Proceedings of the 2021 6th International Conference on Modern Management and Education Technology(MMET 2021)

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Comparisons Between International Student Recruitment Strategies in American Universities and Chinese Universities

Yile Shi
Different countries have diversified strategies for recruiting international students due to different national conditions and traditions related to their educational achievements and outputs to a certain extent. This research aims to explore the strategies of Chinese and American universities in recruiting...
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Laboratory Information Management System Design for Food Practice Course Education

Wu Dan, Cheng Huan, Li Yang, Wu xiaoqin, Chen Shiguo, Chen Qihe, Liu Donghong
Laboratory is the most important components in university. Its modernization and informatization are the important construction contents for standardization. With the acceleration of teaching reform in universities, a consensus has been reached on laboratory opening and resource sharing. Therefore, an...
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An Analysis of Chinese International Students’ Acculturative Strategies in Western Universities

Ying Chen, Haoran Wu
The acculturation of immigrants has contributed to the cultural diversity of a society or even a country. It is a complex process since it involves about two cultures or even more than two cultures. This work aims to review the process of acculturation of Chinese international students during their studies...
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Construction of the Blended Teaching Model of Ideological and Political Course in Colleges and Universities

Pei Peng
The blended teaching model integrates online teaching with traditional entity classroom.It effectively combines the positive factors of online teaching and entity classroom to realize complementary advantages.It can effectively promote students’ in-depth learning and the development of high-quality teaching...
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Exerting Pressure in Strategic Negotiations

Fenglin An, Jiarui Liang, Guangchang Lu
As one of the most powerful methods in strategic negotiation, imposing pressure has been recognized and applied to a great extent and achieved success in a number of negotiation cases. The purpose of this article is to elaborate on the pressure in negotiation by summarizing the conclusions of previous...
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Effect of Gender on Students’ Test Scores in Progresa

Wang Yalin, Meng Wenxuan, Luo Wentao, Wu Yude
Study habits are variable between male and female. Significant differences of academic performance among elementary and middle school male and female Mexican students has been a challenge concern to Mexican education system. This research, therefore, sought to examine the gender differences in access...
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The Use of Video Applications on Enhancing Students’ Dance Learning

Ziyan Zhou
This article focuses on analysing and evaluating how video applications can promote students’ dance learning. Using these applications has many beneficial effects on improving the overall danceability. Initially, it is a student-centred learning strategy that can provide learners with flexibility. However,...
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The Impact of the New Reform Situation on the Optimization of the Organizational System of State-owned Power Enterprises

Han Wang, Jinchang Qi, Jian Zhao
State-owned state-owned enterprises reform and power system reform are two major reforms currently facing state-owned power enterprises. With the deepening of reforms, the external situation faced by state-owned power companies has become more and more complicated. As an important management foundation...
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Research on the Intention of Use of Remote Monitoring Technology for the Elderly Based on Technology Acceptance Model

Xixian Zheng, Haixia Tan, Hebo Lu
As China’s population ages, the safety of older adults living alone is a matter of social security and stability. Information technology-based remote monitoring technology for smart elderly care is of great concern to society. The article presents hypotheses based on a technology acceptance model and...
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An Introduction to Lithography Machine

Xihao Zhang
With the rapid advance of industrial intelligent manufacturing and electronic information technology, the importance of integrated circuits keeps increasing. As a fundamental equipment of integrated circuits manufacturing, the lithography machine has become a key research target for researchers around...
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Introducing Peer Assessment to Relieve Free Riding in Group Study

Bei Ye
Traditional collective assessment has incurred some free riding in group work and reduced the benefits of cooperative learning. It is helpful to introduce peer assessment as a supplement so that teachers have better understanding of individual work and provide positive incentive for students. A five-dimension...
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China P2P Online Loan Platform Risk Assessment and Risk Zoning

An Empirical Study Based on Entropy Weight-TOPSIS and Information Gain

Lijun Cai, Guanhua Zhao
China’s P2P online loan industry has entered a period of stable development. However, due to external supervision and internal management irregularities, the problem platform has occurred from time to time, causing huge losses to the vast number of investors and seriously disruptingthe market order of...
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Exploring Effectiveness of Formative Assessment for Music Students in China

