Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Conference on Material Engineering and Application (ICMEA 2017)

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Structure and Space Charge Inhibition Performance of Reactive RF Magnetron Sputter Deposited Al2O3 Thin Film on the Fiber Surface

Jian Hao, Yanqing Li, Ruijin Liao, Chao Li, Lianpeng Wang, Shuaiwei Liang
Cellulose insulation paper/pressboard has been widely used in HVDC transformers. In this study, the aluminum oxide function film was deposited on the cellulose insulation pressboard surface using reactive radio frequency (RF) magnetron sputtering. The sputtered thin film was characterized by the scanning...
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Effects of Na2B4O7·5H2O on Foam Glass-ceramics Prepared from High Titanium Blast Furnace Slag

Qingzhu Sun, Haibo Wang
Foam Glass-ceramics were prepared by one step method, the blast furnace slag and waste glass were used as main raw materials,Na2B4O7·5H2O was added as flux .the Effects of Na2B4O7·5H2O on the pore size distribution, the bulk density and compressive strength of foam glass-ceramics were studied. Experimental...
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Effects of complexant concentration in base solution on the structure and electrochemical properties of LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2

Jing Wang, Ang Gao, Ran Wang, Yuefeng Su, Shi Chen, Feng Wu
LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 powders were synthesized from co-precipitated spherical metal hydroxide, Ni0.8Mn0.1Co0.1(OH)2. The effects of the complexant (NH4OH) concentration in base solution on the microstructure, crystalline structure and electrochemical properties of the product were studied. The results...
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Research on Microstructure and Properties of Bimetal Composite Layer Between LAS and HCCI

Wenbing Zhang, Shumei Chen, Hui Gao, Yongchang Zhu
Based on the casting technique analysis on the temperature field and the velocity field for the low alloy steel, low alloy steel(LAS)/ high chromium white cast iron(HCCI) bimetal wear steel plate was prepared by two liquid bimetal composite casting process. The microstructure of interface layer of wear-resisting...
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The fabrications and optical properties of AlCrNO based Solar Selective Absorber Coatings by cathodic arc ion plating

Yingjie Xu, Dianqing Gong, Rui Niu, Zeqin Cui
A series of AlCrNO based solar selective absorber coatings were deposited by cathodic arc ion plating on three kinds of different infrared reflectors (AlCr, Cu, Cr) and with different deposition currents respectively. The surface morphology, phase structure and surface roughness were characterized by...
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Review and Discussion on Standards for Shore-to-Ship Power Supply System

Juxiang He, Xin Li, Hongsheng Xu, Jinda Zhu, Pan Dai, Heli Chu
Shore-to-ship power supply system has become core technology dealing with shipping environmental pollution. However, the lack of systemic technical standards of it has brought great challenges. This paper proposes standards system for shore-to-ship power supply system, which based on analyzing the trend...
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Rough Sets and Genetic Algorithm for Power Cable Joints Fault Diagnosis

Xin Li, Hongyi Zhou, Pan Dai, Zhihong Yang, Yan Chen, Yuanxin Chen
The influence factors of cable junction accidents was determined by accidents analysis. The research methods to utilize rough set theory to extract effective information from cable junction accident data in history was discussed in this paper. Cable junction accident decision table attribute reduction...
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Study on a New Type of Exothermic Insulating Riser

Nengwei Wang
With the higher and higher requirement for the quality of casting and the continuous development of casting technology, sand mold riser, heat insulation riser and heat production riser produced by the traditional process produced cannot reach the requirements of feeding of casting due to a lot of shortcomings,...
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Effect of Interval Aging Mode on IMC Growth between Low Ag Content Sn-0.3Ag-0.7Cu-0.5Bi-Ni and Cu Substrate

Min Qu, Yan Cui, Fengbin Liu, Zhiwei Jiao, Yuan Liu, Jun Cheng
To simulate the application environment of a number of electronic products, the growth of Sn-0.3Ag-0.7Cu-0.5Bi-Ni/Cu solder joints with low content of Ag was investigated during aging in an interval mode. It shows that the intermetallic compound (IMC) (Cu,Ni)6Sn5 layer becomes thicker with increasing...
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Effects of water-heat water aging on epoxy composites containing nano-particles of ZnO

