Proceedings of the International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Innovation (ICELBI 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Donard Games, Maruf
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Innovation during 7-8 September 2022 in Padang. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the scientific committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief,...
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University Spin-off: A Review

Adityo Wicaksono, Eryadi K. Masli, Trina Fizzanty
Contemporarily, university spin-off (USO) has become a major topic in the academic entrepreneurship literature. Universities around the globe have realized that establishing USOs can bring substantial benefits to their organizations and the regional economy. Hence, the USO phenomenon became essential...
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Women’s Entrepreneurial Motivation: Business Principles and Performance in Islamic Perspective

Ellyana Amran, Aekram Faisal, Lavlimatria Esya
Women entrepreneurs, in general, and Muslim women, in particular, were potential sources that had not been touched much. The purpose of this study was to explain the effect of business principles on business performance mediated by entrepreneurial motivation on Muslim women entrepreneurs in Jakarta from...
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The Influence of MSME Performance and Inclusive Finance on Poverty Reduction in Indonesia

Agustina Suparyati, Nurhayati Nurhayati, Sumiyati Sumiyati, Astrid Maria Esther
The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of MSME performance, financial inclusion, economic growth, and income distribution inequality on poverty levels in 33 provinces in Indonesia during the 2016–2021 period. MSME performance is measured by the level of internal efficiency as measured by...
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Development of Constructivist-Based Mathematics Learning Media on Geometry Materials

RAndika Putra, Elita Amrina
The purpose of this study is to describe the process and results of the development of constructivist-based computer-aided mathematics learning media on geometry material with the sub-topic of distance on spatial shapes that is valid, practical, and effective. This type of research is development research,...
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The Effect of Debt Financing on Firm Value in Manufacturing Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Anita Roosmalina Matusin, Catur Rahayu Martiningtiyas, Ina Oktaviana Matusin, Ramadini Safitri, Cyntia Monalisa Hutauruk
This study aims to examine the effect of debt financing on firm value. The dependent variable used in this study is firm value, with the independent variable debt financing (STDA, LTDA, TDTE), firm size, firm growth, inflation, and interest rate control variables. The research sample used in this study...
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Development of Seternak, Marketplace Application for Production Facilities and Livestock Products

Ardhian Agung Yulianto, Fathurrahman Ananda Menza
The livestock industry, especially poultry, was one of the economic bases of Indonesian people, which has a high potential to increase inclusive economic growth. Moreover, Indonesia has a high advantage in the livestock sector, as illustrated by the competitive edge in the workforce and the potential...
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Service Quality Breakdowns in Indonesia’s Telecom Industry: Insights from Customer Reviews

Ares Albirru Amsal, Rayna Kartika
This study addresses and categorizes service quality failures within one of Indonesia’s leading internet service providers. Drawing upon a service quality framework tailored to the telecommunications industry, the research scrutinizes 4886 one and two-star reviews from popular Indonesian mobile application...
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Antecedents of Organizational Commitment of Construction and Building Employees in Jakarta

Okbar Donny, B. Medina Nilasari, Renny Risqiani, Nico Lukito
Construction is considered the most stable area of the industry because it does not rely heavily on digital technology. Even so, construction and building companies must generate employee satisfaction and organizational commitment and disseminate the customer concept to all parts of the organization...
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Urban and Rural Household Saving Determinants in Indonesia (IFLS 2000–2014)

Syofriza Syofyan, Bahtiar Usman, Harmaini Harmaini, Litha Ardhiningrum
The government’s ability to mobilize public savings is one of the financial system functions that should work well. The literature on economic growth theory suggests that changes in the saving rate will cause an acceleration (deceleration) of capital accumulation, increasing (decreasing) economic growth....
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The Influence of Internet Banking and Bank Risk on the Performance of Banking Companies in Indonesia

Catur Rahayu Martiningtiyas, Anita Roosmalina Matusin, Susy Muchtar, Tssabita Aleatuffaaahatie, Sarah Alza Fadhilah
This study aims to analyze the effect of Internet banking on bank performance. The independent variables in this study are Internet banking and bank risk, with the control variables being economic growth inflation and the dependent variable being bank performance. The sample used in this study is a company...
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Fear of Failure in Incubated Start-Up: A Qualitative Approach Study

