Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Materials Engineering and Information Technology Applications

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Environmental conditions of Jiaozhou Bay in 1980

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Xiaoli Zhao, Yunjie Wu
Environmental conditions of many marine bays in China have been seriously polluted along with the rapid developing of economic after the reform and opening up. This paper revealed the environmental conditions of Jiaozhou Bay, Shandong Province, Eastern China based on the analyzing the content, pollution...
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Pollution level and Source of Cd in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Xiuqin Yang, Xiaoli Zhao, Fengyou Wang
This paper analyzed the content, pollution level, distribution and source of Cd in surface waters in Jiaozhou Bay in 1983. Results showed that Cd contents in May, September and October ranged from 0.09-0.41 g L-1, 0.40-3.33 g L-1, and 0.41-1.50 g L-1, respectively. Cd contents in different seasons in...
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Vertical distribution and settling pool of Chromium in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Zhaohui Sun, Xiaoli Zhao, Sixi Zhu
This paper analyzed the seasonal variation, horizontal distribution, vertical distribution and variation range of Chromium (Cr) in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay based on investigation data in 1983. Results showed that Cr contents in different seasons in both surface and bottom waters were in order of...
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An Improved Optimal Control Model of HIV Based on Treatment and Screening

Zhaofu Qun
In this paper, an optimal control model based on an improved HIV model is considered. Using of condom, screening of unaware infectives and incentive for treatment of the infected are used as the control items. Base on the same objective functional to minimize the unaware individuals and the cost of three...
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The Study on the Test Mode of Cyber Countermeasure

Luan Yang, Dengwei Chen, Linying Geng
Cyber space has important position as traditional combat field like land, ocean, air and space as a new field. The paper research the classification of cyber countermeasure equipment range test based on the analysis of cyber countermeasure equipment and its technical architecture. Put forward a new test...
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Building Fire Evacuation model research Based on an Improved Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm

Lijie Zhang, Jianchang Liu, Shubin Tan, Xia Yu
We take into account to find a set of rapid evacuation routes during a building fire. We construct a three-dimensional building structure of the network, an evacuation route is a sequence of movements of people away from the threat of fire, to a safe exit in the network. The fire can stress crowds, cause...
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An experimental study on multi-slices CT angiography of the basilar artery in rabbit model of cerebral vasospasm

Rui Li, Jinjin Liu, Weijian Chen, Yuxia Duan, Yunjun Yang, Zilong Hu, Xianxi Tan, Ming Zhong, Qichuan Zhuge
Background: Current methods for diagnosing cerebral vasospasm (CVS) include transcranial Doppler (TCD) ultrasonography and the current gold standard of digital subtraction angiography (DSA). The diagnosis of CVS is straightforward, but DSA is limited in its ability to quantify cerebral blood flow or...
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Alpha-fetoprotein Epitope Peptide Promoted the Proliferation of Primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells

Huanping Lin, Xiaoping Wang, Bing Xu, Qian Zhao, Ke-pei Zhang, Pengfei Zhang
Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is an oncofetal protein during hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) development which could promote tumor growth and inhibit active immunity, and it may serve as a target for immunotherapy. To further confirm the immunogenicity of AFP, we constructed a AFP eitope peptide vaccine which...
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Gene Exchange Operators of Partheno-Genetic Algorithm for Permutation Flowshop Scheduling with Maximum and Minimum Time Lag Constraints

Bailin Wang, Haifeng Wang, Tieke Li
Permutation flowshop scheduling problem with maximum and minimum time lag constraints to minimize the makespan is considered, and a framework of partheno-genetic algorithm for the problem is presented. Based on the algorithm framework, two gene exchange operators are discussed, including single-point...
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IDFraIP:A Novel Protein Identification Algorithm Based on Fragment Intensity Patterns

Simin Zhu, Huamei Li, Kai Zheng, Xiaozhou Chen
A Identifying peptides for their fragmentation spectra by database search sequencing method is crucial to interpret LC-MS/MS data, widely used algorithms had not been fully exploited the intensity patterns in fragment spectra, SQID incorporated intensity information and identified peptides significantly...
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Management of Intelligent Library Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Runtime Model