Zhe Zhai, Lajun Feng, Fangfang Wang
In this work, different weight percentages of Nano-ZnO were added to epoxy resin to enhance its strength and the water aging property. Meanwhile, the wear testing was using to evaluate the adhesive strength between the Nano-ZnO and epoxy resin. The composites were placed in a water bath at 80 for more...
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Surface molecular imprinted electrochemical sensor for lysozyme based on metal coordinate technology

Zhonghe Chen, Mingbo Bao, Yuchuan Li, Zhi Chen
A novel and efficient molecular imprinted polymers (MIPs) electrochemical sensor based on metal coordination technology was prepared by electro-polymerization, which was applied as a molecular recognition element to modify glassy carbon electrode (GCE) to construct an electrochemical sensor (MIPs/IDA/GR/GCE)...
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The Crack Tip Fields for Anti-plane Crack in Functionally Graded Magnetoelectroelastic Materials

Guangtu Shen, Xiao Chong, Peng Zhang, Yao Dai
The problem of an anti-plane crack in functionally graded magnetoelectroelastic materials is investigated. The material properties of the functionally graded magnetoelectro-elastic materials are assumed to be exponential function of y perpendicular to the crack. To make the analysis tractable, the crack...
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The Synthesis of 3,3'-dimethyl (p-guanidino) dicyclohexylmethane

Yongli Peng, Yajiao Zhang
The addition reaction was carried out under the acidic conditions using dicyandiamide and 3,3'-dimethyl-4,4'-diaminodicyclohexylmethane (DMDC) as raw materials to prepare 3,3'-dimethyl P-guanidino) dicyclohexylmethane. The effects of reaction temperature, reaction time and molar ratio of materials on...
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Research on Thickness Distribution of Super Metal Forming of Simulated Annealing Genetic Algorithm

Zhanjun Liu
The reason of super plastic forming of sheet is concluded. Using simulated annealing genetic algorithm does a kind of nonlinear optimization to reason of super plastic forming of sheet control. The diagnosis knowledge warehouse and controlling parameter of super plastic forming of sheet is built. It...
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The Study of Affect Factor on Bearing Grind Coefficient Contained Metal Link Burned

Zhanjun Liu
According to various problem of oil contained bearing of metal link burned, it is done as relation study of grind coefficient and oil leak, temperature rise and load pressure. The result is given that oil leak is more serious in the condition of higher pressure and lower speed, and grind coefficient...
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Test of Desert Sand PVA Fiber Engineered Cementitious Composites

Quanwei Li, Jialing Che, Caixia Ma, Guansheng Han, Lijun Liu, Ning An
In order to replace the natural sand with Fiber Engineered Cementitious Composites (PVA-ECC) in desert sand, the PVA-ECC of desert sand was put forward. Four factors, namely, water-cement ratio, fly ash content, PVA fiber content and desert sand substitution, The four-level orthogonal test was used to...
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Study on the heat generation characteristics of lithium ion power battery with NCM/Si-C composite anode material

Chuncheng Liu, Shiqiang Liu, Jing Wang, Chunjing Lin, Fang Wang, Yuefeng Su, Shi Chen, Feng Wu
Thermal characteristics of lithium ion batteries are particularly important for both the optimization of the battery cells and design of the thermal management system for battery packs. The Si-C composite applied in lithium ion battery could improve the battery's energy density. For a 3 Ah pouch lithium...
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Effect of TAED activated H2O2 bleaching on the properties and structure of jute fibers

Long Wang, Zuoqiang Wen, Weiming Wang, Jinli Zhou
Both conventional hydrogen peroxide bleaching and tetraacetylethylenediamine/hydrogen peroxide system bleaching were carried out on the scoured jute fiber, and the properties and structures of bleached fibers were compared to estimate the effect of tetraacetylethylenediamine in hydrogen peroxide bleaching....
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Effect of friction stir welding on mechanical properties and fracture mechanism of 7B52 Al laminated composite

Yushan Chen, Qi Zhou, Hao Xia, Hongyu Sun, Xinrui Ma, Shubiao Qiu, Chongbin Tang
Aluminum laminated composite (ALC) is a new type of structural material with a broad application space and development prospects. Due to the laminated structure, the mechanical properties and failure patterns of ALCs differ significantly from those of uniform materials. The friction stir welding (FSW)...
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Effective Conductivity of Graphene Quantum Dots Solution

