Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electronic Science and Automation Control

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Synthesis, Characterization and Bioactivity of Two Rare-Earth Complexes with Schiff Base from Lysine-Salicylaldehyde

Yan Li, Zhigang Zeng
Two novel rare earth complexes with Schiff base from Lysine-Salicylaldehyde were synthesized by using the drop by drop reaction. On the basis of molar conductance and elemental analysis, a formula of the target complex was given. Moreover, the target complexes were also characterized by IR and UV-visible....
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A Wireless Mouse Based on Head Control

Tengfei Song, Qingbang Han, Fulin Li, Xueping Jiang, Jing Jia, Changping Zhu
A wireless mouse based on head control is proposed to control the moving direction of computer cursor by sensing the titling direction of user’s head. This kind of operational approach make the non-arm disabled using computers realized. The direction induction module is used to sense the tilting of four...
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Analysis of Measured Data and Its Effect on Active Sonar Working Depth in the Yellow Sea

He Zhan, Rijie Yang
Based on the WOD13 data of the Yellow Sea, we analyze the sound speed profile and sound transmission loss of some position in it, and summarize its variation regulation. Utilizing the Bellhop model, we calculate the detect range of active sonar at different working depths, pick up the optimal working...
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Detection and Parameter Estimation of Polyphase Codes Radar Signal Based on Fractional Autocorrelation

Xiaofeng Wang, Guoyi Zhang, Rui Zhou
Polyphase codes radar signals (Frank, P1, P2, P3and P4 codes) derived from linear frequency modulated (LFM) waveforms have been widely used in low probability of intercept (LPI) radar. To solve the problem of higher computational complexity in detection and parameter estimation of the polyphase codes...
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Capacity of Multi-channel Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Lin Chen
Capacity is one of the basic problems for wireless networks which determine its performance. With the fast development of Multi-channel technology and VANET, the capacity of Multi-channel VANET has been crucial issue needing to a in-depth solution. In the paper, the capacity of Multi-channel VANET is...
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SLA-based Hadoop Capacity Scheduler Algorithm

Hongsong Chen, Dongqin Cui
Hadoop capacity scheduler algorithms can not meet the different requirements of different users on service quality of cloud computing. Therefore, this paper proposed the SLA-Capacity scheduler algorithm which on the basis of the existing capacity scheduler algorithm, introduce the concept of SLA, design...
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Over-Segmentation Based Image Forgery Detection

Xiu-Li Bi, Chi-Man Pun, Xiao-Chen Yuan
This paper proposes an adaptive over-segmentation meth-od for image copy-move forgery detection. Firstly, the Adaptive Over-Segmentation algorithm is proposed to adaptively segment the host image into non-overlapping and irregular blocks. Then the feature points are extracted and matched with each other...
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Study on Technological Innovation Pattern Based on Norton Model

Jie Zhang
There are two kinds of the technology innovation mode of automobile industry, that is the joint innovation and Self-innovation. Their effectiveness of innovation and market value can be obtained from diffusion. In this paper, characteristics of two kinds of innovation mode are analyzed, and the calculation...
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Business Process-aware ERP Development and Evolution

Daisen Wei, Jiazhong Zhang, Xueqing Li, Longye Tang
With the rapid development of the Internet and its wide application, the management of enterprises is gradually shifting from a closed environment to a dynamic and open one. So, how to improve the flexibility of ERP software under the Internet computing environment has become a key issue for ERP vendors...
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Rotor Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of a Flywheel Rotor

Owusu-Ansah Prince, Yefa Hu, Misbawu Adam
This paper presents rotordynamic modeling and performance analyses of a flywheel energy storage system rotor that utilizes a hybrid magnetic bearing having an energy storage capacity of 220 W h at its operating speed of 20,000rpm. A rotor model designed in solid works 13 and imported into ansys 14.5...
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Digital Preservation of Historic Building

Chi-Hua Li
The concept of cultural heritage preservation changes as the digital technology advances. Earlier, physical preservation played the major role in such an effort while documentation in the forms of literature and image played a complementary role. Article 16 of the Venice Charter 1964 sets forth the importance...
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Study on Availability and Security of DHCP System In Campus Network

