Proceedings of the 2018 5th International Conference on Management Science and Management Innovation (MSMI 2018)

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A Study of Customs Tax Risk Management

Jing-Hui DUAN, Yu-Le PAN
This paper studied customs tax risk management. Our research contents are summarized as follows: First, we build Customs Tax Risk Management System (CTRMS). This system includes risk management goal programming, risk analysis and identification, risk quantification and ranking, risk disposal, risk monitoring...
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Research Hotspots Analysis of Electronic Health

Wen-Tao WANG, Kun ZHANG, Jing LI, Yun-Zhi WANG, Shuai ZHANG, Xiao XIE, Yang-Qun XIE
[Purpose/significance] Aims to summarize the current hotspots of international electronic health research and provide some reference for the future development of electronic health. [Method/process] By using the methods of co-word analysis, cluster analysis and content analysis, to summarize the research...
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Theoretical Study on Enterprise Composite Relationship and Its Inspiration to Management Practice

Meng-Wei SHI, Chun-Mei SONG, Fan-Hua MENG
This paper introduces the concept of composite relationship among enterprises, that is, the relationship between two parties in a business is composed of many simple relationships. The article defines the essential characteristics of the composite relationship, revealing the importance of enterprises...
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Management of Commuters’ Travel Behaviors: A Tradable Credits Scheme Approach Based on Commuters’ Travel Utilities

Ting TAO
A novel Tradable Credits Scheme (TCS) is approached to effectively control the urban commuters’ travel behaviors in this study. To analyze the travelers’ behaviors affected by the TCS, a residents' travel utility model is established. Under the constraint of travel expenses, we analyze commuters’ travel...
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Analysis of Industrial Structure of Marine Economy in Jiangmen City Based on Multistage Deviation - Share Analysis Method

Jing ZHANG, Jian-Hua XIAO
With the advent of the marine era, the development of marine economy has drawn more and more attention from the coastal provinces. Marine industrial structure is an important factor affecting the growth of marine economy. Based on the situation of marine industry development in Jiangmen, this paper analyzed...
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Importance of Interpersonal Skills at Work towards Managing People in an Educational Context

In this digital information age, more and more people are over-dependent on electronic communication, such as e-mail, voice mail audio-conferencing and video-conferencing. Simultaneously another challenge to many people has emerged with the question: how does it happen that people with high IQ (intelligence...
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Study on the Evolution Mechanism of Island Tourism System from the Perspective of Dissipative Structure -- In Light of Chuanshan Archipelago

Yu-Yao SHI, Feng WU, Jian-Hua XIAO
In today’s world, islands have been hot spots for global tourists due to their unique natural landscapes and cultural environments. Thus, how to develop the island tourism sustainably becomes a worthy question to explore. So far, few studies discuss the island tourism from the perspective of system science....
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Research on the Construction of Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Start-up Enterprises Based on Dynamic Capability

Yan CHEN, Xiao-Ling WANG, Bo YANG
With the increasing sophistication of information technology and the " Internet + Strategy " advocated by the government, traditional industry entrepreneurs are facing increasing competition pressure. How to cultivate its dynamic ability to maintain sustainable competitive advantage becomes an urgent...
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The Path of the Combination of Medical Care and Pension -- From the Perspective of Transaction Cost Theory

Gui-Ping FENG, Yu WANG, Ting-Kai JIANG
Based on transaction cost theory, this paper explains the logic of the combination of medical care and pension. The transaction costs which incurred in the transformation between medical care and pension for the elderly are firstly analyzed. Secondly, the medical-nursing combined mechanism of saving...
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Research on the Impact of Budgetary Participation on Management Performance Based on Meta-analysis

Yao GE, Xiao-Na DENG
The relationship between the participating budget and performance is hot but not yet resolved unanimously in management accounting research. In this paper, meta-analysis is used to explore whether methodological concerns (sample selection) and theoretical concerns (cultural differences) help explain...
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Determining Alternative Train ODs under Cyclic Train Operation Mode for a Large-scale Rail Network

Yu-Lu TIAN, Lei NIE, Hui-Ling FU, Tian-Qi LI
Although the cyclic train operation mode has been widely applied in many small-scale rail networks, it is more practical for a part of trains to use this mode under large-scale rail networks with complex structure and diverse travel demand. For a large-scale rail network, this paper analyzes how to determine...
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Study on Real-time Adjustment of Train Operation under the Single Direction Blockade of Existing Busy Trunk Lines Condition