Zijun Deng
In China, teachers are continually involved in the implementation of learning assessment policy, an implication of how they perceive the necessity of the purposes and functions of assessment. This qualitative study paper explores the effectiveness of formative assessment of music students in China. The...
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Weight and Gender Discrimination in the Chinese Labor Market

Suyang Li
At present, most literature nowadays studies weight discrimination in Western countries, but very few of them target China; however, China now has the most obese people in the world. With the focus on weight discrimination in the workplace, this paper will conduct a field experiment focused on whether...
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A Review of the Military Academy Journal Service First-class Discipline

Chen Wu, Xiao Ying Cheng, Fu Qing Wang
Under the background of “double first-class” construction, this paper introduces the relationship between the Military Academy journal and the construction of first-class disciplines, analyzes the development status of the service discipline of the Military Academy journal by sorting out its development...
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Analysis on Tourist Experience Dimension and Its Impact of AR Tourism Project

Yingying Chen, Chenmin Shen, Qiuyue Pan
In the era of the integration of information technology and tourism, whether the experience brought by augmented reality (AR) tourism products can meet the needs of tourists has become the focus of the industry and academia. Taking the AR tourism project of ‘Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai’ in Xiamen Fantawild...
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“Tacitus Trap” and the Transcendence of Traditional Wushu Cultural Image: Other Shaping, Self-shaping and Information Dissemination

With the accumulation of negative information of traditional Wushu, the cultural image of traditional Wushu began to fall to the bottom of the contempt chain, and then formed the identity crisis of the cultural image of traditional Wushu. In this reality, traditional Wushu, whether vocal or silent, cannot...
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Research on Effective Strategies and Teaching Models to Improve High School Physics Learning Interest

Caixia Qi
Starting from the two subjects of “teacher” and “student”, this paper puts forward effective strategies to improve learning interest from multiple angles and all directions. The measures cover teaching materials, classes, homework, rewards and punishments, cultivating habits, overcoming difficulties...
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The Emotional Labor in the Interaction of Mobile Game Live Streaming on Douyin

XiaoHan Yang
The live streaming function of Douyin, a social application, has occupied a great deal of time in the lives of many young Chinese people. Based on the theory of the magic circle, remediation, narratology and fan economy, this research finds that there is emotional labor in the interaction between live...
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The Business Negotiation Between Apple, Netflix and Samsung: An Interest-based Analysis

Jiaxin Li, Jinze Song, Chu Wang
Business negotiation plays an essential role in nowadays business world. Regardless of the business scale and industrial sector, every enterprise is required to come up with appropriate negotiation strategies to maximize its interests. This paper conducts two case studies between Apple, Samsung and Netflix...
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An Analysis of the Influence of a Superior Family on Chinese High School Students

Yaxin Bai, Ziyi Hao
Education occupies a vital position in children’s development, particularly the Chinese high school education, because Chinese Gaokao is the only road to the university entrance examination, which decides where they learn. Their first degree is a new platform in their lifelong, where they can study with...
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The Influence of Firm Training Design on the Communicatin Ability of Employees

Zheling Wang
Influenced by COVID-19, many daily activities of enterprises turn to online mode. The Internet facilitates people’s communication, but at the same time, it also provides an invisible barrier for communication. In this case, it is necessary to explore the influence of communication training course design...
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Exploring on Measures in Improving Citizens’ Environmental Participation in Higher Education in China

Xu Binbin, Ms.Ma.Glena Mendoza
Chinese legislation has begun to promote environmental education in schools. Now, citizens generally have environmental awareness and environmental knowledge. However, citizens are currently very low in active participation in environmental protection activities. We hope to exploring how to improving...
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Study on University Library Subject Service Practices for Scientific Research Data Management

Yang Mulian
This paper summarizes the practice of scientific research data management service in domestic and foreign university libraries, and analyzes the problems in the subject service based on scientific research data management in Chinese university libraries. Combined with the development status of Chinese...
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Conservation and Sustainable Development of World Cultural Landscape Heritage in Mount Wutai

Jinyu Zhang
As of June 2021, there are 114 cultural landscape heritage sites in the world, of which mountain landscape heritage accounts for about 17.5% of the total number of cultural landscape heritage sites in the world. China joined the World Heritage Convention in 1985, and now has a total of 55 heritage sites,...
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Research on the Situation of Corporate Culture Construction of State-owned Power Companies