Xiaozhong Chen, Zhijian Mao
To improve the availability and the security of DHCP system in campus network, the DHCP protocol and the typical fault cases are analyzed, and the three deploy strategies are developed to help the DHCP deployment. Firstly, planning the network addresses properly to prevent the confliction; Secondly,...
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A Common Subspace Construction Method in Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification

Yuhong Zhang, Xu Xu, Xuegang Hu
In this paper, we study the problem of domain adaptation in sentiment classification. Many existing approaches reduce the gap by extracting domain-independent topics. However these methods couldn’t cope with features which have different sentiments in different domains. To solve this problem, a common...
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Research on Comprehensive Quantitative Evaluation Method of the Operation Mode of Urban Distribution Network

Mei Huang, Yong Zhao, Mingyu Zhou, Hengyuan Bai, Yong Liu
In order to make a quantitative comprehensive evaluation of the operation mode of the urban distribution network, this paper proposes a method which uses the economy of Lagrangian function to determine the weights of the evaluation indexes. This method uses Lagrangian function to establish the comprehensive...
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Design of Digital Geophone System Based on FPGA

Yi Chen, Donghai Qiao
In order to meet the needs of high-resolution seismic data acquisition, a kind of 24-bit high performance digital geophone was designed. The digital geophone was designed with a low-power, high-integration FPGA as the acquisition controller, and SOPC embedded system was established to control the whole...
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Revised Unified Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of ARIA

Yixin Zhong, Weijia Xue, Daoguang Mu, Xuejia Lai
Unified Impossible Differential (UID) crypt-analysis is a systematic method to find impossible differentials for block ciphers and there are large amount of cryptanalysis results coming out by using it. ARIA is a Korean block cipher expecting no impossible differential chains on four or more rounds....
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Discrimination of Speech and Ship-radiated Noise Based on Frequency Spectrum Similarity

Dawei Li, Rijie Yang, Jianhui Han
In this paper, the discrimination of speech and ship-radiated noise has been studied, for their interference with each other in the modern sea war, and a new feature abbreviated as SFSD (the Similarity of the Frequency Spectrum Distribution of two successive signal frames) is introduced. Based on the...
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Design of Portable LED Stage Lighting Control System

Huiqin Wang, Zhen Li
Compared with the conventional dimming system of LED stage light which uses the heavy light operating console to adjust the brightness of stage light, a portable LED stage lighting control system is designed in this paper. In this system a adjust handle is introduced to adjust the brightness of the LED...
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An Immunity-inspired Relocation Method for Unknown Malware Detection

Yu Zhang, Lihua Wu, Ziqiang Luo
Malware is a type of software designed to gain unauthorized access to a computer system. Most malwares have a relocation module that gets the base address of the codes in execution environment to infect other programs, neither do most legitimate programs. Due to this unique characteristic, the malware...
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HMDS: A Novel View of Data System Based on Hybrid Memory Architecture With Non-Volatility

Hao Liu, Linpeng Huang
In now Big Data era, rapidly growing data size and limited computing capability of current computer system have brought sharp contradiction between these two issues. So it is urgent to improve the data storage and processing ability for current computer system. Emerging byte-addressable, non-volatile...
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Life Cycle Design Evaluation and Application of Common Power Transmission Tower Material

Yuanjing Deng, Qi Ma, Kaiquan Xia, Zhiqing Ma, Xichun Ren
This paper takes common material including Q345 Q420angle steel Q345 Q420 large size angle steel, Q345 Q420 Q460 steel pipe of tower in 500kV transmission lines as the object to carry out the application technology of life design evaluation and comprehensive comparison research. According to the State...
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An Anomaly Detection Algorithm Based on Frequency Change of Satellite Telemetry Data

