Proceedings of the 2022 7th International Conference on Financial Innovation and Economic Development (ICFIED 2022)

1082 authors
Bai, Chongxi
Risk Management Strategy in IPO Activity
Bai, Hua
Response to COVID-19: Assessment of the Bubbles in U.S. Stock Market
Bai, Jiawei
The Application Analysis of Game Theory on Double Eleven
Bai, Xiaolong
The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Competitiveness of Liquor Enterprises
Bai, Yingchao
Research on the Impact of Government Technical Expenditures on Regional Economic Growth in Fujian Province
Bai, Yiyang
The Relationship Between Age and Successful Entrepreneurship
Bai, Zeyi
Influence of Factors in Social Environment on Stock Market Participation
Bao, Mingyang
Evaluation on How to Maximize Cattle Diet Revenue While Controlling Carbon Emissions through Linear Programing
Bao, Rui
The Impact of Trade Disputes to China and the U.S
Bao, Yuanyu
Ethical Disputes of AI Surveillance: Case Study of Amazon
Bhuiyan, Miraj Ahmed
How Much Effect Does Sino-US Trade War Had on the Greater Bay Area’s (GBA) Import -Export? Was it Inevitable?
Bian, Yifang
The Application of POCD Framework
How Far is from Making Profits under the Financial Analysis Business Model of Self-support and Heavy Property Business?
Cai, Hongfei
TikTok’s Advertising Policy in the Chinese Market and Impacts on China’s Internet Economic Advertising Market
Cai, Jingxi
The Development of New Energy Industry under the Implementation of China’s Environmental Protection Policy -- The Forecast of Lithium Ion and Sodium Ion Battery Industry
Cai, Kexin
Research on Product Innovation of Tourism Enterprises under the Background of Aging
Cai, Tianxin
Customer Value and Customer Loyalty: Comparison and Application
Cai, Tongxin
American Airline Industry Under COVID-19 Pandemic--using Delta as a Typical Case
Cai, Zhiyuan
Factors Affecting China’s Economic Growth: Land Policy Changes and Real Estate Market Development in China
Cao, Bo
Pricing Strategies of Coupon Bonds in Condition of COVID-19
Cao, Hanqi
The Consideration of Meme Stock
Cao, Hengyuan
Analysis of the Future Development Trend of the Pet Industry
Cao, Keke
The Financial Situation of Microsoft and Designed Binary Option
Cao, Lantao
Media Coverage Influence on Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
Cao, Ni
A Monte Carlo Simulation Scheme for Basket Options with Barriers
Cao, Ting
Discussion on Financing Mode of Affordable Housing Construction
Cao, Xiaocong
Research on Marketing Innovation of Luckin Coffee
Cao, Yi
Game-theoretic Analysis for the Trade-Off Between R&D and Marketing in Chinese Cosmetic Market
Chai, Shaoyu
A Comparative Study of the Impact of SARS and COVID 19 on China’s Economy
Changbao, Lu
High-end Sports Tourism: Concept Definition, Experience Dimension Identification and Scale Development
Chen, Guanwei
Motivation Analysis and Performance Analysis of Haier Merger and Acquisition in Qingdao
Chen, Guanyu
Research on the Cross-border M&A
Chen, Hongyi
Analysis of the Business Model of e-commerce Companies under COVID-19: Taking Alibaba as an Example
Chen, Huilin
Joint Effect of High-speed Rail and Air Pollution on Tourism in Nearby Cities
Chen, Jia
Employees Motivation Mechanism in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry—Case of Procter & Gamble
Chen, Jiabao
The Relationship Between Age and Successful Entrepreneurship
Chen, Jiexi
The Impact of COVID-19 on Stock Market and China’s Economy
Chen, Jieyi
An Overview of Bond Pricing Models and Duration of Bonds
Chen, Jince
Policy Response After the Great Financial Crisis
Chen, Jingjing
Research on the In-depth Development of Traditional Sports Culture Tourism Resources from the Perspective of Collaborative Development
Chen, Jingjing
Inheritance and Development of National Traditional Sports Culture in the Context of Big Data -- Take TikTok as an example
Chen, Jinxi
Anchoring Effect in Different Promotional Forms in the Consumption Field
Chen, Junbo
Study on the Application of Learning-Style in Junior Middle School English Teaching
Chen, Junyao
The Impact of Institutional Investors on Firm Performance: Evidence from China
Chen, Kehan
Specific Causes of Financial Crisis at Barcelona and Countermeasures
Chen, Keyi
Linear Regression Model for Business Strategy
Chen, Keyu
Best Portfolio Choice by Using Markowitz Model
Chen, Liping
Introduction of Function and Market Research About Magic Garden
Chen, Mengli
Application Status of Intelligent Investment Consultant Based on Artificial Intelligence in China
Chen, Mingji
Implications on Increasing Number of Bankruptcies of Private-Owned Enterprises in China
Chen, Nuofangzhou
An Overview on Private Equity Leveraged Buyouts
Chen, Pengxu
Discussion on Uncertainty and Bias in Enterprise Valuation Assessments using DCF Model
Chen, Qi
Outlook of Digital Currencies and Future Restrictions on Cryptocurrencies
Chen, Qi
Improvement of the Negative Responsibility to the Right to Health of the Multinational Enterprises
Chen, Qian
Introduction of Function and Market Research About Magic Garden
Chen, Qingyang
Analysis of the Development and Trend of Liquor Industry in China
Chen, Ruxin
Research on the Impact of Stock Pledge Ratio of Controlling Shareholder on Share Price in A-share Exchange Market
Chen, Shaun
Predicting Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Economy Based on Hybrid Model
Chen, Song
Research on Spatial-temporal Pattern of Coupling and Coordinated Development of Urban Highway Traffic and Tourism Economy in Anhui Province
Chen, Tianjiao
Construction of Conceptual Framework of Intelligent Accounting Under the Condition of New Generation Information Technology
Chen, Tingxu
Evaluation on How to Maximize Cattle Diet Revenue While Controlling Carbon Emissions through Linear Programing
Chen, Wangyuan
Customer Value and Customer Loyalty: Comparison and Application
Chen, Xilin
The Impact of Chinese “Double Reduction” Policy on Listed Educational Tutoring Institutions
Chen, Xinru
Used Car Prices in India: What about Future?
