Proceedings of the First Transnational Webinar on Adult and Continuing Education (TRACED 2020)

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Implementation of Protective Measures to Prevent Covid-19 Transmission in Traditional Markets

A Behavioral Perspective

Deti Nudiati, Eko Sulistiono
Covid is the most contagious virus in the world today. It is transmitted through human interaction, making the traditional market as a potential hotspot for Covid-19 transmission. After several months implementing large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), the Indonesian government implemented a new policy,...
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A Program for Lifelong Learning During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Father Accompanies Early Childhood Learning from Home

Eko Sulistiono, Mustakim, Deti Nudiati
Lifelong education starts from the time in the womb to the end of life. Parents during the Covid-19 pandemic became the main educators at home. Parenting patterns, child learning assistance, and informal education in the family become real experiences, which must be lived by fathers, mothers and children...
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Community of Homeschooling

How to Success?

Elih Sudiapermana, Carmi Sriwidaningsih, Muslikhah
This article presents the results of research on the community of homeschooling. Currently, homeschooling is increasingly recognized by the general public and its development continues to expand. Homeschooling is sometimes also referred to as home education or home-based learning. The research used is...
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Building Character Education Based on Gender Equity and Social Inclusion in Early Childhood Institution in Bandung City

Elly Malihah, Lilis Widaningsih, Viena R Hasanah
The issue of gender equality and social inclusion on early childhood education is an important study. Parental care for children that does not differentiate between boys and girls, in getting access, participation and attention, is the focus of this study. The purpose of this research is to find out...
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Andragogy Based E-learning Model for Early Childhood Teachers in West Java

Nurul Fahimah, Ace Suryadi, Asep Saepudin
This research is aimed to develop the e-learning training model using andragogy approach for PAUD Teachers in West Java province. This research is conducted involving 240 PAUD teachers taken by simple randomized sample from training participants from 6 cities in West Java. The feasibility study data...
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An Analysis of Demographic Dividend Using the Kampoeng KB Program in West Java Province

Achmad Hufad, Purnomo, Joni R Pramudia
This study has been conducted based on the literary reviews of some statistic data and the report of the BKKBN program in West Java Province. The BKKBN program is, associated with the attempt at suppressing the birth rate, today optimizing another approach in economics, education, health, politics, etc....
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Youth Empowerment Based on Participation Through Graphic Design Training

Ade Sadikin Akhyadi, Wulan Ayu Indriyani
This study investigates youth empowerment using participatory training methods and adult education strategies through graphic design training. The empowerment of young people is a learning approach that adapts to the community’s needs. In attempt to optimise youth capacity, it then reacts globally as...
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Parenting Program in Guiding Children to Learn Through Online Learning

Ihat Hatimah
The Covid-19 outbreak around the world has had an impact on various aspects of life, one of which is the education process, especially through face-to-face learning. Based on these problems, a policy emerged that learning changed from face-to-face to learning at home via online (in the network). Based...
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Exploration of Youth Characteristics on the Adoption of the Subang Batik Tourism Village Innovation

Iip Saripah, Jajat S. Ardiwinata, Nike Kamarubiani, Mohamad Hadi Ali Mutamam, Retno Dwi Lestari, Ari Putra
Changes in the situation, a health pandemic, and the low level of innovation among the youths threaten the sustainable development of the Subang Batik Tourism Village. Youth personality variables have a different impact on innovation adoption which can be used as a reference in designing innovative attitude...
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Santri Siap Guna (SSG)

Is it Engaged Youth to Community?