Wang Han, Cheng Jiaxu, Cheng Jiaxu
State-owned state-owned enterprises reform and power system reform are two major reforms currently facing state- Corporate culture is an important source of corporate core competitiveness and a key element of a world-class company with global competitiveness. As a large-scale responsible central enterprise,...
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An Analysis of the Possible Significance of Music Education on the Practice of a Performer

Zijun Deng
The direct answer to whether we need music is yes, we do. The more relevant and pertinent question is why we need music. This paper will analyze the relevance of music to the human mind, human emotions, and human social life by focusing on psychological processes associated with musical stimuli. The...
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Problems Encountered by Chinese International Students Studying in Australia in Life and Academic Adaptations

Yujing Chen, Guyu Pang, Chuyao Zhang
The major purpose of this research is to investigate the problems encountered by Chinese international students studying in Australia in their life and academic adaptations. This study utilizes a questionnaire to collect the experience and perception of 30 Chinese international students on their sojourn...
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L2 Acquisition of THE: Error Type, Error Cause and Negative L1 Transfer

Junling Ou, Ming Zhang, Siqi Zou, Hu Kevin Zhi Wei
This paper studies the types and causes of Chinese EFL learners’ misuse of English definite articles. In this study, 145 undergraduate and graduate English learners and 30 high school students were surveyed online and offline respectively. The questionnaire included judging whether a given sentence is...
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A Derivative of Milgram’s Paradigm—— Obedience to a Classroom Authority from an Asian Perspective

Xinran Wang
This paper centers on an experiment which testifies the varying degrees to which students under distinct modes of education conform to a classroom authority from an Asian-centric perspective, a derivative of Stanley Milgram’s experiment on the varying degrees of obedience people exhibit when confronting...
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Rapid Response Maintenance Based on Intelligent Early Warning Technology for Health Status of Aviation Equipment

Liming WANG, Shuli YUAN, Yang LIU, Luqing SUN, Lingzhi WANG
On the basis of systematic research on the status quo of rapid response maintenance at home and abroad, this paper constructs a three-in-one MRO rapid response plan for aviation equipment, including fault prediction, early warning and maintenance by using modern information technology such as big data...
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Adaptive Stage and Its Effects on International Chinese Students

Haoyan Han, Zihan Zeng
The number of international students enrolled in US colleges and universities doubled in the last two decades, and the majority of these students now come from China, a proportionate increase of sixfold over the last 15 years. This study addresses international Chinese students as prospective viewers,...
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Research on the Incentive Mechanism of Civil Servants’ Human Resources

Sun Haiting
With the development of new public management theory, the functions of the government are constantly changing, and the masses of the society have more and more requirements and expectations for the government. As the users of government power, civil servants have an irreplaceable role and status, which...
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Analysis and Suggestions on the Management of Epidemic Prevention and Control

Based on the Perspective of Prevention and Control Effect of Singapore, Germany and China

Zhang Yue Ying, Zeng Jie Mei, Yan Yan Pan
COVID-19 outbreak occurred in spring 2020, China launched a series of measures in a timely manner, and the epidemic situation was controlled in April 2020. COVID-19 is still raging around other countries and regions. Such as Singapore, Germany and other places, the epidemic has not been effectively controlled....
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Normal Education System in Australia and China

Yili Hu, Xintong Shi, Ziyue Sun
Normal education is a crucial approach to training excellent teachers. Both China and Australia have their normal education systems. However, owing to the diversities in politics and culture, the normal education of both countries has similarities and differences. The paper compares the normal education...
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Drug Shortage Crisis in US During the 21th Century: Causes, Effects, and Management Strategies

Lixuanyi Pan
During the 21th century, drug shortages, in rapidly increasing frequency, posed severe and numerous difficulties to the American health system. Drug shortages are caused by various factors: shortage of raw materials, quality issues, regulatory problems, business and economic issues, and so on. These...
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The Path to Realize Ideological and Political Full Coverage within Curriculum in Science and Engineering Universities

Peng Zhang, Long Lin
This article will introduce in detail the importance of ideological and political full coverage within curriculum in science and engineering universities and the ideological and political elements within the colleges and universities. Through professional research and investigation, we will accurately...
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Research on the Learning Motivation of College Students in the Online Teaching