Ping Zhang, Jianzhong Wang
To quick customize, develop and extend intelligent library internet of things system more efficiently, in this paper an approach based on runtime model to managing intelligent library wireless sensor networks is proposed. Firstly, manageability of intelligent library wireless sensors is abstracted as...
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A Multiple Indexes Quality Assessment for Fingerprint

Sheng Chang, Qijun Huang, Hao Wang, Jin He
The performance of fingerprint recognition relies heavily on the quality of fingerprint images. In this paper, a multiple indexes fingerprint quality assessment is proposed for poor fingerprints. This method fuses seven indexes from three kinds of typical fingerprint features (gray features, local features...
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Cryptanalysis of Vaidya et al.’s User Authentication Scheme with Key Agreement in Wireless Sensor Networks

Jiping Li, Yaoming Ding, Zenggang Xiong, Shouyin Liu
User authentication in wireless sensor networks (WSN) is critical due to their unattended and even hostile deployment in the field. The open environment of WSN requires mechanisms which prevent unauthorized user from accessing the information from WSN. Recently, M.L.Das proposed a two-factor user authentication...
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The Research on the 2D mobile game Platform Based on the Android System

Xiye Feng, Meihui Xu
With the rapid development of smartphones, Android system by its unique openness, rich hardware selection, convenient application development, is accepted by more and more people. The mobile game based on Android, is gradually popular in the crowd. The game in the research with a beautiful picture and...
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Research on the architecture of e-government sharing platform

Gang Li, Qingpu Zhang, Wei Wang, Ming Jiang
At present, the resources integration and sharing efficiency between the government systems is not high in China. The phenomenon of repeated system development is common, which results in a tremendous waste of resources and cannot be adapt well to the information exchange, sharing and unified management...
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The Application of Computational Geometry Algorithms in Discriminating Direct Injection-Production Connections

Jiqun Zhang, Chungjin Hu, Baorong Deng, Xinhao Li, Dongmei He, Hua Li, Junhua Chang
It is necessary to analyze direct connections between injection wells and production wells for discovering superior water channels, researching water flooding effectiveness and flow directions in a single well group. A new method of discriminating the direct connections by applying computational geometry...
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Research of Intrusion Protection System using correlation policy

Shuo Li, Quan Zhang
Aimed at the limitations of single technology in network security defense, an Intrusion Protection System using correlation policy was proposed. This system consists of firewall, Intrusion Detection System and honeypot. The system extends the firewall redirection rules, sets up honeypot host monitors,...
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Prediction of placenta barrier permeability and reproductive toxicity of compounds in tocolytic Chinese herbs using support vector machine

Fang Lu, Yusu He, Ludi Jiang, Jiahua Chen, Yilian Cai, Yanling Zhang
93 compounds which can permeate the placenta barrier were collected as data set for the construction of support vector regression (SVR) model. Besides, 140 compounds with reproductive toxicity and 170 compounds with no reproductive toxicity were collected as another data set for the construction of support...
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A combination of support vector regression, structure-based pharmacophore and virtual screening for cytochrome P450 2C9 inhibitors from Chinese herbs

Fang Lu, Ganggang Luo, Ludi Jiang, Yilian Cai, Yanling Zhang
Cytochrome P450 2C9 (CYP2C9), one important isoform of the cytochrome P450 (CYPs), mediates the oxidation of some important drugs. The inhibitors of this target often affect the metabolic rate of the corresponding metabolites and then result in undesirable drug-drug interactions (DDIs) in clinical. In...
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A Fuzz system of the SMS module on cellphones

Zidan Fu, Quan Zhang
Since the mobile network become popular, threats and challenges upon the security of cellphone are more serious than ever. However, the vulnerability testing methods are limited in the old white box testing which the manufacturers adopt basing on the knowledge from the original information of designing...
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Impact Analysis of Complex on Urban Special Structure in Linyi

Jinyi Wu
Urban complex is a highly effective entity integrating many functions. Based on the analysis of complex development status of Linyi, the growth pole theory is used to explain the mechanism which urban complex exerts on the spatial structure. The development of complex influences the urban spatial structure...
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A unified framework for keywords distillation and summarization

Wei Yang
Keywords distillation and document summarization are important task for many text applications. Existing methods have been conducting these two tasks separately without considering the relationship between the two tasks. In order to capture and make better use of their relationships between these tasks,...
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Security Weaknesses of Li’s Remote User Password Authentication Scheme Using Smart Card

