Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Accounting, Management and Economics (ICAME-7 2022)

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Muhammad Irdam Ferdiansah, Daniella Cynthia Sampepajung, Insany Fitri Nurqamar, Rakhmat Prima Nugraha
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Comparison of Inventory Control Using the Periodic Method in PT. Rajawali Nusindo Branch of Sorong City, West Papua

Wisang Candra Bintari, Nur Aeni Waly, Muzayanah Patiiha
This study aims to determine the comparison of inventory using the periodic method to determine the cost of goods sold in each recording method. The data analysis method in this study is a quantitative approach with a comparative descriptive analysis. The data analyzed in this study is inventory data...
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Description of Local Wisdom Culture “Waja Sampai Kaputing” in Palm Oil Companies in Banjarmasin

Dahniar, Dewi Prihatini, Markus Apriono, Siti Komariyah
This article aims to explain the description of organizational culture based on local values. The values of local wisdom of Banjarmasin culture called Waja Sampai Kaputing which function as social glue that unite the organization by providing appropriate standards for employees of oil palm companies....
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Digital Marketing Strategy Uses E-Commerce to Maintain MSMEs Business

Andi Marlinah
Economic activities, which were initially carried out traditionally (offline marketing), gradually shifted towards digitalization (digital marketing), so that MSMEs ‘’ require marketing strategies in maintaining their business. The purpose of this research is to find out the digital marketing...
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The Influence of Competence and Work Environment on Employee Productivity in PT. Inko Java Semarang

F. A. Musfirah
The study has the objective of analyzing the impact on competence and work environment on employee productivity at PT. Inko Java Semarang. Using an associative quantitative approach with a survey method, the total population of this study were all 128 employees of the production division at PT. Inko...
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The Antecedents of Employee Performance in Public Service Quality: Case Study in Local Government of Tangerang City

Achmad Suhaely, Mursalim Nohong
This paper aims to assess the impact of leadership style and competence on work satisfaction and their impact on employee performance. The data were obtained using questionnaires distributed to all researchers and staff at SKPD (local government agencies), with 170 samples taken. Structural Equation...
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Period of Pentahelix Collaborative Participation

R. Sugihharto Achmad Bagdja, Mursalim Nohong
With the Slum Area Arrangement, both the Central Government and the Tangerang City Government, it is not automatically accompanied by the independence of the local population. KOTAKU said that the slum area had increase to 105.31 hectares in 2021. This means that many new slum areas have emerged, through...
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The Influence of Leadership Style, Competence of the Employee, and the Application of E-Government on the Performance of the Employee in the Tangerang City Government

Indri Astuti, Mursalim Nohong
Every organization must have human resources, which is an essential asset in achieving the organization's goals. Without good human resources, an organization cannot perform well. Human resources are the only resources that cannot be imitated. Human has reasoning, feelings, desires, abilities, skills,...
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The Influence of Discipline, Motivation, and Leadership Style on the Performance of Employees of Perumda Tirta Benteng Tangerang City

Muhammad Ali Mu’min, Mursalim Nohong
This Study aims to determine and analyze the influence of work discipline, work motivation, and leadership style on the performance of Perumda Tirta Benteng Tangerang City employees. This research includes quantitative research because the Approach used for research proposals, processes, hypotheses,...
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Sustainable Mangrove Ecotourism Management Strategy in the Penta Helix Model (Literature Study) in Sorong City, West Papua Province

Ramli Lewenussa
The Mangrove tourism area management strategy starts from environmental degradation and land use in the mangrove conservation forest of Sorong City which is closely related to irresponsible parties in responding to growing issues. The expected objectives are to analyze the role of stakeholders and community...
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The Effect of Leadership Style and Motivation on the Performance of Medical Staff in Buton Regency General Hospital

Ahmad Jamil
Managing medical staff in remote and underdeveloped area is a challenge. Small budget and limited skilled medical labor are some of the contributing factors. In order to manage these challenges, this research aims to find out the extent of leadership style and motivation effect on the performance of...
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Constraints of Participation in Social Security Program for Workers in the Informal Sector a Case Study in the City of Sorong