Danny Hidayat, Nurul Khairiyah, Donard Games
This thesis examined the fear of failure in start-up actors in the Universitas Andalas business incubator. According to previous research, fear of failure is one of the obstacles in entrepreneurship. This study focuses on the experience of fear and the way respondents understand it so that it will be...
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The Effect of Job Stress, Job Burnout, and Emotional Intelligence on Job Satisfaction of Employees of Animal Feed Companies in Grobogan, Central Java

Muhamad Deddy Maha Dikka, Deasy Aseanty
This study aims to analyze the effect of Job Stress, Job Burnout, and Emotional Intelligence on Job Satisfaction of employees of animal feed companies in Grobogan, Central Java. The data used in this study is primary data. The sampling method used is purposive sampling, with 189 employees as the respondents....
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An Evaluation of the Use of YouTube Advertisements in Targeting Millennials in a Digital Era

Dessy Kurnia Sari, Donard Games, Nindi Filzah Edista
Entrepreneurs have to be aware of today’s digital business era. The use of online and digital media in targeting a market was inevitable. This paper explores the influence of perceived advertising values and personalization of advertisement videos on YouTube and sees the effect on millennials’ attitudes...
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Social Entrepreneurship Business Canvas Model (Case Study of Andalas Sepakat Unit Waste Bank, Andalas Village East Padang Subdistrict Padang City Indonesia)

Devi Analia
Social entrepreneurship is a form of entrepreneurship that has the concept of business and innovation for social or community interests. Social entrepreneurship is an activity and process to discover, define, and take advantage of opportunities to increase social value by creating new ventures or managing...
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Analysis of the Effectiveness of Fertilizer Subsidies Policy for Corn Farmers in Nagari Lingkuang Aua, West Pasaman

Gusrianto Gusrianto, Dian Hafizah, Devi Analia
Fertilizer subsidy is one of the government’s fiscal policies for farmers, which aims to increase agricultural production. This study aims to determine the procedures for implementing the subsidized fertilizer program and analyze the effectiveness of distributing subsidized fertilizers to corn farmers....
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Determination of the Growth Rate of Gross Domestic Regional Product (GDRP) of the Agricultural Sector in Indonesia, Period 2012 – 2021

Ayu Tri Wahyuni, Dini Hariyanti
This study aims to determine the impact of land area, labor, foreign direct investment (FDI), domestic direct investment (DDI) in the agriculture sector, and farmer's term of Trade (FTT) on the growth rate of Gross Domestic Regional Product (GDRP) of the agricultural sector. The sample was taken...
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Fear of Failure, Financial Performance, and Entrepreneurial Well-being: Some Insights from Start-ups in an Emerging Market Economy

Donard Games, Rifka Zikria, Tri Siwi Agustina, Rambat Lupiyoadi
The present study investigates the effect of fear of failure on entrepreneurs’ well-being in West Sumatra, Indonesia, where financial performance is expected as the mediating variable. The data were collected online from eighty-five start-up businesses that have run for 0–5 years in West Sumatera, Indonesia....
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The Impacts of Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurial Intentions: The Context of Economic and Business Students, Universitas Andalas, Padang, Indonesia

Salsabila Salwaa Geza, Donard Games
Most of the causes of the high unemployment rate are the large number of students who have completed their education and are busy looking for work. However, the competition for many job seekers in the job market is disproportionate. Many students do not have the intention or support to open their businesses...
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Profit Sharing Partnership in Beef Cattle Fattening Business (Case Study at Nusa Fauna Company)

Dwi Yuzaria, Fuad Madarisa, Aldo Marpensa
The purpose of this study was to analyze 1) the application of technical aspects at Nusa Fauna Cattle Farming business, 2) the income level of beef cattle farmers with a profit-sharing system between capital owners and farmers, and their contribution to the total income of the Nusa Fauna Cattle Farm...
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The Role of Trust in Shopping Online in Mediating the influence of Social Media Marketing on Purchase Intention

Aekram Faisal, Ellyana Amran, Iwan Ekawanto
Social media are one of the activities the general public frequently engages in, including in Indonesia. In recent years, social media have been used not only for social contact but also for corporate management. Furthermore, with the entire world confronting the 19 pandemic and most governments making...
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Factors Influencing Digital Technologies Adoption among Indonesian SMEs: A Conceptual Framework

