Proceedings of the 2016 2nd Workshop on Advanced Research and Technology in Industry Applications

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Research On Prosody Conversion of Affective Speech Based on LIBSVM and PAD Three Dimensional Emotion Model

Xiaoyong Lu, Tao Pan
This paper proposes a framework for prosody conversion of emotional speech based on LIBSVM support vector regression model and PAD three dimensional emotion model. We design an emotional speech corpus including 11 kinds of emotional utterances. Each utterance is labeled the emotional information with...
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Research on the open teaching of College English based on network technology

PinJing Tian
With the continuous development of information technology and network technology, using modern information technology to assist in the traditional form of teaching is becoming more and more important. In this paper, the in view of the problems existing in the current college English teaching, which makes...
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A study on the integration of computer network technology and College English Curriculum

Weiwei Zheng
Informatization is the trend of world economic and social development, with the network technology and multimedia technology as the core of information technology has become the creative tool of expanding human ability. "Computer" and "curriculum integration" teaching model has become our country oriented...
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Generator Looseness Fault Diagnosis Based on Time-Frequency Analysis

Ting Li, Chen Liu, ChenDong Duan, Xia Qi
In order to extract looseness fault feature for a generator set, the paper introduces a new time-frequency analysis method, called frequency slice wavelet transform (FSWT). The time-frequency distribution of signal is firstly processed by the FSWT. Then some interesting regions on the FSWT time-frequency...
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Design of Printing System of Forest Right Certifications

Weili Kou, Zhe Luo, Hua Yuan, TangSong Zhang
The forest right certification is an important result of forest right system reform in China. The forest right certification printing is a very important work of collective forest right system reform. However, the traditional printing method of forest right certifications is tedious, detailed, and time-consuming....
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Saddle Point Non-Singular Value Solution Based on Generalized Inverse Hermitian Triangulation and Split Iteration

Juan Li
In order to achieve the nonsingular solution of saddle point linear system, this paper proposes an improved nonlinear Uzawa splitting iteration method, and combined with the generalized anti Hermitian triangle method, the algorithm is further modified, to improves the convergence of the algorithm. Finally,...
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The Modeling of Dual Drive Software Based on Requirement and Runtime Variability

Zhigang Liu, Lei Shi, Zhen Ge, Xiaozhi Wang
In order to solve the operating environment of the dynamic evolution, this paper builds the internal reflection of the SaaS evolution model describing according to the needs and variability of the software dynamic evolution, the model is the formal definition by using communication process algebra (ACP)...
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Research on Jiangxi City Tourism Competitiveness based on Comprehensive Fuzzy Evaluation Method

Rulian Wu, Shanmei Xiong, Yebiao Liu
Accelerating the Jiangxi Province tourism construction has great significance on social and economic development of Jiangxi. As insufficient in current evaluation system of tourism competitiveness system and lack of tourism province evaluation index system and method of academic research, this study...
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Analysis of Construction Project Safety Management Influence Factors Based on Clustering Algorithm

Xiangyi Bu
In order to explore the main influencing factor of safety management of construction project proposed a based on clustering algorithm of safety management factors analysis method, and the main factors of influencing the construction safety management through the practical investigation. By a factor of...
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Study of Modeling and Simulation of Methanol Engine Electronic Control System

Xiaozhen Wu, Miao He
In order to improve the control effect of alcohol and hydrogen power system and accomplish control target of dissociated methanol engine, a electronic control model based on the MAP grid interpolation method has been put forward, and the software of Simulink has been used to simulate and verify the model....
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The Application of Big Data Technology in Basic Computer Teaching of Ethnic Preparatory

Yuhan Jie
The computer foundation is a major course of ethnic preparatory education. In this paper, the research situation of traditional preparatory basic computer teaching has been analyzed, in view of the crisis of the teaching, the application background, characteristics and essence of big data technology...
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On Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Mechanical Course Teaching

Junjian Dang
Mechanical course contains a complex internal structure. If daily teaching adopts traditional process, it is difficult to stimulate the interest of students and students may feel dull. At the same time, the mechanical device has a complex and compact body structure, and it is difficult to grasp the fundamental...
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Thermodynamic Geometrical Analysis on Properties of Black Holes