Febry Jein Andjar
Social security is the right of citizens, including workers. However, in reality not all workers are touched in Indonesia’s social security program. This paper will explain why the social security program has not been successful for participatory workers in Indonesia. This research approach uses a desk...
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The Importance of Social Media in Improving SMEs Performance

Andi Rifqah Purnama Alam, Muhammad Asdar, Musran Munizu, Andi Nur Bau Massepe Mappanyompa
Adoption of technology such as social media and e-commerce has a posi-tive impact on Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), supported by external and internal factors, one of the external factors that predict SMEs wanting to use social media is during the COVID-19 pandemic, was when customers prefeed...
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Analysis the Effect of Internal Control and Whistleblowing System in Fraud Prevention with Ethical Climate as Moderator

Nurul Fahmi Sultan, R. A. Damayanti, Darmawati
The goal of this study is to know how internal control and whistleblowing system influence fraud prevention moderated by an ethical climate. The object of the research is the Local Government Unit (LGU) in Soppeng Municipality. The study included 135 respondents from 27 LGUs. The primary data from the...
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The Effect of Financial Distress and Free Cash Flow on Earnings Management with Quality of Audit as a Moderator

Andi Wawo, Mediaty, Abdul Hamid Habbe, Syamsuddin
This study aims to provide empirical evidence of the relationship between financial distress with modified Altman z-score model and free cash flow on earnings management with audit quality as moderating. This study uses a sample of manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2016–2020....
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Makassar Industrial Estate Transformation in Developing South Sulawesi’s Industrial and Economy

Saldy Mansyur, Abdul Rahman Kadir
Industrial estates have become hallmark and are considered as powerful content in the context of development and growth of industrialization, economy, and regional competitiveness. In line with industry growth, the needs and demands for improving the quality of services for logistics facilities, energy,...
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Asset Sustainability as Determinant of State-Owned Enterprise Financial Sustainability

Andi Tenri Harahap, Abdul Rahman Kadir, Muhammad Sobarsyah, Mursalim Nohong
Wealth is not the only important thing in this world, however, people will have difficulty in the absence of wealth or economic activity. The inability to manage finances and assets is influenced by various factors, one of which is limited resources or knowledge. Wealth management as part of financial...
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Analysis of E-Government Implementation on Organizational Performance

Yeti Rohaeti
Tangerang City is a city that has used technology to implement e-government in order to achieve good governance. Several applications have been developed to aid in community service. With the development of these various applications, it is easier and faster to provide services without meeting in person,...
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The Effect of Fiscal Decentralization, Financial Performance and Human Development Index on Economic Growth in Makassar City for the 2011–2021 Period

Ato Rakhmawan, Arifuddin, Anas Iswanto, Hamrullah
Economic growth is the main target in the economic development of an area as well as in the city of Makassar where local governments are required to maintain the stability of economic growth in the region. The Fiscal Decentralization in Indonesia has been applied since 2000, the consequences of this...
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Factors Affecting Fisherman’s Income in Bone Regency

Fahri Abdullah, Samsidar
Fishermen are one of the important professions in this country, but their role cannot be. Bone Regency has many coastal areas that have potential for fisheries sub-sector, especially marine fishing. There are several factors that can affect the income potential of fishermen such as working capital factors,...
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Are Lecturers Agile?: Analysis the Agility of Lecturers’ Teaching Role as Human Resources in Private Universities

Megawaty, Djabir Hamzah, Andi Reni, Muhammad Toaha
VUCA conditions and the covid-19 pandemic have caused all organizations to work hard to get up and continue to exist. One of them is an organization engaged in education, especially private universities. To survive, private universities must have human resources, in this case lecturers who are able to...
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Implementation of Management Accounting Practices in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

