Proceedings of the 2015 2nd International Workshop on Materials Engineering and Computer Sciences

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Learning Hierarchical Representations for Face Recognition using Deep Belief Network Embedded with Softmax Regress and Multiple Neural Networks

Haijun Zhang, Nanfeng Xiao
In face recognition and classi cation, feature extraction and classi cation based on insuf cient labeled data is a well-known challenging problem. In this paper, a novel semi-supervised learning algorithm named deep belief network embedded with Softmax regress (DBNESR) is proposed to address this problem....
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Application Research of Organic Orientation Effect in Drug Synthesis

Hongxia Lv, Yuan Zhou
In the process of drug synthesis when choosing synthetic route, it is necessary to fully consider the positioning effect factors and pay special attention to effects caused by the compound of different orientating groups so as to give full play to the role of the synthetic drug and achieve the desired...
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Relevant Discussion about the Application of Molecular Imprinting Technology in Environmental Science

Weidong Fu
In recent years, molecular imprinting technology rises gradually along with the development of science and opens a new perspective for the study of environmental science. In this chapter, the author introduces the principle of molecular imprinting technology briefly and explores the application of molecular...
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Discussion on the Issue of Improving the Stability of Solar Battery

Ling Pei, Ni Hu, Gang Deng, Ting Liu
Recently, human beings have begun to attempt to use perovskite materials to manufacture the solar battery to attract the high attention of researchers from solar industry and research community, since such kind of battery is featured with comparable singleness and low manufacturing cost that are favorable...
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High-efficiency treatment of low-sulfate in wastewater by a sort of SRB

Xiaoye Liu, Shanzhi Xin
Biological treatment with sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) has been considered as the most promising alternative for acid mine drainage (AMD) pollution control. Here we reported some characteristics of SRB, which was isolated from sulfate rich and low pH waste water. It was a sulfate-tolerant bacterium....
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Experimental Study of Triaxial Creep Characteristics of Q2 Loess in Yan’an

Zhao Duan, Jian-bing Peng
Triaxial creep test, was conducted on Yan'an Q2 loess under different moisture contents and confining stresses. The creep strain-time curves were obtained. Based on the test results, the stress levels, confining pressures, and moisture contents were all found to have great impact on the creep properties...
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Research on Effects of Incorporation of Milk Vetch (Astragalus Sinicus) on Paddy Soil Microbes

Wei Xu
Objectives Chinese milk vetch (Astragalus sinicus) is a major green manure planting in southern paddy fields. This paper designs an experimental to discuss the effects of incorporation of milk vetch on paddy soil microbes, including theeffects on microbial population, the effects on microbial biomass...
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Chemical Fingerprint of Ginseng Medicinal Fungal Substance by High-performance Liquid Chromatography

Ye Qiu, Zhi-xin Yu, Lin Wang, Xiao-hui Sun, Kai Zhu
To control the quality of Ginseng medicinal fungal substance which is a new bidirectional compound fermentation of Ganoderma strains and Ginseng herbs, a simple and reliable method of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was developed for fingerprint analysis. The fingerprint of Ginseng medicinal...
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Analysis of Two kinds of Complexation Agents in Nickel-phosphorus Alloy Brushing to Together Effect

Jiancheng Wang, Yufeng Zhang, Jie Lei, Shuang Xian
The effect of lactic acid(C3H6O3 ) and citric acid(C6H8O7•H2O) in Ni-P alloy brushing liquid to Ni-P Alloy Brushing depositing speed and bear to decay ability is studied. Test a certificate, depositing with the increment of the lactic acid content speed to lower after increasing first; With the increment...
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Application of Seismic Reservoir in Sedimentary Facies

Xin Li, Rumin Zhao, Ting Yang, Beibei Wang, Bo Bai
Fracture system is main geological factor to control the formation and preservation of oil gas reservoir. And deepening the understandings to the formation and evolution of petroleum basin fracture are necessary for us to know the geological condition used for form the oil gas in petroleum basin and...
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Application and Prospect of CFRP

Yixin Chen, Kewei Gao, Yuehui Sun
CFRP is one of the most popular building materials nowadays. People have high hopes for its development and application. While in CFRP possesses the merits of light weight, high strength, fatigue resistance and so on, at the same time, its resistance to damage tolerance is low, the high temperature and...
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The shielding performance study of the sandwich board with different materials

Chengying Shi, Zongshu Mei, Xinghui Cai
This paper mainly studies the shielding performance, under gamma and neutron radiation, of three different laminated plate made of different materials. Through MCNP simulation test, making a comparison of particle flux size under the same gamma and neutron radiation. Coming to a conclusion that among...
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Analysis of Unwanted Stimulated Raman Scattering in Fibre Optical Parametric Oscillators

