Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Materials Engineering and Information Technology Applications

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The Research of Lane Marker Detection Algorithm Based on Inverse Perspective Mapping

Jinghong Xu, Changsheng Cheng, Yan Wan
This paper presents a robust and fast algorithm for lane marker detection. It is based on generating an inverse perspective mapping image of the road, computing line abstracted regions and the class points from IPM image, which is followed by a post processing step using rectangular approximation to...
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Study on Water Engineering based on Mathematical Models

Guanqun Zhang
Fresh water is the limiting constraint for development in much of the world. As we know, China is a water-shortage country, where the water available for each person is only a quarter of the world’s average level. Author put forward five water strategies to help the government meeting the water demands...
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Research on Corn Cost and Benefit in Heilongjiang Province Based on Grey Correlation Analysis

Ya Gao
Grey correlation model is adopted for analyzing corn output value per mu in Heilongjiang Province and influencing factors from 2006 to 2013 aiming at status quo of corn cost and benefit in Heilongjiang Province. Results showed that influencing factors of corn output value per mu can be sequenced as follows...
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The Analysis and Design of the Object-oriented System

Xin Li
The object-oriented system analysis and design (OOA and OOD) is an effective technology widely used by the modern software enterprise, the OOAD method requires specified in the design to map the real world problem domain objects and entities. The object-oriented analysis is found in problem areas and...
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The Effects of Magnetic Targeted Nano-particles upon Levels of Cytokines in Serum and Synovial Fluid of Experimental Arthritis Rats

Meng Chen, Dong Zhang, Yun Cai
The magnetic drug targeting is the use of natural or synthetic polymer material magnetic nanoparticles, solid or liquid pharmaceutical coating made of magnetic targeting of drugs. This article tripterygium targeted drug influence articular arthritis in rats and in Serum cytokines studied and discussed...
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Legal Protection of Cyberspace Infrastructure and Information Safety in China -- A Response to Cyberspace Challenges to China’s National Security

Hongyu Fu
In recent years, with the standardization of key infrastructure control system, intelligent, network development, the network attacks against the critical infrastructure is increasing. Electricity, petrochemical, rail transportation and other key infrastructure involving the national economy and the...
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Application of Petrel Software in Reserve Estimation in Xinli-Xinbei Oilfield, Jilin Province, China

Songze Li, Wangshui Hu
Volumetric estimates provide a valuable check on the estimates derived from material balance and decline analysis methods. Xinli-Xinbei oilfield, Jilin Province-China is an ascertained and developed oilfield. It is affluent in geological reserves, and has greatly development potentiality. Based on the...
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The Evaluation of Parameter M in the Big M Method of Linear Programming

Zhenzhen Song
In the simplex method of linear programming, there is a big M method (the penalty factor method) for finding an initial feasible basis. The current textbooks of operations research only explain that the big M method is efficient when M is large enough, and never give precise evaluation to the parameter...
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A Novel QR Code and mobile phone based Authentication protocol via Bluetooth

Sha Liu, Shuhua Zhu
Password based authentication schemes are widely used in our daily life when we log into websites. However, there are varieties of problems with the simple methods, including susceptibility to unintentional exposure via phishing and cross-sites password reuse. We present a novel mobile phone based authentication...
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Design principles of mobile products based APP

Zhenbo Qu, Tianguang Yu
With the advent of information technology era, more APP into people's daily lives. This article choose its design principles as the starting point of several different dimensions, from product UI, interactive, functional deployment, iterative, user experience, strategic planning and other aspects of...
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Full-parallax Colorful 3D Imaging Using Orthogonal-stacked Lenticular Sheets and Computer-generated Stereogram

Yuguo Wang
This paper proposes a true-color full-parallax three-dimensional (3D) imaging method based on OLS. The optical imaging effects of OLsS and micro-lens array (MLA) are analyzed using optics simulation software, and the OLS is used to realize the stereoscopic display instead of MLA. 2D multi-view images...
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Modeling Analysis of Advanced Persistent Threat–Based on UML

Bin Dong, Wentao Zhao, Jianglong Song
This paper reveals the inherent features of advanced persistent threat (APT), and summarizes its general attacking processes, attacking means and methods. The attacking steps model of APT which is based on UML effectively describes the application principles of APT and its behavior features, mode features...
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Study on Strategy of Cloud Computing Data Storage Security