Ruxia Chen, Yufeng Peng, Mingjie LI, Xueyun Han
In this paper, a composite material model with ellipsoidal conductive particles was used to establish an effective conductivity model for studying graphene quantum dots (GQDs) solution. By comparing effective media theoretical (EMT) model, porous flow theory model and the general effective model (GEM),...
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Preparation and anticorrosion properties of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) coating

Xiaokun Cui, Guiyu Zhu, Yufeng Pan, Yue Zhang
In order to improve the corrosion resistance of the metal, polysiloxane (PDMS) coating was prepared on the metal by spin coating method. The chemical structure and micro surface morphology of PDMS coatings were analyzed by infrared spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Using electrochemical...
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Study of The Precipitation Behavior and Strengthening of Carbides during the Partition Process

Peiyang Jiang, Fei Zhao
In this paper, the size distribution and quantity of carbides precipitated during the partition process of 60Si2CrVA spring steel treated by Q&P with different partition time were statistically analyzed by SEM. Carbide particles were obtained by electrolytic extraction of 60Si2CrVA treated by Q&P with...
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Effect of the thermomechanical treatment on the microstructures of CLAM steel

Zheng Sun, Fei Zhao, Fang Huang, Wenyuan Ding, Peiyang Jiang
The thermomechanical treatment test of CLAM steel is simulated by the thermal simulated test machine Gleeble3500, by means of constant temperature compression test to study the effect of the thermomechanical treatment processing on microstructure of China Low Activation Martensitic steel(CLAM steel)....
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Effect of Reaction Time on the Morphology of Tungsten Disulfide Nanosheets by Solvothermal Method

Deqing Zhang, Tingting Liu
In this work, a modified solvothermal method has been developed to synthesize few layers of tungsten disulfide-nanosheets(WS2-NS). In order to determine the effect of reaction time on the morphology of the product in the preparation of ultrathin tungsten disulfide nanosheets, we prepared samples at different...
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Grooving Phenomenon Analysis of Series-Connected Augmented Sextupole Rails Material

Xinpeng Xue, Tao Shu, Ming Liu, Zhiyong Yang
Because the electromagnetic railgun's main current can reach several MA and the muzzle velocity is more than 2 km/s, launching in this harsh environment in barrel will cause grooving to the rail. Using existing experimental data of references, this paper analyses the position and depth analysis of the...
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A Study on Adhesive Properties between GFRP Tube and Steel Tube

Mingqiao Zhu, Yao Wang, Ziwei Zhang, Jiaoping Liu
For the crucial issues of joints in the truss structure of pultruded GFRP tube, the double-sided shear adhesive test was performed on the steel tube joints and GFRP tube to explore the effect of different adhesive lengths on the distribution of adhesive stress, joint slip and bearing capacity, in order...
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Ca0.5Mg0.5Co2O4 Nanosheets Comprised of Nanoparticles, Synthesis, Characterization and their Catalytic Activity in the Hydrolysis of Ammonia Borane for Hydrogen Production

Liling Li, Xiuxia Feng, Jinyun Liao, Guiqiang Diao, Xibin Zhang, Hao Li
Catalytic hydrolytic reaction of ammonia borane (AB) is regarded as safe and efficient way to produce hydrogen. However, the development of heterogeneous catalysts with both high catalytic performance and low cost for this hydrolytic reaction is still a great challenge. In this work, we have developed...
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Effect of Thermal Aging on the Properties of Insulating Paper

Mengzhao Zhu, Yufeng Chen, Chao Gu, Wenbing Zhu, Xiaozhuang Ma, Xin Wang
In order to improve the safety of power equipment, the influence of thermal aging on the performance of insulating paper used for transformers was investigated, the same type insulation paper with different basis weight was used to simulate the thermal aging process. The paper folding endurance, the...
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Utilization of Iron Ore Tailing for the Preparation of α-Fe2O3 nanoparticles