Bo Qin, Yumin Yang, An Wang, Xizhong Gong
Based on different data frequency’s characteristics, design the algorithms of distinguishing cycle data’s margin apart and distinguishing cycle data’s monotone apart, to monitor satellite’s downlink data and early warning abnormal. Compared with rapid fourier transform, this algorithm was proved to be...
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Target Tracking Based on Amendatory Sage-Husa Adaptive Kalman Filtering

Yuan Luo, Lei Ren
Aiming at the boundedness of target tracking inaccuracy, even the lost of tracking caused by the error accumulation and state mutation in the aspect of target tracking using Kalman filter. The paper proposes a novel algorithm which is based on the modified Sage-Husa adaptive Kalman filter. This algorithm...
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Reducing Insertion Time in LRC-based Cloud Storage Systems

Zhenyuan Liu, Zhen Huang, Dongsheng Li
In traditional erasure codes, all the redundant data are created and uploaded to the different storage nodes by a unique source node. However, such a source node may have limited communication and computation capabilities, which constrain the storage process throughput. In-network redundancy generation...
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The Classification Techniques of Websites for The Case of China-Africa Related Topics

Francois Tchiegue, Rui Li, Shilong Ma
Having observed the existing search engines for online information, considering the huge (and unnecessary) amount of search results for each online search, the goal of this research work is to build on an accurate webpage classification technique, by combining feature selection techniques, and pushing...
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Design and Implementation of the Anti-cancer Communication Platform Based on B/S Structure

Qiang Li, Zheng Xiang
Current information on the web about the cancer is numerous and complex. Cancer patients is difficult to find the information they need quickly. To help cancer patients to access relevant information effective, thus building this anticancer communication platform. The platform can allow cancer patients...
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Designing Data Decision Framework on Petroleum Field

Ping Zhu
Data decision is one of the basic questions of sense computing and decision reasoning, there are not many works in the field of software design however. From the perspective of product development, this paper carries out a detailed study of data decision problems on petroleum field, according to business...
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Encryption Algorithm for Medical Volume Data Based on Three-dimensional Arnold Transformation and Chaos

Lei Hao, Jingbing Li
Three-dimensional medical volume data such as high-resolution map of medical CT, advanced optical images of scanners and MRI has increasingly developed to facilitate medicine diagnosis, the information storage, and the transmission, while it also brings security issues. In this paper, an encryption algorithm...
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A Comparison of Algorithms for Extracting Wind Direction from the Monostatic HF Radar Sea Echoes

Xiaoliang Chu, Jie Zhang, Shuyao Wang, Yonggang Ji, Yiming Wang
In this paper, three algorithms are applied to extract the wind direction using a month HFSWR data in an experiment with a single radar system. The preliminary results show that the three algorithms can all eliminate the ambiguity of the wind direction. And the RMS error (RMSE) obtained by the angle...
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Design of Vehicle Integrated Electronic System's Reliability Based on Optimal Redundancy

Zili Liao, Qiang Gao, Xixia Chen, Yongxing Chen
The concept and anslysis method of vehicle integrated electronic system are introduced. The paper does the analysis of topology and reliability by a example of a certain type of vehicle integrated electronic system. According to the optimal design principle,the paper analyzes the system’s reliability...
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Credibility Analysis of Power Cloud Terminal User Based on Set Pair Analysis

Ai-hua Zhou, Jie Ding, Wei Rao, Song Deng, Tao Chang, Yun-you Zhu
The establishment of cloud computing system can greatly improve the data handling and interacting ability of the electricity network. However, the open operating environment faces significant security challenges. It is very important to effectively determine untrustworthy cloud terminal user so as to...
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A Forgery Attack on Leaked-State Authenticated Encryption

Jieshen Mao, Daoguang Mu, Xuejia Lai
The CAESAR competition is launched in 2013 which aims to find some authenticated encryption with good security and performance. Among these submissions, LAC is designed in a unique way with leaked-state structure. In this paper, based on birthday paradox,we find a forgery attack on LAC in nonce-misused...
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A Method of Process Mining Based on Model Merged