Faiz Faiz
Although digital technologies have ascended and many firms have adopted them into their system, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been reported for lagging behind their larger counterparts in digital technology adoption. This paper identifies factors that influence digital technology adoption...
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Ornamental Plant Entrepreneurship During the Covid -19 Pandemic in Koto Tangah District, Padang City

Mega Putri Nolasary, Fanny Wulanda, Rihan Ifebri, D anny Hidayat
This study aims to: a) Find out the internal and external factors faced by ornamental plant business actors in Koto Tangah District. b) Analyze the marketing strategy of the ornamental plant business in Koto Tangah District. This is qualitative research, which is a process of finding new knowledge using...
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Determinant Factors for M-Banking Use in Generation Z

Widya Alifia, Farah Margaretha Leon, Yosephina Endang Purba, Kristian Chandra, Febria Nalurita
This study aims to examine and analyze the factors that influence the adoption of M-banking in Generation Z. Data was obtained through an online questionnaire to M-banking users with an age range of 18–24 years in Jabodetabek. The method used in sampling was the non-probability sampling method, with...
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What Makes a Coffee Shop Interesting? Demystifying Critical Factors that Attract and Retain Coffee Shop Customers in Indonesia

Fauzan Wardhana, Viet Le, Eryadi Masli, Mony Sok
The main purpose of this study was to identify factors that coffee shop customers perceived as critical to attracting and retaining them to a particular coffee shop. An online questionnaire survey was designed to capture coffee shop customers in Indonesia. Critical factors were identified from the literature...
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Tax Apparatus Negotiation Behavior in Resolving Tax Disputes: An Experimental Examination

Fauzan Misra, Rahmat Kurniawan
This study examines the influence of the supervisor's pressure and the negotiation partner's objective on tax staff negotiation behavior and his confidence in the decision. To accomplish this purpose, study participants completed a tax negotiation task in a 2x2 between-subject design. The experiment...
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The Moderating Role of Locus of Control on the Links Between Availability Bias, Herding, and Investment Decisions

Febria Nalurita, Farah Margaretha Leon, Yosephina Endang Purba, Kristian Chandra
This study aims to determine the effect of availability bias and herding on investment decision-making with the moderating role of locus of control. Data was collected by distributing questionnaires to individual investors on the Jakarta Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), with a sample of 281 people. This...
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The Effect of Bank-Specific Factors on Profitability of Commercial Banks Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Henny Setyo Lestari, Bahtiar Usman, Syofriza Syofyan, Lavlimatria Esya, Hartini Hartini, Oknovia Susanti
This study examines the influence of specific factors on the profitability of conventional commercial banks listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the 2016–2020 period. This study uses purposive sampling with a sample of 41 conventional commercial banks. The results show that bank size does not affect...
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Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of Consumer Goods Industry Companies Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange

Henny Setyo Lestari, Bahtiar Usman, Syofriza Syofyan, Lavlimatria Esya, Hartini Hartini
This study aims to investigate the effect of corporate governance on financial performance in consumer goods industry companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the period 2016 -2020. The independent variables used consist of insider shareholding, board size, board independence, board meeting,...
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The Effect of Work Experience and Job Satisfaction on The Work Productivity of Civil Servants (PNS) At The Trade Office of Padang City

Henny Sjafitri, Ria Hardianti, Lenny Hasan, Sari Lenggogeni
The purpose of this study was to determine how much influence work experience and job satisfaction have on the work productivity of Civil Servants (PNS) at the Padang City Trade Office. The method used in this research is quantitative. The sampling technique used is total sampling with a sample of 92...
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The Effect of Green Marketing, Sustainable Advertising, Eco Packaging/Labeling Towards Green Purchasing Behavior (Study on Electric Vehicles in Indonesia)

Hermanto Yaputra, Kurniawati Kurniawati, Renny Risqiani, Nico Lukito, Krisna Prabowo Sukarno
This study was expected to give academic and practical benefits where the proposed conceptual framework may contribute as additional literature about green marketing and positively implies environmentally friendly product marketers. Researchers used an explanatory approach to prove all the hypotheses...
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Analysis of Consumer Loyalty to Creative Economic Products in Padang City