Kai Han
The Stimulated Raman Scatting (SRS) sometimes plays a negative role in a fibre OPO ring cavity, which may consume the signal laser power. We established a mathematical model for describing the SRS process in the OPO cavity. A SRS threshold is presented. The SRS net effective gain should be smaller than...
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The Quantum Characters of Two-level-atom to the Cavity Optomechanical system

Kun Yang, Dingyun Jin, Xin Sui
With the widely application and development of the mechanical system and optical microcavity, the strong coupling between mirror and cavityfield in the system of cavity optomechanics that make the optomechanical system become an important platform which is used to inspect macroscopic quantum phenomena...
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Complete Sets of Electrical Equipment Aided Design Research

Li Sun, Qinghe Zhang, Rongzheng Zhou
Computer aided design (CAD) is used in the design of complete sets of electrical field is divided into mechanical CAD and professional electrical CAD (ECAD) phase. At present, most commercial ECAD software is based on the mechanical CAD software secondary development of products, on the one hand, keeping...
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Nanomechanical properties of imprinted amorphous NiAl alloys using atomic simulations

Te-Hua Fang, Chao-Chun Huang, Ming-Hong Lin, Jih-Kai Su, Ivo Stachiv
In this work, the molecular dynamics simulations are used to investigate the mechanical behavior of the imprinted nickel aluminide alloys. These atomic simulations account for the mold size, working temperature, imprinting velocity and the elastic recovery. It has been found that there exists a significant...
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Experimental Research on NO Removal for Fixed Bed Reactor and Fluidized Bed Reactor at Low Temperature

Yebin Yin, Bing Xia, Jinghong Lian, Guang Yang, Guoyou Xu, Xiang Gou, Enyu Wang, Liansheng Liu, Jinxiang Wu
The method of the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) has become one of the most effective applications of NOx removal technology. Most studies focus the side on fixed bed denitrification at low temperature low space velocity experimental condition, while few studies about denitrification at low temperature...
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Anti-crack calculation and engineering case of composite cement-soil pile wall

Huaifeng Tong, Xiaoqiang Wang
The compound pile wall is a new supporting structure type. It has strong ability to reduce the pressure of water and soil. Its stiffness is between that of gravity retaining walls and cantilever-retaining pile wall. The stress of the front pile is affected by the moment of the wall, the concrete stiffness...
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Anti-freeze and Anti- corrosion Performance of Road Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Yancong Zhang, Lingling Gao
To research the anti-freeze performance of road fiber concrete in erosion solution, trabecular specimens that contained three kinds of water-cement ratio (0.44, 0.42 and 0.40) was formed. Half of it were treated with protective agent and then placed in distilled water and 10% Na2SO4 solution. The mass,...
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Stand-alone signal transmission based on electromagnetic resonant wireless power transmission system

Yafeng Deng, Jian Li, Quanlai Li
Physical connection between devices prone to failure in many applications. In the paper, energy coils and data coils are placed independently on the basis of electromagnetic resonant wireless power transmission technology, At the same time , resonant frequency of energy coils and data coils are designed...
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Modeling research on wheat grain in different quality categories using multilayer support vector machine

Guangyan Hui, Laijun Sun, Shang Gao
Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy is a ‘green’ nondestructive testing technology and it has been widely used in grain crop analysis. The experimental data were collected using 161 wheat samples from the major wheat-producing area in China. The original spectral data was represented by four...
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The effect of tartary buckwheat protein on the growth of probiotics

Xiaoli Zhou, Yuan Lu, Yiming Zhou, Ying Xiao, Liqing He
Tartary buckwheat is a kind of food and medicinal material and it contains abundant protein. Tartary buckwheat protein has the characteristics of indigestibility and other physiological activities The main purpose of this paper is research the prebiotic effects of protein extract of tartary buckwheat...
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Design of Overload Control for Target Missiles Based on Robust Adaptive Terminal Sliding-mode Control

Kai-bo Bi, Yi-fei Zhang, Xian-hui Sui
Backstepping design, neural network technology, robust adaptive control and terminal sliding-mode control is combined. Firstly, neural networks are used to estimate the virtual control laws of the controlled system. Secondly, terminal sliding-mode control is utilized to improve the convergence speed...
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Influence of Electrical Joint Compound on Electrical Contact Overheating of Overhead Line

Guogang Wang, Yueju Zhao, Liusuo Wu, Zhigang Kong
Influence of electrical joint compound on electrical contact overheating energy consumption is studied in this paper. The high current test were made under different current(400A 600A 800A and 1000A). Aluminum-aluminum connections are selected to conduct contact resistance test and temperature rise test....
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Influence of Large-scale PV Integration on Voltage and Feeder Loss in Distribution Network

