Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Conference on Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Information Science (EEEIS 2017)

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The Design and Realization of a Rotary Inverted Pendulum Based on Efficient Control

Zhi-Yu ZHAO, Gang DU, Yun-Tao GOU, Jun LI
Abstract: In this paper, a single-stage rotary inverted pendulum system is set up by using rotary encoder, servo motor and some mechanical structures. Lagrange equation is used to build up the mathematic model of single-stage rotary inverted pendulum. Linear quadratic regulator (LQR) and fuzzy control...
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Green Packaging Design and Finite Element Analysis of LCD Buffering Cushion

Shui-Gen LU, Jing DONG, Tian ZHOU, Feng LIU, Shuai XU
Objective: To study the buffering effect of the green buffering cushion to LCD designed by the finite element analysis technology. Methods: The corrugated cardboard formed by folding was used to design the buffering cushion of the liquid crystal display. The solid model of liquid crystal display and...
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Analysis of Aerodynamic Performance of Tesla Model S by CFD

Qi-Liang WANG, Zheng WU, Xian-Liang ZHU, Li-Li LIU, Ying-Chao ZHANG
Air drag can affect the cruising ability of pure electric vehicles, especially in the case of high-speed driving. In this project, using 3D laser scanner, we can acquire the point cloud data of the Model S vehicle of Tesla, and the STAR-CCM+ software of Siemens is used to analyse the aerodynamic performance[1]...
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The Development and Current Status of Fracture Mechanics

Ting-Ting LI, Li-Jun OU-YANG, Bin ZHEN
Fracture mechanics, began in the 1950s, is a new branch of solid mechanics. In this paper, we first talk about the history of fracture mechanics at home and abroad. Then the basic theory of fracture mechanics is briefly described in the second part, in which the basic theory and fracture criteria of...
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Intelligent Weld of Welding Robot

Wei FU, Xiao-Gang LI, Hao MA, Xiao-Lan WANG
Based on the actual engineering requirements, this paper puts forward a robot weld position tracking based on laser sensor ranging technology, and the laser sensor is installed at the end of the robot welding gun. DTPS off-line programming software pre-programmed path, robot welding gun drives sensor...
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CAN Bus Module and Wiper Motor Compatibility Issues Research And Analysis

Shao-Feng LI, Shan-Hu YU, Xiao-An LIU, Xiao-Ming WANG
The CAN bus module used in passenger cars has the potential problems of short service life, maloperation and control inaccuracy, etc. In order to improve the reliability and operational stability of the module, the following issues are investigated: (1) Using PWM output to improve the service life of...
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Pruning and Summarizing the Discovered Time Series Association Rules from Mechanical Sensor Data

Qing YANG, Shao-Yu WANG, Ting-Ting ZHANG
Sensors are widely used in all aspects of our daily life including factories, hospitals and even our homes. Discovering time series association rules from sensor data can reveal the potential relationship between different sensors which can be used in many applications. However, the time series association...
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Controlling Chaos in a Dual-Ring Erbium-Doped Fiber Laser by Modulating the Pump

Sen-Lin YAN
Control of chaos in a dual-ring erbium-doped fiber laser is studied by modulating the laser pump and its physical model is presented to induce the dual-ring erbium-doped fiber laser to a cyclic state and other dynamics states via adding a periodic signal to the pump. When one pump is modulated by a periodic...
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Modeling and Simulation Research of Driving Force Generation Speed Control System

Wei WANG, Yu-Heng FAN, Jian-Feng WANG, Chu-Feng RAO, Ze-Hao PANG
The power electronics control system can be designed in the discrete domain or continuous domain. In consideration of the digitally control and delay of actual system, it is more accurate to design the system control parameters in discrete domain. This paper firstly establishes the discrete domain model...
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An Adaptive Interacting Multiple Model Algorithm for Maneuvering Targets Tracking

Shu-Liang WANG, Da-Ping BI, Ming-Yang DU
Current Statistical (CS) model is a good adaptive filtering model for maneuvering target tracking. While, the performance of CS model depends on the maneuvering frequency, and becomes poor when tracking weak maneuvering targets. Firstly, the innovation of the filtering is used to reduce the dependence...
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Design of High Precision Lighting Control System for Machine Vision Image Acquisition