Ting Sun, Xue Sun
Against the backdrop of advanced network technology, the learning styles and approaches of college students have been developing in a progressive manner, and the online teaching in particular has grown into a new norm. In the process of online teaching, college students’ lack of planning, supervision...
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Research on the Communication Path and Trend of Public Policy in the New Media Era

Taking Chengdu Municipal Domestic Waste Sorting Policy as an Example

Miaofei Dong
In the era of new media, the application of new media in government affairs provides a new way to broadcast public policy. What is the current situation of policy broadcasting in the new communication path? What are the trends? What are the new strategic features? Based on the specific case of “Chengdu...
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“Nisu” Culture in Chinese Fandom Under the Rise of Female Gaze

A Word of Honor (2021) Case Study

Qingning Lin
After the online series Word of Honor aired in 2021, “nisu (泥塑)”, which refers to fans giving male characters traditional feminine traits in their second creations, became more frequent in Chinese fan culture. This “idiosyncrasy”, once marginalized by mainstream fans, seems to be going mainstream. This...
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Chinese Language Teaching in Saudi: Status Analysis, Problems and Countermeasures

Liu Wenjia, Zhang Mengfan
Since the “Belt and Road” initiative was put forward, international Chinese education has continued to advance. In 2019, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed announced the inclusion of Chinese in the Saudi national education system, which marked a new stage in Saudi Chinese education. Based on the background...
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Study on Online Teaching of College Physical Education in the Era of Big Data

Jv JIN, Hongqian Wang
In the era of big data, online teaching has become an important symbol of the modernization of university physical education. The concept of modern university physical education is to impart physical knowledge, technology and skills to students so as to effectively develop their bodies, enhance their...
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Superstition and Perceived Stress of the Chinese and the Moderation of Self-efficacy

Zhong Sheng
Superstition, which gives rise to a series of erroneous beliefs, has long been a cross-cultural phenomenon, and it occurs more often in times of stress or uncertainty. The present study focused on the association between perceived stress and superstition of Chinese undergraduates and postgraduates, and...
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Artificial Intelligence Empowered Educational Reform: Current Trends and Considerations

Jianhui Yang, Lingyin Peng, Jianxin Li
With the trend of technological reforms, artificial intelligence as a new generation of information technology empowers educational reforms to be an important part of current educational reforms. Starting from the trend of artificial intelligence technology and education reform, integration, and innovation,...
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The Impacts of Advanced Technologies on Business Negotiations

Xinru Pang, Xinyue Song, Jiahao Zhang
The progress of technologies has been changing multiple business practices, without the exception of business negotiation. In this article, three advanced technologies, including big data, blockchain and cryptocurrency, are focused on discussing how they can influence the strategic negotiation process....
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Research on Teaching Methods of Art and Design Majors Based on MOOC Under Epidemic Situation

Jiaying Zhu, Xin Xie
Universities around the world, including in art and design, are offering online courses during the COVID-19 pandemic.Due to the particularity of the major, art design major has many limitations in the teaching process of MOOC platform, and the teaching quality of some teaching links cannot be guaranteed. This...
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Research on Lifelong Education Based on Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory

Xue Sun, Ting Sun
Erikson’s psychosocial development theory for the first time extends the formation and development of psychology to the whole life of human beings and divides the development of life into eight stages, so that people can not only look forward to the future but also look back on the past in the course...
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Constructing the System of Mental Health Education in Colleges and Universities Based on Frankel’s Logo-therapy

Shanshan YU, Xiaoliang LIU
Objective:To investigate college students’ psychological stress and coping style in the central area during the epidemic of COVID-19 in order to guide the mental health education in colleges and universities based on Frankel’s Logo-therapy. Methods:A total of 948 college students from 12 colleges of...
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Take the “Double 11” as an Example of the Consumer Behavior Analysis of Festival Marketing

Maosheng Li
This paper analyzes immersive marketing and festival marketing. It selects the famous e-commerce festival “Double Eleven” in the Chinese market to make a detailed discussion and analyzes the immersive communication and the sense of consumption ceremony behind it. By issuing questionnaire surveys to different...
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Research on the Expression and Communication of Public Opinion Hot Events by Weibo Users

Take Fangfang Diary as an Example

Yao Yuxin
This paper studies the expression and dissemination of public opinion hot events by Weibo users under the social media environment. Taking the online public opinion of “Fangfang Diary” in Sina Weibo as the research object, this paper studies the comments of Weibo’s main posts and follow-up posts by means...
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Diversified Governance in a Sharing Economy