Mohamad Hadi Ali Mutamam, Ishak Abdulhak, Yanti Shantini
This study aims to describe the implementation of the Santri Siap Guna (SSG) youth program at Daarut Tauhid Foundation and to find out the impact of the program on youth involvement in society. This research uses a descriptive method with a qualitative approach through interview techniques, observation...
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The Implementation of Technology in Adult Learning in Community Education Units

Jajat S Ardiwinata, Uyu Wahyudin, Dadang Yunus, Purnomo, Hodijah Wulandari
The digital era makes it easy for everyone to access information in everyday life. The sophistication of digital technology accompanied by digital devices has made major changes to human life. Various groups have facilitated access to information in many ways, and can enjoy the facilities of digital...
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The Application of the Problem Based Learning Training Model in Prioritizing the Learning Needs of the Community in Kampung KB

Joni R Pramudia, Achmad Hufad, Mupid Hidayat, Purnomo, Hodijah Wulandari
Researchers examine the needs assessment process as the most important component in mapping problems in the community, determining priority needs so as to produce programs that are relevant to community needs. One of the implementations of community empowerment programs in addressing current population...
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Online Learning Motivation

Can be Recognized?

Indri Ayu Widiyanti, Jajat S. Ardiwinata, Laksmi Dewi
Online learning became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Where the government sets rules that prohibit learning activities carried out formally or informally, meetings and other activities that require people to meet face to face. As a new learning activity, online learning experiences many obstacles,...
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Community Participation in the Program Alert Village People in Kampung Keluarga Berencana (Kampung KB) Pataruman District, Banjar City

Mustofa Kamil, Ace Suryadi, Purnomo, Dadang Yunus, Cucu Sukmana
The Kampung KB program is one of the innovations of the National Population and Family Planning Agency (Badan Kependudukan dan Keluarga Berencana Nasional, BKKBN) in Indonesia since 2014 in providing integrated services to the community, namely integrating population issues, economic welfare, public...
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Community Empowerment in Waste Management

A Meta Synthesis

Andika Pratama, Nike Kamarubiani, Yanti Shantini, Nunu Heryanto
Waste is a problem that has been quite difficult to solve until now. This article aims to discuss community empowerment in waste management. This research method used meta synthesis which is included in the meta aggregation category. From 41 journals, 4 journals were selected that discuss community empowerment...
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Management Blends Training as a Model of Learning at Rumah Pintar Nurul Falah Bandung

Nunu Heryanto, Oong Komar, Cucu Sukmana
Nowadays, changes are repeatedly occurring in society due to the revolution of communication technology, which has turned various areas of life into more competitive environments. Today, motivation for learning is required to be adjusted by considering the different types of approach for learning in...
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Training Management Based on Digital Marketing in Increasing Enterprise Motivation for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Cimahi City

Descriptive Study on Organizing the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Training Program in Cimahi City

Ade Sadikin, Oong Komar, Cucu Sukmana
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the nation’s economy is suffering due to limited activities, restraining people from having any physical contact during the process of buying and selling. The pandemic has made it difficult for smaller businesses not only to develop, but also to maintain their business....
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Strengthening Culture in the Sundanese Family

The study of cultural transformation in the family raises an interesting issue to research given that some cultures have a tendency to disappear because they are no longer used by native speakers. This article is the result of research that examines the maintenance of Sundanese culture through parenting...
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The Role of Mamak as Adult Educator in Family Strengthening in Modernization Era

Minangkabau Family in Indonesia

Ridha Husnul Hayati, Sitti Chotidjah, Yanti Shantini
Education in Minangkabau matrilineal family is based on the responsibility of the Mamak (Uncle) to the nephew, who cooperated with the mother and other relatives. In Minangkabau society, Mamak has a big role and responsibility to their nephews. Mamak is a protector and should foster a nephew so that...
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Community Forest Through Asset Based Community Development

Community Empowerment

Rika Fitri Ramadani, Toto Suryana, Nunu Heryanto
Sedimentation caused by degradation and deforestation is a major environmental problem around Citarum river, one of the river in Indonesia. Environmental preservation by initiating community forests is the best solution to overcome this problem. Empowerment is not just to stop environmental damage but...
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Community Learning Center (CLC) Service Improvement for Expatriate Children

Uyu Wahyudin, Achmad Hufad, Purnomo, Eko Sulistiono
Education is a right for Indonesian children. The country guarantees that the nation’s children can receive education from childhood to adulthood, and even proclaimed to be lifelong learning. The process of taking part in the state in actualizing this is all constrained by the vast territory of Indonesia....
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Fostering Community Behavior Caring for the Environment