Xu Xiang
Thermodynamic geometry is a special method for the research of black holes. Following that achievements in Hawking radiation of black holes and black hole entropy are obtained and the relationship between black holes and thermodynamics is figured out, more and more people are obsessed with thermodynamic...
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On College Computer Experiment Teaching Based on Cloud Platform

Limin Guo
Application of cloud platform technology in college computer experiment teaching to integrate the teaching resources, can help achieve unified storage and management of data relating to computer experiment teaching in colleges, so as to provide a good platform for teachers and students in the teaching...
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Explorations of Applying Cloud Computing Technology to the Digital Library

GuangCheng Zheng
In the 21st century of science and technology, the cloud computing technology has already been full applied in all industries, which has quite obvious effects. Nowadays, all libraries have realized the digitalization. To become popular and obtain development, the digital library needs to introduce the...
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Protection Strategy Exploration for the Computer Network Information Security in the Big Data Age

Liang Xue, Juan Yang, Weiguo Fan
With the popularization and application of internet, human society enters the information-based society in an all-round way, computer has gradually become an indispensable part in people's daily life, work and study, it brings great convenience for people as well as some corresponding potential safety...
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Analysis of BP Neural Network Applied in Enterprise Financial Warning

Hang Zeng
In the 21st century, high-tech society, the information age, more and more on the "Network" emerging term, as we respect these new terms confusing and difficult to understand, but also had to lament these new terms of social development made contribution. And on the "Network" word, also has its own value...
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Enterprise Network Security Management System Construction Research Based on Cloud Computing Technology

Enfeng Zhou
With the constant development of economy in our country in recent years, the role of network technology in contemporary society has become more and more prominent. Network has become an indispensable important information tool for modern people's daily life and work, while cloud computing technology...
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Study on Computer Information Management Method in File Management

Yonghong Li
The computer information management is a product of the era of knowledge economy and the information age, is also extremely important resource. Since the current extensive use of computer information technology, information management methods for the archives management in the integration and created...
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Study on the Distribution of the Temperature Field of Flow Liquid

Yanping Xi
It is quite difficult to get the temperature field of flow liquid from the three-dimensional perspective by hand calculation. But we figure out an unusual method to obtain the temperature, and we also use 3D software to simulate and test. In order to facilitate the calculation, we use cuboid bathtub...
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Establishment of Supply And Demand Match Indicators for Taxi Resource

Yilin Song
With the coming of “Internet +” era, drops a taxi, Uber and other companies rely on mobile Internet software to establish a taxi service platform, and achieve information exchange between the passengers and the drivers. Aiming at this phenomenon, based on in the history data in a certain period at designated...
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Analysis on Security Management Strategy of Computer and Internet Information System

Yuan Chen
With the rapid development of network, network information security more and more people's attention. Through the network information security threat factor analysis, and then we present five common computer network information security policy, information security and network development were discussed)...
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The campus network security hidden danger analysis and countermeasure research

Juan Wei
With the continuous development of computer network information technology and popularization, many colleges and universities have established the campus network. The current campus network has become important in infrastructure projects in university, and the campus network information security problems...
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The Application of Statistical Process Control in Quality Management

Yanqiu Liu
By exploring statistical process control (SPC) technology in the printing and packaging industry, heat seal strength index sauce packet of products, for example, the production process management and control, the use of control charts to detect instability of the process to achieve early warning features...
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Research on Network Security Situation Awareness System Based on Machine Learning

Ye-ling Yang
With the popularity of computers, the Internet has entered the production and all aspects of social life, but the attendant problem of network security has become the focus of widespread concern. Network security situation awareness to effectively respond to network security issues provide a viable solution:...
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Research and application of digital campus SMS platform based on web services

Hanguo Mao
WEB embed online platform, the main function of the information services, student management and access control of three modules. Since the open education students not at school, so that the information service is particularly important, information services are primarily teaching information services...
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Research on the Network Security System of Intelligent TV Terminal