Yu Xiang
While sharing economy facilitates people’s life, it also brings with it many problems. With the idea of pluralistic governance, this paper proposes that, under the purpose of maximizing the utilization efficiency of social resources and promoting the development of the sharing economy, the government,...
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Research on the Coupling Development of Main Melody Songs in the Teaching of Ideological and Political Courses in Colleges and Universities

Yu Haiyan
Main melody songs are art works created in the process of the Chinese nation’s modern historical changes, which has the functions of carrying forward the spirit of the times, disseminating the mainstream value, and encouraging emotional resonance. It coincides with the value demands and goal requirements...
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On the Cracked China Experience in Crack Market and Government Border Problems

Sun Jingran
The border of the market and the government is a fundamental issue that all countries must actively face and solve in the process of developing economies, and the disintegration of this problem needs to be gradually carried out according to the specific realities and requirements of different countries....
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The Design Path of Virtual Equity Incentive Scheme for State-owned Enterprises

Han Wang, Qi Chen, Shuxiao Liu
Virtual equity incentive is one of the important ways of long-term incentives for state-owned enterprises Since the government has not yet issued a targeted policy for virtual equity incentives, it is not widely implemented in state-owned enterprises. This paper analyzes the path design of the implementation...
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Looking Into the Hiring Bias — Is Fertility Desire an Important Cause of Gender Discrimination in Chinese Labor Market?

Boru Chen
Hiring Bias has always been a popular topic. Especially in recent years, it has aroused great concerns from all walks of the society as the development of economy and culture. It is undeniable that women still somewhat suffer from discrimination in the employment. In China, some of the younger generation...
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Measurement Method of Sustainability of Higher Education System

Jiayu Lu
The higher education system (HES) consists of universities and research institutions. It is a training base for high-quality talents and a vital source of scientific and technological innovation, so the sustainability of higher education system (SS) should be highly valued. The research selects the HES...
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Media-Tech Advancements-Based Mass Communication and SOEs & Public Institutions’ Innovations for Party-Building Publicity and Education in the All-Media Era

Jing Sun, Youbin Chen, Jinsheng Sun, Yuke Dan
This is an all-media era, for various new media including social media like Weibo and YouTube feature text, graphics, audio and video supported by digital technology, accommodate fragmentation and interactive communication and encourage online/offline social circles integration. This paper first surveys...
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An Experiment: Hiring Discrimination on Appearance, Especially on Women

Xinran Gao
It’s a common phenomenon that appearance discrimination occurring in Hiring condition, however, in China, things are a little different. Compare to other countries’ gender gap decreased gradually, the difference of gender in China kept rising. An experiment was built up in this article, both implicit...
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Art in Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Language

Zhentao Chen
Early Wittgenstein and Later Wittgenstein each developed a system of philosophy of language. They both offer a solution to the question of the meaningfulness of language. Later researchers are interested in whether and how Wittgenstein’s philosophy of language can function to solve philosophy of other...
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The Urban-Rural Education Inequality in 21st Century China

Xingyu Wu, Haoran Zhang, Yi Hu
China, as one of the fastest developing communist countries, has put enormous effort into narrowing the gap between urban-rural groups. Equality remains a hallmark of a communist country’s ultimate success, and this paper focuses on the education reform policy’s impact on and general trend of urban-rural...
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The Transformation of the Online Teaching Role of University Teachers Under the Embodied Cognition Perspective

Lei Yue
With the gradual intervention of the online teaching process of artificial intelligence, the virtual three-dimensional space and the traditional physical space gradually integrate and promote the reshaping of the teaching environment. The teaching needs of the era based on educational big data have put...
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The Impact of RMB Exchange Rate Changes on the Import and Export Trade of China’s Textile and Clothing Industry: An Empirical Analysis Based on the Data from 2000 to 2019

Huadong Xiao
With the low-cost advantage of the textile and clothing industry gradually weakened, the impact of RMB exchange rate changes on the import and export of China’s textile and clothing industry has become increasingly significant. In this paper, we use cointegration method to analyze the impact of RMB exchange...
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On the Construction of the Teaching System of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Universities