Jie Ling, Guang-Qiang Zhao, Yi Liu
User authentication is an important technology to guarantee that only the legal users can access resources from the remote server. The advantages of smart cards are storage and computation abilities. Recently, Li et al. pointed out the security problems of Chen et al’s password authentication scheme...
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Robust Kernel Estimation in Blind Deconvolution

Zhiming Wang, Xing Li
Due to the loss of information about image and the interference of noise, blind deconvolution is an ill-posed problem. In this paper, we study this problem based on the algorithm of Krishnan et al.[1], which uses a normalized sparsity measure to solve the problem. By assuming the random high frequency...
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DFT/TDDFT studies of electronic structures and spectral properties of Cu(I) complexes containing pyridine-imidazole ligand tethered with fluorene moiety

RongFeng Zhong, Feng Zhao
Copper (I) complexes have received significant attention because of their potential applications in a broad range of fields, including organic light emitting diodes (OLED), bioimages, sensors, and photocatalysis. A Cu(I) complexes, [Cu(POP){(Py-Imidazole)(CH2)2(2-Fluorene)]+ (1), where Py-Imidazole)(CH2)2(2-Fluorene)...
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Image Noise Level Estimation by Neural Networks

Zhiming Wang, Guobin Yuan
Aiming at the problem of image noise level estimation, this paper proposes an algorithm for noise estimation by singular value decomposition and neural network. The larger (head) parts of the singular values of an image are mainly affected by main structure of the image, and the rest (tail) parts of...
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Pupil location algorithm combing VFC Snake model with Grayscale Features

Peipei Lv, Zhiming Wang
Pupil location is one of the key steps for iris location as pupil boundary corresponds to iris inner boundary. But uneven illumination affects the segmentation result heavily. The pupil region is the darkest part in most of the images, but it’s not the only part. The proposed algorithm is based on the...
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The Production Management System Based on Digital Pulp Pipeline Design and Development

Hongwei Liu, Ke Xiao, Chunlei Pan, Guangyue Pu
In light of the present condition of the enterprise production management system and single management means, management is not standard, most people are involved in the production management, production management standard is not unified, the production management problems such as difficult maintenance....
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Electrochemical performance of acicular Li4Ti5O12 anode material synthesized by ethanol-assisted hydrothermal method

Weiquan Shao, Shaou Chen, Lizhu He, Hailing Zhu, Yueqin Ban, Xiaojie Guo, Zhen Wang, Haifeng Zhao, Yingnan Zhang
Spinel Li4Ti5O12 material were prepared by ethanol-assisted hydrothermal method and sintered at different temperatures. It was found that all of the samples had cubic spinel structure without undesired impurities and the samples showed different morphology as the change of sintering temperature. The...
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Automatic elongated object segmentation in CT image using Stroke Width Transform and Levelset

Zhi-peng Pi, Zhi-ming Wang
In this paper, we propose a full-automatic algorithm for extracting elongated object from CT image. Given an input image, we use the SWT(Stroke Width Transform) and MM(Mathematical Morphology) to locate the coarse location of target. Thus leading to over-segmentation. In order to refine the segmentation...
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Cationic Starch-based Hydrogel Synthesized by Gamma Irradiation

Hongjuan Zheng, Weiqiang Song, Yanrong Wang, Yantao Li
Cationic starch-based hydrogel was synthesized by simultaneous gamma irradiation of starch (St), acrylamide (AAM), allyl triphenyl phosphonium bromide (APB) and N,N'-methylene bisacrylamide (MBA) as cross-linker in aqueous solution. The molecular mass of the un-grafted AAM/APB copolymer, the cationic...
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The Preparation and Properties of Nitrile Rubber Filled with Different Kinds of Zinc Oxide

Liming Tang, Shijie Wang, Xiaoren Lv, Enqiu He
The vulcanizing properties, physical performances, and wear behaviors of nitrile rubber (NBR) filled with different kinds of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) were studied in this article. Based on samples preparation, this study provides the vulcanizing properties, physical performances and mechanical properties on...
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Harmonic Analysis and Simulation Study Using Triple-spectrum-line interpolation FFT Algorithm