Muhammad Husni, Ahmad Fadhil Imran, Masdar Ryketeng, Ratna Ayu Damayanti
Management accounting practices are considered as additional knowledge for MSME actors in helping to improve managerial functions, both for financial information and non-financial information. However, its use is considered not optimal. Departing from this, the purpose of this research is to find out...
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Analysis of Firm Value Through Intellectual Capital, Capital Structure, and Competitive Advantage Intervenin in Companies Coal Mining in Indonesia

Cepi Pahlevi, Vebby Anwar
This research was conducted at a coal mining company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Coal is a non-renewable energy resource and is a source of energy for industrial companies both domestically and for the needs of industrialized countries. This research is a quantitative descriptive research...
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Analysis of University Culture Using the OCAI Instrument

Shinta Dewi Sugiharti Tikson, Djabir Hamzah, Ria Mardiana, Nurdjanah Hamid
The aim of this research is to identify the current and preferred cultures at Universitas Hasanuddin. A total of 87 respondents, consisting of academic staff, administrative staff, and undergraduate students from various faculties of Universitas Hasanuddin participated in this study. All respondents...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Income of Songkok Recca Business SME’S in Bone Regency

Fajriansyah, Nursini, Anas Iswanto, Hamrullah
The existence of MSMEs has been the source of life for most of the Indonesian people. What makes MSMEs continue to survive during the economic crisis is because first, most MSMEs produce consumer goods and services with low elasticity of demand for income. MSMEs in Bone Regency have developed so rapidly...
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The Effect of Competence on Organizational Performance in the Faculty of Economics and Business Muhammadiyah University Makassar

Sri Andayaningsih, Muhammad Asdar, Abdul Rahman Kadir, Muh. Yunus Amar
Organizational performance is one of the variables in assessing an organization. This study was is determine the impact of capability on organizational achievement in the Faculty of Economics and Business, Union of Muhammadiyah Makassar. This research uses primary data from observations and a list of...
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Patterns of International Capital Flows in Indonesia

Indraswati Tri Abdi Reviane
Financial globalization is expected to be able to encourage the integration of financial markets and the economies of various countries, where it will have an impact on the movement and patterns of capital flows between countries. This will result in the accumulation of capital needed for investment...
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Efficiency of the Intermediation Function of Regional Development Bank (BPD) in Indonesia

Alamsyah Yasir, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Sobarsyah, Abdullah Sanusi
The purpose of this study is to analyze the efficiency of the intermediation function of Regional Development Banks throughout Indonesia by looking at the development of the level of Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR). This study uses a quantitative approach by descriptively explaining the results and analyzing...
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The Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Company Performance

Monalisa, Otto Randa Payangan, Syamsu Alam, Maat Pono
Entrepreneurial Orientation is a condition where individuals tend to innovate, be proactive, and are willing to take risks to start or manage a business. The main function of the importance of entrepreneurial orientation is how to involve risk measurement and risk-taking optimally in the work. Everyone...
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Analysis of Risk Management and Performance of SOEs in Infrastructure Services During COVID-19

Busmart Zuriantomy
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed corporate governance substantially. In Indonesia, which is building infrastructure, relies heavily on State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the service sector. This study aims to analyze the risk management function and its effect on company performance by comparing before...
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Employee Performance Improvement Based on Talent Management

Godprit Haris Touwely, Sumardi, Nuraeni Kadir, Wahda
This study focuses on the population of BUM Desa (Village Owned Enterprises) in Seram District West, totaling up to 90 units and spread across 11 districts. Improvement in Employee Performance that relies on talent Management as a result of rapid technological changes has led to increased responsibility...
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Implementation of Integrated District Administrative Services (Patent) Policy in the Order of Improving the Quality of Public Services in Cipondoh District, Tangerang City

R. Rizal Ridolloh
Optimizing the role of sub-districts in building access and improving service quality, so that services become fast, easy, affordable, professional so as to encourage the realization of the sub-district as a service center carried out through the District Integrated Administrative Service (PATEN) which...
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Effect of Entrepreneur Capability on Competitive Advantage on MSMEs Makassar City Through Innovation Capability