Sha Liu, Shuhua Zhu
With the popularization and application of cloud computing services, cloud storage has become a typical representative of cloud computing services. But meanwhile, we must also recognize that the problem of storing data in a cloud environment can be brought to us. In this paper, we propose a cloud data...
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Functions and General Structure of Fault Diagnosis System Software

Peidong Du, Fuchao Liu, Jingjing Zheng, Qingling Wang
Referred to in the fault diagnosis of power grid mainly refers to the transmission network and transmission network bears an important task of power transmission, power plant and terminal user ties, is one of the most important parts of the power system. Long term exposure to natural environment in the...
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The Design and Implementation of the Project Accounting System

Yuwen Liu
In this paper, in order to meet the management and business requirements of project management in the engineering company, the project accounting system is developed. While designing the system, we absorb the advantages of the rules for the preparation of accounting subject divide the project accounting...
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Study on Mobile Large Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing Environment

Xianwei Li
In this thesis, data security in cloud computing is regarded as the research object. First of all, the definitions, model, structure, application, research organization and related knowledge of cloud computing is introduced. Then, the data security assurance methods which used in this thesis including...
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Design of Data Secure Storage for Cloud Compute ring

Wenhu Yang
With its great power to integrate resources, Cloud Computing can offer individuals and organizations the convenient and on-demand computing and storage service. As the increasingly influence on everyday life, its structural safety problem emerges. Due to the loss of physical control towards data, the...
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Technical Implementation of Visual Steganography in Structured Document based on CSS

Zhijie Liu
This paper addressed the visual redundancy of typeface in a structured document. Achieving information embeds through modifying the appearance of words by CSS. The idea combines encryption and hiding, has widely application. Meanwhile it has high density and safety in information hiding and is easy to...
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Cloud Learning Platform Design and Implementation Under Wed2.0 Environment

Changcheng Wu, Hongte Chen
Taking education as an example of discovery learning community to explore web2.0 environment design and build cloud learning platform. Based on the principles of SLL design, display SLL cloud learning platform system architecture, technology adoption Wordpress2.7 for supporting, relying on the "mix"...
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Mobile Data Management Structure Design based on Mobile Database

Xin Hu
The mobile database is using SQL Server CE mobile database engine. Data conversion layer provides backup restore function (fully backup and restore, table with import and export) of SQL Server CE' local database, and to provide similar interface functions of storage procedure (it include: function of...
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Research on Hierarchical Storage System based on Wireless Mesh Network

Xin Hu
This thesis according to this hot technique of Wireless Mesh Network day by day mature background, on the foundation of comprehending the basic theories of Wireless Mesh Network, we emphasizes a rightness how to keep enough bandwidth and band rate in much jump of the Mesh environment in certain analysis...
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Research on Translation Based on Semantic Triangle Theory

Junming Xiao
Semantic triangle theory is one of the important theories of linguistics. This paper begins with a brief introduction to the connotation of semantic triangle theory, and then analyzes the concrete thinking process of translators in the translation process and the reading process of readers, finally gives...
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Application of Physical System Simulation Technology in volleyball Multimedia Courseware

Yipai Jiang, Yanxiu Wang
In this paper, the characteristics of Volleyball were demonstrated and analyzed, which shows professional, normative and contingency Volleyball Volleyball is tremendous room for growth, because volleyball with flexible teaching diversity, therefore multimedia technology into the volleyball classroom...
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Research and Application of Computer Network Remote Control System

Yuling Zhang
With the rapid development of computer network applications and the growing popularity of computer technology, computer network remote control technology widely used. Users unrestricted geographical conditions, different locations via the network control network devices, network devices to obtain information....
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Image Registration Using SIFT and Canonical Correlation Analysis

Wei Zhao, Zheng Tian, Lijuan Yang, Weidong Yan, Jinhuan Wen
To improve the quality of SIFT feature matching, a mismatches removal method is proposed based on the collinearity property of the canonical correlation features. The influence of each match on the collineartiy degree is analyzed to find false matches. Firstly, a putative set of matches is obtained based...
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A Multi-modulus Blind Equalization Algorithm Based on Memetic Algorithm

Yecai Guo, Xing Wu, Miaoqing Zhang
In view of slow convergence speed, large steady mean square error (MSE), and existing blind phase for the constant modulus blind equalization algorithm(CMA), a multi-modulus blind equalization algorithm based on memetic algorithm(MA-MMA) is proposed, which combines the basic idea of intelligent optimization...
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An Orthogonal Wavelet Transform Multi-modulus Blind Equalization Algorithm Based on Tabu Search DNA Genetic Optimization Algorithm