Hesti Mayasari, Amisrawati Amisrawati, Hafrizal Okta ade Putra, Ares Albirru Amsal
The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the effect of price perception, promotion, brand image, and consumer satisfaction partially or simultaneously on consumer loyalty in the Senja Padang Coffee Zone. The research method used is descriptive quantitative. The sampling technique used is...
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How Firm and Industry Characteristics Affect Capital Structure of Unlisted SMEs: UK Empirical Evidence

Indah Permata Suryani
This study aimed to provide further empirical studies on whether there is any significant relationship between firm industry characteristics and the short-term and long-term debt of the companies. The focus was to answer the question: Do the firm and industry characteristics such as profitability, size,...
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Empowerment of Inter-Student Achievements as a Form of Manifestation “Mapres Copy Mapres” Sustainable

Nadila Rizky Amelia, Irfan Wahendra, Stefani Wijaya, Jefril Rahmadoni
Currently, students face many opportunities and golden opportunities for self-development, both from on-campus and off-campus activities. Self-development could be through competitions between students, scholarship programs, student exchange programs, and various internship programs available from small...
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Determinants of Affective Commitment in Improving Employee Performance

Justine Tanuwijaya, Jakaria Jakaria, M. Yudhi Lutfi, Wahyu Gunawan, Ismail Hakki Mirici
Organizational performance is one of the company goals to be achieved, and the achievement of these goals cannot be separated from the achievement of employees’ performance. This study was conducted with the aim of testing and analyzing how servant leadership affects proactive career behavior, which...
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Online Learning and Student Achievement in Sensitivity Analysis Perspective

Justine Tanuwijaya, Yolanda Masnita Siagian, Husna Leila Yusran, Jakaria Jakaria, Ismail Hakki Mirici
The pandemic covid 19 brought huge changes in the education system, especially the need and necessity for an online learning process system from offline or face-to-face. This study examined the factors that determine the use of continuous e-learning and its impact on student achievement. Five variables...
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The Effect of Leverage on Company Value in Consumer Goods Industry Companies

Kristian Chandra, Farah Margaretha, Yosephina Endang Purba, Febria Nalurita
The industrial sector, including consumer goods, is currently one of the sectors contributing significantly to Indonesia's economic growth. To compete with similar companies, managers must make the right decisions, most notably financial ones. The companies are expected to choose the best option...
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Perceived Personalization and Brand Relationship Models in Social Commerce

Kurniawati Kurniawati, Hermanto Yaputra, Renny Risqiani, Nico Lukito, Dessy Apriyani
With fashion development in Indonesia, many brands have started marketing by relying on digital marketing. As is well known today, marketing trends continue to develop along with increasingly sophisticated technology with the presence of the Internet world. Digital marketing is present as an innovation...
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E-Commerce Analysis in Product Purchasing Decisions at Bacarito Coffee in Padang City

Liza Zulbahri, Tri Yosep Estrada, Sepris Yonaldi, Eka Chandra Lina
This study aims to determine and analyze e-commerce and product quality partially and simultaneously on purchasing decisions for Bacarito Kopi in Padang. The research method used is descriptive quantitative. The sampling technique used was probability sampling, with 100 respondents. The data analysis...
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The Role of Source Congruence in Effective Marketing Communications

Fatik Rahayu, Luki Adiati Pratomo, Ayu Ekasari, Dyah Astarini, Khansa Fara Wijanarko, Ryan Ardhito Hadyan, Evi V. Lanasier
The study aims to build a more comprehensive model of the relationship between the source’s characteristics and the purchase intention by involving several variables that are considered moderating and mediating variables in the relationship between the two variables. The respondent is the individual...
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Digital Communication and Its Relationship to SME Empowerment and Performance

Maharani Imran, Djuara P. Lubis, Pudji Muljono, Dwi Sadono
Digital communication is important in empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This article discusses the conceptual framework for digital communication and other factors influencing entrepreneur empowerment and SME performance. A documentation technique was used to collect data. Relevant...
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The Effect of Auditor Switching, Audit Report Lag, and Financial Distress on Financial Statement Fraud

Marieta Ariani, Rakendro Wijayanto, Tyas Pambudi Raharjo, Seto Makmur Wibowo, Ayu Lestari
This study examines the effect of auditor switching, audit report lag, and financial distress on financial statement fraud. This study uses a sample of banking companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange during the 2018-2020 period, as many as 43 companies. Data collection techniques using the purposive...
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Systematic Literature Review (SLR) Seed System Development supports The Development of Seed Social Entrepreneurship