Pei Hua, Xianwen Fang, Xiangwei Liu
In the area of Business process mining, there are many methods are available to discover process models from event logs. A new process mining method is proposed based on model merged. Firstly, sub-models are established respectively according to the behavioral profiles of each event log. Then finding...
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A Multi-granular Application Management and Parallel Scheduling Model

Weihua Bai, Jianqing Xi, Jiaxian Zhu, Shaowei Huang
We propose a novel multi-granular application management platform between PaaS and IaaS layers by using application virtualization techniques. We also investigate a parallel scheduling model on the platform. With the help of fine-grained application units, new functions can be created by combining the...
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A Robust Watermarking Algorithm for Encrypted Medical Images Based on DCT Encrypted Domain

Jiangtao Dong, Jingbing Li, Yucong Duan
The existing watermarking schemes were designed to embed the watermark information into the original images, which are vulnerable to unauthorized access. In this paper, we have proposed a novel and feasible watermarking algorithm in the encrypted domain. First, we encrypted both original medical image...
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A Shooting Algorithm Based on Angular Bisector Path Planning

Jiangping Yang, Xuhe Song, Li Liu
In order to improve the Underwater Robot’s probability of success of the shot and the speed of the shot in water polo competitions, a shooting algorithm based on Angular Bisector Path Planning using geometric method was proposed. The algorithm computes rapidly and shoots in high efficiency. The algorithm...
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A Review on the Adoption and Diffusion of Consumer Mobile Shopping in Mobile Networking Environment

Junhong He, Shangrong Du, Zhixuan Chen
Mobile shopping means that consumers use mobile terminals such as mobile phone to do shopping through mobile network. As a new way of shopping, mobile shopping has advantages in portability, networking anytime and anywhere, mobile shopping provides personalized services and so on. Understanding consumers’...
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An Information Retrieval Expansion Model Based on Quasi-Clique

Lixin Gan, Wei Tu, Ying Xiong
Query expansion is an important technology for improving retrieval performance in information retrieval. Many Studies have found contexts within query that strongly influence the interpretation of a query. In this paper, we propose the graph mining technique called Quasi-Clique as query context in Markov...
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Design and Research of the Center of Arts Complex Laboratory Information Service Platform Based on Hadoop

Wei Tu, Lixin Gan, Xue Qiao, Ying Xiong
According to the characteristics of the center of arts complex laboratory in Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University, an information service platform for arts complex laboratory based on Hadoop is proposed in this paper. The work efficiency will be greatly improved and the management will be...
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A Hybrid Firefly Algorithm for Constrained optimization and Engineering Application

Wen Long, Tiebin Wu
Firefly algorithm (FA) has been recently proposed as a stochastic optimization method and it is has so far been successfully applied in a variety of fields, especially for unconstrained optimization problems. FA as most population-based algorithm is good at identifying promising area of the search space,...
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Infrared and Visible Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Characteristic Analysis

Xinghua Lu
There are existing fusion algorithm have some problems of Blur and the easy integration with the fusion effect. In response to this phenomenon, this paper presents an infrared and visible image fusion algorithm based on characteristic analysis. It is according the signal characteristics of the infrared...
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Gait Recognition Method by Combining Legs Region with Entire Gait Image

Kai Li, Guochao Wang
Gait recognition method based on the feature combination of gait image and its region bounded by legs is proposed. Firstly, all the Eigenvectors correspond to nonnegative Eigenvalues of the entire scatter matrix of training samples are selected to compose a lower-dimension transform space. In this transform...
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Research on Video Monitoring System of Stage Surveillance Based on ONVIF Protocol

Zhen Li, Yujie An, Yichen Zhou, Wenjin Wu
For the practical application requirements on stage surveillance and scheduling system, this paper has improved the existing video surveillance system with network control technology, streaming media technology, open-source VLC, ONVIF protocol. The improved video system can realize real-time monitoring...
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Processing on Gravity Anomaly Map of East Zhejiang Province by Means of Wavelet Analysis

