Proceedings of the 2016 2nd Workshop on Advanced Research and Technology in Industry Applications

913 authors
An, Wei
A Sensor Scheduling Model of Midcourse Object Tracking Based Signal-to-noise Ratio Optimization
Bai, Guang-bin
Research on Some Problems on Endurance Training Effectiveness
Bai, Sen
Simultaneous image encryption and compression scheme based on compressed sensing and Hyper chaos map
Bai, Yang
Research on the Water Resources Carrying Capacity in Beijing Based on the System Dynamics Model
Bai, Yang
Research on the Solar Energy Biaxial Automatic Tracking System Based on the GPS and GPRS
Bao, Di
Review of Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robotic Systems
Bi, Ke
Reasarch of Architecture based BP Neural Network in Modeling of Sheave Buffer
Bu, Xiangyi
Analysis of Construction Project Safety Management Influence Factors Based on Clustering Algorithm
Cai, Huajie
An Improved Algorithm of Image Retrieval Based on Combined BTC Color Moments and DT-CWT
Cai, Yinglai
Numerical Simulation Study on Large Kitchen Oil Fume Purification Device
Cai, Zhiyong
Analysis of stock market based on cellular automata
Cao, Jie
Research of Tourism Information based on Cloud Computing Platform
Cao, Jin
An intelligent seat’s system for better ergonomics and Human-Computer Interaction
Cao, Lu
Research of Tourism Information based on Cloud Computing Platform
Cao, Lu
Data Analysis Based on E-Commerce Platform
Cao, Qi
How to take a comfortable and energetic bath
Chai, Jianeng
The sun shadow calculation and analysis
Chai, Jianeng
Water intervention plan
Chang, Tianqing
Improved TLD Target Algorithm Based On Feature Fusion
Che, Yongqiang
Fault location system with injection scheme based on mobile phone remote control in distribution network
Chen, ChengYang
Dynamic Complex-Net-Based Info-Transmission Model
Chen, Hua
Research and Realization of Network Virtual Optical Laboratory
Chen, Hui
A Radar Signal Sorting Algorithm Based On Entropy Features Set Pair Analysis
Chen, Jiali
Four Economic Indicators of Space Debris Removal schemes
Chen, Jian
The Way of Searching Lost Aircraft
Chen, Jian
The Plane Wreck’s Motion in the Horizontal Direction and the Vertical Direction
Chen, Jifeng
Research of Clustering Routing Algorithm in WSNs Based on Continuous Object
Chen, Jing
The Design of Website Security Defense System Based on Honeypot Technology
Chen, Junhua
Research on Smart Cast for Fish Cage Aquaculture based on image processing
Chen, Junping
Research on fatigue assessment of the Flange Bolts Connection of Wind Turbine based on Finite Element Analysis
Chen, Junping
Research on stress and strain of the Flange Bolts Connection of Wind Turbine based on Finite Element Analysis
Chen, Kang
A Quick Study of a Single Image Defogging Algorithm
Chen, Kang
Method Of Defogging Image Based On the Sky Area Separation
Chen, Kuan-ting
Maximum Satisfaction Scheduling algorithm Based on Hadoop Architecture
Chen, Liang
Extreme Learning Machine based on Rectified Nonlinear Units
Chen, Limeng
The sun shadow positioning
Chen, Mingxi
An analysis of the space-debris-deorbit process based on a mathematical model
Chen, Ping
Research on Computer Security and Firewall Technology
Chen, Qiang
Research on Ecological Benefit of Land Use in Fujian Province
Chen, Qiming
GA-PSO Integration Algorithm and Its Application in Modeling on Furnace Pressure System
Chen, Qiming
Application of multi level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method in water resources assessment
Chen, Shanguang
The influence of stereo information on the mental workload in the manipulator teleoperation process
Chen, Sijia
The Space Debris Growth Model
Chen, Siyuan
Design of A Continuous and Automatic Controlled Congestion Irrigator Based On Color Sensor
Chen, Xiangping
Advanced Methods of 3D Stress Intensity Factor Assessment
Chen, Xiangrui
Dynamics Analysis and Trajectory Planning of Erecting mechanism
Chen, Xiaozhong
Research on training mode of computer network based on competency
Chen, Xun
Analysis of In-Pipe Inspection Robot Structure Design
Chen, Yuan
Analysis on Security Management Strategy of Computer and Internet Information System
Chen, Yue
Intelligent trajectory tracking vehicle based on image sensors
Chen, Zhen