Xiaodong Xu, Yanxi Deng
The objective of this study was to recover the iron from the iron ore tailing and convert it into a value-added products like -Fe2O3 nanoparticles with photocatalytic properties. Iron was extracted from the iron ore tailing by using acid leaching method and the leaching parameters were discussed. When...
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Very high cycle fatigue behavior of Ti-6Al-4V alloy

Nu Yan, Xin Zhu, Donggui Han, Fang Liu, Yonghua Yu
In order to investigate the fatigue behavior of Titanium Alloy in very high cycle region, fatigue test of Ti-6Al-4V was performed at ambient temperature by using ultrasonic fatigue equipment. Fracture surface morphology was observed by using Scanning Electron Microscope. The results demonstrate that...
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Reliability Analysis on the Rectangular Orthotropic Membrane Under Concentrated Impact Load

Zhoulian Zheng, Xiaomeng Xie, Dong Li, Hao Wang
This paper studies the computational method of the reliability of rectangular orthotropic membrane with four edges fixed under stochastic concentrated impact load. Based on the explicit equations of deflection response obtained in the previous work of our team, the reliability index and failure probability...
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Design Optimization of Light Metal Irrigation Channels

Honggang Zheng, Yanqiong Li, Jianxin Yu
The last stage canal is the last channel to transport water to the field irrigation in irrigation system. Because of the large number of last stage channels, reducing the loss of water transportation plays an important role in improving the water use efficiency of irrigation area. At present, most of...
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Research and comparison on the method of determining the nonlinearity of univariate function

Qingbin Zhang, Wei Shen, Wenliang Fan, Xiaomeng Xie
In the analysis of stochastic system, the nonlinearity of function has an important influence on the accuracy and efficiency, but the corresponding researches are very scarce. In this paper, two kinds of methods are put forward to determine the nonlinearity of the univariate function. Firstly, the nonlinearity...
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Analysis of dynamic system reliability based on adaptive response surface method

Wei Shen, Qingbin Zhang, Wenliang Fan
Dynamic system reliability is one of the topics for structure reliability analysis. However, the classical system reliability and dynamic system reliability often have multiple failure modes which lead to the combinatorial explosion problems. In this paper, a new method for analyzing the reliability...
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Tribological Performance of Graphene-Copper-Iron Composite Coating

Zengrong Hu, Feng Chen, Xueliang Fan, Shaoxiong Guo, Jiale Xu
Graphene sheets and copper powder were dispersed into Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) solution by magnetic stirring, and then pre-coating the mixed solution on the polished AISI4140 substrate. Then laser cladding and laser remelting process were used to fabricated graphene copper and iron composite coating....
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Chloride Ion Penetration Resistance and Pore Structure of Magnesium Silicate Hydrate (M-S-H) Mortars

Tingting Zhang, Ziming He, Zhenlin Wu, Junnan Han
The main purpose of this paper is to study the chloride ion penetration resistance and pore structure of magnesium silicate hydrate cement (MSH) mortars. The chloride ion penetration resistance of MSH mortars with different water-to-cement ratios (0.5, 0.55, 0.6) and different sand rates (25%, 50%, 75%)...
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Growth Morphology of CuMg2 in Laser Forming of AlCoCrCuFeNi Coating on Mg

Guanghui Meng, Xiaoting Liu, Jun Qiu, Bo Wang, Kun Zhao
The AlCoCrCuFeNi high-entropy alloy coating was fabricated on pure magnesium by means of laser cladding using a direct blown powder method. The formed coating is composed of two different layers, i.e., a lower composite layer consisting of some partially melted HEA particles in a mixture of Mg and a...
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Artificial Neural Network Model for FRP Shear Contribution of RC Beams Strengthened with Externally Bonded FRP Composites

Weiwen Li, Xiaoli Ren, Chengyue Hu
Fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) have been widely used in retrofitting or strengthening concrete structures in recent years. This is due to the various advantages of FRP composites, including high strength-weight ratio, high tensile modulus, superior corrosion resistance and ease of applying in strengthening...
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Anion Concentration Distribution and Tourism Resources Analysis of Guizhou Province

Yueai Chen, Qingshan Li, Yanmin Qian, Jinqiong Luo, Dawei Wu
This paper introduced the overall situation and tourism resources in Guizhou Province, and studied the anion distribution and air quality of scenic places of this region based on the results obtained by the test of some scenic spot, Using city gravity model and actual data, analysis the potential visitors...
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Research of Compensate Fuzzy Nerve Net Control on Stainless Steel Grind Coefficient of Assembly Technology