Jiang Du, Cheng Li
In this paper, the author designed the TVOS intelligent terminal network security scheme. The scheme takes hardware security as the underlying support layer, and it connects the kernel layer of TVOS operating system, component layer, and the execution environment layer and application framework. Thus...
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Research and Development of Open Operating Management System for Sports Laboratory Instruments

Rui Jiang
In order to promote the open operation of sports laboratory instruments and improve the utilization ratio of sports instruments, we do the research and development of open operating management system for sports laboratory instruments. It has many functions, such as the working status monitoring of sports...
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An intelligent seat’s system for better ergonomics and Human-Computer Interaction

Jin Cao, Yufei Wang
As technology advances, new tech influence the seat design with better ergonomics and new HCI, considering the cost of replacement, the airline companies does not replace seat system. But designers should carry out a series of re-optimized design in ergonomics and HCI.This paper describes an intelligent...
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Multi Layer Hierarchical Fault Prediction Based on Multi Type Data Feature

Li Li, Feng Gao
For the road traffic accidents happened in a short period of time, the application of multi layer hierarchical prediction method in road traffic accident forcast has higher prediction accuracy compared with other methods. However, we find that the average error in predictions is nearly 5%, which still...
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Design of Loading and Unloading Machine Hand for Automatic Production Line of Vehicle based on Servo Drive

Tianhang Zhang
Robot was developed to give a new mean of mechanization and automation of the production process. The design of the robot is used in the automotive automatic production line for loading and unloading of the workpieces. It is from the base, the mechanical arm parts, the wrist rotation parts ,and the Interchangeable...
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The Study on Virtual Input Method Based on Machine Vision

Yi Xu
Currently, virtual reality technology has been increasingly used in different industries. In the virtual and reality environment, the human-computer interaction device is challenged by expensive cost and restrained using environment. With the development of computer technology, using computer vision...
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Preliminary Study of Our Country’s Network and Information Security Strategy under the New Situation

Yuanyuan Zhang
The internet innovation and development has already deeply penetrated into all aspects of economic world. The attaching problem-the network and information security problem becomes increasingly prominent, and the complexity and harmfulness of network security situation manifest themselves become more...
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Multibeam Bathymetric Data Processing and Applications Based on Cygwin and MB-System

Chunqiao Xiao, Wang Zhang, Zhiwei Lv
Cygwin is a Unix-simulated environment running on the Windows platform.Mb-System is a Unix-based multi-beam bathymetric data process open source software that can be installed and run on Cygwin. This paper introduces the installation of MB-System on Cygwin and its main functions, and then the detailed...
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Review on Urban Travel Time Estimation Method

Liuren Wang
Travel time is an important measure of traffic travel service level, and is also an important travel index which can be directly perceived by the travelers. Good calculation application of travel time is an important support for road traffic management, traffic information service and route guidance,...
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The GARCH Analysis of YU’EBAO Annual Yields

Weiwei Guo
As the important tool of network finance, YU’EBAO has highly financial product yield, liquidity and other advantages compared with bank. But accompanied by such financial products innovation, their earnings also gradually fell back. By Eviews 6.0 ,the paper studies YU’EBAO annual yields from May 30,...
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Research and Implementation of Automated Testing Framework-PATF Framework

Liuren Wang
Through the research on automated testing framework, the efficiency of automated testing can be improved, and the problems in the testing process be solved. The PATF framework provides a good solution for automated testing.
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A Novel Image Super-resolution Method Combined with Edge Focusing

Lei Shu, Zhijun Fang
There are some problems existing in traditional image interpolation algorithms such as blockiness, blurring, etc. To overcome these problems, a novel image super-resolution algorithm based on edge detection and different filters was proposed. The algorithm firstly calculates an initial super-resolution...
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Research of Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Clustering

Pu Wan, Lisha Wang
Through the study of existing image segmentation algorithms, this paper improves the standard FCM-based image segmentation algorithm. And according to the principles of effective treatment on neighborhood image noise by mean filtering and median filtering, proposes a new similarity distance calculation...
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Research and Realization of Network Virtual Optical Laboratory