Xiao-wan Song, De-min Li, Zhen-hua Li, Wen-zhang Guo
There is hard to obtain the harmonic parameters exactly for the fast Fourier transform in situation of non-synchronous sampling. The cosine window and triple-spectrum-line interpolation FFT algorithm is presented to reduce spectral leakage and improve the accuracy of harmonic analysis. The windowed FFT...
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Preparation of Si/C composite nanofibers by electrospinning method using as the lithium-ion battery anode

Yueqin Ban, Weiquan Shao, Shaou Chen, Lizhu He, Hailing Zhu, Jiajia Feng, Xiaojie Guo, Yanqiang Li, Haifeng Zhao, Yingnan Zhang
Si was a promising anode material for next-generation LIBs due to its extremely large capacity of 4200mAh/g-1 (Li4.4Si phase). However, during repeated lithium insertion/extraction processes, the accompanied huge volume change (400%) induced the structural failure of the active material and resulted...
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Effect of Processing Conditions on Starch/GS Composite

Yu-jun Zhou
Starch/GS composite was prepared by hot-pressing method. The effects of processing conditions including hot-pressing time and amount of mixing medium on the performance of composites were studied. Results showed that tensile strength first increased and then decreased with hot-pressing time. When hot-pressing...
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Removal of nickel from lixivium of slag of scrap copper smelting

Xu Zheng, Huangfu Yan, Li Yan
The content of nickel in the lixivium of scrap copper smelting slag reaches 640mg/l while the zinc content is more than 100g/l. This high content of nickel in the solution must not only be separated from the leachate for resource recovery, but also for the subsequent zinc electrowinning which need to...
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PVA/LPRS Composite: Hot-pressing Preparation and Performance

Jian-mei Yin
PVA/LPRS composite was prepared in order to deep explore manufacturing technology and performance-controlling methods of rice straw based composite. The preparation course includes the following procedures: rice straw drying, rice straw cutting, mixing with PVA and hot-pressing. The effects of hot-pressing...
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Technological Mineralogy of a Refractory Gold Ores

Shengchun Shi, Bo Yang, Xian Xie, Meicun Zhou, Jianming Xue
Technological mineralogy of a refractory gold ores from Gansu Province China was investigated by XRD, SEM and polarizing microscope, the results indicate that gold in ores exists mostly in sulfide minerals such as pyrite, arsenopyrite and stibnite, partly existed in gangue minerals such quartz and calcite....
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Research on Condition Monitoring of Power Big Data Based on Rough Sets

Yulong Yan, Jilai Wu, Shejun Wu, Jian Zhang
The urgency of demanding for large data in power industry will greatly exceed that of in other basic energy industries in the future. Through analyzing the power equipment condition monitoring data, we can assess more accurately the operating condition of power equipment, predict the life span of the...
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Study on Distribution Network Reconfiguration with Various DGs

Shengsuo Niu, Yi Ding, Zhirui Liang
In order to research the influence of distributed generation access to distribution network, a mathematics model of distribution network reconfiguration with distributed generation is presented in this paper. Fireworks Algorithm is used to solve this problem. According to the characteristic of distributed...
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Animated Space-Filling Hierarchy Views for Security Risk Control and Visualization on Mobile Devices

Paul Craig, Xin Huang
This paper looks at using a space-filling hierarchy view to control and visualize security settings on a mobile device. The view is optimized for readability and navigation with limited display space and provides a more fluid user-experience with a color-coded overview of security risks and buttons to...
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Research and Apply Language Rhythm in Topic Tracking

Fan Chen
Language Rhythm is an important characteristic in language. Research and analysis the Language Rhythm, those four kinds of language rhythms prompted: language nature rhythm, language grammar rhythm, language logic rhythm and language emotion rhythm. Each language rhythms reflect the language characteristic....
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Effect of freezing on the performance of EMAS in different water absorption

Miaomiao Fan, Hongbin Yu
Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) is a new type of soft ground arresting system that can safely arrest the overrun aircraft in an allowed distance without injuring aircraft passengers and damaging aircraft landing gear. When exposed in the outdoor, the temperature and humidity will have a great...
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A New Method to QoS Global Optimal Service Selection Driven by Credit

Xiaohua Guo, Jing Jiang, Xuefei Li
Aiming at the current Web service selection methods do not take into full consideration the effect of service component’s dynamic on the performance of service-oriented application system, a credit-aware per-service method to service selection is proposed in our paper, which introduces credit level into...
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The Design and Implementation of Yu-County Water Supply Payment Management Information System

