Proceedings of the International Conference on the Theory and Practice of Personality Formation in Modern Society (ICTPPFMS 2018)

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Formation of the Model for Inclusion of People with Disabilities in the Educational Process of the University

Baigulova Natalia, Demina Lyudmila, Medova Natalia
This article deals with the problem of including people with disabilities in the educational process of the university. The authors summarize the existing domestic and foreign experience of solving this problem, and propose their own model of adaptation of people with special educational needs at the...
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The Degrading Value-based Orientations of the Linguistic Personality in the Infomedia of the Contemporary Internet Public Communication.doc

E.V. Shirina, G.I. Myasischev
Scientific understanding of the problem of the formation of personality passes several stages from the perception of the individual as a passive subject of the process of socialization to the selection of him as an active actor in his own internal development of the individual and the society. The purpose...
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The process of stigmatization as a desocializing factor

Turkulets Svetlana, Turkuletc Aleksei, Listopadova Evgenia, Bazhenov Ruslan, Dimitrova Svetlana, Anikeeva Nina
Based on the analysis of the theory of symbolic interactionism and publications of modern scientists, representing various scientific directions of social and humanitarian knowledge, the article actualizes the point of view according to which the processes of social stigmatization are desocializing....
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The Contemporary Linguistic Personality in the Public InfoSphere

O. Gaibaryan, G. Myasischev
The article deals with the behavior of the linguistic personality in the modern information space. The main directions of pragmatic study are determined. A review of the interaction of linguistic personality and information flow in the communicative field is given. In the article we show how the modern...
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Place of Family and Family Values in Worldbasic Religions (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism)

E. Bobyreva, O. Dmitrieva
Questions of globalization process which influence various aspects of human life are considered in the article. Destruction of cultures and cultural values act as a result of this process. Destruction of family values is an important problem in the modern world. Religion presents a restraining mechanism...
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Spiritual and Moral Orientation of Students Having Different Axiological Personality Types

Bilan Bilan, Elena Grigoryeva, Nurya Khakimova
Issues of moral and spiritual development of students’ personality take an important place in Psychology. There is a widespread view, that contemporary young people do not spend enough time on personal development, and do not have a clear idea of basic moral and spiritual values a person should have....
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IT-competence as a professional feature of modern teachers

Ahkiyamova Guzelia, Hasanova Alfiya
In this article authors prove the relevance of using information technologies to teaching as a whole, and to teaching Life Safety as a curriculum subject in particular. In the process of education, upbringing and development of the modern generation in the information environment, it is necessary to...
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Evolution of Motives in Professional Personality Formation: Foreign Language Learning Context

Aleshchanova Irena, Frolova Natalia, Zheltukhina Marina
The research focuses on motivational issues of educational process in modern socio-cultural environment. The aim of the paper is to investigate the rate of a professional component influence on the dynamics of motivational modifications and transformations in the process of professional personality formation....
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Logical Aspect of Argumentation in Economic Discourse

Kardovich Irina, Korobova Ekaterina, Konysheva Marina, Trostina Kira
the paper focuses on the phenomenon of linguistic argumentation. It covers the results of the research of the logical-communicative structure in economic discourse as one of the main components of the text-forming category of argumentation. In the course of the research, the authors carried out an inventory...
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Stress management techniques for students

K. Kassymova, N. Kosherbayeva, S. Sangilbayev, Hans Schachl
This paper deals with stress and its biology, which is a major problem for students throughout the modern world. It outlines and suggests stress management techniques, which are easy to practice for students and teachers even during lessons, e.g. japanese finger stress relief techniques and yoga pranayama....
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Philosophical and methodological foundations of mutual enrichment by ethnic cultures through the study of social sciences

Kamyshev Konstantin, Teterin Vadim, Mehanoshin Alexandr, Chashchin Elisey
This graph illustrates the model of the relationship between thinking and values in matters of ethno-cultural identity of students. It must be stipulated that the model is "ideal" and requires practical testing in the conditions of a modern school
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Premarital Cohabitation of Young People. Features of Interpersonal Relations in Trial Common-Law Marriage

Argentova Larisa, Argentova Tatiana
The number of the so-called “cohabitation marriages” has recently been increasing in Russia. The article features civil marriages typology: it gives a detailed classification of the so-called “trial” marriages and lists the factors contributing to the growth of cohabitation among youth. The research...
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Features of information technologies influence on social development

Shcherbakova Ludmila, Zobova Ludmila, Evdokimova Elena, Savintseva Svetlana
the article describes a dual impact of digital revolution on various spheres of human activity and social relations, such as administration, education, science, health, ecology, finance, and trade, and income differentiation, monopolization of the markets, "consumerism" and creative abilities of human...
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Value Orientation of Students of the Russian Far East

