Proceedings of the First Transnational Webinar on Adult and Continuing Education (TRACED 2020)

The Incheon Declaration of World Education Forum convened in Republic of Korea in 2015 gestures the commitment of international community to accomplish the fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 4), quality of education. This witnesses a global paradigm change in education policy and confirms the needs for continuous global education efforts against the new and old dilemma to reach sustainable future of everyone. Accomplishing the SDG-4 requires all countries to expand the focus from schooling to lifelong learning, making adult and continuing education including higher education, technical and vocational education part of the spectrum, and embraced by the global endeavours to achieve sustainability. The upcoming global education policy addresses the lifelong learning as key concepts to promote inclusive, equitable, just, and high quality education toward 2030. Each of the countries is to promote lifelong learning to strengthen all types and levels of education starting from pre- to post-school system that consists of vocational/technical, professional, and higher education, furnishing the same values to both formal and adult & continuing educational approaches.

The First Transnational Webinar on Adult & Community Education (1st-TRACED) calls for your attention notably on how the school and community education enable to promote lifelong learning and improve the quality of education and training system. The theme set for the 1st-TRACED is " adult and continuing education enable to promote lifelong learning for the quality of education and training system to thrive". It is our pride of, and thanks to the world renown and reputable invited speakers in this conference for their invaluable contributions; they are: Dr. Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, B.B.A., M.B.A. (Founder Of Rumah Siap Kerja), Jon Mason (Charles Darwin University-Australia), Kang Dae Joong, Ph.D. (Seoul National University, Republic of Korea), Archanya Ratana-Ubol, Ph.D (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand).

Likewise, we the steering as well as organizing committees would like to extent our gratitude toward all parties involved in the conference; they are especially Professor M.S. Solehuddin (the Rector of UPI), Professor Didi Sukyadi (Vice Rector on Academic Affair), and Professor Ade Gaffar, Ph.D., for their priceless opportunity given and assistances for this conference to successfully materialize. Representing of its main purpose to share the development of the world study on Community Education, we sincerely hope that this conference could be followed through some undertakings for the development of science in the field of community education devoted to the wellbeing of Indonesian as well as world community.

The Editors:
Ace Suryadi
Ade Sadikin Akhyadi
Yanti Shantini
Ade Romi Rosmia