Nurul Fadilah Aswar
MSMEs contributes greatly to the economy of a country, including Indonesia. This research is to determine the effect of entrepreneurial capability on competitive advantage in MSMEs in Makassar City through entrepreneur capability as well as innovation capability. The methodology used in this research...
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Analysis of the Implementation of the Pentahelix Model as a Way Out to Save Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) During Covid 19 in Tangerang City

Tubagus Sani Soniawan
The COVID-19 outbreak hit all over the world, including Indonesia. This disease affected all aspects of people’s lives in Indonesia. Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) on a large scale are among those affected. MSMEs are one of the most important foundations of the economy in this country,...
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The Effect of Regional Original Income, Special Allocation Funds and General Allocation Funds on Economic Growth in Makassar City for the 2010–2021 Period

Helmy Budiman, Arifuddin, Madris, Sabir
Economic growth is the main target to be achieved by every region in Indonesia, including the city of Makassar. In its development, economic growth does not necessarily grow by itself, but there are many factors that support the increase in sustainable economic growth. The purpose of this study is to...
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Performance Analysis of Tangerang City of Education in Improving Education Accessibility and Education Quality

Accessibility of education and the quality of education Tangerang City remains a problem. The main problems (strategic issued) faced include the quality of education services is not optimal, the competence of educators and education personnel is not optimal, the quality and competence of graduates is...
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Assessing the Success of the E-Government System in Terms of the Quality of Public Services: A Case Study in the Regional Government of the City of Tangerang

Arief Rahadiono Wismansyah
This paper aims to assess the success of the eGovernment system in the quality of public services. The data was obtained using a questionnaire distributed to residents who had accessed the Tangerang LIVE application, with the number of samples taken up to 400 people. This study found a significant influence...
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Improving the Competence of Job Seekers in the Covid-19 Pandemic at Work Training Center Tangerang City

Ujang Hendra Gunawan
The impact of COVID-19 on workers affected by layoffs poses new problems for the Tangerang city government. In addition, prospective workers who drop out of school or graduate from school also find it difficult to find work because of limited employment opportunities. This has an impact on economic growth...
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Strategy for Optimizing Urban Waste Management Based on Industrialization Technology: Optimization Strategy for Urban Waste Management Based on Industrialization Technology

Tihar Sophian, Supriyatno
The problem of waste management is a problem for every city in Indonesia, including Tangerang City, which is one of the metropolitan cities in Indonesia. As one of the buffer cities of DKI Jakarta which is the capital of the State, Tangerang City has a waste generation of 3.28 L or 0.8647 kg/person/day,...
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Analysis of Publishing Information and Popular Topics of Tax Accounting Periodical Issues in Indonesia

Khusnul Khotimah, Heri Widodo, Duwi Rahayu, Eny Maryati
The purpose of this study is to analyze information on the completeness of publications along with popular article topics in the periodical publications of Tax Accounting in Indonesia, by descriptively analyzing each publication site that can be accessed online through the Science and Technology Index...
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Correlation Analysis Between Accounting Information and Daily Twitter’s Happiness Sentiment on Stock Return

Rezky Ramadhani, Abdul Hamid Habbe, R. A. Damayanti
The main goal of financial reporting is to provide relevant information for estimating business value. This study has two purposes. The first purpose is to analyze the causal relationship between accounting information and stock returns. The second one is to analyze the causal relationship between daily...
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Optimization Strategy of Transportation System Development in Improving City Competitiveness

(Case Study: Tangerang City)

Agus Wibowo
The competitiveness of Tangerang City is included in the high category according to its geostrategic value and the availability of transportation infrastructure such as airports, toll road networks, train networks and urban transportation networks. On the other hand, the rate of economic growth has not...
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The Effect of Internal Communication on the Performance of Lecturers at Doctoral University Husni Ingratubun (Uningrat) Tual