Muhammad Irfan Hilmi, Dadang Yunus Lutfiansyach, Achmad Hufad, Mustofa Kamil, Uyu Wahyudin
Environmental development is one of the pillars of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which aims to manage natural resources and the environment in a sustainable manner. Currently, both household and industrial waste are one of the causes of environmental damage due to environmental pollution....
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The Effect of Project Based Learning Models on Improving Student Learning Results on Entrepreneurship Education

Muhamad Affandi, Takahashi Mitsuru, Mustofa Kamil, Ace Suryadi
The development of learning models cannot be separated from the aspects of policy and legality in the form of curriculum. Through a structured and functional curriculum with the learning needs of the community. Innovative and participatory models will be easier to implement in a learning setting. Changes...
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Boosting Lifelong Learning Through Digital Online Education

Australian Perspectives and Practices

Jon Mason, Deb Carr
Informed by professional practice, practitioner research represents an important contribution to public discourse and research and development in many fields. This paper presents a practitioner-based overview of lifelong learning in Australia, its historical roots, development within public policy, relationship...
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Weblog-Based Learning and Classroom-Based Learning with High, Adequate, and Low Motivation Indonesian Primary EFL Learners

Irma Savitri Sadikin
As teaching English in Elementary school enters the mainstream classroom, young learners face numerous challenges. The terms of weblog-based learning technique (WBL) and classroom-based learning technique (CBL) are each used to help young learners in learning integrated English. Particularly, this current...
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Strengthening Students’ Tolerance in the Context of Plurality

What are the Relevant Methods?

Bartolomeus Samho, Ace Suryadi, Kama Abdul Hakam, Dasim Budimansyah
In the context of religious plurality, tolerance is one of the potential values to prevent conflicts between religious adherents. Therefore, educational praxis in schools is important to encourage religious tolerance or facilitate students to think critically about multicultural contexts. This study...
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Building Mechanism of Lifelong Learning

Best Korean Practices

Dae Joong Kang
This paper deals with the role of lifelong learning in the process of forming and developing local communities, taking the case of the Gamgol residents’ association in Ansan, South Korea. The Gamgol residents’ association, which started from the elementary school library volunteer mothers, formed a social...
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Push or Full Factors

What Drives Indonesian Mature Women Return to Non-Traditional Schools?

Ila Rosmilawati, Dedi Sofyan
The purpose of this study was to explore the motivation of mature women who return to non-traditional school. It was explored the push and pull factors in the decision to return. This research utilizes a qualitative approach. Data collection techniques used were interviews and observation. Fifteen mature...
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Lifelong Learning in the Era of Industry 4.0

Workplace Learning Perspective

Archanya Ratana-Ubol
This article intends to describe the major problems regarding the operation of community enterprise in Thailand; to study successful cases for analyzing the best practices based on adult learning approach to promote the community enterprise; and to propose the guideline of Promoting Thai Community Enterprises...
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Gender Issues in Early Childhood Education

Yulianeta, Dewi Prajnaparamitha Amandangi
Upin & Ipin is an animated film for children that is very popular in Asia. This film has even been used as a national ambassador by UNICEF to educate the public on gender issues, represented by the character Abang Saleh. This phenomenon is interesting to study using the concept of cultural studies...
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Education System in Financial Life Skills (FLS) Training - USAID YEP

Illa Susanti
The Financial Life Skill (FLS) Training is conducted by USAID’s YEP is an effort to prepare young people to provide life skills and financial literacy so they can manage finances well and not make financial mistakes. This qualitative approach will evaluate the FLS training program with a system approach...
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Analysis of the Need for Community-Based Creative Economy Training for the Development of Family Economic Resilience During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Viena R Hasanah, Hodijah Wulandari, Yoyoh Jubaedah
Pandemic in Indonesia has prompted the government to implement a large-scale social restriction policy in an effort to break the chain of transmission and protect the population from the risk of transmission. This condition makes the importance of physical (economic) resilience by developing skills in...