Zhi-Zhong HUANG, Jie XU, Shi-Lin LI, Li-Min JIA
It is one of the common problems in the daily transportation organization of railway because of various disturbances that cause the train to deviate from the original operation plan. In this paper, the objective function is the minimum weighted summation of the train cancellation penalty value and the...
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Electric Power Demand Forecasting of Jilin Province Based on Secondary Exponential Smoothing Model

Xiao-Dan GUO, Peng LI
Under the background of rapid economic growth, the issue of electric power development has drawn increasing attention. Based on the economic development, energy structure, environment and other factors, this paper analyzes the influence factors of electric power demand. Then this paper develops a prediction...
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The Innovation Mechanism and Path for Green Development of Exhibition Industry

Xiu-Li LIU
China's economy is showing a new normal, turning from high speed growth to medium and high speed growth. The economic structure is confronted optimization and upgrading. The driving force of economy is changed from factor drive, investment drive to innovation drive. The exhibition industry of our country...
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House Price Shocks, Stock Returns, and Policy Uncertainty: An Empirical Analysis Based on SVAR Models

Yi-Xuan LIN, Xuan WEI, Chi-Chuan LEE
This paper investigates the dynamic relationship among house price shocks, stock returns, and economic policy uncertainty (EPU) using a Structural VAR framework for a data sample of China over the period 1997-2016. The conclusions drawn are as follows. (1) An increase in EPU decreases house prices. A...
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PPP Project Risk Assessment Evaluation Based on Cloud Model and D-S Theory

Li-Juan CHEN
In view of the fuzziness and randomness of risk factors of PPP project, a risk assessment method of PPP project based on cloud model and D-S theory is proposed. Firstly, it determines the reasonable PPP project risk evaluation index, and then uses the cloud model theory to divide the risk level of PPP...
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Risk Preference Theory and Family Portfolio -- The Evidence from Chinese Household Finance Survey

Yi-Chen DONG
This paper studies the factors that influence the Chinese family investment portfolio based on the traditional Sharpe investment theory, the traditional budget constraint subdivided in two aspects of income and wealth, add the forecast factors, combined with Chinese Household Finance Survey micro database...
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Credit Risk Management of Commercial Banks in China

Jin-Mian HAN, Bin JIA
Risk management is one of the core contents of commercial bank management. The capability of risk management represents the main competitiveness of commercial banks. Among all the risks that commercial banks face in China, credit risk is the most important one. In recent years, the non-performing assets...
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An Empirical Study on the Impact of Organizational Justice on the Organizational Citizenship Behavior of the New Generation of Employees

Peng-Cheng GAO, Zuo-Wei ZHOU
As the main support of the new century, the attitudes and behaviors of the new generation of employees have attracted much attention. Through the methods of literature research, questionnaire survey, correlation analysis and regression analysis, this paper finally discovered: distributive justice, procedural...
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Risk Assessment of Leakage Water of Tunnel Construction in Coastal Soft Soils

Wen-Jing ZHANG, Li-Mao ZHANG, Xian-Guo WU, Yang LIU
The coastal areas are mostly soft soils with marine and lacustrine sediments. The construction is difficult and prone to settlement. The basic tunnel has different degrees of leakage in the construction process, which has brought huge losses to tunnel construction. Therefore, the risk assessment of seepage...
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Green Marketing and Sustainable Development: the Expanding Promotion of Organic Products into the West African Market

Semou Faye Papa, Décide Amour Prestige NGOMAH LE TEMPS
The organic product sector is currently experiencing an important boom and is becoming an indispensable component of the agri-food landscape. The new "Health" and "safety" trends in food consumption as well as increased interest for the environment greatly stimulate this industry in the world. With the...
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An Analysis of the Structure of Inter-Enterprise Relations Based on Knowledge Sharing in Innovation Cluster

Based on the analysis of the inter-enterprise relations in innovation cluster, this paper divides the knowledge sharing patterns into four types and elaborates four positional relations among the enterprises. The different positions of the enterprises and their interaction form the structure of inter-enterprises...
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Evolutionary Paths of Start-ups and Large Firms’ Entrepreneurial Orientation: Combinations of Proactiveness and Competitive Aggressiveness

Yang YANG, Xiao-Feng JU
Based on combinations of proactiveness and competitive aggressiveness, this paper investigates start-ups and large firms’ initial choices and general evolutionary path of entrepreneurial orientation dimensions. In initial choices, differences in resources endowment determines that start-ups may combine...
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Promoting Patient-oriented Medical Services: The Perceptions of Nurses toward Patient Safety Culture