Samsiah A. Borut, Muhammad Idrus Taba, Nurdjanah Hamid, Wardhani Hakim
Higher Education is the epicenter of the implementation and development of science, technology, art, and the people in it are a scientific community full of noble ideals, in the context of realizing the goals of national education in accordance with the mandate of the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution....
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The Effect of Asset Inventory Implementation, the Quality of Human Resources and Leadership Commitment to Optimizing Asset Management and the Quality of Financial Statements of the Tangerang City Government

J. Deddy Nandoeng
The purpose of the study was to obtain an analysis of the effect of the implementation of asset inventory, the quality of human resources of managers and leadership commitment to optimizing asset management and the quality of financial statements by optimizing assets as a mediation variable. The research...
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Foreign Investment Intervention on Economic Growth in Indonesia

Abdul Hamid Paddu
This study aims to examine and analyze foreign investment interventions on the economic growth in Indonesia. Economic growth is a vital indicator of the prosperity of a country. Intervention on foreign investment is necessary from time to time in order to ensure benefits for all parties. As a developing...
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The Architectural Migration of Investment Sectors – Case Study Tangerang City; Airport City

Taufik Syahzaeni
Tangerang City is one of the cities in Banten with its geostrategic advantages and the strength of the basic development capital contained in it, has the opportunity to become a competitive advantage of economic in the future. Based on the developments that have occurred, the image of Tangerang City...
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Financial Literacy as a Supporting Factor for Sustainability MSMEs in Samarinda City

Maryam Nadir, Syamsu Alam, Muhammmad Ali, Fauzi R. Rahim
Superior performance and sustainable business can be realized if strategic efforts are made. Samarinda is the capital city of East Kalimantan province with a large number of MSMEs that have great opportunities in the national economy. The contribution of the MSME sector is 17.09% of Samarinda’s total...
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Effective Leadership’s Role in Facilitating Change in Organizations Through Improvement and Innovation

Harry Adi Wibowo
Effective leadership is the key to success of an organization in the development of a modern and dynamic era, where there are lot of organizational instability due to the dynamics of the current situation. Effective leadership is one aspect of bringing positive changes to public service organizations...
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Influence of Income, Business Expenses, and Business Capital on Net Profit of Business

Aris Setia Noor, Syamsu Alam, Mursalim Nohong, Muhammad Sobarsyah
The motivation behind this study is to decide how much income, operating expenses and operating capital have an effect either simultaneously or partially on net operating income. This study utilizes auxiliary information acquired by the Indonesian Stock Trade Corner and yearly reports. The perception...
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Knowledge Management Implementation Impact on Increasing the Quality of Information Services and Community Complaints at the District Health Office of Tangerang City

Dini Anggraeni, Abdul Rahman Kadir
The purpose of this study is analyzing the effect of Knowledge Management on increasing the quality of information services and community complaints at the District Health Office of Tangerang City. Knowledge Management consists of some indicators known as Knowledge Sharing, Personal Knowledge, Technology,...
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The Influence of Intellectual Capital on the Financial Performance of Property and Real Estate Sector Companies

Nurhaya Yusuf, Maat Pono, Andi Reni, Andi Aswan
Return on assets in property and real estate firms traded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange is analyzed, along with the impact of human capital efficiency, structural capital efficiency, and capital employed efficiency (IDX). All 47 businesses in the property and real estate industry that were listed on...
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How Leadership Style, Commitment, Work Climate, and Work Motivation Affect on Satisfaction and Performance

Ajmal As’ad, Nurdin Brasit, Mahlia Muis, Fauziah Umar
This research aims to examine the direct and indirect effects of leadership style, staff commitment, work motivation, and workplace climate on job satisfaction. The primary source of data for this study was a 60-person staff survey. The data was examined using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) using...
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Analysis of Z Generations Toward Stock Investment Intention: Testing the Theory of Planned Behavior