Qiang Li, Dan Liu, Xiaodong Yuan
Influence on the feeder loss and voltage might be brought in with large-scale PV connected. It is important to find out the dynamic change law in thorough quantitative analysis. In this paper, the distribution of voltage on the feeder is calculated. Analytical expressions have been derived to determine...
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Research on The Model of Distributed Generation Under The DQ Axis

Chenghui Lin, Genjun Chen, Yong Xiao, Wei Gu, Xiankui Wen, Qiufeng Long
In order to conform to the development trend, distributed generation came into being. Distributed generation accesses to distribution network, which has increased the burden of the distribution network. One the one hand, distributed generation’s accessing position is changeable and accessing capacity...
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Ship's Wave-enduarability Theory Application in Navigation

Zheng Gong, Yangrong Song
This paper reviews the development of ship wave-enduarability theory and summarizes its application in shipbuilding in the past half century, studies four aspects about wave-enduarability application in navigation technology: route optimization design, intelligent ship driving, non-standard heavy cargo...
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The Big Dipper navigation system simulation and analysis based on STK

Bing Yang, Weibo Li
Using simulation satellite tool kit STK, combining with foreign technical experience of global navigation system and technical data released by Big Dipper navigation system at present, the paper makes simulation and analysis in detail on Big Dipper navigation system's satellite constellation design,...
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The Assessment and Analysis About the Superiority of VHDL Language on FPGA Design and Development

Xuqing Luan
This paper is based on the effect that VHDL language on FPGA design and development, and we design the DDS module of FPGA by using the methods of designing. By research and analyse the The design of DDS module based on FPGA, we learn more about FPGA, visually and concretely. Also, We put forward the...
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Design and Implementation of the Evaluation System of the Post Practice in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on AHP

Wen Lin
For the Higher Vocational Colleges, post practice is not only the key link of the training of talents, but also an important part of Higher Vocational Education plan. In order to have a more holistic understanding of the post practice, it must be realized by a specific evaluation system of internship....
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ECC-based RFID/NFC Mutual Authentication Protocol

Weiguang Huo, Qingkuan Dong, Yuan Chen
RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is a generic term for technologies that use radio signals to automatically identify objects in the IoT (Internet of Things). NFC (Near Field Communication) originating from RFID is a wireless peer-to-peer communication technology, which is widely applied to mobile...
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Design of User-Privilege Management in Remote Monitoring System of Radio and TV

Xinglong Liu
Radio and television monitoring system is widely adopted by corporations such as transmission monitoring centers and transmitting stations in many provinces. The system is an important technical means to ensure the security of signal transmission and associated facilities. The use privilege management...
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Key Technics Analysis of Integrated Electronic Information System Development

YuJie Zhao
As a system which can realize multifunction, integrated electronic information system, in the current framework of information war, puts up enriching and important neural support against other system. This article studies in detail corresponding key technologies in the development process of integrated...
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A Generic Model for Trojan Horse Attacks Prevention and Handling

Dan Tang, Xiao-Hong Kuang
Malicious payloads and computer codes have conventionally strived to gain access to target systems for aims which the affected end user experiences as unwanted functions or loss of data. This paper will examine the major types of Trojan horses, their mode of operation, and consequently, propose a framework...
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Distribution and aggregation process of Cd in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang, Xiuqin Yang, Xiaoli Zhao
This paper analyzed the vertical and seasonal distribution of Cd in Jiaozhou Bay bottom waters in 1983. Results showed that Cd contents ranged from 0.13-0.53 g L-1, indicated that the pollution level of Cd in Jiaozhou Bay was very low in the early stage of reform and opening-up. Cd contents in surface...
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Water’s effect of benzene hexachloride

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Xiuqin Yang, Yunjie Wu, Sixi Zhu
This paper analyzed the change of benzene hexachloride (HCH) content in Jiaozhou Bay during 1979-1989, and further expatiated theories of water’s effect, vertical water’s effect, and horizontal water’s effect, as well as the definitions, processes, and the model diagrams. Furthermore, these theories...
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Vertical distribution and settling process of Pb in Jiaozhou bay

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Xiuqin Yang, Yunjie Wu, Sixi Zhu
Based on the investigation data on Pb in Jiaozhou Bay in May, September and October in 1983, were analyzed the horizontal and seasonal distribution of Pb. The results in this paper showed that Pb contents in surface and bottom waters were closed in the bay mouth in different seasons. For seasonal distributions,...
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Log Real-time Management Scheme Based on LEK

Xiafei Lei, Zhe Wang, Yuzhen He
Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana, log management, LEK
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Adaptive Tracking Algorithm of Weak GNSS Signal

