's moral progress...
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Electrochemical Methods for Manufacturing Silver Nanoparticles

Sitti Rahmah, Fredy Kurniawan
In this study the manufacture of silver nanoparticles has been carried out using an electrochemical method. An electrochemical method by electrolysis is one of the alternatives of making silver nanoparticles. It is easy, simple and does not require a long time. Silver nanoparticle characterization using...
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Potential Wetland Screening in Barito Kuala and Banjarmasin as Source of Science Learning

Muhammad Fuad Sya'ban, Arif Sholahuddin, Syubhan An'nur, Maulana Khalid Riefani
Learning science utilizes potential diversity of wetlands in South Kalimantan as students learning source.It will be an intermediary for students to learn about themselves and the contextual nature or closely related to everyday life. Decentralization of education brought the Indonesian education toward...
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The Analysis of Science Process Skills on Natural Science Questions at Elementary Schools in Tarakan

Muhsinah Annisa, Ratna Yulinda, Sucahyo Mas'an Al Wahid
Education quality control, essentially, is a control to the human resources quality. This control effectiveness level should require information on students' conditions whether the change is available or not, the teachers work well or not, and the school supports the implementation of educational programs...
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Analysis of Students' Critical and Creative Thinking Style and Cognitive Ability on Chemistry

Abdul Hamid
This study aimed to determine chemistry education students' style of critical and creative thinking as well as cognitive abilities related to acid-base materials. The research method applied in this study was survey to identify the students' style of critical and creative thinking as well as cognitive...
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Internalization of Values in Learning of Zakat by Using the Concept of Percentage

Muhammad Royani, M. Saufi, Sa'adah Erliani
Islam is perfect in managing relationships with fellow beings. The example is in managing the charity of the treasure. Treasure is not only private property but some is also owned by others. Therefore, the property must have a social function and ruhiyah. Property must be used and functioned optimally...
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Diversity of Shrimps at Asam-Asam River in Tanah Laut as A Teaching Material: Preliminary Study of Teaching Material Development On Environmental Toxicology Subject

Bunda Halang, Mr Muchyar, Mutia Rahmah
Shrimps play several important roles as resource of animal protein and a part of an ecosystem balance. However, diversity of shrimps depends highly on the condition of their habitats. The aim of this research was to analyze the diversity of shrimps which lives in Asam-Asam River as a teaching material...
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Principal's Leadership in Education Innovation (Case study at MTsN Model Amuntai)

Mr Suriagiri
This study was aimed at understanding and describing the leadership of Madrasah principal in carrying out the education innovation. This study focused on activities of the principal of Madrasah Model Amuntai in the education innovation. This study was qualitative in nature, using case study design. Data...
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Increasing Students Learning Process and Outcomes through Matrix Strategy in Biodiversity Concept

St. Wahidah Arsyad, Sri Amintarti, Amalia Rezeki, Lisa Ignatia
The concept of biodiversity is taught in the second semester in the tenth grade of senior high schools. Based on the interview results to a Biology teacher in SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Banjarmasin, the concept of biodiversity has not reached the individual KKM which is 70. In addition, complete lesson plans...
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The Relationship between Principal's Leadership and Teachers' Professional Ethics to Teachers' Performance of Public Elementary School

Agustina Rahmi
The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between principal's leadership and teachers' professional ethics to teachers' performance of public Elementary School in East Banjarmasin District. The employed method was descriptive-quantitative approach. The researcher used validity test and...
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The Effectiveness of Empty Seats Technique in Resolving Verbal Communication Difficulties

Nina Permatasari, Nurul Inayah
In school environment, verbal communication is a main support in learning activity. However, it often happens that students tend to have difficulties in verbal communication such as miscommunication that leads to a failure in making a relation, conflict, also may disturb thinking process. These happened...
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Improving Students' Learning Outcomes by Implementing Simple E-Voting Application

Muhammad Arsyad, Siti Aulia
From the observations in SDN Pelambuan 7 Banjarmasin, the learning outcome on local election learning material was still low. This is due to several factors, including the students' ability to make sense of the patterns and the use of less appropriate learning strategies so the learning does not run...
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Students' Mathematical Thinking Ability in Solving Geometry Problems based on Cognitive Style

Noor Fajriah, Rizki Amalia
Students are expected to have higher order thinking skills, yet they were rarely given problems to practice those skills during the primary, junior high and senior high schools. In regard to solve the problems, everyone has different characteristics in compiling and processing information as well as...
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The Development of Language Skills through Somatic, Auditory, Visually, Intellectually (SAVI) Learning Model

Fajarika Ramadania, Novia Winda
The long term objective of this research is to develop learning materials which emphasize all students' senses in Indonesian language subject at school. Meanwhile, the specific objective of this research is to figure out whether SAVI (Somatic, Auditory, Visually, Intellectually) is able to increase learning...
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The Development of the Assessment Instrument for Biography Text Learning