Tiantian Guo, Rongqiang Liu
In order to comply with the development direction of the water supply system of domestic and foreign, the use of SQL Server 2005 as a database development tool, Visual Studio.NET 2005 as a development tool for C # as the programming language, design and development of computer-based information processing...
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The analysis of LCA environment material evaluation

Guogang Li, Ting Yang, Jiaying Zhou
Material environment performance will become a basic performance of new materials in the 21stcentury, various environmental materials and the development of green products will become a dominant direction of the development of the material industry. Life cycle assessment (LCA) has developed into key...
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Study on Synthesis and Properties of Epoxy Phosphate

Cun Zhou, Zilong Liu
An epoxy phosphate was successfully synthesized by reacting epoxy resin with phosphorus pentoxide. The chemical structure of epoxy phosphate was confirmed by using FT-IR. The interfacial tension and viscosity of aqueous solution of epoxy phosphate were tested. It is found that epoxy phosphate had good...
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Improved Models for the Spread of Ebola

Liye Xie
The Ebola epidemic is more and more severe. To optimize the eradication of EVD, we take Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone as the object of research, first we build suspected- exposed-I nfectious-dead (SEID) model based on the popular SEIR model, since there are no effective medicine till now and the mortality...
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Ozone pre-oxidation to the degradation technology research of MC-LR

Yingzi Lin, Mingli Chen, Jing Zhao
Ozone pre-oxidation can effectively degrade MC-LR, 2mg / L ozone for MC-LR removal efficiency of 65.28%. 2mg / L ozone for MC-LR removal efficiency reach to 65.28%. Ozone also has a better removal effect for turbidity and UV254 , 4mg / L ozone for UV254 and turbidity removal efficiency are 50% and 59.38%....
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Electrochemical Degradation of Ethidium Bromide on Boron-doped Diamond Electrode Using Factorial Design Methodology

Fei Rong, Zhen Ding, Chunyong Zhang
Boron-doped diamond (BDD) electrochemical oxidation has been widely applied to the degradation of various organic pollutants, because BDD possesses unique physical and chemical properties as an ideal anode material. In this work, the degradation of ethidium bromide was studied by the electrochemical...
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Research on Mining Association Behavior of Smart Home Users Based on Apriori Algorithm

Yongjun Zhang, Tingting Qi
This paper mainly studies the improvement of Apriori algorithm based on smart home system. Association rule algorithm has the promotion effect to the analysis of the smart home user behavior. Apriori algorithm is one of the classical algorithms of association rules. However, the efficiency of the Apriori...
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Analysis of nonlinear parametric vibration of sling considering sling-girder coupling effect

Huihong Shentu, Zhou Li
Cable has strong nonlinear characteristics under the static or dynamic force, and if the frequency ratio of the boundary excitation meet some conditions, cable under force will perform a vibration amplitude much more than the initial value. The sling of a long-span suspension bridge may perform a parametric...
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The periodic structure topology optimization using improved genetic algorithm

Dongyue Qu, Yangyang Huang, Jinyu Song
This paper combine improved genetic algorithm with bi-directional evolutionary structural optimization algorithm to optimize structure in dual coding way. The new algorithm not only has solved the genetic algorithm (GA) problem which is easy to appear premature, but also has solved the bi-directional...
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Air Switch Remote-control System Based on GSM network

En Zou, Qing Huo, Shuihong Huang, Shengchuang Chen
TO solve the problem of air switch cannot be controlled remotely, an air remote control switch system is designed based on GSM network. Specific content information issued by the emission module of mobile terminal of system and received by GSM module, then decoded by the STC12C5052AD to make a real-time...
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Research and Application of Plastic Art Materials in Interior Design

Zhe Wang, Ximu Yan, Li Sun
Materials in the development of the whole human art design play a role, played by no doubt, penetrating art, life, society and science fields. Molding material is the material base of interior design, as the design of chemical engineering works, whether to use function, or the satisfaction of mental...
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Research and Practice of rail traffic signal and control major construction

Xiaojuan Hu, Liqiang Hu, Nan Zhao
The technology content railway companies increasingly urgent need for a large number of highly educated, professional and technical personnel to master modern technology. In this paper, the social background of China Railway Development to explore on rail traffic signal and control professional goal...
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Evaluation and selection of information technology based on simulation