Masruri Masruri, Helmi Helmi, Irfan Suliansyah, Henmaidi Henmaidi
The purpose of the research is to map the recent developments of the seed system concept. The seed system has developed the concept of a formal and informal seed system towards an integrated, interrelated seed system. This mapping was used for triggering further research and guiding the application of...
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Regional Inequality Analysis In Papua

Mona Adriana, Agustina Suparyati
Economic development and growth are always interpreted as an increase in per capita income because per capita income is a plan for improving people's welfare. Development and growth will always be able to go hand in hand because, with every development, there will always be economic growth generated....
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Analysis of Project Manager Leadership Style at Construction Companies in Jabodetabek

Muhammad Irham Fauzan, Azaria Andreas
The development in the construction sector is multiplying from time to time. This can be seen from the high level of development of economic centers such as malls and markets, as well as infrastructure development such as bridges, highways, MRT, LRT, and others. Changes in a better direction than before...
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Increase Brand Awareness and Brand Image Using Social Media Marketing Elements

Muhammad Zulkifli Amanda, Yolanda Masnita
Establishing a comprehensive and interactive Social Media Marketing (SMM) will help build a trustworthy Brand Image. That will increase consumer loyalty and willingness to buy the product. This study aimed to examine and analyze the effect of social media marketing elements - Entertainment, Pleasure,...
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The Consequences of Emotional Labor among Culinary Sector SMEs Employees in Jakarta

Netania Emilisa, Lidia Wahyuni, Lilis Suhaeni, Oknovia Susanti
This study aimed to analyze the effect of Surface Acting and Deep Acting on Job Satisfaction and the effect of Job Satisfaction on Turnover Intentions and Organizational Commitment in employees from culinary sector SMEs in Jakarta. Data were collected from 150 employees, and the collection technique...
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Factors that Influence Entrepreneurial Intention: Evidence from Undergraduate Students in South Jakarta

Netania Emilisa, Husna Leila Yusran, Shafrani Dizar, Adji Prastia, Ghea Indiani Thermalista, Oknovia Susanti
This investigation intends to determine the impact of entrepreneurship attitude, proactive behavior, and entrepreneurship education on entrepreneurial intention. The data utilized in this research is primary data, the content of questionnaires filled out by undergraduate students in South Jakarta. Data...
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Analysis of Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior in Buying Prepaid Cell Phone Cards During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Nico Lukito, Renny Risqiani, Kurniawati Kurniawati
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted public health, economic conditions, education, and social life. The government implemented a study and work-from-home policy and made prepaid cell phone card operators necessary telecommunications providers for community activities during the Covid 19 pandemic. Product...
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Analysis of the Effect of Promotion and Product Innovation on Consumer Purchase Decisions in Digital Technology-Based Micro and Small Enterprises in Padang City

Ramadhania Ramadhania, Yuda Delprima Candra, Sepris Yonaldi, Dessy Kurnia Sari
The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the effect of product promotion and innovation on consumer purchasing decisions for micro and small businesses based on digital technology in Padang City. The research method used is a quantitative approach. The sampling technique used is non-probability...
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A Pilot Study: The Role of Family Social Support in Entrepreneurial Resilience

Tri Rahayuningsih, Rani Armalita, Liliyana Sari, Anip Febtriko, Saskia Rahmattulaila
COVID-19 cases are still ongoing in Indonesia, which results in many industries experiencing a decline, including in West Sumatra. This situation requires strong resilience for entrepreneurs because adaptive behavior is important to survive in stressful situations, such as pandemics. Previous studies...
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The Entrepreneurs’ Insights and Fears Towards Sharia Fintech Lending (Study of SMEs in West Sumatra)

Rayna Kartika, Annisaa Rahman
The innovation of financial technology (fintech), especially in peer-to-peer lending (P2PL), has reached significant users in the last couple of years. P2PL has been utilized worldwide, including in Indonesia, by interns of investing and lending funds. By 2021, there will be more than 125 fintech peer-to-peer...
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The Effect of Brand Experience and Customer Engagement on Brand Loyalty in the Marketplace in Indonesia