Hua Chen
Nowadays, with the rapid development of network technology and computer technology, the research of network virtual optical laboratory has become a key development project in the field of relevant teaching and research. Through the network virtual optical laboratory, the real laboratory’s effect can...
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Research and Implementation of Service Management in Cloud Database

Yu Tao
Cloud database follow the calculation model of cloud computing that everything is a service, therefore, the service is one of the key concepts in cloud database. Because of the simplicity of the database service package, it is easy to expand for the cloud database. Cloud database provide database service...
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Design and Implementation of Engineering Investigation Information System based on GIS

Yin Qiong
The rapid development of urbanization, urban engineering survey has a huge impact, traditional urban reconnaissance production management tools has exposed its limitations, geographic information systems involved, unprecedented space for development of urban engineering survey. How to effectively and...
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Research of Mechanical NVH Study

Qiupeng Wang
NVH characteristic is to study how to address and reduce the mechanical operation of the noise, vibration and comfort issues. In recent years carried out against mechanical vibration and noise control technology for the latest development and trend Survey, the development of NVH technology, research...
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Research of LAN Security Attack and Defense Technology

Ying Peng, Rongfu Wang
With the continuous development of information technology era has arrived, LAN has been gaining in popularity in the use of people's daily work, at the same time, LAN security issues prominent. In this paper, LAN security for analysis, testing their safety and make relevant recommendations to its reasonable...
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Research on Design and Implementation of Personal Website

Rongfu Wang, Ying Peng
In recent years, with the rapid development of network technology, computer network has gradually penetrated into every corner of life, personal journal published by web browsing and content of interest to a growing concern in today's society has gradually become self-display and a new way to discover...
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Potential Problems and Effective Measures of Network Accounting Information System

Xiao Cheng
With the accelerated process of modernization, advanced science and technology has been widely applied. In this context, the Internet-related information systems will get rapid development, such as: accounting information system, the degree of the network has been significantly improved and network accounting...
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Study on Clothing Structural Design and Modeling

Min Yue
Rapid socio-economic development, people's living standards rising spirit, the pursuit of more and more obvious to clothing, this situation led directly to clothing design industry and the rapid development of derivatives. People for the pursuit of fashion design is mainly reflected in the colors, materials...
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Study on the Application of 3D Printing Technology on the Construction of Clothing Space Styling

Jia Hu
Costume design needs to use a number of technical components and each have their own unique effect. Costume design is a market with a wide range of industries, our lives plays an important influence. Costume design is the soul of clothing, the clothing style in the use of technology to nature is also...
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Research on Computer Security and Firewall Technology

Ping Chen
In this paper, computer security and firewall technology for a simple analysis, and then study the type of firewall technology, principles and the latest firewall technology, and to make some research on the firewall technology in computer security, such as the configuration of security services, configuration...
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Research on Virtual Three-Dimensional Clothing Styles and Fold Effect Show

JingJing Li
Since the birth of garment computer aided design, production efficiency and product quality garment processing has been greatly improved and faster. Its principle is the human body consists of a simulation model, the use of a switching supply tool costume design environment. Such fashion design is no...
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Design of Control System in Continuous Casting Machine Based on PLC

Guojie Song
The quality of slab continuous casting process control and technical level has a close relationship, in order to improve slab quality, the use of PLC automatic control technology, while the use of sensors to gather real-time status of the slab, and collect data to the PLC, and then on the slab quality...
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Numerical Simulation for the Wall Channeling of Packed Bed in the Chemical Industry

He Lou
Wall channeling has a significant impact on the profiles of flow velocity in packed bed. Using fore treatment software GAMBIT, the three-dimensional packed bed model was established. Grids of three-dimensional model were divided by the means of coin division. Based on FLUENT porous media model, the anisotropy...
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Research on Inventory Management Based on Gray Forecasting

Zonghan Li
Gray prediction is mainlydeveloped to study uncertainties of “small samples” and “poor information”. Gray forecastmodel is one of the most important part grey system theory. This paper applies for the gray model prediction to forecastA product demand in every month of 2016. On the basis of the prediction,...
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An Improved Algorithm of Image Retrieval Based on Combined BTC Color Moments and DT-CWT