Kai-Peng YU, Ji-Ye HUANG, Shuang WU
In this paper, a high precision lighting control system based on TPS92640 is proposed, which meet the requirements of image acquisition in light source. The whole system adopts modular design, including STM32 master module, human-computer interaction interface, light-driven module based on TPS92640,...
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Design and Implementation of Control Software Based on Linux and QT for Electric Energy Meter Calibration Device

Lei LUO, Zhi-Wei HE, Jie WANG
With the development of society, all the industrial fields are now dependent on electric energy. An energy electric meter is a special instrument for measuring electric energy, its accuracy and reliability have a huge impact on people's lives. To ensure the reliability and accuracy of electric energy...
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A Two-stage Coordinated Strategy for Integrated Exploration of Multi-robot Systems

Xue-Feng DAI, Lai-Hao JIANG
To improve performance for integrated exploration algorithms of multi-robot systems, a two-stage coordinated strategy is proposed in this paper. In the first stage, all robots explore unknown environments by a kind of forth and back trajectories which are shaped by social entropy and a voting mechanism....
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Scalability of OpenFOAM for Viscoelastic Solver on High Performance Systems

Gang HUANG, Can-Qun YANG, Xiao-Wei GUO, Cheng-Kun WU, Xiang ZHANG
In this paper, we investigate the scalability of OpenFOAM for the viscoelastic solver which is implemented in our previous study on HPC platforms. Results show that the solver scales reasonably well up to 256 cores. Further profiling shows that the scalability is greatly restricted by global reduction,...
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Development of Dispatching Automation Time Synchronization Management Module Based on VxWorks Embedded Device

Chun-Bing JIANG
This paper takes "The research and application of scheduling clock synchronization system" science project of Jilin province electric power company control center. This paper develops a time synchronization management module based on VxWorks embedded system in the end station dispatching automation clock...
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Design and Implementation of Data Cloud Platform for CNC System

Sheng-Yang SHI, Wen-Zhong TANG, Ji-Qiang XIA, Lian-Sheng GAO, Yan-Yang WANG
Reliable CNC machine tools can make the industrial production efficient and stable. The reliability of CNC system is a hot topic in the field of mechanical engineering. It is very meaningful to make suggestions to improve the reliability of CNC machine tools by collecting and analyzing the operation...
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Modeling and Control of Single-Phase LCL-type Grid-connected Inverter in Discrete Domain

Jing-Hua ZHOU, Qi-Hang WANG, Ya-Ai CHEN, Xiao-Wei ZHANG
The power electronics control system can be designed in the discrete domain or continuous domain. In consideration of the digitally control and delay of actual system, it is more accurate to design the system control parameters in discrete domain. This paper firstly establishes the discrete domain model...
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Research of Phase-Shift Angle on the Differential Delta Auto-Connected Transformer

Jia-Rong WANG, Xiao-Qiang CHEN, Qi-Yao LI, Ying WANG
Using the traditional phase-shift angle, the differential delta-connected transformer is not able to boost voltage. Broadening the phase-shift angle of the autotransformer can boost its output voltage. But the greater phase-shift angle will increase the equivalent kilovolt ampere (KVA) rating as well....
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The Research of the Detecting System for the Battery Cycle Life of the Train

Jian-Gang CAO, Jian FENG
The train storage batteries are mainly providing power for train control system and emergency ventilation system. The performance of the vehicle battery status directly affects the safety of the train. Because the cell of batteries is difference, leading to a sharp drop in battery performance and cycle...
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Efficiency Analysis and Optimization of Four Coil Magnetic Resonance Wireless Power Transmission System

Qiang LI, Zhi-Ren ZHANG, Jian-Qiao YE, Wei GU
Four coils magnetic resonant wireless power transmission system was constructed, and the efficiency model was established by using the theory of mutual inductance. The analysis of the maximum efficiency is based on two part factors, which are driving source and coils. The adjustment strategy of load...
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Study of the Electronic Current Transformer's Additional Error Testing