Sheren Maharani Putri, Renny Risqiani, B. Medina Nilasari, Kurniawati, Hermanto Yaputra
This research aims to analyze the effect of brand experience and customer engagement on brand loyalty in the marketplace in Indonesia. The sample in this study amounted to 367 respondents, using purposive sampling. The variables of this study consist of brand experience dimensions (sensory, affective,...
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Digital Financial Literacy, Financial Behaviour, and Financial Well-being of Women’s in Indonesia

Rita Rahayu, Verni Juita, Annisa Rahman
This study aims to investigate the influence of digital financial literacy and financial behavior, which consists of saving behavior and spending behavior, on women's financial well-being in Indonesia. A survey method using an online questionnaire was performed in this study. 524 Indonesian women...
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The Marketing Innovation of Melinjo-Based Food Product Through Sociopreneurs Approach

Ida Busnetty, Wegig Purwonugroho, Rositayanti Hadisoebroto, Thirathep Chonmaitree
So far, Melinjo has only been used as chips and vegetables. The problems today are environmental hygiene, monotonous products, marketing, and consumer perception. This research approach is to diversify products by processing Melinjo into flour so that it can be processed into other various foods. Making...
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Analysis of Research Methodology on Institutional-Based Competitiveness of Agricultural Commodities

Melinda Noer, Sepris Yonaldi, Yulia Hendri Yeni, Nofialdi Nofialdi
This study aims to see the novelty of the research methods used by previous studies to study the competitiveness of institutional-based agricultural commodities. For this reason, it is necessary to review the research methods used in previous studies (2015 - 2020). To facilitate researchers in compiling...
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Entrepreneurial Innovation for Micro and Small Businesses that Have Competitiveness in the City of Padang

Sepris Yonaldi, Mutia Yunita Fitri, Yuni Candra, Berri Brilliant Albar
This study aims to determine and analyze the effect of product innovation, entrepreneurial orientation, and entrepreneurial characteristics on competitive advantage in the micro and small-scale food and beverage industry in Padang. The research method used is descriptive quantitative. The sampling technique...
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Community Entrepreneurship Development in People’s Agricultural Business

(An Avocado Farmer Experience in West Pasaman Regency)

Sukarli Sukarli, Helmi Helmi, Elfindri Elfindri, Hery Bachrizal Tanjung
This community entrepreneurship article is a contribution of ideas for the practice of managing community-based farming businesses. Avocado agribusiness development in West Pasaman is faced with the problem of providing seeds, cultivation techniques, harvesting, and post-harvest techniques, as well as...
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The Influence of Financial and Non-Financial Factors on Firm Value with Tax Aggressiveness as a Moderating Variable

Susi Dwi Mulyani, Giawan Nur Fitria, Amalia Puspita Wardhani
The firm value reflects the welfare that can be enjoyed by its stakeholders, especially by its shareholders. Financial and non-financial factors influence firm value. This study examines the effect of the firm's financial and non-financial factors on firm value. In addition, it analyzes whether...
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Financial Technology and Economic Growth

Tri Kunawangsih, Agustina Suparyati, Khirstina Curry, Zakkiyah Zakkiyah
In this paper, we analyze the impact of fintech, labor force, domestic investment, foreign direct investment, HDI, and export variables on economic growth. The data used is semester data per province from 2020 – 2021. The data is processed using panel data (pooling data). Source of data from the Central...
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The Measurement of Cultural Values on Social Entrepreneurship Intention in Agriculture Students using PLS-SEM

Tri Rahayuningsih, Radika Mailana, Rani Armalita, Liliyana Sari
Social entrepreneurship intention is a growing subject of interest in the entrepreneurship literature, defined as the intention to pursue a social mission by starting a business or launching a social enterprise. The social environment of an individual plays an important role in shaping one's cognition,...
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The Validation of Social Provision Scale and Its Effect on Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy in Higher Education Using PLS-SEM

Tri Rahayuningsih, Mutyara Mutyara, Rani Armalita, Liliyana Sari
Entrepreneurial self-efficacy is a person’s belief in personal entrepreneurial skills and abilities to survive daily activities and achieve business goals. Entrepreneurial students are required to decide on a career in entrepreneurship. Several previous studies have shown that the unique experience of...
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The Influence of User’s Digital Financial Literacy and Perceived Risks on Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Adoption: A Gender’s Perspective