Lutsenko Ekaterina, Bazhenova Natalya, Bogachenko Natalia
New norms, values, rules of social behaviour appear because of social and economic reforms and the process of establishing market relations in our country. Such traditional values of Russian culture as collectivism, priority of spiritual over material, self-sacrifice, conciliarity and absence of covetousness...
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Inclusive Education in Russia: Legal Development Prospects

Baranov Victor, Petyukova Oksana, Prizhennikova Alena Prizhennikova, Vilskaya Natalia
In the article the questions of legal nature related to the organization of inclusive education for disabled persons and persons with disabilities on the basis of the implementation of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. The analysis of the changes to article 71 of the Federal...
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Cross-Cultural Communication in Pre-University Training of Foreign Students

M. Ivanova, N. Kanishcheva, O. Kukushina, E. Okomina, T. Subbotina, V. Trifonov
In this article we stated a problem of the Internet influence on personal growth of modern youth, we exposed its positive and negative influences on the world outlook formation of the modern youth. Based on the held research we formulated the role and the tasks of educational institution in grading of...
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Implementation of Inclusive Approach to Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Pirogova Nadezhda
This paper looks at the development of approaches to inclusive education and describes the peculiarities of basic types of SEBD and neurodiversity and their influence on language learning. Learners with special educational needs (SEN) can experience significant difficulties in the process of the second...
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Foreign Experience of Legal Regulation of Medical and Social Expertise (on the Example of the Republic of Belarus)

Raylyan Aleksei, Petyukova Oksana, Kudryashov Vladislav, Stepashkin Sergey
The purpose of the scientific article is to analysis of foreign legal experience in providing medical and social expertise (on the example of the Republic of Belarus) to identify the specific features of the legal regulation of this institution. The authors examine the national legislation of the Republic...
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Development of linguistic personality under the influence of social and cultural factors of the modern society.doc

O.A. Pobegaylov, Y.P. Khoroshevskaya, L.P. Novikova
The article studies the behavior of the linguistic personality in the modern information space. The problem of linguocultural interaction seems interesting for philosophy, philology and linguodidactics. But we must agree that language and culture form a dialectical unity (although contradictory) and...
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The Significance and Manifestations of Youth Value Orientations in the Structure of Social Competence

Merdeeva Tatiana, Bazhenova Natalia
To study the significance and manifestations of youth value orientations in the structure of social competence and determine their influence on behavior in a situation of social threat or danger, a diagnosis of value orientations of youth (students of Birobidzhan Medical College, Birobidzhan College...
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Mind Map and Information Surfing. Unity of Opposites in Education

V. Kutrunov, V. Shaptsev, N. Garkusha, L. Sizova
The article keeps analyzing the impact of the information explosion (IE) on a human ability to absorb information from its current carriers circulating on the Internet. This paper substantiates the inevitable use of Mind Maps (MM) in activating and supporting the thought process as a means of neutralizing...
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Model of Students’ Project Skills Development in the Corporate Educational Cooperation

Dodrova Victoria, Yelizarova Eugenia, Labzina Polina, Ageenko Natalia
In the paper the students’ project activity development in the process of corporate educational cooperation is considered. The structural and functional model of the project skills formation is suggested on the basis of the research carried by the Department of Foreign Languages of Samara State Technical...
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Interaction between the state and the church in the interests of preserving the spiritual health of civil society: an analysis of the Russian experience

A. Vorontsov, E. Vorontsova, Yu Tarasov, T. Balashova
The research is devoted to the analysis of the role and significance of the church in preserving the spiritual health of Russian society. Noting the severity of social problems facing the society, the authors express the idea that the solution of this problems impossible without the all-unifying idea,...
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Psychological and pedagogical support for children's and teenager’s self-development and education globalization

Arpentieva Mariam, Zalavina Tatiana, G. Stepanova, Krasnoschechenko Irina, Kirichkova Margarita
The article deals with the psychological and pedagogical support of children's and teenager’s self-development in the context of solving the individual self-development problem, acting as one of the leaders in the context of the globalization of modern education. The article deals with the psychological...
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Psychological aspects of personal safety

Spihenkova Maria, Moiseev Artem, Kirichkova Margarita, Krasnoschechenko Irina, Arpentieva Mariam
The article reveals the peculiarities of psychological safety. Based on the analysis of theoretical sources of psychological safety of the person it is treated as a process, as a property of the individual and as a state. Human security in assessing dangerous situations can be defined as the ability...
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The ability to learn and ability to teach: Learning and teaching styles