Zhanjun Liu
It is proposed the evaluation theory of inverse analysis arithmetic, and it is introduced the evaluated equation on compensate fuzzy control by stainless steel, the affecting gene model of stainless steel on compensate fuzzy control is built. The application of installation process is introduced. The...
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Damage and failure mechanism of bullets impact sapphire based on LS-DYNA

Siyu Liu, Zhipeng Qu, Mingyun Lv, Guangyuan Ma
Based on the Johnson-Holmquist-Ceramics material model in LS-DYNA, the penetration process of the bullet impact sapphire plate is simulated by finite element method, and the penetration failure mechanism is also analyzed. Four main observations are obtained-First, when the bullet hits the sapphire plate,...
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Discussion on the application of steel plate concrete in Tunnel Engineering

Xiaoming Li, Wenwen Dong
Aiming at the problems existing in the current tunnel supporting method, offered a new proposals for rock support with steel concrete structure in tunnel engineering. This paper introduces new supporting method and construction process, from the safety of the tunnel construction, schedule, waterproof,...
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Study on the Trial-mix and Basic Properties of Desert Sand Steel-PVA Fiber High Performance Concrete

Quanwei Li, Jialing Che, Caixia Ma, Lijun Liu
A kind of desert sand steel-PVA fiber high performance concrete is researched. The high performance concrete is composed of water, cement, fly ash and sand. Desert sand instead of part of the river sand, the replacement rate of 30%; fly ash instead of part of the cement, the replacement rate of 15%....
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Particle in-flight behavior and its determining the microstructure and mechanical properties of zirconia based thermal barrier coatings

Kun Liu, Jun Ma, Yu Bai
The present study aims to elaborate the particle in-flight behavior during plasma spraying and its significance in determining the microstructure and mechanical properties of plasma sprayed yttria partially stabilized zirconia (YSZ) thermal barrier coatings (TBCs). The as-sprayed YSZ coatings were characterized...
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Analysis and Evaluation of Natural Diamond Cut by Water Jet - guided Laser

GuangFeng Shi, DongDong Han, Shukun Wang, Keke Zhu
Natural diamond can be cut and grinded for manufacturing the super-hard tool in the field of ultra-precision machining. But the natural diamond cutting technology with high precision and high quality is still a challenge. The idea that laser cutting method combined with the other technologies provides...
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An automatic algorithm based on artificial neural network is applied in taxi target prediction

Zhaosheng Wang, Shiyu Li
This paper describe the solution to the ECML/PKDD discovery challenge on taxi destination prediction. The work consisted in predicting the destination of a taxi based on the beginning of its trajectory, represented as a variable-length sequence of GPS points, and diverse associated meta-information,...
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Study on the influence law of various factors on volcanic autoclaved aerated concrete

Huaizhuo Zhang, Xinghua Fu, Wenhong Tao, Shuangshuang Hou
With the shortage of fly ash in south of China and rush towards sustainability, how to use of resources of volcanic powder has become a new field for experts and scholars. This paper aims to study the suitability of replacing cement by volcanics in producing autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) and find...
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Mechanical and Pressure-sensitive Properties of Cement Mortar Containing Nano-Fe2O3

Yiqin Fang, Yaru Sun, Meiyuan Lu, Feng Xing, Weiwen Li
The mechanical and pressure-sensitive properties of nano-Fe2O3 cement paste were experimentally studied. The experimental results showed that, except at the 7-day age, the compressive strength of cement paste doped with different amounts of nano-Fe2O3 measured at the 14-day and 28-day ages had a steady...
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Chloride Penetration Resistance of Cement Paste Containing Different Contents of CNTs

Weiwen Li, Meiyuan Lu, Yongping Huang, Ziqing Tang, Feng Xing
This study explored the effect of adding different concentrations of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on the resistance to chloride ions penetration of cement mortars through natural penetration of chloride ions and Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry. The experimental results of natural penetration of chloride ions...
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Prediction of component life based by damage mechanics-effective stress method on ANSYS