Chih-Hsuan HUANG, Li-Xin ZENG, Hsin-Hung WU, Yii-Ching LEE, Li LI
How to provide a patient-oriented medical service in hospitals has been emerged as an essential issue in China. The current study aims to provide implementations for hospital managers to enhance medical quality by investigating the perceptions of nurses regarding patient safety culture. Sexton et al....
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Reliability Analysis of Shield Tunnel Excavation Face Based on Copula Theory

Wen-Wei QIN, Li-Mao ZHANG, Xian-Guo WU, Wei ZHANG
Shield excavation technology is widely used in subway tunnel construction. There are complex risk factors in the process of tunnel excavation, and there is a certain correlation between them. The traditional reliability analysis is difficult to characterize the coupling relationship. In this paper, the...
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Intellectual Property Management of E-commerce Enterprises -- From a Policy Driven Perspective

Ke-Xin YANG, Jing-Jing ZHENG
China is currently the world’s largest E-Commerce market. With a forecasted compound annual growth rate in double digits, online retailing is expected to grow from 17% of total retail sales in 2017 to 25% by 2020. E-Commerce, more than other business systems, often involves selling products and services...
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"Switch off?!" the Mechanism of Psychological Detachment Affecting Employee Creativity

Yi-Ying QU
This paper examines the effect of psychological detachment from work during off-job time on employee creativity in the workplace and tests the mediating role of creative self-efficacy and the moderating role of job complexity in the above relationship. This paper conducted a cross-sectional survey study...
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A Study on Chinese Real Exchange Rate

Shuang-Qing PAN
Purchasing power parity theory is often used as an important basis for exchange rate policy, and also the most widely used in the theory of exchange rate decision. Since July 21, 2005, the exchange rate system of China is relatively stable, and also the economic development is the same. Therefore, this...
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An Example of Tourism Industry Integration

Cai-Zhen HONG
Chinese incense culture has a long history, and is known with tea culture and flower culture as the three major cultural phenomena. Development of Quanzhou Maritime Silk Road incense culture tourism is to adjust tourism industrial structure, develop cultural creative tourism and promote Maritime Silk...
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Research on Pricing and Fresh-keeping Strategy in the Fresh Agricultural Product Supply Chain with Dual Channels

Cai-Hong XU, Guo-Hua SUN
The pricing and fresh-keeping strategy is studied in the fresh agricultural product supply chain(FAPSC) composed of one supplier and one retailer, in which the retailer sells the fresh agricultural products through both online and offline channels. Mathematical models are developed to determine the optimal...
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An Empirical Study on Influencing Factors of Online Behavior of Patients Accepting the Health Care System

Yuan HUANG, Ying CHEN, Xin-Xin YU, Yan LI, Meng-Meng CHEN, Yang-Yang HU, Xiao-Long MA, Zhang-Guo SHEN
With the improvement of people's living standard nowadays, people's awareness of their own health and the demand for health care knowledge are also increasing. Basing on an in-depth analysis of the existing issues in the development of online medical system, this paper constructs the six-factor TAM model....
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Research on the Classification Rules of Database Indexes in Author Name Disambiguation

Yue ZHOU, Tian LI, Lu-Yao LIU, Yu-Ying ZHONG, Zheng-Lu YU, Jun-Peng YUAN
In recent years, with the involvement of more scholars in academic research and rapid development of digital libraries, author name disambiguation has been one of the most critical problems. In this paper, we study how to make the best use of the author's personal information to distinguish different...
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Research on the Soft Environment of Industrial Park in China: Function, Connotation and Optimizing Countermeasure

Based on the analysis of the importance of the soft environment, this paper divides the soft environment of the industrial park into four types which are industrial matching, life services, park wisdom and park culture according to its function and effect. Then the paper elaborates the connotation and...
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A New Method of Quantum Image Encryption Based on Arnold Transform and Hyperchaos System

Wei-Dong ZHU, Meng-Zhen CUI
The traditional encryption technology mainly relies on computer or digital signal processor and other electronic devices to achieve, so the speed and cost were restricted. As a result, people began to study more secure and efficient quantum image encryption technology. In this paper, a new method of...
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Study on Cost-benefit Efficiency Evaluation of Flue-cured Tobacco Production in Guizhou Based on Improved DEA Model

Dong-Bing HUANG, Ze-Hua YING
The study on the cost-benefit efficiency of flue-cured tobacco production is of great significance to protecting the interests of tobacco farmers and stabilizing their enthusiasm of planting tobacco in Guizhou. According to the characteristics of flue-cured tobacco production, the evaluation system of...
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The Influence of Government Policies on University Industry Collaboration in China