Chun-Yan YANG, Deng-Yun LI, Hao-Liang HU, Hui PENG, Li YAO, Tao XU
Abstract: The measurement accuracy of the electronic current transformer are susceptible to environmental factors and interference of external magnetic field. Based on analyzing the effect of temperature, primary wiring and harmonic factor on the measurement accuracy of current transformer of rogowski...
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LVRT Strategy -based Multi-controller Switching for DFIG

Shi-Hong GAO, Cheng-Xiong MAO, Dan WANG
The RSC is generally controlled by using PI controller, but its narrow bandwidth and slow transient response speed limit the LVRT capability of DFIG. So, a LVRT strategy-based multi-controller switching is proposed in this paper. According to different rotor current setting value, the corresponding control...
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Research on Fault Warning of doubly Fed Wind Power Generator based on LS-SVM

Sheng-Yu NIU, Bo-Wen LIU, Xin-Yan ZHANG
According to the problem that difficult to build accurate model of equipment due to DFIG complex operation condition and strong coupling characteristics of multi state variables , a intelligent data mining method was applied to the early fault warning and diagnosis of wind turbine equipment. The wind...
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The Research on Power Grid Self-Healing in a High-Voltage Smart Grid

Guang-Liang YANG, Jing ZHOU, Yong WANG
In this paper, a concept of self-healing of high-voltage power grids and their research status are first introduced. Based on that, a new high-voltage power grid self-healing scheme is proposed. The collections of protective trip information, i.e. action set of each fault point, are initially utilized...
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Experimental Study on the Influence of Pulse Load on Micro - grid Operating Characteristics

Chuang LV, Pu XIE, Zhi-Yong YIN
The structure of Pulse load is complicated and the load characteristics is closely related to the work mode, in order to study the micro grid operation characteristics under pulse load and the different parameters of pulse load on the influence of the micro grid operation characteristics. This paper...
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Outage Capacity and Energy Efficiency trade-off for Distributed MIMO Systems

Zi-Hao LI, Gong-Bin QIAN, Chun-Long HE, Xing-Quan LI, Ce ZHANG
In this paper,we investigate the relationship between the outage capacity and the transmit power.Finally,we derived the energy efficiency(EE) based on outage capacity for the distributed multiple-input multiple-output(MIMO) systems under the idealistic power model and the realistic power model,respectively.Then...
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A Survey of Control Stratedy Based on Cascaded H-bridge Power Conversion System

Jing-Hua ZHOU, Xiang JI, Xiao-Wei ZHANG, Ya-Ai CHEN
The fluctuation and intermittence of renewable energy sources power poses a great challenge to the stable operation of power system, which needs power conversion system(PCS) to provide spare power to achieve dynamic balance of supply and demand for the power grid. Cascaded H-bridge converter is a main...
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Prospective Estimation of the Scales and Subsidies of China's Offshore Wind Power Before 2020

Tong XU, Jia-Song LUO, Xue-Qin TIAN, Chong-Ming SONG, Xin-Lei WANG, Jing YAN
In order to estimate the scales and subsidies of China's offshore wind power before 2020, the annual generation of China's total planned offshore wind power projects was analyzed and calculated based on existing engineering data as well as offshore wind resource data, performance parameters of wind turbines...
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Research on Energy Management Strategy of Connecting and Off-grid Charging Station with Photovoltaic and Storage System

Xiao-Yu ZHANG, Shou-Xin GU
With the rapid development of PV charging station with storage system, due to the inadequate utilization of solar energy in traditional off-gird charging stations and grid-connected charging stations, this paper present a novel connecting and off-grid PV charging station with storage system, which with...
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Research on Automation Design of Power Supply Scheme for Industry Expansion Based on Marking and Power distribution sharing and GIS information

Mao-Yi FANG, Zhi-Jie SUN, Feng XIE, Xin-Nan ZHOU, Yi-Ning NIU, Jian-Wei JIA, Ya-Min SUN
ABSTRACT: The Development of Power Supply Scheme for Industry Expansion is an important business of power supply company's external service. With the continuous improvement of electricity demand, the traditional model relying on paper files and on-site exploration has been difficult to meet the needs...
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An Empirical Analysis of Asset Management Performance Evaluation Model for Power Grid Enterprises