Haoyue Ren
With the continuous development of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Chinese universities, innovation and entrepreneurship education courses are becoming more and more important. Constructing a scientific curriculum and teaching system for innovation and entrepreneurship education is conducive...
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On Integrating Red Culture Into Blended Teaching of College English Based on “The Great Ideological & Political Education”

Bin Hu
Based on “the great ideological-political education” it is an effective way to achieve the goal of moral education by integrating red culture into blended teaching of College English. This paper analyses the necessity of integrating red culture into blended teaching of college English and proposes three...
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The Proposal of PAI Adaptive Learning Model Inspired by US Application-oriented Graduate Program

Use Northeastern University as an Example

Qi Ni, Meng Li
It is necessary and urgent for the universities to explore innovative ways of talent training and to provide qualified talents to the market with the increasing demand for application-oriented talents. Most of the existing studies explore the good practices of talent training from the teaching perspective....
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Virtual Manufacturing Cell Rescheduling Considering Multiple Strategy Combinations and Machine Failures

Wenmin Han, Zhe Lv, Na Lv
In terms of rescheduling problems under machine failure, this paper proposes a virtual manufacturing cell rescheduling method based on the combination of multiple strategies. According to the systematic analysis of the cost factors of rescheduling, the cost-evaluation function of the rescheduling scheme...
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Research on Culture Industry Function Attributes and Position of Library in New Era

Li Jingyun
With the historical development of library, the evolution of library function shows the features, from closed to open, from basic to pluralism, from independence to synergy, from occupation to industry attributes, which realized resource sharing, promoted function expansion, formed the business format...
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On the Rational Analysis of Quality Development for Teenagers’ Moral Education

Yili Li
This paper analyzes the connotation of quality expansion through literature method and logical analysis method, and analyzes the role of quality expansion in the moral education of young people., illustrating the importance of quality development to young people’s moral education through cases, confirmed...
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Analysis of the Impact of New Technology Development on the Talent Team of Electric Power Enterprises

Han Wang, Qi Chen, Yizhu Zhang
In recent years, the development of power technology has increased rapidly, and technologies such as UHV, smart grid, energy Internet, and clean energy have been widely used. The rapid development of technology has brought about tremendous changes in the management mode and work content of power enterprises....
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The Effect of Low Self-esteem on Development of Depression: A Meta-analysis

Danlan Huang
Self-esteem is defined as a person’s satisfaction, confidence and perceived worth of him. Depression is a widespread and severe social problem. For people with depression, their life standards are seriously affected. There is evidence that low self-esteem and depression are related. This article looks...
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The Study of Corrective Feedback Strategy in College Spoken English Class

Si-si Liu
Numerous studies show that students of non-English major in China’s colleges generally have a low level of spoken English with a large number of errors. This research aims to improve the effectiveness of corrective feedback strategy and thus improve the accuracy, appropriateness, fluency and reasonability...
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The Effect of Parental Relationship on Children Psychological Growth

Haochen Zhao
The research was conducted in the form of a literature review to examining the effect of the parental relationship on children’s psychological growth. The result shows that parental relationships can impact children’s general development. The effects of parental conflict on children’s development are...
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The Construction Industry Has Injected New Blood Digitalization Creates the Future of the Industry

Qinhao Zhang, Letian Fan, Zhen Zhu
As the world’s largest industry, the construction industry accounts for 13% of the global GDP, but in recent years, the overall construction industry has not developed significantly. With the continuous development of the digital age, many other industries have made adjustments to adapt to Industry 4.0....
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The Eszter Hangos Cosmetic Studio: Finding the Right Strategy to Marketing

Manyiu Lee, Xi Zhou, Runzi Liu
A right marketing strategy is significant since the success of marketing is closely related to the survival interests of enterprises. Customer needs are the starting point of marketing, and meeting customer needs is the ultimate goal of marketing. In the 21st century, enterprises are facing with severe...
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Big Data Web Crawler Analysis of Online Professional Course Requirements

Song Shuo, Wu Guangcuan, Peng Yiping
In the context of the era of big data, the development and progress of network technology has brought learners multiple learning methods and strategies of personalized learning choices.Although the development of online courses in our country has begun to take shape, many problems have emerged in the...
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Research on Digital Transformation Strategy of Distribution Network Construction Management in “New Era”