Universities and Government agencies play important role in Firm’s R&D activities. Central and local governments are making tremendous investments in New Energy Vehicle industry in China. This paper examines the direct and indirect role of government and its policies to influence the innovation process...
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Does Technology Flow Matter for Regional Technological Specialization? Evidence from China

Feng-Chao LIU, Yuan LIN, Rong-Kang MA
Based on patent database of the China State Intellectual Property Office, the study analyzes 75,458 transfer data of patent application rights and patent rights and 238,807 non-public data of patent citations, which are used as proxy variables of technology flow of market-based and non-market-based,...
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Dynamic Identification and Early Warning of Investment Inefficiency of Listed Companies in China--Based on the Perspective of Model Building and Upgrading

Hong-Tao LIU
Investment is the driving force of economic growth, but inefficient investment behavior can be seen everywhere. How to identify the inefficient investment, and grasp the early warning technology for inefficient investment behavior is very practical significance. Based on the construction and upgrading...
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The Impact of Airtel Money on the Image and Turnover of Airtel Congo Company in the Congolese Market of Mobile Telephony

Décide Amour Prestige NGOMAH LE TEMPS
This article reviews a sharp analysis of the impact of products on the growth of the enterprise in general. It examines in particular: the influence and positive contribution of the Airtel money product over the reputation and the turnover of Airtel Congo. To measure the impact of this product on the...
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Supply Chain’s “Free-riding Effect” Based on Online Transaction Advantage of Backwardness

Pei-Qin LI
This paper is concerned with supply chain competition and “Free-riding effect” under the assumptions that consumer demands in both online and offline markets are relative to each other. It focuses on “leader-follower” game model under supply chain framework of “one traditional manufacturer leader and...
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A Review of Risk Identification of Multinational Agricultural Products Supply Chain

Bo YANG, Han-Meng SU
This paper systematically combings and reviews the risk factors, risk identification of multinational agricultural products supply chain, and attempts to construct a theoretical framework for the research on risk management of multinational agricultural product supply chains. Finally, this paper proposes...
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Cross-industry M&A and Industrial Restructuring in China: A Study Based on Social Network Analysis

Cross-industry M&A based on capital market plays an important role in industrial restructuring. Based on the cross-industry M&A transaction data of Chinese listed companies from 1998 to 2013, this paper uses Social Network Analysis method to analyze the law of industrial transfer and restructuring indicated...
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Study on Digital Assembly System of Technology and Management for Prefabricated Concrete Buildings

Ning XU, Guang-Bin WANG
Based on the comparative analysis of digital assembly between high-end machinery manufacture and construction industry, a system framework of digital assembly of technology and management for prefabricated concrete (PC) buildings was established, and an implementation process of digital assembly of technology...
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Predicament and Countermeasures of International Talent Cultivation in Universities of Finance and Economics

Wang XI
The aim of this paper is to explore and solve the problems in the process of cultivating international talents in China's universities of finance and economics. Based on on-the-spot method, this paper has offered several countermeasures to these problems by collecting primary information from institutions...
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Research on Innovation Ability Construction of Manufacturing Industry

Fei PENG, Bang-Cheng SUN
This paper summarizes the situation of the technological innovation in China's manufacturing industry, analyzes the reasons of the problems from the perspectives of total factor productivity, financial level and technological innovation reserves. Based on the background of the construction of the innovative...
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Research on the Construction of Teaching Resources against the Background of Internet Plus

Ping ZENG, Xiao-Song ZHOU
This paper deals with the construction of teaching resources in the background of Internet plus, including the theoretical value and practical significance of teaching resources construction, as well as the content of teaching resources construction under the Internet plus background.
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The Connotation and Cultivation of Core Competence of Higher Vocational Colleges

The core competitiveness of higher vocational colleges is the driving force for the further development of vocational colleges. This paper describes the core competence of higher vocational colleges and the way to train the core competence of higher vocational colleges.
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The Innovation of “Ideological and Political Class” Practice Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

San-Chi SHE
This paper describes the innovation of the practice teaching of “ ideological and political class “ in higher vocational colleges. This paper mainly includes the significance, thought and countermeasure of the practice teaching of thought and political lesson. Finally, the paper also describes the safeguard...
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The International Comparison of Colleges and Universities Precision Subsidization System Based on Shared Concept

Yang LI, Zhen-Xiang TIAN
The rapid development of the higher education enterprise urgently needs to be matched with the colleges and universities precision subsidization system. The concept of Shared development, which was put forward on the fifth plenary session of the 18th CPC central committee, has the extremely important...
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The Implications of the Development of a “Market Place” in Education for the School Leader