Yecai Guo, Lu Lu, Binglong Zhang
For the disadvantages of orthogonal wavelet transform multi-modulus blind equalization algorithm(WTMMA), such as slow convergence rate, large mean square error, and immerging in partial minimum easily, an orthogonal wavelet transform multi-modulus blind equalization algorithm based on Tabu search DNA...
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Effect of main part size and disparity distribution on visual comfort of Stereoscopic images

Zhibin Su, Fangju Zou, Ren Hui
Visual comfort is one of the important indexes to evaluate the image quality and viewing experience in the process of viewing stereoscopic video and images. This paper mainly investigated the effect of the main part size and disparity distribution type of stereoscopic images on visual comfort through...
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Research on Scheduling Emergency Supplies Featuring Hierarchical Linkage Based on Genetic Algorithm

Feihu Hu, Weihao Bai, Chaohui Tian
This paper presents the hierarchical linkage scheduling emergency supplies problem. A mathematical description is provided and a model of the hierarchical scheduling emergency supplies with multiple supplies and multiple vehicles is formed in order to acquire the shortest scheduling time and the lowest...
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A Multiple Tent Maps Based Image Encryption Scheme with Plain-image Dependent Permutation and Diffusion

Ruisong Ye, Yuting Xi, Ming Ye, Xiaoyun Shi, Wenhao Ye
A novel multiple tent maps based image encryption scheme with plain-image content dependent permutation-diffusion mechanism is proposed. The permutation is realized by swapping the gray values at different part of the considered image; it is performed with the help of pseudo-random sequence yielded by...
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Research on Three Typical Methods of Infrared Weak Small Targets Background Suppression under Cloud Background

Zhongmin LI, Guowei Zou, Lifei Mei
Background suppression of weak small targets in infrared image is the key of image tracking and monitoring, especially under the cloud background. In the area of image signal processing, there are a lot of background suppression methods can be used to image filter by combining the characteristics of...
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Research on the Teaching Evaluation Model Based on BP Neural Network

Xi Zhang, Xianggen Gan, Ren Wu
Education evaluation has become increasingly important along with the deepening educational reform. Only through evaluation will the teachers further enhance their teaching methods and teaching level. Considering the many factors influencing the teachers, it is difficult to simply adopt one model to...
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Business Model for Recycling Traction Battery

Ying-hao Xie, Hai-jun Yu, Yan-nan Ou, Chang-dong Li
At present, the automotive industry standard, material standards stipulate battery life is not less than 500 times to use during charging and discharging the battery every 1 to 2 times, the battery should be scrapped after 2 to 3 years. At present, our country attaches great importance to waste battery...
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Region-Based Conditional Random Fields For Medical Image Labeling

Yan Yang
Concerning the high time complexity of medical image labeling in graph model, we proposed a region-based CRF method for medical image labeling. This method first over segmented the image into small homogeneous regions by using over-segmented method, and then the graphical model was constructed with regions...
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Application To FRP Compound Material In Reinforcement And Repair Of Concrete Structures

Zhe Feng
The bearing capacity of concrete beam can be improved considerably by FRP reinforcement. The engineering cases show that using FRP materials reinforce a balcony cantilever, and it can improve the concrete structure bearing capacity, and can prolong the service life in a certain extent, and can reduce...
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The Energy Consumption Forecasting in China Based on ARIMA Model

Junwei Miao
China's energy consumption will continue to rise rapidly. It is necessary to forecast China's energy consumption to formulate energy and economic policy. This study establish a ARIMA model and forecast the energy consumption in future. The results show ARIMA model performs high prediction accuracy. It...
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Research on Computer Network Optimization Model Based on Neural Network Algorithm

Yanhui Wang
The rapid development of computer networks is urgently need to improve and optimize the overall performance of the network.With the characteristics of large scale parallel processing and distributed information storage, Hopfield neural network has a unique advantage of associative memory and optimization....
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The Design of Wireless Communication System Based on STC12+CC1101

Zhijian Yin, Kun Xiang, Wang Fan
Wireless data transmission in short distance is a kind of technology instead of cable, which is widely used in many current fields. And it solved the problem that it is difficult for cable wiring due to the limit of environment and condition. For the problem that the length of control command is different...
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Design of Simulation Model on the Battlefield Environment

Jianli Zhang, Lin Zhang, Lijian JI, Zhongwei Guo
In order to implement the informatization under the condition of forces global training requirements, the paper constructed the basic process of the battlefield environment simulation model, including geographic simulation model, simulation models of meteorological and electromagnetic environment simulation...
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A Low Complexity Subspace-Based Blind Channel Estimation For MIMO-OFDM