Ilham, Sri Sundari, Muhammad Irdam Ferdiansah
This study aims to determine the impact of Z Generations intention to invest in stocks, thereby determining the impact of subjective norms on Z Generations intention to invest in stocks and determine the impact of this study. The effect of perceived behavioral control on the intention to invest in stocks...
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Cocoa Competitiveness Analysis in Pinrang District

Fitriwati, Subhan Djaya
Cocoa is one of Indonesia’s leading plantation commodities which plays an important role in the Indonesian Economy, namely as foreign exchange earner, a sources of income for farmers, creating job opportunities, encouraging agribusiness and agroindustry and regional development. Therefore, cocoa commodity...
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Assessing the Impact of Road Infrastructure and Density on the Local Welfare

Wahyudi Iskandar
The ultimate goal of economic development is a better change in people’s welfare. Researchers and policymakers have conducted many discussions, studies, and policies to improve people’s welfare. Welfare can be measured using changes in per capita income. This study aims to examine the impact of road...
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Employee Satisfaction: Service Profit Chain Approach in Tourism Destination

Aisyah Tri Astari, Gagaring Pagalung
Human services are considered an essential factor in bringing profit to a tourism destination. A famous framework called Service Profit Chain stated that customer satisfaction is influenced by the value of the service created by satisfied, loyal, and productive employees. Mainly, employee satisfaction...
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The Participation and Budget Clarity Effect on Government Agencies Accountability Performance with Culture and Work Commitment as Moderating Variables

Mugiya Wardhany
The performance of public service is under constant scrutiny with the purpose of accountability. This study was conducted to examine whether participation and budget clarity affect the local government agencies’ performance accountability moderated by culture and work commitment. This study uses a survey...
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Improvement of Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Employee Performance Based on Transformational Leadership and Organizational Culture

Nurul Qomariah, Putu Kartika Saraswati Wiguna, Ni Nyoman Putu Martini, Muhammad Thamrin, Nursaid
Organizational citizenship behaviour and employee performance are two important things that must be a concern in every organization. Organizational citizenship behaviour is the behaviour of employees in completing work that usually exceeds the SOP. With OCB owned by employees, the performance of an organization...
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Analysis of the Effect of Influencer and Social Media Engagement on Sales Level with Brand Image as Intervening Variable(Study on the Coffee Industry in Banyuwangi)

Abadi Sanosra, Dwi Susanti
In the time of the new coronavirus infection pandemic, businesses try new symbols, such as drinking a bottle of coffee from stock at home, to apply influencers as a promotional tool. They also need to build social media engagement for each cafe to improve communication with customers. In order to improve...
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The Effect of Transactional Leadership and Transformational Leadership on Innovative Behavior

Ni Nyoman Putu Martini, Muhammad Thamrin, Citra Endra Kusuma
Innovative behavior of employees is determined based on the leadership used by the leadership. This study aims to explain the transactional and transformational leadership abilities towards innovative behavior. The research sample was 134 employees at the Correctional Institutions throughout the Regional...
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The Effect of Training and Education Through Utilization of Prima Learning Management System in Improving the Performance of State Civil Apparatus of Tangerang City Government

Lia Dahlia
The policies taken by the Indonesian government to stem the transmission of COVID-19 (especially policies to limit human mobility) are increasingly making organizations adapt so that their activities can continue. Organizational activities are prioritized on a non-face-to-face basis, including those...
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Analysis of Calculation of Regional Taxes (PBB-P2 and BPHTB) on Increasing Native Regional Income

Kiki Wibhawa
Land and Building Tax for the Urban and Rural Sector (PBB-P2) and Regional Tax on Land and Building Rights Acquisition Fees (BPHTB) are a very important part of Regional Original Income. Achievement of revenue targets and determination of revenue targets for (PBB-P2) and (BPHTB) must be accurate. In...
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Fraud Diamond Analysis and Its Effect on Commiting Sobis in the Sidrap District