Since the early 1980s market place in education has been the focus of attention, especially the introduction of a competitive environment is not limited to the United Kingdom, but also the United States, where schools now have to compete for students. At the same time this competition within education...
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Research on the Mechanism of Dynamic Capability Influencing Enterprise Innovation Performance in the Context of Internet

Rui CAO, Xiao-Ling WANG, Jie HUANG
With the increasing penetration of Internet technology in decision-making activities of enterprises, the in-depth integration between the Internet and the market environment has made dynamic capabilities an essential capability for enterprises to adapt to rapidly changing markets and win innovative performance....
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Preliminary Measures to Cultivate Students’ Researching Study Ability in Comprehensive Experiment

Shu-Qin WANG, Dan LI
The concept and features of research-based teaching were carried over to comprehensive experimental reform process, which emphasize the student's initiative and the design of the experiment process. The research and comprehensiveness of the experimental process have been highlighted, and students' consciousness...
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Professional Competence of Translator Trainees in China

Li GAO, Hai-Tang REN, Xue-Li TONG
Global economy has brought greater need for translators in China. The creation of MTI (Master of Translation and Interpreting) programs is to prepare more professional translators. This makes it necessary to examine the status quo of the professional competence (PC) of MTI students. The study surveyed...
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Assessing Nurses’ Work-life Balance of a Regional Teaching Hospital in Taiwan

Yii-Ching LEE, Chih-Hsuan HUANG, Hsin-Hung WU
This study examines if nurses with different demographic variables have different work-life balance by using seven questions of burnout dimension from the Chinese version of safety attitudes questionnaire in a regional teaching hospital in Taiwan with the 2015 internal data. The results show that gender...
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SWOT Analysis Based on Cooperative Learning Course Teaching Model Reform

Li-Jun LIU
It is an inevitable choice for college teaching reform to cultivate application-oriented talents to meet social needs. It is an effective way of applied talent training through establishing the cooperative study group form, reforming teaching mode, cultivating students' communication ability, strain...
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The Exploration of the Police Revolution Based on the Principle of Modern Management

Chao LI
Police revolution also known as Policing Reform which means the important strategic and epochal reform in the police history of the human beings. Total four times of Police Revolution happened throughout world police history which were the Metropolitan police in London, American police specialization...
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Construction and Practice of Assessment and Evaluation System for Vocational College Teachers Based on New Development Ideas

Human resources are the first resources for the construction and development of vocational colleges. The construction and development of Vocational Colleges and universities must be integrated with and harmonized with the professional development of teachers. Exploration and practice of reform in Universities...
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Restricting Factors Analysis and Policy Study for the Innovation of Technology SMEs??"Taking High-tech Industrial Development Zones of Taiyuan as an Example

Wen ZHAO, Ya-Hui LU
Technology SMEs are of great significance for promoting the innovation and development of our country. This paper discusses the main factors restricting the innovation and development of SMEs through questionnaire survey, including lack of qualified personnel, lack of platform for innovation exchange,...
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The Effect of Knowledge-sharing Relationships in the High-tech Industrial Park: The Perspective of Coordinating Mechanism

Yi-Ying QU
In the High-Tech industrial park, the inter-enterprise knowledge sharing is the important developing force of innovation. Based on the theory of coordinating mechanism, this paper presents two types of inter-enterprises coordinating mechanism on the knowledge sharing-the formal contract orientation (FCO)...
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Research on Online Learning Behavior Analysis and Its Influencing Factors Based on SPOC Data

MOOCS is an emerging online course model based on Internet & Education, and SPOC is a sophisticated online and offline learning model following MOOCS. This teaching model is used by many top universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, etc. and SPOC teaching mode provides a guarantee for...
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Antecedents to Students’ Satisfaction of Higher Education Institutions: A Case Study of Brunei Darussalam

Chui Suan Hoh, Shoukat I Khattak, Hui LI
With changing organizational demand for the multi-talent workforce, educational institutions have more to do than just impart knowledge. In parallel, policymakers are joining hands to address educational disparity with global initiative such as Education 2030 and United Nation Strategic Development Goals....
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Student Learning Satisfaction and Employer Satisfaction Congruence: Evidence from Brunei Darussalam

Chui Suan Hoh, Shoukat I Khattak, Hui LI
Brunei Darussalam, as a thriving Asian economy, has been contributing to economic development in ASEAN for more than three decades. Some experts believe that nascent educational infrastructure poses a serious threat to the sustainable supply of employable talent that could fulfill organizational needs...