Yankui Zhang, Daming Wang, Song Chen
The current subspace-based blind channel estimation for MIMO-OFDM system has the problems of high complexity due to matrix decomposition. In this paper, we proposed an improved subspace-based channel estimation algorithm, which is based on the method of the permutations and combinations on the transceiver...
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Algorithm Of Eye Location With Gray Projection And Hough Transform Based On ARM Platform

Caixia Liu
Image processing system based on ARM is a faster, smaller and more flexible application. Based on the analysis of human face and eye features, a new eye location algorithm based on ARM embedded system is presented. Firstly, the methods of histogram equalization and median filtering are used for the image...
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Electrochemical And Weight Loss Studies Of Extract From Mint As Green Corrosion Inhibitor For Carbon Steel In H2SO4 Solution

Xiaorong Zhou, Wenfeng Wang, Jianfen Li, Hui Fei, Guangsen Song
The inhibitive action of extract from mint leaves (EML) on Q235A hot rolled carbon steel (HRCS) in 0.5mol/L H2SO4 solution was studied using weight loss measurement, electrochemical polarization and scanning electron microscope (SEM) characterization. The results indicate that the extract functions as...
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DAIMD: An Improved Multimedia Stream Congestion Control Algorithm

Fuzhe Zhao, Yuqing Huang, Zhiyong Tan, Bingxin Xue
In this paper,we analyzethe problems of current congestion control algorithm based on TCP protocol and UDP protocol for transmitting multimedia stream, and proposed an improved multimedia stream congestion control algorithm DAIMD.DAIMD adoptTCP-like congestion control algorithm to transmit multimedia...
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The Study of Periodic Tight Framelets and Wavelet Frame Packets and Applications

Shiheng Wang
Information science focuses on understanding problems from the perspective of the stake holders involved and then applying information and other technologies as needed. A necessary and sufficient condition is identified in term of refinement masks for applying the unitary extension principle for periodic...
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The Characterization for Symmetric Tight Frames and Periodic Gabor Frames and Applications in Computer Engineering

Deyou Yuan
Materials science is an interdisciplinary field applying the properties of matter to various areas of science and engineering. In this paper, we discuss a new set of symmetric tight frame wave -lets with the associated filterbanks outputs downsampled by several generators. The frames consist of several...
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Improved Active Frequency Drift Anti-Islanding Detection Method

Yangyang Ge, Junjie Sun, Gang Wang, Zhiqiang Gao, Yu Li
Since passive anti-islanding detection have largely blind spots, easily fluctuation and so on shortcomings, moreover active frequency drift have Some drawbacks too. For example distortion of current and fluctuation of active power injecting into grid associated with islanding detection. a based on variable...
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Optimal Search Plan Model OnThe Sea

Luyao Zhu
In this passage, we intend to determinate the specific searching plan for lost aircraft on the basis of big data application. First, we cope with Maximum Flow Problem by BFS, in order to the determination of cruise route. Then, in the determination of numbers of search planes and warships along each...
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Impacts Of Ramadan On European Islamic Finance Stock Volatility Based On EGARCH-M Model And Empirical Analysis Of EIIB Stock

Luyao Zhu
The thesis firstly introduces the features of Ramadan and Islamic Finance and GARCH model. Then it analyzes the EIIB stock, the representative of Islamic Finance stock via EGARCH-M model, which is applied to data fitting and forecasting, and illustrates the economics meaning of the model. Finally, it...
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A Seedling Tray Conveying Device And Kinematic Analysis

Yi Guo, Jiwei Liu
A seedling tray conveying device has been designed for conveying seedling trays for the production line during industrial cultivation of sprouts. The composition, working process and primary structural parameters of this device have been determined and virtually designed with SolidWorks. A kinematics...
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Study on Allocation Efficiency of Agricultural Flood and Drought Disaster Reduction Project

Jia Liu
Evaluating the allocation efficiency of agricultural flood and drought mitigation project is to investigate that whether the benefit brought by the project is effective from the economics angle of input-output. For the non-standardized weight distribution of the input-output indicators in the data envelopment...
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The Dynamic Programming TBD Algorithm Based On Morphological Characteristic