Sri Ulfa, Sarniati, P. L. Ninda Widya Astika, Besse Hastuti, Hema Maline Patigai, Insany Fitri Nurqamar
The demographic bonus in Indonesia has entered its peak in 2020 which is dominated by the composition of Generation Z (Gen Z) with a percentage of 27.94% or around 74.93 million people. This figure is expected to be able to contribute in welcoming the growth of economic development through quality young...
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Role of Marketing Orientation and Marketing Assets in Improving Sustainable Business Performance of Private Colleges in Maluku

Stenly Salenussa, Indrianty Sudirman, Dian As Parawansa, Musran Munizu
This research is conducted specifically on private universities in the province of Maluku, to encourage an increase in the interest of new students entering the next academic year period. From the observations, there is a significant decrease in student interest in entering private universities in Maluku....
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The Effect of State Openness and Institutional Economy on Economic Growth in ASEAN Countries: An Application of Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model

Saiful Rahmadi, Rosnawintang, Ernawati, Aini Indridjawati, Burhanuddin
This study aims to analyze the long-term and short-term effects of State and Economic Openness on the economic growth of ASEAN countries. The type of data used in this study is secondary data that can be accessed through the website, in the form of an annual time series for the period...
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Identification of MSMEs Digital Economy Accessibility as Competitiveness Before and After Covid-19 in Gowa Regency

R. Fitrianti, Fatmawati, M. Zaenal
The acceleration of the digital economy occurs after Covid-19. The demand for different digital transactions experiences sharpens, encompassing demand for services, financial technology (fintech), e-commerce, and digital payment application before and when the Covid-19 pandemic existed. This study aims...
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The Relations of Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction with Employee Performance Capabilities in the Pakuan Jaya Market Area Company, Bogor City

An organization or company needs to pay attention about the interests and things that are desired by its employees. It cannot be denied that an employee is an ordinary human being. They also have needs, wants, and expectations from the organization where they work. These factors can have an impact to...
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Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in E-Commerce: A Case Study of Costumer Tokopedia in Makassar City

Andi Ratna Sari Dewi, Muhammad Fachmi, Gunawan Bata Ilyas
The goal of this study is to see if trust and word of mouth (WOM) have a direct effect on satisfaction and loyalty, as well as an indirect effect via Tokopedia customer satisfaction in Makassar City. This research approach is a quantitative research approach. The population is all Tokopedia customers...
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The Relationship of Leadership Style to Employee Performance: A Schematic Literature Review

Moch Saffrudin, Mursalim Nohong
The purpose of writing this article is to conduct a literature review, on 6 (six) Articles related to leadership style on employee performance. The main supporting element in health services is Human Resources (HR). In order to create positive motivation that will lead to the maximum intention and effort...
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Analysis of the Effect of Non-cash Payment Transactions, Inflation, Interest Rate on the Money Supply in Indonesia During the Pandemic Covid-19

Anas Iswanto Anwar, Sanusi Fattah, Nirmala
This study aims to examine and analyze the effect of non-cash payment transactions, inflation, interest rates on the money supply (M1) in Indonesia during the covid-19 pandemic. The analytical method used in this research is multiple linear regression analysis using secondary data. Data collection in...
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Factors Affecting the Completion of Follow-Up Examination Results in Regional Apparatus Organizations in Indonesia

Arsan Latif
Destination from study this is for test the influence of the influencing factors solution act carry on results inspection from organization device areas in Indonesia. Study this use method survey with spread questionnaire to officer at Organization Regional Devices. Research results show that communication...
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Analysis of Green Marketing and Performance of Environmentally Friendly Based SMEs in South Sulawesi

Abd.Rahman Kadir, Muh. Asdar, Syamsu Alam, Maat Pono
Strategy of green marketing has an important role in improving the marketing performance of SMEs. The specific objectives of the study are to analyze the effect of green marketing on marketing performance of SMEs in South Sulawesi. The population was all SMEs registered at the Department of Cooperatives...