Huajie Cai, Yaxin Zhao, Guangyi Xie
Feature extraction is the key technology in the process of image retrieval based on content. This paper puts forward an improved algorithm of image retrieval based on combined BTC color moments and DT-CWT. We firstly select the YIQ color space as the feature extracted space due to the strong correlation...
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Study on Construction of Digital Cloud Services Platform of College Library

Weiwei Wang
The Digital Library cloud services platform based on cloud computing technology has become a new direction of development of digital libraries. Cloud service platform can achieve intensive management for digital library resource, and bring more convenient and efficient information service for readers....
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Study of Neural Networks and Its Application based on Fuzzy Adjustment

Cong Xie
With the development of fuzzy and neural network theory, the role both play in engineering applications is also growing, but both their disadvantages are also gradually revealed. The neural network has a strong ability to learn, but it is a typical "black box" model, the knowledge acquired in connection...
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The Road Traffic Meteorological Monitoring and Forecasting System Based on GIS

Yanlong Chu
Traffic safety is the top priority of road traffic, weather and road traffic safety threat is huge. Rain, snow and other weather conditions affect people's lives become, the impact of national economic construction and development obstacles. Therefore, establishing a road traffic meteorological GIS system...
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Analysis and Discussion about Wireless LAN Technology

Zhongtang Li, Yin Lei
Effect of wireless LAN technology to China mobile and portable communication is enormous, mainly using wireless LAN network unlimited channel signal transmission. WLAN has information transmission convenient network of flexible benefits. This paper discusses the recent rapid development of wireless LAN...
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The Realization of Industrial Design Product with Computer Software

Jiangning Li, JingSong Huang
With the computer software and hardware technology development and CAD technology is widely used in industrial design, industrial design ways and means to achieve constantly updated development, industrial design field is undergoing a new revolution. Introduction: With the rapid development of the computer,...
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The Application of Emotional Design in the Web Interface

Qian Cheng, Dehong Tang
In today's rapid economic development, people's lives have been limited to the pursuit of material conditions, but the pursuit of the spirit of the pursuit of a higher level, emotional design came into being, its design has been filed in many areas. Study on interface design with high development in...
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Study on the Listing System of Financial Derivatives

Jianan Wei
Derivatives listing is becoming one of the main trends in the global market competition and evolution. China's financial derivatives market is increasingly becoming the focus of global concern, since the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 stock index futures market, there are many overseas exchanges proposed...
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Research on Low-Power Fresh Water Extraction Device of Automatic Replenishment

Yilin Song
The main purpose of this system is to use solar energy to desalinate seawater and brackish water, to make efficiently use of solar energy and produce a certain amount of fresh water. The system includes collector with automatic optical tracker, generator, water tank, coil heat exchanger, telescopic inlet...
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Research of Tourism Information based on Cloud Computing Platform

Yuting Zhang, Lu Cao, Rui Wang, Yang Zhang, Ying Zhang, Junli Wang, Chen Hao, Jie Cao, Jiangmin Tian
With the advent of continuous development of society and the era of mass tourism, tourism is increasingly becoming a major lifestyle of modern people and economic activity in the community, a large tourist information and improving the quality of people's travel, not the traditional travel agency can...
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Study of Smart Home System based on Zigbee Wireless Sensor System

Jie Huang
With the development of Internet of Things technology, intelligent home systems in people's lives are more and more widely. Compared with the traditional smart home system, the smart home networking technology based on internet of things reflects in the wiring flexibility, low cost, scalability and so...
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Study on the Joint Pressure of Forward and Backward Walking and Its Mechanism

Peng Song, Tingran Zhang, Jiong Luo
Walking in the current world has become one of the most popular sports items, walking motion easiest, most convenient and most economical, therefore, in the past few decades, in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, the number of people walking increases every year, more and more people choose to exercise...
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Data Analysis Based on E-Commerce Platform