Jun Chen, Bo He, Zongxiu Wang, Chunlin Li
The changes of trend and character of the gravity anomaly map can be used to interpret the fault distribution. The gravity anomaly map of east Zhejiang province had been decomposed by means of wavelet analysis. The wavelet details maps show that the faults can be divided into 3 levels from the aspects...
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An Efficient Transmission Scheme for Media Content Distribution Platform

Feifei Wang, Hongfei Guo, Jie Kang, Yichao Yin
The selection of transmission schemes of content distribution platforms is usually decided by three key factors: application type, channel quality and network topology. To simplify the design of such platforms, this paper proposes an efficient transmission scheme which is adapted to most scenarios. Two...
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Research of Social Opinion Monitoring Mechanism of Baoding City Based on Micro-Blogging

Yatao Zhu, Hua Jin
Recent years have witnessed a tremendous growth of research and application in the field of social opinion monitoring mechanism. Moreover, social tagging has grown to be a particular tool for users to organize and share digital content on many social webpages. Among the knowledge discovery techniques...
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The Design and Implementation of the Attendance Management System based on Radio Frequency Identification Technology

Shengli Kong, Jun Zhao, Guang Shi, Chunhong Wu, Wenpei Zhao, Tao Liu
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology of non-contact automatic identification. By reading the information stored in the RFID tag, it can carry out the positioning, identification and tracking of objects. Now RFID is highly developed and has been widely used in business, transportation,...
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Study on Railway Disaster Monitoring and Warning System Based on Assessment of Landslide Stability

Zhifeng Liu, Zhenhua Wei, Wei Xu
With the rapid development of Chinese railway, the high-speed railway construction has also entered a period of rapid development. The harmfulness of natural geological disasters and accidents to running trains is greatly. They may cause the railroad movement to appear dangerous like as the rainstorm,...
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Research on Project Teaching Method in "Advanced Office Software Application" Course

Yingfang Zhang
The project teaching method is a kind of teaching mode with project contents as the center teaching. It creates the learning environment through selecting typical actual project, carries out the study and completes the project learning in the way of group collaboration, fully taps the creative potential...
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Image Enhancement Focusing on Hazy and Non-uniform Illumination Images

Dajian Li, Wei Jia, Wei Sun, Penghui Li, Chunyu Zhao, Xumeng Chen
This paper presents a unified method for fast single image enhancement without using any extra information. Adopting a linear combination model of direct attenuation and un-uniform illumination, we describe a unified approach to handle such degraded images with a strategy that gracefully bridges the...
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Research on Verb Semantic - syntactic Knowledge Base in Russian - Chinese Machine Translation

Yan Li
In this study, the research results at home and abroad on the basis of semantics, through the establishment of the Russian verb semantic pattern of combing and significance patterns, to analyze the performance of syntactic distribution, description of the Semantic - syntactic patterns, and as the basis...
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Gene Shift Operators of Partheno-Genetic Algorithm for Permutation Flowshop Scheduling with Limited Waiting Times

Bailin Wang, Haifeng Wang, Tieke Li
Permutation flowshop scheduling with limited waiting times restricts maximum values of waiting times of jobs between consecutive machines. The problem with the objective of makespan is a NP-hard combination optimization problem. Considering characters of this scheduling problem, a basic Partheno-Genetic...
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An Effective DE Algorithm for Hybrid Flow Shop Load Balancing Scheduling Problem

Zhonghua Han, Xiaoting Dong, Shuo Lin
In this paper, an improved DE algorithm called double population self-adaptive differential evolution (DPSADE) algorithm is used to solve the hybrid flow shop load balancing scheduling problem (HFS-LBSP) which combines a novel double population cooperative evolution mechanism with a special self-adaptive...
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The Research on the Influencing Factors of China's Urban Economic Development Based on Structural Equation Model

Mei Zhou, Na Chai
Since the reform and opening up, China's economy has shown a steady upward momentum of development and how to maintain sustained and stable economic growth is our concern. Using the annual data of 2013 China's 31 provinces as samples to set up the structural equation model. The author divide into three...
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Nonparametric Detector Performance for Active Sonar in Ocean Reverberation Background with Multiple False Targets Jamming