Bogomolova Elena, Gorelova Irina, P. Menshikov, Zalavina Tatiana, Arpentieva Mariam
The article is devoted to revealing the role of the teacher in the development of creative potential of students: matching skills to teach and the ability to learn, their reflection in didactic communication. Teaching ability assumes the successful transfer of learning skills to learners: a deep and...
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The role of additional and alternative education in the self-development of children and adolescents

Kosov Alexandr, Golubeva Galina, Feshchenko Elena, Kirichkova Margarita, Arpentieva Mariam
The article is devoted to the problem of self-development of children and adolescents in modern education. The authors defined additional education as an educational environment with a high pedagogical potential for solving the problems of self-development of the younger generation. The authors distinguish...
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Transgression and transcendence in development of a psychologically safety personality

Krasnoschechenko Irina, Arpentieva Mariam, Moiseeva Irina, Spihenkova Maria, Kosov Alexandr
The article examines the socio-cultural conditions of generation and the prohibition of the phenomenon of transgression and its role in the development of a psychologically secure personality. The authors discuss approaches to the phenomenon of transgression in the concepts of spiritual and moral foundations...
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Additional Professional Education as the Condition of the Professional Competences Development among the State Employees

E. Bezvikonnaya
Additional professional education relates to independent kind of education which is not regulated by educational standards. When professional standards are regulated, improving of programs of professional development and professional training of state employees gains basic value. The absence of exact...
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Electronic Educational Resources in Foreign Languages Teaching

Bilyalova Albina, Sharypova Nailya, Akhmetshina Anifa, Islamova Albina
Information technology is used practically in all spheres of human life. The processes of informatization of society have a strong influence on Education. Moreover, the implementation of new technologies, informatization and computerization nowadays are an integral part of Education. The development...
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Problems of Additional Vocational Education

Bilyalova Albina, Gaifutdinov Azat, Akhmetshina Anifa, Tugusheva Elina
The development of the system of additional vocational education as an integral part of life-learning education is very important for Russia because today it is the key to personal competitiveness of both the employee and the organization in the labor market, since the qualification of employees is directly...
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Specific Features Of The Value Orientation System Of Students With Different Types Of Religiosity

Braun Olga, Avilov Gennady, Kanina Natalya, Khakimova Nurya
The article is devoted to the study of the values of students with different types of religiosity. The article analyzes theoretical approaches to the study of personal values studied by M. Rokich [11], S. H. Schwartz [12, 13, 16], A. Maslow [9], M. S. Yaniskiy [15], as well as the principles and approaches...
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Preparation problems of managers in modern conditions

Ugryumova Natalya, Bubin Mikhail, Perevozova Olga
Nowadays challenges of modern education have new priority orientations which require detailed review of the whole competence- and- context-based system to prepare modern specialists. Universities improve educational models, review educational systems and start using new teaching methods. Best efforts...
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The Concept of Smart-Education for Sustainable Development

Burmistrova Nataliya, Vasina Natalya, Filimonov Viacheslav, Kalnitskaya Irina, Shmakova Alexandra, Ilina Nadezhda
The issue of the advancement of modern education in the context of sustainable development is significant. The reason for this is that the introduction of the ideas and principles of sustainable development into the content of education is a prerequisite for the implementation of sustainable development...
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The Innovative Potential of Digital Transformation of the Russian Higher Education System: Trends of the Competence Approach

Vetkina Anna, Kudryashova Tatyana, Fikhtner Oxana, Trifonov Vladimir, Zhukova Elena
In the conditions of digital transformation of society, competence-oriented professional education is able to solve the problems of accelerated adaptation of the individual to the complex changes occurring today in the development of socio-economic processes. The digital economy as an absolutely new...
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Political discourse in the Internet space: subjects, forms, risks

Volkov Nikolay, Golovatsky Evgeny, Logunova Larissa, Logunov Yaroslav
The Internet has turned into a space of mass communication. The network resources successfully compete with the media in formats and outreach to the audience. The study of political processes in the Internet space, the analysis of participating parties, the volume and the quality of network communications,...
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Problems of Socialization of the Personality in the Conditions of Digitalization of Economy

M. Kivarina, A. Makarevich
The problem of socialization of the individual, the specifics of professional development, the issues of training personnel are constantly in the focus of attention of many researchers. They become especially relevant in the era of the digital economy. The article reveals the essence of the processes...
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Virtual and Augmented Reality in Language Acquisition