Junli Wang, Yuting Zhang, Lu Cao
Data in everyday life everywhere, and people's lives. With the development of information society, the needs of various industries for analysis of data are also growing. However, the current domestic data analysis industry started late, small-scale, without a complete system and improve service delivery...
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Research on Core Technology of Oil Automation Drilling

RongKang Zhu
Oil is one of the main ways to solve the energy shortage problem, in order to ease China's energy shortage situation, we must fully exploit the natural resources. China has abundant oil resources underground, underground oil resources exploitation, exploration drilling is the most effective way, it is...
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Trajectory tracking for quantum systems based on Lyapunov control method

Wei Yang
We investigat the trajectory tracking problem of quantum systems governed by Liouville equation. With the help of Lyapunov function and LaSlle invariance principle, impulsive control fields are given, which drive the quantum state to a time-variant target state. A numerical simulation experiment on a...
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Decision Mechanism of Password Recovery Based on Bloom Filter in Heterogeneous Platform

Quanquan Xie, Qinglei Zhou, Xueming Si, Bin Li
According to the password recovery task’s computation and local communication intensive features, we design a decision mechanism of password recovery based on bloom filter in the CPU+FPGA system architecture. Utilizing the advantages of the bloom filter in the searching of massive data, bloom filter...
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Research on training mode of computer network based on competency

Xiaozhong Chen, Zhijian Mao
Job competency model, as an organization can enhance the core competitiveness of the talent management model, has been widely recognized by many enterprises and institutions. This article will post competency theory into the computer network of professional personnel training and curriculum reform, refining...
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Region Adaptive Measurements for Distributed Compressive Video Sensing

Hongyan Zhai
Due to limited resources, wireless video sensor networks (WVSN) needs low complexity methods to realize video capture and compression. Recently, distributed video coding (DVC) has emerged to reduce the video encoding complexity with a certain coding efficiency. Furthermore, compressive sensing (CS) has...
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A New Optimization Algorithm for Speed of Electric Vehicle Based on Fuzzy PID Control

Jiheng Jiang
Combined with the power characteristics of electric vehicles and the modern internet of vehicles, this paper proposes a new optimization algorithm for speed of electric vehicles based on fuzzy theory and the conventional PID control rules. We study characteristics of different factors in the process...
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An allocation model of educational finance based on Big Data

ChaoQun Sheng
This paper attempts to provide a thorough allocation model of educational finance for Goodgrant Foundation, with different kinds of factors taken into consider. In order to fulfill the optimum allocation of funds and pin down a favorable investment strategy, we build two models to research into school...
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Relations Research between Diesel Exhaust Temperature and Particulate Fractions

Da Li, Guihua Wang, XueZheng Huang
Particulate emission of diesel engines which seriously affects environment and human health is a hot topic in recent diesel engine researches. In this article, a diesel engine particulate sampling devise was designed, particulate sampling experiments were done in different positions with different exhaust...
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Dynamic weight analysis of risk index during earth-rock dam construction

Zongkun Li, Qi Li
There are two shortages of traditional AHP method: (a) expert scoring to be absolute and (b) less considering the credibility of expert scoring and the dynamic difference between experts. In order to solve the above-mentioned drawbacks, an uncertain type of AHP method based on expert’s credibility is...
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Spectral measuring temperature inversion study

Chengda Ning, Xianyong Jing, Zhihuan Lan, Chunyan Tian
In the research of multi-spectral radiation thermometry, temperature measurement depends on the line shape of spectrum radiation remittance. However, in the actual measurement, the combustion, explosion and gasification on special occasions can produce some particulate matters. These henomena will affect...
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Development of Seamless Rolling Machine for Solar Greenhouse

Yongwei Yuan, Degang Kong, Shanshan Li, Jinggang Yi, Jiangtao Liu
The rolling machine has been widely used in agricultural facilities,For the pre-push rolling machine has about two-metre-wide blanket below the reduction gear can not be automatic rolled up and down problems, Designed a seamless device which can automatic roll up and down the intermediate blanket .The...
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Research on Classification of Memory Attack