Wenfeng Tan, Xinxing Ding
The damage mechanics-effective stress method are used to predict the life of the structure under the interaction of creep and fatigue. The effective stress method is used to calculate the stress field of the component, and the repeated modification of the stiffness matrix is avoided, and the calculation...
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Compressive Strength of Cement Mortar Containing Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) under Sulfate Attack and Dry-wet Cycling Environment

Weiwen Li, Yaru Jia, Ruoxu Shen, Feng Xing, Jing Zheng
The compressive strength and hydration process of cement-based materials containing with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were investigated in this paper. The experimental results showed that the compressive strength of QC-CNT group under standard curing and dry-wet cycles was higher than that of Control group...
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Structural characteristics and application in cigarette filter of castor based porous materials

Ling Zhang, Tiandong Zhang, Bo Cai, Qianxu Yang, Jing Li, Wenyuan Wang
Porous materials with high specific surface areas was prepared by a combined method of microwave drying carbonization and activation processes, in which castor rhizome was used as carbon source, and KOH was used as activator, respectively. The porous material was added to the cigarette filters and the...
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Effect of Grafted Chain Length on Hemostatic Activity of N-alkylated Chitosan

Mengyuan Liu, Jian Yang, Jing Guan, Shujie Huang, Zhihong Li, Miaolei Jing
This study aimed to synthesize N-alkylated chitosan derivates with similar degree of substitution (DS) and alkyl groups of different carbon chain lengths via reductive alkylation, and then to compare their coagulation properties. Structural properties of the N-alkylated chitosan derivates were characterized...
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Synthesis of N-alkylated Chitosan and its Aggregation Behavior

Ying Zhang, Liandong Deng, Jing Guan, Shujie Huang, Jian Yang, Jimin Wu, Zhihong Li
A series of N-alkylated chitosan (NACS) with various alkyl chain length and degree of substitution (DS) was prepared by a reductive amination method. The synthesis and structural characteristics of NACS was determined by FTIR, NMR and elemental analysis (EA). Fluorescence spectroscopy was used to analyze...
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Study on Processing of High Precision Graphite Ball with Four Axis Ball Grinder

Bin Zhou, Yinan Xia
This paper implements a four axis ball grinder to the high precision processing of graphite balls. In this paper, the mechanism of grinding effect by the four axis ball grinding method was analyzed. The influence from the size of lapper, the pressure and the grinding coefficient was studied. Then this...
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Experimental Study on The Seismic Behaviorof Rc Round Columns Strengthened by High Performance Ferrocement Laminates

Longmin Jiang, Wenjing Liu, Xiang Yi
Based on the experimental study of four RC full-size round columns under constant axial loading and lateral cyclic loading, the effectiveness of strengthening the RC round columns using the high performance ferrocement laminates (HPFL) for improving their seismic behavior has been examined. And with...
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Application of Compact Type Composite Cross arm in Tower Design

Haowei Pei, Qingfeng Zhang, Liang Zhang, Fei ZHOU, Chen Chen, Kai Niu
This paper discussed the structure composition and connection mode of composite cross arm, By tightened the vibration, redesigned the tower head structure of cup-tower, cathead tower and Upper Shape Tower using composite cross arm, the corridor width decreased by 3.2m and 3m-3.6m, Effectively solved...
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Comparative Study on Application of Fireproof Polystyrene Board and Traditional Polystyrene Board in External Wall Insulation of Building

Jiawei Yao, Zhaoming Hou, Yishu YAO
The use of fireproof thermal insulation material in building external wall insulation system is of great significance. In this paper, through the research of three kinds of fireproof polystyrene insulation board in our country building market in recent years, the comparison and analysis with traditional...
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Shaking Table Test Study of Rock Falls of Slope Based on Orthogonal Design

Bo Song, Miao Shuang
For sandy slope, size of rock fall, groundwater level and type of site are all important factors which have significant influences on the movement characteristics of rock falls. To obtain the importance of each factor, orthogonal analysis was studied and shaking table test was drawn up. In the tests,...
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Predictions of concrete compressive strength based a hybrid algorithm of GA-BP