Dobrova Viktoria, Labzina Polina, Ageenko Natalia, Nurtdinova Lilia, Elizarova Evgenia
Studying the mechanisms of language and speech abilities showed that the most effective method of learning a foreign language is a method of total immersion as students enter the natural language environment and are in it constantly. But the learning process in the classroom, no matter how organized,...
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V. Osipov, M. Loshchilova
Quality of any Master's program, which is as a component of two-level training, depends on Bachelor’s and Master’s programs cohesion in terms of content and methodology. At the same time, Master's programs target both Bachelors’ skills further development, and graduates’ proficiency further expansion...
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Analysis of legislative consolidation and political practice of applying social (juvenile) technologies concerning minors in the Russian federation

Portnyagina Elena
the author based the research on the hypothesis: in the Russian Federation there is no legislative regulation of the concepts of juvenile (social technologies) in working with minors while using these technologies by separate subjects of state poliсy concerning minors. Juvenile technologies are considered...
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Education, the formation of personality and the destiny of a man

Puzikov Vladimir
Education – is the process of the personality formation based on the assimilation of information knowledge, skills, values and meaning, the experience of socio-cultural practices and professional competences. Education as a science is the power by which latent potentialities and possibilities of man...
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Art and Philosophy in Engineer’s Training: Individual Pedagogical Experience

Borshchov Aleksandr, Romashchenko Mariya, Romashchenko Aleksandr, Dovgalenko Natalya, Bontsevich Natalya
The article describes the experience of using Visual Thinking Strategies in teaching philosophy for engineering students. On the example of training Bachelors of Engineers in Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov, the importance of using works of art for teaching philosophy and soft skills...
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Peculiarities, values and Youth Social Orientation in the Rural Territories in the Republic of Bashkortostan, in Modern Economic Conditions

Stovba Eugene, Stovba Andrey, Kolonskikh Natalya
The article states the necessity of studying the youth value and social orientations in rural regions in the Russian Federation. The rural youth is seen as an accurate indicator of social problems in public life. It is proposed to use various methods to study the problem of the rural youth value and...
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Psychological Portrait of a Person with Virtual Addition

E. Shpakovskaya, D. Khabibulin, V. Churilov
The problem of a person with signs of virtual addiction is considered. It is revealed that such individuals are characterized by insufficient openness, weak readiness to change their own behaviour and environment, difficulties in self-acceptance, superficial communication combined with avoidance of self-revealization...
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Assessment of the Students' Social Health Level in the Technical University Educational Environment in the South Yakutia Region

Polkovа Ksenia, Prokopenko Larisa
This paper is devoted to studying the students' social health. Entering the university, young people find themselves in new conditions of educational activity, new life situations, accompanied by the restructuring of the mental and physiological states. The rapid development of modern society, modern...
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Cross-Cultural Communication in Pre-University Training of Foreign Students

Filimonova Natalia, Romanyuk Elena, Godenko Aleksey, Ergunova Olga
The article analyzes the implementation of intercultural communication of foreign students in the conditions of international faculties within Russian universities. The authors consider intercultural communication of foreigners as their ability to communicate in the studied language with the adoption...
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Facilitation of innovative pedagogical activity of university teachers

Kubrushko Petr, Kozlenkova Elena, Mikhailenko Oleg, Nazarova Liudmila
The article studies the behavior of the linguistic personality in the modern information space. The problem of linguocultural interaction seems interesting for philosophy, philology and linguodidactics. But we must agree that language and culture form a dialectical unity (although contradictory) and...
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Prerequisites of Improving Professional Training of Social Workers

Sokolova Olga, Filatova Elena, Rodina Irina, Shmireva Nataljya
The relevance of the study is caused by the need to improve the theoretical and practical training of social workers. In the process of global changes of modern society, the social problems have become aggravated, the solution of which is directly related to the development of social work and the professional...
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The Model of Teaching Listening Skills to Postgraduates with Disabilities and Special Needs in the Educational Podosphere

Malushko Elena, Maletina Oxana, Tsybaneva Valentina
Nowadays teaching in the podosphere is becoming even more popular because it attracts the maximum number of students regardless of age, sex, education, abilities; provides access to the educational and methodical materials; supports interaction between teaching staff and students. The podosphere is a...
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The Spread of Psychoactive Substance Use among the Population of the Jewish Autonomous Region

Vorotilkina Irina, Bazhenov Ruslan, Prokopeva Maria, Bogachenko Natalia, Schetinina Svetlana
The problem of socialization of the individual, the specifics of professional development, the issues of training personnel are constantly in the focus of attention of many researchers. They become especially relevant in the era of the digital economy. The article reveals the essence of the processes...
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The Return of Patriotism

Plyushch Irina Vladimirovna
Scientific understanding of the problem of the formation of personality passes several stages from the perception of the individual as a passive subject of the process of socialization to the selection of him as an active actor in his own internal development of the individual and the society. The purpose...