Gang Shi, Jiangtao Ru
Exploits on memory vulnerability has existed for two or three decades, it’s always an important problem how to prevent memory attack. Vulnerability patch can’t resolve the problem fundamentally, we should think about how to improve the memory security mechanism of OS, such as DEP, ALSR, etc. This paper...
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Improved TLD Target Algorithm Based On Feature Fusion

Wenjun Dai, Tianqing Chang, Kuifeng Su, QuanDong Wang
A modified TLD tracking algorithm based on fusion of color model and ORB feature is proposed for the poor tracking performance of TLD algorithm for rotating target. The algorithm uses a feature fusion tracking algorithm instead of the optical flow method in the TLD tracking module, updating target tracking...
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Monitoring of Software Project Progress Base on Automata Theory

Funchun Liu, Gengbing Zhao
Since the monitoring of software project progress involves many uncertain factors, it is crucial to choose an effective modeling method to monitor the software project progress. In this paper, we propose a novel method to monitor the software project progress based on automata theory. The main contributions...
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Flight Guidance and Control System Modeling and Design Based on AADL

Wei Zhong, LiChen Zhang
Flight Guidance and Control System is widely used in the world.which effectively improve the efficiency of play operation ,reduce system maintenance and construction costs,etc. so,This paper propose the use of structural analysis and design language(AADL) for Flight Management (FM).First,it is described...
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Challenges of Big Data based Cyber-Physical System

Wei Zhong, LiChen Zhang
With the development of science and technology, What we need in Cyber-Physical System CPS have became more and more complicated Because the system seem more vast more sensors,and need to be more intelligent , the data and information be collectted, stored, processed also need even more. So big data were...
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Research on NTFS File Anti-Delete Forensic Technology

Weimin Wu, Gang Zhao, Wenxin Lai, Jiongjiang Lan
The deleting mechanism of file is summarized by means of research on NTFS structure and management mechanism. After analysis on the deleted leftover, valuable information included in it was acquired. A method is proposed for anti-delete forensic based on traversing free file record. Software named AntiD...
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The best taxicab strategy for a town

GuoJing Dong
Taxi is an important means of transport in our life. With the development of the society, a taxi is convenient or not and its price may have a direct impact on the passenger's ride experience and the quality of life. There is no denying that it is necessary to discuss how to set prices, etc. In Model...
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The Way of Searching Lost Aircraft

Jian Chen
Recall the lost Malaysian flight MH370. To build a generic mathematical model that could assist "searchers" in planning a useful search for a lost plane feared to have crashed in open water. Our model has two parts, of which the first part is to find the location where the aircraft is more likely to...
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The Plane Wreck’s Motion in the Horizontal Direction and the Vertical Direction

Jian Chen
The motion of the lost plane will be affected mainly by the wind stress, and the Coriolis force, of which the Coriolis force will be always on work. The motion of the plane after downed to the water can be divided into three steps. Our model analyzed the plane wreck’s motion in the horizontal direction...
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Research on fatigue assessment of the Flange Bolts Connection of Wind Turbine based on Finite Element Analysis

Jianping Liu, Yanhui Ma, Junping Chen, Changguo Ji, Derui Su
Wind energy as an inexhaustible green energy is the development trend of the future. Wind turbine bolts play an important role for the service safety of wind turbine, and have become the new promising product of the fastener industry in the world. But because of the high strength bolt connection failure...
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Research on stress and strain of the Flange Bolts Connection of Wind Turbine based on Finite Element Analysis

Jianping Liu, Teng Han, Derui Su, Changguo Ji, Junping Chen
Wind energy as an inexhaustible green energy is the development trend of the future. Wind turbine bolts play an important role for the service safety of wind turbine, and have become the new promising product of the fastener industry in the world. But because of the high strength bolt connection failure...
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Analysis of Thermal Stress Intensity Factors for Double Cantilever Beams under Pulsed Laser