Rendong Shi, Wei Zhong, Hong Zhang, Huangbin Chen, Xu Ji
The concrete quality is of great significance for the safety of buildings. This paper conducted the research on this subject in the actual concrete mixing plant, with concrete compressive strength (CCS) being the indicator of concrete quality. Firstly, in order to make the quality evaluation models feasible,...
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Impact Analysis of Replacing Business Tax with Value-added Tax on Water Conservancy Project Cost

Yongjia Song, Di Wu, Lin Yuan, Chao Ba
Nine representative examples of water conservancy projects are selected, and the cost changes of water conservancy project are calculated by combining the cost adjustment method of replacing business tax with value-added tax on water conservancy project. At the same time, analyzing the reason for the...
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Research on Influence of Innovative Wind-Resistant Energy Dissipation Devices on Wind Pressures of Low-Rise Gable Roof Buildings Based on Wind Tunnel Test

Kai He, Linsheng Huo, Gang Li
In the view of the serious problem of low-rise gable roof buildings damaged by typhoon, a method of using wind-resistant energy dissipation devices on roof wind pressure to reduce the damage of strong wind on low-rise gable roof buildings is proposed in this paper. The wind tunnel experiments were carried...
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Application of P-A Fractal Model in the River Network of the Landslides Area

Zhiwang Wang, Fangfang Zhou, Hao Cao
This paper applies P-A model to study the fractal characteristics of 17 sub-watersheds in the study area from Badong county to Zigui county in TGP reservoir region. The results indicate that the small watersheds have obvious fractal characteristics and that the fractal of water system in the study area...
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Advantage Analysis of Composite Girder with Corrugated Steel Web Compared with Concrete Girder in Continuous Rigid Frame Bridge

Guangling Li, Yanchi Wu, Zhiyong Zhao
This paper focuses on the application, characteristics and advantages of composite girder with corrugated steel webs at home and aboard. The comparison between concrete girder and composite girder includes material quantity, intensity and stiffness. The results show that composite beam has saving on...
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Development and Application of Film Laminated Metal Composite Decorative Panel

Yujun Liu, Shuai Wu, Shunli Liu, Tingting Liu, Feilong Sun
This paper highlights the production process, performance feature and engineering application of film laminated metal composite decorative panel , on the basis of introducing film materials. The development prospect of the product is broad by virtue of its excellent product performance and advantage...
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Pumping Performance Analysis on Crushed Sand Concrete

Lei Yu, Lei Chen, Zhaolei Liu
By means of laboratory experiment, pump performance of crush sand concretes with different stone powder content and methylene blue value are measured. More stone powder provides better lubrication and better pump performance on low-strength concrete. Paste viscosity increases by increasing stone powder...
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A Detection Method for DDoS Attack against SDN Controller

LinHai Meng
through the data plane and control plane isolation, SDN network architecture framework helps to simplify network configuration and management, improves the development efficiency, and the centralized logic controller to give more control over the entire network, the network has full visibility. These...
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Study on buckling failure criterion for compression-shear sliding unstable rock

Jinhao Zhang, Hongkai Chen, He Wang, Renjie Wu
The essence of failure for compression-shear sliding unstable rock belongs to the fracture of dominant fissure. The fracture mechanics model of compression shear type dangerous rock is established by combining rock failure criterion with fracture strength factor; By equivalent stress method, the equivalent...
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Effect of Hot Rolling Parameters on Texture and Anisotropy of X65MO offshore pipeline steel

Tao Niu, Chenggang An, Xin-lang Wu, Caixia Zhang, Chen Yu
In this study, optical microscope (OM), tensile test, X-ray diffraction(XRD) method were used to investigate the effect of hot rolling parameters on texture and tensile properties of X65MO offshore pipeline steel. Result of microstructure observation reveals that the anisotropy of mechanical properties...
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Hydrothermal synthesis of clew-like Bi2Sn2O7 and visible-light photocatalytic activity

Wei Huang, Chaohao Hu, Binqing Zhu, Yan Zhong, Huaiying Zhou
Visible-light responsive bismuth pyrostannate (Bi2Sn2O7) photocatalysts with the clew-like morphology have been synthesized by the hydrothermal method. XRD, FE-SEM, BET, UV-vis DRS was used to characterize the phase structure, surface morphology, and optical properties of catalysts. When the hydrothermal...