Li-fu Zhi
By introducing the time value of knowledge and natural selection pressures, extend the existing organizations to explore and multi-body simulation model uses learning and assess the impact of the two types of IT organizational performance. One technique is to support mutual learning between the lateral...
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Structural and Dielectric Properties of Cerium-modified BiScO3-PbTiO3 Piezoelectric Ceramics

Yi Chen, Yu Ma, Dandan Xue, Jianguo Zhu
The 0.36(Bi(1-x)Cex)ScO3-0.64PbTiO3 (x = 0.01-0.10) ceramics were prepared by using conventional mixed oxide ceramic processing, and the effect of Ce addition on the BiScO3-PbTiO3 (BSPT) system was investigated. The results of X-ray diffraction show that lower stability of the perovskite phase is produced...
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Research on the embankment compaction characteristics of Metamorphic Phyllite

Ran Bi, Baojian Liu, Xiao Tang
Metamorphci phyllite is fragile, the gradation show large variation. Different pressure levels are selected at first to make sure the stable gradation. The test results show that 600 kPa pressure level meets the requirement and metamorphic under this level is choose for further compaction analysis. Compaction...
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CEC2.0-Based Detection Event Relation for Chinese Text

Xianchuan Wang, Zongtian Liu, Tao Liao, Qiang Li
Event is the basic unit of knowing, remembering and understanding the real world. Event is regarded as the basic unit of knowledge representation. We detect event relation between two events for some Chinese texts by matching event relation pair table, which are constructed based on the CEC2.0 (called...
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Research on transportation scheduling algorithm for special fuel of high frequency task

Jie Zhang, Liangcai Liao, Jinyuan Liu
Special fuel transportation scheduling is an important part of the space launch. Because of the lack of fuel transport train and limited production capacity of manufacturers having become the main limiting factors for special fuel transportation scheduling in space launch, it is very necessary to research...
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Research of Big data and data security

Qiong Ren, Zhongyuan Xu
With the rise of blogs, social networks, and the vigorous development of cloud computing and Internet technology, the data is increasing at an unprecedented speed and cumulative, the big data era has come. The basic concept of big data, key techniques and the use of there are a lot of doubt and controversy....
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An Improved BP Neural Network Algorithm for Evaluating Food Traceability System Performance

Weiya Guo
BP neural network algorithm has powerful calculation ability, but the algorithm has some shortages such as low convergence which limits its application, so improving BP algorithm has become a matter of concern in the fields related. Based on analyzing improvement methods wildly used today, the paper...
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A Kind of Exchange System for Product Conceptual Design Based On the Enterprise Network Community

Dianting Liu, Quanyong Zhang
On the basis of the analysis on product conceptual design, four problems have been found. In order to solve the problems, the article puts forward a kind of communication system for the product conceptual design based on enterprise network community. In the system the Internet users are divided into...
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Study on Agricultural Products Logistics Cost Control Based on the Internet of Things

Wenfeng Liu
In recent years, agricultural prices rising, one reason is the high cost of logistics. With more and more widely the application scope of the Internet of things technology, it brings to reduce logistics cost. Based on the analysis of development situation of the Internet of things and agricultural products...
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Computer Network Security Research under Cloud Computing Environment

Qiong Ren, Jun Tao
Cloud computing is a new trend of the Internet which has changed the users habits on the computer and transformed more users’ work environments from desktop to Web. This paper introduces the concepts of cloud computing and its features and network security implications of cloud computing and its security...
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A Novel Ordinal Regression Method with Minimum Class Variance Support Vector Machine

Jinrong Hu, Xiaoming Wang, Zengxi Huang
In the paper, we propose a novel ordinal regression method called minimum class variance support vector ordinal regression (MCVSVOR). MCVSVOR is derived from minimum class variance support vector machine (MCVSVM) which is a variant of SVM, and so inherits the latter’s characteristics such as taking the...
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The Application of Chaos in Digital Water-marking and Information Hiding

Jing Chang, Dong Liu
This paper gives a brief introduction of chaos, digital water-marking and the application of chaos digital water-marking and information hiding. Then it analyzes the main difficulty in corresponding research that hidden information should have strong robustness and invisibility which contradict each...
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Improvement of ORB algorithm