Chen, Xinxin
Analysis of Game Cooperation in Manufacturing Industry Under the Impact of Covid-19 on Global Supply Chain Based on Dynamic Game
Chen, Xueru
Research on Supply Chain Process Based on TOPSIS Analysis and Multi-objective Programming
Chen, Yangchi
The Valuation of Up and in Barrier Options on the Tesla Index
Chen, Yanjie
Reform of IPO Registration System Injects New Vitality into China’s Capital Market
Chen, Yantong
The Impact of the Epidemic on E-commerce Industry
Chen, Yanyin
The Impact of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Development on the Companies Involved
Chen, Ying
Research on the Impact of China’s Fixed Asset Investment on Import and Export Trade
Chen, Yingtong
Research on the Effectiveness of Donation Marketing Taking Erke as an Example
Chen, Yiying
Comparison and Analysis of Machine Learning Models to Predict Hotel Booking Cancellation
Chen, Yu
The Ineffectiveness of Capital Asset Pricing Model and Its Possible Solutions
Chen, Yufei
How Does the Home Purchase Restriction Policy Affect Household Debt?
Chen, Yuhan
Research on the Influence of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Pharmaceutical Stock Markets in China —Based on Granger Causality Test
Chen, Yumeng
COVID-19 and Volatility of China Concept Stocks
Chen, Yushan
Various Methods Aim to Solve the Limitation of IRR
Chen, Yuyang
How to Find Optimal Portfolios among Nine Mutual Funds from US
Chen, Zefeng
The Study of Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Construct Portfolio Formation
Chen, Zhi-Tao
How Leadership Influences Employees’ Unethical Pro-organizational Behavior: A Case Study of Transformational Leadership
Chen, Zhiliang
The Applicability of Classic Capital Asset Pricing Model in Chinese Stock Market
Chen, Zhiyi
Chinese High-tech SMEs and IPOs in STAR
Chen, Zhiyuan
Analysis of the Impact of the Epidemic Situation on Macroeconomy and Countermeasures
Cheng, Zifeng
Has GameStop Phenomenon Violated the Efficient Market Hypothesis? Verified with T-Test
Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of the Development of Xiamen Sports Industry
Chi, Linlin
The Current Use of Data Analysis and Future Anticipations of the Big Box Industry
Chool-Soo, Kim
Research on the Direction of Marine Science and Technology R&D Policy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution-The case of Korea
Chu, Chenfu
The Causes and Solutions of Capitalist Economic Crisis
Chu, Yifan
Research on Application of Fama-French Three-Factor Model in Asset Allocation
Chul-Soo, Kim
Study on the Development of the Marine Aquatic Sector under COVID-19 Epidemic - The Case of Korea
Chunyi, Guo
Research on the Development Path of Ecological Sports Tourism in Southwest China from the Perspective of “Two Mountains Theory”
Cui, Mingdao
How Does the Decoy Effect Affect Decision-making and How We Can Prevent It?
Cui, Xuefei
Analysis of the Net Present Value and Equivalent Annual Cost in Optimal Machine Life
Cui, Zhiyi
The Effect of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the Stock Performances of Hospitality and Airline Industries
DU, Xueyi
Research on SYNSH Development Strategy Selection and Implementation Based on DELPHI-SWOT Model
DU, Xueyi
Research on the Measurement of High-Quality Development Level of Cultural Industry in Shandong Province
Dai, Haotian
The Analysis of Three Main Investment Criteria: NPV IRR and Payback Period
Dai, You-Yu
Research on the Countermeasures for the Development of “Non-destination Routes” of Chinese Homeport Cruise Products
Dai, Yuhang
Extensions for Macaulay Duration, Modified Duration, and Further Study on Immunization Strategy