Operation Control for Tidal Stream Turbines
Chen, Zhengmao
Data Framework and Related Technologies of Electronic Information System
Chen, Zhuo
A Prediction Model for Spread of Ebola Virus
Cheng, Kan
The detection on tracking of a certain type equipment Based on AT89C52
Cheng, Lianglun
Affinity Propagation Clustering With Pairwise Constraints
Cheng, Lianglun
Affinity Propagation Clustering Algorithm based on Spark Platform
Cheng, Qian
The Application of Emotional Design in the Web Interface
Cheng, Xiao
Potential Problems and Effective Measures of Network Accounting Information System
Chu, Yanlong
The Road Traffic Meteorological Monitoring and Forecasting System Based on GIS
Chun, Xuyan
The Application of Cloud Computing in the Enterprise Credit Rating System
Ci, Nengda
A DOA Estimation Algorithm from Sparse Representation Perspective for Vehicular Application
Ci, Nengda
A Novel Subspace Based DOA Estimation Method for Vehicular Application
Ci, Nengda
A Novel DOA Measurement Approach for Coherent Signals In MIMO-OFDM System
Cong, Peili
Blind Source Separation by RBF Neural Network Optimized by GA
Cui, Cheng
Study On the Frame Design of Requirements and Functions of the Assistance Decision-making Support System for Smoke Screen Support
Dai, Wenjun
Improved TLD Target Algorithm Based On Feature Fusion
Dang, Junjian
On Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Mechanical Course Teaching
Deng, Chunhong
Speech Emotion Recognition Based on Fuzzy K-NN Algorithm with Fractionally Spaced Blind Equalization
Deng, XinPu
The Application of Improved Extended Kalman Filter Algorithm in Satellite Attitude Determination
Ding, Jin
A Multi-weight Adaptive Analysis Method of Students' Learning Behavior
Ding, YuanMing
The satellite communication link establishment scheme for offshore mobile platform
Dong, Guangling
Exterior Trajectory Modelling Method Selection and Analysis for Simulation Test of Guided Bomb
Dong, GuoJing
The best taxicab strategy for a town
Dong, Han
A Method about Ebola Spread Forecasts Based on SIR
Dong, Ning
Optimal control of CNC machining tool movement
Dong, Weihua
Research on Construction of New-Typed Equipment Green Maintenance Facility
Dong, Wenyan
The Analysis of a Model of Water Temperature in Space and Time
Dong, Wenyan
Computer Solution of the Sun Shadow Positioning Model
Dong, XingWen
A Radar Signal Sorting Algorithm Based On Entropy Features Set Pair Analysis
Du, Jiang
Research on the Network Security System of Intelligent TV Terminal
Duan, ChenDong
Generator Looseness Fault Diagnosis Based on Time-Frequency Analysis
Duan, FengYang
Virtual Structure in Formation Flight Control of UAVs via NOPSC Algorithm
Fan, Jia-li
Design of Ground-detect Equipment for Aircraft Electrical Anti-skid Braking System
Fan, Minglu
Resource Estimation in Distributed Data Stream Processing Systems
Fan, Wang
The Research of Forest Fire Smoke Moving Target Detection Methods Based on Video Streaming
Fan, Weiguo
Protection Strategy Exploration for the Computer Network Information Security in the Big Data Age
Fang, Hongyu
An analysis of the space-debris-deorbit process based on a mathematical model
Fang, Junpeng
Information Value Evaluation Index System
Fang, Shengjun
Strength Analysis and Fatigue Life Prediction on Steering Knuckle
Fang, Xieshu
The Application of Cloud Computing in the Enterprise Credit Rating System
Fang, Zhijun
A Novel Image Super-resolution Method Combined with Edge Focusing
Fei, Jiyou
Kinematics Modeling and Analysis of MOTOMAN-HP20 Robot
Feng, Li
Research on the evaluation index system of fashion design
Feng, Qian
Study on the Agent-based Modeling Method and Simulation System of Consumers Respondence to the Price of Electric Power in Smart Grid
Feng, Wenshan
Finite Element Analysis of Buffer Device in Large Erecting Hydraulic Cylinder Based on ANSYS
Feng, Xiaoming
3D Depth of Field Acquisition Based on OpenCV
Feng, Xiaoming
Formation System of Mobile Robot Based on Vision Location
Fu, Qingnan
Simulation Study for Interface Crack Propagation in Layered Salt Rock Subjected to Compress and Shear Load
Fu, Yang
Research on the Selection of Low Temperature Aluminum Heat Pipe Working Fluid
Gan, Shijie
The Weibo Spammers’ Identification and Detection based on Bayesian-algorithm