Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Economy, Judicature, Administration and Humanitarian Projects (JAHP 2019)

349 authors
Yu, Rongjian
R&D Investment, Intellectual Property Protection and Corporate Performance An Empirical Study Based on 190 Listed Companies in China
Yu, Rongjian
The Development and Review of Heterogeneous R&D Cooperation, Enterprises Patent Quality and Internal/External Situational Factors
Yu, Chaoyin
Study on the Perfection of Chinese Land Trust
Yuan, Ling
Presentation of the "Beneficial Owner" Rule and Its Application in International Anti-tax Avoidance
Yuan, Shijun
Discussion on Warehousing Management Problems and Countermeasures of Shazhou Turbine Pump Factory of Hunan Province
Yuan, Shijun
Research on Logistics Management Problems and Countermeasures of Longtai Electronics Co., Ltd.
Yuan, Shijun
Discussion on the Problems in Distribution Management of Tehuier Supermarket and the Countermeasures
Yuan, Shijun
Transportation Problems and Countermeasures of Changsha Suda Logistics Company
Yuan, Shijun
Comparative Analysis on Training Objectives of Logistics Management Professionals at Different Levels
Yuan, Shijun
Discussion on the Problems in Operation of Changsha Yongzhi Logistics and the Countermeasures
Zabelina, Ekaterina V.
Economic Attitudes as the Predictors of Working Activity of Older People
Zeng, Ying
Research on the Evaluation of Reading Promotion in University Libraries
Zeng, Chen
Determination of Schools' Responsibility in School Accidents From the Prospective of Comparative Law Between Chinese Law and Korean Law
Zeng, Xue
Analysis on the Current Situation of AIDS Knowledge Among College Students and the Effect of Intervention
Zhai, Liqiang
Research on the Development Strategies for Opening up to Russia Along the Border of Heilongjiang Province
Zhan, Minggang
Paradigm Transformation: the Logic and Implementation Path of the Reform of the Large Department System in Private Colleges and Universities
Zhang, Tingpimei
Study on the Influence of Mothers' Quality on Children's Development
Zhang, Wenliang
Probe into the Community Thought in the Marxist Classics
Zhang, Shu
Review of Brand lmage Study
Zhang, Ermi
Humanities-oriented Teachers' Scientific Research Performance Evaluation System in Missouri State University and Its Enlightenment
Zhang, Yuanzhao
The Relationship of Social Network and Employment to People's Life Satisfaction — Based on the Empirical Analysis of OECD Countries
Zhang, Yanwei
Research on the Legislation Protection of Taxpayer's Right to Presumption of Honesty
Zhang, Yuqing
Research on Existing Problems and Countermeasures of Local Legislation on Traditional Chinese Medicine in China
Zhang, Wenting
Fitting and Prediction of Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods Based on Consumption Indicators
Zhang, Jingdong
The Review on the 40 Years of Marketization Reform in China's Power Industry and Its Future Prospects
Zhang, Jingdong
Optimization of China's Electricity Market Allocation Under the "Paris Agreement"
Zhang, Xumei
An Empirical Research on the Factors Affecting Channel Collaboration in Multi-channel Supply Chain From the Perspective of Manufacturers
Zhang, Haishe
The Four Development Stages of Social Medical Construction in Chinese Modern Society
Zhang, Yuqin
Historical Evolution and Development: Formation of Multi-ethnic Complementary Patterns in Yunnan Tibetan Area
Zhang, Yuqin
The Impact of Population Aging on Regional Economy Taking Yunnan Province as an Example
Zhang, Yuting
Analysis of Industrial Structure of Gansu Province Based on IO-SDA Method
Zhang, Yi
Empirical Research on Usage Intentention and Behavior of "Toutiao" Users
Zhang, Tianshe
The Influence of the Protection and Utilization of Outstanding Modern and Contemporary Architectural Heritage in Xi'an on Regional Economic Development
Zhao, Haoxing
A Review of the Effect of Visual Metaphor on Advertising Response
Zhao, Qi
The Protection of the Criminal Law on Cultural Property — The Approach of International and Each Country's Domestic Legislation
Zhao, Xinhui
Discussion on the Distribution of the Burden of Proof of the Damage Caused by Blood Transfusion
Zhao, Jun
Supply Chain Relationship, Technological Innovation and Firm Performance in Sport Goods Industry
Zhao, Ye
Research on the Countermeasures of China's Digital Agriculture Development
Zhao, Youping
Research on the Construction and Development of Teaching and Research Offices in Private Colleges and Universities
Zhen, Cuimin
Promoting the Development of Caofeidian District Through Interactions Between Port and City, Industry and City, School and City
Zheng, Jiami
The Development and Review of Heterogeneous R&D Cooperation, Enterprises Patent Quality and Internal/External Situational Factors
Zhou, Lin
Analysis on the Justiciability of Macro-control Behavior
Zhou, Lu
A Study on the Dynamic Relationship Between Industrial Agglomeration and Technological Innovation in Chengdu Economic Zone
Zhou, Yanling
Discussion on the Interest Appeal of the Sino-Russian Economic and Trade Cooperation
Zhou, Chaojia
Research on the Influence of Contemporary Youth's Social Anxiety on Worshipful Consumption Behavior
Zhu, Hanying
"Zhejiang Experience": Problems and Countermeasures in the Construction of Internet Courts
Zhu, Xiaoqing
The Status Quo of the Development of Theme Parks and Countermeasures Taking Qujiang Cold Kiln Ruins Park as an Example
Zhu, Meihong
Suggestions and Reflections on the Development of China's Pension Finance
Zong, Yongjian
Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in China's Real Estate Market