Jian Zheng, Yuhan Chen
Based on the fact that target emerged by ground clutter or noise problem usually results in a low SNR or SCR and degrade the detecting ability, a dynamic programming algorithm and track before detect (TBD) algorithm is proposed to detecting the weak target. By analysis the target moving modal, the algorithm...
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Grassroots information service station performance appraisal system based on cloud computing environment

Chun-mei Deng, Mao-fen Li, Wei Luo, Zheng-hui Xie
In order to promote rural informatization, it is necessary to measure the information service management work scientifically. Effective performance evaluation and scientific incentive system for evaluating the work of grassroots service stations, is not only the basis of the grassroots service station...
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Recovery of Initial Conditions of Time-Varying CML with Symbolic Dynamics

Minfen Shen, Qiong Zhang, Lisha Sun
A novel computationally efficient algorithm in terms of time-varying symbolic dynamics method is proposed to estimate the unknown initial conditions of coupled map lattices (CML). The presented method combines symbolic dynamics with time-varying control parameter to develop a time-varying scheme for...
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A Secure Scheme Based on Three-Dimension Location for Hierarchical Wireless Heterogeneous Sensor Networks

Yuquan Zhang, Lei Wei
A pairwise key establishment strategy based clusters for hierarchical wireless heterogeneous sensor networks (HWHSNs) is presented in this paper through investigating how heterogeneous sensor nodes enhance network performance. The HWHSNs have some sensor nodes that have greater power and transmission...
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A Secure and Efficient Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Yuquan Zhang, Lei Wei
A secure and efficient routing protocol for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks is proposed to deal with some issues in the LEACH arithmetic. The wireless sensor networks have some sensor nodes that have greater power and transmission capability than other nodes have. Both ordinary nodes and heterogeneous...
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Indoor optimal path planning based on Dijkstra Algorithm

Yicheng Xu, Zhigang Wen, Xiaoying Zhang
Providing optimal path information and the personal navigation path is the open issue for the pedestrian guided system. In order to solve the problems existing in the pedestrian guided system nowadays, such as the jagged paths which probable exist in the shortest path, and the lack of the considerations...
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A Study on the Dependability of Software Defined Networks

Jianqing Wu, Yan Huang, Jiaming Kong, Qin Tang, Xin Huang
In this paper, we demonstrate how probabilistic model checking can be applied to a study of dependability analysis for a Software-Defined Network with the PRISM tool for probabilistic model checking. Based on probabilistic model checking, the Software-Defined Network is modelled using large and complex...
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Establishment of Empirical Formula of Drilling Force for Stainless Steel Micro Hole

Zhiyong Wang, Longfei Cao, Zhufeng Zhang
To solve the actual production problem that micro drill easily prone to break during micro drilling process, the process for drilling micro hole of 0.08 mm on the 316L stainless steel was conducted and the main factors are analyzed, which demonstrate that the excessive torque is the main reason for breaking...
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Decision Model of Engineering Bid Evaluation and Its Application under Uncertain Information Environment

Zhili Xiong
In this paper, the decision problem of engineering bid evaluation is studied, and a decision model of engineering bid evaluation is presented based on the method of grey correlation analysis. In this model, all evaluation attribute values are transformed into interval numbers, then a grey correlation...
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Simultaneous Optimization of Start Up Scheme and Pipe Network for Multi-source Water Injection System Based on Improved Genetic Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Jianjun Yang, Zhiyuan Zhang, Qingtang Li
In order to improve the system operating efficiency furthest, the simultaneous optimization of pump start up scheme and pipe network is necessary. Aiming at the multi-source and looped water injection system, the mathematical model for simultaneous optimization is established, in which the operating...
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Security Scheme for Digital Watermarking

Jun Xiao, Ying Wang, Dengyu Li, Ying Zhang, Li Zhu
Digital watermarking technology is one of the main means to realize the copyright protection and authentication of digital works in the information age, and many excellent watermarking algorithms have been proposed to achieve different performances in different application. But, attackers also can make...
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Secure Digital Watermarking Model with Side Information Theory and Cryptography

Jun Xiao, Dengyu Li, Ying Wang
The idea of side information is introduced into secure watermarking, and a secure watermarking model with side information theory and the idea of cryptography is proposed. In the proposed model, the side information from the cover work, the attack and the detector are considered and fully used in both...
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An Improved Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation for the Quality Evaluation of Enterprise Logistics Service

Mengyang Wu, Zhengwei Huang, Zhengying Cai
Since the e-commerce enterprise change from the price-driven to the service-driven, the logistics service quality has become the key factor to enhance the customer’s satisfaction. In the quality evaluation of logistics service, there is an apparent subjectivity in the traditional method to determine...
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An Optimal Algorithm for a Strategy Game