Songwen Li, Yang Song
Passive sonar, which used to be the most effective device for submarine detection, cannot satisfy the requirement of anti-submarine operation after the appearance of quiet submarine decades ago, and active sonar is playing a more important role. Active sonar often works in reverberation limited condition...
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Study on Reactive Power Optimization of Active Distribution Network Based on Bifurcation Theory

Xianbin Dai
As the basic method used to analyze the stability of nonlinear dynamic system, it is able to more deeply discuss the stability problems of power system in the vicinity of a critical point in comparison with traditional analysis method. Active power distribution network is a complicated nonlinear dynamic...
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Optimum Bayesian Detection Based Interleaving Iteration Technology for Adjacent Cell Interference Mitigation

Guojun Ouyang, Ye Qian
In the communication of TD-LTE system, increase in frequency resource utilization to improve the system carrying capacity at the same time, resulting in the distance between the cells with the same frequency decreases with increasing from adjacent cells with the same channel interference. This article...
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Analysis and Calculation of Odd Cycle Centrality Aimed for Vertex-Cover

Ting Wang, Wei Wei
We propose a kind of centrality, the odd cycle centrality which has strong relationship with solving minimum vertex-cover. The formal definition of the odd cycle centrality with its comparison to other centralities is given. Besides, as a variant of MAX-2-XORSAT, it is analyzed in the viewpoint of solving...
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Precise Radar Target Ranging Estimation Based on Slip Matching of Envelopes

Liqiang Zhu, Yongxiang Liu, Dekang Zhu
A novel precise radar target ranging method based on echo phases and slip matching of envelopes is presented in this paper. The method provides a high precision with root-mean-square error at sub-wavelength level, and it only requires envelopes of the echo pulses. The difficulty is matching procedure...
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An Alignment Method for Time Sequence Myocardial Perfusion MR image

Qi Zong, Xin Yang
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of the myocardial perfusion plays an important role in the diagnosis of heart disease. However, it is important to alignment the time-series MRI perfusion images before to detect the grey level change at correspondence point. In this paper, a new alignment method is presented...
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Prospect of Wireless Body Area Network Technology

Rui Huang
Wireless body area network (WBAN) is one of the important means of personal information collection and transmission, has important practical significance and the prospect of industrialization, has attracted wide attention of industry, academia, and standardization organization .This paper summarized...
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Vibration Analyses of Composite Laminates

Wei Wang, Shichao Yi, Sen Li, Linquan Yao
Chebyshev Legendre Galerkin(CLG) method coupled with higher-order shear and normal deformable plate theory is proposed to analyze free and forced vibrations of laminated composite plates. The laminates of various boundary conditions, side-to-thickness ratios, and material properties are considered by...
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The Design and Implementation of Android Database Service Framework based on Adapter Pattern

Yiliang Xing, Yun Pei
Providing database service to android script app can reduce complexity of data management.This paper designs and implements an android database framework based on the adapter pattern. Interface of the framework provides a unified database programming method for PHP script. Adapter of the framework uses...
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An Integration Model of Multi-Source Heterogeneous Audit Data

Chunqiang Li, Weiyan Chai, Linan Chen
This paper shows the problem of multi-source heterogeneous data integration in the audit data storage and access problems. Based on the analyses of existing data integration model, combining with the service-oriented architecture theory, this paper proposes a data center pattern, which is suitable for...
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Design of the Commutator for the Cylindrical Type Magnetic Coupling Capping Head

Bin Liu, Xiaoqun Gong
A kind of commutator for the cylindrical type magnetic coupling capping head is designed for capping machine. According to the performance requirements of the torque from the capping head, the designed cylindrical structure magnetic coupling, torque can be adjusted linearly, the magnetic coupling torque...
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A Study on Median Filter in Digital Images Based on MALTAB GUI

Hongmei Zhang, Zhigao Zhang, Zhili Pei
Median filter is a commonly applied technique dealing with pulse noise in image processing. The conventional method of median filtering fails to retain many of detail and marginal information and leaves images blurred or distorted when coming to noise elimination. Given the fact, another filtering technique...
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A New Improved Camshift Algorithm and Its Experimental Analysis