Faqin Gao
The receiver of a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) is likely to lose tracking for a GNSS signal in some degraded environments. To solve this problem, this paper designs a new adaptive tracking algorithm for GNSS signals. First, we design an error extraction module to extract phase errors so...
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A Method for Complex Event Detection of Out-of-Order RFID Data Flow

Ye Ding, He Xu, Ruchuan Wang, Weiwei Shen
Because RFID events contain features of real-time and mass resistance, there are some issues through the existing complex event detection method for processing, such as inefficient speed and taking up larger memory space. To solve these problems, a complex event detection method based on binary tree...
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The Translation Invariant Solution to Quadratic Metric Learning

Bing Sun, Jufu Feng, Beilun Shen
Metric learning has drawn great interests for the last decade in the field of computer vision and machine learning. In this paper, we address the importance of the translation invariance (TI) of a metric. Intuitively, translation invariance should be a fundamental requirement for any reasonable image...
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Application of Synchrosqueezing Wavelet Transform In Detection of Harmonic and Interharmonic

Min Yu, Bin Wang, Wen-bo Wang, Ji Jin
To analyze harmonic and interharmonic accurately is very important for power system. In this paper, a novel time-frequency analysis method ,namely SST(synchrosqueezing wavelet transform) ,is applied to detect harmonic and interharmonic. Firstly, the SST algorithm is used to extract a series of intrinsic...
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The method to estimate vibration damping ratio of robot inspecting insulators based on center of mass

Lei Zheng, Biwu Yan, Chun Zhao, Hao Luo
Vibration is a common phenomenon in nature and engineering. Damping is a physical effect to dissipate energy dissipation. The robot inspecting insulators works on chain insulation, and is affected by environment of the work and action of joint in course of the work. Vibration phenomena are occurred on...
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An Efficient Method to Outsource Applications among Multiple Clouds

Feng Huang
Cloud computing, as a novel scalable and on-demand computing service, is emerging as a leading solution for deploying on-demand application or data storage services. This paper studies the problem how to outsource applications to multiple clouds by a cost-effective way. We first formulate the process...
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Realization of High-level Human Coaching System of RoboCup Middle Size League

Qingwu Fan, Jiaming Li, Sihan Li, Xudong Liu, Jing Huang
Robocup middle size league has a relatively perfect autonomous decision-making system. To strengthen the human coach’s role in grasping of the field situation, a high level human coaching system is presented by committee. This paper studies high level human coaching methods by QR code and human voice,...
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Synthesis of tert-butyl 4-((2-methoxy-4-(methoxycarbonyl) phenoxy) methyl) piperidine-1-carboxylate

Min Wang, Wenhui Wang, Qidong Tang, Shan Xu
Tert-butyl 4-((2-methoxy-4-(methoxycarbonyl) phenoxy) methyl) piperidine-1-carboxylate (1) is the key intermediate of Vandetanib. It was synthesized from piperidin-4-ylmethanol (2) through three steps Including acylation, sulfonation and substitution. The structures and the synthetic route were determined...
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Degradative Variation of Nitrogen Concentration during Channels of Paddy Field Drainage in Estuary Area

Xianchao Ji, Haibo Li, Hong Wang, Yanyan Yu
To effectively reduce the effects of nitrogen pollutants on water environment. Selecting the rice-growing area of Liaohe River estuary in Panjin City of Liaoning Province as the research object, Different sections and the different stages of a single fertilization in ditch is sampled to measure and analyze...
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Status of Studies on the Ecological Disposal of the Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Yanyan Yu, Haibo Li, Hong Wang, Xin Wang, Xianchao Ji, Yulong Duan
With the rapid development of our economy and the improve of people’s living standard, domestic sewage has become an important pollution source, while rural water pollution is mainly the result from the discharge of untreated domestic sewage. Decentralized treatment of domestic sewage has become a new...
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Fabrication and Optical Properties of La-doped ZnO Thin Films

Jing-hua Xu, Shu Cui, Chengyou Liu
La-doped ZnO thin films were deposited on the substrates of slide glass and Si by sol-gel method. The La/Zn ratio was 1%, 2%, 3%. All the samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), atomic force microscope (AFM), ultra-violet spectrometer (UVS) and photoluminescence (PL). All the samples have...
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Preparation and Characterization of PANI/TiO2 Nano-composite Fibers

Yong Zhang
In this paper, we prepared PANI/TiO2 nano-composite fibers by the combination of Sol-Gel method and electrospinning technique. The results indicated that the PANI/TiO2 nano-composite fibers have uniform size and good configuration. The average diameter of the PANI/TiO2 nano-composite fibers is about...