Xue Leng, Jinhua Yang
In this paper, According to the idea SIFT algorithm, proposed an improved algorithm ORB. Based on the multi-scale space, detecting scale space extreme points, then use the ORB descriptors to describe the feature points, generated descriptors having rotating invariability. Using Hamming distance to achieve...
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The street lamp intelligent management system based on elastic compute service

Jing Liu, Yulin Qi, Zimeng Wang, Zeli Qi
Urban lighting systems as a sign of urban civilization, is becoming more and more important role. But the planning and management of urban street lighting equipment in most parts of our country is still in a very backward state. In order to improve the backward situation, save energy, increase the efficiency...
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The Design of Signal Control Software and Intersection Traffic Simulation

Hongke Xu, Xiaoqing Hou, Rixing Zhu
The current traffic signal lights often do not have flexible revise function, so it can’t reach the real-time control requirements, and leads to increasingly serious urban traffic congestion, this control software presents an effective method to solve it by researching intersection traffic signal control....
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The technology of variable message format simulation in software testing

Fei Gao, Xuejun Bi, Xiaozhen Wang
The complexity of software upgraded is the inevitable result of the deepening of social information, and then to put forward higher requirements of software testing. Because of technology, co-ordination, geopolitical, or other non-technical factors these factors the tested software and related hardware...
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Research on Computer network multimedia transmission system

Chunxi Zhao
With the development of computer network, there are more and more multimedia real-time transmission methods. The traditional stand-alone multimedia synchronization method is unable to solve out of the sync problems due to the unstable factors in the network transmission. Therefore synchronization method...
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Potential of SiO2 nanocomposite as DRA of oil

Xiaodong Dai, Guoping Li, Xu Guo, Wei Xing
Poly-olefin as drag reduce agent (DRA) with more than 6 million molecular weight would lost most of drag reducing capacity after shearing degradation. Composites combining many unique physical and chemical properties could offer possible way to develop DRA with better performance. The potential of Poly-olefin/SiO2...
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Properties, Preparations and Applications of Nano-sized Semiconductor Material

Chenlei Zhao
The concept of Nano-sized semiconductor material and some of its basic properties such as small size effect, surface and interface effect, etc. are presented as well as how these basic properties explain its physics properties. This article also presents the preparative techniques and the applications...
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The substitution and the nucleophilic substitution of ferrocene and derivative

Zibo Wang
Ferrocene, as a significant part of the organic synthesis, who can derivatives a large amount of compounds. This research expresses the progress from the preparation of 6-dichlorobenzene- 5-cyclopentadienyliron to the formation of 6-Bis(phenoxy)- 5-cyclopentadienyliron. Nesmeyanov’s theory, throughout...
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An algorithm to solve the draw issue of number depth recognition

Zhenhui Li, Xia Zhang
This paper discussed that an algorithm solves the draw issue of number depth recognition. Depth recognition methods have used many fields and have wide development prospect. Many scientific research institutions and scholars are studying the depth recognition. When user writes in an MR system, a depth...
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Effect of Ti on microstructure and properties of aluminum sacrificial anode containing rare earth elements

Kun Cheng, Xin Liu, Guangwen Xie, Jizhou Duan, Jie Zhang
The optimum amount of Ti element in aluminum alloy sacrificial anodes was explored by analyzing microstructure, electrochemical impedance and polarization curve of the anode. And their corrosion behavior was determined preliminarily. The results showed that the aluminum anodes with 0.1 % Ti have fine...
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Spacecraft Relative State Tracking Based on Genetic Algorithm-embedded Particle Filter

Wenhua Cheng, Yasheng Zhang, Hong Yao
Spacecraft Relative State Tracking is not only the application foundation of space-based space surveillance system, but also the important prerequisite for space autonomous rendezvous and on-orbit servicing. Through making genetic algorithm (GA) embedded PF resampling process, the particle degradation...
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Research on the Battery System Technology for Electric Racecar

Zhe Cai
In recent years, more and more racecar teams are starting to use electric powertrain systems in their racecars because of the superior torque and power characteristics. The need for a comprehensive study on electric racecar has risen over the last few years. In order to help racecar teams to make informed...
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Computer simulation implementations and optimization of the right atrium of the heart based on GPU