Xiaobing Teng, Yuguang Zheng, Zhenfeng Li, Zhen Liu, Qiang Jin, Hongjun Li
The construction management of distribution network is the key to the high quality development and construction of power grid. In order to support the company’s strategic goal of building “an international leading Energy Internet Enterprise with Chinese characteristics”, this paper clarifies the existing...
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Exploration and Practice of Smart Classroom in Colleges and Universities

Peiting Yu, Haobing Wei, Xuan Zhu, Han Liu
In view of the deficiencies in the current teaching of electronic and communication courses in colleges and universities, taking the course of antenna and radio wave propagation as an example, the research and construction of smart classroom are carried out. Firstly, the concept of smart classroom is...
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Detecting Telepathy: A Meta-analysis for Extrasensory Perception Experiments in Last 20 Years

Yawen Liu
The meta-analysis aims to detect telepathy’s effect in the extrasensory perception (ESP) experiments in the last 20 years. Seven articles were chosen from psycho INFOR, and an extra two were found from a summary table for telepathy experiments in one selected paper. In these studies, the difference between...
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Cultural Differences in Business Negotiations Between China and the UK

Chuanqi Liu, Jiahao Lu, Yuxin Zhan
China has been playing an increasingly significant role in nowadays business world. As a result, the need to better understand the Chinese pattern of business negotiation is becoming prominent. In this context, this study sets out to review what the Chinese and British cultural characteristics are and...
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Gender Discrimination Inside Employment

Hairong Liu
Have you ever paid attention to whether the proportion of employment is related to sex? Would you say that ability is all that matters when it comes to employment? It is widely believed, nowadays, that as long as one performs preferably in work themselves, their sex matters not when it comes to the possibility...
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Logical Training for College Student for Reducing Academical Stress

Junming Chen
In recent years, American college students tend to fall into anxiety easily, and one of the main source of stress is academic performance. However, there are lots of treatments to release stress by sports and music, but few studies mentioned the function of training Mathematical logic, that may be applied...
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Bilingual Children’s Language Development: The Influence of Parental Strategic Input on Vocabulary Development

Yaoruo Xu, Nanyu Zhang, Zimeng Zhan, Tianyue Zhang, Chenyu Fu
Bilingual development of children who grow up in dual language environment is often the biggest concern of their parents. In bilingual families, most children grow up to speak the majority language very well, but some may have problems using the minority language, which is usually their ethnic language....
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Body-specificity Effects on Different Bodily Traits

Chong Liu, Yueyue Li, Zhizhuo Wu
According to the body-specificity hypothesis, people with different kinds of bodies should think differently. Since this hypothesis was proposed, a growing body of experimental evidences support it. However, the types of physical or empirical characteristics involved at present are relatively limited,...
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Research on College Students’ Safety Education Under the New Situation: Present Situation Investigation and Improvement Strategy

Yang Aixia, Fan Xia, Yang Chaolin
Colleges and universities are the main source of human resource and very important places for college students to study and live. Campus security, stability and college and university students’ safety have been highly valued by the party and the nation as well as the whole society. At present, many colleges...
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The Impact of Free Preschool Education on Educational Inequality in China

Ziqi Weng, Jiayi Tang, Keyu Liu
Preschool education has the highest rate of return among all education levels, but China has only made primary and secondary education free and compulsory rather than preschools (In China, preschool and kindergarten both refer to the education of children aged 3-6. The terms are interchangeable in this...
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Whether or Not a Woman Has a Family Plan Is an Important Cause of Gender Discrimination in the Labor Market?

Hanzhang Su
This paper focuses on the hiring bias relative with future children plan among men and women. Through sending 400 virtual resumes to 50 enterprise, the paper analyses the difference of callback rate between the four types of resumes, men with and without children plan in the next 5 years, and women with...
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Comparing Chinese Teaching Style and Western Teaching Style: The Preference of Students to Indoctrination Teaching Style and Questioning Teaching Style

Tianxing Gao
The paper is mainly discussing the preference of students’ to indoctrination teaching style or questioning teaching style. The essay is discussing which of these two different teaching styles is students and how can teachers use these teaching styles to teach students better. The essay is discussing...
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Research on Chinese Consumer Behavior and Optimization of E-commerce Platform Marketing in the Context of Post Epidemic Situation