Daxin Zhu, Xiaodong Wang
A single player strategy game is studied in this paper. We are interested in algorithms which, given integer n, generate the corresponding move sequences to reach the final state of the game with smallest number of steps. In this paper we present an optimal algorithm to generate an optimal move sequence...
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The Research on PGP Virtual Disk Password Cracking

Qingbing Ji, Lijun Zhang, Fei Yu
PGP virtual disk encryption technology is a double-edged sword, on the one hand it is helpful to prevent the user’s sensitive information on the disk from being stolen or tampered. On the other hand, some criminals take advantage of PGP virtual disk encryption to engage in illegal activities. This paper...
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The Discussion of the Possibility and Development pattern for Constructing the Public Security Management System based on Big Data

XueHeng Gong, Jing Sun, YiPing Zhang
The key purpose of this paper aims to discuss the possibility of constructing the public information system based on the Big data. Especially, the public security information system is chosen as the objective for details. Then the significance and difficulties which we will face when the corresponding...
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The research and development of energy consumption detection and analysis management systems based on the digital slurry pipeline

Hongwei Liu, Xingxing Yao, Chunlei Pan
Detection and analysis of energy consumption is the information management systems, which not only help producers to expand production, but also rationally plan and use the energy, reduce energy consumption per unit of product, improve economic efficiency. The company managers can have an accurate grasp...
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Implementation of G.729E Speech Coding Algorithm based on TMS320VC5416

Xiaojin Yang, Jinjin Pan
Implementation of G.729E Speech Coding Algorithm based on TMS320VC5416 G.729E algorithm is an excellent speech coding algorithm. G.729E designed to speech with background noise and even music, it will be widely used in multimedia communication. This paper introduce the base algorithm, and it is emphasized...
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Framework and key technologies for big data based on manufacturing

Shan Ren, Xin Zhao
Data type and amount in human society is growing in amazing speed which is caused by emerging new services such as cloud computing, internet of things (IoT) and social network, the era of big data has come. Data is a fundamental resource from simple dealing object. In order to fully understand the connotation...
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A predictive maintenance method for products based on big data analysis

Shan Ren, Xin Zhao
Recently, withmanufacturing enterprises have begun to widely useadvanced information technology to real-time monitor of their business and product, a large amount of data related to product lifecycle were produced. Typical challenges for maintenanceunder the environment of big data is facing now are...
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Study on Cerebral Vascular Image of SD-OCT Via Orthogonal Matching Pursuit

Ping Xu, Ying-Jie Chang
This paper proposes the compressed method of Orthogonal Matching Pursuit to retrieve cerebral vascular image of spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD OCT). Discrete wavelet transform is used to sparse the signal. Original cerebral vascular image of spectral-domain optical coherence tomography...
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A Key Management Scheme Based on Multi-Dimension Location for Clustered Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Yuquan Zhang, Lei Wei
A key scheme based on multi-dimension location is presented for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks (HWSNs). The wireless sensor networks consist of some nodes that have greater power and transmission capability than other sensor nodes. All kinds of nodes are deployed evenly in sensing space. The...
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An improved particle swarm algorithm for heterogeneous fleet vehicle routing problem with two-dimensional loading constraints

HaiFeng Sun, KaiTai Dong, Qun Zhang, Rui Yan
This paper concerns the heterogeneous fleet vehicle routing problem with two-dimensional loading constraints (2L-HFVRP), which is a more complicated version of the vehicle routing problem as it combines heterogeneous vehicles and two-dimensional loading constraints. We give a detailed description of...
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A Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Yuquan Zhang, Lei Wei
A key management strategy is presented for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. The wireless sensor networks have some sensor nodes that are more powerful than other nodes. Both ordinary nodes and heterogeneous nodes are evenly distributed respectively in a sensing area that is divided into a number...
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A Security Strategy Based on Two-Dimension Location for Hierarchical Wireless Heterogeneous Sensor Networks

Yuquan Zhang, Lei Wei
A cluster-based secure strategy for hierarchical wireless heterogeneous sensor networks(HWHSNs) is proposed. The HWHSNs consist of some normal sensor nodes and heterogeneous sensor nodes that have greater power and transmission capability than other normal nodes. Their structure is a two-layer structure....
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The Realization of the Design and Processing of Ladies' Shoes Pictures on Web