Jia-Xu CHENG, Ying-Hui HAN, Jin-Dong WANG
According to the main business situation of the current enterprise management of power grid enterprises, we divided the identified key coordination points of business into five categories: the process of implementation, the timeliness of implementation, the accuracy of implementation, the compliance...
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Research on Financial Management Information Construction of Electric Power Enterprises in China

With the rapid development of China's national economy, the increasing trend of global economic integration is becoming more and more obvious. The competition of various industries is becoming more and more intense. As the pillar industry in China's national economy, the development of electric power...
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Study on Algorithms of Power Line Extraction Based on Power Line Image Feature

Wen-Yu WANG, Yuan-Jing LIU, Le ZHAO, Xian-Pei WANG
Using small commercial UAV equipped with a simple visible light camera, to obtain the depth information of power line and the ground by monocular or binocular vision is the focus of research. Among them, how to use digital image processing method to extract the power line quickly, accurately, automatically...
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Design of a Video Data Transmission System Based on Wireless Mesh Network

Liu-Qing YANG, Guo-An ZHANG
A video data sampling and transmission system is designed for video monitoring based on wireless mesh network. Discussion is made on the use of standards, working frequency, network infrastructure, coverage solutions, link budget, frequency planning, power supply, supporting transmission and AC design....
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A Survey on Underwater Localization, Localization Techniques and Its Algorithms

Inam Ullah, Ming-Sheng GAO, Mian Muhammad Kamal, Zubair Khan
Abstract.Underwater localization are an importantpart of underwater sensor networks (USNs). USNs attracted significant attention, they are widely used for many applications, such as tsunami before the reaching inhabited areas, pollution monitoring, civilian and military applicationsOcean resource exploration,...
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Research on Programmable Data Plane Load Balancing based on Multipath Selection

Li-Qiong HE, Ling OU
The switching equipment on traditional networks have limited capabilities and the exchange of the switching equipment is often associated with long time frame and high development cost. SDN deployment controller under the flow table rules also exists to handle message delay. In this paper, we propose...
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Using Combined Model Approach for Churn Prediction in Telecommunication

Fa-Gui LIU, Zhi-Jie ZHANG, Xin YANG
Abstract: To solve the prediction problem of hybrid data in users' consumption information of telecommunication, the paper use the fuzzy K-Prototypes (FKP) and support vector machine (SVM) combined model to improve the accuracy of users churn prediction. In the combined model, FKP is adopted to cluster...
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Monitoring of Transmission Line Wildfires Using Satellite Remote Sensing

Xiao-Ran YI, En-Zhe ZHOU, Li YE, Shuang-Yu DU, Zhan-Qing YU
Wildfires can cause transmission lines to trip, which can prove difficult to reclose successfully. Using satellite remote sensing technology to monitor wildfires can alert the power sector to potential damage. However, wildfires along transmission lines may have a small burned area and may spread rapidly....
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Research on UWB Precise Indoor Positioning in Ship Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy

Kun ZHANG, Chong SHEN, Qian GAO, Hai-Feng WANG, Yu-Fei WANG
Based on the related generalization of Vague set algorithm of intuitionistic fuzzy theory, this paper applies it to UWB marine ship precision positioning technology, puts forward new research methods and calculation formulas, and constructs the similarity measure between them and obtains new formula...
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Research on Multi-Storey Indoor Wifi Positioning Algorithm based on Image Recognition

Hao DING, Lei WANG, Ya-Nan LIU, Jing-Qi DENG, Ming-Jun ZHAO
Abstract.To address the inaccuracy of multi-storey indoor positioning, the paper proposes a method involving WiFi fingerprint positioning based on the prior information of map environment and position correction based on the image recognition technique. First, we establish a model of map environment...
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Channel Estimation Algorithm for mmWave Communication with Array Antennas via Reduced-Dimension MUSIC