Hao Wang, Haichen Yin
With the continuous development of the Internet economy, people are not satisfied with traditional online shopping. Fresh community group shopping came into being. The outbreak in 2020 made people aware of the potential of community group buying. Internet companies keenly seize this opportunity and join...
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Research on the Path of Cultivating College Students’ Patriotic Feelings with the New Model of “Three Platforms and Three Leads”

Taking Guangdong Electromechanical Vocational and Technical College as an Example

Yuanxia Lu
in the new era, it is of far-reaching significance to cultivate college students’ patriotic feelings. Guangdong electromechanical vocational and technical college has explored a path to cultivate college students’ patriotic feelings with the new model of “three platforms and three guidance”. That is...
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Research on the Transformation of Scientific Research Achievements in Chinese Higher Education Institutes from the Perspective of Scientific Research Archives

Yong-qing SUN, Yang ZUO
In recent years, with the rapid development of higher education in China, the scientific research environment of higher education institutes is superior with strong momentum. The scientific research achievements in a vast majority of higher education institutes have accelerated significantly. A large...
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Course Teaching Reform Research of English Academic Paper Writing for English Majors Based on Blended Learning

Xian Tang
In the context of the teaching reform of English majors, it is important to make some adjustments to the traditional course teaching. This paper summarizes the present problems in the teaching of the course--English academic paper writing and then points out the importance of the application of blended...
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Practical Teaching Method Based on Integration of Science and Engineering

Gao Yan, Chen Qing, Wu Zhiyi, Li Wenlong, Zhou Yibin
The integration of science and engineering and the collaborative innovation aim to establish a teaching model characterized by the problem orientation, which can be achieved through practical training projects. Through the construction of students’ collaborative innovation team and teachers’ collaborative...
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Analysis of Singapore Educational Tracking System

Yinghe Liu
According to Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2018 world ranking, Singapore is ranked 2nd in the world. This article aims to explore the educational system in Singapore focusing on its well-known tracking system, teaching idea of elitism, attitude for immigrants and educational downside....
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Differences in Mode of Classroom Instruction Between China and the United States

Yuze Liang, Yuyuan Ren, Yue Wu
Mode of classroom instruction is an important aspect of education, which serves as the main position of applying educational theories into practice. Therefore, exploring efficient and high-quality teaching mode actively has become one of the important topics for educators. With the increasing educational...
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A Literature on Cross-culture Leadership in China: Qualities and Ways to Improve

Zhiyi Luo
In the context of increasing global connectivity and the development of China’s One-Belt and One-Road policy, cross-culture leading has become more and more common, more and more important for not only China but also other countries. Many MNCs start to put more efforts in improving their managers’ cross-culture...
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Research and Practice of MOOC Construction Based on Vocational Education Platform

Ruili ZHANG, Haiyang MA, Junfu CUI
Vocational education is the extension and supplement of college education and post training. The rise and development of MOOC brings opportunities and challenges to vocational education. From the perspective of vocational education, this paper puts forward the methods and strategies of MOOC course content...
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Conceptual Metaphor and Dual Coding on Abstract Concepts

Xudong Ma, Beilin Bao, Xinrui Li
As a currently dominant theory that explains how human beings process concepts and ideas mentally, the Embodied Cognition theory has met difficulty in explaining how abstract concepts are embodied. In summary, unlike concrete concepts, it is seemingly hard to relate abstract concepts with perceptuo-motor...
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English Grammar Teaching in the Context of Higher Vocational College in South China

Miao Jiang
With the introduction of Communicative Language Teaching into China, whether grammar teaching is necessary or not and how to teach grammar teaching in EFL classroom puzzles many teachers. This paper identifies the important role in EFL learning and possible methodologies of grammar instructions. It also...
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Sex Hormone and Sex Hormone Receptors Modulation of Exercise-induced Neurogenesis

Peiyi Liu
Adult hippocampal neurogenesis (AHN) has been widely studied in many aspects. AHN is showed to have causal relationship with depression and anxiety. Experimental data showed that sex hormones and sex hormone receptors can be a factor that modulates AHN. However, few studies have focused on sex hormones’...
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The Short-Term Effects of School Types in Mexico——General, Technical, Particular and Tele-secondary Schools

Yifan Tang, Wenkang Yao, Bo Zhao
Typically, there are mainly four secondary schools in Mexico, including general, technical, particular and, tele-secondary schools. Every year, millions of students enroll in different types, and their academic performances turn out to be quite different. This paper estimates the academic outcomes of...