Proceedings of the International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Innovation (ICELBI 2022)

Conference: Proceedings of the International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Innovation (ICELBI 2022)
Date: 7-8 September 2022
Location: Padang, Indonesia (Hybrid)

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we present the proceedings of the International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Business Innovation (ICELBI) held on September 7 and 8, 2022, in Padang City, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The ICELBI conference, now in its first edition, has evolved into a pioneering platform that brings together academia and industry experts to explore and exchange insights on entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation within higher education.

In a world continually transformed by the forces of the digital economy, this year’s ICELBI conference embarked on a timely and pertinent theme: “Fostering University- Based Entrepreneurship in the digital economy era.” Our collective aim was to shed light on the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation in an era where digital technologies reshape the foundations of business, education, and the workforce.

The rapid digitalization of our global economy has ushered in unprecedented challenges and opportunities for higher education institutions, businesses, and society. It has propelled entrepreneurship into an increasingly vital role, acting as a catalyst for job creation and economic growth. Universities, long regarded as centers of knowledge and innovation, are now integral players in this transformative process, encouraging the birth of innovative startups and nurturing entrepreneurial talent among their students.

This conference provided a unique platform for academia, practitioners, and thought leaders to delve into the multifaceted aspects of university-based entrepreneurship and how it aligns with the digital age. We witnessed vibrant discussions and engaging presentations that explored new paradigms in entrepreneurship education, disruptive business models, the fusion of technology and creativity, and the crucial role of effective leadership in this era of change.

The ICELBI conference continues to be an essential forum for sharing cutting-edge research, practical insights, and innovative strategies in entrepreneurship and business innovation. The collaborative spirit and enthusiasm of our attendees underscored the importance of these topics in our ever-evolving world.

As we present these proceedings, we extend our gratitude to all the authors, presenters, and attendees who contributed to making ICELBI 2022 a resounding success. The wealth of knowledge, ideas, and experiences shared during this conference will undoubtedly inspire and inform future endeavors in entrepreneurship, leadership, and business innovation.

We invite you to explore the contents of these proceedings, which serve as a lasting record of our collective efforts to foster university-based entrepreneurship in the digital economy era. May the insights and innovations presented within these pages serve as beacons of guidance for all those engaged in the vital pursuit of entrepreneurship, leadership, and business innovation.

With warm regards,

Oknovia Susanti
Conference Chair