Qiang Wang, Xiao Li, Chaobing Liu, Mengyao Wu
Camshift is an adaptive tracking algorithm based on color histogram with the advantages of translation, scale and rotation invariance, which is widely used in visual tracking. But in the moving scenes, due to the changing background, occlusion and environmental illumination, the tracking effectiveness...
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Application and Implementation of Image Point Operation in Gray Scale Transformation

Hongmei Zhang, Zhigao Zhang, Zhili Pei
Gray scale transformation is a common image enhancement technology in digital image processing. It can facilitate operations such as strengthening and stretching image contrast, layering gray levels, and inversing pictures so as to highlight image characters and image contrast. Image point operation...
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Railway Fastener Defects Recognition Algorithm Based on Computer Vision

Jiajia Liu, Bailin Li
Railway fastener detection is an important task in railway maintenance to ensure safety. However, the earlier detection methods based on computer vision have good performance on missing fasteners, but they have weaker ability to recognize the partially worn ones. In this paper, we exploit the axis-symmetrical...
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Using LSA and PLSA for Text Quality Analysis

Xiaohua Ke, Haijiao Luo
This paper evaluates the variances of Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) and Probability Latent Semantic Analysis (PLSA) using EM method on judging text qualities as automated essay (AES) scoring tools. A correlation research design was used to examine the correlation between LSA performance and PLSA performance....
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A Single Image Compression Framework Combined with Sparse Representation-Based Super-Resolution

Xiaohai He, Jingbo He, Jianqiu Huang, Di Wu
This paper addresses the problem of single image compression by using sparse representation-based super-resolution modeling. The proposed single image compression framework (SICF) is mainly composed of two components, including image encoder and decoder. Given an image, the framework takes down-sampling...
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The Application of Image Kurtosis in Evaluation Method of Jamming Effect on ISAR

Rui Cui, Jifei Pan, Jianchong Huang
Some methods used to evaluate the jamming effect of common radar are unsuitable to ISAR because of its new work system. By comparing the change of image kurtosis, a novel evaluation method of jamming effect on ISAR Based on the kurtosis is presented in the paper, which can reflect the impact on the target...
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Compressive Image Fusion Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Xushuai Li, Lin Ni
In this paper, we propose a novel compressive image fusion method based on multi-objective particle swarm optimization. In compressive image fusion, the challenge is to choose proper fusion parameter, particle swarm optimization who is a based stochastic optimization technique can solve the challenge....
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The Research on Prediction and Evaluation of the Enterprise's Risk Based on Data Warehouse

Chunhui Zhu, Ting He
In order to improve the ability of enterprises to avoid and resist risks, in this paper, we issued the strategic and operational risks of an enterprise as the research object, established the strategic/Operational risks model, and in which used the Back-Propagation neural network algorithm, Calculated...
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Robot Flocking with Communication Noise

Bin Liu, Huanxin Peng
In the paper, we analyze the robot flocking algorithms under virtual leader-follower model with communication noise. Under virtual leader-follower model, robot flocking algorithm can avoid diverging, but the performance of robot flocking algorithm with communication noise often degrades. In the paper,...
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Research and Implementation of Word Documents Generation Based on C#

Xiaoyan Cai, Wei Shen, Longteng Li, Yu Ge, Lina Lu, Li Zeng
To solve the problem that report forms generated in information management system is not convenient for modification and conservation, a method of generating Word documents with texts and images automatically is put forward based on COM components of Office. The realization of the method is discussed...
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Linear Precoding based on Minimum Mean Square Error in MISO Downlink Cognitive Radio Network

Shunran Wang, Yanhui Lu, Duanyang Li
Conventionally, linear precoding methods in a Cognitive Radio (CR) Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) network mainly aim to cancel the interference received by cognitive Users (SUs) completely, and most of time, the effect of noise often be ignored. To achieve superior performance of the CR system,...