Verni Juita, Vera Pujani, Rida Rahim, Rita Rahayu
This study examines how gender differences affect the decision to adopt BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) services in Indonesia. In particular, the effect of these gender differences will be seen through the user’s perception of risk and the level of users’ digital financial literacy on their decision to adopt...
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The Role of Information Asymmetry in Moderating Corporate Governance Practice and Dividend Policy on Income Smoothing Practices

Vinola Herawaty, Florus Daeli, Putri Bilqis Fadilah Achma, Juara Sintong Nainggolan, Barugamuri Dachi
This study aims to empirically examine the effect of corporate governance and dividend policy on income smoothing with auditor information asymmetry as a moderating variable. The sampling of this study used purposive sampling with a sample of 28 companies listed as mining sector companies on the Indonesia...
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Corporate Governance and Dividend Policy in Indonesian Manufacturing Companies

Sumbaga Bimas Abdurrozaq, Farah Margaretha Leon, Siti Rahimah Widyaty, Wahyuni Rusliyana Sari, M. D. Mahmudul Alam, Putra Pratama
This study aims to examine the effect of corporate governance on dividend policy. The sample used in this study was 41 manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for 2015 - 2019. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling, and the analysis method used was multiple linear regression....
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Exploration Study of Green Counterproductive Work Behavior Dimension

Tiarapuspa Tiarapuspa, Wahyuningsih Santosa, Devani Laksmi Indyastuti, Sulistyandari Sulistyandari, Ainiyah Humaira Salsabila, Lidya Permata Sari Gill
Although it has been acknowledged that some employees engage in counterproductive green work behavior, little research has been done to explain how this construct is adapted to the context of a green society. This study aims to explore the dimensions of green counterproductive work behavior that can...
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How Can Reverse Vending Machines for Plastic Bottle Packaging Contribute to Sociopreneurship?

Wegig Murwonugroho, Astri Rinanti, Winnie Septiani, Nurhikma Nurhikma, Thalia Sunaryo, Thirathep Chonmaitree
The way of managing plastic bottle waste so far is dominated by the landfill method. This open dump technique endangers the environment and the surrounding community. This study discusses how the Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) simultaneously contributes to sociopreneurs solving environmental, economic,...
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Utilization of Digital Marketing in Food Agricultural Business

Widya Fitriana, Zednita Azriani, Rika Hariance
Advances in information technology, especially the internet, have affected all economic activities in Indonesia, including business activities and trade in agricultural products. Previous digital marketing research has mainly highlighted its practice in developed countries for non-agricultural commodities...
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The Influence of Store Layout and Atmosphere on Consumer Purchase Decisions on Rili Swalayan, Padang

Widya Rahmawati, Yuliarni Putri, Muhammad Zein, Donald Games
This study aimed to determine and analyze the effect of store layout and atmosphere on consumer purchasing decisions at Rili Swalayan Padang. This research method is descriptive quantitative. The sampling technique used is purposive sampling. The research sample is 100 respondents. The data analysis...
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Shariah Compliance and Corporate Cash Holdings

Rania Rahma Febrianti, Wulan Sari, Bahtiar Usman
This study investigates the influence of Shariah compliance status, firm size, profitability, net working capital, leverage, operating cash flow, and capital expenditure on cash holding. Using a sample of 68 firms in non-cyclical consumer companies listed on the Indonesia Stock from 2017 to 2021. This...
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The Effect of Leaders with Narcissism and Overconfidence Characteristics on Corporate Risk-Taking

Yosephine Endang Purba, Farah Margaretha Leon, Kristian Chandra, Febria Narulita, Caecilia Rina
The characteristics of a leader in a company significantly impact the organization's sustainability. This study aims to investigate the influence of the narcissistic character of the CEO and Board, as well as managerial overconfidence in corporate risk-taking. The data in this study were collected...
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The Relationship between Entrepreneurial Character and the Success of Ornamental Plant Business in Lubuk Minturun Sungai Lareh, Koto Tangah District, Padang City

Muhammad Dzaky, Zednita Azriani, Dwi Evaliza
Entrepreneurship has a very significant role in the welfare of residents, and ornamental plants are one of the potential businesses to be developed. The Lubuk Minturun Lareh River area is the center of ornamental plants in Padang. The growth of ornamental plant business cannot be separated from the character...