Wei-Tao LIU, Zhong-Xi XIA, Qian-Lin CHENG, Dong-Lin YANG, Xiao-Fei ZHANG
Abstract: This paper considers channel estimation for mmWave communication with massive received array antennas at BS. Instead of estimate the channel matrix, we resolve the problem into two steps. Firstly, one could separately estimate DOA, on the basis of the array signal processing techniques, and...
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The Study on the Model of Effective Face Retrieval in Pedestrian Detection

Hua-Yang LI, Pan-Pan XIA, Hui-Lian XU
Pedestrian detection and retrieval plays an important role in intelligent video surveillance and automobile auxiliary driving system. Video surveillance creates mass monitored data among which a little effective information exists and could be hardly found. To settle the problem, based on pedestrian...
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Big Flow Collision Avoidance Strategy for Load Balancing in SDN

Bin LUO, Jing SHEN, Li-Qian SUN
Software definition network (SDN) as a new model of the future network architecture system, which gains the academic and industry attention. Large traffic often leads to congestion and transmission of network links. Equal-Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) routing can play a significant role in balancing the load,...
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Design of Miniaturized Ultra Wideband Microstrip Antenna Fed by Coplanar Waveguide

Wei DING, Dong-Sheng WU, Lan-Lan PING, Jing ZHANG, Wen-Li LIANG
The Ultra-Wideband antenna can effectively improve the system performance, such as range resolution, anti-jamming performance and complex target recognition. It is very important to study the UWB antenna. In this paper, the UWB antenna is discussed and studied, and the influence of antenna size miniaturization...
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Air Quality Prediction of Pollution Sources Based on Wavelet Neural Network

Hong-Da JI, Li YANG, Yan-Feng WANG, Xiu-Bin DAI, Jun WANG
In order to realize the prediction of air quality of pollution sources, this paper uses the method of wavelet neural network. In this paper, the pollutant concentration values of pollution sources were predicted, so as to realize the monitoring and early warning of pollution source emission. In this...
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Pulse Modulation Method to Decrease the Blind Zone in Ultra-wideband Pulse Compression Radar Systems

Zhao-Xia ZHANG, Xiao-Peng MA, Ling-Zhen YANG, Juan-Fen WANG, Ping-Ping XUE
A short penetrating distance is a drawback of traditional ultra wideband radar systems. A pulse compression technique has been used in UWB radar systems to increase the penetrating distance. However, this leads to an increase in the blind zone. The paper proposes a new method to address this issue which...
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3D Near-field Source Localization for Cross Array via Fourth-order Cumulant

Zhong-Xi XIA, Hao-Yu YANG, Wei-Tao LIU, Qian-Lin CHENG, Xiao-Fei ZHANG
This paper proposes a algorithm for 3D near-field source localization, which uses the cross array and fourth-order cumulant. We construct two high-dimensional matrices by using these six fourth-order cumulant matrices, according to the subspace theory, we can extract the rotation factors, which contain...
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Simulation of Detection Effectiveness of Airborne Early Warning Radar

Hong-Tu XIE, Shao-Ying SHI, Fu-Hai LI, Dao-Xiang AN, Guang-Xue WANG, Jia-Lin SU, Xiao-Tao HUANG, Zhi-Min ZHOU
Early warning radar is able to effectively detect the target utilizing Doppler Effects between the target and radar. The detection effectiveness of the airborne early warning radar is affected by its detection range as well as its detection probability. In this paper, a method for simulating the detection...
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Study on Detection of P300 ERP Component in EEG Signals and Algorithms

Syed Kamran Haider, Ai-Min JIANG, Shahzad Ashraf, Inam Ullah
Abstract.P300 Event Related Potential (ERP) has drawn much interest in different application of psychological background. An endogenous ERP component, P300, has been widely inspected in detecting deception. Detecting P300 from EEG signals is hard to find because P300 is overloaded with noise and other...
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Experimental Study on the Measuring Temperature Field by Real-Time Digital Holography

Zhan-Rong ZHOU, Xiao-Fang SHEN, Ai-Jun LI
An experimental method and reconstruction arithmetic of temperature field are proposed. The fast Fourier transform followed by a digital low-pass filter and the inverse Fourier transform were applied to interference fringes for removing speckle noise, so that airflow field phase information is in high-contrast...