Xiangchu Zhong, Xiaomin Zhang, Peng Song, Zimin Yan
This study adopts a 3D model of a double cantilever beam with interlayer defects under pulsed laser. The type II stress intensity factor at the 3D crack tip of the interlayer and its variation with time are obtained via displacement extrapolation under the classical thermoelasticity and generalized thermoelasticity,...
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Analysis of stock market based on cellular automata

Fucun Liu, Zhiyong Cai
In this paper, a new cellular-automata-based stock market model is constructed. Differing from the previous models, this model takes amount of investors’ capital, the important factor, as a normally distributed random variable, into account. By combining with the characteristics of the current stock...
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Multi-liquid precise measurement control system based on UKF

Qingxiang Meng, YongCheng Jiang, Guangqiang Zhu, Shiwei Zhu, Meaza Meaza, Xiuping Hua, Qinglin Han
At present, the lots of ongoing mixture and batching machine unit abroad exist unsure interact dynamic influence in production and operation flow process, facility dynamic physical characteristic, computation precision difference, and many factors difficult to analysis. there are multiple factors that...
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Research on improved algorithm of Hoff circle detection

Xing Zhang, Wei Lin
For the original random Hoff transform (RHT) in a small color image, the detection accuracy of the shortage of the circle, and if uncontrolled on the radius of the circle, not only the poor accuracy, but also a huge amount of computation.In order to improve the accuracy of finding circle, compared to...
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Application of Grey Relational Analysis in Emergency Decision System

Yong Wang, Jun Wang
The gray of the emergency command system includes randomness and fuzziness, as well as other kinds of certainty, uncertainty and incomplete. This paper aims to solve the optimal emergency plan and using the gray correlation analysis method to analyze the data of the emergency index of the emergency decision...
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The Adaptive Load Balancing Algorithm in Cloud Computing

WuCai Lin, LiChen Zhang
Cloud computing is a calculation based on the Internet, through this way, the hardware and software resources and information sharing may be provided to a computer or other devices on demand. Load balancing algorithm plays a very important role in cloud computing environments. Through efficient load...
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The Load Balancing Research of SDN based on Ant Colony Algorithm with Job Classification

WuCai Lin, LiChen Zhang
In this paper, we propose a dynamic load balancing algorithm conbined with job classification and ant colony algorithm in SDN network cloud computing environments. After scene analysis was done, we classify the server nodes that have the same processing capability of the CPU into a small cluster sub-network...
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City Emergency Command System Based on GIS

Yong Wang, Jun Wang
For traditional urban scheduling system independent of all kinds of information, lack of information exchange and sharing between systems, scientific task evaluation and other issues, city emergency command system based on GIS was proposed. The whole system was developed under Windows platform ,based...
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A Method of Information Resource Classification and Coding for Implementing Smart Residing Application System

Qingchun Jiao, Guangping Zhou, Ning Li
Information classification and coding is the fundamental work of informatization. It is an important way to solve difficult issues in information system construction such as non-unified information format, information sharing and exchange problems. After analyzing the information classification and coding...
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The modeling and simulation of intelligence information process of command and control system based on IDEF and Petri nets

Xianglin Tan, Fuqi Qu, Jianhua Tu
Intelligence activities are the basic activities of operational command, which have features of asynchronous and concurrent, that is difficult to use traditional mathematical tools to analyze. On the basis of analysis of digital division intelligence information process of activities, combined with the...
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Research of SLAM for Indoor Environment based on Kinect

Di Liu, Ri Pan, Yajun Zhang
The research of mobile robot’s intelligence currently is a hot topic, and the basic and key technology to achieve the intelligence is Simultaneous Localization and Mapping(SLAM). In order to solve the problem of localization for mobile robots based on vision, A method of SLAM based on Kinect is proposed....
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Walking mechanism design of intelligent spraying robot

Guangqiang Zhu, YongCheng Jiang, Qingxiang Meng, Shiwei Zhu, Meaza Meaza, Xiuping Hua, Bing Li, Qinglin Han
In this paper, the walking mechanism model of intelligent spray robot with it is stable and accurate approaches to ward the design structure are introduced. According the requirements of intelligent spraying robot, it uses the following method. First of all, designing the 3D model in PROE, for improving...