Irni Cahyani
Learning assessment instruments are tools used in the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information regarding students 'ability in learning. Teacher assessment instruments which are used in assessing the ability of students of the biography text in SMAN 6 Banjarmasin include rubric assessment...
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The Assesment of High Order Thinking Skills of Undergraduate Students in Biology Education Department

Maulana Khalid Riefani, Nurul Hidayati Utami
High order thinking skills include critical, logical, reflective, metacognitive, and creative thinking. They are activated when individuals encounter unfamiliar problems, uncertainties, questions, or dilemmas. Successful applications of the skills result in explanations, decisions, performances, and...
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Creating Innovation in Education by Using Value Analysis System

Mr Abduloh
Human being are social creatures that cannot be separated from the other creatures. In their life, they are required to think because they will alwaysÿsocialize and interact with others. As a result, this will give an impact on the increasing needs and willÿalso ariseÿvarious problems as well as dynamicsÿofÿa...
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The Analysis on the Quality of Test Items of the Summative Test

Rabiatul Adawiyah
This study aimed to determine the quality of grains from the Final Exam of Junior High School, in Balangan Regency subjects Citizenship Education Year 2015/2016, which is indicated from the level of difficulty, discriminator index, and the effectiveness of the distractors. The subjects of the study were...
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Characteristics of School Examination Test of Biology Subject

Dyah Febria Wardhani, Mr Suratno, Aminuddin P. Putra
The results of the analysis of a test is indispensable for making the policies that should be done by a teacher in improving the quality of teaching and learning. This study aimed to describe characteristics of the school examination for Biology subject in Banjar Regency in the year of 2014/2015. The...
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Analysis of Students' Process Skills and Chemistry Learning Outcomes

Arif Sholahuddin, Yasfi Shadriyah
Generally, teachers have implemented certain learning model without considering how the students are accustomed to the learning model. They often face difficulties to reach learning objective, including process skills optimally. This research aimed to describe the students' process skills and learning...
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English Tenses and Conventions in Research Report Writing

Wahjuningsih Usadiati, Maida Norahmi
Appropriate use of English tenses and conventions is a must for students who write their thesis in English. It is imperative whether they are aware of the appropriateness to translate their research activities into a written form that conform to the expectations of scientific and academic community....
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Improving Creative Thinking Skills by Implementing Project Based Learning on Human Organ System Material

Riya Irianti
This study aimed to implement Project Based Learning (PjBL) model to improve creative thinking skills of students in class XI of SMK Farmasi ISFI Banjarmasin. The method used in this research was quasi-experiment with pretest-posttest control group design. The subjects were students of class XI SMK Farmasi...
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Pattern Generalization by Elementary Students

Ms Rusdiana, Ms Suriaty, Akbar Sutawidjaja, Edy Bambang Irawan
This paper presents the strategies used by fifth and sixth grade elementary students when they faced problem on pattern generalization. The samples were 3 elementary school students from grade 5 and 6. Students were given a problem of pattern and asked to make generalizations on the given pattern. The...
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The Measurement of Science Process Skills for First Year Students at Biology Education Departement

Nurul Hidayati Utami, Maulana Khalid Riefani, Mr Muchyar, Mr Mirhanudin
A meaningful science teaching focuses on reconstructing knowledge and experience. One way for reconstructing knowledge is by using science process skill. It is an ability of students to solve problems. This research aimed to measure science process skills of first grade students at Biology Education...
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Developing Learning Trajectory Based Instruction of the Volume and Surface Area of the Block

Hongki Julie
Three components on a hypothetical learning trajectory (HLT) are (1) the learning goal, (2) the learning activities, and (3) the way of students' thinking and learning. A learning trajectory based instruction (LTBI) is defined as a teaching and learning trajectory that used HLT for instructional decisions....
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Mathematical Ability of Elementary School Students Based on Cognitive Style and Gender

Ati Sukmawati, Delsika Pramata Sari, Mitra Pramita
The development of mathematical ability of elementary school students is very important. Education in elementary school is a foundation in mathematical ability at a higher level. In fact, many things can affect students' mathematical ability both physically and mentally of the students. The facts underlying...
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The Development of Learning Device to Improve the Quality and Learning Result of Mathematics

Atma Murni, Rini Dian Anggraini
The aims of this development research were: (1) to produce a learning device in the form of Lesson Plan (LP) and Student Activities Sheet (SAS) at Relation and Function as main subjects which were appropriate to be used in Mathematics learning of class VIII, (2) to describe the appropriateness of the...
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Students Success in Mathematics and Its Relationship with the Attitude toward Numeracy Learning

Ms Darmiyati
This research aims to determine students' success in mathematics and its relationship with the attitude toward numeracy learning. This research was held at the SDN Cindai Alus 1 Banjar district Academic year 2015-2016. The research lasts for three months from January until March 2016. The method used...
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Mobile Learning: Visualization Tools of Data Structures Course to Support Learning Students

Edy Budiman, Nataniel Dengen, Ummul Hairah
Mobile learning course of data structure, it cannot only be used as auxiliaries of learning, but also an independent learning mode. The various approaches theory of research and development, software design, and methods we use into built of media. The main objective is the construction of educational...