Zhi-Liang Xia, Qi-Ming Tian
This thesis take pictures for the products and processed the pictures that need to be uploaded, combine the relative features of Josiny ladies' shoes and the requests for the commodity display pictures that come up on by TMALL, make the product template that is up to the requests of TMALL and the display...
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Clothing Poster Design Based on Computer Vision Image

Li-zhen Liu
This paper briefly introduces the clothing poster, explains the process of making this poster and simply talk about the inspiration origin of clothing designer. It points out that the corresponding poster background is produced according to related topics and images. It focuses on the poster image processing,...
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Food Expired Date Reminder Research in the Kitchen

Xiaoguang Huang, Jiaci Xie
Food waste has become a common phenomenon in a family who has children need to bring up, the reason cause that happen is family normally would buy more food and keep in the fridge and easily forget the food expired date. To help the family solve this problem not only in finance but also from a moral...
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Research on Selection of Business Enterprise Distribution Model Based on AHP

Yang Chen, Qingying Zhang, Yongbin Tan, Jing Liu
Distribution plays an important role in electric enterprises. This article analysis characteristics of distribution model of business enterprises, sorts out three major factors which influence the distribution model of the business enterprise, constructs the distribution model selection model using the...
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Research on C2C Logistics Distribution Network Planning

Yongbin Tan, Qingying Zhang, Yang Chen
In recent years, with the rapid development of the e-commerce, C2C (Consumer to Consumer) as a kind of the transactions on the Internet named “private to private” will become the main force for the future development of the e-commerce. This paper analyzed the significance of mass logistics distribution,...
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Effect of cryogenic treatment on the fatigue crack propagation behavior of 7075 aluminum alloy

Di Xie, Sujun Wu, Juan Guan, Lin Yan, Jinyan Cui
This paper studied the effect of cryogenic treatment on the fatigue crack propagation property of 7075 aluminum alloy at a series of cryogenic temperatures using mechanics testing. Three cryogenic temperatures were chosen for cryogenic treatment: -60 , -120 and -196 . The result showed that cryogenic...
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The Research on Analyzing Risk Factors of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Based on Improved Frequent Pattern Tree Algorithm

Zhe Wei, Guangjian Ye
urpose: We do it to improve the low efficiency in analyzing risk factors of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus by Apriori Algorithm. Method: We use the patients’ data from the information department of one tertiary referral hospital in Lanzhou which include course note of disease and their health record form January...
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Microstructure of Cool-drawing Austenitic Stainless Steel Wires Used for Metal Rubber

Jian-chun Yang, Xiu-ping Dong, Wan-li Ma, Shuai Chen
By the OM, SEM, TEM, and EBSD, the microstructures of cool-drawing austenitic stainless steel wires used for metal rubber were studied. The results showed that the microstructures of this steel wires were made up of / martensite phase, presenting twin and dislocation substructures, and residual austenite...
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The Adsorption of Heavy Metal in Wastewater by Modified Chinese Walnut Shell

Chunguang Yu, Dayu Zheng
This research use the modified Chinese Walnut Shell (MCWS) as adsorbent, purification for the wastewater from mechanical and electrical factory.It examines some factor to the effect such as adsorption time, mass, pH on the adsorption etc. The experiment of actual wastewater research shows that the adsorption...
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Effect of microwave sintering temperature on the microstructure and fracture toughness of La2O3/Nb2O5 doped Al2O3 ceramics

Changhong Liu, Yunlong Ai
Al2O3 ceramics doped with 15%Nb2O5 and 7.5%La2O3 (volume percent) were prepared by microwave sintering at 1450 1550 for 30min. The effect of sintering temperature on the microstructure, especially Al2O3 columnar grains, and the fracture toughness were investigated. The results show that the phases of...
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The Adsorption of Coexisting Heavy Metal Ions by Modified Chinese Walnut Shell

Chunguang Yu, Xuena Han
This study using modified chinese walnut shell (MCWS) to contain Cu2+, Hg2+,Cd2+, Cr6+ mixed solution for processing. The result through coexisting metal ions adsorption experiment confirmed the MCWS adsorption Cr6+, Cu2+, the optimal condition of Hg2+ and Cd2+ : pH between 5.0 to 7.0; The best initial...
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Simulation of Amphibious Vehicle Water Resistance Based on FLUENT

Xiaochun Pan, Kai Yao, Ling Duan, Zhongming Hou, Xinmin Tian, Xiaowen Zhao
Amphibious vehicle shape changing shape structure, compared with the hull, its water resistance factors more and more computationally complex. Calculated using the traditional theory it is difficult to accurately estimate their water resistance force and distribution. In this paper, the water resistance...
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Hybrid PSO-SQP Algorithm for Solving System Reliability Allocation Optimization