Chunxi Zhao
For heart right atrium electrophysiology simulation computation huge, time-consuming problem, a method based on high-performance graphics processing unit (GPU) to achieve parallel computing and optimization. First, consider the differences between right atrial heart cell center and the edge of the constructed...
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Performance Research of China’s Listed Commercial Banks Based on Factor Analysis

SanXing He
Financial firms play a crucial role in the economic development, and commercial banks are important parts in the financial system. Commercial banks' competitiveness is reflected on their business performance. Therefore, measuring the performance of commercial banks has become an urgent task. In this...
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A Parallel Algorithm Using Perlin Noise Superposition Method for Terrain Generation Based on CUDA architecture

Huailiang Li, Xianguo Tuo, Yao Liu, Xin Jiang
A parallel algorithm for terrain generation based on CUDA architecture is proposed in this paper, which aims to address the problems of high computational load and low efficiency when generating large scale terrains using the Perlin noise superposition method. The Perlin noise superposition method is...
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A model of time management based on tree in Product Data Management

Biao Huang, Yuanning Liu, Xiaodong Zhu, Liangyu Li, Fei He
According to the distribution characteristics of workflow time node, this paper studies the time node representation of a structured workflow and describes in detail the definition of workflow time node in Product Data Management, then puts forward a tree design model. From the time property of different...
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A Role-Based Access Control Model that Supports Authorization with The Combination of Static and Dynamic

Liangyu Li, Yuanning Liu, Xiaodong Zhu, Biao Huang, Youwei Wang
The traditional Role-Based Access Control(RBAC) model[1] is widely used in enterprises, but it's control granularity is too single and it's permissions configuration is too complex. This paper introduces the concepts of coarse-granularity and fine-granularity[2], and puts forward a RBAC model that supports...
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A real-time vehicle-terramechanics model for visual simulation

Dong-bo Sun, Yan-qiang Di, Hao-hao Cui
The vehicle-terrain interaction model plays a critical role in off-road vehicle driving visual simulations. This paper present a new terrain deformation model for simulating vehicle-terrain interaction. The model simplifies the Bekker’s classic terramechanics model, and calculates terrain deformation...
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Structural topology optimization based on improved genetic algorithm

Dongyue Qu, Yangyang Huang, Jinyu Song
This article aim at solving the problem of local optimal solution easily appear in structural optimization by the algorithm of bi-directional evolutionary structural optimization (BESO), and importing improved genetic algorithm (GA), put forward a new algorithm named bi-directional evolutionary structural...
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The research of reinforced RPC Concrete with steel fibers and polypropylene fiber

Li-guang Xiao, Bo Jiang
Reactive powder contrete (RPC) is a high performance concrete. According to our results show that the single steel fiber when mixed with RPC, 28d highest compressive strength of RPC is 80.3MPa, flexural strength 13.45MPa, respectively, higher than the reference RPC 14.96% and 18.92%; Single polypropylene...
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Optimization of Flotation Process of Zinc Oxide Ore by Response Surface Methodology

Mingxiao Li, Fengxiang Liu, Xuewu Wang, Gang Wang
According to the test results, the flotation process parameters of refractory zinc oxide ore will be optimized by the response surface methodology in this paper. The regression model between Zn recovery and sodium sulfide concentration, depressant(F1) concentration and sodium carbonate concentration...
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Research on the Cloud Acceleration Method for the Compressed Sensing Algorithm under the Internet of Things

Wenzhun Huang, Shanwen Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on the cloud acceleration method for the compressed sensing algorithm under the environment of Internet of Things. On the Internet of things perception layer, an important part of the sensor network have been put forward a lot of security mechanisms. Now about access...
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The Application and Research of Information Technology of Cloud Computing in Colleges and Universities

Ying Luo, Miaomiao Li
As an emerging technology, cloud computing has a profound impact on Internet. This paper introduces the concept and characteristics of cloud computing, then studies the current status of university information technology, and analyzes how cloud computing promote the development of university information...
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A New Research Approach on the Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Civil Engineering

Changchang Fu
Virtual reality technology is constantly developing, dedicated to computer graphics and multimedia information processing, high-performance chip can increase a hundred times the processing power, three-dimensional graphics algorithms and parametric modeling algorithm enables virtual reality technology...