Cheng Tang, Shu-xiang Guo, Yan-yu Mo
System reliability allocation is an important ingredient in system reliability design, and it is also a decision-making issue of reliability engineering. To achieve the optimization of system reliability allocation, an optimization model for system reliability allocation, which takes the system cost...
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An Adaptive Image Segmentation Method Based on the Level Set

Aili Zhang, Sijia Li, Tuanning Liu, Zhiyong Li, Yu Zhang
An adaptive gray value of image segmentation method aimed at uneven gray-level image segmentation was proposed. The innovative method combined target image with the gray value of background information according to level set theory with the adaptive linear fitting of global and local information. And...
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Programming Realized Based on the Block Model for Grounding Grids Corrosion Diagnosis

Hongli Cheng, Kuaikuai Zhang, Zhao Yang
In order to solve the problem of corrosion diagnosis of grounding grids, related program modules of modeling and corrosion diagnosis of grounding grids is developed based on the block model on the platform of Matlab. The programming to realize the block model of a grounding grids is described. The programming...
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Application of Spatial Analytic Geometry in the Calculation of Adjacent Well Separation Factors

Binbin Diao, Deli Gao
With the design distance between cluster well and infilling well continuously decreasing, the calculation of separation factor is of great significance in the adjacent well anti-collision problem. This paper contrasts the differences between the currently common pedal curve separation factor and the...
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Bi2Te3 Thin Films Grown by Magnetron Sputtering

X. L. Guo, J. J. Geng, Y. H. Zhu, H. Jiang, Z. L. Wang
Bi2Te3 thin films grown the substrate with 80 nm in diameter have been prepared by using magnetron sputtering technique. The structure of thin films was determined by X-ray diffraction experiments. The average grain size and particle size in these powers were measured by the line profile analysis method...
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Research on Failure Behavior of 35CrMnSi based on Ballistic Experiment

Yongjie Xu, Zhijun Wang, Shouli Pan, Shuo Li
Failure behavior of metal materials under impact loading has become key research content in industrial manufacturing field. Especially in the field of weapon research, 35CrMnSi dynamic figure behavior in the serving process attracts relevant weapon manufacture researchers’ extensive attention. In order...
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Establishment and simulation analysis on internal ballistics equations for artillery shrapnel

Shouli Pan, Ling Tong, Yucong Ma
Internal ballistic equations of artillery shrapnel are established on the basis of theoretical analysis, and equivalent method used for dealing with semi-combustible cartridge case, calculation program selects the Matlab software. The simulation results are accord with the experimental data, it shows...
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Numerical Simulation of the Longitudinal Movement of a SSB Catamaran in Regular Waves

Hanbing Sun, Yi Jiang, Jiayuan Zhuang, Jin Zou
In order to improve seakeeping performance of the slender catamaran, Semi Submerged Bow (SSB) anti-pitching techniques is applied. Based on CFD method to forecast the longitudinal motion of the original catamaran (without SSB) in regular waves, and the calculation results and the ship model test results...
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Multi-functional Intelligent Car With Wireless Communications

Mengtao Huang, Lu Wei
With the development of human science and technology, modern life rhythm speeding up, people's demand for intelligent in improving. Using intelligent machines instead of manpower, reduce human labor burden and improve the work efficiency has been becoming the current hot. Taking STC12C5A60S2 single-chip...
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Research on Design Scheme of the Bridge Crossing Mekong River

Yun Zuo
A bridge will be built across the Mekong River in Luang Prabang Laos to maintain and enhance a vital transport link in the country, and to achieve successful development of road networks in northern region. Considering the topography, geology, hydrologic, navigation, construction and transportation conditions,...
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The Mobile Technology Acceptance Mechanism of Ningbo Electronic Commerce Enterprise under Government Intervention

Songjie Gong
Electronic commerce enterprises adoption and usage of mobile information technologies currently is one of the most fashion trends in information systems research field. In the present research on electronic commerce enterprises, the research of mobile technology acceptance mechanism in Ningbo context...
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Research on Web Service Composition Based on QoS Constraint

Liangda Yan
Recently, there has been a growing fashion for businesses to outsource parts of their processes, so as to emphasis more on their core activities. In addition, Web operators often need to compose different services to achieve a more complex task that cannot be fulfilled by an individual service. Web services...